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Micro Box with 105W CFL

Posted by dreamofgreen - 12 minutes ago -

Hi. Hope this is in the right place. The last grow I did (my first proper grow) was documented here: https://www.opengrow...without-lights/

This will be a very similar grow, but with slightly higher powered lights, and reflective coating on the box.

I just spent the day covering the inside of my Micro Box with Diamond Mylar. I'm fairly happy with it, though I need to do a few tweaks here and there to iron out some kinks, but on the whole, it's pretty much ready to go.

I still haven't decided which seeds I'm going to use. I decided against the 2 Fast 2 Vast as it's crossed with skunk and I don't have my odour control in order. I'm still deciding how to go about this, it's a real pain, but with some luck, I should have it sorted out this grow. I'm on to it!

I'm going back to the trusty auto NL. Either Vision or Nirvana auto Northern Lights, this time. Then again I am considering auto Blue Mystic. It's a NL crossed with Blueberry iirc. They say the smell is pretty mild, so it's on the short list. I'm pretty isolated where I am, but I don't want to shout it from the rooftops either. I'm going to use up the Kera diamond XL or wtf it's called, to chuck it on my window sill. I don't really care if it does well. It was free and it's a NL breed, so again, it shouldn't be too 'loud'. I'm hoping both seeds germ ok and become healthy seedlings. If not I've got a few in back up ready to go. I just want to crack on with this quickly now.

I've decided just to only ever do TWO plants at one time. So for now there is one for the Micro Box and one for the window sill. Hopefully by the end of the year, I will have my ScroG Box done and then I'll not bother with the window sill again (till next year) and just grow the second plant there (in the new ScroG Box). I was going to do two plants in there, but I'm getting ahead of myself. One plant should be enough, it's not that big anyway.

I've ordered a couple of 35W 6400K CFLs for 'vegging' (yeah, I know it's not really 'vegging'). They should come in a bit and I'll start the seedlings off on 20-30W bulbs so as not to fry them. I think I used 23W 2700Ks before, and they did just fine. I also read some deep stuff in my research about redder spectrums being a bit better for the very first initial stages after germinating. Anyway, they did no harm before.

I'll be playing to the average (as I have worked out) of 2 X 35W 6400K (blue) and 1 X 35W 2700K (red), for 'vegging', then switching to 2 X 35W 2700K (red) and 1 X 35W 6400K (blue), for flowering. That's a 66/33 percent, or 2:1 ratio (please correct me if I am wrong), both ways - blue for 'vegging', red for flowering.

I'll be sticking to full on 24 hour from start to finish. It's only a bit more than a 100W light bulb running full time, so the electricity savings would be negligible. I also like to think the full on 24 hour cycle some how stresses the plant in some kind of good/small way, and helps to keep it small and under control. This is a small box and the shorter the plant the better. It worked before, and I'm hoping it will work again. This is counter intuitive for noobs, but if you put a plant in a low lighted area it will 'stretch' - get taller - for more light. If you put it under the cosh of a full on light bashing, it keeps its head down and doesn't grow as much - keeps shorter. Less light = more stretching. More light = less 'VERTICAL' growth. In other words, your plant won't be as tall under higher lighting, but it will more than make up for this by growing wide and budding. This is just my newbie take on it. I'm sure there is more to it. However, after LST'ing my last plant, it really just grew to the available space available to it. It didn't grow into the lights and burn itself.

As for LST:

However, I still need to LST (Low Stress Train) it. That main cola is gonna pop up and I need to get it back down as soon as. This will do something with the hormones that will trigger the other colas to all 'get in on the act' and try to be big bubba! Again, it worked before, so I'm hoping it works again. Pretty soon the main cola will do a 'left hand turn' and be facing up again, but all the other colas will be invigorated to join in with the race, with them hopefully all trying to 'pip each other at the post' like Penelope Pitstop and Dick Dastardly!

I might Super Crop it a bit, but really, I'm going to take it easy there as well, I don't want to snap off any more branches like I did last time. In such a small constricted place, things kind of take care of themselves and just a bit of subtle bending here or there should be fine. I'll document what I do as always.

Back to the lighting:

The plant can reach to within a couple of Centimeters of touching the bulb and it won't burn. This is with 35W bulbs. And adequate ventilation. Beware of the back end (the ballast) of the bulbs being much much hotter. In a confined space such as this, this is a concern.

My last grow used no more than 95W at one time, so this will be consistently 10W more all along. I decided against using the CCFLs as they will add heat and I was on the edge before in the heat of summer. I will keep them for my ScroG Box for later. I have 2 X 90MM computer fans that push out just enough air (I've worked it out properly) that is sucked in by the passive intakes (about double the size of the surface (diameter) area of the fans iirc).

I'll be using the same soil (Plant Magic) and nutes (Bio Silicon + Old Timer Bloom). I'm going to take it a lot easier on the nutes again this time and definitely easier on the watering. :-)


I gave the cabinet a good clean and disinfected it today, before I put the Mylar on. I decided against ripping out all the wiring and plugs and doing it all from scratch - not enough time - but sod that anyway. It's not absolutely perfect, but I lost patience with it. It took me about 6 hours all in all to complete it. I learned how to work the Mylar. It can be very frustrating with just one pair of hands - two would be better. But I got the hang of it, even understanding how to tear and cut out the holes for the fans by pressing (with one hand) against the edge of the hole, and ripping very carefully with the other hand (fingers). I could do better next time. I still have enough left to kit out my ScroG Box which is about double the volume, maybe.

