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Posted by indican - 9 minutes ago -

This is a SF x CB male that decided to throw a few pistils out of the male flowers. A couple questions:
1 - Will this produce female seeds if it pollinates itself?
2 - Prior to seeing the pistils, I wanted to use this male to seed a branch of a SF x CB female. Would this be wise, considering the hermi trait exhibited? Would the trait limited to the pollen coming from the hermi site?

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1st legal grow

Posted by balzasteel - 16 minutes ago -

Well, here goes, fellas...

Gonna document the goodies for those that are interested:

My Death Star momma...she's been through hell but is pulling through nicely.

Uploaded 02 Mar 2014 - 13:46

FireOg - growing strong. best looking in the group so far. Nute hog, but I found some PM and bugs when I got all of these, so I'm bringing them back to life. Never grew any Og's, but this looks like a keeper!

FireOg momma
Uploaded 02 Mar 2014 - 13:46

My ChemD momma snappin back and looking good so far... :wOOt

ChemD (trey dawg)
Uploaded 02 Mar 2014 - 13:47

I'll keep posting pics as I figure how to use the camera better.

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Posted by reverendmaynard - 22 minutes ago -

Unknown reason.

pH: 5.8
ppm: 600-700
lights: 2x 600w HPS in cooltube, 4x 120W LED
temp: 26-30C
ebb & flood, rockwool.

Plants have been growing for two weeks. Doesn't look it, does it?

They seem to be drying and dying for no reason.

Does anyone know what could I do? It seems that in less that two weeks these will be COMPLETELY dead.

The cuts in the back are ok'ish but all of the Killing Fields in the front left and Kolossus on the front right are REALLY BAD. I have already had one KF die on me, and two Kolossus.

Start: http://i.imgur.com/WrGfDWk.jpg

One week veg: http://i.imgur.com/z0LwW7o.jpg

Two weeks veg: http://i.imgur.com/nHVUg3h.jpg

Today, about two and half weeks: http://i.imgur.com/MJiiLKp.jpg

As you can see.... I am losing hope.....


PS: many times i have started a project with exactly the same ppm's, ph's and nutrients etc. and everytime for 10 years its been working great. but now, a mystery... MYSTERY problem. WTF Launch Full Topic

Elasticband's Balcony Grow

Posted by reverendmaynard - 25 minutes ago -

Hello peeps :)

I have never grown in soil and i have never grown outdoors, so it's really a learning thing. Any advice would be great, especially with keeping things short and bushy, I really don't want to piss my neighbors off!

So i got started a little bit early and I am currently on day 16 from planting my seeds.
Seeds are bag seeds i got from a really nice batch of silver fields floating around A'dam, gamble i know but it's more the experience i am looking for.

Seedlings have been raised using a 150w t4 light and are currently small plants, they maybe spend about 6 hours outside in natural lighting at the moment and 12-14hours under t4 lighting.

I am probably going to start leaving them outside in a couple of weeks and maybe think about a schedule for bringing them inside at night.

I ordered a basic starter kit from sannie out of interest and received some regular silver fields seeds, so maybe next year or indoors.

I tried to find some light mix or seed mix but to be honest some of the grow shops around A'dam are really not that helpful or friendly, if i go with my dutch friend it's a different story though. After a visit to several i left with a 50L bag of nutrient rich Biobizz ALL mix.....

First i took some steps to make my balcony growing space a bit more private and a greener space then the project got underway.

Also got some 60 day lemon wonders seeds from a friend, looks like these are terrible. One seed didn't even have the pwoer to poke it's wee head out the soil, it did pop though.

Forgot the important picture ;)
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100w led + 24w T5 micro grow

Posted by chief-runningbud - 46 minutes ago -

1x fem Mad scientist, popped 2/12/14
1x reg chemistry, popped 2/13/14
3x reg chucky's bride, popped 2/10/14

Posted Image

Shitty pic. But three sets of leaves on two of the cb's, two sets on the other. Two sets of leaves on the mad scientist and chemistry.

Have a 260 cfm fan blowing through carbon. Will update with "better" pics in the future. And more info on the grow. Launch Full Topic