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  2. The plants look healthy, but try switching a bit quicker next time so the twigs cannot steal each others light. Longer veg doesn't necessarily mean a bigger harvest, frankly the contrary is the matter when plants get to tall if you ask me!
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  4. Howdy folks! Frankly i am growing sorta hydro style on soil, but since hydro technically ain't soil i'll post my current grow here. Yesterday i planted twelve Amnesia Haze cuts into 18 liter pots with light mix. This is how they look after twenty-four hours of 600 watts. I gave each plant about three liters water containing GHE pH minus powder (pH 5.5) Floranova grow (Ec 1.4) and Fulvic Acid 2 ml/ 1 l. It's my first time using Fulvic Acid and i am curious to see if it's all that it's cracked up to be. Also it's my debut adjusting the pH first and then the Ec. After watering severe i added mason sand to the top layer, which is a preventive method against any pest that accidentally came with the soil. I checked every plant with a magnifying glass and treated them several times against spider-mites that were on them. Then i flushed them with water and checked them again. I repeated thus process again a few days later until i couldn't find a single spider-mite. So, fingers crossed!
  5. UPDATE: Someone "liked" my post, so I reread it. I will definitely NOT be growing WN again. This plant was a poor example of the cross and there's no reason to keep it going. I dropped the clones a number of months back. Oh well.
  6. Does the ACBD have cannatonic in it? Maybe it is the canna breeds. I have to veg her for a bit to get any off her, and she loves nutes. Might even be this canna is almost pure CBD, the others that grow with larger yields have more THC in them? Not sure, just have noticed with that one, she just does not pull well unless I pamper her.
  7. it is more difficult for me when the box is so full but me too... maybe it has to do with the power of the lamp .. have only 250w. Some shoots do not get enough light when it is too full. I have to find a mediocrity. I think 4-5 Weeks are good with my Setup. They get too big and have more leaves After 7 weeks Vegi. I'm not sure .. actually a long vegi is normal (natur) and you have more yield but its too much. It feel like, the plants are poorer to care for, if the box is so full because the shoots steal the light from each other
  8. Northern Lights/Rainmaker Day 7 Bloom 84.2F 48% RH 380 PPM Some minor stretch from both strains is about what I expected. NL has some very tight internode spacing which should make for some very dense buds. Rainmaker is definitely a more leggy strain which will definitely require a net. Not very eventful in the first week which is fine by me.
  9. https://www.thestatesman.com/india/sudarshan-pattnaik-salutes-indias-medical-fraternity-unique-style-1502867776.html https://www.yahoo.com/news/indian-sand-artist-creates-tribute-060000195.html
  10. cheap antipokey insurance. Figure it out but don’t tell ok. Thx @webeblzr forgot to answer duhhh. i have a tent, new gorilla shorty. one of the few smart things i bought when i had the loot. new ac hood, filter, and exhaust fan too. scored a small fan today from let go in case i needed to do the vertical but now plans are changed so it will be the tent circulation fan instead. already set to get a big window fan as soon as my ride can tell me when he can pick up. exactly what i been needing for the bedroom summer heat. 25$ little one was 10 and i gave him 5 for delivery which means new it was $15 = i checked online and i payed $15 used lol. desperate times ...lol time to look for a the odds and ends. need a thermometer and humidity gauge but they all seem to suck so bad . smdh grrrr . got to find my ec/tds truncheon. also thought might be time to buy the extra extender for the gorilla shorty. i peeped them awhile back. will have to call to see if they are still shipping items during the pandemic. if not the vertical bulb plan may go back into effect . i have a cool tube already but bare bulb is easier to set up. rather not rig a harness for the cool tube to support the xtra weight if it. ijs time to go to sleep.
  11. More still . Infused fried potatoes and bits of fake spam. 1dollar a can. Used some to add to egg salad yesterday and taste test was good. So, using real certified spam will be twice as tasty imho. I only eat spam 2/3 a year. I know it’s crap lol. Some mixed kid and cleanings of the wooden grinder. I love it but will eventually go high tech if I ever produce enough to splurge. Thrifty as hell and I like it.
  12. Additional Shitty pics but glad to have something to grow and show. This is as far as i’ve Gotten in 11 yrs Ijs.
  13. Thx for dropping by @webeblzr based on these plants were only meant to be clone donors i’ll Be ok with the small production. Pics suck and aren’t impressive at all but in person they are sorta cute. I’ve never had buds this tiny except on tester plants about the size of the squirt. But never on larger plants do this is new to me. Taking clones , shoddy super crop, holding them back and low light levels all played a role in reducing bud size. I’m tired as fuk as I got rid of garbage/dead leaves and defoliate all the swine to include the squirt a tad bit too. Pics are worse to a bit better smdh
  14. Agreed, and sadly, I believe the US is in the lead... Hard to tell right now. The race is a heated one between China, Russia, and us....
  15. I am not sure if it is a rule with CBD plants or not. I get decent amounts from Harlequin. Somewhat less with ACBD.
  16. I am still working on developing that kind of vegetative density. It is one of the keys to a heavy harvest.
  17. almost too full, it feel like. I drove a long vegi phase, almost 7 weeks and i didn't really want it to. 4 weeks is better. Now i just have Critical Orange Punch, but she is nice
  18. Do you find CBD plants do not pull as well? I have that experience with a few, now Tora Bora will pull like crazy, but Canna 4, takes a bit of veg time to pull much off her.
  19. There hasn't been much truth-telling by any of the governments.
  20. Yesterday's harvest. Afghan CBD. Day 57. Out of four plants, finishing or finished, this was the least substantial. Still, I am happy to have it. I love the strain. I cut a few of the smaller branches about three days ago. Sampling it now. This one has more of a regular THC buzz. I don't feel as much CBD from this plant. But this is a first impression. Two more ACBDs to go.
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  22. Of course they’re lying, it’s what communists do, they are an evil government.
  23. They are saying China is lying and it is more like 40k dead! Chinese investigative outlet Caixin reports: When mortuaries opened back up this week in the Hubei capital, people had to wait in line for as long as five hours to receive the remains of their loved ones lost during the epidemic. One photo published by Caixin shows a truck loaded with 2,500 urns arriving at the Hankou Mortuary. The driver said that he had delivered the same amount to the mortuary the day before. Another photo shows stacks of urns inside the mortuary. There were seven stacks with 500 urns in each stack, adding up to 3,500 urns. Taken together with the new shipment, the number of urns on hand at the mortuary looks to be more than double Wuhan’s death toll. Urns are reportedly being distributed at a rate of 500 a day at the mortuary until the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday, which falls on April 4 this year. Wuhan has seven other mortuaries. If they are all sticking to the same schedule, this adds up to more than 40,000 urns being distributed in the city over the next 10 days.
  24. World Covid deaths as of 12 CT World: 62,444 EU: 35,510 US: 7,896 China: 3,326 Tell me China's telling the truth!
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