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Any good techs for making wax or shatter, no butane

Posted by gardenartus - 27 minutes ago -

I have a potential patient who likes wax or shatter, told him I am worthless at getting rosin lol. Is there a way to make it without butane or making rosin? Is there anyway to make it with say the alcohol I use? TIA Launch Full Topic

Trapper's corner

Posted by mr-goodfellow - 41 minutes ago -

Starting a general grow thread.

Got two tents going right now and a closet.
At the moment I'm growing:
OG X Pineapple Express
Big Leeks Blue Cheese
Herijuana x Shiva
Chocolate Rain Fem.

First Tent.
Posted Image

From back to front
OG x Pineapple Express Blue Cheese OG X Pineapple Express

Chocolate Rain Fem. OG x Pineapple Edxpress Chocolate Rain Fem.

Blue cheese Herijuana x shiva Herijuan x shiva

They have just flipped to 12/12 and have been vegging for a few weeks. Maybe 4?

The other tent is closed right now but I'll take picks tonight.

As always super soil organic. Launch Full Topic

Kinky Blaze x Silverfields

Posted by justcozz - Today, 06:48 PM -

Welcome Open Growers.

It's time for me to get the room up and going again, grow #2. I've decided to start this run off with the seeds I made on the last grow. Just to remind you all, I started my first grow last year, 1 each of Kinky Blaze(by Barrie84), Sannie's Jack and Silverfields (by Sannie). The Silverfields was a male so I decided to collect some pollen and have a go at my first attempt at breeding. Well, pollen chucking... I am not claiming to be a breeder, only a newbie grower trying to learn and gain as much experience as I can.

The girls took and supplied me plenty of viable seeds. So in my quest to gain knowledge and experience of these amazing plants, I've decided to see if my first cross will result in something worth keeping around.

Kinky Blaze x Silverfields were the chosen seeds.

I started out with 30 seeds, soaked them in water for 24 hours and put them into Jiffy pellets. Within 4 days the first 20 popped and got moved into solo cups with organic soil (day 1). They are under 3 23w cfl and 3 13w led 18/6 hours. The other 10 were put aside to see what my germination rate was. 2 days later 7 more broke through the soil. So 27 out of 30 within 6 days, I'm happy with that.

The Mom...Kinky Blaze...early flower
Posted Image

Near harvest
Posted Image

Silverfields, the daddy...standing tall on the far left. Also, KB mom, before flower lower right.
Posted Image

The clone I used from the dad for pollen
Posted Image

Here are the babies at day 4
Posted Image

And again day 6
Posted Image

So that's where I am at today. I will be moving the plants under my 1000k MH turned down to 50% in a few days and continue 18/6 schedule for about a week or so. Transplant into 2gal pots and flip to 12/12. I'm thinking of staying with MH for the first week or two of flower at 75%. Then switch to HPS at full power after the stretch.

So my first pheno hunt begins.....

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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by wee-zard - Today, 06:27 PM -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

Shackzilla, Sugar punch and New Blue Diesel

Posted by justcozz - Today, 04:36 PM -

Hi fellow open growers,

I got an early christmas present this year, and couldn't wait to try them.

Posted Image

The New blue diesel was planted one day earlier, and was above the soil after two days.
The other ones took a litlle longer.

I noticed that the first leafs of the Shackzilla were much narrower then on the other two plants, at the time of birth.

I see on the labels that the Diesel and the Shack are feminised.

I read that the Sugarpunch and Shackzilla have SuperSilverHaze in them, I couldn't be more happier with that.

They will be in a small cabin with a 250HPS, nothing spectacular. But I might take clones for next year's outdoor season if I like the result.

Meanwhile in the living room:

Posted Image

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