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  2. Autos also do well with a nice start inside, then put out (ideally into the full summer sun). Lot of quality auto cultivars that -- in terms of quality of the flower -- can match most photo strains. Dinafem are strong on autos, as are Sweet Seeds, Dutch Passion. I'm about to try some La Buena Hierba strains, Jack Herer Auto and Copacabana Super-Auto, from some tester beans he's sending out. Good times ahead!!!!
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  4. I forgot to say thats a Tashkurgan. Got 2 phenos, both very indica bud structure, the other one is just leaves with resin... xD Tashkurgan have really strong tissue, just defoliating with your fingers its more difficult than usual. Smells here are rare, on the citrus side. Seeds were huuuge also got 2 Parvati and a Mazar. these have better bud-leaf ratio. Mazar has the thicker buds. Smells like lighter gas with some citrus. I got problems with bugs, ph and a light leak, resulting on 2 hermies: the Mazar and a Parvati. The Parvati was throwing so many male flowers I chopped her. Smelled like tangerine. The other parvati smells like sweet hash and mango perfume. Overall smell is like citrusy sweet hash chocolate. Had some problems uploading pics. Maybe size :s next post only pics
  5. Great info Paps. Plants are looking great, I’m watching this.
  6. Welcome back bro, good to see you
  7. Good to "see": you back lol Lemon, num num
  8. Right on bro, things are looking good at your place. I'm still laughing at your meme. Best vibes on the phenol hunt in your strands, for turpentine ..lamo
  9. Looking good papa. You'll love that Shiva Dawg. I'm watching all of the Sugar Punch grows. Have fun! peace
  10. Good to be back sorry i let it fall thru the cracks for a bit....
  11. Bodhi Tree a little closer I am excited smells of lemons.
  12. Still working on sexing my plants but I found a few more females in my NAW mix. Starting to look like all Strappleberry may be male. I hope not. I want to smoke some of that! Looks like the future! 13 plants,...that's a small village. Have fun! peace
  13. Shit my computer crashed I forgot my password etc etc Got a email notification or something and it all clicked. So Fair Warning I'm back. New slaps for the goods. In the 5x5 tent Bodhi Tree. 300W pink and far red and a 315 3100K In the 20Wx12 screw in led tent 2x4 Strawberry Cream. In veg Green crack mom and Wedding cake and a tray of new flavors germing. Try out for the garden two crosses of my own (Red Light x Sk#1) Crossed with a WW line i called argo3 a mix of WW and a PNW cut called red and Gold That I kept alive and worked with a buddy for 5 years and one i made recently (last year) Called L.A. Shooting crossed with a Royal Blood alone the both rocke on their own I hope it was a good pairing we wait... x and one from a fellow board grower. AKutcher Headband x O.G. Chem all untested to me at least we have high hopes... Been busy making seeds aluminium foil hat shit and all that. F2 Ortega from Mr nice seed auction and (Azad x Afghani in the raw) = Afghani Candy By Mr whipple crossed with a Melvenitics Mels Punch. should be of high caliber. Hash makin,squishing rosin, making oils,bath bombs tiling wiring and chasing paper It's good to be back. Peace...stay lifted.
  14. Hi OG just a note or two on the scrog method • I prefer to top or fim early , 4 th or 5 th node (this gives you the ability to plan the growth pattern ) let them grow in to the screen as apposed to letting it grow over and bend down • remove all growth below the net (at stages as not to stress them out ) • give the bottom good air flow • if it blocks light remove it • bend , tie down, super crop, top as needed but remember not too much to quickly or at once less stress the better • I stop toping 1 week before the flip • net hight 8 to 10 inches tall • try to grow strains that have similar qualities like slow growth or bushy , fast growth • net should be tight not loose In the pics shiva dawg @santero #1 has a thick stem and was bent from above the screen shiva dawg #2 was topped at the 4 node and grew up into the screen ( for me it’s just easier) sugar punch @sannie #1 was also bent from above and #2 topped als at the 4 node plant #1 is 1week older then #2 Shiva dawg#1 Sugar punch#2 Sugar punch #1
  15. Man, that is some nice looking weed..good job for sure..Tahnks for sharing..
  16. I sure will b watching this..thanks for sharing..
  17. hey Mrt. GF, I am of the opinion anyway a person crosses a different strain ,as long as they both can help the other in what U really want for yourself is a good cross...The Mohawk does it all for me..HEAD AND BODY...fair yielder and very hardy inside ..now we will see how she performs outside..i am betting, really well.. That is the only cross that is not from a cross from someone else..the c-99 was gifted to me from a friend ...the skunk a clone only here... anything u might need ..when u need it..lol..just holler..
  18. What justcozz said well put ! Once the screen is full I not only flip but defoliate which gives a little room for growth the first week you still will have some room to manipulate the girls the second week just let it go i also defoliate in the 3 rd & 5 th week Again bro it looks Great
  19. What's in the Cartel Haze again? Can't find it now. Hey l, like that OF graphic but I was hoping for the joint wrapped in something you said, all with the onyx flame all around!!
  20. It's out of stock in the shop so maybe I have time to gather some cashola. JC, I have a pack of Uzbekistan. Maybe we can trade a few sometime. It's got a good review by Cristalin himself, heh. I think he said it was one of his favorites atm. peace
  21. I was researching herijuina and noticed very few old vids. Someone needs to show consecutive grows on the tube of these strains. They are there but it could be a lot better. No full grows , few finishes and some are good Others are ok. Not as much info at the fingertips as could be. And there best foot should be put forward. One great vid on the tube of a full grow Would be seen by many im betting. Gotta get that brand out there, kne helllasious Vid .... A grower i follow on the tube has done 9 seasons showing many different brands Hes a good grower imo and folks use vids like this to gauge a grow. I see a strain grown by many but that tells me nothing I see a strain grown well and i take notice of that strain. Its how shopping is done these days Why read when i can see the whole process done correctly? In ln like a 2 min time lapse cause folks have about that long an attention span. But a channel deddicated to it would serve those of us with more than a fleeting interest. Just stoned musings as i contimplate shoeless selene x heri cross
  22. Yesterday
  23. They have Way too much hair lol
  24. I don’t even own a peddle bike anymore. In fact, I don’t own anything that I could look like that if I wanted to. If you ever see me posing with a bike, it would be a motocross bike.
  25. I’m with MrG on this, I’ve looked at triple pak a few times and didn’t order it....I’m definitely missing out I think.
  26. Oh and this is my opinion Maybe somewhere where they get 12 hours full sun they get monster size but autos are for inside and supercropped and lst photos are good outside. Just my take on it Im sure someones got a vid of an outside monster auto grow but for me i think they love the 20/4 . Its a time thing as i see it. Sure you could set one out in may and by August your smiling but can it yield what a photo properly prepared and vegged for like 16 weeks would do? Of course this in in my dreamland legal area. Elsewhere its a toss up .
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