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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by beachbud - A minute ago -

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Killing fields problems, please help

Posted by stankydank30 - 20 minutes ago -


I'm in the flowering stage of my first grow, the plants are in 45L air pits with the "super soil" recipe used for the soil. Im growing Sannies Jack, Killing fields, Sour Kush and Lemon OG, all the plants have been and are doing very well, except killing fields.

she is pale green and has had signs of magnesium deficiency, which I have treated with epsom salts and some cal mag, she did perk up a bit each time but then would revert to the pale colour with leaves rolling downwards from the edges on new growth and veins yellowing as the growth got older. she also has much whispier and bendy stems than my other plants.

The plant smells incredible, has great amounts of bud appearing and grew well other than the issues and i want to keep working her, she is just lacking something and i'm not sure what.

the clone I have taken is now showing the same signs while the clones from my other plants are all fine.

My questions are:
has anyone experienced this with killing fields?
does anyone recognise the problem? (please feel free to ask for more detail or better photos)

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Ben Tokins staggered harvest pics

Posted by barrie84 - 51 minutes ago -

Hello all,
Today is the day...finally. this run was to look for mothers/keepers. Was started back in october or september. Started about 40 seeds mostly regs and a couple fems. Took clones of all my cuts sexed them and then revegged the cuts once sexed. Not the most efficient way to go about things. Took way longer than i thought and the seed plants ended up vegging way longer than needed while i was sexing the cuts. I believe i originally had 18 females from the seeds. Mid run i had a buddy who had an scare with the local cable provider (long story). I ended up taking all his plants about a week or two into flower. Basically doubled my plant count. Its been a huuge pain in the ass taking care of that many plants since i hand water. Really tough to get to the ones in the back. Obviously with that many things dont go perfect. Its my first full organic run and i definately toasted a couple plants. The best part is i have cuts so i will get another chance to see what they can do. Lineup is below

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3x pinepple diesel
2x salmon river og
3x bodhi super snow lotus
1x ms universe
3x cheeseberry haze
1x mt hood huck f3
1x dna kosher kush
1x dna sour secret
4x bog sour strawberry
1x mad shack
1x sugar punch (slightly purple looks like a monster
Next ones are the ones i got from my friend. They are all labeled but i havent gotten in to see how many of each plant i know whats there for the most part
Chocolate rain
Chocolate cheese
Mad kush
killing fields
mad berry
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MOB seeds, light sensitive

Posted by indican - Today, 11:55 AM -

The MOB, Maine Blueberry, suggests this plant is light sensitive and not to put her under more then 18 hours. This means in veg correct, not when I start the seeds? She must flower in veg with more then 18 hours of light? Launch Full Topic

Finding enlightenment through compassion. A stoned journey continues...

Posted by mr-goodfellow - Today, 11:49 AM -

Come one come all. Welcome new growers and salty dogs.
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I want tell you a story. And if you listen closely, you may feel the burning desires within me. Two are a freedom from pain and suffering and health. A tall order for sure. But I have some fire genetics which may help. Many one-offs and small breeder or chucker projects from friends and fellow growers. Come take a peek. I'll let you. :)
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I hope my music speaks to you're heart and the dankness tickles you're fancy.

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