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  2. Well that’s what you get for smoking and posting I think I may of done it once or twice on here insta Duby Snapchat well just about everywhere tbh lol no problem peace love and got any spare lmao
  3. @FoolOnTheHill FYI, i grow much more than i show and am way too paranoid to show it all. i do post at 3 places & help to mod two and i don't post many pics of my grows in any of them.
  4. santero


    nah, lol. i wasn't posting the tayberry for advertisement. i just made the cross a few years ago and had a look i have some lavender x blueberry sativa of esko's going. wanted to make a reproduction. (maybe some crosses?) basically i will keep growing buds and make some seeds on the side = no difference to the last eight years ... no changes. i have no real plans for the near future, just some pet projects.
  5. Sugarpunch/Gelato Day 7 Bloom 86F 41% RH 430 PPM Plants leafing back out. Not much stretch which is to be expected. Everybody seems to be handling the increase in nute strength. So far so good.
  6. Aurora Indica. Day 44 of veg. This is more or less what I am shooting for now when growing cannabis. I'm done with big plants and tall plants. I have muscular dystrophy. I want manageable plants. With buds coming due roughly on a weekly basis, I don't care anymore about growing massive plants. The focus is more on establishing lots of short stout branches. This one goes into the flower tent tonight.
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  8. bigun


    I also.like the tuberry.. Should b one bad girl..
  9. Day 66. Curing process is going great. Top scrog shot. Purple lady still gaining. Back left cola still working. Back right cola moving along. First two buds have reached final cure and ready to be smoked. Super sticky. Super smell and taste. Buzz is couch lock.
  10. I was about to freak, then I remembered about what you said about heat and LEDs lol, sure was glad you had mentioned that.
  11. I’m still around....just only got the phone while I’m out of town...I hate typing on my phone. LED in the winter won’t cut it up here. Not without running a heater...good job adding the 600w, much better to add light for the heat...heaters are more expensive and don’t feed the plants.
  12. Never thought i say im to lazy to make hash Then i met this crowd hehehehe Trimmin mighty grape
  13. My dogs are 70 lb killers You dont say please with them Now i love my dogs I kill over them But when they fight and that's rare Thats forbidden I played their heads with sticks like drums UNTILL they complied Else they would have killed each other Someone bread a dog that kills males on site And im cleaning up that assholes mess The females are just as evil They hate females Love males and vise versa Hell my routine to keep em.seperated is a choir Oh they were lite darlings as puppys But grew into shin godzillas
  14. Egzoset


    Mainly all about my modded/customized VaporGenie pipe implementing the manufacturer's forgotten fig. 11/12 item from their registered patent (US 7434584 B2)...
  15. ur method is also something people use but that way is most often used and meant for a puppy in training. ijs it's different when your dog 5 yrs old or older and they act damn good already. in such cases you don't walk around anticipating bad behaviour. that was the 3rd time in 5 yrs she has done that. but only first time to get caught literally trying to get it down before i got back lol. like i said my bitch is smart and knows exactly what she is doing and why as well. I've always seem to have dogs with an extreme level of intelligence and as mos dog folks know there are cons to their high level of intelligence. especially if you have a breed that's not that tractable. these dogs ask you why you want them to keep doing x,y,z . what do you mean i shouldn't figure a way around your limitations etc etc. the escape artist on youtube are such dogs and watching them is hilarious as well as educational imho.
  16. for some dog that is appropriate or on their rump. my dog is big and fast and she doesn't want you to hit her and will demonstrate that. not a good idea for me to go to her business end lol. the bitch is lighting fast. Only reason she didn't try to eat me is because I'M HER DAD/ALPHA .were someone else to try to do so they are going to the hospital if they live. I've only physically corrected her before twice and the last time was with my hand on her rump. trust me i know how to give them a proper attitude adjustment. keep in mind she wasn't hit hard enough to hurt her. that's not the point of a physical correction as you know. she's a superlative dog except she won't let me cut her nails and she can't be trusted off leash in public. she thinks she can run off and play until she's done. smdh Yes, i have been working on it and 2020 will see more extensive work. will take out the long training lead. trick the bitch so she can like the flirt pole better by using a more irresistible lure. burn off her xtra energy while requiring her to be obedient if she wants to play too. she has been getting the treatment with guests where she gets no attention or petted until she's calm ans sits down. ... thx for your concern and practicality as well. so few folks truly know how to deal with dogs properly. they call me the dog man/dog man in my old neighborhoods. They would always see me walking my bulldog = A.P.B.T. peace and namaste
  17. Toker


    Tayberry...i likes I not seen any releases yet? I don't read the forums as i should Perhaps i missed some releases When approx will new stuff be out? I been bouncing all around but my projects should be done by spring and i like to run tayberry if it becomes available in the not to distant future. They all look killer really and im impressed Since esko went his way you as far as i know Have not released anything shop wise for sale And your gere is well worth buying Anyway that speaks volumes to me I don't have the patience or desire for that aspect of growing and am grateful you do. But it says to me theres a lot of studying going on. Cool beans
  18. Anyone see @Justcozz? Miss you buddy! Was thinking of you with the LEDs, the yields ended up suffering, I think I know why, it was not hot enough!~ lol remember you saying the LEDs need higher temps, sure enough, so ended up putting a 600 watt back in there to bring the temp up to the 80s.
  19. 4th day after almost continuious treatment still got quite a few still at it. fook
  20. bigun


    Nice show Sandman. Love how u allow your plants to fade like they should... I think it just makes it taste much better. Keep on keeping on ..
  21. Almost dry... InSAniTY Classic Haze in effect and starting to give off her smell still some delicate old fashioned haze where patience is key. Stay safe and fly FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  22. 1.) We couldnt move the plants. Impossible. I dont want to give more details for safety reasons. It was just not possible. 2.) The lowest temps were around 0°C in the dark phase. The lowest °C in the lighting phase were around 5°C. 3.) Thank you Saxo mein Freund! The buds are now in our brand new WeDryer XL. So far we are a bit disappointed by this product. Its very noisy and it only filters about 95% of the smell. If the buds turn out great we will use it again as we have a suitable room for it. Ill keep you updated.
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