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  2. Some small balls, Amnesia, Green Mojo OG & Sensi Star
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  4. These are the two female plants on the balcony this year. Genetics are unknown.My buddy messed up the seeds. These pics are 3 weeks old. Today,these plants have small flowers on their tops. smile
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  6. Growing season is not over yet. Outdoor plants are doing fine, a little extra for the winter. Huxtrema (I think) plant 1 plant 2 Some random hippie's weed Autumn colors
  7. So, male is 17.5” approx. just fed Alaska grow . Cap’n Shivas Crunch Berries and the pole unknown are now solely under 250 mph to finish. save the 600 life span. Oscillating fan only pointed at space between light and plants. Other fan turned off and will clean that up the best I can. I do need to buy a new one to have at the ready just in case. Cheap cost but works well for vertical grow.
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  9. Ok so 2 chopped 2 reset 3 at 30 days in closet 2 hangin Clones in 2 l Cuts fixing to go in dome
  10. Toker

    Seedsman seeds

    I like them a lot. Affordable and high ends Quite generous with freebees Except their free seeds are mainstream Seeds ...just a few free test.
  11. the auto flower network They do photos to Its like u own a Mercedes in the sticks And you move to NYC And there everywhere
  12. Thank's for the video,I try to understand all but my english is not perfect.... I try to found same explcation in French.I think 480 watts for 4*4 size box it's ok for a good harvest...240w quantum board Samsung lm 301 h + cree xpe2 + UV lg + 240w 2*120w Puck V2. Thank's for comments and help. Have good vibes,One Love.
  13. some pretty frosty and good looking tops you´ve got going there,Mister lotsa lecker herbs in the near future ,as it looks like
  14. The Killer Cookies frost queens, 7.5 weeks — Two seem to lean most to either the mom or the dad of this cross. What I love about this site since the upgrade is that you can upload full-sized pics, and people can zoom in if they want to. If you have a pack of these freebies, definitely zoom in. This is the Killer Queen leaning plant. This was with a flash under HPS, so the leaves are NOT yellow, but apple green. If you look at the color near the base of the leaf, in the shade of the bud, you'll get the idea of the true color. She's also frosty as hell, with a fruity scent. This one is a GSC leaning plant. She's darker in color, and maybe a little more frosty. Among other terps, the most noticeable is whatever terp or terp combo gives it the minty scent. The Killer Queen leaning one is short, but looks like she could produce decently. This particular GSC leaning one doesn't look like a big producer, but another GSC leaner does. I also have what I thought was a GSC leaning plant, because she's tall. But she has the apple green leaves and more fruity scent of the short Killer Queen leaner. The GSC gals seem to be the furthest from finishing, at this point. Other plants have some amber leaf trichs (none on calyxes) and some cloudy trichs on calyxes. I can barely keep from drooling when I tend the tent. This is the point in the grow where I want to go down to the grow shop and buy any supplement with the word Miracle! on the label to cause them to finish faster. Maybe a time machine — I can go ahead in time 3 weeks and rip myself off!
  15. This will be the kind of comparison I'd really like to see.
  16. It's a fun strain to grow. Lots of variation.
  17. hi @santero Yes youre right, I love that strain for the complexe taste/smell/yield/strong high Sadly I need a new run for the new gen of lilac, this time gave me not enough seeds for sharing, but a bunch of sticky buds lol Later this year I hope to start a Lemon Thai IBL, thanks again for the seeds @smilestyle LT was and is one of my alltime strains, will be a pleasure to work with her for me best vibes
  18. 77 on 78...not bad for seeds from 2012, from left to right, Miss U, Solilo Q, Dess'tar and Kali G aka PF:
  19. Good morning, Open Growers. All kinds of crap in my life right now. The sewer pipe from my house broke. There's a work crew in my front yard digging a ditch. Had to have some trees cut away. Hospital procedures have been cutting into my time. I'm okay, but doctors are investigating some swallowing problems. But, everyone has crap in their lives right now. So, no big deals. Instead of a harvest picture (I have several harvests yet to share here) I thought i would show the most recent pot of plants to begin flowering. The first new entrant en about five weeks. I have been finishing up a bunch of flowers. This is what I am focusing on cranking out now. Pots of clones. This one has three. Each clone has between six and eight branches. These plants are a cross between Ice and Strawberry Kush bx. The photos are six days old.
  20. Thanks Paps. Credits go to San with this wonderfull creation.
  21. Papalag


    Beautiful work @Sunnyvale great to see some old peeps around
  22. Silver Lemon Haze (SSH x Lemon Thai)
  23. Damn nice job hammie the buds look stellar
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