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First Post……It could be a good one.

Posted by oldschoolsg - 12 minutes ago -

Hello Opengrow,

I decided to bypass the introduction and jump straight in. To say that is a bit of a lie as I have been a lurker here for years, reading nearly every post on the site. If you are a frequent poster, I already feel like I know you and you will get to know me here.

I have never posted anywhere for security concerns. I do however read and study to great lengths on this site and on other sites primarily focusing on organic growing. I am a big fan of Sannie and crew products as well as the attitude on this forum. I decided if I was going to finally take the plunge that I would try to add my value here. So as a great Indican might say. Fuck it, here I go.

I plan for this to be an ongoing thread where I can show everyone how I do things and try to help others. There are many ways to grow great pot. I don’t discount the ways of others. This is just my way.

I am on a current mission to break 1GPW. Let’s just go ahead and make this controversial for fun right off the bat.

The things I do “wrong”:

I grow organic in soil, no nute bottles here. I would say water only, but I do make teas and use a few limited organic products in addition to my soil mix.

I defoliate, heavily…..this should be a good conversation.

I re-use my soil, over and over and over…..

My soil is full of bugs…..Gasp!

I don’t keep things “clean”, as you will see leaves are mulch.

I don’t pH and use shitty water.

I grow in a tent.

I jam pack that tent.

I don’t have a watering schedule. I would prefer every 2-3 days but I am gone a lot, so sometimes they go slightly under/over watered for my taste.

I do not run one strain or one type of plant structure. Big clone trees, small clones, seed plants…. I top, bend, break, LST, SCROG, SOG, supercrop, lollipop, leave it alone…. Everything goes, all mixed together in a beautiful mess.

I will do my best to dispel why I think many of these “wrongs” are not necessarily as wrong as some may believe. Ultimately this comes down to your goals, environment, constraints, etc. More to come on this and I welcome questions.

Things I do “right”:

I run a Gavita 400V 600W. Good lord this thing is impressive, Whazzup isn’t selling snake oil.

I run C02. I use a natural gas burner. Its very cheap, hard plumbed and no bottles to deal with.

I control my environment very well, though it can be a challenge at times of the year.

I understand organics and plants very well, though it’s a voyage I am always improving on. My goal is to always do what the plant tells me. Props when you can predict the future and react to it before it happens.

I preventatively treat for pest with organic methods that build more of a defense than anything.

Most importantly, I keep things very private and control for sweet, sweet, dank odors.

As my name might suggest, I am an organic freak. It is amazing what you can do with organics and careful tuning. It can be extremely low cost as you are working primarily with raw, cheap ingredients. Organic soil growing can be as low maintenance as it gets. This is my hobby and obsession. The amazingly potent, pungent, colorful and fragrant flowers are my reward.

I will elaborate on different aspects of my growing over time. Ask questions if you have them. This is my passion.

So there you have it. Lets see if we can hit 1GPW this run! Next post should have pictures if I pull it off right.

The Dude

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hash'box Moroccan style

Posted by saxo - 40 minutes ago -

I want share with you a new hash'box selling on a french web site for 60 euro

So i try it with 50 grs of trim


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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And after 15 minutes of hit (slowly)

Posted Image

Posted Image

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If you have any question .....

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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by gimme5minutes - 48 minutes ago -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

making feminized seeds!

Posted by randude - Today, 03:47 AM -

well like the topic says, im going to share a sucessful way to make your own feminized seeds!! now first off ive made fems a couple different ways. rodelization, colloidal silver and giberellic acid. the way i prefer is the colloidal spray method.

first i take cuttings from 2 females i wish to cross. this method can be done inside or out. since im doing this thread in the outdoor section lets go with that. root the cuttings however you normally would and grow them in pots in full sun. at the first sign of flowering and i mean the slightest hint of a calyx with a tiny white hair beginning to emerge spray the plant with 50ppm colloidal silver every 3 days. you can get 50 ppm colloidal silver from amazon. this is what i used 8 times in a row with great sucess.

keep spraying the plant every 3 days until you see the pollen sacs. once the sacs begin stop spraying her. let the sacs develope fully. we need mature pollen. you then can hang the plant above a piece of glass and collect pollen and freeze it up to a year for future use. brush this pollen onto a female and the end results will be female seeds. or you can let the pollen naturally pollinate the other female of your choice, taking care not to let any pollen onto your sensimilla crop. if there are any questions please ask. and no i dont sell seeds just trying to pass along the knowledge that has been passed on to me. but as you would imagine ive got tons of fems and just as many regs!! hope yall will try this method for yourselves. peace and wellness amw Launch Full Topic

Big Jumble O' Plants

Posted by randude - Today, 02:45 AM -

My next, and possibly last grow for a while, began about a week ago. Here's the gang:
Posted Image

18 seeds sprouted into something that will probably become an adult plant. Everyone is familiar with Chucky's Bride and Huck Kush, or has at least seen grow reports. Lemon Cindy is Smilestyle's Lemon Thai x C99. Caramel Drizzle is the name I applied to Sinister's cross of two of Prof P's creations, Caramel Cough x Drizella (pre-2013 Drizella!). There are three Caramel Drizzles and 5 each of the other crosses.

They will be vegged until there's about a week left in January, then flipped. Then, I'm running off on a business trip for 11 days. Then... mystery! I'll set up the ol' Blumats, I guess, and send them good thoughts from halfway around the world.

The larger plants are cuts from my near-ending grow, some of which will be present in this upcoming grow, as well. I OWE Jalisco Jaze another attempt, after the weird nutrient/pH/evil soil organism fuck up during my closing grow. One of the two will have a couple of cuts in the grow. My favorite Bourbon Street (Juicy Fruit Gum with delicate sweaty underarm notes) is in there for sure. It's one of the better depression-killers I've smoked recently. Hammerhead will likely go in, but it's going to depend on the smoke test. Blue Hawaiian will probably NOT go in, because it takes too long in flower.

Love Potion 1 x C99 will probably go in, partly so I can cross it again, but partly because it has a remarkably clear buzz. Bourbon Street happens to have an uplifting, let's party and not think too hard kind of buzz, and it's pretty strong. While buzzed on that, I took a couple of hits of the LP1 x C99, and it actually WIPED AWAY the hazy-headed feeling of the Bourbon Street, and gave tremendous clarity.

I got a friend high yesterday, who hasn't gotten high in MONTHS, and he experienced the same thing. I had him blasted out of his gourd on Bourbon Street, then filled a bowl with the LP1 x C99. He also used the term "clear headed" in describing it. I don't know if this stuff is for me, but it's unusual, and I might want it in my arsenal. I'm thinking it should be crossed with Lemon Cindy and Huck Kush, see what comes of that. The scent is almost pure chemical. It seems like it would be harsh smoking, but it's smooth as can be. Anyway, there will be more in the coming weeks on this cross. I've got a great name for it if I decide to keep growing it.

It's the end of the line for my Killer Indica. I decided I didn't like it enough and I'm betting a Huck Kush will volunteer to replace her. Oh, my old Pineapple Fields cut is going back in for a third appearance. Her Greasiness has earned a place in every flowering session for the foreseeable future. Launch Full Topic