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Hermied Jahlicieus x 2 and never order without spongepots!

Posted by papalag - 7 minutes ago -

Hello Og!

Well as topic said my 2 of best hopes in my tent showed huge bals litterary in few days.
No way for light leaks because my grow tent is in no window room.
Im not crying or bashing but i need to ask what to do in such situation?
Shall i choped two plants or to remove balls?
Im not newbie and i had 7 very sucessfull grows (one was half decent) but i ordered from another seed bank after two of my letters with cash didnt reach Sannie.

Even amounts sended to S.shop were not so big but i had to be more cautious because to many shipments from NL to my adress and as i said genetics showed half decent(Seed bankn from Uk with plenty Exodus crosses).

However i gathered cash again but i made terrible mistake asking Sannie to chose another stealth package because last time local custom seised one pack of sponge pots(lucky for me wrong one because i ordered two)and this time germination was disaster.
Soaked 24h in water and directly in super soil.
However results where shamefull for me.

10 Silverfields 2 sprouted 1 fem.
10 Jahliceus 5 sprouted 2 fem.
10 Jackberry 3 sprouts 1 fem.
2 Shackzilla fem 1 sprouted, 2 S.Jack fem 1 sprouted 2 Madberry 2 sprouted.
And my bad luck or stupidity costed me 0 sprouted from 5 freebies Blue Cheese.

Long story short im badly Jinxed but im dont giving up and i must get my hands on solid Jackberry mom.

Question for 2 Jah with balls.
Shall i toss them or to pull out balls and w8 to see if grew new?

Here is one or two picture. Launch Full Topic

Brooklyn mango and money maker

Posted by papalag - 12 minutes ago -

My efforts on Brooklyn mango and money maker are on my wall phone not letting me post Launch Full Topic

Kolossus and friends by Balarama

Posted by balarama - 43 minutes ago -

Hi OpenGrow!

It's my first time experience with Sannie's seeds, so I decided to go "full Sannie" and grow with the 4 step bio method, so I got a starter pack with Bacto, Buffertabs, Symbiosis and Bac Bloom liquid fertiliser.

Basic stuff, "the plan":

Grow space - 120x60cm tent
Lights - DIY cob leds, Cree CXB3590 3000K@700-1400mA, total 300W or 400W max(still undecided)
Pots - 2x 18l, 1x 11l, 3x 2l(still not 100% on the last 3)
Medium - BioBizz LightMix + 4 step bio
Vent + filter, of course

Sannie's Kolossus(18l), Ace Panama x BangiHaze(18l), TTSCO Durbakistan(11l)
Female Seeds Auto Kush(1-3l), Mosca C99-BX1 reg(hoping for a male+female, 1-3l)

There are still few options to consider, especially related to veg time and plant count. I feel plants should grow for at least 4 weeks in veg phase, so I'm thinking of 5 weeks veg for Kolossus and Panama x Bangi, 4 weeks for Durbakistan and 3 weeks for the C99s(keeping them small just for a taste and making some seeds).
The plants will get topped and lst to maximise the tops and make a kind of scrog. I'm still thinking about a net but I like moving plants so I might find another solution, probably only lst.

I wanted to ask a few questions before starting:
Which soil is better used with the 4 step organic method? I was thinking of BioBizz and add just a bit of perlite and pelleted compost(for that nice smell of stables:)
Can I start the seeds in spongepots and transplant directly to the big pots or should I bother with a small pot first?
How does Kolossus handle lst and topping?
Should I apply organic veg nutes at any time or are the buffertabs enough until the end?

Of course more questions come to mind but it's probably enough for now.

Thanks for any response and interest, I'll keep updating frequent enough with hopefully some nice pictures to show.

Cheers Launch Full Topic

Madberry versus Chocolate Rain versus Mad Scientist

Posted by hill-billy - Today, 10:02 AM -

I am looking at getting some seeds and have narrowed my choices down to these three varieties:
  • Madberry (Sannie's) 8 - 9 weeks
  • Chocolate Rain (Eskobar) 9 - 10 weeks
  • Mad Scientist (Breeders Choice) 8 - 9 weeks
My main criteria is a feminized seed and a reasonable flowering time. And also in-stock. I am sure some varieties are worth 14 weeks. But I have no need to do something like that in the next couple of years.

I would like to hear from the community. Please share your experiences with these varieties. Madberry sounds good, but i have no idea what to expect in terms of high. Chocolate Rain sounds the most intriguing. I love fantastic tastes and smells and this one reads like it is special. Mad Scientist is a cross between Herijuana and White Widow. I have never tried either variety, but they are preceded by their reputations.

Since these varieties are from three different breeders, i didn't want to place the conversation in a specific breeder's forum. So i put it in smoke reports instead. Please. Help me make up my mind. Launch Full Topic

Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by hempyfan - Today, 07:53 AM -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic