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    After my last grow i realized I needed: 1. to do a lot more work on my grow area, and 2. some of that shit meant persons of unknown trustworthiness would be in my grow area. So I had to tear down. The work is now done (I have a water supply on the same floor as my grow, among other things) and it's long overdue for me to get my ass in gear! Everything I'm growing this time around was either purchased at Sannies Seeds, could be purchased at Sannies Seeds, or I got through a friend here on Open Grow. We have: Pineapple Fields - I popped 5 of a 10 pack years ago, and really enjoyed the grow experience. Since then, another grower here on OG gave me the 5 seeds he had left from a pack he had partially grown out. All 10 are going to be sprouted, and maybe I'll get that Roadkill Skunk pheno I had heard so much about. Peyote Pancake - Available at Sannie's. The only thing I know about it is what I read on the shop site, and what I read here. I'll sprout 5 this time around. Blueberry Quintessa - Also available at Sannie's. Again, the only thing I know is what I read on the seed shop site and right here. My wife and I have developed a taste for 50/50 CBD/THC edibles, and this will be my first attempt at a CBD plant of any kind. I'll sprout another 5 of these. Lemon Bubba - An @santerocreation with some promising genetics. His "sweet spot" was one of my favorites of my last grow. While I didn't keep any cuts from them, they were enjoyable enough that I'll continue popping Santero seeds for a while. Lemon Thai F3 - This is an @smilestylecreation, keeping the old Fusion Seeds genetics alive. I've wanted to sprout this for years now. 5 will be sprouted. Miss U Jack - This was a freebie @ProfessorP created, distributed by Sannie's Shop. It's Miss Universe #10 x a Jack Herrer pheno from the garden of Jack Herrer, himself! It's another I've had for years. They're finally getting into the lineup. It will be an organic soil grow. I'm ready to start Octopots, but in February I'll be shipping off for a couple of weeks on business. My wife will have a much easier time just watering than messing with pH and TDS meters. Besides, I want to have some keepers to put in those Octos. No need to have a shitload of some mediocre pheno. More as things develop...
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    Skunk x Jackberry (2019 freebie) Cured now for a couple of weeks, a smooth and calm stone with a strong scent of blueberries and skunk Muscle relaxant properties.
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    Merry Christmas with a little HO HO Sinisters Huck n Heri X USC's Ouzbekistan
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    Killer Grapes (Bright moments x Killer queen) @santero (very grapefruit/chemical smell). It’s a keeper! It only need a lager pre grow Chocolate Jamaican (double jam x Chocolate diesel). This one have a complex smell. Nothing like her sisters or mother, no wood - But haze, fruity, chemical. She reminds me the most of Killing Fields #6 @lumatekfan . Yeah, weird i know haha
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    I have an update on the Afghani CBD cultivar. FYI, I love it, we didn't get much bud off the first run and they weren't very photogenic since they were started outdoors very late in the season, so not much veg time, but the high and flavor are awesome, doesn't totally fuck you up, just makes you feel super euphoric and relaxed but not sleepy, great for daytime, night time or for stress relief, love it for my stomach problems! The flavor and aroma reminds me of a cultivar here in Colorado from Irie Genetics, Golden Goat, it's a sweet syrupy hashy flavor and smell, I love it. I have 3 other people running it and waiting to hear back. The first run outdoors they had the shit abused out of them and came through it perfectly (no Herms), we have kept 3 mothers for the next run (no variations seen, very homogeneous), see pics below (pics are from my partner grow). I have taken clones from them to run indoors myself in March under my care for a clean and serious run and will post the grow.
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    Harvest ~55-59 days: Jackberry #1, feminized "Bluebei" #2 (BBI x Heribei) Feminized. after getting the leaves off I wondered if maybe i was 5-7 days early.
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    Best wishes for 2020 OpG! Here is a Killer Grapes. She smell grapefruit, Chem, sweet-ish. I can not tell exactly, she is very complexed. She did not want any nutes. She grown only on plain grow soil from plagron and sannies tablets and look at here thanks san!
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    Goji x Blue Magoo created by @StankyDank30
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    Purple punch transplanted and and kush mints crosses are out of their cell trays and into solo cups. LA Wedding Pops by seed junky genetics are about ready for a topping...
