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Pinned Lets Share Some Bud-porn

Posted by crimson-fart - 49 minutes ago -

I was playing with my camera yesterday and loves this picture
Posted Image

Lets share some bud-porn

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First seed run with stanky

Posted by crimson-fart - Today, 05:58 AM -

Only live once right?

I selected a goji male:
* wide/broad very dark green and shinny leaves, big frame structure.. the female replica pheno i grew of him is stellar bud.. excellent clean og smells, bright clear day time high. Fast grower great stretch, great yields!!
Stem rub smells the same as female i ran

The goal is to pollinate my favorite blue magoo keeper i found a few runs back.
She is very rare pheno, fast grower super rare stretch which is not a trait of most blue magoo plants. I've ran 3 packs in my time plus some f2s of the bx2 and this is the only plant that grows, stretches and yields like she does.
Not as sweet smell as typical magoo, but just as loud and more dank mature aroma.
Super frosty acorn shaped buds finished completely at 7 weeks. And i like my buds completely ripe, never finish plants in 7 or 8 weeks
Same clone I'm running out doors in my "planter of seeds" thread

Also for fun I'm throwing in a platinum huckleberry cookies female or 2 to get some goji action.
The one pictured is my choice so far definitely because her structure shows more huckleberry expressions which will be heavier yield, strengthen the goji structure and add frost
Plus of course some goji og f2s

Goji male

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Blue magoo mom

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Posted Image

Platinum huckleberry cookies showing female

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Whatcha smoking,smoked or are about to smoke?

Posted by saxo - Today, 03:02 AM -

Some lemon slightly floral tulip icookies x Star Fighter this should get me to sleep Goodnight friends.

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2018 is looking good

Posted by sannie - Today, 02:58 AM -

After a couple of years sharing bad news it is time for a sunny moment.

After years of self reflection doing the business on my own (besides breeding with Knutsel) I came to the conclusion I have to stop trying to do everything alone and do the things I do best and let the people that are professionals do there job.
Out of the dark came a very interesting opportunity, a third party that could handle the short comings from sanniesshop and get the shop and forums up to date and to the next level. A working together that will work with very close lines so problems can get solved on a normal way.
I know this people for a longer time and have the most trust in them that they will help us to become one of the best High end seed banks in the world.

I was lacking with this part of business and to continue I needed to get to the next level or stop and die trying.
I see this new combination of forces as a new beginning and have the intention to get bigger and better as ever, sannie seeds available for everyone.

My goal is still to suply the highest quality seeds for a decent price and let the breeders get there fair part.

At the moment we are working on the background with opengrow but because the skin is a complicated it takes a lot of work to upgrade, forum software is already upgraded in our mirrior version.

But because we are working on a fresh new sanniesshop with a more upgraded looks and feel I better wait till the designs are made and we can upgrade the new version in to the forums. This can take a couple of months.

In 2018 sanniesshop will also have the option again to pay with credit card, this is a huge thing for asuring the feature of sanniesshop. A optimilized payment system with more then 10 years experience. This is important for me because I am here for the long run.

This will be great for us all and our community

I am looking forward to 2018

In the meanwhile there is a lot of work to do

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Pinned Diary Of A Breeder

Posted by sannie - Today, 02:45 AM -

This topic is a translated topic from our Dutch forum. Sannie started it one and a half year ago and it is still running. I deceided to translate because it gives an insight in his work of selecting and crossing the strains he handled over this period. It is spiced up with his own photo's, another thing he perfected over the years.

I translated the relevant stuff and left out all the messages with all the social talk and the praises about his green thumbs :specool It was lengthy enough this way, hahahahaha.

The beginning of the posts are marked with the name of the poster and the date in bold.

But now i will let the man himself talk. Take it away my friend :verrygood
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