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Trapper's corner

Posted by saxo - 3 minutes ago -

Starting a general grow thread.

Got two tents going right now and a closet.
At the moment I'm growing:
OG X Pineapple Express
Big Leeks Blue Cheese
Herijuana x Shiva
Chocolate Rain Fem.

First Tent.
Posted Image

From back to front
OG x Pineapple Express Blue Cheese OG X Pineapple Express

Chocolate Rain Fem. OG x Pineapple Edxpress Chocolate Rain Fem.

Blue cheese Herijuana x shiva Herijuan x shiva

They have just flipped to 12/12 and have been vegging for a few weeks. Maybe 4?

The other tent is closed right now but I'll take picks tonight.

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Paps 2018 run

Posted by mr-goodfellow - Yesterday, 11:02 PM -

Hi guys
Started off the new year
9 plants under the net
Line up
Sinisterís damages case 3
Blue moon magoo 2
Escobar Ďs chuckys bride 2
Mortarebel novacane 1
Bog saur bubble 1
URL=https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/205556-7779d124-b3f5-4538-b0fa-5101a03f1d41/]Posted Image[/URL]

Iíve got some pollen stored so
I plan to hit novacane with some pollen from
Brohdie blueberry hash plant
Brohdie goji og
Whatz upís annistasia

Letís see what I get

Impressed with the growth it one of the DC
Sheís going to be a beast

And the BMM has the rhubarb color on the stems
And a great smell all ready

These ladies
All showed sex at 4 weeks
And went into 5 gal fabric bags

This I one time i didnít top or fim anyone of them
I didnít want to slow down the growth
But I should have topped the beast
I like to flip once the leaves touch each other but we shell see

Hope you enjoy the show
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Ghetto grow 2018

Posted by mr-goodfellow - Yesterday, 10:48 PM -

Well, here I am again, with a version 2 of the Ghetto grow. I moved to a different location last October and in the long run it'll be a much better location for this hobby.

Well, I started with 18 seedlings and that got trimmed down pretty hard with the males. I'm left with 8 sure females and 2 that are catching up and haven't shown sex yet, but should any time now. So, 10 plants that could be 8.

Plants were started under T-5 4 x 4' with 2 grow bulbs and 2 bloom bulbs for a total of 216w.

I'm using a 600w HPS for the room. It's a space in one side of a bedroom that I wrapped in Panda film.

I still have a few areas to work on like fresh air exchange. But, for now, it's full steam ahead with the ghetto spirit.

My plants:

1 - Mohawk - Pineapple Skunk x C99 f5 ..(thanks bigun)

1 - Dusk - (Ghash x (Psychosis x Herijuana) ..(thanks bigun and Indican/Sinister)

1 - Bazooka Jane x Selene ..(thanks Dream of Green)

1 - Green Manalishi f2 ..(thanks NAW)

2 - Sour Goo Phuuu (Sour Diesel x Afgooey) x Phuuu's IPA (thanks Beachbud)

2 - Sweet Spot f2 (Chocolate Cheese bx) ( need to get updated confirmation on this one) ..(Santero, w/f2 by Beachbud, thanks)

As you can see I'm showcasing some of our on OG "reader breeders". Some are already in Sannies, and some gearing up to offer seeds in Sannies Shop for the first time and any of these guys I'm showcasing could and maybe should have something in there as well.

I hope I do all of the plants justice everyone. If I do, you'll see what I mean about the talent of these guys.

Thanks for viewing and bear with me as I get a slow start getting pics in but I have enough to get us started.

Feel free to ask any questions. I consider myself an informed noobie. I'm older and have smoked for 46 years. I grew outside mostly through the years but never got to be too serious most times. The science of indoor growing is so dialed in now, that I find it really interesting and successful.

So, to get things going, I'd like to start of a beautiful pic of the inside of my Dusk, by bigun. It's the strongest plant out of the bunch, from day one. This is just a simple shot taken of the female pre-flowers; the first sign every grower looks for.

Posted Image

I'll start adding pics this weekend and then I'll be caught up for a bit. I have a few fun pics from this last summer to share in the slow spots.

Everyone please feel free to join in on discussions and questions. I'll learn right alongside you.


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Growing Stealth, Collection of stealth micro grows

Posted by scone-of-ark - Yesterday, 09:57 PM -

Hi All :wave:

I thought I'd start a collection of stealth grows so new growers can find them easily, the idea being to help those who would like to grow but are too worried about the consequences of others finding out that they're growing get their toes in the water so to speak :)

I hope y'all will post your stealth grows here as well.

here's the last cab I used, ran it for a bit over 2 years, no Idea how much weed I grew in it, it was several pounds though.

Posted Image I use a simple tray made outta hardware cloth and nylons to hold just over a pound (a half kilo) of activated charcoal for a scrubber, works much better than I expected, needs to be changed every six months, and all together cost just over $100 less than a can filter.
Don't ya just love my high tech fasteners :)

I was finally able to master the heat by separating my LED's from the bud area with this chunk of plywood, while the LED's produce less heat than CFLs, the way the cooling fans pull air from the top and blow it out the sides makes cooling a major pain in a short cab.

Everything is wired inside steel boxes, safety first. all my fans run off a 12v adapter, went with tri-cools so I'd have a bit of control over fan speed but they're too loud on anything but low so it didn't help much. Posted Image the inside dimensions are 26" wide by 12 1/2 inches deep, by 21 inches high, (65cm X31.25cm x 52.5cm) a tad cramped, but it keeps me and my worms pretty high :) just the one plant in flower at the moment, Beanho's Haze Hybrid Mix, as you can see it's worth 2 bucks a seed, sorry for the crappy pics. Posted Image Posted Image

As you can see it grew great weed :)

I've got a couple more, I'll post them later.

y'all stay safe

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Pinned Lets Share Some Bud-porn

Posted by mr-goodfellow - Yesterday, 09:42 PM -

I was playing with my camera yesterday and loves this picture
Posted Image

Lets share some bud-porn

greetz sannie Launch Full Topic