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Sugar punch gets big

Posted by sannie - 30 minutes ago -

I decided to show the sugar punch which got a bit big. Usually I'll just veg her from clone until she's about 6 inches tall, when the roots hit the water she's ready to go to 12/12 and still grow pretty dang big. This one I used as a temporary mom, I was moving and taking a break, but wanted to keep a few strains. So about a month of veg, starved of nutes so she'd go as slow as possible. Took clones to make the next run, so some topping to make her bush out a little bit more, and a week later had to make the decision to put her in an empty spot or trash her. No point in wasting the real estate or the plant...release the beast.

Day 16 of flower I put on her screen. At this point she had stretched around 3x, really is amazing how quick she gets big. Started to train the tall ones then decided to take a pic of her pre-scrog. Still has another week of solid stretching left to do, hoping to have 8 tops of 1.5 ft height and a couple dozen half footers when it's all over with.

Posted Image

It takes patience to train any plant, don't go too fast or hard on them or this will happen. Plant seems to take it alright in the long run, but my hunch is it doesn't like it.

Posted Image

Should look more like this. Want to gently bend them to the level the screen is set to go at, and work them so there aren't any empty spots. Want it so you can just set the screen on top without anything poking through.

Posted Image

Screen set, just try to spread the bud sites evenly. Let them rest a few days, let them adjust, then force them to spread out some more if needed, a couple adjustments and let them go to finish.

Posted Image

The advantage of this is you get these lower bud sites promoted to top bud sites. Instead of clipping the tops to shorten the height, just scoot them out of the way with the screen

Posted Image

She was huge, so when she started at 12/12, I made a mini scrog to hold the plant up right and a bit of LST style training to spread her out a little. Top screen is 8 inches above bottom one. For reference, the tallest branches of the plant were about as tall as this scrog...so she's grown that much in 16 days of 12/12. I debate with myself on going with larger netpots...bigger pots would keep the plant upright, and the stems get big enough to threaten their size, but smaller pots let you get away with a much smaller veg/prep area. There's a chance this stalk will grow bigger than the hole lol.

Posted Image

She is a heavy feeder...in this system I'll round this down and say she likes it at 420 ppm now. Set at 380, the next day the water was at 330ppm. Who's to argue with a girl that likes coating herself in diamonds? Let her eat! Water temp at a good place.

Posted Image

Single plant in 13 gallon bucket...I like the larger buckets, a much bigger window on water level being too high or running dry, I can leave it be for several days instead of needing to add a couple gallons of water a day. Lower maintenance without a top up valve.

Posted Image

Guess that's it for now...feel free to ask questions or tell me i suck.

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Crystal m.e.t.h as anyone tryed this seed before

Posted by tattooedfreak - Today, 04:06 AM -

Week four of crystal m.e.t.h seed and it's starting to go wild
It tells you to go straight to 12/12 or it may burst your tent any advice if anyone has grow it before would be more than welcome

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Sinister Rising

Posted by agreenpassion - Today, 04:00 AM -

Pic to follow....

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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by wee-zard - Today, 01:47 AM -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

BOG Strains

Posted by indican - Yesterday, 10:46 PM -

I was wondering if any of you have experience growing out BOG strains like blue moon rocks or bogbubble in particular. What is your take on them? Thanks, G Launch Full Topic