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Now for something completely different...Jet does the Octopot!

Posted by jetdro - 34 minutes ago -

Since I paid close attention here for the better part of a year, and learned a new way to grow(organic) I have been feeling REALLY good about
my next run. The last run, 100 percent organic, with NOTHING but water for drinking, could not have been much better. A touch of pesky PM is about the extent of the issues I ran into. I put up so much great Bud, I have no worries or hurries on this next run, I am set!

The soil mix I made(thanks to here!) just KILLED IT!. Given it to 2 friends who also KILLED it, nothing but wawa even on 14 week strains.
Maybe my yield could have been bigger, the Bud quality, not a chance, lol. I have been shut down for 3 months or so, needed to do some home improvements..............including a new grow room.

My only issue last run was with some PM..................issue has been found, and dealt with. Turns out I had 3 roof leaks, allowing water into my walls, soaking insulation and rafter boards. Small holes in the ceilings I did not know where there, brought the moisture into my home. Long story short..................my average humidity levels in my home WAS 72 %!!! No joke, put out 6 humidity meters throughout the house, average level was 72. No wonder the PM kept coming back no matter how hard i tried to fight it.

Called an A/C guy out last month. My bills are outrageous, and the house was never comfortable, REGARDLESS of what the temp inside was.
He found my leaks, showed me the water damage, and convinced me to let him tune my 2 a/c units(up n downstairs) . He also told me to STOP shutting off the upstairs a/c( IM NEVER up there) because it was making my other unit work WAY too hard. It is a 2.5 ton unit, and my home is 4100 SF, it ran 100 percent of the time, and could not maintain a proper humidity level because of the square footage I was using it on.

He tuned n charged both units, spent a DAY in my attic running new ducts, and changing the "flow pattern" of the house. Tells me to fix the roof, open the wet areas, get dehumidifiers or fans to blow up there until dry. Close them up when dry! Then set the upstairs unit 10 degrees higher than the lower unit, and my bills will be cut 50-70 percent!!!!! Yeah right.....................lol...............

Fix the roof(a biotch) open the areas up(biotch) and put fans on them. Buy 3 GIANT sized dehumidifiers and place them in the wet areas.
The friggin dehumidifiers flat ass work boys!!! The 1st WEEK, I had to empty each unit EVERY 2 HOURS!!! Like 3 or 4 gallons EACH, every 2 hours. By day 8 it was apparent it was working. House felt better, meters said 65 percent all over the house. By day 14, the units could go all day before full.
By day 21, they could run 2 days before full. I closed the areas up, new Sheetrock and insulation, brought the humidifiers into the living areas. Been running 2 weeks or so in the home now, can run the humidity ANYWHERE i want to now. Just tell the units what percent I want, they HOLD IT!!! Experimented a bit...............................at 45 percent humidity, at 74 degree's (101 outside ) it is FRIGID in the house.
I mean COLD!!! After 2 days of 45 percent, my nose started to bleed a bit, and so did a visiting friends. Too dry by a tad. I have settled upon 52 percent. Works great. Temp set at 74, humidity at 52%, feels like Minnesota in the spring in here.................lol.................

My $422.19 bill (July) came in at 211.22 for August, and its gonna go down a bunch more as I now need less n less run time on the dehumidifiers. I looking for $175.00 bill next month. Sorry to ramble, but the humidity n temps were my last obstacles to overcome for the new grow.

So...................NEW grow room, downstairs, climate controlled(YEPEE!!!) TOTAL FULL sanitary clean job on the room, and the 2 tents I'm gonna run. Spotless to start the run. The "magic" soil worked so well last run, NO WAY would I change that. I was so happy to get rid of the hydro bullshit n zillion gallon changes, and only need to water every 2 or 3 days or so. I got to WATCH the plants this last run, I GOT THERE ASS'S now, lol! Thinking only concern was the watering at late flower. Some of the Ladies can really drink, and at times I might have let them go dry too much. So I did some digging, and the Octopot is what I'm gonna run.

Ordered a "6 pack" last week, they arrived tonight. As mentioned before, you could make these at home for less, I most likely have ENOUGH junk here scattered to build a set of these, or something similar, but not cash poor at the time, and didnt want to jack with building them. From what I could research, these babies ought to work just fine. To me, it appeared the best "system" i could buy that would allow me to use my soil mix, and hopefully just plain NON PH water. Upon close inspection of them tonight, Im glad I ordered them. They are well thought out, made well, and the "bag" or wick, feels DIFFERENT than grow sleeve's Ive seen. I like the way it locks together, and just have a feeling this was a good investment,lol .

I pull out some BOUDICA (ok, maybe not a smart move, lol) and pack my ProtoPipe, n check em out.....................

Not seeing any pesky PM on her.................

Posted Image

Posted Image

And of course........................lol............after 2 pics n 2 hits my cam's battery is dead...................figures................back later with pics of the "pot's



Yeah.....that GAVITA CRANKS some light down, the Boudica closest to it(this one) Fox Tailed like a MOFO..................... Launch Full Topic

Bigger Tent?

Posted by buddydog - Today, 06:00 PM -

Hey Everyone,
Would there be any advantage to upgrading from a 3x3x6 foot tent to a 4x4x6 foot tent running a 400 hps light setup? Thank you in advance :) Launch Full Topic

Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by wee-zard - Today, 05:42 PM -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

Non-Next-Day-Hangover Strains

Posted by bigun - Today, 05:35 PM -

Hello OpenGrowers,

as the title says I'm looking for strains that don't leave a weed-hangover the following morning. I really like getting high but I don't like the dazy feeling and confusion the following day. I like both Sativa and Indica strains but I heard psychedelic Sativas are more likely to cause a hangover than body-stoning Indicas.

What are you people's experiences and suggestions?

Best regards
RooftopStoner Launch Full Topic

Mixed run

Posted by mr-goodfellow - Today, 05:12 PM -

Mixed run. Strawberry blues, Coal train aka. Ky outdoor x coletrain. , Chemistry, spiderbite, startover after mite fest. Dwc. Foxfarm. Lava rock. Recirc. / airstone. 400 w. Hps. Beans popped and now in coir. Until ready for move to dwc.

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