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  2. I've been able to keep fish in the basement for a couple to a few years. I've grown a few vegetable's, but their cost ratio, is just way to high to keep them going. I was however using HID's, and the damned expensive bottled stuff. I did well with Dr Earth stuff, great products, each have a bit of a learning curve, but now again, costs to ship stuff is going crazy, I going to find a cheaper way to get the goods, with no sacrifice to quality. With my retired LED's, and now some extra space, and all the various pots and buckets, and old spent tents, and a roll of Panda, my tinkering fool side can run wild, in the basement garden world.
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  4. I hate the expense added if it says it is for cannabis. I love the Urban Farms Fert lineup, very inexpensive and super easy to use.
  5. I will be using their information to reduce my food costs for the plants. I got a bag of calcium nitrate for $5.00 that will replace cal-mag and cns grow. Then a bag of vegetable fert, (tomato food) 4-18-38 for the P and K values, for $13.00. That replaces the cns flower juice. And since I have a large bag of epsom salt for some magnesium, I do not need that. I'll also keep the Langbeinite from Dr Earth, for the occasional K boost. Since finding ReCharge a while back, (all my plants are loving it), and that is the final ingredient for a total nutrient profile.....if what I've read is correct, and I think it is. I found their values to water ratio, so yeah, pennies on the dollar goodies, without loosing any of our plants good stuff.
  6. Can I steal your dog lol so darn cute, cuddlebugs
  7. That is just a crazy amount for clones, but there are some that went for 1k and more here, and folks bought them. I have always been the mindset to trade and barter.
  8. You know with me, I have been fast-tracking how to make the best medicine, that has been my forte I will leave it up to the pros to make seeds for now. I am pretty much an expert now when it comes to medibles. So might be in the next few years I try that out, I get bored lol so might be I will experminet all I want with topicals and medibles and move on to breeding.
  9. That is easy to avoid. You can pollinate in another room and wait 3 days. Then spray the mom down with water and let dry. Place back into flower room. other alternatives = dedicated bean area no more than 2 feet square and can be lit with Flourescents/cfl’s/ house LED’s like I did lol. also a big trash can makes a good bean house for a single mom as u can put it safely away from flowering plants and finish the beans in it. eventually I’m going to make some type of bean house to totally avoid cross pollination. it’ll be awhile though but I will post it.
  10. Hello,I want order CO2 sensor and if possible adding some CO2. Can you help me choice good stuff for it and say if it works great for you.... Thanks have good vibes One Love.
  11. Afgaan 90 Bubba Hash G13 Hazeplant
  12. @Sacred Plant Warrior Sorry brother. Smoked a zip of the garlic kinda tasty potency of GMO Cookies half a year back. Never grew her out. (shame on me) Wouldn't pay so much for clones personally. Gotta be better options for you mang.
  13. The Russian Blue (my wife's cat) passed on last year at 16. The tabby female is the newest kitten. 3 female cats 1 male chihuahua
  14. I thought the same thing, but his grow is very lush with nitrogen, so thinking nute burn.
  15. Thanks, hard to know what's gong on in the beds. I had some color things earlier but they all look the same to me. So I just started adding a general organics feeding for a few weeks, plus I've put a lot of other stuff on there but it wasn't right, needed more. I have friends with worse problems. My beds were built right so I have to learn how to replenish the soil in the off season better. They built their beds a few years ago (no layers) and now they're having problems. Short of buying all new dirt, I don't know. I guess you can try and back into a no till grow by adding another board and another layer to the bed etc. Anyway things coming along bit by bit.
  16. I make chewing gum too and Altoids One of my patients a few years back, before rec went through, downtown think it was the Art Fair, cop comes up beside her walking, gives him a big grin, howdy, while she chewed her medicated gum.
  17. Misterdirt

    KC 42

    No taste freaks? Oh well.
  18. That isn't nute burn, it's a potassium (K) issue. Could be from a deficiency or could be blocked by high calcium (Ca) levels. A few years ago, someone (Mulder, I guess) came up with this diagram to show the kinds of nutrient interactions plants deal with. You can really see how a Ca-hog plant like cannabis can cause problems. https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Mulders-chart-shows-some-of-the-interactions-between-plant-nutrients-Interaction-A_fig2_269070969 Edit: Wait, I am seeing a little nute burn on some leaves. But still, those symptoms toward the bottom of the plant look like K.
  19. Haven't been around much lately but too bad to see you go @smilestyle i'll miss you in my topic. Maybe we'll meet again!
  20. I've got all sorts of plans for breeding projects, but the reality is I don't have enough time in the day to do what I do now. I'll be dumping one of my jobs within a couple of years. Looking forward to it!
  21. I'm growing a GMO cross right now, but they're still seedlings (GMO x Arise). The breeders says they're tall plants. Knowing something about the male, the tallness is probably from the GMO. He says the internodes are long, but buds will eventually cover them. I'm doing a seed run of three crosses that are supposed to be tall, so I'm counting on the GMO cross to be tall.
  22. Is this your creation? It sounds like a guy could take it across borders where he wouldn't dare take reefer. Maybe putting a fake label on it... Just sayin'. Sayin' for a friend.
  23. I hear ya, just I am not experienced enough to feel confident not to seed out a whole room. One day
  24. I showed the lowers of that plant so folks could see 6 distinct branches to her. Being tired down some shows except the one obvious branch that was able to grow more vertical.. it’s my 1st first into manifold territory without being able to do it properly from the start. it allows me to explore what u can do with height restrictions as I go forward . the two. FPB males getting top heavy and shot in the room from two days ago
  25. If we don’t help preserve in seed form the future will be bleak with strains going extinct like animals. Especially with how folks are just sling genetics in a way that seriously hinders genetic diversity and quality all at the same time. Ijs that’s why some of my stock will be offered to certain breeders to keep those genetics alive for future generations. no way to do that just sharing with comrades/friends, these genetics must be preserved and them making coin in it will help to do that.
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