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how do i revege male plant?

Posted by agreenpassion - 9 minutes ago -

title says it all.4 weeks into flower.he blew several of his balls(close to half on top and center of plant).i have never reveged a plant before.do i top the plant or leave it go?i am also trying to clone him,my cloning ability has really sucked lately.trying this for a back up. Launch Full Topic

Esko Cheeseberry Haze Smoke report

Posted by shiskaberry-savior - 16 minutes ago -

For many years I've been a fan of Blue Cheese, though always felt it was somewhat lacking compared what it could be. For some reason Cheeseberry Haze was my second purchase from Sannies, I think because Cheeseberry was out of stock.

Having done a pheno hunt I picked one with very little Haze, done in about 8.5 week.

This pheno is a dream to grow with perfect structure, & v chunky mildly foxtailed buds, I've done it 12/12 from seed & topped with 5 week veg, this plant is a yielded with huge potential when dialled & I'm not even  close to that yet.

So to the smoke. This is some tasty, beautiful aromatic weed, upon opening the jar a thick aromatic scent fills the air very complex, heavy but light at the same time, Blueberry, soft creamy cheese, icing, it's like walking past a bakery & that more or less carries over into the taste soft cheese, berries & maybe apples, but faintly.

One Joint.

The high is beautiful, walked in the woods, everything becomes numinous, I'm in my own connected world but hyper aware of everything, sights, sounds, scents.

Second Joint.

Ok so I was a little more stoned than I thought, relaxation creeps over me like a warm blanket, sit down and stare at the view, its like looking at a painting, but I'm in it, then realize been there for an hour, when it starts raining, get to the car wait another hour waiting for fog to clear, then realized windows steamed up, fook I'm high......

And still am....lol.

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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by balzasteel - 44 minutes ago -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

Wanted MT Hood Huckleberry

Posted by shiskaberry-savior - Today, 08:51 PM -

ATTN:Professor P
As the topic states looking for the original MT Hood LTD from a couple years back maybe not quite that far back but at least a year ago ! Hoping someone was smarter then me and made some! I had 5 seeds 3 were males 1 dud and a female that refused to clone ! Needless to say I never bothered at the time to make more seed ! I don't think the professor is still selling that strain at least I can't seem to find it any help would be appreciated thanks Shiska Launch Full Topic

Spider mites and maybe fungus gnats

Posted by wee-zard - Today, 07:20 PM -

Hi folks! So I'm pretty sure I have had the pleasure of a first time grower to have spider mites and fungus gnats I have yellow spots on top of my leafs with little critters on the bottom, I'm kinda scared to spray any kind of pesticides on my plants and was thinking about lady bugs and if I get lady bugs would the orange Japanese beatle work the same? As for the gnats they don't seem to be hurting anything but they're definitely multiplying the plants are still doing great my weekly soil and water test or consistent temp and humidity are doing great but I was also wondering if maybe some mites could possibly attract bugs and maybe that's why they find a way in so easily, or maybe I'm just over thinking and that's a bizarre assumption Launch Full Topic