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indigenou$ Tahoe O.G. SCROG

Posted by indigenous - 17 minutes ago -

100% organic
100% love
let's see how it goes

(5 x 5 space, 1 plant, 400 watt for veg, 1000 watt for flower)

First time doing SCROG
A lot of defoliation going on... I want all the light on the buds.

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LED MadKush High Brix

Posted by rayne - Yesterday, 10:43 PM -

Technical details:

Grow space: A corner of my closet that is about 21in x 21in x 60in (53.3 cm x 53.3 cm x 1.52m)

Lighting Source: :
1. Main- Mars Hydro LED (48 diode x 3 watt)
2. Supplementary- A 26watt Exo Terra Tropical Reptile UV A/B CFL bulb. I may end up adding a second bulb.

Lighting Schedule: (Gas Lantern Routine) Veg: 12 on / 5.5 off / 1 on / 5.5 off Bloom: Starting with 11 on / 13 off and decreasing down to, possibly, 6 on /18 off

Container: Starter pot- A one gallon Smart Pot "transplanter" pot, Finishing pot: A five gallon Smart Pot.

Grow Medium: 1. Ammended ProMixHP (ProMixHP is sphagnum peat moss, with endo-micorrihaeza, a starter charge of Dolomite Lime, and perlite) The ammendments added to the fresh ProMixHP include: a number of missing trace minerals such as boron, some rock powders, beneficial bacteria, and 19.5lb (8.85kg) of earthworm castings with an NPK ratio of 1-1-0

Organic Nutrients: "Doc Bud's" High Brix kit.

Water: Tap water

Co2 source: An open window

Humidity control: Wet paper towels sticking out of a plastic bottle.

Genetics: Breeder's Choice: Mad Kush- Bubba Kush X Mad Scientist (SanniesShop.com)

Current progress: The ProMixHP is undergoing the soil "Cooking" process and should be finished in November. The genetics has been ordered and payment will be sent by mail by October 19th. Launch Full Topic

Criminal +

Posted by daybreaker - Yesterday, 09:52 PM -

Hello everyone

New topic for a new grow, this time :

"Criminal +" from the seedbank "Ripper Seeds"

Posted Image

It is a cross between "Critical" and "Double Glock"

My setup :

Darkroom 1m*1m*2m
Soil : Biobizz all mix
Nutrients : House & Garden (Soil A+B ; Roots excelurator ; Multi zyme ; Amino Treatment ; Bud xl ; Top booster ; Shooting powder)
Temp : between 20-26 °C
Hygrometry : between 35-65
400 metal halide for the veg and 400w hps for the flowering

I have put 6 seeds, all have germinated and put in 0.5l pot with biobizz all mix and watered with roots excelurator

Some pics, just the beginning not very much to see yet ;)

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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by balzasteel - Yesterday, 09:27 PM -

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Glo mix 10 seeds

Posted by santero - Yesterday, 07:27 PM -

I bought some seeds last year at ZON

and i got some freebees like Rosetta stone and glo mix seeds

does anyone know what's glo mix?

Glo is from spice bro but what the mix? Launch Full Topic