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  2. webeblzr

    The Onesie

    Hey sunstone, Thanks for the kind words. I did not do the system the justice it deserves, but I will rectify that. Outlaw is getting some crazy cool harvest numbers, but I'm just seeking half of those.
  3. sunstone

    The Onesie

    hey ,webeblzr , props on that, impressive ,heroic, 'ghettoe styile' ha , ha , my kinda entertainment 2, bt with me its, in my head ,, & dont materiallise = idle stoned foka !
  4. Yesterday
  5. Ts 1000 arrived 2 10 gallons FF hf Nutes FF Alaska fish emulsions
  6. Ok so i was less than pleased with my cherry bomb germ rate but it could have been anything I am pleased with this lady She reeks so sweet in veg My cherry bomb mom for now If her cuts root soon in she goes to flower My ts 1000 arrives today But yes cherry bomb is stupendous Its flavour of pronounced sweet cherries is quite special Shes for tokers private stock
  7. Or could be a dina fem cheese auto xxl We find out together See other thread Day 2
  8. Dinafem auto cheese xxl Take 2 Im calling this day 2 I fucked up and lost my labels One of these is a dinafem auto cheese xxl And one a dutch passion auto criticle orange punch Guess we find out whos who together
  9. wisecalyx


    From your description wouldn't your Blue Chem be a BX1ix3 (backcross 1 in cross 3)? Simply calling it F4 isn't quite right due to there being an outcross for one as well as a backcross. Not pure Blue Chem. Just trying to make sure I followed what you wrote. Pretty sure F4 isn't the proper nomenclature regardless. The reason I said bx1ix3 is that there is a bx first prior to the incrossing. Fillial suggests pure.
  10. hi, spw, hope yur ok . very nice , n sticky .how long do you think this last pic has ? , i always assumed red stems on healthy plants was the diff amounts of I.R. & UV ? in the new more powerfull led,s ? onelove sunstone .
  11. Last week
  12. Added epsom salt to yesterday’s feeding for a little boost under the LED’s . They are drinking 1,5 gallons approx if all need attending. No. 6 gets fed daily now since it’ drys out faster with the bigger than needed pot. odor is sorta sweet Dank with nuances I can’t identify well. I imagine the Iditarod will increase the next few weeks too. I like how little gurl no.4 is stacking + perfect little plant and structure. because I’ve only taken cuts off two of the 6, reveg what I plan to do.. so. They will go 20/4 under the 250 mh. This is when a 100w led would be perfect but not there yet.
  13. So I'm waiting for a ferry, minding my own business, when this chatty old fellah comes up to me and starts yakking. I noticed the leaves on his jacket and I thought for a second that maybe this guy, in spite of his appearance, is cool. Then I remembered that buckeyes have palmate compound leaves, just like cannabis! Those deceitful bastards! Weirdness avoided! I did not strike up a conversation about his favorite strain/dispensary, etc. Get legal already, Ohio.
  14. Lol, The Case/Winkler collaboration started back in 2016. They have 5 pieces in the collection which includes the pack axe. The Knife I have is called the Skinner. Although it could more than cope with skinning duties being a full flat grind, it's trailing point design is actually more of a jack of all trades camp knife. The name Skinner is from the vet that designed it along with the pack axe, Kevin Holland, Skinner is his nick name lol. It really is stunning working tool. All of Winklers designs are like an extension to your hand. Speaking of Winkler, just had this turn up in the post. My new Winkler drop point spike crusher lol. The Winkler sheaths are the best I've ever seen. It's a triple layered system of suede, kidex and the wrapped in leather. Every single component is made in the USA and the knives themselfs are made in the Appalachian mountains. But being a knife nut I bet you knew that already lol. We've definitely got the same taste. Like yourself I've had a very keen interest in these things since I was a child, I just can't help it lol. The Tanto is one of my favourite designs. I remember when Cold Steel brought them to the market many years ago. I was amazed watching those demonstrations. Those early models are quite sought after now. You have excellent taste along with some fantastic blades. That bow of mine is an amazing bit of kit. The poundage, cable, string etc can all be adjusted without the need for a bowpress, and breaks down into two parts for portability. I'm waiting for my thermal scope to arrive so I can start playing properly. I'd love to be able to obtain a firearms license but in reality it's never going to happen because of the time I've spent in jail for cannabis. Very jealous of those pistols lol. I've put an order in for a few more Winklers Knives and a new axe. I'm about to move back out into the mountains within the next couple months and need to stock up on all the kit that's gonna be needed. Some fun times ahead lol. Ah and before I forget the TRC. They really do make some of the best semi custom knives out there. The level of detail and finishing is superb and easily on par with the Winkler stuff.
  15. mindless greedy ( chistian worshipers, of mamon ) materialists to take their place inthe lemming que! weve got a new church were every one goes on sunday ,, they call it aldi !& slave master ,next, asda .& hisname is , legion . ? . onelove sunstone .covid corruption! etonian coksukers circle . . .srcewing the masses . tell the children the truth .! technocracy = fukin robots !
  16. well i started new seed off Sweet seeds Red Hot Cookies ,,heres couple pictures .mac.
  17. webeblzr

