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    Hey all

    Just wanted to say hi to any who may recall me. Had come here to start a grow diary on Boudica an some breeding projects im about to start. Guess ill do that on Overgrow... just made an account (Im DOOBIOUS there now too) Cheers
  3. Last week
  4. Ratz. Well nothin' to hack here either. Back to ICMag for me.
  5. heyyo guys ive got some beans from https://cannabis-seeds.store didnt think it would arrive but thankfully they did. Whether or not they sprout or even grow to expectation is another question but anyway i got 10 white widows, 5 gorilla glues and 5 girl scout cookies extreme if anyone is interested in a 1 for 1 trade? im mainly looking for northern lights but ill take train wreck or green crack if anyones got it? cheers
  6. Only those san has not contacted to say the site is hacked and sannie and just about everyone had abandoned the site. I only come here because there's nothing to hack on my end. Yes opengrow is toast.
  7. My friend sent me Gainesville Green seeds that had been stored at room temps for 40 years! They all sprouted! Blew my mind. Still I urged him to make some fresh seed just in case. Have some crossed that I bred in the fridge for only 6 years and more than half of them are not sprouting. I'm confused by this.
  8. Dryer sheets to the rescue. Place unscented Costco dryer sheet on the soil surface. When the Thripp larvae drop to the ground to eat rootlets through 7 instars. they get tangled in the fuzz and die. No new adults hatch. the present flyers are repelled by the surfactants in the sheets and do not lay eggs. Same for fungud gnats. Been using sheets for 10 years now and there are no more thipps or FGs. The tanglefoot is persistant but the repellent requires new sheets every 30 days or so. Works on oall pests that hunt bt scent. even German cockroaches. Throw a sheet under the sink and in the back of all cupboards. This might be the best tip you get this year. Aloha, Weeze
  9. GA said, " We need to see if we have the same results with breast cancer patients, I do not dare recommend anything that has not been studied or I have experience with treating someone, so I don't dare experiment with a patient with breast cancer, we really need the medical field on board. " Absolutely agree. But, two thoughts here. It does not have to be either/or. RSO does not interfere with chemo/radiation and is effective in treating the side effects of both. And when all conventional treatments are failing, it's nothing left to lose treatment, yah? My dear friends were both stage 4 breast cancer and they were sent home to do their "bucket lists". There are different flavors of cancer of course, mileage varies. The 1st suffered organ failure from the 3rd try at chemo. She was in hospital and so was not taking the oil. Her husband will return it when he brings ashes to scatter. The second was expected to die in <6 months and was sent home with hospice help. Had access to RSO and is doing very well now. She's out of bed, and as you can imagine, she "dancing happy". Well drat! I'll miss ya. My antivirus kept giving me warnings for months. Thought Open grow was toast. Finally bullied my way back in from a sandbox and found you up. Have news on the prostate cancer but don't know who's left to share it with. Anybody still here?
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    Is fucked

    Just in case anyone still don't know the place has been hacked. Assholes they are.
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  14. Good lord! How difficutlt does it need to be? One of those seeds germed (kind of) think it was the Cream Caramel. Put her in the microbox to take. Few days later. Nothing. Gonna pull the plug tomorrow. . Other seeds not happening. Saucer tray dropped and shattered so lost one seed. It couldn't be more of a fuck up if I tried really. Time to stop fucking about. Got some Auto GSC coming soon. Bank holiday and postal strike have not helped. Soon they will come. it'll be fun.
  15. Mosquito bits help too.
  16. Yeah, I'm an idiot. Of course these seeds were never gonna germ after 5/6 years in the fridge. Ah well, at least I tried. Still got them going on, but wouldn't trust them now even if they popped. My bad. So gonna buy some more. Seedbank I used in UK got busted. Found some autoflower girl scout cookies for about 20 quid from a fairly reputable seed bank. They take 8 weeks. This is what I'm looking for - shorter flowering time. I don't have the money to buy them now coz I'm broke but I'll probably get them next week, then it will be back to fun and games. Just 3 seeds. More than enough. I've learned my lesson. Those seeds were stored in pretty much air tight containers with dessicants in them. But it's a bit much to ask of those genetics back then, obviously. It's not big deal. I was a bit bummed they didn't sprout, but I wouldn't use them now even if they did. I'll grab some more for a few quid next week, cheapest I could find, fastest auto-flowering. Electricity prices go through the roof in a few weeks time, so I want to get this last grow in before I sell, burn, destroy, give away the rest of my grow equipment. I won't be growing again. Got 50 quid stashed away in case I need a new Rhino, but the less money I spend the better. As I said, I don't smoke anymore, I don't sell. It's all good. Lessons learned. For anyone who is still listening.
