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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by charliegreen - A minute ago -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

Barney's Tent

Posted by mindless - 12 minutes ago -

I am moving up from my micro grow.
I set up a 4' x 8' x 7' tent to flower in , I put two Galaxy 600 LED lights in the left half of the tent.
Each light actually draws about 315 watts.
My 2' x 3' closet is now my veg cabinet. My Lighthouse 180 LED's are in there, one unit only works on one side giving about 170 watts total of actual draw.
The veg cabinet is for seedlings and clones now.

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Pinned Seed giveaway. Come look.

Posted by hazeclouds - Today, 12:09 PM -

Hi Opengrowers,

I have a selection of seeds I was sent from a number of growers/breeders for free all be it 4 yrs ago and they have been kept in a seed fridge at 5 Degrees so should still be viable as I've germinated seeds 7+ yrs kepted in this fridge, just dont rely on them if you start them as your only grow .

I only wanna offer them for free, not trades.

I will ideally only offer to those with grow reports and to those that have grown similar strains.

See the list below. I'll look at those members that show interest to specific seeds and choose from there after 4 weeks after looking at members threads .

I've been given the ok to do this by Sannie.

Each strain will not be split, you'll get all the number of seeds listed for that strain and growers can only select 1 strain.

I'd like ALL recipients to do a grow report 😏
Seed list:

8 x Blu chocolate reg : fusion seeds (what happened to them ? )

12 x Vanilla sky reg :eskobar

10 x Kronocaine reg : Wazzzzzzupppp

10 x Vanilla sky x Neville haze reg : cant tell you.

10 x chocolate rain x Neville haze reg : can't tell you.

10 x Kronocaine x chocolate Rain reg : can't tell you.

10 x Neville haze F2 reg : can't tell you

"Can't tell you "as a breeder means I'm not prepared to disclose as they were or are still members on here and dont want them hassled to give up more seeds, but trust me I've grown plenty of these seeds and all work out sweeeeet.

Reason for giveaway:
Simply in my climate most of these will never finish outside as I don't grow under lighting anymore.

Just post which you'd like below and i'll make a decision in 4 weeks or so.

Regards Hillcrest. 😊 Launch Full Topic

Surfacing the underground

Posted by oldbootz - Today, 12:08 PM -

Hello Opengrowers

After being underground for a while it is time again to get viral again, i was so underground that some people thought I was drowning :wave:

The last 2 years where the toughest 2 years from my time as breeder and business man. Sanniesshop growed to a nice and fancy office with 3 people working for me and helping me with every day business. 2 years ago the credit card option broken down (war on drugs USA) and lost a big part of my business. After this the dutch coverment decided to take a example from the USA and we got a heavy growshop law that gave a lot of restrictions on how to do business over here in Holland.
Fair or not i had to decide to change the whole business model from sanniesshop and went quite deep underground, no office and employees anymore and decided to go further with sanniesshop on my own, just like as I started it in the beginning. (this was around 2 year ago)

Becuase sales dropped with around the 60% our grow rooms had to be adjusted and me and Knutsel had to work with less space and less income. This situation we are living now and it works fine as how we do business at the moment.

Me and Knutsel did not started this to get rich but to make top genetics available for a fair price .

With this in mind we build a new business model to make less seeds but stay on track to make top notch genetics, only in a smaller set up.

Our grow rooms are now not making seeds but we are doing some selections to go to the next generation parents, this will not be in favor with the seed stock for the coming half year but nescesary to maintain quality and the need to have fun making selections and share some selections with my customers. Step by step coming back from to deep underground breeding.

So the next half year there will be strains out of stock but know we are working on improving quality and stock again so they will come back again but give us some time to do what we do best and that is working on a next generation seeds.

This said I will show a Jackberry selection that I am working on for the moment.
The goal is to find one new mother plant and one new male jackberry, the male jackberry and female jackberry will be used to make F5 seeds and the F2 female jackberry will be used again to make fem seeds in combination with the new selected female from this topic.

40 jackberry F4 seeds in the spongepots, 39 popped like a charm and the nicest seedlings can be used to go into soil

Posted Image

12 days later the best 33 best seedlings in there soil containers, the soil is updated with symbiosis (mycorrhiza) bacto and perfect start

Posted Image

2 days later

Posted Image

Really nice and healthy seedlings, already looking as a jackberry should be

Posted Image

Growing strong and still in veg stage

Posted Image

Plants become to big to stay in one room so I divided them in 2 separate grow rooms, they are 2 days in flower

Posted Image

Second grow room

Posted Image

Preventive using PVP (plant vitality plus) so that bugs don't get a change

Posted Image

Because of the smaller soil containers the pre flowering starts already after 5-7 days

Posted Image

Female pre flowering

Posted Image

Strong and healthy Jackberry

Posted Image

9 best males put aside to select the best one in a few days

Posted Image

Now I know which plants can go to the selection room I choose the best 9 females to repot them.
Bio-char+ and mycorrhiza will be mixed thru the soil

Posted Image

Filled up the bucket and the selected jackberry can go in the new soil, the soil will be supported by 2 buffertablets, first time watering I always use a bacto solution.

Posted Image

The 9 best females in 11 liter buckets ready to surprise me

Posted Image

The 9 males waiting to get destroyed accept the best one

Posted Image

We are working on more selections but more about this when the plants are some bigger to have something to show you guys.

Fresh update soon

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Pinned Lets Share Some Bud-porn

Posted by barney - Today, 11:54 AM -

I was playing with my camera yesterday and loves this picture
Posted Image

Lets share some bud-porn

greetz sannie Launch Full Topic