    The Onesie

    I kind of forgot about this wee experiment, it was fun, but a very predictable out come......BUT, I did NOT give up on the one plant grow, sort of. I found a great thread elsewhere, called The Outlaw. It was stunning! I PM'd the guy, and ask him if he minded if I copy his system, and of course I'll give him the props for it. I ran up to the local grow shop, bought a 2' x 2' x 7" Active Aqua F&D tray, I had a F&D fittings in my personal supply box, I wanted a 20 gallon resy with lid, but had to settle for the 10 g, and it was THIRSTY all the damn time. I had a pump/bag/and fittings, tubing to connect the resy to the tray. Fit it all together, cycled some water to see where the fluid line will run at. I had a 20 LB bag of lava rock, the OG used hydroton, as a base layer. I placed mine more around the drain end. Then he used Sunshine mix, and RW croutons, for his medium. I am addicted to coco husks, Pro Mix mix, large chunk perlite, with a lava rock base. I did buy a bale of Sunshine Mix 4 for this run. I had some veg plants that I was holding for flower space, and went a few months, so they were a bit stressed, and I found homes for the others, and had a Honey Badger Haze and ON Haze. HBH I have cycled many times....not so, for the ON Haze. She went to hermi heaven about a month into flower. I vegged and screened them. I also trained and deleafed every few days. Growth was great. After the organic nutrients started to falter, I started using CNS fertilizers. The lights I used were VERY VERY small, a $99.00 HLG veg light, and the next size bigger, for $149.00 these are fantastic veg lights!! Only a damn fool would flower with them, since I have no issues with being a damned fool, or a tinkering damned fool for that matter, I did just that. I got 400 grams of bud/trim of the HBH. 215 grams of stalk/stems. I made 18 sticks of butter from it all, and kept a small bag of buds. The buds got every bit as frosty as proper grown buds, just smaller. The terp profile is just as strong as proper grown. So now I got this out of my system, and I got space invaders coming in a month, and I'm shutting down the whole perpetual set up, except for 7 plants I'll keep for restarting, and got all my genetics for the rebuild. I'll be running some of Capulators offerings, I got 5 different strains to work with, plus some others I've collected this past year. Some pics: Beginning to end cycle. The most simple grow for me ever.
  18. wow dude,' for years i wanted BG and just gave up. then went on cannetics and all 4 pheno's in regular seed were given out, i guess they didn't dig me cause i didn't get it and was blown off lol. it was so much there i just moved on. i knew nspecta had BG AND MOSCA but never knew how good either was cause i didn't see grow reports on them. some of the folks working with IBG got them from that cannetics connection mos def. i'm going to rock with calyx bros seeds Bubblegum clone S1's. I'm testing his Big League Grape now. he used Grape Pie. u can see his BG on soaknbeans dot com. I passed on BG in denver 4oz cause i thought the others would be better. but then regretted it later because the ni #5 and other NL were similar though different. oh well lol. i saw the nspecta had the white x bg as well as the BG S1's and babu KATSU X BUBBA K. i'M INTERESTED IN SOME OF HIS REGULAR SEEDS THOUGH. fuk caps lol since i have his bb muffin i want to get the regulars too so i can keep it around without keeping a plant alive. thx alot for that info. yeah, mosca runs the clone crossed to otm and would probaly like that more than the S1's after all this time. idk
