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Question for the Breeders and those understanding Pheno's

Posted by burning-bush-seeds - Today, 07:46 PM -

Have a question, not sure how to ask it, so I will take the simple approach.

In my last run of 17 strains, 2-8 per strain, 4 individual plants were total standouts. Finest I have sampled.
I did not take cuts, have no seeds left from their batch's. They all 4 were accidentally pollinated lightly. All 4
gave me 20- 40 seeds each. I do not know the father, long story, but left plants at 2 weeks into the flip, and was gone 2 weeks......
2 or 3 males opened some sacs and got em. I do not know for sure who it was, either The Dude 2 or My Old Girl Cross. I do know
that none of the 4 were seeded by their own kind NOR selfed.

So, question is this: What are my chances of finding the same Pheno of these 4 plants in these seeds????

To my limited understanding, with enough thrown down, would not some of the offspring be like the seeds mother????

Would be a shame not to be able to find these 4 again, 2 are so good Id be happy to smoke nothing but them for quite some time.

Thanks in advance,


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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by balzasteel - Today, 06:30 PM -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic


Posted by jetdro - Today, 04:33 PM -

Have 6 of Indy's Daddys Little Angel Fuck's running, maybe 4 weeks into the turn. They were flipped very small, maybe 8 inches tall,
with about zero veg time. They are looking nice, and I DID take 1 male n 1 female and placed them outside to make seeds. I have high hopes for this cross, as it looks n smells pretty nice right now.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

They are hanging out under my last lil 400 watt light. Just waiting.....................the 6 Boudica, and 6 HammerHead's are in week 9, and will be taken in a week. The DLAF's will get their nice new Gavita 750 MONSTER to finish out under! They will certainly like the light, as the
Boudica and HH took to it INSTANTLY!!!!!!

Sorry Ladies, but lights out in a few days.....................lol........

Posted Image
Look at that leaf curl.................this light THROWS SOME SERIOUS PAR!!!!!! Might be a smidgen too close, but i am too lazy to move it, they just gotta deal with it. The DLAF's will explode when i place this thing over their little heads.

Pretty soon i shall see what NAW is all about, and a few weeks later, I will attempt to get Sinister.


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Shackzilla, Sugar punch and New Blue Diesel

Posted by foolonthehill - Today, 03:42 PM -

Hi fellow open growers,

I got an early christmas present this year, and couldn't wait to try them.

Posted Image

The New blue diesel was planted one day earlier, and was above the soil after two days.
The other ones took a litlle longer.

I noticed that the first leafs of the Shackzilla were much narrower then on the other two plants, at the time of birth.

I see on the labels that the Diesel and the Shack are feminised.

I read that the Sugarpunch and Shackzilla have SuperSilverHaze in them, I couldn't be more happier with that.

They will be in a small cabin with a 250HPS, nothing spectacular. But I might take clones for next year's outdoor season if I like the result.

Meanwhile in the living room:

Posted Image

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20 Sannies Jacks + 2 Sannies Jack Heribei

Posted by mr-goodfellow - Today, 03:15 PM -

Hi there,

Just started a new organic grow, 20 Sannies Jacks & 2 (freebies) Sannies Jack Heribei.
Hoping for 10 or 12 females. They will be moved to my flower room at a later stage.
  • Biobizz light mix
  • Light 24*7
  • Temp 24.2
Still using my 10 year old self build setup and do a grow every 2 years (only for own consumption).
Surprisingly all the hardware is still working only replaced the CFL (250 watt blue) as it went dead.

So let’s hope for a good result again…

Posted Image

Photo's growroom (phone camera)
Posted Image

Posted Image

Due to the size of my flower room the grow is in 3 stages (can't fit 20 15 liter pots)

Posted Image

Some needed tools

Posted Image

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