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    nah, that's not the reason why he left ... the other venture was more lucrative/had more future. that's all @Crimson Fart exactly, bro ... he gave away more than he ever sold. it's a fact. he's the main inspiration for everything i do today *my beacon*
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    it is exactly as silver surfer writes ! i guess, eskobar did never understand (or could not admit?) that the clone that he recieved from france was not "SM planck" ... but the "Cerise d'Exo Planck". everything that has SM in esko's work is actually the cheese/riri somatic cross made by a person called EXO PLANCK ... the confusion was in the clone-name. terps of the SMplanck to the cerise is so similar tho, that a confusion is not really surprising. both are strawberry/cherry type plants with a skunky profile/structure, so a mix-up happened. no bad intentions as far as i can see, just confusion while exchanging clones between esko and his french source. i recieved the clone from the very same circle of traders and had the whole story explained to me again in detail. i don't have any horse in this race, so i can accept the mixup and freely tell you about it
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    Afghan CBD x Black Afghani by Cristalin at USC. Blue Orca Haze from Swami Organics. Baqualin cut. Sugar Punch @baqualin cut. ... all at 3 1/2 weeks 12/12 Peace.
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    Hey thanks guys Been playing around and can get decent closeups now that I figured out the different focus options. PHK Truck please ignore the cat/dog hair, it is unavoidable in my house...lol.
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    I like your looks very much SPW, you are a sharp looking man and that smile! Psst I just turned 61 in Jan 5th, I am a fractionated 4/20 hehe Been doing a bit of Yoga, but need to get more serious about it. Update on me, lost my gardens, Both in flower to PM. Was processing oil for folks, and ended up with PM, went through my upstairs vents to the flower room, none in veg. So I go get 8 Massively big plants lol I mean big ole plants, in one week I had more PM lol not from me, from the NEW plants! Ugfhhhhhhhhh so I am treating all rooms with potassium bicarbonate and it is working. They are all gonna come out about the same time, I am gonna end up with pounds eeek lol. I was like For Real, For Real! I pick up plants cause I have PM and the damn new ones do too ha ha just my luck. So loads of cleaning, spraying going on, and this old lady don't like to travel, HOLY Crap who has Plants, not clones! lol I was lucky anyone had anything, really good breeds too. Then of course I am making medibles coming out my ears hehehe Picked up a new mold, thought it would be great for gummies, oh NO< it feels like little fingers in your mouth ha ha and I already got a cool mold for chocolate, guess I will have two now ha ha. Maybe use it for the copy cat starburst. Those are lemon bars, 100mg each, and those funny gummies that feel like fingers in your mouth lol. I had so many requests for the Grape Mehigh I make that I ordered supplies, gonna be 150mg in 12 oz long neck beer bottles Hope everyone is doing well.
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    Happy New Year peeps. Hope you had nice holidays and are ready to get back to business in 2020. We've got a lot of weed to grow. All was good here at the beach except the weather but it wasn't awful by any means. Chilly and rainy with some wind mixed in. We've had some impressive tides and waves lately but so gray and yucky that I didn't make it out shooting with my new camera. The house is almost back together after putting Christmas away for another year. Multiple totes filled to the brim and waiting to go back in the loft. Christmas is a lot of work. All is looking good in the grow rooms. Today I up-potted the 2 Purple Hindu Kush clones to #2's. I did the same to the Truck clones over a week ago. They have very different growth rates these two. I won't veg the Truck clones as long as their Mom because there won't be room for 3 of those big girls in my flower room. They will get up-potted to #5's in a few days and then off to 12's they will go. The PHK clones are another story. They will get topped soon, then they will veg awhile before I take more cuts. I'm leaning towards keeping the #2 PHK only but we'll see how they finish before choosing. I have 1 more PHK just sprouted that I'm really hoping is a male. My goal is to make a bunch of seeds from these so fingers crossed I can find a dude in the few remaining seeds that I have. On to the flower room and as you can see the Truck girl grew some legs since last time you saw her. She is about 46" now and will probably finish around 49" after going to 12's @14". Except for her height, her overall structure is similar to the PHK's but that is where the resemblance ends. Truck (train wreck x huckleberry kush) @ 26 days, I did her in 2 pics, top and bottom. The PHK girls are bulking up rapidly and getting more purple all the time. The are also at 26 days in 12's. I see many possibilities for these beauties down the road. PHK #1 PHK #2 Really liking the look of the PHK girls. I can see working with these for awhile and I have a few crosses in mind for down the road. That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by.
