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  2. they all doing great,as it looks from here....... nice budding
  3. Got my mouth drooling, man. Very nice post. I have 4 seeds up from Smokey's GG#4 x Sou Bubble... I've never gown either. Sounds like it will be some nice smoke. Do you remember any flowering times on the Humboldt /SP? It seems close but can't tell if it wants to keep going or not. I'm going to chop the tops off of them all and let the bottoms grow another week or two. peace
  4. You are gonna need stakes lol, Now the buds are gonna get huge on ya, your room is gonna be so full! lol
  5. I am with you Jet, i see new growth so they'll make it.
  6. Just gotta have faith Mr. G. Like I said, all 3 are going to make it!
  7. That's the one I'm most excited about. Wow, that taste is gonna be so welcome! Best vibes bro. Looking great!
  8. Yeah, I haven't tried a srcog before. Got it on the bucket list, though! I like the idea of geting to know every inch of the plant.. that's cool when you when you get that close..
  9. I'm taking my AJ's down today I think. I'll give them one last check but it's day 63 today...and they're cloudy. Now, I won't be able to get them dried fast enough!!
  10. LOL yea I didn't mean you, it was Griot, ifish is correct I used to get gnats in the Promix, got white fly one time, then thrips. I kept telling the store owners they were either buying too much and storing it wrong, or their warehouse was full of bugs. Would not listen. I went to another store and started buying from them, they order in small quantity and often, no more bugs.
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  12. YES!, I knew there was some delicacy I remembered. That is so good! perfect match... now I want some!
  13. Yeah, JustCozz, you probably want me to supply all Open Grow with Amnesia Haze just to hear that hydro weed is shit!
  14. Here are some Road Trip x Huck/Heri and Skunk x Huck/Heri at week 7 & 6 of flower. Thanks to Bigun for the seeds!
  15. Almost forgot....Silverfields is trying to stand out....I used the flash to capture all her beauty. Only 2 weeks in and building nice colas. She stretched, but nice tight nodes for a spiral of buds
  16. barney

    Barney's Tent

    I am still running clones of Sugarpunch, Madberry and Spider Bite. Also now I have one Road Trip x Huck/Heri at 7 weeks of flower. I have four Skunk x Huck/Heri at 6 weeks of flower. SKHH1 is a short branch pheno, the other 3 are more bushy .
  17. Now for the tent. Both Napali Pink are doing great. Even showing pistils, I didn't expect to see them in veg, but then I've never grown out a clone before. I'll take some more curs this week. They are almost ready for flower. Not sure why, but most of my cuts are looking like crap. I didn't take a close up, but you can see them in the pics. What nutes do you guys give them? I've just been giving water and super thrive. Maybe I should give them a light dose of food??? And this little girl testing out the mini grow cup. Got roots starting to extend from the basket....my water level may be a bit low, she is starting to look hungry, I will add a few oz of food.
  18. Flower day 14...woot woot, 2 weeks down. Silverfields Sultana Silverfields G39 G39 Rhino Blood octo Rhino Blood Rhino Blood Cartel Haze Cartel Haze x Mystery Cartel Haze x Mystery Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy Little ladies Everything seems to be almost on autopilot. The one RH is a little lighter green than I want. Its probably a ph issue in the soil. I will pull them all and flush them and paint some buds on a few. Edit....damn, my pics are blurry....WTF....
  19. You guys are a lot more optimistic about those clones than I am...
  20. Yeah bro, it is that good! Soon as my current Amnesia grow is done and dried (which is soon) you'll get to try it too!
  21. Thank you! I dig heat mat to germinate really works well after those pics I did a massive leaf defoliation it will be great results! Its very promising! while working I rubbed some buds by accident oulala! The lemon smell is overwhelming and very VERY nice
  22. I mix mosquito bits into the top layer of soil to help keep things under control.
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