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Starinhazy's Sinister Summer with Sugar Punch and others

Posted by dreamofgreen - 12 minutes ago -

It has to start somewhere....

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Before I dive into my antics underway, here are a few bud shots from my last grow. Personally I like seeing bud shots when I open OG :dribble:

Took another run with this clone great structure on the plant and phenomenal flowers.some of the densest foxtails I have encountered. From Sinister Seeds

Cut at 70/71 days

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Dried and pre cure…..

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KA Kush (she had PM come back again, she is on her last run now..) Also Sinister
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Also ran me some Dynasty Seeds Caramel Candy Kush: Clipped around 70-74 days.

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look @ the frost on the undercarriage here….
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And also had a nice run of some E$cob@r Chocolate Rain, still loving on this plant, she gets some hard foxtails too.
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Had some changes in real life, I moved into a 95% work from home role when my company closed our local office. This afforded me the opportunity of grabbing some office supplies and as part of those activities secured a couple more cabinets. :) As such, about a month ago I converted one, so now I have thing 1 and thing 2, Needless to say should be extra productive as I have increased my space. I am going to stagger them and hopefully get to the point of harvest every 4-6 weeks.

So here are some basics for the run, I will have two setups:

Thing 1 - the original cab. Same setup as usual, 400 W digital ballast in a vented hood, hydro system, 12 spots.
I am running a new nute regimen this round from mbferts. They have their own powdered food and since they have been great on other merch, figured I would give this a spin, especially since my local hydro guy decided to flip the script and drop my jungle juice, so check in on this journal if you have looked into their nutes, I’ll be using them and will share and report results. I also implemented a Solistek MH 6K, for veg in Thing 1, plants are responding well, and definitely seeing some nice growth. This cab has been in Veg now for just about 3 weeks.

Thing 1 Lineup:
(4) Chucky Bride
(3) Sugar Punch
(2) MzDrzz (Ms U x Drizz)
(1) Chocolate Rain
(1) KO Kushx(CJxGM)
(1) Lemon thai

Thing 1
Posted Image

Thing 2 - new cab, been in bloom for about 3.5 weeks, Running a 400W Magnetic ballast bare bulb setup, hortilux, inspired by Indi, I have to give this method a try. Also changed things up and I am running a organic soil mix, based mainly around the Rev’s formula, but I don’t have feather meal and few other ingredients (oyster shells, alfalfa husks and a couple other). I’ll post a list of whats in here in a bit, once I pull that up. I am excited about the christening run for this voyager, she is getting some of my older Mom’s and some other plants I had that just needed to get going. Some of the Mom’s had PM a cycle ago, and PM came back to visibly show itself around week 4 in the last flower run, I am done with the struggle and sending them for final bloom. Thing 2 is planned to be about 4 weeks ahead of thing 1 in general, this should afford me with more turns.

Her current lineup:
(3) KA Kush
(2) KO Kush
(4) Caramel Candy Kush
(1) Chuck Bride
(1) MzDrzz (Ms Uni x Drizz)
(3) Raining Caramel Kush ((CRxKOK)xCCK)
(1) (CRxKO Kush)x Blue Chem
(2) DeathStar x (Huck/Silverfield/Choco Rain?) ((2) diff pheno)

Overall in here things are looking great. Soil seems to be holding its own and allowing me with some more flexibility, as soil affords me some freedom to move things around that I just don’t get with Hydro.

Thing 2
KA Kush
Posted Image

Posted Image

Overview of box

Week 2:
Posted Image

Week 3:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Death Star x Huck Kush (these were test clones for determining sex, I have two females!!
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KO Kush
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Brain Rain x Blue Chem (Personal Cross I made (Brain Rain (Chocolate Rain x KO Kush)), never ran before, she’s a lady!)
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Caramel Candy Kush
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I will try to post again soon to catch you up on where this is at soon, I am a week behind on pics. thanks for looking and feel free to comment and what not, it's that dialog that helps keep these threads moving. enjoy :likken:
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My 2nd soil grow

Posted by jetdro - 15 minutes ago -

I am DONE with Hydro. The zillion gallon res changes, the changing nute plans, the leaking buckets, the making of water late into the night. The myraid of things to go wrong, the GD PH meters fluctuating and causing me grief, the constant run to the store for this or that.


Today I did an up pot of 15 Ladies, took me an hour! No mess, no lugging gallons of water around. The ability to MOVE the plants around, or even change them from spot to spot, or even Cab to Cab is NICE!!!! I may just learn to like this soil gardening after all.

