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help with soil mix plz. I'm confused

Posted by reverendmaynard - 2 minutes ago -

After reading about soil mixes like super soil etc... I would like to try this.

I made a few months back a mix of my own which in a stoner moment I didn't record what I did. Test shows promise but still not ideal.

What I have to work with
GH cocoa
Peat moss from local big box hardware store. Laugh but knock on wood I've gotten bugs when buying from hydro shops.

Blood meal
Bone meal
Organic tomato food-mix of many different meals like feather, bone, etc. . it was on clearance sale and I couldn't resist.
Another organic tomato food, was cheaper but is almost all turkey scraps from what I gather, thinking its the nuts equivalent of hot dogs, the floor sweepings etc... It was $3 so I'll try a test.

Dolomite lime.
Worm castings
Sea bird guano

The cocoa I have are the blocks that are bigger, I think 12lb pack.
The peat is a 2.2 cu ft bale.

I would prefer something I can mix and let cook so I don't need to amend later, or it could be a bit light for the easy feeders and amend just a bit for the heavies.


Normally I do ok on grows. Mapito I've had best luck but I still "loose balance" after about 6 weeks and get leaf problems. I am going to stop mapito for a bit to do some selections as that is too hard for me at least with mailto trying trying to make each different plant happy, plus flower times etc.... Hence the desire to make own soil. Every time I've used brand name soils like fox farm etc. I've gotten knats, thrips, etc ... Launch Full Topic

Pinned Lets Share Some Bud-porn

Posted by jimbo666 - 17 minutes ago -

I was playing with my camera yesterday and loves this picture
Posted Image

Lets share some bud-porn

greetz sannie Launch Full Topic

FOCISS Hydroponics

Posted by reverendmaynard - 22 minutes ago -

Wasup everyone, I have been on the slow and steady, switching my soil setup out and cleaning some water damage aswell as taking switching the old with the new. In coming to conclusion that I wanted to go back to hydro I sought out to do it right the first time instead of run into problems. so with a week of planning I came up with a solution, I will do a Ebb & Flow for my veg cab and do a Aeroponic setup of my design in the flower cab. I am leaving room so I can still run a couple 3 gal soil pots for fun and practice. So far I have almost 6 ready to go into flower and clones rooting ready for the Ebb, so sit back and enjoy watching my new Aero design to see how she works. " got my fingers crossed ". Pic's will be on the next post. Launch Full Topic

Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by wee-zard - 29 minutes ago -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

MM's extreme sativa's

Posted by mostlyme - 37 minutes ago -

Let's see if I can manage a grow journal. Usually as my small tent fills up, I lose the ability to make good pictures, which demotivates me to share my grows. But I'll give it my best shot and if I get some positive comments I might keep it up ;)

Here are my babies now, in their veg box:

Posted Image

They are:

- 1 Eldorado (Nirvana, fem)
- 4 Double Jam (USC/Cannabiogen)
- 4 Purple Haze Thai (Ace)
- 5 Double Thai (Ace)
- 1 2046 (Medical Seeds, fem)

Had 100 % germ rate (!) and all came up, so I had more plants than pots (I always germ a couple more seeds than I need). So now two PHT's share a pot (I'll try to repot one soon) and one DT is in the paper cup (not yet visible, but this morning I saw it coming up).

They will spend 3-4 weeks under this 3x23 watt 4000 K CFL setup, while my current grow is finishing up. They were started in 24-0 for stable temperatures, right now they get 20-4 because it's cold with lights out. I'll shorten the days weekly until flowering starts.

Next they will get 250 watt MH in these 0,7 litre pots, and only when sex is determined a bigger pot (now: 0,7 litres, will be 4 litres for proven females). This to keep them smallish. It worked a little too well with my previous batch - quite small plants - but these ladies should keep growing a little longer. Finish will be under 250 watt HPS. Launch Full Topic