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  2. Cool ass link, the compost and EWC's I get from Build A Soil are full of nematode's, predators and insect frauss, they store all their stuff indoors too, never seen gnats or thrips in their shit. Best thing I've used to get rid of a Gnat infestation is Mosquito Bits Baq
  3. Still nothing as of yet hope there not lost or stolen? Just letting the nerds know what's up , great looking plants as always from you guys looking forward to receiving my gift ! 
  4. I think @Griot is the person @gardenartus is talking about that is fighting gnats .Hes the one I think that is going down the nematode route : )
  5. Thanks great info! My garden is clean, it's called prevention, like I said, been using Airpots for years, growing weed for 48 years and well schooled on fungus gnats, one of the many reasons I make my own soil. Best Baq Nope.
  6. Yesterday
  7. CORRECT............................Broken stem lady was in the 2 pack with the one that died. Stick lady and sad lady were together.............so YES...............I HAVE BOTH!!!!!!!! Gotta love it when a plan works out HUH!!!!!!!!! See, told ya we could pull it off........................................ All my buds think Im crazy..................tell them how good this Bud is, but cannot share it 'cause do not have enough, lol. IN FACT, I am rationing it to make it last a few weeks time. I WANT to smoke it all in one sitting..............................once I start smoking her, it is hard to put down..
  8. Man, the nerds work wonders with their strains. They just grow so easy. And, they are always so entertaining, lol.. I love looking at them. Perfect looking buds shining with millions of little diamonds. Mine are close if not there... a few will go a little more, but it's about time for the harvest!!!! Man, I'm excited to get the downstairs set up, so I can grow larger numbers of NAW's stuff. I'm so scattered that I can't get much info back to them. I tell, just not much to report except that they did fantastic and were perfect girls. I finally bought a piece of black felt fabric so I can set up a backdrop for better photos.. that 125 year old closet even depresses me... It makes the plants feel like they're out in the garden, heh.
  9. If the ones that survived were not together, then you have them both and that was the idea buddy!
  10. Ha, that's cool Paps! Only fill it twice in flower! ...awww ok, maybe two and a half, lol. All you have to do is tuck a lot and snip leaves, huh? Pretty cool. They sure look promising! peace
  11. That almost doesn't surprise me but is very cool. They're a pretty cool tree, too. Good shade and they do grow like a weed. They always have massive fruit. I used to not like them but I do much more now. Fig preserves are actually good. Tons of cooking possibilities. It would probably be a really good candy base for edibles.. All natural, and sweetened with it's own juice or another fruit juice. I doubt they would grow out here. It would be neat to have one again.
  12. As long as the tall one with broken stalk, and stick girl make it, I have both. They were NOT together, so have to be 1 AH, 1 RPP. I know when they get happy and start looking like plants again you can pick them out for me.
  13. YES SHE HAS.........................was a long ass swim, she got the shit kicked out of her, but she made it..................IN ONE PIECE............lol, and I do mean ONE PIECE!!!! I THINK the A.H is the "stick" on the left, and the sad lil one in front. THOSE 2 were together............The "broke back" bitch, and the 4th that died, were together. You thought those 2, with the super skunk stake were RPP's.
  14. Oh buddy, I think you'll like it.. if you don't get the one that is all chem and sweet skunk.. keep looking! lol Your's looks a lot like mine did. It was pretty leafy but worth it. JC, did you get the chem taste in yours? That's funny about the jars, I do exactly the last thing. It must be some OCD thing or something, lol. I do that with every jar. I found smoke from 2 years ago and I've been smoking the hell out of it. Some are over oxidized and some, only the surface of the buds. I found some shake and popcorn G-39. It smokes great. Still burns my nose on exhale. I found a perfectly dense nugget of MadScientist, Chucky's Bride (not as good), Rebel Yell x Heri, Pineapple Chunk x Selene (great).... Actually, I'm glad now. I was getting bored of what I have and it's been a hoot to smoke the old runs. peace
  15. Nice job Jet, the clone only Amnesia Haze has crossed the pond!
  16. SWEET, all 3 appear like they will make it now, not quite out of the woods, but only 2 or 3 days from it. So glad Hamme did not waste his time or resources.
  17. some cool info : ) might suit your los @baqualin https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/rearing_nematodes_do_it_yourself_guide
  18. Remember I have that stunning PP male still, him and a cut of him too. He was leaning more Goji than SP . I could use him too! Stanky has MY Goji from the Mom I lost. Been trying to get it back, but have had issues doing so. I also gave a cut to Islay too. So, got male PP now. His cut is rooting, will be rooted about the same time the Orange Goji seedlings get a good start. Have 8 of the Orange, surely i will have males, so I can use one of them too. THIS is what I shall do: Run a "mini" Papa style for a seed run. Amnesia Haze, Papa's Punch, Orange Goji as the females. Hit them with PP male, and the Orange male, separately of course. Would give me Pure PP's F2, and 2 different F1's of Amnesia Haze...............1 by orange goji one by Sugar Punch Goji..............................not gonna do much better than that......thats my plan. Going to have to wait a minute or 6 waiting on the A.H. to get healthy and look like a plant again, lol.
  19. @Griot i think he’s going down the nematode route : )
  20. Think someone here is fighting gnats right now. Seems like bugs in the garden are using steroids lol hard to get rid of
  21. That’s exactly what I bought them for, I’m making an Octo Airpot and wanted these for that very reason..... fungus gnats! Been using Airpots for years. Baq
  22. Also there’s got to be someone on OG that made F2s I think stankydank was a big fan of the GoGi OG calling all OGs we need gogi OG seeds now lol
  23. That would be a major cross if the PP gives you a gogi leaning male ? Or on the gogi leaning female get some CS and make fem pollen and hit the AH with it what do you think ?
  24. TRUST ME I WOULD!!! Amnesia Haze "stick lady" IS GOING TO MAKE IT!!!! 3 of the 4 cuts are going to make it I WILL HAVE Amnesia Haze. I have no MALE GOJI's.......................or male A.H. for that matter. EVERY one of the 10 I have thrown down of my Goji/HGK has been FEMALE but 1, and I was not smart enough to keep him. WHY I told the "dog" I would trade me anything..................................Amnesia Haze X Goji would be something!!!!!!!!!!!M I DO HAVE plenty of "Orange Goji" from my buddy. He actually selected a Mom of Goji from a full pack, and a Orange Sunshine Dad from a full pack also, and from the folks I know who have grown and smoked it, all have said SUPERB ...................so, just maybe Amnesia Haze X Orange Goji
  25. Great find bro. Looks to be very close to the same size also.
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