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    Looking good Gman.. Hope u have a great New Year and your grows are great.. A couple bon bon buds
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    Anyone else tired of chasing strains? Longing for a simpler time, of 3 channel TV, Star Trek (the real one), bad Yoko Ono albums, only 4 wine selections in super markets, no such thing as craft beer, American Pie, and whatever pot happened to be smuggled in that month? Grandma had one or two tomato seeds she'd plant, year after year, and they were always superb, best ever, every year. Was just thinking of how we're ALL consumed with the next best thing, the next super strain, the holy grail, the, the......... ? Being off the charts ADD myself, it's a challenge just to smoke the same thing twice. But was just remembering when something "special" was in town, like Thai, which would be around for six months, then vanish like a fart in the wind. Now, in the land of pot plenty, there's a never ending plethora of flavors, wines, new, better, better, better......... But I've always had an affinity for older, aged things of quality, the heirlooms, the 57 strat, Marantz receivers, heirloom Jamaican, or blonde Lebanese hash. I used to have my regular go too weed, Chucky's Bride for a long time, still Kali Mist, but always have 4 or 5 others around, waiting on all those F2's I've never got to grow out. Awwww, it's a great hobby, that alone justifies all the intensity and pursuit of excellence we put into it. Wish I had some original Skunk #1 for New Years. I'm just philosophizing on my new, simpler, 2020. Can't see it, because I no longer have 2020 vision. Bohdi's Apollo 11 F3's, from a few years ago, amazing plant is right, flowers in six and half weeks on the nose, every time. Fruit and Cheese ball hard small nugs that fit perfectly in your bowl. Great for watching Star Wars marathons. Happy New Years, everybody
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    Platinum Huckleberry Cookies x Blue Magoo created by @StankyDank30 Afghan CBD x Black Afghani by USC. both at 3.5 weeks.
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    Another nice shot since I"m in the midst:
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    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Santa was good to me, brought me a new camera with all kinds of knobs and buttons to figure out. Here's a few shots of the Purple Hindu Kush and Truck girls who are 3 weeks into 12's. The PHK are looking great, already some nice bud growth and there are lots of them. The Truck is reaching for the sky, still adding an inch or two a day. Gotta figure out how to shoot macro shots with the new camera. I did figure out the white balance so making progress. This thing has an users manual about 600 pages long so taking me a bit to absorb it all. Enough chit chat, on to the pics... PHK #1 PHK #2 Truck Kinda nice to get back to peace and quiet around here. Grand kids are great but they sure can wear a guy out. Our 3 dogs have been sleeping two days straight since all the company left. Best to all in the coming year.
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    Merry Christmas to all Here's hoping 2020 brings big buds and new friends.
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    Before and after pruning- Before: After:
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    Oaxacan Fem from Esko I burned her a bit with the nutes but she's still looking good!
