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  2. They can, but they don't have to, and not in our favor either.
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  4. Traits can be passed on independant from each other. Mendel's second law.
  5. Point taken, and even more, the number of people doing the same thing. I never opposed them on principle, I just went with the reasoning that they were bred using ruderalis and therefore weren't likely to be exceptional. And I figured if I'm going to spend 100 bucks or so on 10 seeds then I was only going to buy what had the best shot at being really good. But that was a long time ago.
  6. Misterdirt

    godbud #2 pheno

    I definitely did not get that pheno. I'll have to run the rest of the pack sometime. Both of mine have that cabbage-like growth. The one I haven't chopped yet is almost black.
  7. That is pretty wild. I'm not sure I've ever seen one exactly like that. I sure haven't ridden one. I'd love to try one sometime. I was thinking the bikes like that had the front wheel out in front more. Maybe I haven't been paying attention real good. It sure looks comfortable. peace
  8. That is pretty cool Gardner, I have thought bout those sit down types. I literally don't have balance and fall over.
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  10. The last bike i owned. Had to sell it when i left Arizona. Muscular dystrophy forced me to look for an alternative to the traditional seat-up, hands-forward design. Recumbents are really awesome fun bikes. I put a few thousand miles on this thing.
  11. In an indoor situation, I could have made about 50 generations since 2008. Selecting the best plants, fifty times over, must lead to at least some improvements.
  12. Ahhh, thanks bro! How'd you do fishing, or are you guys down there now? Looks like you caught that surf fishing. I bet that took a while to land. That's a big fish for a rod!! Don't stick your fingers in to get your hook, hahhah Now I have to go look for a some of mine. What a great place. Cleanest air anywhere. Crap, you're 20-25 miles away from the mainland down there. Still cold water there now. It never warms up in the ocean till June'ish. The sound side can be okay but still chilly. Great fishing though. Have you ever had the She Crab soup in the area? There's a place on the way out up at Whalebone Junction. It's called Sam and Omie's. Very old school and across the street from a fishing pier. Go for breakfast and get a bloody mary and some She Crab soup, and then breakfast, wow! heh. Best She crab soup I've ever had. Have fun if you're still there. A good friend of mine owns a rental company in Avon and sells real estate and he manages the large and small beach houses for rentals. I'll have to try and remember the name of his company. peace
  13. Oh hell yeah, that'd be a hoot dude. That pic was taken from a new trail they made called the wormhole trail. It's on the bench behind the Trinidad sign. It'd be a rough bike up bu on top its all flatish. They bought that whole mountain in the background. That's the future of recreation in this town. I live close to the lake, though. I like that. Water is scarce around here. The river or the lake. Until you go up into he mountains where there are a few more lakes. Looks like Red Rocks park behind you. Baqualin just moved to Colorado Springs. We haven't met up yet. I'm too broke to leave the house this winter. Things are getting ready to open up though. I'm working on a business idea for my downstairs. I'm wanting to put in a small vertical garden and build a sterile mushroom lab. If I can pull that off I can run 12 months out of the year and have a big advantage for this region. And, it'll be the canna test center, too. Keep in touch. We could probably get Baqualin to come down, too.
  14. Well, what the hell you plan on doing with the fooking Framboise Fookies strain? Call me up and shoot me a bud over the line...
  15. once again, baked and rhyme i must the incredible interstellar flow is letting me see all genetic lines, i must trace back to unpack the genes from wayback in time, i’ve always found it a crime but i was fooking waisting my time, im here held on this plain to drive all of you peeps fooking insane, in the best kind of way , behind blue gates, stood trusted blue eyes, he threw me down and said it was not my time, i am starting to feel this clear line that can only be don by a man of more then 7 feet tall, to disrupt al, your normal size ratios to find themselves strongly able to maintain this ancient loving flow, we all sang this beautiful song peacefully so long ago, now it is time for me to go, and soon NAW seeds wil once again steal the FOOKING show. Just wait..... a bit MO. STAY SAFE AND fly foOking HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  16. Rode my bike up that hill...................spent a few hours watching the sun go down under that Trinidad sign....................I have 4 ebikes, so next time I come, i will bring 2 and you can go ride with us......................went to look for pics I took up there, but could not find them. DID FIND the pic........................10 seconds before my face hit the floor....................on my 1st dab.......................was in Denver , do not know if you read the story I posted about it, thought it was funny I found that picture................ I had to have gone right past your house several times..................small world isnt it....................NEXT time we come up, we shall meet.................... I found it BEAUTIFUL there!!!!
  17. At my age and health, this would be me Laugh_In_Tricycle.mp4
  18. I'll look. I think I've been there. I have to save up for that. My town is perfect, and I love the quiet bicycle ride, too. I've always been a bike rider. I rode road bikes while in the Navy. I didn't own a car. I was riding 60 miles a day pretty comfortable. I'd like to have the motor so I can hybrid! I really need to be geting that type of exercise again. I forgot, you've been all around here, so you know how cool it would be here. We already have a few trails and about to begin building a lot. I doubt you heard, but the city (basically) was able to buy the 40,000 acre Crazy French Ranch. It includes the iconic Fischer's Peak that rises above the city. It'll be turned into a public recreation area and wildlife refuge. We're already planning the bicycle aspect. It's very neat, because we all have a say in things and it's easy to get on the boards or committees involved in things happening here. Very exciting. When are you coming back up bro? Bring that bike next time and I can point you in a few very cool directions. Here's a picture of Fischer's peak. It's right outside my window. peace
  19. A new name for our clone only "Framboise FOOKIES"-Girl scout cookies x Airborne jack- damn this stuff is tasty and FOOKING HIGH. Real classic pocorn size kush nuglets. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  20. I'll try them eventually. I was just curious if they had improved as much as their presence at seedbanks suggests. --cheers
  21. --true, you have to blame the fool.
  22. The seeds I have are probably 5 years old minimum... I guess. I not sure if the breeding was a stellar as now. I think I'll look for those and start them for giggles. One was a from Mephisto and it did give me a fat cola but that's all. Maybe 12 inches tall. It tasted great and was frosty and dank. It was Tyrones Special. I forget the genetics but it was a top seller for them. I also have one Northern Lights auto seed that I'm not sure of the origin. It might be on the pack, gotta look. The sun is ultra intense this time of year. I'll post if I find them and plant them. peace
  23. Ditto... let me know if things get low SPW. peace
  24. You want the BBSHD motor kit............about 700 bucks. Then a good 52volt battery pack, about 400 bucks, then a nice donor MTB to put it all on. Goes on easy, last for ages, most fun I have had on any TYPE OF VEHICLE! Where you are it would be a blast!!! Can use just throttle, cover maybe 25 miles............or use pedal assist and get a bit of exercise, go 50 or more miles that way. In TOTAL silence, such a different way to ride................. ALL the stuff comes from a seller in Cali.................Luna Cycle.......................need not go anywhere else for motor kits or parts. Check pout their site.............:)
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