  17. Nothing cracked so far. No surprises there I suppose. Spent the evening looking at alternatives. I did put the Cream Caramel in to germ in some tissue after soaking her. I don't expect she will crack after so long. It's a long time I guess for Auto genetics. What do I know? If I don't get one seed cracking by tomorrow I'm going to order a few more. I wanted to get the Cream Caramels again because I had such good results before. But I don't think Sweet Seeds send to UK anymore. If not, then I might go with Gorilla. Haven't been able to find much in the UK since certain shops got busted but I'm out of the loop. It's only about 20 quid for a few seeds and I don't need more than that. A lot of websites have stuff on them but you can't see prices or buy. Nice website design though! Just taking the time to get all the other bits and pieces in order. I feel tired already with the stress. If I get one seed to germ I'm just going to go with that. But if not, I'll buy a few more and try to do 3 plants.
  18. Still nothing cracked. Just put my very last seed - Cream Caramel in to water overnight and will try to germ her tomorrow. Another day or two and I buy new seeds. Was silly and foolish of me really to think 6 year old seeds would germ. Maybe they will, but by this point, I don't want to take the risk of getting weaker plants later on in the grow. I can buy a few seeds for 20 quid. No big deal. At some point I'll get some beans that will crack then it will be game on.
  19. The Massive Midget still hasn't cracked, nearly 48 hours later. I know some people say you should pre-soak auto seeds for 24 hours before hand. I didn't do this. I put in the 2 Fast 2 Vast in to the same space to see if that will sprout in the next day or two. If neither of them crack in the next few days I'll soak that Cream Caramel first for a few hours then try with that one. I may just do the grow with that if it takes and the others don't. I'm pretty sure it will take well to ScrOGing. If that don't work then it's time to buy some cheap seeds. I only need a few. Doing just one plant or 2 max also saves me on soil. I'm not being cheap - I'll buy what I need. But I don't want to devote so much time to this and all the stress that entails. This will be a fun and easy grow, and I can throw out my Rhino filter and 250W bulb. I don't know what I will do with the rest. I have the DS-60 tent and the Lumatek ballast plus bits and pieces. I may hold on to them, I don't know. I'm toying with the idea of using household LED bulbs in an array. But I've heard mixed opinions about the effectiveness of this. Again, it would just be for experimentation. I don't even smoke herb anymore. I don't sell it. I just like growing it! Okay, quite a boring update for today. If I don't get a cracked seed by tomorrow I will start off my Cream Caramel seed to see if that works. If they all sprout then I can deal with that, if only 1 or 2 then I can deal with that too. I sorted out some bulbs for the microbox - a mix of new LED 9w (blue spectrum) and old 35w CFL (blue spectrum) and new 14w CFL as well. If I get things going and the plant starts growing I have another couple of LED 9w's I can chuck in. They are supposed to be equivalent to 100w incandescent, and they are very very bright, so I think they should work. By that time I'll have the DS-60 set up with the 250w HID dual spectrum. It's end of life but got one grow left in it. I'm hoping that Rhino filter still works good, otherwise my flat will be smelly for 24 hours before a new one arrives. Like I said, I don't mind spending a bit more money, but I just want to use up the leftover bits I've got. I hope those seeds germ because I'm curious how they will be to grow. If not I've got my eye on some not too expensive seeds that can take their place. I'll post photos when it gets going.