This grow, if I can get 2 ounces when dried, like I did last time, I'll be more than happy. The NL was a very decent tasting smoke of a very decent potency. I'm looking to get THREE GROWS in by the end of the year - one in my new ScroG Box hopefully, if I can get my odour control in order and it built on time.


I've taken a few photos before my battery ran out in my camera of the new box. Not sure how good they are. Should give you an idea.

SAM 1959
Uploaded 12 May 2015 - 20:48

SAM 1962
Uploaded 12 May 2015 - 20:49

SAM 1963
Uploaded 12 May 2015 - 20:49

SAM 1965
Uploaded 12 May 2015 - 20:49

SAM 1969
Uploaded 12 May 2015 - 20:50

SAM 1971
Uploaded 12 May 2015 - 20:50


That would be all for now. I'm sorry, I got a bit carried away between doing a grow guide and a grow journal kind of thing. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. I'll try to keep it limited and not blah on too much about theory. I'm assuming most of the people reading here already know this stuff, and if I state some basic knowledge, it's to help those that are new to the scene. Hopefully it won't annoy those more learned, and stop them from enjoying this report. I also hope that those more learned that see me making mistakes, will be happy to correct me, as I go along.

If you're a noob reading this and need advice about how to construct the Micro Box, whether it's the wiring up of fans or the airflow needed (fluid dynamics), or the rational for the ratio of light spectrums used etc. feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help you out and share my research. I kind of get the impression this is a forum for more experienced people though. But if I can give something back to those just starting out, I'm happy to do so.

As to everyone else, and all the old hands and experienced growers (Sannie, most of all) - thanks again - for providing such a great little quiet corner of the net, that just lets things flourish and grow in their own time. Launch Full Topic

FOCISS Hydroponics

Posted by dreamofgreen - 25 minutes ago -

Wasup everyone, I have been on the slow and steady, switching my soil setup out and cleaning some water damage aswell as taking switching the old with the new. In coming to conclusion that I wanted to go back to hydro I sought out to do it right the first time instead of run into problems. so with a week of planning I came up with a solution, I will do a Ebb & Flow for my veg cab and do a Aeroponic setup of my design in the flower cab. I am leaving room so I can still run a couple 3 gal soil pots for fun and practice. So far I have almost 6 ready to go into flower and clones rooting ready for the Ebb, so sit back and enjoy watching my new Aero design to see how she works. " got my fingers crossed ". Pic's will be on the next post. Launch Full Topic

Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by midnight-toker - 48 minutes ago -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

Selene Smoke report

Posted by hazydaze - 50 minutes ago -

Greetings Opengrowers,

Earlier this year I came across this site, which led me to Sannies shop and access to some legit genetics. One strain in particular stood out to me , Sannies Selene, but hardly any info on grow or smoke reports could be found_I ordered anyway and I'm so glad I did.

Firstly Sannie is a pleasure to deal with, he answered all my questions about the strain; even when I asked him same one six times because my email wasn't showing he had replied, anyway seeds arrived within a week, with freebies (more on those later) and I was good to go.

All ten beans popped and were placed in a 50.liter tray and placed on 12/12, as I was only looking for a mother and time was of the essence, I wouldn't normally grow like that lol.

After about two half weeks they showed sex and I was blessed with six girls_ fast forward 11weeks and they were done. Of the six two were outstanding, one purple and one green, both vigorous and yielding about 2oz each, that isn't bad, considering how they were grown in cramped conditions in corner of the room.

Checking the tric's on the purple one, didn't just find clear, cloudy and Amber; but lots ranging from pale rose pink through fuchsia to bright red, I have never seen that before.

For the smoke report I will concentrate on the "purp".

It smells amazing and unlike anything else out there- grind it and u are suddenly overwhelmed with a dank sweet dark fruity smell so complex you spend ages just smelling it before you even get round to making a joint and I'm happy to say this translates 100% into the flavour.

Sweet with a dark deep fruity morish taste and a fuely finish- unique.

This isn't all about taste though, this is strong weed. Four of my friends with over a hundred years of smoking experience between us, all rated this as one of the top three strains we have ever had. The high is beautiful and creative; half a J and we are giggling like it's our first ever smoke, my body has ceased to exist, not in the indica way, just light and has become more of a concept, yet fully functional. Mild hallucinogenic properties kick in as I notice some flowers in the window swaying in a non existent breeze, yet more giggling and great conversation, then as I go to get a drink, the music hits me, I mean physically hits me and I begin to dance, like it's entering my body through my chest and I'm connected to it and I'm just a physical extension if it's beat, absolutely beautiful.

This strain in my personal opinion has it all. Strong, yet functional and never overwhelming, unique sublime dark sweet fruity dank taste that translates 100% from the smell.

This was my first grow from Sannie and I've just gotta say-Respect; great genetics, great germ rates, great customer service. Launch Full Topic

outdoor grow 2015

Posted by ermlight - 50 minutes ago -

Ill be running ladycanes and cjxgm i dropped 3 lady cane 1 cjxgm and 3 more soaking. Ill be growing in holes in the grown with age old organics. My soil is native soil with horse a chicken poop that have been composted. 2 of lady cames have popped. Ill keep updated pictures if there is enough intrest in this grow.
I also.may need some help on the grow. Happy smoking! Launch Full Topic