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  2. I'd love to get that one, too, @webeblzr. I don''t know what happened with my last order. I didn't get anything I asked for, but I have 3 crosses. One I'm excited about, sort of.
  3. Hi Maria. This cross was created by @Justcozz. It's actually still growing. I was going to take it down last week but it got pollinated late by one of my crosses so I decided to let it go longer to develop the seeds. Might as well pick up another cross! It smells amazing. I've still never smoked the Sannies Jack or the Silverfields, so I have nothing to compare it too. I pulled a bud off a few days ago that I may try today. It's a beautiful smell. Very sharp, and hazy. Sweet, sour, lemony, fruity, and smells like dank dirty socks if you stand away from it, heh. Next time I might top it and strip more of the popcorn buds away. This was my first time growing it and I like to see the natural expression the first time. I'm hoping for good things and may pop more seeds soon to get a full sensimilla plant next time. Here are some pics from yesterday. Excuse the ugly closet, lol. I bought a 125 year old house to remodel. It'll take a while. JC Haze about 5 feet tall. It's about 10 weeks or so into flowering and it's been pollinated twice; early and late. And, I painted a few buds with some Silverfields pollen from the dad. peace
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  5. I'm going to have some Oregon Huckleberry f2 seeds soon.
  6. Hey San, thank you for taking some time to explain that. They are going crazy, and I'll be up potting them once again, into my first organic medium mix, after seeing Baq's mix, and reading a bunch of others...but wanted my own blend, so either, total failure, or smooth running, we will see. 18 weeks of flower, so I'm a bit out of my element, but man I'm in love with this project, Thank you Bob Green!! Take care San, and thank you also.
  7. I can’t wait to get some of both in my jars for testing
  8. @FoolOnTheHill -- have any pics of these as they finished? Also wondering how long they take to finish up? Are you thinking of ACE Seeds Auto-Malawi-NL for the cross? I have a bunch of La Buena Hierba's Haze/Sativa dominant auto regs. Hope to do a bit of match-making, but have to lay low for a while, had some trouble with the law recently....
  9. This one! SJ x SF! How does she take?
  10. @RooftopStoner -- beautiful grow! Could almost use this as a SoG guide. Glad the space filled out. How long did you root / veg the clones for? Or just straight to 12/12 after rooting? Hope you can break 3 elbows here...
  11. Madchem better version Weaker and mistreated All plants progressing nicely during their third week of flowering( since pistils). Stretchier MB got little brown leaf burn at one spot, could be combination of too strong soil+ very close to CMH. Peace..
  12. Here's some purple Madberry incoming Green stretchy very funky smelling Madberry
  13. Thank for the info mate, I was waiting for the regular seeds to come back to the shop but it seems like I will try my luck with the fems (not like I don't like fems, would just make some crosses with the males )
  14. Try it with weed instead of tobacco bet it would be excellent.
  15. Good point, I’ve noticed SP high lasts a pretty long time compared to my other current strains.
  16. Well, I don’t have any Silverfields right now, so smoking Sugar Punch, which is a much better night time smoke. I grew 5 or 10 SF from seed, and they were all very good, can’t recall a lot of structural difference except height, seemed pretty consistent, stunk like nothing I’ve ever grown in flower. Still have 15 or so and probably 60 F2s I think. My experience is sativas get significantly better with longer cures, THC breaks down into usable compounds, blah blah blah, can’t recall, but it’s better. Sannies Jack and C99 are frickin’ killer at six months, scary good. Silverfields is the same, flavors soften out, paranoia reduces, but it was pretty killer just dried for a week. I still recall my friends asking, “Got any more of that?” Always a good sign
  17. Welcome. Dig in and start reading. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions.
  18. The smell is a bit difficult to describe. It is complex and interesting. I smell some pepper. This is the feminized version of KF. According to Sannie roughly 50% to 60% of the females should be colored. I ordered five seeds. I have grown two. The first was the purple pheno. This was the pink. Maybe the next one will be green.
  19. Yeah, I understand and get ya........................interesting to see what Cozz thinks of her.
  20. With all that's been said I will have to say that I've been smoking Sugar Punch all day and I am high as fuck! Best, Baq
  21. It does do better with a cure, but the right one just dried will Knock the fuck out of you right away and reek. It's like any weed grown from seed that's grown properly (to take out that factor) it's either there or it's not, if you know it's killer genetics pop more seeds and find a pheno you like it's in there.
  22. Very well could be. When I got shredded on the A.H the other day I had rolled a joint, and taken multiple hits off a fat joint. Ran out of papers, been hitting SF from my lil Proto pipe and only a few hits at that. Sitting here now, after 2 good hits it is starting to kick in some. Maybe i need to give it a fair test in a paper, see how much I smoke of the joint to get where I want. Good point!!! Would be nice if it is good, the one in the Octopot is huge, gonna go 8 ounces dried for sure..................has a bud that must be 2 foot long and sideways too.................
  23. Smoking it again now. Taste is getting better n better every day, but to be honest, it's power is NOT equal to the AH or the OG or the RPP taken down the same time. It either needs a cure for more power, or it is just not a "killer" plant. I will let the one 40 days in finish, as she is HUGE and looking GREAT, before I decide to trash Momma............... Was the power on yours there from Harvest, or did it take some time??? I have Bud like Goji, that is great as soon as it is dry enough to burn, where as some of the Sannie's Jack I have grow "needed" a few weeks jar time to come into it's final power. We will see what JustCozz thinks soon enough......................get his opinion on it.
  24. Happy digging madkevin : )
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