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  3. @tacman7 Dude that is so impressive . Wow what a jungle- I may have missed it earlier but what strains are you growing in there bro? I'm so keen to see how this finishes up. When you say "grow Clover again" do you mean as kind of a green manure? will you turn the clover into the soil somewhat or not disturb the soil? Peace and Cheers
  4. That Onyx fire is beautiful Mr Goodfellow. I just love outdoor plants. Looks frosty too.
  5. Hi Ok i'll ship that tomorrow or max wednesday, i'll Say that here, but it will be there for the week end i hope Thx a lot Walter
  6. Hé Very nice job G5M , We will speak when you ready Ciao
  7. Thank you Will definitely be watching the site closely for them.
  8. Hi Yes i must send black afghani, Ouzbékistan .... To Sannie this week, i'm little late sorry Thx for support
  9. Hi Cristalin Sorry for my first post to be like this, but... any idea when Black Afghani will be available again? if at all. Would really like to try and plan around this, as a pure landrace strain (indica) is definitely on the top of my to do lists.
  10. Hi Scone_Of_Ark, I'm hoping to do something like that for my first indoor grow. It's hard to get some of the products required where I am at, but I've got a compost pile and a worm farm on the go now which should hopefully solve that problem. I like your thinking. I was hoping to somehow replicate how I grow organically outdoors, but indoors- seems like the way to go. Cheers
  11. That's a nice looking male, dude... without seeing the whole plant. Very thick flower.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SR18QYK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They are China made, but very well made, I gave one to my guy, he Loves it
  13. Ahh man, so cool of you.Those are awesome stash boxes. Mind if I ask where to get them? Your patients are lucky to have you. Receiving an unexpected gift is a very good medicine in itself. I firmly believe that. So many things go into healing.. way before chemicals. peace
  14. I've heard such good things about that strain. I may be able to grab some f3s from a source soon. I'm growing a cross of Goji x Dynasty's Blue Magoo right now. So insanely smelly good. I have the Blue Magoo that I'll try soon.
  15. Sweet as all get out, JC made one that finishes up faster? Nice! chunky baby
  16. Best concert of all that I saw. 1972 or 73. Hands down.
  17. Onyx Fire by Justcozz (Lemon Bubba x Kinkyblaze) (or reversed) It's getting cloudy trichs and some amber, already. Seems like it's only been 6 weeks at best. The buds are super solid and big.
  18. That green Sugarpunch is some powerful strong gear. Live soil is the only way to go, cheaper and it gives a way better finish. I want to taste the bud, not nutrient solution or stale desiccant pack. Unless growing specifically for Instagram, feeding through flower is getting counter productive here in legality land. It's not helpful to get a bumper crop if you can't sell it all.
  19. Haha Thanks Mr Goodfellow, that does make total sense now. What a dumbass lol.
  20. Don't feel bad, another set of Initials I had to look up lol
  21. LOS = living organic soil. Line of sight! I know that one. I used to be a land surveyor.
  22. Hey baqualin, Mate excuse my general idiocy, but what is "LOS"? All I can think of is Line of Sight or Loss of Sanity, which obviously makes no sense haha. Stunning shot btw bro.
  23. Bodhi Skylotus Cheers
  24. Almost a week ago I had pulled some lower larf off of Razor, the big Orange Goji in flower room 1. Smoked some just now. Super smoke. Very powerful, but clean clear and smooth with an extremely upbeat high..............like they say of Sunshine Day Dream(SSDD) . As powerful as the Papa's Punch, but 180 degree's different! Very cool. 2 Goji X's but 180 degree's apart on effects. Papa's Punch is like Papa punched you in the head..................Orange Goji is like a smooth Ferris wheel ride, PP more like the old Wild Mouse ride. Sugar Punch brings a "narcotic" stone to the mix...................Orange Sunshine brings a "pleasing" high to the mix, and combined with Goji's clear high to start with, is very BRIGHT!!!
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