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  2. Need a little help identifing a deficiency. Plant is 36 days into flower, looking at the chart it looks like maybe phosphorus or clacium deficiency but I'm not sure. Most all leaves have a drooping tips but only the big fan leaves have the spots on the leaves.
  3. Uh-oh. These plants are being photographed against the Backdrop Of Death. That can only mean chop time. I had a shaky hand or something when I took the pics of the Pineapple Fields, pheno A (plant F, for those keeping score at home), so they suck. I didn't realize it until she was already hanging upside-down from a twist-tie. This is my favorite one, from the bud structure/density point of view. A taste of a recently-dried bud makes me guess THC cannabinoids are in the 21 - 23% range (-ish, kinda). By about week 7, she started showing signs that she was going to be a floppy mess, unable to hold up her buds without support. She's now back in the tent, with only the lower 2 branches. I'm going to up the lights to 18/6 soon, to reveg the 3 plants that didn't clone and start the next crop. And below, we have the larger of my two Peyote Pancakes. Strong, but brittle branches. I was doing a little defoliating recently, and the branch snapped before the petiole would give. It started leaning a couple of weeks ago, but really didn't need support. Scent is chemical plant/tire fire. Sort of smells the way New Jersey smelled when I was a kid. This looks like it could be a serious producer in a SOG. It does not like to branch, but it clones easily. Here's to hoping she's as potent as advertised. Others will come down this weekend, as trimming time allows. The PF doesn't look like it will be much of a problem to trim, at all — except for the pheno C ladies, who won't come down for at least a week.
  4. Hi Mr D, been a while, I hope all is well. mob is a blueberry line, Maine’s Own Blueberry. It’s either old DJ work or a cross to it. Like most things , there is a convoluted story and lineage . It’s killer though, blueberry muffin terps , pretty colors , not super potent, so good daytime weed.
  5. Got my sannies delivery today, some blueberry quintessa(glad I bought when I did cause I don't see koma on the list of breeders anymore ) and some Huck n heri x Perkins cut freebies and now I have a conundrum, what to grow next. I still have a bunch of seeds I haven't grown out .
  6. What is "Mob cut" a cut of? I had some weed from a Colorado dispensary called "Mob Boss," that was a super-potent sativa dom (like maybe 60% sativa), but I didn't find any information about it.
  7. Here is some of @santero s work , Tahoe Og x M39. Also older pics. these were absolutely awesome plants, great work San.
  8. This is the Mob cut I have . These pics are not current, Mob is not in this round , unfortunately...
  9. What’s up Opengrow? It’s been a while since I had a thread going here. a little introduction is probably in order , as there are mostly new names to me , around here. I live in the US, in a state where everything I do is LEGAL! I’m retired/ stay home dad, been growing about 15 years or so . Lifelong skateboarder, and even though I’m in my late 40s , I still skate . I have all sorts of things going on as far as my grow, so I will do my best to explain things as I go. Feel free to ask any questions you have
  10. Con Leche from Swamp Boys Triangle Kush x White Og
  11. Autoflower harvest! Northern Lights & Short Rider. Day 55. Of all the ways to combine multiple plants in one pot, the easiest is to grow autoflowers.
  12. Probably lol TY for the info, so no seeds of that one. Edit, I just checked and cleared out, and see messages I never read! doh
  13. funny as foock exept(the deaths) &now the inevitable violence )black humour our tradittonal male coping mechanism part of what got us here you have to laugh you cant cry your way out of a crisis! a.t.p. any. thiing. is. possible. all this wasnt predicted(-alfred pike_1800sfreemason) it has been carefully planned!
  14. This is @smilestyle's F3 of a strain that the short-lived Fusion Seeds put out, probably around 10 years ago. Fusion put out 3 or 4 strains once, then disaster struck and their parent plants all died. I think Fusion's version was derived from a Lemon Thai that Dutch Flowers once sold, which included a significant amount of Hawaiian genetics, from what I've heard, but I could be wrong about that. I got this F3 at least 5 years ago, so whether or not there are any seeds still floating around, I don't know. It seemed like it was a gift that went out to a bunch of OG members, way back then. BTW, is your message box full?
  15. funny as foock exept(the deaths) black humour our tradittonal male coping mechanism part of what got us here you have to laugh you cant cry your way out of a crisis! a.t.p. any. thiing. is. possible.
  16. 38 x remaining...lol
  17. Strawberry XL at day 39 flower.... she's almost there....
  18. now working on a 2020 project with G39 F2 as foundation. coming soon!!! to papers near you...lol GOV ID hahaha funny as shit... 39 times this will be repeated....
  19. stop, drop and roll up the good stuff is the best way to counter the virus. or fake news? it is just the way we look at things and we decide…only wrong things, keeping an everlasting unbalance between humans. don’t wanna step on anyone’s toes but preacher rhino rapped about this stuff long ago… lol… my goal will never change to create the perfect strain with colours pink, purple and green and with just a toke will have you see how the curtain of this facade will be lifted as you will get lifted over the veil that separates realities…WOMS will be her name…. working now at top speed that i hope in 2025 she will be ready…. Strawberry XL Flowers in 45-50 days. i flowered her 5 times since creation and 45 days seems to be her harvest day… you can leave her to 50 days increasing yield but trading a bit of the high in for a bit more stoney effects my preferred harvest day is at day 45 where she shoots everyone interstellar. a incredible profile from Strawberry Blues #4 and boosted up by my Airborne Jack F2 male made this fast flowering Sativa hybrid that yields and yields AAA strawberry Goodness. and she makes u HIGH AS FOOK….for hours…dribble dribble. now with the making of Strawbear XL bx1 i aimed for more grease, more pungent reeking strawberry smells and more magic in effect. for this cross i use the same male used to make Honey Hoo Hoo. and all is looking and smelling better than expected(of course lol)… many more coming soon… -Bammie Xl -Strawbear Xl bx1 -Airborne Jack F3 -Back to the future haze F2 -Airborne XL and still many, many more are being worked on to be released ASAP…
  20. If they try it Like Hendrix said Im gonna give them the Gun
  21. 5g is bullshit To stupid to be stupid Look into how many towers They will need Millions What's that about the environment? Look at agenda 2030 Or 2023 Gates Soros and the other a Elites with the UN are not hiding their plans They are going full.out now Food control They wanna sell.us roach milk and insect protein They wannna crash farming The EU just stated the new protein Code for insects Is ramping up 100k ton production this year Look at the USDA.... A part of the Department of Defense lol They just said fuck it Fuck labels lol Hell if the proteins the same or close You don't have to tell folks its powerderd Worms. All i just typed can be Googled.
  22. high up there redman sorry to be a little late here georgious girls top job on them beuatiful pics too stay safe & happy!
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