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Washing time for ice-o-lator hash

Posted by hyper-skyper555 - 25 minutes ago -

Hey folks..

I'm using the ice-o-lator process and I've wondered how long you wash the material until you pass it through the sieves.

Experimentally I've washed the material for as long as 14 hours (!) compared to the recommended time of 15min - 60min as recommended by others.

With long washing times I found the hash to become green, probably because of the chlorophyll. However it is still incredibly strong compared to commercial hash available in my country.

So I wanted to know how long you wash your material and what are your experiences.

I'm especially interested if there is a relationship between longer washing time and a less sticky end-product.

cheers! Launch Full Topic

Hillcrest IS back this time with more Auto Mikromachine

Posted by starinhazy - Today, 09:47 AM -

Hi ladies and gents.

Many of the older crowd will remember me.
Many of you helped me out in many ways from advice to free test seeds even ......waves at whazzup....hupla....sannie.....vito......carper......cloneman ....eskobar......etc etc. Sorry if I missed you out 😏

I did say I was starting a grow last year after a few years off due to personal curcumstances which I explained to many but it didnt happen. WELL this year circumstances are much better so I WILL be starting my outside grow for personal use ONLY. The grows nothing massive 2-3 plants but for those in the UK you may find it useful.
Im sticking with Auto Mikromachine fem yet again as I've never found any strain grow so well in this climate and give such a great smoke/high and quantity.... Ok rain can be an issue and lost abit due to rot but what was left was AWESOME in quantity and quality. There's just no need to grow bloody midget plants in the UK ....lowryders....fuck that shit. Heres the last grow of Auto Mikromachine fem (includes some shitty lowryders) from almost 4 years ago https://www.opengrow...__fromsearch__1

Seeds arrive in next few days and will be started indoors using a prototype LED light donated to me from a friend on here back then. Erm ....think it was silversurfer.... Sorry if thats wrong it WAS 4 years ago.

Will be planted out in general garden dirt with a mix in of Canna bio soil and only feed with canna bio bloom every now and then.

Regards as ever

Hillcrest 😉 Launch Full Topic

Freedom Dream

Posted by dreamofgreen - Today, 09:39 AM -

Freedom Dream smoke report

Appearance: Eek! More leaf than bud, breaking it up is like trying to debone a fish, even a manicured bud. You can't just grind it, you have pick it apart to find the bits you can smoke. If I didn't know for sure this was weed I would be skeptical. There's practically no visible resin, just tiny bumps and very little at that.

Smell: A little like coffee or unsweetened chocolate, just nuances, not a strong scent. No sweetness to it.

Taste: Smokey, harsh and woody, something reminds me of pipe tobacco with hints of envelope glue.

Effect: Doesn't do anything positive or have a noticeable effect for me. I find I have to keep spitting out the burning taste in my mouth. I can't finish the doobie, its just too nauseating.

Overall: Don't waste your time, it doesn't deserve even 1 out of 10. Launch Full Topic

My little grow.

Posted by vasco-de-gama - Today, 09:38 AM -

Good day to you all.
I want to share something special with all of you guys.
I decided to build a greenhouse and put a few(still illegal) plants in it.
The breakdown of what and how:
Soil- Biobizz allmix 40% Biobizz cocos 40% perlite 15% Plagron bio Supermix 5%
Pots- Smartpots 5x 15 Gal and one 17 Gal as a test from AliExpress
Greenhouse- Greenspan plastic covering a solid wooden frame.
Temperature overday peaks at 30* C and at night drops to about 22/23* C
Airflow in is passive from underneath and also passive outlet which creates negative pressure.
The complete greenhouse,
Posted Image
Inside its also starting to look half decent,
Posted Image
From left to right,
Think Big x Asian Haze autoflower,
Posted Image
If you don't see them don't worry, they're there.
Next are the two sisters, my lavender and my beautiful critical.
Posted Image
Posted Image
After these two ladies I have my blueberry autoflowers,
Posted Image
And second to last but certainly not least the infamous hindu kush(also autoflower) ,
Posted Image
My biggest plant in this greenhouse is the 707 Truthband standing proud at 70cm.
She can be seen on the second photo from the top.
I also have two plants left from a window sill grow,
These are both from baggie seeds
Posted Image
I am not very proud of this plant, it looks very unusual with little trichome formation.
This girl however can't wait to jump into my mason jar,
Posted Image
I love nature and I'm sure you all do to so I took a few photos to add some color to this topic
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
(edit ; sorry for the sideways picture r.i.p neck)
Anyway, this is my garden and I intend to keep track of it on OG until its harvest season.
Looking forward to tips and questions

Greetings Vasco Launch Full Topic

Summer 2017 Start of Grow June 1

Posted by tacman7 - Today, 08:53 AM -

20 days before the official start of Summer.

Bought some clones yesterday and transplanted them into 1 gal pots.

Had to bring them inside though, looked too cold on their first day.

It was 59 last night. Going to leave them out tomorrow I think, didn't want to shock them with a transplant and a cold night on their first day.

Many people started in April around here but many people have a lot of problems too.

First year I'm growing in the right time, we'll see how it goes. Launch Full Topic