I will need help, one of the reasons I posted this thread. I KNOW there are many members here who know more about this, and more than I will probably ever know, and hope y'all (yes, Texas) will chime in when needed, and keep me on track, and from fucking this run up!!!
I want to learn soil growing, and I know this is the place to do so.

I ask only one thing. NO FIGHTING in this thread. I do not want it, do not need it, and am not gonna put up with it in THIS THREAD.
No pissing contests, no ignorant ranting and attempting to be Hollier than Thou..................PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...

Cool, now that that is out of the way, let me begin. There will be several "sets" of runs, most running concurrently, some a few weeks ahead or behind. PLEASE feel free to comment, make suggestions, or tell me Im doing something wrong.

Little background: As I said I'm sick of the 'dro and all it's issues. YES, when I have it running PROPERLY, it will produce huge yields, and to me, the taste, smell, potency, is on par with the soil growers. Due to one thing or the other...............1st Mites, then an episode with Thrips from a cut I took, then SHITTY high dollar PH meters giving me wrong numbers(even when calibrated every use) then a purchase of old nutes....................I have been on a run of 3 or 4 FAILED grows in a row. It is time to get my ass back on track, and start growing NICE Ladies again. I USE TO BE ABLE to control MY 'dro setups, but as is obvious from the last 3 or 4 runs, I can no longer do so!!!! Must be getting STUPID in my old age or something. The last run, where I MANGLED 10 beautiful Sugar Punch was the last straw. NOT letting that happen again.

Took down all my Hydro setups, in the attic where they are gonna stay. My first run in soil, just the last 60 days, was a total FAILURE, killing GREAT genetics, and making my stomach sick!!! It was caused by POOR full NUCLEAR strength soil, and by the time I had that figured out, it was too late for my Girls. Later in the post, I will share some pics of the few Ladies I have managed to save, and ask some advise here, on whether to re pot and run them, or take cuts and start them over. Before that, let me get to the setup and the lineups.

I was given a soil mix by N2.............REMEMBER no GD fighting, lol...........lol.........YES, it turns out it is a well know mix, and been around for ever, BUT, he did give it to me, and I thank him for that. Say what you will, but I will always give credit where it is due, and
I AM NOT a type that MUST always be right, or look for a pissing contest, or claim to know everything. To set it straight, I know NOTHING about soil growing, soil mixes, and ammendments..............THAT IS GOING TO CHANGE!!!!

The mix I am using, and have been for 3 weeks now, is to the letter of what N2 gave me, EXCEPT, I did NOT use Fox Farms at all.
Not gonna rant or get into it here, but I shall never again by a gram of their products, nor use any of their soil ever again. What it did to my Ladies will forever be burned into my mind, and not going there again.

The Mix

1/2 Roots Oraganic 1/2 Sunshine #4 ....both sub'd in instead of FF Ocean Forest, and FF Light Warrior.
Blood Meal
Bone Meal
Bat Shit
Worm Castings
Epsom Salts
Dolomite lime

Made over 15 Cubic Feet of it, so it will be used on ALL the runs in this thread, or until it runs out.
I mixed that mess untill my arms were about to fall off, took me an entire day to do, in 2 CU batchs.
Placed in clear containers with tops, and allowed to "cook" in the sun for 4-5 weeks. The first batch of it, which the Ladies
I will show 1st are in, and have been for 3 weeks, was "cooked" for only 1 week, but they appear to really like it, and now
it is 5 weeks old or so. Have seen no issues.

I have ONLY hit them with 6.2 PH water............why 6.2, Hell, I dont really know, but it is what I settled upon, and so far they all seem to be liking it. If that number is NOT good for what I am doing, let me know, and WHY I should change that .

First set:

Ordered Sannies Jack. Last run of it produced 2 of the 3 run, which turned out to be MONSTERS. 1 was just stunning, maybe the nicest looking single plant I have ever grown, producing 4 ounces of PRIMO Bud. I like The Jack, its taste, its smell, and especially its high, it had no ceiling, and I am looking for that same Pheno. I ordered 10 I believe, Sannie sent me 15, but he also sent them in small bags with the ever popular "beads" in with them. 8 of the 15 were crushed, leaving me 7 viable seeds. All 7 were thrown down, all 7 came up and are HEALTHY.

I also recieved MadBerry. Same deal with them...........not sure how many i got, but most were crushed also. 4 were viable, all went down, all 4 came up and are HEALTHY.

I also threw down 2 of my own cross from a plant (StarDawg) grown outside this past summer. Do not remember having any males out there, but IF I did it was Holy Princess. Either way, the 6 foot beast of StarDawg gave me 3 nice FAT heavily striped beans. The StarDawg was stunning, and whether it was crossed with HP or it selfed, I WANTED to run them and find out. I kept 1, 2 of 2 came up, and are HEALTHY.

