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  2. Best I’ve found locally. The way they do it is, at first introduction the price comes in low. Then demand changes their prices. Gotta get it at introduction pricing…….Colorado is cheapest I’ve found.
  3. If those clones are really worthy, you could go in on one with someone and make more clones. Otherwise, I'm cracking seeds to find my own. If that's the original chem91, I want it.
  4. That one looks like it could finish before 12 weeks.
  5. Just checked their menu — sounds like some nice stuff. Having a med card, I've never bought anything from a recreational dispensary, but those prices are kind of reasonable (for AA). They even beat a lot of the med dispensary prices.
  6. When I lived in NC, I remember listening to some show on NPR where they were talking to a farmer about the different heritage turkeys out there, and how they were different than the mass produced kind. Then I moved and never got a chance to try them out. Sure sounded good, though.
  7. So the Candy Store offers me a self femmed seed. I’ll add this to my collection. Hopefully I can get another three or four seeds from this ounce and I’ll do a run of it in the future. This shit is top fucking shelf!
  8. This is the more indica looking KC 42 pheno.
  9. Candy Store is a monster. Serious high. Feel it in the top of my head. LIke there’s balloons in there trying to lift me up.
  10. And yes. My rolling tray always has that stickiness to it. I can roll it up into a snake and lace the joint with it.
  11. This is Candy Store from a recreational dispensary in Ann Arbor called Information Entropy. I got an ounce of this to sample. This will be my first sample of it.
  12. Still waiting on the Silverfields Femanized. Meanwhile, continuing on with plan B just in case plan A don’t work out. 14 out of 14 popped in the glass and have been transplanted to peat pots. Some are sprouting already. I will take the top 11 out of this group to grow and ditch the other 3 unless the SFF shows up, then I ditch them all. 18/6 600W MH
  13. Nice looking birds there Toker. Yea for sure, too many variables, too many new growers too that do not seem to know what a book is.
  14. Took the leftover dough and made mini pigs in the blanket. 25mg
  15. My turkeys my sweety gave me Man she spolied them They follow me like children But its fun and now my burbon red hen Has a male poor girl sits on ground With butt up in air and no boy turkey Ya think a rooster help her out They jump everything lol Anyway my heritage turkeys No freaks here They can fly and mate Me thinks gonna be a brawl with the wild ones in spring Cant wait Love to watch gobblers Thomas Timmy Tiffany And Jenny About 12 weeks old Thomissaina my burbon red And the gooses
  16. What san said I dont think they can do more So many factors influence outcomes Trichs tell the story
  17. Ok so the Orange punch One on right nearly filled a gallon jar I can fit 6 zips in of tight hard flowers These are not so tight but still appox 4 Zips give or take a few g's Needs a final trim but im pooped for now. Cant wait to see what the big cheese On left gives Im guessing approx 100 grams
  18. Reloaded 6 cherry bomb clones 3 cindys 3 sugar black rose clones 2 mapleleaf indica x sugar punch Veg
  19. Last week
  20. Holy Moses that is expensive clones. That oil is the only thing that keeps me down, really helps RLS. I will be making a bunch come fall, so will have plenty on hand to share. At least you do have something on hand.
  21. I swear this is my little thread. Apple Turnovers 100mg
  22. Well, the led will help makes things more doable. I’m going to figure out how to better utilize my small closet area for veg/clones/small mothers. I was just looking at storage cabinets again as well. Getting them used is my 1st option though. I do need a drill MOs def to be able to make some shit happen if I build a cabinet. i just used the syringe from you I kept for surprise application. under the tongue Funny how u forget you took it and then wonder later why you’re stoned lol. Did that the other day and also got some good sleep that night. I still have the last Warriors tonic jar. Been smoking roaches of that too with a few regular thc roaches . Nice a d relaxing and helps negate pain. I can get shit locally but I’m getting away from that because of sporadic quality etc.. my legit plug is 40 away but need a car to get to him. If it’s just fir me I have to pay the gas etc. his prices are like 350 avg but all quality finished etc. once I offer quality indoor it will stay at $300 max but sfv $250. Usually. I got a clone connection thats legit now. I’m going to save to get “the white” been wanting to grow that after smoking it more than a decade ago. Plus I want to make crosses with her. Cut is 250. I missed an opportunity earlier in the year on a big discount but I had shit going on so … $200 SR71 purple Kush Durban Cherry Pie Oregon grapes Golden Ticket ( Subcools cut ) SSH $250 Chem 91 Chem D Giesel Triangle Kush The White G13 Trinity $300 Dogwalker og Mom Gooey aka Nor cal Gooey Orgnkid skunk tangerine East Coast Sour Diesel Sour diesel ( skunktek’s cut ) Apple fritter I just got a cortisone shot the other day. So, feel a lot better and can walk without the cane too.
  23. I wasn't doubting you, it's just a matter of perspective. Those pots look pretty big, with 4 in a row and space in between, but the dimensions of the light are known.
  24. I am not sure the coffee grounds will do the trick, but the ferts seem almost spot on, so don't want to risk burning them with too many nutes. As I say not sure if nitrogen or magnesium, leaning toward mag because all over loss of color, no yellowing on the bottom leaves. Did not lower PH, I am running about 6.2 so they could handle a touch lower, but coffee did not take it too low, seems to be about the same. Give it about a week and see if it makes a difference. Seems when it rains it lowers the ferts, so I am having to feed more. All so new to me growing outdoors in nature, new learning curve.
  25. That sucks not legal there. You need some friends to carry you through when you don't have enough, too bad you aren't my neighbor Hope this works for you.
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