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NAW Test Center

Posted by sunnyvale - 5 minutes ago -

-NAW Test Center on OG-

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Our testers will show there results and experience with our strains in this topic

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Pinned Lets Share Some Bud-porn

Posted by bigun - 11 minutes ago -

I was playing with my camera yesterday and loves this picture
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Lets share some bud-porn

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Posted by sunnyvale - 12 minutes ago -

Thought I'd start a thread on this strain for people to post info, experience, pics and stuff. I just got my packs in the mail so i will be reporting soon.... Launch Full Topic

autum under light 2016

Posted by smilestyle - 13 minutes ago -

I started some nice seeds for my autum grow later this year.

Up for finishing indoors :

-Lemon Thai x Lemon Cindy
-Sugarpunch x Blueshaze
-Oldtimers Haze x Tom Hill Haze x Sativa sudamericana.
-Twilight Princess x Boudica
-Mexican Landrace
-Ghana Landrace
-Roadtrip by bigun (big Thxs)
-Jamaican Grape
-Nepalma f2, by sanji
-American Slang f1,by Desert Grown

Varity is the spice of life...

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Italy May Legalize Marijuana on Monday

Posted by skunkmonster - Today, 11:07 AM -

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Italy May Legalize Marijuana on Monday

By Jon Hiltz on JULY 22, 2016 International Marijuana Laws, Law & Politics

There was a time in history when Italy ruled the world, and some would argue that their culture is still the most dominant within the human experience. They are seen as a benchmark for quality in food, clothing, cars, sculpture, and so much more. One can only imagine the exceptional quality of Italy’s luxury marijuana, and there is a good chance the planet will soon get to find out.

In a bold move, the Italian Parliament is considering legalizing marijuana across the country this coming Monday. The Bill is said to have broad support and will be up for debate in the Chamber of Deputies.

If passed, the Bill would allow the possession of 15 grams of marijuana for use at home and people would be able to carry five grams in public. Anyone living within Italy’s borders will also be able to grow five plants for personal use, and cannabis clubs will be allowed accept up to 50 members.

But wait, there’s more…

For those who don’t know how or simply don’t want to grow at home, the government is planning to grant licenses for the production and sale of marijuana to be sold in stores. Like other countries legalizing in their own ways, Italy is moving in this direction stamp out the black market, or in this case, the Mafia.

The Bill was created by a cross-party committee of senators and was signed by a third of the Parliament last September. It also sees support from Chief Prosecutors, anti-Mafia, and anti-terrorism sectors within the government.

Marijuana reform has a high approval rating across the country as well, with a recent IPSOS Poll that found 70% of Italians want marijuana regulation similar to Colorado.

Italy’s neighbor Greece is also coming out of the shadows and considering loosening their stance on cannabis, at least in the medical sense. No doubt if Italy decides to go ahead with their plans on Monday, this could be the spark that sets legal cannabis ablaze across Europe.

Other countries on the continent across the pond that are currently discussing or are in the process of loosening their stance on pot include the Czech Republic, Croatia, Macedonia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

(Photo Courtesy of foundtheworld.com)

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