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The adventures of Captain Redbeard.

Posted by buurtpoesbledder - 23 minutes ago -

Welcome to the adventures of Captain Redbeard.

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What are they about?

African Strains from Afropips.
Swazi Red, aka "Die Rooibaart".

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Before the Afropips seeds get too old, they need to be refreshed.
The seedbank no longer exists, I understand.

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The donor of the seeds is allergic to pollen, so asked me to take care of that.
Above is a picture of Malawi Gold surrounding an AK47 plant.
And here is a closer look:

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So I put the first five Swazi Red in the well known sponge pots yesterday,
after soaking them for a few hours in a mild solution of H2O2 and drop of Pyth-amin.
To spread the risk I kept the other five in my fridge,
and will make a different plan if the first five fail.

Of the Malawi Gold i put 2x10 in fresh soil.
The seeds of the #1 pack are huge!

The pips were bought in 2009 or 2010, and some freebees came with it.
It was called Mystery Sativa" and also had red pistils.
That's why there's a question mark at one of the packs.

So if the first Swazi adventure leads to this:

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...I still got the redbearded cross with the Gold to dig in to.

I hope some South African forum members can have a look later on, in case I need advise, or if I see much variety in the pheno's

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Europe is in a crisis.
I'm glad I got some Fool's Gold!

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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by randude - 45 minutes ago -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

Pinned Lets Share Some Bud-porn

Posted by buurtpoesbledder - 46 minutes ago -

I was playing with my camera yesterday and loves this picture
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Lets share some bud-porn

greetz sannie Launch Full Topic

Indicans new mix

Posted by randude - 48 minutes ago -

Whats up yall!!!?? Im sorta back, getting setup and the T5 is on. Im growin a variety this time. I had 25 rapid rooters put back so i went to the grow store today n bought a tray and dome, some Fox Farms Light Warrior mix and picked some killer strains for my head. Heres what are bein popped...Esko's blueberry #2 pheno, 8 Herijuana x Double Koosh, 4 Double Koosh f2s, 4 Kronicaine, 3Anasthesia, 2 Sugar Punch, 3 Selene. Theres gonna be some winners fer sure! Oh, if anyone needs a roommate in Colorado let me know! I have a job there I just need a place to sleep, grow, and of course I have a beautiful Labrador, best stoner dog ever...alright...game on! Launch Full Topic

Garden of relief

Posted by medipuffs - 51 minutes ago -


I am going to be putting seeds into spongepots in the next few days and wanted to get a bit of insight from member's personal experiences smoking and growing the goods from Sannie and friends.

I am going to run herijuana, sugar punch, anesthesia together and wanted one more variety to put with them.

Casey jones x green manilishi
mad scientist
Sannie Jack
Silverfields x boudica

It'll be for pain relief and daytime meds as the other 3 are heavy hitters. I don't know if they will let me stay up all day if i start very early when the pain ends my sleep.

I would like a plant that is not a huge pain in the ass to trim if that's possible. My body doesn't like the act of sitting there working with my hands in from of me for hours on end. I pay dearly the day after any harvest.

Perfect scenario would allow me to harvest enough from a 10+w flowering cycle of the daytime meds to last until the next one because ill be honest the other 3 are most likely going to be mixed into whatever this ends up being while I medicate during the day. Some cannabis doesn't relieve my pain so its nice to have the ones that do show up to reinforce the message.

Thank you for reading this and replying :tu Launch Full Topic