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  2. Blue Berry PROJECT

    Kinda late but here is one of the #3s. Light berry taste and good head high with a nice body buzz.
  3. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Nah you are an ass to me half the time, would prefer if you didn't even talk to me, but as you say this is a public forum. You;ve come at me a few times, acting like an ass. just ignore me, I do you, until you come at me.
  4. First seed run with stanky

    Hey papa, thanks for the encouragement... I've let these get really dry a few times, then I did not PH the water a few more times.. we'll see what happens. This is just a small test grow in a walk in closet I want to use for seed grows and offspring testing for fun. All confirmed females: -Silver Fields -Sannies Jack -Chocolate Rain -Nlx O'dus (NL/WW x Cheese Berry) -Rebel yell X Selene -chuckle cheese (ukcheese/coca Kush x Huckleberry Kush) -Goji OG X Blue Magoo (which I'm naming "Charm City")
  5. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    not agreeing with everything you say is not ripping your head off, this is a forum, a place for discussion, people will disagree with your opinions, some will even say so, deal with it.
  6. Today
  7. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    it's a good point, but you all you are seeing are the taxes, you're not seeing the thousands, maybe millions of jobs that would be lost if cigarettes were gotten rid of, it's not a perfect system, but the people relying on those jobs feel they have a right to them and if the politicians put them out of work by getting rid of tobacco they're not likely to get re elected are they? Considering how heavily they've been regulated over the years can you blame them? you think government has their hand in the cookie jar over MMJ, lol, they've got their arm in big pharmas cookie jar all the way up to their freakin ankles and have had for decades. I don't know how it works there, but here a significant portion of the taxes collected on pharmaceuticals are used to subsidise the costs of medical care for those who are unable to afford it. I doubt that making it illegal will stop people from making concentrates any more then making weed illegal stopped people from growing, it certainly won't stop stupid people from blowing themselves up, but it will stop stupid peoples relatives from suing the government for letting them blow themselves up. they just might, but I honestly doubt that they'll ever get rid of recreational now that the cat's got its nose out of the bag, too much money to be made and as you pointed out government lives and breathes taxes. Once it's accepted as a recreational drug it'll be pretty hard to get convictions on the medical side.
  8. jwb's grow

    Hey thanks @Sunnyvale.
  9. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    There Will be No Areas allowed to do it by a patient or caregiver. There are no licenses to buy to make me legal to do so. To be a processor, you can not be a legal patient nor caregiver. This is very complicated, there is not an easy answer. And This Includes Water. We already ran the game of illegalities of helping cancer and pediatric patients here. We fought and won the right to make and use resin products again. Now they are doing this with such huge jail terms. Folks will Drop OUT of helping any cancer patient, many are too sick to even grow, much less process their medicine. I wont' be able to help, my PTSD would not allow me to do something with the threat of these jail terms hanging. If I were to get a Felony, I could no longer help Any patient, much less a cancer patient.
  10. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    rosin is made from heat and pressure and not chemicals. However that wont help you with the law. To go this route, you must relocate to areas where they is allowed or grey area or just accept the risks. As far as using chemicals to create a product. It is reasonable to have rules in place because people have abused this their have been big problems that range in issues. Most of them serious and blame the fools and the fools trying to be cool kind of thing. Oh, FYI. Distilling is easy legal for ethanol. You get a permit which is easy or it was a few years ago. I did this to learn it but do not do it anymore as it is major pain in the ass and I hate doing it. Might be different per state and location as well. They could do a caretaker program that takes into account these issues and enables correct caretakers to maintain their capability to help their clients. Perhaps considering working with a dispensary and finding grant monies, crowd sourcing and donations to help pay for the difference in cost at dispensaries for the caretakers patients. Keep working to find solutions even if out of the box so to speak. This also can help keep the conversation going. People calling politicians is not enough. Give them a potential solution (s) they can work with as well. Life as you knew it is likely not going to change for the better or easier in comparison to how it was but it does not mean necessarily the end either. Believe me, I live that.
  11. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    We will just drop this whole thing, would take me too long to make anyone understand how bizarre this is. Cancer patients, some need 5 grams a day, Lets make rosin in the quantity, lets have them drink infused coconut oil, or butter products to the extent of that many mg needed. I did not expect to get my head ripped off, but that is nothing new from BS, cause he almost always says BS to me.
  12. Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Sorry that happened, I knocked a plug out of the Octopots not long ago, got busy making oil and didn't check one day, the poor plants were all droughted out. Nice you have seed back up
  13. Cannabis a natural preservative?

