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BHO boiling in hidro's kitchen

Posted by hidronesia - 33 minutes ago -

guys im totaly new in this

just want to show what i did till now

hope nothing terrible

it is the first test run

and feel free to help me out guys from USA

i have lot of dry leaf material

i couldnt buy a big glass tube

so this time i goo with this PVC

i can fill 250g dry material loose.. not pressed togeather

i bought the biggest tank of butan which is available here.. 11.1 kg 99.5% purity

a heater i set to 70C

and vacuum pump

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Indicans new mix

Posted by indican - 54 minutes ago -

Whats up yall!!!?? Im sorta back, getting setup and the T5 is on. Im growin a variety this time. I had 25 rapid rooters put back so i went to the grow store today n bought a tray and dome, some Fox Farms Light Warrior mix and picked some killer strains for my head. Heres what are bein popped...Esko's blueberry #2 pheno, 8 Herijuana x Double Koosh, 4 Double Koosh f2s, 4 Kronicaine, 3Anasthesia, 2 Sugar Punch, 3 Selene. Theres gonna be some winners fer sure! Oh, if anyone needs a roommate in Colorado let me know! I have a job there I just need a place to sleep, grow, and of course I have a beautiful Labrador, best stoner dog ever...alright...game on! Launch Full Topic

The Beach House

Posted by saxo - Today, 08:41 AM -

Welcome to BeachBud's garden by the sea. :wave:

Here you will find bits and pieces of my continuing effort to grow the best cannabis I can. My space is small and my assets are limited so I try to make the most of them.

I have a total space of about 11' x 4.5' w/ 7.5' ceiling. That is divided into 3 spaces with the flower room being about 7.5' x 4.5' of which only 5' x 4.5' is used for growing. The rest houses the reservoir, dehumidifier, shelving and all the hardware. A light tight door separates the flower room from the veg/clone area which occupies a space of about 3' x 4.5' of which 3' x 2' is useable for growing. This space is divided vertically with the lower area housing the clone/sprout station and the upper area for vegging.

Here's a pic of the flower room after putting in new panda film.
Posted Image

And one showing the Blumat supply line laid out.
Posted Image

This is the veg/clone area.
Posted Image

The veg area is lit by 2 led strips. They have 3 x 5 leds per strip equalling 22.5 watts each for a total of 45 watts. I made the change to these from a 200w CFL last year and am more than happy with the upgrade. I want one more strip so I can fill the entire space.

The Sprout-O-Matic is something I built after not finding a what I wanted on the market. It provides a widely adjustable range of climate types with rather basic hardware. After several years of use I and very pleased with it's performance and can honestly say I have never lost a clone or sprout in it.

There is a 4" fan mounted in the wall between the flower room and veg area that pulls warm air out of the flower room into the veg area. This is all the heat the veg area gets but it seems to do the job.

Here's the hardware and rez and a shot of the rez getting filled.
Posted Image

Posted Image

I've upgraded the fan speed controller since this pic was taken and now use one of these. The ballast is a 600 watt Lumatek.

Now you know about my space. Coming up I will show you what I do in it. :dope: Launch Full Topic

First Post……It could be a good one.

Posted by the-organic-obsession - Today, 08:38 AM -

Hello Opengrow,

I decided to bypass the introduction and jump straight in. To say that is a bit of a lie as I have been a lurker here for years, reading nearly every post on the site. If you are a frequent poster, I already feel like I know you and you will get to know me here.

I have never posted anywhere for security concerns. I do however read and study to great lengths on this site and on other sites primarily focusing on organic growing. I am a big fan of Sannie and crew products as well as the attitude on this forum. I decided if I was going to finally take the plunge that I would try to add my value here. So as a great Indican might say. Fuck it, here I go.

I plan for this to be an ongoing thread where I can show everyone how I do things and try to help others. There are many ways to grow great pot. I don’t discount the ways of others. This is just my way.

I am on a current mission to break 1GPW. Let’s just go ahead and make this controversial for fun right off the bat.

The things I do “wrong”:

I grow organic in soil, no nute bottles here. I would say water only, but I do make teas and use a few limited organic products in addition to my soil mix.

I defoliate, heavily…..this should be a good conversation.

I re-use my soil, over and over and over…..

My soil is full of bugs…..Gasp!

I don’t keep things “clean”, as you will see leaves are mulch.

I don’t pH and use shitty water.

I grow in a tent.

I jam pack that tent.

I don’t have a watering schedule. I would prefer every 2-3 days but I am gone a lot, so sometimes they go slightly under/over watered for my taste.

I do not run one strain or one type of plant structure. Big clone trees, small clones, seed plants…. I top, bend, break, LST, SCROG, SOG, supercrop, lollipop, leave it alone…. Everything goes, all mixed together in a beautiful mess.

I will do my best to dispel why I think many of these “wrongs” are not necessarily as wrong as some may believe. Ultimately this comes down to your goals, environment, constraints, etc. More to come on this and I welcome questions.

Things I do “right”:

I run a Gavita 400V 600W. Good lord this thing is impressive, Whazzup isn’t selling snake oil.

I run C02. I use a natural gas burner. Its very cheap, hard plumbed and no bottles to deal with.

I control my environment very well, though it can be a challenge at times of the year.

I understand organics and plants very well, though it’s a voyage I am always improving on. My goal is to always do what the plant tells me. Props when you can predict the future and react to it before it happens.

I preventatively treat for pest with organic methods that build more of a defense than anything.

Most importantly, I keep things very private and control for sweet, sweet, dank odors.

As my name might suggest, I am an organic freak. It is amazing what you can do with organics and careful tuning. It can be extremely low cost as you are working primarily with raw, cheap ingredients. Organic soil growing can be as low maintenance as it gets. This is my hobby and obsession. The amazingly potent, pungent, colorful and fragrant flowers are my reward.

I will elaborate on different aspects of my growing over time. Ask questions if you have them. This is my passion.

So there you have it. Lets see if we can hit 1GPW this run! Next post should have pictures if I pull it off right.

The Dude

Last Week

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This Week

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1st legal grow

Posted by madmaster420 - Today, 08:22 AM -

Well, here goes, fellas...

Gonna document the goodies for those that are interested:

My Death Star momma...she's been through hell but is pulling through nicely.

Uploaded 02 Mar 2014 - 13:46

FireOg - growing strong. best looking in the group so far. Nute hog, but I found some PM and bugs when I got all of these, so I'm bringing them back to life. Never grew any Og's, but this looks like a keeper!

FireOg momma
Uploaded 02 Mar 2014 - 13:46

My ChemD momma snappin back and looking good so far... :wOOt

ChemD (trey dawg)
Uploaded 02 Mar 2014 - 13:47

I'll keep posting pics as I figure how to use the camera better.

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