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  2. Social Distancing New computer modelling research from Harvard University, which has yet to be published in an academic journal, warns that it may be necessary for intermittent social distancing measures to be maintained into 2022 in the US unless other interventions such as vaccines, drug therapies and aggressive quarantine measures can be put into place.. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200324-covid-19-how-social-distancing-can-beat-coronavirus
  3. Pointless jobs ''The fact that so many people work pointless jobs is partly why we are so ill prepared to respond to Covid-19. The pandemic is highlighting that many jobs are not essential, yet we lack sufficient key workers to respond when things go bad. People are compelled to work pointless jobs because in a society where exchange value is the guiding principle of the economy, the basic goods of life are mainly available through markets. This means you have to buy them, and to buy them you need an income, which comes from a job.'' https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200331-covid-19-how-will-the-coronavirus-change-the-world Lets hope everybody wakes up during these times....
  4. First song from a great album, Ahead Rings Out, featuring Jethro Tull guitarist Mick Abrahams.
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  6. FYI = be very careful who you order products from these days especially sites geared to growers. i got a refund on the cordeset i thought i was going in response to sending me a socket w/cord set that was not even possible;le to use based on plug configuration that was/is totally different making it unusable. i told her that that's not how you do business. you do not send or substitute a product without contacting the customer period. not to mention the fact that Tristan lied in her response. how the fuck do u offer a replacement for a product with a product that won't work. and it's obvious that it will not. smdh i wish i could hear her say it to my face so i could slap her as son as the lie had stopped. I ALSO wrote back and TOLD THAT HUZZY THAT SHE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO APOLOGIZE . FYI = TODAY THE COMPANY HAS A NOTE = WHICH STARTS WITH A LIE. THEY DON'T VALUE CUSTOMERS BECAUSE F THEY DID THEY NEVER WOULD HAVE DEALT WITH ME ;LIKE THEY DID AND NEVER APOLOGIZE ONCE FOR DOING WHAT THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE DONE IN THE 1ST. DAMN PLACE. never deal with this company if they come back. fuk em A message to our valued customers After careful thought and deliberation in the face of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, and in what we believe is in the best interest of our employees and local communities, NationalHydroGroup.com has suspend operations until further notice. All open orders will process as normal. We will work directly with our customers and will provide refunds to those who have open orders if they would prefer. Our phones are currently unavailable but you can email us at support@nwgsupply.com or use the icon in the lower right corner to submit your inquiry. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this short notice will undoubtedly create. We look forward to welcoming you back as circumstances improve, NationalHydroGroup.com on (National Hydro Group) Mar 30, 10:37 AM PDT Business hours are only during the week Mon-Fri and currently on limited access with the Coronavirus pandemic. If that will not work we will get over a return label, as that is the replacement piece that our site offers for that Vertical Cordset ordered. Trystan Customer Support xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I WOULD ALSO BE CAREFUL ON SENDING MONEY TO BUY THINGS WITHOUT CHECKING AHEAD TO SEE IF THE COMPANY IS FUNCTIONING AND IT'S PLANS TO OPERATE OR NOT IN THIS PANDEMIC. THINK OF WHAT will occur if you need to sue a company now. might be good to check paypal to see how they will operate as well. Post office = i don't want to go to the post office. i'll explore having postal items sent to me and then hand it off to the mail carrier to mail if need be. Budget and spending now has to be restricted now. no i didn't buy the seeds i just saw pop up even though i wanted them. playing for seeds now in my situation makes no SINSE literally lol. i've got to make sure whatever essentials i need i can pay for if i can get them. have to get ahead more with dog food/cat food as well cause u never know. i usually stay ahead by a bag for both. i'll be making grocery lists based on cheap long term items to include food stuffs i don't eat a lot of like Pasta, cheap canned meats, have some now but will go back to the slightly higher treet which is like spam but not as good. dollar store had gnocchi and grabbed 3 for a $1 each. = 2 meals for ea. package or enough for 4 sides. black folks don't know wtf that is usually so i was happy to see them. 8PM QUARANTINE IN EFFECT , SO LET ME GO TO THE DOLLAR STORE AND SEE WHAT THEY HAVE NOW. SEE YALL.
  7. Think our Gov is going to announce stay at home until June 9th tomorrow.
  8. What is this bizarre event, what is that hanging from the ceiling?
  9. Sorry to hear it. Mine connects OK, but I heard Apple no longer carries the app on their app store (maybe they freaked out during the big vape pen bullshit). If I get another phone, it will have to be an android, I guess.
  10. I germed all kinds of ways. My favorite is to put in some worm castings. I made my own castings and was full of sprouts all the time from the stuff I ate! A bit of castings in the hole or sprout right from castings, both worked great for me.
  11. I didn't think of peroxide, that should work. I'll try it. Foolonthehill: I tried, but some do the same thing and get moldy in the soil.
  12. @Misterdirt Yes indeed. After a few weeks with it I am very happy. I only wish I could get the bluetooth function to work. On my second one and neither would connect to the app.
  13. Someone asked me how long been growing in these, heck I still can't find start date lol, but it was right after Chris put them out.
  14. Grüne Hessin before chop. Warlock x Jack Flash. Drying now. Intimidated by the extreme haze smell..... oh oh Two sisters cuddling.... So much bud it didnt know where to grow...
  15. Cannabis survived for 10.000's of genetations without paper towels. Just put them in moist soil, they'll be fine.
  16. Maybe peroxide would do the trick
  17. So I'm starting to germ seeds from last years outdoor crop. I left them in the buds all winter and found some that were a bit moldy. After leaving them in water/papertowel etc, I'm finding some have a moldy fuzz on them. Not all of them but select. Since I don't know which ones have it, is there anyway I can disinfect them without damaging them? Could I douse them in alcohol for a bit or would that damage them? Any ideas?
  18. Hi indy Nl5 x atf f 1 . Frosty and colorful Closeup
  19. Turkmenistan 'bans the word "coronavirus" and threatens to arrest anyone seen wearing a face mask'
  20. Silverfields "Green Pheno 78" hanging out with his mommas sister "Purple Pheno 84" Delicious berry influenced haze with a comfortable stone.
  21. Five days later, this is how they look. Some are nice and other could have been bigger. Luckily there still is room for improvement otherwise growing might bore me. I am happy that i am finally switching to led during my next round. Remember her? TIme flies brothers and sisters! Peace out and see you soon!
  22. That sounds amazing San! Totally with you on that.
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