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  3. Hi @shiskaberry savior can’t speak for jet but I believe he got screwed and all over something stupid that’s just my take on everything
  4. It will auto flower at 18 hrs. I had one that also grew like a totem pole and went over 10 weeks with a sour rotten fruit odor and taste. I’ll run it again, good stuff to be found. It’s a long flowering Indica.
  5. JetDro wtf happened missed it all ,now I’m kinda pissed as to how it went down!
  6. Note : 2 steelshack x skunk 1 are girls the tin foil hat is a girl as well paps punch still no sign I’ll keep both SSXS1 they look abut different you never know what my be in there it screwed up my pollen chuckin plans but oh well
  7. I'll ask around to see if I can find some Cuvee beans. Mine is Cuvee x Blues but it's supposed to have the nice chocolate. I'll try and make some seeds.
  8. No idea yet. I think I want to try a Nikon again. I understand their software better. I'll be used unless something changes this year.
  9. If you come to Michigan, you will have to come see me I live a few hours from there. I don't think I can go to Goodfellows this year, too much going on to leave.
  10. Thanks gardenartus we almost was able to get to cilo mi for 420 but maybe next year or Denver not sure
  11. I have no suggestions, never been there, but I would like to wish you an early, happy Anniversary Paps.
  12. Hi guys I’m going to go to Boston in September for the hemp festival I know it’s early but I was wondering if there’s any one know of a good bud friendly hotel or air b&b restaurant s ect it’ll be our 34 th anniversary many suggestions would be appreciated paps
  13. I think they’re right in the middle of working their latest strains.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I saw them respond to an Instagram post I made recently Hope their well
  16. Also, mine grew sort of like a totem pole with barely any limbs. It yielded really well for the size of plant it was when it started flo.
  17. I’d say 8 weeks but could have gone a little longer. It vegged from just before August until flower so almost a month.
  18. Thank bro for the confirmation
  19. So they only got 5-6 weeks of flowering in and they were still good? Holy cow!
  20. Oops. They started by the end of august here. So mine only got 3-4 weeks of veg. No problems with it at all.
  21. Guest

    how long to get access?

    Thanks for putting up with me, even via this way, I do appreciate it! and thanks for your offer. (will have another try to become a member, under these circumstances ) I am asking because I had some Boudica, and one of them had a very nice feeling, that I am searching for now. It was quite happy, warm and comfy. Not very strong, tho, but really nice in my opinion. Unlike most other of the about 10 Boudicas I grew (some were kind of racey and therefore quite the opposite!), and I couldn´t find this fx in any other recent strain I tried. Because this effect was so especially nice, I pollinated this one plant (among others), but - exactly that plant didn´t make even one healthy seed. Hundreds of empty seeds, not a single viable bean. Looks like my favourite Boudica had some reproduction issue. My guess is now that this plant might have had a strong influence from the Cerise?
  22. Thanks for the info @Hill-Billy and @Mr Goodfellow . Do you have any recollection when they started flowering though? I'm just trying to figure out whether I have a chance finishing them in a greenhouse at 50.5 N. A pic would be great for sure.
  23. Seems more quiet than usual Outside Where i go Glad i have my own weed That i know someone did not germ up. I wonder how folks will look at me in a few weeks when im shopping in a NBC suit News is being blacked out Hope its not here I know i know But if folks cant talk here we in deep The tube has algorithms looking for key words Deleting trends and making em up Demonitizing and all.
  24. yep, i agree ... this is a fake. FTL decieved you, mate. this one has too big buds and a different leafshape as the one i did send over
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