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  4. Howdy guys and gals, it's been a while! How have you been? I'm growing ten Afghani #1 and two Northern Light (left front and middle) seedlings on construction rock-wool. they are in the second week 12/12.
  5. Here are some pictures of the progress. Three different plants. I still have a total of six females to choose from. Backed up by clones. To be continued...
  6. Here is my male SP X MG: I used it to pollinate my Shackzilla X MalawiGold. To be continued...
  7. Sugarpunch X MalawiGold #7. I can smell it. Something sweet, Peach or Strawberries... I like it. To be continued...
  8. Looks great my friend sounds like an awesome cross paps
  9. Meanwhile, at the other location: To be continued...
  10. These are three of the females:
  11. Meanwhile, I have five female seedlings in the flower room, a male in the kitchen. I backed up the females by clones. The male SP x Mal will be used to pollinate my Malzilla. To be continued...
  12. WELL I WAS SADDENED, but shocked today when looking up topics. I'm not gonna get too excited because some folks may never check back but be cool if they did. i had someone come here too join and waited to become a member then site was like ghost. maybe sannie or a mod will explain. HAPPY BELATED 420 EVERYONE.
  13. Been searching low and high. ( the who ).
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    Unsafe Website!

    obs studio download obs
  15. Hello,I hope all is well for you and your green lady. I just started to use Aptus regulator with my organic grow.It work well keep plants shorter,help for stress hot days.... Using Silicon.I think like power si....Do you use this product please or others Aptus ? Thanks have good vibes One Love.
  16. Glad to see this site wasn’t closed was freaking out for a bit when I couldn’t find the page
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