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Argos office a work in progress

Posted by argo630 - Yesterday, 11:12 PM -

Hello i have been boring you with tent stuff. In my flowering closet now i have two crosses that I am testing. A I cookies x Star Fighter and a C99 x star fighter. I also have some Island sweet skunk. I had recently put in a lavender x Lambs breath into the flower closet. I also started a bunch of old seeds today hoping for some come up. Here are a few pics i got to play some more so I quit posting large ass photos I promise i will work on it.

2x6x8 closet with three 2x2 trays with hand water lit by two 315LEC
Posted Image

Ok now i am catching on to this photo crap

ICOOKIES x Starfighter by PJ productions
another awesome cross frosty and stacks dense.
Posted Image

C99 holygrailcut x starfighter by PJ productions.
She stacks nice.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Some Y2K crosses and a recent one sneaking into the line up.
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#2 air pots with clay balls/chunky coco in 2/3rds and a layer of fine coco on top for the seeds to start. I have never tried it this way . I must stay vigilant to keep em wet. I am trying seed to flower in the same pot from 12/12. That is the whole purpose of the tent to do durban poison from seed 12/12 in drip hugos.I think i saw another member from here that was doing this. That's how this place popped up on the old radar and caught my interest hence the whole tent thing.

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Lavender x lambs bread
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Cheese Quake

Posted by mr-goodfellow - Yesterday, 10:02 PM -

I have a friend that can't grow now because he lives too close to a school, and he offered me some seeds he was just gifted. They are Cheese Quake. I don't know anything about it other than what I read on the internet. It's a strain from TGA Subcool.

It sounded like they may be f2's, but that part is sketchy. I'll have to get him to find out any accurate information from his friend if he can. They're a lot younger, but the one dude I know is a good grower.

I'm looking for anyone that might have grown this strain or even smoked it. It sounds pretty damn good. The strain is Cheese x Querkle.

I'll probably take them anyway but was just curious if others may have anything to say.

Thanks! peace all!

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Trapper's corner

Posted by douglasfurtrapper - Yesterday, 01:26 PM -

Starting a general grow thread.

Got two tents going right now and a closet.
At the moment I'm growing:
OG X Pineapple Express
Big Leeks Blue Cheese
Herijuana x Shiva
Chocolate Rain Fem.

First Tent.
Posted Image

From back to front
OG x Pineapple Express Blue Cheese OG X Pineapple Express

Chocolate Rain Fem. OG x Pineapple Edxpress Chocolate Rain Fem.

Blue cheese Herijuana x shiva Herijuan x shiva

They have just flipped to 12/12 and have been vegging for a few weeks. Maybe 4?

The other tent is closed right now but I'll take picks tonight.

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Autozilla COB cree cxb3590 400 watts

Posted by olsqueak - Yesterday, 12:42 PM -

Hello,all friends growers around the world.I'm happy to share my new grow.
I just start autozilla they're 2 weeks old.I use light mix + 30/40 percent Coco,2 Liters Home made airpots.Homebox size is 1 meter * 0.7 meter.
When I see females I transplant in bigger airpots 7/10 liters.
Now the Light is at Low dimmer 200 watts for 4 COB cree Cxb3590 3500K.
When plants start to flower I use max power 400watts.
Video Link

I make new Pictures soon,thank's for comments.
Have good vibes.
Friendly,Olsqueak. Launch Full Topic

Hard Candy medicated with cannabis oil

Posted by gardenartus - Yesterday, 11:37 AM -


2 cups granulated sugar
2/3 cup light corn syrup
¾ cup water
1 teaspoon flavoring, I prefer LorAnn
1 1/2 ml cannabis oil (mine test out at 800mg, this will make 12 100mg packs)
1 1/2 teaspoons ghee or coconut oil melted

Pre prep

Warm the cannabis oil over a double boiler, if in syringes, simply place in a cup of hot water. Melt ghee or coconut oil, do not use MCT oil, combine the two and mix well until all cannabis oil is dissolved.
  • In a heavy 2 quart saucepan, combine the sugar, water and corn syrup. Cook, stirring constantly until the sugar is dissolved; I start on lower heat, about medium low till dissolved, increase temp to med to med high, then cook without stirring, to the hard crack stage (300 degrees F), If sugar crystals form on sides of pan, wipe them off with a damp brush. Once it comes to a boil, I wipe the sides down with a pastry brush dipped in cold water, then I do not touch it with a spoon till I have to mix in flavoring and cannabis oil mix.
  • Remove from heat, let temp drop a bit, add cannabis oil mixture and flavoring,stir only to mix.
  • (Pour into 2 well buttered 9 inch pans. Set one pan of candy over a sauce pan containing hot water (unless you have a helper to help cut the candy). As soon as the other pan of candy is cool enough to handle, cut it with scissors into 1-inch strips. Then snip the strips into pieces. Work fast. Drop the pieces onto a buttered baking sheet.) I DO NOT DO THIS METHOD. If the candy cools too quickly, set it on a saucepan over hot water to soften it, but if it gets sticky, return at once to the work counter.
  • Toss in a small amount of powdered sugar to keep from sticking together. Repeat with the second pan of candy.
  • You can use molds instead, you can pour it in a pan then break it, or I pull the candy once I can touch it, like you would taffy, then I cut it with scissors.

Since my total mg used was 1200 and pieces are not uniform when cut or made into pieces, and I would like 100mg packages, Weigh the total amount of candy and divide it into 12 packages. As for this, the packages were 54 grams each.

I prefer to pull and cut hard candy over breaking it, this avoids the sharp edges that can cut your mouth.

Citric acid added to fruit flavors really packs a punch. Try adding a pinch or two once the mix reaches a temp of 265. I do not add coloring, it is not needed.
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