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Balarama grows - Lazy Larry v3 - by San

Posted by balarama - Today, 04:36 AM -

Hi OG,
since I started my new improvised grow, I decided it's time to try a couple of seeds I got from Santero a couple years ago. This is one of his hacks :)

As you know Santero is an extremely kind human being and besides sharing his seeds there is some additional information on the parents used in this cross.

My initial intention was to find a male plant which would give the offsprings a short and stable flowering process, to give in some terpenes and possibly good resistence to any kind of pests and fungus. Who knows what will come out but I believe there is good potential. The other reason I picked the Lazy Larry(instead of SSH) is my newly discovered interest in trying anything related to OG Kush, so far all plants I grew were and are mostly sativas with a mostly clear high without the body effect.

The genetics:
("lemon larry f1" pheno #5, ogkush dom lady) X ("blowfish f2"pheno #2 outdoor male)

The description:
...#5 lemon larry lady was stout and did not stretch much.
had a bit of colors from the og kush and very little smell of
the ecsd in the mix, earthy-musky kush with a sweet tingle
to her. around 9 weeks and good yields when vegged to a
little bush before flip

...the blowfish male came from neongreen in uk. he grew him out
outdoors and he looked very nice. neon said he had a fuely/fruity

I sprouted a couple of seeds and from the growth I expect a male and a female, possibly the male being the more(and most) vigorous and stretchy seedling. But time will tell, they will be kept in 6L pots for the whole cycle.

Posted Image

They will have some company of course, there are also two Kolossus fem plants, two OrientExpress x NepalJam fem test plants, a White Widow and three Nemesis plants.

I'll post updates of the Larrys here while Kolossus girls will get their attention in my other thread about Kolossus.

Santero, thank you again for the seeds!

Cheers Launch Full Topic

Pinned Lets Share Some Bud-porn

Posted by saxo - Today, 03:44 AM -

I was playing with my camera yesterday and loves this picture
Posted Image

Lets share some bud-porn

greetz sannie Launch Full Topic

Beach's Backroom

Posted by beachbud - Yesterday, 09:19 PM -

Welcome to my new thread. :wave:

After 18 months of concentrating mainly on Phuuu's IPA it is time to move on to other adventures. I have been accumulating seeds much faster than I have been growing them so my goal for the foreseeable future is to grow an many of them as I can. Something special may come along and I'll get sidetracked for a bit but the plan is to make use of the space I have to explore my seed stash starting with the following.

I've been jonesin' for some more NAW stuff so I have 3 Head Candy (Killaqueen x Blue Hammer) as well as 2 Green Ale (Green Manalishi x Phuuu's IPA) Fem's.

Along with those I have 3 Sour Mango x Golden Diesel sprouts, thanks to StankDank30 :tu

Here'a a look at the youngsters last week.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

And, here they are today

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

They just got up-potted to #2 pots yesterday. The SM x GD really droop when watered, they have really wide leaf blades as well.

The Head Candy and SM x GD sprouts are all pretty consistent in appearance. The 2 Green Ale sprouts showed some difference early but are looking more alike now. I'm hoping for 3 females out of these two crosses to go along with the 2 Green Ale fem's. If I am not so fortunate I'm gonna start some Black Afghani to fill in.

Looking forward to exploring all the wonderful genetics I've been able to gather. Hope you'll come along and see what we find... Launch Full Topic

Argos office a work in progress

Posted by argo630 - Yesterday, 08:58 PM -

Hello i have been boring you with tent stuff. In my flowering closet now i have two crosses that I am testing. A I cookies x Star Fighter and a C99 x star fighter. I also have some Island sweet skunk. I had recently put in a lavender x Lambs breath into the flower closet. I also started a bunch of old seeds today hoping for some come up. Here are a few pics i got to play some more so I quit posting large ass photos I promise i will work on it.

2x6x8 closet with three 2x2 trays with hand water lit by two 315LEC
Posted Image

Ok now i am catching on to this photo crap

ICOOKIES x Starfighter by PJ productions
another awesome cross frosty and stacks dense.
Posted Image

C99 holygrailcut x starfighter by PJ productions.
She stacks nice.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Some Y2K crosses and a recent one sneaking into the line up.
Posted Image

#2 air pots with clay balls/chunky coco in 2/3rds and a layer of fine coco on top for the seeds to start. I have never tried it this way . I must stay vigilant to keep em wet. I am trying seed to flower in the same pot from 12/12. That is the whole purpose of the tent to do durban poison from seed 12/12 in drip hugos.I think i saw another member from here that was doing this. That's how this place popped up on the old radar and caught my interest hence the whole tent thing.

Posted Image

Lavender x lambs bread
Posted Image

That is it for now gotta run. Thanks for stopping by. Launch Full Topic

Kronocaine by Whazzup - Gifted from HillCrest

Posted by mr-goodfellow - Yesterday, 07:26 PM -

Thankyou very much to HillCrest for gifting me some Kronocaine seeds, with permission from Sannie he gave away some pearler strains to some very lucky Open Growers.

The seeds are in Rockwool starter cubes after being soaked for 36 hours, 2 are showing tails so it's all gunna happen now.

There are no pics but you can all imagine what a small rockwool cube with nothing poking out of it yet looks like. Launch Full Topic