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    A wonderfull good morning to the community. I recently came across some of the sannies freebies. 5 x Blueberry Indica x Heribei. It is one of the best strains i have ever grown. Info: - Grown in the cold at 16-19 degree celcius. - Canna nutrients - 10 weeks veg outdoor in the cold (14-20c) - Had several illnesses such as black flies / thripse and soil mold. Flavours: Fruit Tea Smell: Mix fruit and a bit of pine - Grown next to the window with 8-10 hours of light This strain had all the worse conditions and still came out very decent. She is so purple that it looks almost black. Thanks to sannie for the freebie. Cheers
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    bonsoir quelque retour sur la sélecta je suis a la 8 semaine du 12/12, les plantes sur pris de jolis couleur, je suis toujours entrain engraisser des plantes, tout de mêmes gourmande en engrais alors, j ai eu un stretch x4, x6 du cotes de la cmh 315 la moyenne des plantes et de 1,20 à 1,40 mètres par contre coté les led j ai eu - 30¨% de stretch , avec une plus grosse consommation en engrais, une belle carence post stretch mais une belle demoiselle, qui demande pas trop de soins elle fait sa vie e cotes odeur, toujours un peut sur la fraise des bois, sucrées à bientôt merci a vous, pour votre retour sur ces plantes
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    Let's go old skool for the new decade. Going back almost two decades, Mota Rebels Redneck Koosh
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    Snow Lotus bx v1 x Sour Dubb ...one of 5 and 4 different phenos @ 3 1/2 weeks
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    Hey SAN, I had picked up some of the *Killer Grapes* on my last order, along with Killer Bee, and a couple of others. Once I cracked and tailed them, put them into medium, label them, and into my wacky weird veg cycle, that is designed to use the veg areas, to juggle my time, with flowering plants coming out of a tent 4'x8'x7'5" . Anyway for me veg time my only concerns, bugs, moisture of medium, and up potting when needed. And honestly, I tend to forget them as this strain or that one, until they go into flower. Add trying to keep cuttings of every strain, and being an old guy, I just tend to forget what is running, bit more so now, since I bailed on the Hawaiian adventure....but keep a couple floating in the mix as my fav's. SO, this morning I go down to tidy up in the flower tent, as it's an end of month chore I try to always do. I crawl into the tent, and realize it's a full on SANtero harem!! All San's stuff!! So I vacuum up all the floor litter, and grab my stuff bag,wire,stakes. So I start picking the deadies, yellowing, maybe a leaf here and there for lower bud exposure. There are a couple of Killer Bee's, a wonky diesel, and as I start to pick this really Dr.Seuss looking plant, that needed staked and wired real bad, as she is floppy as a hooker. As I start wireing her to the stake, I get an overwhelming blast to my nose, of Grapes and Opium so strong, it was a pure stench, gut gurgling stench!! OMG I was so freaking thrilled!! I just kept saying OMGOMGOMGOMG! I ran to get my wife, and I'm babbling about this Super sticky, super smelly, smaller sized plant, and how she has a couple of weeks to go IMHO!!! I'm meditating to the universe to let this be my grail girl I've been seeking, for a grape freak seeking friend. He spent almost $300.00 on a packet of GageGreens, Communistia strain as it was supposed to be a grape orgy, a few years ago. We got 3-4 plants from that packet, and none of them were CLOSE to this girls intensity, not at all. You sure as shit chucked this pollen correct man!! I know my tribe is going go phucknutscrazy for this!! BIG PROPS San!! I enjoy every strain I've grown out.....but grail plants...are as rare as an honest politician, and I know the Primordial Ohm is in this girl. Salutations Pollen Chucker!! Off to the PC Hall of Fame with you!! Sincerely webe I may have the KLH wrong, will check later on when I can.
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    Veg tent is happy after a drink of aloe, ful-power and silica. I topped one of the C99 x BA (B99) and the BBS X BA. The other B99 looks like it wants to be a pole. BBS x BA B99 None of the others have shown sex, but one Killer Cookies is started showing preflowers a couple days ago. QKush buds are fattening, though I never was able to get a handle on the yellowing. She is just over 7 weeks. The 2 Perkins Cut BX ladies are at 7 weeks on the nose and are still stacking. I read that 7 weeks is a good time to cut the original Perkins Cut of Cannatonic, so I cut a couple lower buds for sampling
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    yes, santa maria clone (actually: she's called "cerise d'exo planck"). this was hit by eskobar's chocolate rain male ... it was a rather rare freebie from eskobar, maybe around 2014(?). SM is really great smoke. unique terp profile, reminds a bit of the cheese (that is not officially in- volved but very obvious when "SM" is grown). she has a very red berry, kinda cherry-like, taste and smell, really special. the only thing coming near is the shishkaberry clone via spain (= strawberry bubblegum-like). dunno, i don't believe so. otherwise he would not bother registering at another place. (... so far, he is just reporting about his grows on a different board. no more, no less.) it was organized and is happening for at least two of his lines. (one from me and one from zanzibar). in case more lines happen then they will pop up there ... let's see if there will be more. it is vital and very important for this that esko does not feel like anyone is taking from him ... IF he feels that way, then the project will IMMEDIATELY stop ... this is meant as a tribute, not a "milking"-operation there is much other things we can do without possibly offending the very person we admire limitlessly. @Sacred Plant Warrior you know, you can always hit me up anytime ! i love to share and i am just a pm away, broski.
