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  2. Hey saxo, do you grow autos? if so how many hours of light do you give?
  3. these winged ants are everywhere!! the Ladybugs are mating too ......and they don´t care bout diff. colored ones
  4. Harvest! Blueberry Quintessa, day 64. Four plants. One particular low-yielding pheno. They all have seeds. But selective breeding starts here. Only the seeds from the best looking plants and buds will be saved. Eager to report back once these dry.
  5. indeed,they do look glücklich und satt !!! Autos doing great as well,when growing inside
  6. are u sing any equipment that's within reach of inexpensive and will still be available awhile ? i had the loot for expensive but Nikon decided to make cameras that weren't up to snuff like their older iconic models ... so still searching for ideally and slr with decent video capability i can download to a computer. obviously need macro capability, telephoto zoom 75 - 200-235, standard 50mm most of what i used to know i have forgotten it's been so long. smdh
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  8. Hi, It depends mainly on what strain you want to grow. Indica is better for sog, sativa is better suited for scrog. More harvests per year is not always better. You will need more plants for a sog and will need fresh plants more often. The veg period may be shorter, but you will have it more often. Good luck.
  9. oh wow! im so glad to see many of the same people from 10+ years ago even if this forum is not that active. hello everyone! busted open some pretty old seeds a while ago, got some kind of heribei ( or maybe heribeixkilling fields / chronic ) and a boudica. and also a straight eerdpurt.
  10. It's mating season for the most common ants in my country. On a sunny day last week, the males flew out. A few landed on my chili pepper plants. After taking the above picture, I noticed the little green creature behind the ant. A few ladybugs decided to come live in the chili plants. Searching for little green creatures to eat.
  11. 36 plants in approx. 2gal pot approx. i'd do less and then from the experience see how many more you can fit that will grow well in such a crowded area. so 20 -24 plants is what i'd try first. imho sog vs scrog is up to your situation and how you feel about the maintenance of each method. also depends on your genetics that are suitable for one type of grow but maybe not the other type/strain. again your choice. the first thing i think about is simplicity but many others just say fuck that and makes things more hassle without more benefit in any cases. just something to consider. i've got a 4 x 4 gorilla that i have yet to use. but the plan was 16 -20 sog or approx 9 plants based on genetics. since i chose to do a vertical grow in a basement i have yet to confront my tent grow realities/plans. also don't need exhaust fan or filter to scrub. damn that's nice not o have to worry about. grow dank in flower without the funky good smell we love is fine by me. lol two links on basics and theory and two links on real life style options. hope this helps. https://www.santyerbasi.com/en/blog/sog-vs-scrog/ https://www.zamnesia.com/blog-scrog-vs-sog-which-is-right-for-you-n935 https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=195996&page=2 https://www.thcfarmer.com/threads/sog-scrog-bible-best-guide-i-have-ever-read.6137/
  12. My buddy had some cuts left over and i was lucky enough to be granted them! Namely Amnesia Haze, Super Shiva Skunk and Super Orange Glue. Since there were plenty of them, i dusted of the crates. I'm going to grow them hydro style by ebb and flood with dirt as the medium! I planted two cuts in each of the nineteen crates. After that i flooded 150 liter water (pH 5.5 and Ec 1.3) left it in there for a couple or hours and pumped it out. I got about seventy-five liters in return. To decrease the pH i use pH minus powder and the nutriment of choice is GHE Biosevia grow. I didn't water the cuts from the top yet, long as they look happy i don't think they need it. Amnesia Haze to the left, Super Shiva Skunk in the middle and right Super Orange Glue. The light is 2 x 600 watts hps and maybe later i will add another 400 watts in the middle. Every now and then i will post pictures of this grow.
