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    Sugarpunch X MalawiGold #7. I can smell it. Something sweet, Peach or Strawberries... I like it. To be continued...
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    Silverfields 12weeks
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    26th of March, at the first location: On the 28th of March, at the second location: To be continued...
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    Here are some pictures of the progress. Three different plants. I still have a total of six females to choose from. Backed up by clones. To be continued...
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    SugarPunch X MalawiGold. On the 4th of March:
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    Here is my male SP X MG: I used it to pollinate my Shackzilla X MalawiGold. To be continued...
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    Looks great my friend sounds like an awesome cross paps
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    Meanwhile, at the other location: To be continued...
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    These are three of the females:
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    Meanwhile, I have five female seedlings in the flower room, a male in the kitchen. I backed up the females by clones. The male SP x Mal will be used to pollinate my Malzilla. To be continued...
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    March 18, at another location:
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    March 11: March 16: 
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    March the 7th: March 10:
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    Howdy guys and gals, it's been a while! How have you been? I'm growing ten Afghani #1 and two Northern Light (left front and middle) seedlings on construction rock-wool. they are in the second week 12/12.
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    WELL I WAS SADDENED, but shocked today when looking up topics. I'm not gonna get too excited because some folks may never check back but be cool if they did. i had someone come here too join and waited to become a member then site was like ghost. maybe sannie or a mod will explain. HAPPY BELATED 420 EVERYONE.
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    Last autumn, I grew a few Malawi Gold (afropips) plants, and collected a bit of pollen from a male plant. A friend from the South was growing Sannie's sugarpunch, and had selected a nice plant, strawberrie taste, as a motherplant. I sent him the pollen, and now we have about 100 seeds each. My friend has a bit more room, so grows taller plants, at the second location, as I call it in the pictures above. Yesterday, I took clones from them, and the seedlings are moved into the flower room. In order to find the females. Using Malawi in a cross with Shackzilla gave nice results. Since Sugarpunch and Shackzilla are half-sisters, I expect similar results from this cross. So far, the plants look vigorous, and uniform. To be continued...
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    I love cannabis. Really do, it's a passion. After a few years of hard times my life has lightened. And now I may share some of my grow with others again. I have loved Santero's dank tasty sticky crosses and Katsu has come from the shadows again. Gotta grow some of his gear too. Dragboat Jeffy of Bad Dawg also has created some interesting F1s... gawd so my plants so little time. The 1st two pics are in solo cups. The last picture they are in 1 gallon pots, pic taken today. I will uppot to 3 gal. fabric around the 5th of next month. (plenty of veg time) maybe 2 or 3 more weeks with training and stakes for some then flip. Crazy AGP thinking "out loud". This, as always, will be slow for a few weeks. When there is more to show I will. Oh the plants, lol. A cross made by San. The plants are a cross of Super Sour Diesel Haze hit by a male Northern Lights. That X Santero crossed with LUI male(s) assumably from the repro San did a few years back. This cross is an awesome medicine plant for my wife. She stops hurting when she smokes it and it acts as an antidepressant. For her small amounts a few times daily work. Me, I just think the (SSSDH X NL) X LUI smokes nicely. Very smooth, a little lung expansion 3 hits gets you going. (Although I will smoke it all day) I forget to smoke it about 2 bowls in as I get lost in whatever else... I have 8 of these going. I am doing a seed increase and trying to nail down which female pheno is best for the wife. So I am looking at males also. Likely will use 2 or 3 males to keep things open. Also I have 5 plants named Ceiling Licker which are JB Chem X Romulan and made as a collab. between Katsu and Romulan. I like chem for sho and rom is a classic. May have to pollinate some lowers. A couple are smelling of burnt rubber chem funk in veg. Other of pine or a combo. Oh yeah I have an SFV OG X Bye-Ya; made by Bad Dawg which has no preflowers yet but is a bushy stinky skunky profusion of stems. Also growing a Riri Sour Diesel mystery bean. The tallest strongest sappiest seeming male. Cedar incense woody Yeah, a male. Not sure if I will build another male enclosure or I hate to end such fire. (But I have 1 more mystery Riri seed unpopped in cold storage.) Also I have several others. "Eskobar Tribute" Holy Princess F2 and Rhaspberry Truffle by Santero. These are really just to satisfy my love of sweet tasty fruity and cherry-berry weed. And trust most are smelling pineapple or cherryish already.
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    (SSSDH [ODH] X NL) X LUI #3 short leafy heavy very funky smell @ 81 days
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    (SSSDH [ODH] X NL) X LUI # 7 Short and leafy minx 80 days -seed by Santero
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    Nice color and sparkly!
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    Interesting article, states Raw forms of CBG and CBD. This is rather exciting if you think on it, this would be for the prevention of Covid, not just for treatment. Maybe we all should be juicing. You can get high CBG by pulling plants early. Study: Cannabis compounds prevent coronavirus from entering human cells
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    hey yeah ... i saw that it was put on "hidden", but not by me ... i have erased the last few dramatic posts and opened it up again many greetings
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    LOL yep, we already knew that they compete for the receptors, you just need to use hours apart. Too funny
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    Uh-oh, terrible news! According to the article: "We tested THC. It does not work. Furthermore, when we added THC to CBD, it prevented CBD from blocking the replication of the virus," Rosner said. Fucking great, THC! You rained on my parade! Oh, I suppose I can forgive you...
