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  2. Shit its chilly Why do people insist on putting gloss paint on walls Stupid fucking shit that somehow still gets Done.... This person is picky Right off the bat i could sense a fuck fest So right off the bat i front of Him And my boss I said Cant understand why gloss on walls If its fucked all its on you 2 Because every imperfection in those walls Since the day it was build Was hid by flat paint Thats why they use flat paint on walls Ever seen a semi or gloss wall paint? No They dont make it Flat out told.if it looks like shit You repaint it I fucking love being at the top of my game No one says shit They just stare in horror Listen to your painting expert lol Just like a woman i know 47 grand in renovations And the fuck tards put latex over oil Never let the carpenters paint Ever.
  3. Been awhile since a update. Took awhile but finally have All 3 confirmed female. I did a heavy defoliation day 2 of flower. Watered today for the last time with jack's 20/20/20 and switching to the flower nutrient next watering. Slight tip burn in the leaves. You are suppose to remove all side branching for this correct? I should only have 8 main flowering branches and all side branching removed?
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  5. What's the plan? I may have had a few, judging from a few web strands on buds in my last grow. No damage and no sighting of any living thing, though. I'm wondering if they just hadn't established yet, and maybe my UV lights kept the population down. Big mystery, but I'm cleaning out the tent.
  6. I think that's why god made me impatient with cloning — so I'll run more seeds.
  7. I made infused bread I had to tweak the recipe a couple of times, but got it down, 100mg a slice
  8. After 16 years of growing indoors, I have a plant with spidermites. I took it like a man. Me and my security cat had a short discussion. He wasn´t that angry. He can´t catch them, I can´t isolate the plant. Wonderful. On the other hand, after reading about all these mites in other grows.... Tomorrow I go to war Smile
  9. I have the same problem and I´m very happy with it. smile
  10. I think I'm addicted to running strains and crosses I never ran before.
  11. If you top the plant, and also remove the second remaining top shoot, the highest shoot will become dominant, and the plant keeps it's natural shape, instead of branching out. I would try that. Good luck!
  12. Hi, to y'all! found an pic. from last run, that I would like to show you. Nothing special , it´s a White Siberian from Dinafem. I liked it because the massive white layer of trichomes!
  13. Exciting seedling pics! Yes, I know. It's not proper English to use the adjective "exciting" to describe "seedling pics." But anyway... The Golden Goat seedlings, especially the one in the upper right corner, are starting out with remarkable narrow leaves. The Golden Goats are on the right. On the left is a Planet of the Grapes, a Bebop and a Sugar Punch, from top to bottom. Looking at these babies and contemplating how long it will be before I smoke them makes me happy to be sitting on a dozen jars. I have to say, though, this pandemic has caused me to set fire to a lot more weed than usual.
  14. Dogs are in-the-moment creatures. A quick correction is best. If you punish a dog long after the "crime," they just know you're mad without knowing why. There's not a lot of self-reflection in dog minds.
  15. I highly recommend beneficial nematodes for any pest that has a larval stage in the soil — grubs, fungus gnats, other fly larva, root aphids, etc. They definitely work. I tend to lay them on heavier than recommended, because I use it in an indoor grow that is definitely less than the 1600 or so square feet the smallest amount is supposed to treat. But a severe fungus gnat infestation, where gnats were flying in front of my face in any room of the house, was eliminated within 2 weeks. (The effect is not instantaneous.)
  16. Cheers for the advice bigun, appreciate it. When I was growing up, if one of our dogs killed one of the chooks, dad would tie the dead chook carcass around the dogs neck and make him live with it rotting away around the dogs neck for a few days to teach a lesson. Don’t think it was an effective technique tbh haha but you try and tell my old man that haha. I think I like your idea better lol.
  17. My cousin said I have grub worms now. Didn't hurt the plants this year or maybe they're just getting going. Season is over but I'm going to plant seeds for a winter cover crop to replenish the soil hopefully. Thinking about trying this stuff: https://www.arbico-organics.com/product/nemaseek-beneficial-nematodes-hb-heterorhabditis-bacteriophora/beneficial-nematodes/?added=y&pid=2401 Any other ideas? Thanks
  18. Last week
  19. I agree with Smoky. For air circulation, remove some leaves. I wouldn't worry about vaseline, however. Look at the second picture. All the lower leaves that are hanging down can be removed.
  20. I don't think it's called graffiti if you're allowed to do it. But if so, it looks like Georges Seurat has been out there, defacing public bathrooms.
  21. woke takeover, no freedom of speech, f,fs happy covid gov,s playing ' simon says ' come on sheeplewaitin for elite carpet baggin vultures to move in & take the remanants of every one,s hard bui,lt busnesses for cent,s (usual swindling tactics so every one will rely on new world order state.) ETERNAL HUMAN SLAVERY is the aim & name of the gamehollow demonic materialistic direction is as is, no pushing in, on lemmig que, domesticated idiots!
  22. Dear shoeless, it was only a joke. My first thought was, how did he do this? But than I looked at the stems, and I had an inspiration, how you did this.The Grafitti pictured above, was made by a friend of mine and me and a bunch of kids at a grammar school. I earn money, with stuff like that. I´m still a great fan of comics and adore great artwork. The second thought was how does the form of your phantastic plant look like - minus the stems. The way from there to Marge Simpson was very short. Much respect smile ...and it´s still a great name for a strain...
  23. looking for this dude who's supposed to be a legit breeder with good gear. yet i couldn't find anything on him no matter how i searched. Here is his ig page. turns out his name is alexander https://www.instagram.com/alexanderrhardy/ dude @m_linedoja1985 /Strang3b1rd on IG is my only reference to him. so instead of just checking strains i don't know well i also needd to figure out if the dude who i'm talking to on IG is legit/trust/worthy as well. his page is = https://www.instagram.com/m_linedoja1985/ let me know what you know as soon as you know please and thank you folks
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