    I am very curious, I believe it is, I know medibles I make last for months longer then "normal" food does. I make fruit roll ups, and 4 months later were still good, yet normal ones would be less then a month. I have been monitoring this CBD tincture, there is still no mold. I stored it in the fridge, took it out to see if mold would grow if on the counter. There is still no mold. Is cannabis a natural preservative?
  14. Grape Earth

    By Sinister Seeds, grown by Gardenartus
  15. Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Thanks Gardner and Baq. I'm now happy I have a great seed vault, a positive side of a seedhorder LOL. It was not smart and It changed some things. First I wanted to start with 12 in to 12/12. Now i want to start with 25. I've popped (and they are growing in cups) like 32/36 (chocolate thai, Green Remedy, G13 kush, Ouzbeki, Selene etc.. Really nice genetics anyway). About Ouzbeki spoken, you have some bigger Ouzbeki right Baq? How are they? Whoops, I smoked some SF and i notice i'm wondering off haha. Now I gave them 1/2 weeks to grow some solid roots in those cups, then i pot them over to 11 liter pots and switch to 12/12 600 watt. So when I finish with 12 ladies, i'm happy. Hope I can make some crosses/F2's. I can work with some fathers outdoors because of the summer. I'm going to smoke some more, just for sure.... O, recently i began to make some AHO, whoah that's some candy! Later lads, Sunny
  16. Northern Light - Sensi seeds

  17. purple bud/Skunk 1#

  18. A city rat story

    WELCOME TO GENEVA CITY Hey Peeps!! The rat is back on the track !! Welcome to my new sharing place ! You will see my town, my smoking gear, the seeds making and my grow diary ! See you there ! Le rat
  19. Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Oh Man! i hate it when that happens, looks like your right back at it! Baq
  20. Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Sorry that you lost your grow. But, live and learn. We become better growers when we make mistakes and learn.
  21. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    I suppose you could still squish rosin. Squeezing nor heat are chemicals. Beachbud just picked up a nice looking press. Peace mrG
  22. Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    @Papalag That's sucks bro. I hope i can make a selection of my own crosses and make some F2. @Hamme Hydro Yes bud, I know. But it really sucked. I didn't pay any attention and they overcooked, really weird and almost with every seed I had there. Well lessen learned. I think i'm going to do the next time directly on 12/12 when they are 1 week old. But then i must adjust the little grow tent.. @Mr Goodfellow Yes I really like them a lot. I have high hopes for the Long John Silver (SF x JJ), JJJ (JackC x JJ) and Suger Slap (G39 x JJ). I bet the JJJ is the most sativa, but the Suger Slap can bring something special; a G39 trich monster x Jalisco Jaze sativa power.. Time will tell. I do also have some other strains, so i can't go wrong haha.
  23. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Butter does not explode.
  24. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    We won't even have the chance to be licensed as caregivers nor patients. No one will except for the big producers. It is not a matter of putting my finger in the air, this gives us no options, we can not be licensed. Even if I had the money to buy a Co2 Extractor, I would not be allowed to use it. There is no way for a patient or caregiver to do this if the bills pass, no matter how we process it. Water is a Chemical. This would not just outlaw Alcohol extraction, this would get away with bubble hash, Co2, Steam distillation. And I am not going to even honor that BS with a reply.
  25. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    @BalzaSteel, I understand what you are getting at. Regulation for public safety. But I don't think it's for safety, safety is an excuse for tax profits. Cigarettes is a prime example, there is absolutely no disputing the fact that cigarettes kill people everyday. Yet the government doesn't stop tobacco use, it just keeps taxing it. They say they need the money to "educate", but the taxes go into general funds, not into education. Think about it, tobacco concentrates aka nicotine patches gum etc. is regulated and controlled by pharmaceutical companies. Having it illegal to make concentrates at home will not stop people from making it, but it will increase tax profits. The pharmaceutical companies are the ones pushing for more regulation on cannabis. They know they can no longer stop it from being legal, so they need it regulated. They want it restricted so much that they will be the only ones who can afford to produce it. The public is slowly moving away from smoking raw herb, oils and edibles are the future of cannabis. You can be sure, before the Feds approve it, big pharmaceutical will have major control over production. The pharmaceutical companies have been doing research on cannabis, trying to find compounds that they can say are unhealthy. Once this happens, they will patent the process of removing these compounds. Expect that all concentrates and edibles will be considered "medication". It will only be legal to produce and prescribe it under strict FDA guidelines written by big pharma. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it. @gardenartus, it sucks, but I think we will be lucky if weed gets regulated like alcohol. I expect it will be worse once the Feds approve it.
  26. Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Nice work Sunny! How do you like your crosses? They look fine! peace mrG
  27. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Looks just right bro! Very nice! peace mrG
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