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ddb's small garden

Posted by mr-goodfellow - 4 minutes ago -

Hi og

currently at day 42 flo. All the same strain. A cookie hybrid. Beginning flush tomorrow. They are under 600w in 6l air pots. Pics to follow.

ps, last grow was a success but i was too busy to complete my journal. I have alot of free time now so will be documenting my projects aswell which will happen in a few months. Launch Full Topic

Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by bigun - 19 minutes ago -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

in the bush

Posted by bigun - 22 minutes ago -

here is a few pics of some of our bush grow...

like a lot of people weather has been cold and wet this spring and so..late planting..lol

I have got 13 in the bush in a spot close by andPosted Image
5 yet to go anywhere..may just keep them in 5 gal. pots and move them ..lol

Posted Image
I have 13 of these

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

this is the last pic..the taller ones are RT and the shorter ones are the uk x psy x heri....
will try and update when there is more to show..lol

21st. is the turn date..going to give them a little n. they won't need any once them roots reach all the composed cow and chicken manure..lol

hop u will enjoy Launch Full Topic

Outdoor 2016

Posted by caribbeangrower - 29 minutes ago -

Some seeds were gifted to me for helping La Buena Hierba out with some cannabis oil, Thanks Bro!

I never had much with the auto's untill LBH told me to look at them in a different way and point me in the right direction...

Now i have some of his offspring in the dutch climate and boy are they one of the hardest growing stinkiest haze auto's i have ever seen.
Poring rain on them from time to time and still in a small container they show exceptional grow power.


Auto Panama

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Sour Diesel haze

Posted Image

Posted Image

S5 haze mom, she is already a few years old.

Posted Image

Chem x Heribei to early out and a little reveg

Posted Image

My first selection male....Blue Hammer F1.....very old

Posted Image

Just enjoy

Poldergrower Launch Full Topic

Pinned Freebees Sannie shop

Posted by agreenpassion - 32 minutes ago -

Its nice to share this kind of freebees with the rest of the world and I am sure sannie shop customers will be extreme happy with the choice of freebees you will have.
Lots of freebees are made by our opengrow friends like Island and Bigleek so in this way the circle is round again.

So thanks Opengrow dude's

This Topic is also to discuss and ask questions about these strains and maybe with some luck the breeder can chim in to help.

Sannie's Shop exclusive freebees.

The past years the genetics from sannie shop proved themselfs time after time, these quality strains we also suplied the cutomers in our freebees. Sannie's shop freebees are wel respected all over the world.

Because of this we decided to enhance the range of freebees with some of our top genetics which are made by sannie, knutsel, eskobar and some opengrow breeders.

Atention : 1 pack of freebees with each order and not with each pack of seeds!

Feminized Freebees :

When ordering feminized seeds from sannie shop we will give you free (2pcs) of feminized freebee seeds

Posted Imageherijuana x big wite feminized

We are using the herijuana and the Big White for some years now to make our genetics stronger and we made several selections to find the best suitable plants to use as parrent plants. These plants are also used to make this feminized cross, the yielding properties from the Big White with the dank potential from the Herijuana will promise firework. Big and dense buds with medical qualities for the dy hard blower. Because this is a new cross we love to get feedback.

Outdoor Freebees :

Posted Image outdoor freebeesDurban Excellent (durban poison X durban Swasi)

Posted Image outdoor freebees Green Star (durban poison X jack herer/mata hari)

Freebees made and developped by Basic seeds and made to give good results and our bad Dutch climate, if you have preference for one of the above strains just fill in remarks when ordering in sannie shop.

Regular Freebees :

When ordering regular seeds in Sannie shop we standard suplie the follow freebee (5 pcs) :

Posted Image el monstre freebees El Monstre F2

Jackberry X Blue Kronic

I made the Elmonstre a couple of years ago to see what this cross could bring me and i was glad I did and because of the great feedbacks we have gotten we decided to do it one more time and suply the elmonstre as a freebee again. This plants grows like a sativa but more wide and dense, the buds are covered in cristals and thc. From all the freebees I gave away the last years the Elmonstre I have gotten the most positive feedback from. beautifull colored nugs with a flowering time from around the 8-9 weeks makes here so popular.

Posted Image The Mask F2

Herijuana X Sannie's jack

Also The Mask was made a couple of years ago and we sold them for a short period in sannie's shop because she was a limited batch. Because of the strong inbred parrents this was a wonderfull F1 cross which made lots of growers very happy. Some opengrow members found a wicked pheno and shared this plant, by sharing it also create's offspring and so The Mask f2 was born. Sannie shop is so glad to give our customers such strong freebees.

Powered by Opengrow


For clients that like to try something else then El monstre you can choose the freebee you like to have with your order, give clearly the strain (or kopy paste the strain) in remarks when you pay in sannie shop.

Down here a follow up of exclusive freebees which are made possible by our breeders and Opengrow members, thanks dudes

Posted Image Mad S F2 Mad S F2 (white widow X Herijuana)

Posted Image killa queen X blue kronic Killa Queen X Blue Kronic

Posted Image Killa queen X NYCD Killa Queen X NYCD

Posted Image Superglue X kali mist Superglue X Kalimist

Posted Image Bubble dust X DSD Bubble Dust X Double Strawberry Diesel

Posted Image nycd X dsd NYCD X Double Strawberry Diesel

Posted Image killing kush Killing Kush (ko kush X killing fields)

Posted Image Big white Big White F2 (Power plant X Chronic)

Posted Image sannie jack X dsd Sannie's Jack X Double Strawberry Diesel

Posted Image hasjplant X dsd Hasjplant X Double Strawberry Diesel

Posted Image alpha diesel X dsd Alpha Diesel X Double Strawberry Diesel

Posted Image blueberry indica X jackberry Blueberry Indica X Jackberry

Posted Image jackberry X nycd Jackberry X NYCD

Posted Image lavender X blueberry sativa Lavender X Blueberry Sativa

Posted Image killing fields X madonna Killing Fields X Madonna

Special thanks for the breeders that made this seeds : knutsel, eskobar, Island, Bigleek

Above are freebees that will be updated regular ! Launch Full Topic