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NAW Test Center

Posted by poldergrower - 2 minutes ago -

-NAW Test Center on OG-

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Our testers will show there results and experience with our strains in this topic

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Most common and biggest mistake with new genetix

Posted by hidronesia - 2 minutes ago -

Hello guys,

Yesterday I almost throw away all my "new" motherplants....

In the test rooms.. I have seen some interesting new structure, smell etc
after that I opened the rooms of Amnesia,,, and I asked myself wtf Im doing,,
I felt im just wasting my time with the new genetix

will I give more time myself to undersand them?
if yes.. I will be brave enough to pick what others hate?
can I promiss myself to improve my knowledge... make her A1? Launch Full Topic

Huckleberry Kush

Posted by saxo - 19 minutes ago -

Ok so this is the fourth strain from Professor P that i've tried now and it is the best of the four, although not the strongest (his Space Queen f2 x Killing Fields f3 freebie was much stronger). The taste is very much like Mt.Hood Huckleberry, really great tasting smoke and pretty smooth on the inhale. I would absolutely say this is a very berry tasting smoke and it really stands out in flavor. Sugary sweet berry tasting goodness describes the flavor. The effect is ok, it has a nice up high in the beginning and then it moves into a more traditional Indica stone after 20 minutes or so. The body high is ok, nothing special or particularly good feeling, just chill and relaxed. A nice mellow buzz envelope you as the high wears on and you may or may not get sleepy. For me the effects aren't very long lasting at about 90 minutes or so and then I need to relight the joint to get the high going again. The knockout or couch lock power on this is moderate and I can and have smoked it in the day with no issues as the high wears off quickly and cleanly. Durganchitral from the same run actually had more knock out power and was stronger overall to me & I probably wouldn't smoke that in the day time on a regular basis, but that's getting off topic. The HK bud is stinky and somewhat sticky while being very dense and heavy, it breaks up well and burns great, so a joint goes a decently long ways, which is nice. Power and effect wise this isn't anything special for me as many west coast clone only Indicas that are abundant here perform better in many respects, outside of the taste that Huck Kush provides. So great flavor and ok effect, with smooth smoke are what Huck Kush brought to the table.

Yield wise this was the lowest yielding of all the strains in the run. The other strains were Hammerhead (2 phenos), Durganchitral (2 phenos), and Twisted Fruit v2 freebie (Twisted yielded very well). It also had the most mediocre potency of the lot for me, but did have the best flavor. For an Indica it's pretty solid and excels in the taste department, while being just average in many other areas. Mad Scientist is probably a better choice for a Sannies Shop Indica if you want a stronger and more interesting effect from your weed, but that's just my preference. I think this will probably be one of my shorter smoke reports as there really isn't that much for me to say about Huck Kush other than it tastes really awesome and delivers a standard Inidca stone/high that one would expect. Because the taste is so good on this and the fact that it beaks up and smokes well i'd probably rate it a 7 overall, so it gets a respectable score, but isn't as strong or unique as say Mad Scientist so I really can't justify giving it a higher rating. Probably the last thing of Prof P's i'll try as nothing of his i've had in the shop has been able to match e$ko, Sannies, or NAW's work. Decent Indica with great flavor and is probably more impressive if you don't live on the west coast, where top tier Indica's are the norm. Launch Full Topic


Posted by saxo - 28 minutes ago -


new project !


ko kush f4
killing fields x alien kush F2
killing fields x chocolate rain
jackbery f3
sin city kush
white fire alien
casey jones x sour bubble IX1
chemnesia - chem dog x amnesia haze

sdognesia - sour diesel x og kush x amnesia hazeSsourur Diesel x OG Kush x Amnesia Haze

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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by wee-zard - 55 minutes ago -

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