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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by balzasteel - A minute ago -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

MM's extreme sativa's

Posted by reverendmaynard - 30 minutes ago -

Let's see if I can manage a grow journal. Usually as my small tent fills up, I lose the ability to make good pictures, which demotivates me to share my grows. But I'll give it my best shot and if I get some positive comments I might keep it up ;)

Here are my babies now, in their veg box:

Posted Image

They are:

- 1 Eldorado (Nirvana, fem)
- 4 Double Jam (USC/Cannabiogen)
- 4 Purple Haze Thai (Ace)
- 5 Double Thai (Ace)
- 1 2046 (Medical Seeds, fem)

Had 100 % germ rate (!) and all came up, so I had more plants than pots (I always germ a couple more seeds than I need). So now two PHT's share a pot (I'll try to repot one soon) and one DT is in the paper cup (not yet visible, but this morning I saw it coming up).

They will spend 3-4 weeks under this 3x23 watt 4000 K CFL setup, while my current grow is finishing up. They were started in 24-0 for stable temperatures, right now they get 20-4 because it's cold with lights out. I'll shorten the days weekly until flowering starts.

Next they will get 250 watt MH in these 0,7 litre pots, and only when sex is determined a bigger pot (now: 0,7 litres, will be 4 litres for proven females). This to keep them smallish. It worked a little too well with my previous batch - quite small plants - but these ladies should keep growing a little longer. Finish will be under 250 watt HPS. Launch Full Topic

Big Jumble O' Plants

Posted by chucha - Today, 05:16 AM -

My next, and possibly last grow for a while, began about a week ago. Here's the gang:
Posted Image

18 seeds sprouted into something that will probably become an adult plant. Everyone is familiar with Chucky's Bride and Huck Kush, or has at least seen grow reports. Lemon Cindy is Smilestyle's Lemon Thai x C99. Caramel Drizzle is the name I applied to Sinister's cross of two of Prof P's creations, Caramel Cough x Drizella (pre-2013 Drizella!). There are three Caramel Drizzles and 5 each of the other crosses.

They will be vegged until there's about a week left in January, then flipped. Then, I'm running off on a business trip for 11 days. Then... mystery! I'll set up the ol' Blumats, I guess, and send them good thoughts from halfway around the world.

The larger plants are cuts from my near-ending grow, some of which will be present in this upcoming grow, as well. I OWE Jalisco Jaze another attempt, after the weird nutrient/pH/evil soil organism fuck up during my closing grow. One of the two will have a couple of cuts in the grow. My favorite Bourbon Street (Juicy Fruit Gum with delicate sweaty underarm notes) is in there for sure. It's one of the better depression-killers I've smoked recently. Hammerhead will likely go in, but it's going to depend on the smoke test. Blue Hawaiian will probably NOT go in, because it takes too long in flower.

Love Potion 1 x C99 will probably go in, partly so I can cross it again, but partly because it has a remarkably clear buzz. Bourbon Street happens to have an uplifting, let's party and not think too hard kind of buzz, and it's pretty strong. While buzzed on that, I took a couple of hits of the LP1 x C99, and it actually WIPED AWAY the hazy-headed feeling of the Bourbon Street, and gave tremendous clarity.

I got a friend high yesterday, who hasn't gotten high in MONTHS, and he experienced the same thing. I had him blasted out of his gourd on Bourbon Street, then filled a bowl with the LP1 x C99. He also used the term "clear headed" in describing it. I don't know if this stuff is for me, but it's unusual, and I might want it in my arsenal. I'm thinking it should be crossed with Lemon Cindy and Huck Kush, see what comes of that. The scent is almost pure chemical. It seems like it would be harsh smoking, but it's smooth as can be. Anyway, there will be more in the coming weeks on this cross. I've got a great name for it if I decide to keep growing it.

It's the end of the line for my Killer Indica. I decided I didn't like it enough and I'm betting a Huck Kush will volunteer to replace her. Oh, my old Pineapple Fields cut is going back in for a third appearance. Her Greasiness has earned a place in every flowering session for the foreseeable future. Launch Full Topic

Breeding Project #002

Posted by chucha - Today, 05:14 AM -

project nr 2 ;)

(will begin end of may!!)

Posted Image

plans are:

-refresh my current batch of ierdbei & BWS
-making some potential CBD outdoor crosses

i've been working with these strains for some times now:

ierdbeif4 (basic seeds) known for the heribei cross form sannie's shop
BWS (kaya gold x ierdbei ) own cross

Posted Image
going to make a fresh batch of both :)

also got some canshablanche (CBG-seeds) its a NewBlueDiesel x Cannatonic

Posted Image
and expect to find a nice cannatonic male in the breeding project 001 that will be used also,

that makes the following posibilties:


Ierdbei F4 x ierdbei F4 = Ierdbei F5

BWS x canshablanche = bws/canshablance F1
BWS x Cannatonic = bws/canantonic F1
Canshablanche x BWS = canshablanshe/bws F1
Canshablance x Ierdbei F4 =canshablanche/ierdbei F1
Canshablanche x Cannatonic = Canshablanshe/cannatonic F1
Ierdbei F4 x Cannatonic =ierdbei/cannatonic F1
Ierdbei F4 x canshablanche = ierdbei/canshablanche F1

to be continued ;) Launch Full Topic

Breeding Project #001

Posted by canshaman - Today, 03:09 AM -

Hello OG'ers!

I'm Planning on making some seeds :D (first indoor, later this season outdoor)

i will share my project(s) with you, hoping for some good advice, tips & tricks
and test-growers ;)

my first crosses should be something special, so i need a male to enhance the allready potent strains i'm going to use,

in my opinion selecting a Male will be the most difficult,

i'm not looking for another comercial strain with high yields or funky names,
but a partner who brings something special to the party..

there for a high CBD male will be chosen to polinate the girls,

Inspired by the cbd revolution and rhino polders topic..

the line-up:

-s5 haze
- Sourdiesel x Blueberry

S5 Haze
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Cheeseberry #7

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I really want youre opinion about my plans..
What kind of New possibility's do you see?

will be continued :tu Launch Full Topic