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Seeds Showing up in the male MONTHS late?

Posted by karma - 21 minutes ago -

Hey all,

I get back into town from work this week and see two packets my lady put on my desk. I am looking at them... WTF???

One is tell tale Sannie and the other is a cat out west.

The Sannie order was shipped back in August with track and trace. I never got it and after about 6 weeks Sannie went ahead and reshipped and I am running some of those now.

The other one was a DVD with a pack of beans from the west coast that shipped in October. He had plenty so he also reshipped after a few weeks. Got that package too and am running some now.

Just really odd that both these showed up at the same damn time....one 7 months late and the other 4 months.

Anyone else have anything crazy like this happen lately?

There is a degree of separation on my shipping so I am not noided out or anything. But the anxiety did sort of kick up there for a second.

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germination problems

Posted by hatter - 26 minutes ago -

hey all I am having problems germing a order of seeds they are selene silverfields kf3 and lady cane i recieved theses about 2 month ago started with the 10 selene only 3 sprouted none female. So i move on tokf3 silverfields and chucky bride along with some random sugarpunch and mad s seeds from previous grows the only seeds that sprouted were chuckys bride and my random seeds. Question is what caused this i have been a customer for almost 3 years and have'nt had a problem so i have a hard time belivingits something on sannies end, other seeds sprouted in same enviroment so I dont think its enviriment either
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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by karma - 32 minutes ago -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

Pinned How To Make Your Own Cuttings?

Posted by gimme5minutes - Today, 04:05 AM -

Hi y'all!

The forum is yet a little empty..
so i thought let's make some educational reading...

Making cuttings is really handy when you have your own little cabinet for them and for theyre mothers.
It will save you lots of cash on seeds or cuttings, and will save lots of time by cutting down the vegging time in the flowering cabinet.

in other words:
making your own cuttings is nearly essential to keep your own little green wave rollin'

that's why I think thhis little tutorial will be appreciated :innocent


First of all i wanted you to know that the cutting medium I used are pit-pots
(distributed by shop.wietforum.nl and by sanniesshop.nl deliverd with seeds)

these little 100% organic (spoungy) cubes have a perfect 50/50 water/air structure ideal for cuttings and seeds
(and these little things get back in shape after you squeeze them)

1. Mixing the water
First of all you have to mix your water with some root stimulator (and/or sannies bacto)
Posted Image

2. Adjusting the PH
Very important on small media!
Posted Image

3. Select a Healthy mum
It is really important tha mother is healthy and free of pests and diseases:
you don't wan't your cuttings to have a bad start!! they are really delicate little things who would die in a day!
(My whole bublicious generation had mildew.. because of my unawareness)
Posted Image

4. plan strategically where you are gonna cut, leaving enough shoots to recover
If you want to keep your mother, you have to leave some to grow back :D
try to paint a picture how she would be couple of weeks after your cuttingsession
Posted Image

5. This is where no time can be wasted
After you cut the cuttings, you have to pu it in a small glass of some of the rootingsolutiuon you made.
this prevents the formation of a bubble in the stern and blocking the waterflow of the little babie.
this also prevents whilting when you take your time taking cuttings

6. Applying the rooting powder and cutting in an 45 degrees angle
Dip the moist stern of the cutting 1-3 cm in the rooting powder and "tic" the overdue off the stern
(is better to have less on it than too much)

Cut the stern in a 45 degrees angle to create the a big rooting zone (they will only come at the outer stern layer)
Important: you cut after the dipping in the rooting powder because no rooting powder is needed at the cut-side.
Posted Image
(on the photos i made the cut too early, but i mad another cut to clear the end of powder :nerd)

The effect of cuttingpowder is it eats away the hard layer of the stenr so the layer under it has room/air to make roots.
Important: the final cut has to be done with a razorsharp knife, or else you would bruise the cutting..
Posted Image

7. Place them loosely in the pit-pots
The pre-made holes are a bit big so i filled them up with some pit-pot crumbs and cutting soilPosted Image
Posted Image

8. Trim 1/3 of the fan-leaves, and place them stable in a humid environment
Fanleaves evaporate water, to maintain a stable waterlevel in the cutting these need to be trimmed down a bit.
(about 1/3 should do it)
And after that place them in a humid anvironment, and be sure they don't tip-over
Posted Image
I used a little propagator filled with a little water absorbing material (seramis)
and I kept it moist, not wet! this helps to keep the humidity stable @ 75-80% RH
and for the fastest result keep the soil temp between 20 and 24 degrees celcius..

9. Take good care of your cutting mother
It is really a Shock to her to loose half her leaves and branches.
take good care of her and slow down on the nutes for a while..
then in time she will be ready to give birth to the new generation
Posted Image

10. Keep a close eyen on them for 7-14 days
For best results you should keep soil temperature at 20-24 degrees celcius for the cuttings,
colder would slow the rooting down dramatically and hotter can cause rot!
When applied a good soil temperature your cuttings would root from 7 to 14 days..
Posted Image

Posted Image

I hope this helps a lot of people,
It has been made with pleasure


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Whatz the longest n e 1 had to wait 4 there beanz in the statez?

Posted by desmoka - Today, 03:58 AM -

Hi been waiting 17 dayz 4 my beanz. Gettin a lil worried. Can n e 1 tell how long iz the longest they had to wait n the statez. I usualy get em n 10-12 dayz. Launch Full Topic