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Finding enlightenment through compassion. A stoned journey continues...

Posted by agreenpassion - Today, 01:02 AM -

Come one come all. Welcome new growers and salty dogs.
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I want tell you a story. And if you listen closely, you may feel the burning desires within me. Two are a freedom from pain and suffering and health. A tall order for sure. But I have some fire genetics which may help. Many one-offs and small breeder or chucker projects from friends and fellow growers. Come take a peek. I'll let you. :)
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I hope my music speaks to you're heart and the dankness tickles you're fancy.

-agreenpassion Launch Full Topic

The "new" version of Sugar Punch.....

Posted by agreenpassion - Today, 12:30 AM -

I recently ordered some S.P. and am still waiting for them to be delivered......but, in a post I made at another site, a moderator/owner (some of you may know Joolz) mentioned that a group of his buddies grew it recently and were not happy with the quality of the final smoke.

As we know, Sannie had some issues with making new seeds of this- that is well known. It's also quite common that new seed runs don't turn out the same as previous runs in terms of quality. A perfect example of this is Dr. GreenThumb's Endless Sky. Once a killer strain, he lost the original parents and basically was forced to start over. His latest versions have sucked- there are many complaints on this subject if you do a search.

So, my question is: has anyone had a successful finished published grow on the latest 2014 version I can look at?..... Launch Full Topic

The Souk

Posted by ras-t - Yesterday, 11:16 PM -

Its a bit late for a report
But just to share my lil grow
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Light EB600son Greenpower
Soil Canna pro terra+
15% compost of cow manure
Glomus intraradices
Tap water

30 days with bio thrive at 1ML/L water


I forgot Guanokalong

Backline of the tent my HuckStar offspring
Midle line hard to see on pics but G13/AK
Front line HuckleBerryDestar ,Green Manalishi ,MauMau Launch Full Topic

Argos office a work in progress

Posted by argo630 - Yesterday, 11:12 PM -

Hello i have been boring you with tent stuff. In my flowering closet now i have two crosses that I am testing. A I cookies x Star Fighter and a C99 x star fighter. I also have some Island sweet skunk. I had recently put in a lavender x Lambs breath into the flower closet. I also started a bunch of old seeds today hoping for some come up. Here are a few pics i got to play some more so I quit posting large ass photos I promise i will work on it.

2x6x8 closet with three 2x2 trays with hand water lit by two 315LEC
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Ok now i am catching on to this photo crap

ICOOKIES x Starfighter by PJ productions
another awesome cross frosty and stacks dense.
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C99 holygrailcut x starfighter by PJ productions.
She stacks nice.

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Some Y2K crosses and a recent one sneaking into the line up.
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#2 air pots with clay balls/chunky coco in 2/3rds and a layer of fine coco on top for the seeds to start. I have never tried it this way . I must stay vigilant to keep em wet. I am trying seed to flower in the same pot from 12/12. That is the whole purpose of the tent to do durban poison from seed 12/12 in drip hugos.I think i saw another member from here that was doing this. That's how this place popped up on the old radar and caught my interest hence the whole tent thing.

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Lavender x lambs bread
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That is it for now gotta run. Thanks for stopping by. Launch Full Topic

Pinned Lets Share Some Bud-porn

Posted by agreenpassion - Yesterday, 07:55 PM -

I was playing with my camera yesterday and loves this picture
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Lets share some bud-porn

greetz sannie Launch Full Topic