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USC Cheestral & DNA Lemon Skunk Grow

Posted by barrie84 - 22 minutes ago -

Bit of a newbie here guys well to the open grow forums anyway, but not to growing.
Recently received I think the last pack of cheestral via sannies and thought it would be nice to do a diary/journal on the grow.
Only starting with x5 cheestral seeds all have popped and are 7 days in, I've also got fem dna lemon skunk going aswell.

My setup is pretty simple:
120cm width x 60cm depth x 160cm height
5" Extractor with carbon filter
Advanced XTE 200 (with controls for veg/bloom)
I sometimes add a 2nd LED for extra light in flower.
Soil is a mix up of plant magic, ewc & perlite

Wishing for at least a few cheestral females, will be posting some photos in a few weeks. Launch Full Topic

Barrie`s Organic Advanture`s

Posted by barrie84 - 40 minutes ago -

So here i am with my first report on opengrow..... i`ll hope you enjoy


- Tent 160x60x170
- Light Dimlux epert series 315w full spectrum
- Filter Can light 500 kub i think



-Kinky cheese

-SSH x Boudica F1

-Green Poison x BlueShaze F1

-Boudica x Boudica F1

-SSH x BlueShaze F1

I popped a lot of seeds and keeped the best of them....

So week 1 18/6 light on 215 w

First the oldest seed this was my last one hoping for a nice lady......

Madonna (The One X Blue Kronic) made by Sannie long time ago.....

Posted Image

Second is the Kinky Cheese never growed it before, sounds interesting and with esko you never go wrong, got 2 plants of it looking similar

Posted Image

Boudica F1 crossed a indica leaning pheno very tasty orange pheno with a sativa leaning boudica male with the same smell as the orange pheno.....

Very tiny pot for a seedling but i got no space....yet

Posted Image

SSH x Boudica F1 got my eyes on this ^^ 2 plants one is surely looking as a winner..
Posted Image

#2 WOW

Posted Image

Posted Image

hoping number 2 is a female what a leaves and it grows like its on steroids

Green Poison x BlueShaze never had the chanche to grow it good also this run i cant give them the space they want, the`ll have to do it with a 4 liter pot.....shame on me

Posted Image

Week 2 18/6 running on 280w

Kinky Cheese #1

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

SSH x Boudica #1
Posted Image

Overall with SSH x Boudica #2 in the right, the big plant on the topright

Posted Image

Week 4 18/6 running on 315w they all get some bigger pots and fresh soil

Madonna is a Female,hope she is stable enough...

Posted Image

Kinky Cheese #1

Posted Image

SSH X BlueShaze F1 pheno #2 clone

Posted Image

Kinky Cheese #2

Posted Image

SSH x Boudica #2 needs some water

Posted Image

Green poison x BlueShaze F1

Posted Image

Boudica x Boudica F1

Posted Image

next update will be post tonight hope you enjoy guys!!! Launch Full Topic

Peppermint Patties ROCK

Posted by madmaster420 - 41 minutes ago -

Posted Image

Let me level with ya folks.

I am not talking much because I am depressed and nearly died again. Lost a lot and working hard to recover. Layin here broken ribs crushed one side barely lift a 3 gallon.
A very kind lady gifted me some medibles that are amazing. A sample of peppermint chocolates much like andes or p.p. taste very spot-on. Better than store or dispensary bought. Really. I would know. Lol

Posted Image

Not dark chocolate, a more creamy soft warm taste that rolls off the tongue. But sharp inhale of menthol or minty spicy with some weed taste. But it fits and adds to the taste and lovliness. Almost a breathe of cold air in a sweltering room.

Posted ImagePosted Image

I love food. Was much like a gourmand lol cooking and all. Wine and viticulture was mine after architecture 10 yrs back after fish. Reveal all my boring NOT secrets. Lol

These chocolates are like fuckin World Class! And this kind lady gave them freely. From my heart. Thank you, 'kind lady'. Made a grown man cry a 2nd time in 2 days. .

Kind lady- come harvest time I need to show u a kind thank you. :) Fudge and Huck.Destar and SnowQueenHeri... good meds ma'am. Much love and sincere thank yous.
Posted Image

Many thank yous and much love from the 'Passion' household. Respect Launch Full Topic

SFM 2016/17 indoor

Posted by poldergrower - 47 minutes ago -

High everyone! I've wanted to start a journal for a while but wanted to have pics in it but can't get them to copy and paste to threads. This'll be a picture less thread. I'll keep my gallery updated though.
My room is equipped with sun 315 lec's in veg and flower. My veg holds my gg#4 and cannatonic. I'm recovering from a nasty battle with spider mites and gnats that caused me to harvest a little early so I could treat the entire room, soil and the the cuts I took to replace my moms. It was depressing throwing out so much bud but I ended able to keep enough to have my fav smoke till I start flowering cuts this winter. My outdoor season will be excellent this year also. Back to equipment lol
I run two carbon filters in flower tent of 2x2. Temps are kept at 72-73 with nighttime dropping to 60
My veg is 4x3 with temps kept around 76. Night drops to 68
Humidity hovers around 65-70 in veg and 55 for flower.
Organic soil from my own mix.
At present, only gg#4 and cannatonic are in veg.
I guess if anyone is interested, my sig has my gallery.
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Bhang Recipe

Posted by foolonthehill - Today, 02:09 PM -

This is my version of the Indian drink Bhang.


1. Buds 11 grams
2. Whole Milk 1 1/4 Cup

1. Strainer I use fine stainless by Oneida
2. Mortar and Pestle For Mashing
3. Containers for Processing

Uploaded Yesterday, 07:10 PM

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