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Is Mapito Unicorn Manure?

Posted by hidronesia - 10 minutes ago -

I looked online for Mapito when Esco did his DIY thread and didn't see any likely suppliers for the Seattle area.
Now Growpito is supposed to be even better. I emailed Growpito a few days ago, inquiring about availability. No reply. Launch Full Topic

Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by balzasteel - 13 minutes ago -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

NAW Head Candy F2 + Choc Rain Fem

Posted by stankydank30 - 22 minutes ago -

Right off the bat, I'm on a tight schedule due to extensive renovations that will be taking place on my apartment complex early 2016... nobody knows exactly when but my best sources say late january/early february. Kind of a gamble, but I'm hoping to squeeze in a quick cycle before then. Worst comes to worst, I'll chop early and make hash :)

Booted up a new round of seeds, this time:
3x Head Candy F2 from Naw seeds
1 Chocolate Rain Fem from Eskobar

Put in water November 11, sprouted taproots within 24 hours and placed in peat pellets. All four growing well :tu

Head Candy F2
Posted Image

Chocolate Rain Fem
Posted Image

My ghetto seedling/clone box/veg chamber with 30w 4000k CFL
Posted Image

The plan is flipping to 12/12 by Nov 30

Stay tuned :smoke Launch Full Topic

Looking for Tom Hill Deep Chunk Seeds

Posted by n2ishun - 23 minutes ago -

Anyone know how to get in touch with Tom Hill? Or where to find Deep Chunk seeds?

I wanna polinate my pure Viet Sativa Dalat among others with a DC male.

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Crimson goes International

Posted by saxo - 35 minutes ago -

Hello Opengrow,

Welcome to my first thread here.

I already got a diary on the dutch side but why not have best of both worlds.

I grow in a DP60 micro tent by Secret Jardin:
Posted Image

I try to grow organic with Sannie's kit and till now I always got happy plants :D
Posted Image

Here are the little ones 3 weeks ago;
First up:

Strawberry Sour Diesel by The Devil's Harvest
Posted Image

and the Sannie's Jack x Katsu Kush-freebee
Posted Image

I also was gifted a clone but don't know yet wheter she is a NYCDiesel By Soma or an Amnesia-clone. Time will tell
Posted Image

Here are the girls today ;)
Posted Image
(Left Katsu Jack-----right SSD)

Some close-ups:
Posted Image

Katsu Jack
Posted Image

Posted Image

And the mystery girl
Posted Image

Posted Image

If somebody has questions or notes, feel free :D

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