All of these were started in my usual way...................18 hours in cups of water, then planted into UPSIDE down RapidRooters set in Dixie cups and my soil mix, 1/4 inch below top of cup. Seed into small hole dug in botom of RR, then covered with 1/4 inch of my soil.
Placed under a T5,and misted to keep moist 3 times a day until they sprouted. I usally achieve 95 -100 percent germ rate this way with healthy seed..............in this case 13 of 13 came up, all HEALTHY.

1 week in the Dixie Cups, then potted into these small white containers I like to use. Spent 2 weeks in those, this morning, at 3 weeks and 1 day, up potted into the containers you will see in a minute. Today they were also placed into a cab, with a 400 watt M.H about 20 inches over their heads.

SJ is in the back n middle row, MB in the middle n front, my 2 SD cross's in front row. The SJ and the MB were from Fem seeds(i know, I know, lol) my SD cross is obviously REG seed form.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Sannies Jack:

Posted Image

Posted Image


Posted Image

My cross:

Posted Image

Posted Image

My cross is certainly different from the Sannie's gene's............COOL!!! To be honest, they DO NOT look like StarDawg, so I beleive they may not be SD X SD...........must have had a male out there. IF it was HP. I would be in HEAVEN!!!! I LOVE ME SOME HP!!!!

ANYONE having HP seeds they would part with, short of turning GAY and blowing you, not much I wouldnt do for some ....insert evil grin here!!!


That is the Ladies, and maybe a gentleman or two, in the first "set" . SINCE i am use to 'dro, and KNOW when to flip and at what size,
I DO NOT really know when I will, or should, flip these. I would turn them in Hydro at 14 - 16 inches, end up with 5 footers. HERE, I am at a loss, so PLEASE chime in. Left to my own devices, I would probably let them go to 18 or 20 inches before the flip.

In Dro, I WOULD NOT top them, HERE................Hell, lol, Im not so sure. Advise from the pro's, if you care to get involved , would be appreciated.

First set posted. As stated, 3 weeks old from germ, in the mix I posted, NOTHING but PH 6.2 wa wa given to them. All 13 responded well to the transplant, and appear content....................at the moment!!!!! Launch Full Topic

DIY Aeroponics

Posted by hantavirus - 22 minutes ago -

Measurements were approximate, because spray bar pieces were trimmed, so that the center of the spray bar is 9" from the bottom of the tote. The top of the micro sprinklers is 10 3/4" from the bottom of the tote, while the bottom of the lid sits approximately 14" above the bottom of the tote. Launch Full Topic

coffin grow room

Posted by spacecake - 31 minutes ago -

@ all time i showed some girls i will try to show how i do things with mapito its now hard to use as some of yous will no i come from HD over to here as HD is no more but it will all way live on in the few thats was lucky to have bin on there

so they girls sit under 4.400w suns
food is dutch pro grow+bloom
metrop calgreen
canna pk 13/14
thats all i use for there food nice and simple ;)

as you can see picks are with lights on but ill post some with lights of most of the time so all can see them better
the crates are 25 liters
res 65 liters
air in 4 inch fan
air out 10 inch filter on a big fuck of box fan on a fan reg
all the girls got 1 liter from the top @ e.c 1.1 p.h 5.4 this ill move up to 5.6 in 10 days time
e.c ill move up to a max of e.c 1.6

the girls are all blue cheese
all i need to work out is how to post the picks

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2016 Sinister Seeds kick off

Posted by bigun - 51 minutes ago -

This will be my first run with sinister seeds and I'm pretty dam excited.

I have a habit of thinking "why hasn't someone thought of that already" every time I'm reading info on indicans strains

I'm not Sure About Which Strains Will Be Ran First OR If I Just Throw a few of each in all at once but I'm gonna document them here all year long with clones, crosses, new seeds indy makes ect. Anything sinister will be right here.

Mail man should hook me up hopefully today but maybe tomorrow. Then we are getting started right away with germination and clones.

Oh btw... I do know this... the ms drizz x selene, yea she is definitely gonna be in the first run for sure. And the Psychosis x Heri also.

Yo indican, thanks bro for the support and in return you'll always have my support. I'll crash every dam website in existence with your gear bro lol. Seriously tho thank you. And I am familiar with some negetivity that was braught indicans way last year so I also like to thank everyone on open grow that helped indy get back on his feet, yall helped make it possible that these genetics fall into hands like mine and I am very greatful for that.

Ok, here we go fucking SINISTER BABY. I'll let yall know once they are sprouted Launch Full Topic