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Reliable place to buy Motarebel seeds?

Posted by sudden - 7 minutes ago -

It seems sanniesshop doesn't supply motarebel seeds, Anybody know any places to get them from which are reliable and reasonably priced?

Alot of other places have Out Of Stock on most/all mota seeds.

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which mineral nutrient brand?

Posted by johnnyrockets - 15 minutes ago -

hi there

I am using canna and AN for a long time now but I guess I am just a victim of advertising.
So I wanna know if there are other brands which may give me better quality buds (quality > yield)?

for me quality = clean and smooth smokable buds, tasty and ofc potent

btw i dont want to use any bio nutrients because drippers. Launch Full Topic

A Holy Princess X L.U.I. Immersion

Posted by mr-goodfellow - 35 minutes ago -

Hey there fellow Open Growers!

To be discreet I'm writing this grow-log in fifth person, so every sentence starts out with: “I heard from this guy who told somebody…”

Never done a grow report before and figuire this will be a good test ground for learning. IMO it's about damn time for me to do a grow show here. Been here a couple years and lurked a bit more.

Mostly this grow show is about Holy LUI.

Eskobar's sexy, dreamy and sweet Holy Princess. Breeder Steve's (S.O.L.) Legends Ultimate Indica F1 males. They could be a match made in heaven. This one is thanks to Santero who made this cross. Good job, my friend.

Eskobar has made some awesome gear. Holy Princess specifically is an F1 cross of Santa Maria plank cut X C99 pineapple pheno.

Distinct drool on my shirt sweet and skunky smells with a dreamy high.


Back in the day I wanted to grow me some LUI and never got around to it. A Spice of Life strain by breeded Steve, which was an F1 of Ortega X Sweet Tooth BX2.


Many thanks to Santero. You're humility, knowledge and hard work never fails to impress me. :) |-------------------------
Let us get this show on the road
I started with 12 nicely colored mature seeds. Dropped into a SANta mug with luke-warm water and dilute H2O2. Kept low 80'sF and in the dark.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Then paper towels until I saw tap roots from all but two. Followed that by planting in seed starter medium with some bennies and limited goodies. Still in the dark and @ low 80'sF

All excited and concerned. Such a cool cross and tons of potential. please pop, please pop Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image
11 of them out of 12. Very acceptable. (I worked the # 11 seed over for a month, but no-go.) So #s 1-10 & 12.
Posted Image

All 11 are showing vigor. They have that cute baby look. Just like any other canna baby at this point. Low wattage 4200K fluo. for the seedling stage before 1st transplant. I cannot wait until they get a little older and the terpines start assailing me with yumminess.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Just a couple few days later they began showing slightly different leaf traits. Some small amount of stem color influences are faintly noticable. Also a bazillion trichome hairs. Smells were already exuding from a few if I got up close.
Posted Image
After about a week in the lil coco cups I am seeing tap roots out the bottoms. I transplanted up to 1 gallon containers with ammended recycled organic soil mix. And moved them under a mix spectrum T5HO leaning toward blue.
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Argos office a work in progress

Posted by argo630 - 40 minutes ago -

Hello i have been boring you with tent stuff. In my flowering closet now i have two crosses that I am testing. A I cookies x Star Fighter and a C99 x star fighter. I also have some Island sweet skunk. I had recently put in a lavender x Lambs breath into the flower closet. I also started a bunch of old seeds today hoping for some come up. Here are a few pics i got to play some more so I quit posting large ass photos I promise i will work on it.

2x6x8 closet with three 2x2 trays with hand water lit by two 315LEC
Posted Image

Ok now i am catching on to this photo crap

ICOOKIES x Starfighter by PJ productions
another awesome cross frosty and stacks dense.
Posted Image

C99 holygrailcut x starfighter by PJ productions.
She stacks nice.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Some Y2K crosses and a recent one sneaking into the line up.
Posted Image

#2 air pots with clay balls/chunky coco in 2/3rds and a layer of fine coco on top for the seeds to start. I have never tried it this way . I must stay vigilant to keep em wet. I am trying seed to flower in the same pot from 12/12. That is the whole purpose of the tent to do durban poison from seed 12/12 in drip hugos.I think i saw another member from here that was doing this. That's how this place popped up on the old radar and caught my interest hence the whole tent thing.

Posted Image

Lavender x lambs bread
Posted Image

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Fox Tailing, whats up

Posted by dieseldog381 - Today, 06:48 PM -

Not a bug or disease, but sure is pesty lol. What causes fox tailing? It started this summer so thought it was heat. New furnace and cooler temps, running about 75 in there now. So it isn't heat.

Just pulled a Bruce Banner, she was fine, then the last week she foxtailed. All foxtailed on me this summer.

I put a new bulb in, might need to scrub out the Octopot lines, but not sure what is going on. Anyone have any suggestions? Launch Full Topic