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I admittedly and unashamedly know little about Cannabis but have been eager to learn since being diagnosed with OCD and other disorders where the medications make me feel terrible. My new morning routine is 1ml of $150 1000mg CBD oil as recommended by Google b/c vets cannot even talk with their VA doctors about an alternative that will cost at least $150 p/mo at this dosage. Thanks, I’m convinced, to messed up lawmaking that instead of making this a cheap alternative only allowed for legal competition with the illegal black market - leaving users paying the same high prices. How in the world are all the people benefiting from CBD or Cannabis able to afford it this way? If Hemp is legal to grow, I’m here to say:- I have the means to produce my own meds and avoid the mess the laws have created that makes it unattainable for even the gainfully employed to use. And I want to help other vets in this predicament find a better way too since I’ve chosen to do the legwork now. I’m in the process of wading through the nightmare of doing this legally. But, It’s so convoluted that I am not sure if I will succeed... If Virginia wants to put me in jail for growing Hemp (for now anyway)- I hope they can at least find a way to justify it not just legally- but ethically and morally too - which carry just as much weight with me as law as I believe we all should feel. I don’t believe our lawmakers intended for this situation to occur and I know that I can be an example for them to educate themselves. My wish in 2019 is to get that dialogue rolling. #virginiagrown #richmondva #careytown #districtofcannabis #cbd #cbdoil #cbdisolate #cbdforpets #norml #initiative71 #freetheweed2019 #freetheweed #710society #710 #420 #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabiscures #cannabinoid #pissedoffvetrhatdoesntwanttolearnhowtouseinstagramtofindmyshit

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