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Any good techs for making wax or shatter, no butane

Posted by gardenartus - 45 minutes ago -

I have a potential patient who likes wax or shatter, told him I am worthless at getting rosin lol. Is there a way to make it without butane or making rosin? Is there anyway to make it with say the alcohol I use? TIA Launch Full Topic

Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

Posted by sunnyvale - Today, 07:55 AM -

Welcome to Sunnyvale's Pharmacy!

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After one year seeing you guys have fantastic grow reports, I thought it was my turn to see what I have learned from you guys, so welcome in my 'Pharmacy'.

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My babies are 3-5 weeks old. I have
3 Shackzilla's
1 Herijuana x Shiva
3 Jalisco Jaze
1 Black Afghani
1 Caramel Cough x Drizella
1 Chocolate Diesel
1 Critical + (dinafem freebee)
1 Silverfields
1 G39 (KillaQueen Dom. cut)
2 JackCandy's

They got 250 watt in the time they Veg. They flipped 1 jan 2018 and standing under a 600 watt with a Adjust Wing. I grow Sannies Way with PK and GK organics.

I'm have allready found my father to make babies! It will be "Jaze 1", the stemrub is just so sweet hazy. I'm almost certain that my CC.DR and Black Afghani are females, my Silverfields is a lady. I think my second Chocolate Diesel is a dude, the rest are unconfirmed...

The seeds i'm going to make Black Jaze and i think a sativa strain with the Jaze and Silverfields. I hope to make as much seeds to give to you guys, if not.. I must wait till the summer and make some F2's and then i can give it you guys. I have allready a name for my Sativa strain ^^.

Thanks for coming by, I'll keep you updated,

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A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

Posted by sunnyvale - Today, 05:33 AM -

Greetings, Open Growers. Welcome to my continuous evolutionary grow. Continuous, more or less. Evolutionary, in that I intend to isolate mistakes. I start a new plant every two weeks, so mistakes will hopefully only affect one plant at a time. I will learn from them, and not duplicate them across time.

My first grow with auto flowers was a fun introduction to cannabis cultivation. Here i will be playing with photo-period-dependent varieties, and sharing things i find interesting. This is my learning laboratory.

The first two strains were planted in March. Harlequin is the bigger plant. She is a high CBD strain. The seedling is strawberry kush.
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Pinned Diary Of A Breeder

Posted by bopper - Today, 03:14 AM -

This topic is a translated topic from our Dutch forum. Sannie started it one and a half year ago and it is still running. I deceided to translate because it gives an insight in his work of selecting and crossing the strains he handled over this period. It is spiced up with his own photo's, another thing he perfected over the years.

I translated the relevant stuff and left out all the messages with all the social talk and the praises about his green thumbs :specool It was lengthy enough this way, hahahahaha.

The beginning of the posts are marked with the name of the poster and the date in bold.

But now i will let the man himself talk. Take it away my friend :verrygood
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What LED grow light you use

Posted by smokevera - Today, 02:17 AM -

Just want to start my indoor grow, I heard that viparspectrum LED, Mars Hydro, MEIZHI are good, and their price seem not expensive. What led light should I choose? My cabinet is 4x2. :wub: Launch Full Topic