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Spring Pictures.

Posted by misterdirt - 8 minutes ago -

While doing fieldwork out in the woods this week, I came upon a couple of peach trees, out in the middle of a pine forest. They don't grow wild around here, so this was probably at the site of a sharecropper's home -- likely abandoned by the 1940s or early 50s. Anyway, trees are starting to wake up (as are the insects). They may all get knocked back this weekend by a frost, however.
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The area I was working in was completely devastated by soil erosion from poor farming practices, when "cotton was king." Apparently it was king of wholesale land-rape. The area is all forested now, but it is just a moonscape of massive gullies and landslides under the canopy. The landowner hopes to turn it into a giant housing development full of McMansions. I kind of doubt he'll succeed, or it will take a decade or two.

I don't know if the owners of this nest are around, but it seems to be in good shape. The owner is/was a white-eyed vireo. Not that I know much about birds, I just know someone who knows a lot about birds. The opening is about 4cm in diameter.
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Winter really sucked here in the US this year. Any springtime pictures are welcome here. Launch Full Topic

NAW Test Center

Posted by rhinocbd - 37 minutes ago -

-NAW Test Center on OG-

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Our testers will show there results and experience with our strains in this topic

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outdoor grow 2015

Posted by agreenpassion - Today, 05:32 AM -

Ill be running ladycanes and cjxgm i dropped 3 lady cane 1 cjxgm and 3 more soaking. Ill be growing in holes in the grown with age old organics. My soil is native soil with horse a chicken poop that have been composted. 2 of lady cames have popped. Ill keep updated pictures if there is enough intrest in this grow.
I also.may need some help on the grow. Happy smoking! Launch Full Topic

69 smoke reports...

Posted by provence - Today, 05:14 AM -

Because i like that number and i need a title for a long running topic with the smoke reports of my home grown harvests...

For all the coming reports i use the same method with the same tools of trade:
Pure Hemp unbleached 1 1/4 papers, a lil paper tip and sweet green goodness :spliff:

Posted Image

1. Let me start off the best way possible with the potent/ssh SP!
Looks denser then it feels and there are crystals everywhere! When broken up you can see hints of purple/red at the core of the buds. Smells like ripe sour apple with a tiny twist of red fruit (when you ever feel down, just take wif at this sh!t - it will brighten up your day even without smoking it!!!). Taste like ripe apple on the inhale and just very sweet dank on the exhale... The sweet smokes expands in the lungs, making hard for smokers-lacking-commitment to smoke this one without coughing there hearts out! The effect is an instant cloudy high that makes me feel almost tipsy/drunk... Soon after a super relaxing body buzz kicks in keeping me happy, relax but not really functional for hours and hours. This one is for times you just wanna get faded on a lazy sunday... The stone will put you to sleep, but the sweet taste will wake your @ss up to roll another one!

Posted Image

2. The long flowering purple SP...
Looks darks green with purple shadow on the outside and really dark purple when broken up. Enough crystal to make one happy, but less then the other pheno´s. The smell is dark and dank with just hints of dark fruit and no sweets. The skunky smell gets stronger when the flowers are broken up... The taste is the most normal skunky weed taste of all the SP´s i have grown. Not bad, not special. Pretty much the same thing with the high.

Posted Image

3. The citrus haze SP...
Looks like healthy green fluffy sativa... The flowers are not compact, but very very sticky (after rolling a fatty you got fingerhash for the next one) with small crystals troughout the flowers. The smell is just to sweet to put into words... Like mixing wild citrus fruits with spice tea and lots of honey. When opening the jar i feel instant happiness and i thank the S man before i roll one! The taste comes very close to the smell. Sweet, sweet, sweet! The high fits the taste perfectly... Uplifting high with almost no stoned feelings, just mild relaxation of mind-body-soul! Thinking of this one and its effects one word comes to mind: harmony! The only downside is: i did not take a cutting!!!

I will be back with the last SP reports...

Grtz Launch Full Topic

in the woods 2015

Posted by terra-preta-bioweed - Today, 05:06 AM -

way earlier than last year i´m starting my Posted Image-thread

the weather is great and all around is green und lush,so the most of the lil ones already outside and they doing nicely so far....
Posted Image

there´s a lil problem with the strain-names this season.... my buddy put them out himself(without my help,caus i was very buissy) and he don´t really care bout strains & names...so this time we don´t know what is what :whistle: Sorry!!!
all i know,we run this season: Durban Poison; Frisian Dew; Forest Dream (all DutchPassion)

some baby-pix:
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Posted Image
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some more will follow during the next weeks(amongst them some autos). :wave: Launch Full Topic