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I'm wondering what to grow next . . .

Posted by ledfoot - 28 minutes ago -

I haven't found a keeper after growing S.A.G.E., Cantaloupe Skunk, and Aurora Indica fem. I want an all day, every day smoke with energy but also enough "bass" to help with chronic back pain and PTSD.

Nirvana A.I. fem seeds from 2005-2010 contain a bunch of Northern Lights which is fine for me but the yield was low. The Cantaloupe Skunk from ISP yielded a bit better but the effect was disappointing and the buds were loose and leafy. I ran C.S. twice and it had annoyingly weak stems, considering how light the buds were. The TH Seeds SAGE would have been good but I ran it twice and I'm totally sick of hermies.

So from my seed stash, I'm thinking either:

Cannabiogen/Ace: Panama
Chimera: Highland Mexican x BB
Joey Weed: C99 or A11 and/or C99 x A11
Sagarmatha/Serious: Western Winds fem / Kali Mist
Sannie: Sannie's Jack F7 (also have F5 and F6)
USC: Colombian x Jam. Lambsbread

I veg under fluorescent and flower under LED. Bagged coco coir is used in one gallon fabric pots. Gravity powered Tropf Blumat drippers are fed chemical nutrients from the reservoirs. My ceiling heights are 7.5 feet.

Aurora Indica:
Posted Image

Random Cantaloupe Skunk bud:
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Bods Outdoor 2015

Posted by fatrasta - 53 minutes ago -

Hi OG :wave:

Yes it's coming to that time of year again, were in middle of March, the daylight hours are getting brighter, and I've a few genetics in the fridge chilling, best get them used up cos they will not last forever. :innocent:
Now I've a list of genetic's that I'm going to use, but not 100% sure which will be best for my area/climate, although I've looked on seedfinder for my longitute 53.77 and latitute which is - -1.87, making my climate CmSh,??? Whatever that means so you know exactly were I am now,?? , haha well not really :likken:

Last year I would have had a nice bit of percy smoke, if I had not messed up with labels on bottle.s being poison to my plants unluckily enough I couldn't flush the toxins from the soil, so they wheeped, and died . So I WILL NOT BE MAKING THAT MISTAKE THIS YEAR.

Ok not decided on the size of pots yet, but I will be using last years soil, with coco brick, this time making it a 50?50 mix of both earth and coco, (just in case I need to flush), think If I'd have done that last year I could have saved the plants. Also this year I'm prepared a little more, last year I started in June or july, well by this time you normally see flowers starting to bud, so i'm making sure Ive enough time for the plant to grow and bloom. :whistle:

Some will be FORCED TO FLOWER, odd 1 will be left till OCTOBER, but I'm making sure that they are going to be small as possible, due to them being round the back of my house, having window cleaners, and a nosey neighbours so there is a risk, which is one I'm willing to take.

Now for the good stuff GENETICS, here goes.

1 Fresian Princess Basic seeds, have no clue except there outdoor. (6 seeds) Swiss Kiss X Alpine Rocket.
2 Royal Dane X The Pure =(skunk) (10 seeds) Royal Dane » Hawaii x {WR x Hindu Kush x Cithral x WW x BB}i
3 Ak47 X Nycd (15) seeds
4 Chemdog X Auto AK. (2)
5 Accidental Haze (Hupla) not seen him for a while.(6seeds)
6 Mau Fresias= Erdbeer X Mau Mau Blazing pistolero's ,excuse my spelling pls. I forget how many enough still.
7 Power Plant X Afghan Kush, (my own hack 7 seeds.)
8 Deep Chunk hybrids to play around with,.(Tons)
9 Shiskaberry X the Pure.only (2 seeds)
10 El Monstre, (3 seeds),
11 Casey Jone's X Ko Chang Thai.
12 Mau Fresias X El Monstre (own hack). Plenty of playing, around with haha.

The others I have are chilling for when the day comes, when I get lucky again, don't know when but it has to happen. I'm hoping with some support if any some of you kind guys will be able to advise me as we go on,.

Think thats enough to be getting on with for now, so my next stages will be to choose, seeds with the help you of you guys, maybe,? then put them in the big soak of water, with a bit of luck they will split, etc bobs my uncle :dribble:

I'm not sure weather it's to early just yet as last night was v cold, still, but I'm thinking of statring them off with cfl,s on on my window sills.

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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by balzasteel - Today, 05:23 PM -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

undercurrent UC 16 x 2

Posted by bagwell - Today, 05:08 PM -

Well been trying to buy this set up from a friend for some time and got the call tonight YEEEEEEE HA its been gathering dust for quite sometime in his shop ,, So pretty much getting 32 undercurrent 8 gallon modules with lids / net pots bulkheads , and 2 res and some odds and ends No piping which isn't a big deal
plans are to keep 16 modules for my self and and get the other ones cleaned up and make either 4 - 6 or 8 module set ups with piping less pumps and sell them
today is a good day
will post pics once i pick them up
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Posted by hazeydayz - Today, 04:25 PM -

Hello fellow geowers i have started a 20 plant grow i will be using nivanas blackberry and 10 free seeds unknown so should be an experiance just need to keep my eyes peeled for any male i have done a few smaller grows biggest 5 plants although my quality has been there i havent been completely happy with my yeilds i always get to excited and flip them early will be usin 4 400 watt hps lights in thus grow a 240 x2x 1.8 meter loft tent with rvk 6 inch inline fan and rihno 8inch fan and filter my seeds are in the firsts pots so cant wait to get in to it stay tuned should be good one Launch Full Topic