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    For years I had been cloning in rapid rooters with what i considered to be good success, but that was only a 60-75% success rate. I didnt have a lot of room so I didnt care, i always took more then i needed so i would have what i need and discarded the rest. Last year was a bad growing year for me, and i didnt grow in 2019 until october. It seemed like almost everything i tried to start up, seed or clone, died on me after a few weeks. Of course, it wasnt the rapid rooters that changed, but me. Turns out stuffing wet rapid rooters into seedling trays kinda kills the whole "Perfect air-to-water ratio" Starting up this year i did some research and found some other things I was doing wrong with my cloning. 1. Too hot. My tents are up in the attic, and the temps are too volitile for clones so I stick em in my office closet with a light. Turns out it easily gets to 95 degrees in that closet, no good for clones. 2. Too much light. Research has shown me that the clones do not really like high intensity light. I was giving them somewhere in the realm of 20k lux, which can apparently cause them to transpire too much and interfering with rooting. Doesn't kill or stop the process, but makes it a lot harder for the plant and makes it take longer. Consequently raising my light up to provide about 8-10k lux also helped with my heat problem 3. Letting em sit in water. If I noticed the rooters drying at all, i would pour water into the tray and just let it sit there. This can cause all sorts of problems apparently. 4. To many nutrients in the media. Hempyfan talked about this above. 5. Not LTTFA. I am obsessive. Contently checking for roots, lifting the dome etc. This messed with the environment. I am sure this isnt a big part of my problem but i am trying to get to the point of not messing with them for at least 7 days as long as the humidity is 95% or higher in the cloner. Cloner, HA! Two plastic ziplock tubs on top of each other. This round i ditched the rapid rooters in favor of standard seedling trays with coco. Kept em humid, temperate and wet. 21 of 22 rooter for me and I suspect the health of the mother and a weak cutting was a factor for the 22nd one. Overall I am happy and I think this will be my method going forward.
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    Hi Col'jam ans black afghani are on the road ... This week into the shop .... Double jam, CG72 and others will be made in 2020, i think in "limited edition" .... But BECAREFUL: One guy email me to ask if i want bought a "Double jam" reproduction .... I don't know who is he ... AND i don't work like that ... When i work with someone (like ACBD) i tell it ...... So the guy is telling me that if i don't buy his seeds stock, he will sell them to another "seed bank" . I'll make myself this reproduction, i don't buy "bulk seeds" ... I prefer to have a lot of "out of stock" than doing whatever ..... OFFICIAl Reseller: Sannie (NL) , Alchimia (SP), Regseeds (UK) I'm sorry for that, but i must tell it, thanks for your comprehension Ciao
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    Yep, that’s all it took for me. Second run just kicked into flower, still LOS / No till. Pots never moved, cut finished plants off at soil surface, top dressed let set 2 weeks and replanted, done.
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    That is not good, got a big nice bush of silverfieldsx boudica x hum kush I was gonna put in flower but the fucker is now showing some balls.. im tempted to put it in flower anyways but I know I would regret down the line so no choice. Lets get the fiskars and take care of that shemale Confirmed females back left silverfields x boudica X humboltd kush and front right is honeybadgerhaze
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    Hi @Sacred Plant Warrior the one didn't snap, it split - on the one in the orange bucket when it rained. i tied it back together. Tho the one in the white pot is just propped up, not broken at all. these things are still going strong, btw - I think we've closed out 4 months of flower now:
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    How to select a plant. Yea that'll do
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    Enjoy it brother! I’ve good memories of your Amnesia
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    Thank you! Although I've been smoking scissor-hash, I'll certainly post a smoke report in a month or so... keep on growing
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    I must admit , not even in flower yet and I can say im impressed with my new led units. 50%draw only at 30 inches from the top of thr plants. The big ones been topped once and are 5 weeks old from sprouting
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    The 2 last silverfields are now in jars and starting to cure. The front right gave me 2 and a half jars while the long sativa beast harvest a nice 7 full jars of nice buds my christmas gift from myself is now installed and running!!! merry Christmas my friends!!!
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