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  2. I’m not sure what it is but I’ve been having shit luck cloning too week 3 already 1 out of 11 has a single root sticking out in the last day or 2 ! At least you’ve got a healthy mom now after all this time just need to find her best cloning method !
  3. Dogtowns

    Oaxacan IBL

    Hi @sannie, how old are the Oaxacan feminized seeds? Thanks Dogtown
  4. Good question those two plants came from 1/2 dead rooted clones i got in the mail in 6/18 so almost a year later i have yet to see either one flowered out. i have been trying to get clones to root for like 6 mo i am crazy and loosing it fast. The latest attempt # 4,5,6 ha ha but not... I do have a green crack rooted in the veg pic it is the only one in a uni slab.
  5. Great looking plants that strawberry looks to be a hand full or more ! What’s your take on the hyped wedding cake ?
  6. Hope everyone is doing good. Seeds up 8/10 so far. Veg moving fast Flower looking good Strawberry cream. Mothers, green crack and wedding cake respectively. Have a good rest of the week.
  7. I should have put my AJ's in larger pots.... I my still sneak one into a bigger pot.
  8. Rainmaker Day 39 Bloom 82.8 F 39% RH 350 PPM Not much to say at this point. Grow is going great and there’s probably just as much bud below the screen as there is above.
  9. Yeah, they should all look like the outside one. I'm sure you have the nutes down. I'd say environment, maybe. Airflow???? fresh CO2?? I've never grown under LED but are those lights a little close? I know they affect the grow differently than other lighting systems. I would run T5 lights that close, but I thought LED needed some space..?? Just guessing here. The outside one is telling you something. It's a picture of perfect health. Inside symptoms are still all new to me in a way. Or just harder to diagnose. peace
  10. Yesterday
  11. How odd when I first looked there were no pics lol. They look like they are going to completely fill up and over fill those screens.
  12. final stages for the Green manalishi F2 fenotypes are almost in sight. now at DAY 56 FLOWER. and my first selected feno i,m love with her profile and crystal coating, so i,m guessing i wil be kingsbreeding her. this feno can stil go a week.. stay safe and fly Fooking HIGh Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  13. the selected fenotypes of Sb #4 & Hhh #1 are really pumping it up nicely. DAY 56 FLOWER. and here are some picture of Airborne Jack. once again, i must say next time... to achieve optimum conditions with flowering aj to get a true sample of her awesome yield. stay safe and fly Fooking HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  14. Update to Mother Funker... Yielded like a mofo. Dense rock hard nugs, maybe hardest non giving to a squeeze bud I've ever seen. I know this one is gonna goo up some grinders lol...
  15. Oh man, the plants on the screen have hit their stride!!! They look great......................you are CORRECT.................Texas Vegetable Vert is THE SCHZIZNTHS!!!!! So is The TTF!!!! You WILL SEE!
  16. Pics! lol Hey I battled them suckers for a year and half with natural, finally did the Captain Jacks dead bug mean stuff lol No more thrips. What was cool, used a paint sprayer, pro type, and Wow! Don't breath lol it clouds the room from top to bottom. Wear a hazmat suit, gloves taped, mask lol.
  17. Thank you for the help! According to skunkpharm, extracted cannabinoids (kief in their example) decarboxylates more quickly than raw flowers. Maybe there's a safe way to keep it sealed while heating in order to avoid evaporation of terps? Dissolved about 1g of crude oil (not a "quick wash" ) into 50ml of pure MCT oil and let it sit in boiling water for about 45 minutes. Ethanol extract dissolves right into MCT oil, but I assume that it should be heated for a while in order to get the cannabinoids into the fats. Maybe I'm wrong about that? Either way, turned out some very potent medicine. I personally didn't realize how much more medicinal cannabis can be if consumed orally instead of inhaled. Vaporizing does not even come close, and the anxiousness provoked by inhaling too much with a low tolerance is completely absent when eaten instead (I suppose that's not the case for everyone). Adding it to the turmeric/black pepper paste seemed to noticeably increase the potency. I think it's worth experimenting with Cinnamon oil and Myrrh gum as well, but I'm not sure of any concrete evidence that they help the potency. Tremendous! Thanks!
  18. Hi all In the octopod room it’s now 6 days from the flip and the ladies are beefing up min the group shot the shiva dawg is filling in much faster then the sugar punch on the left side of the net the sugar punch in the back left has an major cluster of bud sights it’s getting thick in there I may just thin out some of the little popcorn ones but that position on the net I can’t ever get to , too far to reach and to old to try their now trying to push their way up and their taking the screen with them i think I’ll let the water level drop is the rez a bit so when they start to bud I’ll switch to the Texas tomato food the rez in the octopots are all on level 2 . The urban farms vegetable food is a must have ,I see no signs of any deficiencies at all Ok now for my micro grow it seems to be moving right along the group shot is at week 4.5 of flower i also have a few shots of the pollenated buds and we have seeds a makin and last but not least are the moms the room were the moms is under attach once more by thrips I thought I killed them off and it’s been months but I will win I first will attach with sprays of nuclear origin, if that don’t work a small explosive charge , then finally fire fire and more fire unfortunately I may have to find a new home but they will die hahahahaahahahahahah
  19. Time for another update.. About a week after the last one, I noticed the leaves under the LED's started hanging. I selected the two smallest plans to move to a garden later, and temporarily put them under tneon light. These plants werent as saggy. And when i swiched plants, it reversed. After a while, 3 of the 4 LED plants recovered, but the one that had been really stretchy from the start didnt. It got worse in stead. Even after topping it 2 extra times it also stayed way smaller and taller. So I bended the highest tops with some tie wraps, and for some reason it had recovered (for a big part) the next day. and the next day.. This is what it all looks like now. Or at least yesterday. And these have been in the garden for 8 days now (the pic is from 4 days back)
  20. That is always their cop out when it comes to cannabis, not enough studies to prove it, Hello? lol
  21. @Mr Goodfellow PM me your ills, your meds, what supplements you use, what is your daily cannabis intake, and I will write up a treatment of herbals, cannabis etc for you
  22. Yep, I read an article cautioning people that no definitive studies have been done to prove the claims... why? Because the pharma industry doesn't have any benefit from studying it. They can't get a patent on it. End of story. These days of ultra, ultra, rich people, it seems like some of them would front the money to get the studies going to prove them for who they are; stonewallers. I see it online for pretty cheap. I'll look into it. Is it something that could be grown here? I see it comes from Central America and Mexico.
  23. Cool. Yeah, gonna try Cindy outside. Think it'll do oaky? I can always bring it in. I may run some lights this summer downstairs.
  24. Hey bigun, thanks man. Nice to see you still around. All is harvested, I'll post up lots of pics of the grow since the first post but I'll say 2 things. 1) HSO Black D.O.G. is top tier smoke, bullshit yield. Nugs just never swole. Finished in 45 days from flipping to 12's...super fast but doesn't yield enough to condone the time/resources. Tastes exactly like Grape Crush soda. I won't re-run this one unless I'm desperate. I won't be, 2) Dinafem's Sweet Deep Grapefruit is worth running on all points, really impressed. Tastes like fruit punch with a hint of Fromunda cheese. Definitely will re-run this one. Neither hermied.
  25. You can buy it I don't know if the fresh is better but it is sold under the name Graviola. There are mixed reviews on almost all naturals, but I always wonder how much the pharmie companies are behind that.
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