  19. Anytime brother. The real deal bubblegum has always been of high interest to me as it's one of the first elites I smoked along with the real cheese (not the exodus cut) I believe the father to be originally Mexican, but the amount of work that went into this line, that could have of changed. From what I understand it's heavily inbreed. I had a good chat regarding this with Caleb (Nspecta) because he was looking for information regarding the origins and he'd never heard of Silverback. Everything I stated to him was then later confirmed by Pip (Souvenir Seed Co) who's responsible for getting the original clone into the hands of Caleb and Mosca. I think it was pips uncle that had the clone since the early 90's. Santero will confirm my interest on the Bubblegum (if he remembers lol) as when we first met on Seed Depot all those years ago, it was one of my grails. I'm currently working on a bubblegum project with Moscas work. I've got 2 males that I've selected from a couple of packs of Old Time Indiana Bubblegum that stink like bubblegum like you wouldn't believe. Last year I grew out some IBG S1's and was extremely impressed with what I found. So I'm going to pop the other 3 packs and look for that pink bubblegum selection again and go from there.
  20. DUDE THAT'S AWESOME THX. now, do you know which was the mother ? @santero do u know the answer to the above.
  21. @Toker unexpected surprise and very appreciated. an all time classic for me. not sure how many times i've watched it at least 6 times or more. Ok now, getting to business. I got dibs on the conductor and the wawa lady = yes same time same long weekend etc. honorable mention = the blonde with the braids very cute. @gardenartus HEY SISTER ARE U OK ? IF SO LET US/ME KNOW. YES, MY OCD HAS BEEN ACTIVATED AND I WANT YOU TO MAKE IT TURN OFF WITH KNOWING U ARE WELL OR AT LEAST ALIVE. IF SOMEONE HAS A DIRECT LINE TO HER PLEASE REACH OUT TO MAKE SURE SHE'S OK. THANKS
  22. is that a jiffy pot or home made ? beautiful and congrats
  23. Awesome for reading for all those of us, who have bags in freeze! Btw i dont want to open new topic so i will ask here: I must admit that still i have no chance to smoke or grow Bubba(pre98, good repros if they any worth name?cuts if bx etc)big thanks for good point, Eu preferable. edit: Or good Chem. I had half bad luck with first fem batch of Jahlicious F1 fem which Sannie pulled back off asap after grows with nanners reported. i had two phenos 1 female 1 male.I have there somewhere part like smoke rep..in short bless!very very dankfank! especially after at least 100+- days. Proly i made mistake for not taking polen even from fem..who knows? Girl show no new nanners after chop them, and gave me auto pilot grow, very good vigor and above average yield.Smoke like riding on s300:) If i have chance in near future i will grow reg 10 Jah with starters pack and everything proper, documented. I miss bacto and tablets!Lucky i hope guanno tea helps in every aspect.
  24. Two BlueChem F2s with the lights out going on 8 weeks
  25. Fans were blocking and tucking wasn’t practical because of location. Done a couple days ago and fan leaves are being room temp dried before puff test. ph after nutes approx 6 = good enough to run coco without adding ph up or down which I have but it’s nice to do less ! the water:fed schedule is looking at every other day once well watered. theor is a sweet type Dank smell coming from the tent now. Not offensive or too loud so no filter will be used unless needed.
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