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the drs labratory

Posted by dr-don-bonez - Today, 08:53 AM -

Hi og

Started some dynasty genetics and cookie hybrids over a month ago after my last harvest of some fake amnesia clones :( , cheese and some bb x sd riri. I didn't find any keepers that run so i culled all clones and started again. Currently vegging :

> caramel candy kush
>huckleberry kush
>cali conartist gsc s1 ( got one bean from a friend )
> some thin mint hybrids
>rainbow rug ( my cross )
>Free kush sannie freebee
>la confidential

All males culled apart from a cookie hybrid that smells like ginger or a mild ginger ale and has purple preflowers. Clones have been taken of a cookie hybrid female that smells of vix vapour rub. No doughy smells, just mint and a kind of red fruit.

This thread will be slow as I'm vegging for a little while this time, but the show will commence :)

Posted Image

Individual pics later

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Cheese,Mad Scientist, Bubba Kush

Posted by saxo - Today, 08:20 AM -

First grow report here, so the lineup is:
1 Cheese (dinafem)
3 Bubba Kush (humboldt seeds)
2 Mad Scientist (breeders choice)
The tent is 60cm deep ,120cm wide and 160cm high(unfortunately, looking at the gorilla 2x4x6.11 with envy)
Medium is soil (gold label light mix with a bit of nutrihemp and perfect start, plus one sannie buffer tab )
I put sannie's bacto and very little biobizz grow and root juice so far, will use bac bloom and biobizz topmax once flowering.
Pots are 6 l airpots, passive intra, extra is a td-350/125 silent from S&P with carbon filter,
Lighting is a MarsHydro 3x96w led reflector and a Gavita triplestar reflector with a gavita 400w ballast but set to 250 with a 250w lamp due to heat issues.Really awkward lighting but it'll all make sense one day... i hope.
Enough said, pics (one week after switching to 12/12)
Posted Image
I should say the cheese had an unfair jumpstart on the others due to me killing a few seeds(from left to right and top to bottom:cheese,m.s,b.k,b.k,m.s,b.k)
Posted Image
Posted Image
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Pinned Lets Share Some Bud-porn

Posted by saxo - Today, 08:17 AM -

I was playing with my camera yesterday and loves this picture
Posted Image

Lets share some bud-porn

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Oldschoolsg's Garden

Posted by oldschoolsg - Today, 07:51 AM -

hello guys!

I've been around on Opengrow for a while but never made a grow report so here it is :)

telling you guys right away, I am not very good with a camera, all is done out of a phone cam so sometimes it's good and sometimes its crap...I'll try and do my best. I find it hard to do justice to the ladies as the colors never appear on screen as they actually are because of the flash, but if I remove it my pics are no good.. :l

anyway :) been growing indoors for a little more than 2 years and a half, many rounds already time flies!
had a couple plants outside couple years in a row before that but I had no knowledge of their needs back then so it was very poor results.

A friend back then showed me his set up and "taught" me the basics. saw him go for many years around his set up and learned a lot. I was very interested but did not have the option to do it myself. he also taught me a lot about strains and linage. my friend's the one who introduced me to sannie's seed and opengrow and donated me seeds he made (chucky's bride f2 and blue rocket x selene ) and some other ones I did outside(can't remember what it was :blush: ) I am very thankful for that. ^_^

My first "real grow" that sustained me stash-wise and started it all was started outside. 3 chucky's brides (all diff phenos) and 1 chucky's bride x sugarpunch. they were vegged and started flowering outside. I then got a 4x4 dr120 tent, a 600 watts hps,an octagonal reflector (that's since been replaced with an adjusta wing(witch I love )) , a 6 " vortex fan and of course a carbon filter! ;)

And it was on! :dribble: I then took the ladies and moved them inside, everything went well, had a decent yield of awesome buds but I did bring some spider mites inside with the outdoor plants witch was less awesome :P..rookie mistake..oh well! got rid of them entirely after that round.

From that point I really was hooked to this hobby seeing all you can produce from a simple seed , That was the start of my passion for growing .then really got into Og and started acquire seeds like a madman B)

I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot from them, made some adjustment in my equipment, my equipment set up and my techniques overtime. I learned so much and know there is still much more to learn. I will be happy to share with you guys in this thread what I do and what are my results.I am very open to any kind of feedback, suggestions or questions!

will be happy to share,learn from you or to help in any way I can :D

So here's how I roll, I usually always try to aim for 4 plants flowering in my 1.20 m tent I did clones on many occasions but for now,I want to go back to full seed rounds (cause I got so many to try and use before they are no longer good..say what you want 7-8 years go by fast! ;) )

last round I started 1 seed later then the others and she started flowering much later so now the timing is a bit awkward but it's ok my boxes of hanging head candy x silverfields cohabits in there so the smell is contained . when the lights are out I also put some jars open in the tent for smell reason also, just starting to cure, it smells amazing! some nice treats to come! :dribble:

last round I ran bluerocket x selene, cheeseberry, headcandy x silverfields. only sugarpunch is left, she still is running and has a few more more weeks to go. I may trow in some pics upon requests of my last run but I think it's been well covered in the budporn thread :P

so for now got the future run starting in my "nursery" witch consist of a closet with 2 x 24 watts t5 :rolleyes2:
Posted Image
Posted Image
seedling from top to bottom; nepalma, sannies jack f8, hammerhead

Posted Image

left row from top to bottom silverfields f2, twisted fruit f2, lady cane f3

so that's total 6 babies. In the best of worlds I would like 4 girls but anywhere from 1 to 5 would be fine.
that will be the most sativa leaning run I will have made with all runners from 9.5 to 12 weeks. I'm in no rush I do it for me :) I enjoy it and all of the stash is for me and my girlfriend :icecream:

here's the looner in the tent sugarpunch
Posted Image

2 plants harvested and in jars; 13 jars..yep I'm happy :D

Posted Image

Posted Image

all empty? :l
not for long!

that is all for me guys!
will do my best to keep this thread updated, hope you guys will appreciate the peak

happy to make the big jump..cause sharing... is caring! ;)


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MSand cannabis

Posted by balzasteel - Today, 07:44 AM -

Hey og i have a question for the people with experience. A person i now surfers from ms and askt me if i can help them with Some proper meds so now my question is with strains ar best for this and iT would be Nice if i could by them from sannies thx grts Launch Full Topic