  13. Thanks @MiNdLesS Pic 1: this grow was started from 12/12 at 3 weeks from seed all CJGMx HK crosses Pic 2-3: 2-3 weeks 12/12 4 weeks Clones: Lemon Chiesel GG s1 Snow Cone (Tahoe x banana OG) and new seeds: space monkey (3 sprouted) cherry vanilla cookies x platinum huckleberry kush (4 sprouted)
  14. Hello guys! quick update. the plants grow mighty fine. "satt grün und glücklich" as we say around here. all three are growing vigorously. I'm pleased by all of them and expect some nice flowers. I switched on Sunday so we are at flowering day #2 today. the ccb male is in full flowering mode under a window, I collected some pollen today and will continue for the next days. when I have enough and before the girls start growing flowers he will be transformed in a nice tea. the first cuttings to root were the acb. ccb will show roots within the next few days. the silverfields x headcandy I replaced with an autoflowering cbd plant. I never grew autos indoors so I thought "why not ?" I'm looking forward what she'll show me. the headcandy get their chance at another spot.
  15. entering the final weeks of flowering approx 50 days flowering right now. #1 #2 Stay safe and fly HIGH
  16. looks very nice at your place! beautiful plants
  17. Hello OG!! The world is lightening up a little and not so paranoid... Starting a new journal for 2020. I started with Sannie and Dynasty in 2013 and joined OG in 2014. I got some Casey Jones X Green Manalishi freebies in 2014. I crossed the CJGM with Huckleberry Kush from professor P. still growing out the seeds today and all are amazing. Strong berry, pepper, skunk, fruits and gas. haven’t posted or commented a lot—but I’ve really appreciated everyone’s grows and journals. organic no-till —same soil for 5+ years top dressing and adding as needed. Lots of worm compost and crab shells. Water and sometimes malted barley powder, kelp meal, alafafa, or coconut Pics are 6 weeks CJGM x HK crosses: CJGM x HK = DayDream = DD#5 Pic 1: DD#5 x Cookies&Cream (Exotix) Pic 2: Tahoe kush x banana OG Pic 3-4: DD#5 x CaliO Skunk
  18. Last week
  19. dude as i was sitting down cleaning up leaves off a plant. a mouth came outta no where and flew right into my boxer shorts from a weird angle. i was like this dude is in my shorts and i let him out without harm. anything that eats plants don't get to live if i see them. i am just fortunate the creatures are steering clear. i did wack a huge mosquito and 3 of the brown beetles that are attracted to lights. i used a spray i had still in my gordon sprayer. I bought a mist sprayer that i'll use to wash the plants down some 2 days before harvest . later i caught another lighting bug and grab him by hand and took him outside to live his/her best life. no harm no foul.
  20. Cookies, pink lemonade, pancakes. You musta been hungry when you ordered these...lol.
  21. I'll have to get some pictures tonight. One new addition to the mix — a Peyote Pancake from the last grow is needed for medicinal purposes. She's already 30 cm tall, but I'm guessing this bunch will tower over her, soon enough. The three strains above were not added to the tent, because it is looking like the Lemon Sunrise is going to be a tall, branchy one. I already topped the four of them at 2.5 weeks, trying to slow them down. Since I don't want to SCROG a mix of plants of different sizes, the Lemon Sunrise plants will have to have some heavy training, stem-squashing, and otherwise slapping into shape. The Storm Front plants are vigorous, but well-behaved. I guess my meaning of well-behaved, when it comes to plants, is that they don't grow like Lemon Sunrise is going to grow. Killer Cookies is also looking like she'll be a well-behaved plant, as does Pink Lemonade, but it's a little early for them. I wonder how long it will take for these babies to show a preflower? I like to transplant into final pots before flipping and don't like to waste time with males, so I could be asking for trouble with the Lemon Sunrise. A serious bondage session is on the horizon. Got to run. I have to make sure I have sufficient bondage materials, like ropes, handcuffs, chains and ball gags. Oh, while I'm out, I might as well get something to train the Lemon Sunrise!
  22. Guess it never hurts to update a thread, even several years later! Still growing out the (Casey Jones x Green Manalishi) x Huckleberry Kush crosses. And making new ones! Link to city grow from 19: https://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?threads/Light-one-2019-20 journal.1543682/ (CJGMxHK) x Cookies and Cream (exotix) More to come!
  23. Yesterday I watered the plants severe. This time by holding the pots with the bottom into the water (pH 5.5 and Ec 1.3) until the medium was fully saturated. And this is how the plants look today. The plant in the middle right looks a little awkward. Never seen this before, at least not to my recollection. Than again, i never seen a ufo in my grow-room neither, but does that prove anything?
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    around 1.5 - 2 weeks now 12/12
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