  20. Life moves on. Or not sometimes. This is just my record of things. I don't post on other forums. Here goes... About 48 hours ago I drunkenly got out my humble seed stash. A Massive Midget. A 2 Fast 2 Vast. And a Cream Caramel. Like a twat I dropped the Massive Midget in my washing up bowl (was it a freudian slip?). So I thought it would be a good idea to wash 'her' off and get her started. I put her in a wet paper towel on top of a heat bulb to maintain around 23C temps. A couple of days later it's still not germed. I washed off my microbox that I've used for previous grows. The 2 computer fans on there are fucked and don't work at all, or is it my PSU. Whatevs, I'll check it later. I have one of those small fans to push air through if needs be later. Least of my worries now. I don't expect any of these seeds to germ. But we'll see. If this little bean don't sprout by tomorrow I'll put in the other 2 seeds I have - 2 Fast 2 Vast - Cream Caramel - and we'll see how that goes. I need to get some new soil as well as I only had about 1/3 of a bag of Plant Magic Plus when I thought it was full. It smelled mouldy and damp, just like my flat. Not sure whether I should use it or not. But We'll see. I got very few of my Plant Magic Granules left - hardly a sprinkle for 3 plants. But I'll eke it out if I have to. If I get a new bag of soil I might as well get a new pot of that and go to town. My bulb is at end of life. But I got a Lumatek that accounts for that, so they say. 250w Sunmaster dual spectrum. Also my Rhino Pro air filter is end of life. I'm hoping it's good, if not then that's another fifty quid on top of costs. All good. I guess I thought I'd just get it in before electricity costs go through the roof here in October. I timed it so that 56 days would be just at the start of the month (Oct). So every day late on sprouting will cost me money later on, considering that is when I will turn up the power on the Lumatek to SUPER LUMENS to get even more out of my bulb. I'll probably have to buy another one of them but it's only 15 quid. So, we'll see... If none of those seeds split in the next few days, then I'll need to get some more. The shop I used before got busted and is no longer in business. I'm looking for easy to grow feminised autos, of course. I'm not a real grower like the rest of you! :-) I'm open to suggestions. Don't care about strength, don't even really care about yield. Just care about easy to grow and cultivate. I'll be using some household LED's I recently bought that cost me a hundred quid. Got blue and red spectrums. I tested my microbox and even if the fans aren't working the temps are high enough here at the moment (UK) to keep things warm enough and the external fan will blow enough air through to keep them sweet. The LED gives off no heat at all, so it won't overheat in the cab. I'll post screenshots as usual when/if I get started. I'm determined to do one last grow. I know these seeds that are over 5 years old (kept in the fridge in sealed Marmite jar) will probably not germ. If one does, I'll be happy. My Rhino filter and bulb are on their last cycle and if they work I'll also be happy. I'm going to clean up and set up my DS-60 in the next few days. I have a couple of bags of compost but I'm not used to growing with that. I have all the old-timer's bloom and grow and cal/mag I will ever need. Also I got enough Plant Magic Bio-Silicon to get them started. I've even got a new CFL 14w to help out at first stages of growth for the microbox. I'll switch up quickly to LED's from there, then put them in the DS-60. I'm doin this totally ad-hoc and I'm just going to LST and Screen them like I did in my previous grows. I did pretty good there considering I'm a newbie and don't know what I'm doing. I'll probably not do as well this time as I won't have as much time to devote to shit. But this is a grow just for fun, just for the few that tune in. I'll try to make it informative with photos and whatnot along the way. Thanks for tuning in. I'll be back in a bit to let you know how my old seeds got along. If I can crack at least 2 of them, then I won't buy more I'll just do the grow with ScrOG. But if only one of them bursts I really need to buy one or two more because it's silly doing this for just one plant what with leccy costs. Then again I might. If I get a quick splitter and she's sturdy and stout, I'd actually like to do just one MONSTER plant. Again, we'll see how it goes. That's all for now my brothers in farms. I hope life has been treating you well. I'll let you know how things are going, even if it's not good!
  21. I like the other Cool peeps It's all good and shit Too much going on for my old ass. Autoflower network was like that and thcfarmer. Im in the slow lane now. I grew the melon and kohlrabi. Ate so many melons I just eat the hearts and chunk the rest to the birds. Anyway I stay here Talk to the lurkers and fade away. I'm so fucking disgusted with broad mites I might quit growing ,bastards they are.
  22. Welcome back to opengrow. It´s still the sleepy village you used to know.
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