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Shoeless's Shoebox

Posted by shoeless - 11 minutes ago -

I finally upgraded my flower tent and got a Gorilla Shorty 3x3. I gained some height, but more importantly concentrated the light footprint compared to the 2x4 I was using. I am flowering with a Blackdog BD450-U and generally grow in 5 gallon bags and use blumats. I use ROLS that I have been cycling for about 3 years. I am also trying something different and going 11/13 for this run.

First girls in the tent are Esko's latest, Oaxacan and Purple Storm. First is the Oaxacan. The one in the back is a stretchy bitch and will outgrow the light if she doesn't slow down. The front one is more compact and is frosting up earlier.
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Purple Storm
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Single Cola in the back
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Front PS - topped cola
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Group shot
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Everything is growing perfectly, but I vegged them too long. Bondage is in their future. The Oax have been in 11/`13 for 28 days and the PS about 21 days. Launch Full Topic

Sinister Fall 2015 Indi Dom run

Posted by shoeless - 15 minutes ago -

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Copy/Paste decided to work...New thread for new strains... Launch Full Topic

better to register?

Posted by ifish - 23 minutes ago -

Just sent my first order in (registered mail) was received fine-all is good. Placing my second in a bit and Was wondering is registered the best way to send or just a normal mailing. ie from the states. Registered lets me see if it gets there ok but not if it has been messed with. It's an extra $13-14 to send registered and was also wondering if it was any safer being registered or not?


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Pinned Lets Share Some Bud-porn

Posted by gregster - Today, 06:12 AM -

I was playing with my camera yesterday and loves this picture
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Lets share some bud-porn

greetz sannie Launch Full Topic

Canna Fudge

Posted by gregster - Today, 06:10 AM -

New for me, appears to have come out very well..

4 Cups sugar
.75 Cup Cannabutter
16 oz Dark Chocolate
12 oz Condensed Milk
7 oz Marshmellows
1 Teaspoon Vanilla

Sugar, milk, cannabutter heated 17 minutes to 234 degrees, constant stiring
Remove from heat, slowly mix in chocolate
Slowly mix in marshmellows
Vanilla last

Blend well 5 minutes, gets really thick, broke my plastic spoon, lol

Pour in 13 x 9 foil lined buttered pan
Cool completely, cover, then into freezer for 1 hour. Cut into squares . Ones to be used in 10 days or less: Wrap in paper wrapping, then foil, then into
ziplock bag or tight sealing plastic container. Store at room temps.
Ones for longer storage, same deal, but then into the freezer. DO NOT put into the fridge for storage I find out. Dries them out.

Sure wish i could try one, they smell GREAT!

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