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  2. Hi @Cristalin how old are the CG72 regseeds selling? Would love to hear some info about the 'Swiss Project' all best Dogtowns
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  4. It was a very fruity, soft smoke, chunky orange green nugs, perfect high, energizing yet calming without a hint of anxiety or paranoia.
  5. Looks like a nice male. Let us know how it comes out. Never smoked Jilly.
  6. I think you can get pot delivered here.Not mailed but private drivers. Varies by municipalities. In a big city like Denver maybe.
  7. Last two crunch berries tallest is 10.75” tall 12” x 13” around and the other 10.25” tall approx 10” x 10” around. So, the pigs have multiplied to 7 total. They will just be pruned so they don’t get too big.
  8. So the plan is to make seeds to be sent in as freebees I figured this will serve to help others to know what to expect. They are nice yielding, GREAT structure....one has branches coming from the bottom that make it look like a shrub...never seen this in a MJ plant. The stems and stock are very sound..again perhaps the sturdiest stem structure i've encountered (make a great cross to Apollo whos structure isnt awesome: for example). The smell is very subtle (from touching the stock) there is a funk like sweat, but musk... there is something that makes me keep smelling my fingers trying to identify an element that is really nice....If i get a handle on it I'll amend this discription to include it Pics to follow
  9. So, she’s 9” tall improvised pot. Via nestle pure life water which is my fave bottle water for weed. She needs to be watered later tonight. Nutes still in the mix. I might cover the pot to make the roots even happier in the darkness.
  10. So, these are all Cap’n Shiva’s Crunch Berries. 1st one In homemade pot is approx 11.25” tall . As you see I potted most of them so I could add soil to the pot as they grew up.
  11. Ok, so this is the 3rd and biggest sister. They are all approx the same age from seed. Not trying to pheno hunt with such limited numbers but will see any significant differences out side of structure once flowered out. Looking at the top view she looks like a big girl. Would love to flower her as is as I like the structure of multiple bus sites. All of these would ideally be rest to flower upon transplant as is. Alas I have to stick to the long term plan to be safe and keep these genetics alive as is i have more beans if both but will save them for the right time to run after I see what these pigs show me. The big sows didn’t like the mean farmer over watering them and rebelled quite a bit. Letting them dry out until they aren’t so heavy still even though looks like the soil needs it. Fuckery is trying to trick me lol. I won’t over water them again. Even if it kills them I swear lol.
  12. Will do these pics just to keep track and reference for myself. Not much to show. First two are Warrior Kush recently done one has tape on the pot. It’s top is like a candelabra of sorts. Her sister is more branchy from the bottom up. Both are approximately 9.5” tall with the tallest and 3rd Warrior Tonic Sister approx 13” tall. She had a head start. i gave a look at ground level of both plants and showed how dense the vegetation is on the one with an inside top view as well. All of these clones were made to be moms/clone donors so I shape them to be productive ladies to take clones from .
  13. The first seed purchase of 2020 just arrived. I ordered Blueberry Quintessa by Koma Creations. Blueberry Killing Fields is a freebie. Looking forward to starting these.
  14. And on a positive note, my Jilly Bean male. Just playing with the camera. Gathered a bunch of pollen yesterday, I love making seeds. I tried this strain in Colorado, and really liked it, so thought I'd run some before summer. Had five regular seeds (only kind I ever buy, generally) and had three males, two females, not too impressive, but adequate. Two females are in Octopots, will flower them on Sunday.
  15. I think I am going to save all the packaging, frame it ha ha j/k, but for future memories, first time ordering Hemp off the internet and having it shipped by USPS! lol Cool, who would have thought we see this in our lifetime, maybe cannabis before we die.
  16. Long as your drugs consist of the holy trinity pot, pizza and beer, you'll be fine!
  17. Save that package. I see people already out copying it for future use, lol. Actually if you put real weed inside the sticker might still draw attention to do random checks to keep people honest. Whats the name of that one?? Suver?? odd name.
  18. Hey @saxo, 5 seeds are down and in the dirt.
  19. That's a great point! While there are confirmed medical benefits, portraying any drug as harmless, will come back and bite all of us. I've often wondered what it would be like if it had never been illegal in the first place. Most of the usage problems we have were created by the conspiracy between government, corporations, and now, big money. Tobacco companies have already tooled up for maximum profit. Heck, it's like Coors in the midwest, we all wanted it, until we could get it legally, then it wasn't any fun anymore, lol. I've got a family member strung out on shatter, and anyone who suggests THC is NOT addictive is simply wrong, research is pretty definitive. Oh well. Everything in moderation. Let me put go put my soap box back in the garage now, .
  20. Legal Hemp, shipped in the mail, maybe one day cannabis, legally
  21. that black,shiny pearl does look dangerous .....you better don´t do all at once
  22. beautyful Oaxa´s there @quies .....enjoy!!!!
  23. Agreed. People are hell bent on creating the image that we have fought so hard to keep in check for all of these years. It'll only come back to haunt them.
  24. Rhetorically speaking, when is there TOO much THC? I’m dealing with some Colorado kid addiction issues, using “shatter”, the crack of cannabis, and have connections to schools and hospitals there. It’s BAD. Obviously, I’m no Prohibitionist, but selling 90% THC products is insane, this stuff is really hurting kids. No legalization of a vice should be allowed without corresponding warnings of the risk, which are virtually absent in legal states. While I don’t oppose legalization, I knew how badly they’d eff it up due to the money behind it. It’s no different from tobacco companies hooking WW 2 veterans on cigarettes, cannabis companies are doing worse. Not a popular perspective here, perhaps, but questions we’d better take seriously if we care about responsible legalization. IMO.
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