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First Indoor Grow Jack O'Here

Posted by quinn - 42 minutes ago -

Hey guys I'm trying to conceal my Grow setup and design so I will not show or give details on how I have the plants growing. Sorry! However I will show pictures of the grow. I will also keep a journal of the grow and how i keep and maintain a successful plant(s). If I stumble upon problems or issues with anything I'll post on my thread and on the forums. Enjoy!

Day one: x3 seeds in soil

Day one: Timer for lights on 18/6 schedule

Pictures: Upon Sprout
Strain: Jack O'Here

Day two: Day one was a successful first day of 18/6 light schedule thanks to my timer. I am still waiting on signs of sprout from all x3 plants

Day two: Timer turns lights on today for another 18/6 light schedule. Hopefully the lights act smoothly and it will remain another successful day and another day until sprout

Temperature has stayed at 71-75F
Lights have been remained on a 18/6 schedule
RH levels have stayed at 25-30%
No signs of sprout Launch Full Topic

Mail theft in the Netherlands, 2/3 sent in were stolen!

Posted by sannie - Today, 12:32 AM -

Yup, 2 out of 3 orders I sent in over the last few months have been stolen. Even with them being "Registered" tracked mail. They cleared customs in the Netherlands, and disappeared...

I've been ordering seeds for over 15 damn years and NEVER had any funds stolen from the mail!! Now in the last 3 months it's happened twice on 3 orders and I'm out well over $500.

At least I have proof that my funds actually made it to the Netherlands, and cleared their customs.

To say I'm a little upset is putting it lightly!!

Be well,


Anyone else in the US have the same issue sending in funds? Launch Full Topic

K.O. Kush opinions

Posted by scone-of-ark - Yesterday, 11:50 PM -

Just wondering what everyone thinks about it, just placed an order for it, hopefully I get them. Didnt get the garauntee, but I'm sure most lost packages before was just a bean grab for free for assholes. Also put Malawi for the freebie, thoughts on it would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance. Launch Full Topic

Grafting my motherplants

Posted by foolonthehill - Yesterday, 07:35 PM -

After some brainstorming and failed experiments,
I succesfully grafted a branch of a cannabis plant on top of another one.
Using the " handshake" methode.

Posted Image

I cut away a some of the stem, untill about halfway, of both host and guest plant,
and pressed the wounds together.
I used some tape and a clip to keep them in joined.

Posted Image

After eight days I removed the clip and tape, and saw that the branches had joined.
So I cut loose the lower stem of the guest and took off the top of the host branch.

Posted Image

Leafs started to hang shortly after this, so I covered the guest part with a plastic bag to stop evaporation,
and gave the plant a lot of water.
The next day this was the result:

Posted Image

Posted Image

More genetics on less plants.!
Bye. Launch Full Topic

Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by wee-zard - Yesterday, 05:35 PM -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic