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  2. You grow some really cool strains, doubt anyone would go wrong with your suggestions
  3. those Electric Skys are being put to work, plants look great. I was eyeballing one of them for my tent but went the cheap route with a mars hydro and spiderfarmer quantum boards.
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  5. Well shits been pretty wild here in the land of 10,000 lakes that last few days so on to the fun stuff. Got the new light and it's now bright as fuck in the tent. For 250 total combined watts between the 2 lights I'm quite impressed (found out my Mars hydro light had been running at around 80% power since I got it. When I put the spider farmer in the tent which is 50w less powerful it was alot brighter so I investigated the Mars hydro light). Everything looking good
  6. Cool, lemme know how she smokes when the time comes.
  7. He’s a Sativa guy and yes loves his dabs. I have the Strawberry Starburst, Golden Goat and Firefly, can’t decide which one to run first. I’m also seed poor, but sometimes it’s hard to resist, just pulled the trigger on below and Luckily they made it here.
  8. Well done. I can almost smell your pictures.
  9. Stunning photos. Especially the first one. Wow.
  10. When combining plants in a pot to create a dense even canopy, small plants work really well. These four plants were each big enough that they couldn't help but invade their neighbor's space. The stems are lashed together to form a rough circle. It is important to keep all of the stems and branches within the footprint of the pot. The pot on the left, below, is the same as the one above. The difference is roughly eight days. The 'strain' is Afghan CBD x Strawberry Backcross. Same stuff I have been harvesting the last couple of weeks. I wanted to see mature leaves on all of the branches. Tonight she can start 12/12. The pot on the right is about a week behind the pot on the left. The strain on the right is Madchem x Critical. Each plant is responsible for putting out six branches or so. As long as the growth sites are evenly distributed around the pot, there is very little interference between the branches as they develop.
  11. Wow! Congrats madmaster!! it's really good, it looks very professional, music, text design, effects, and timing. Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  12. I've been listening to a few select podcasts of his. I get the distinct impression this is a man who likes very potent weed or extracts. I SHOULD just pop the two packs I have and see how they turn out before buying more, but, you know. Me.
  13. Harvest time left killaqueenxbluehammerX silverfields and right ipa x huck @BeachBud thank you brother!!
  14. Been messing around with some video production lately too! Watch it in full screen if ya can... Covid19…a novel response - Small.mov
  15. I wonder if they somehow got burned from some unfortunate arrangement of the reflective tent lining and the UV death lights?
  16. I don´t know. I have never seen it on Lemon Thai. Bud rot comes from inside out. Maybe it´s another fungus or corvid 19. Hopefully not. smile
  17. I grew a Blue Hawaiian from JOTI a few years ago that smelled just like burnt rubber. Not the uplifting Hawaiian I was looking for, but it sure produced.
  18. So what is this? Mildew? I posted over on the sick plants thread, but figured I'd add it to the grow report. Whatever it is, it only affects the Lemon Thai F3. It's only on a few lower buds and doesn't appear to be spreading further. The dead tissue is only at the surface. The buds are not rotting from the stem outwards.
  19. I have 3 of @smilestyle's Lemon Thai F3 plants going. Tomorrow will make it a full 9 weeks in flower, so far. In a tent with 14 other plants in it, at the moment, the Lemon Thai ONLY has a few buds where dead tissue is showing up at the surface of a few buds. I tend to think fungus or some critter that only shows symptoms on plants susceptible to it (whatever it is). It is NOT classic bud rot. The dead stuff is only at the surface and it's only affecting small, lower buds that you would not expect to see bud rot on. Any ideas? Sage advice? Wild ass guesses? It does not seem to be progressing anymore. These showed up a couple of weeks back. Adding a fan on the floor of the tent might have stopped it, if it's a fungus. I do not SEE signs of fungus, other than the dead tissue.
  20. Hi Some pics from @4lv1nn Ciao
  21. Hopefully I haven’t steered you wrong yet. FYI Irie’s Golden Goat is going for $200 / oz at the CS dispensaries that can get it and sells out immediately, everything else $100.
  22. Yes, I picked up Mullumbimby Madness / Oaxacan x Mexican Death Sativa recently and can’t wait to crack em.
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