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    I found another article, you can not use THC at the same time. and it sounds like you would need to use a large amount of CBDa for this to be effective. Ed Rosenthal actually talked about this type of thing years ago in one of his books, need to track that one down and buy it. I don't always trust everything about the studies, but do use them as a guide. We really do not have any idea about the dosing. https://consumer.healthday.com/1-24-can-cbd-help-curb-covid-maybe-but-more-study-needed-2656441689.html
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    Thank you for your message and question about our research on hemp and SARS-CoV-2. Our research was preclinical, and clinical studies are still needed to establish recommended dosages. We hope to have an answer to your question in a few months. Richard Richard B. van Breemen, Ph.D. Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Linus Pauling Institute and College of Pharmacy Global Hemp Innovation Center Oregon State University 353 Linus Pauling Science Center | Corvallis, OR 97331 P: 541-737-5078 | F: 541-737-5077 | E: richard.vanbreemen@oregonstate.edu
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    They probably don't have recommended dosages yet, but I'm sure people are trying to figure it out. Too bad I gave away my Blueberry Quintessa seeds. I really have no idea how much CBD they had. The plants I grew out had very little THC, that's for sure. I would think dispensaries will start selling CBDa in raw form, as they do THCa.
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    I have been growing and making products out of CBD for more than a decade. I did not get a vaccine, had good reasons not to, and even discussed it with my doc, I hope all get it who feel safe. I ended up getting Covid in the beginning, a patient brought it to me. I already use a gram a day of THC Oil, so I added in CBD, upped my Vit D and Vit C, and rode it out. The long haulers fatigued lasted for 9 months. But I made it through, would not want it again ever, but made it through.
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    Local plant makes good, Oh the delecious scrumpcious succulant irony, Someone in Argentina is all over it They have a very good marketing dept Pretty sure the product name predates covid, they are just happy to help. Probably so happy they can hardly count, and that makes me happy. Anything that helps us rub it into the face of those who would keep us from our plants. Personally I got the vax and the boosters as soon as I could sneak in under the fence. To me the potential side effects of Covid are far worse than the potential side effects of a vaccine made out of Covid. And I do my best not to spread it around. Our state has had us in masks since the beginning, helps that work had me fully stocked up on n 95s. Though years of sanding stuff in one has me douting their effectiveness givin how much dust I still blow out at the end of the day. Does keep me from picking at my nose and grabbing stuff someone else will touch later on so its doing something. And I wear mine all the way up like it's designed, not sagging off my chin like a thugs baggy pants. However, I do not wear it in the car driving alone like it's a statement. So far as use; I would imagine our regular bong rippy method of administration gets it to the place it it most needed.
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    6 to 8 weeks depending on strain, 8-week ones should be pulled at 6 weeks.
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    My brain is something else, I even commented on this! ha! Do you like it?
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    it's ip man -> wong shun leung -> philipp bayer
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    Thanks @Sacred Plant Warrior I don't think I have posted on icmag. Maybe wrong and don't remember. Although I have perused they're diy area. No problem broskii it's all good. It is good to see you well too.
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    Are u seriously learning wing chun from a student of Ip Man, what’s your Sifu’s name? Then I will know what faction he’s with. xie xie
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    your "myste-riri" may be one of the ones that i hit with gwidow. the leafshape gives it away and the double serration on holy princess & rhaspberry truffle indicate santa maria-influence. it's good to see you up and about, brother. i asked meself how you are. best vibes to your wife ... hopefully she recovers fast and completely !! in case i can help you out with some of my humble hacks, then just hit me up. nothing changed, i am the same = free beans for everyone who 'dares' to ask
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    This is an example of the 3 Rhaspberry Truffle males. They looked like clones of each other. But one was skunkier smelling. With the other two smelling sweet (for lack of a better word).
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    @gardenartusThank you for you're kindness. Definitely, overcoming adversity is a theme in you're life. You are a miracle and inspiration. Many prayers and blessings on you're continued healing.
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    Blessings you made it through. Just want to let you know I had several major strokes, mine came from blood clotting disorders. My memory was nontrackable, took me 6 months of rehab for the physical aspect, my last major one, but my brain was fried. CBD really corrected the damage. I guess CBG actually creates new neurons and CBD repairs them. So many odd symptoms you get from strokes docs don't warn you about. Big hugs, so glad you are OK.
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    Thank so much @santero for straightening out the lineage. And Really for all else you've done. My wife for a few years has called this cross "Mushy" even though I've explained the lineage. They were made in 2014 and we have originals still. (We grew a few of the ladies before) RESPECT On a more personaI note: I suffered a major stroke a couple years back and I almost lost it all a couple times. Wife is in the hospital and I am about to leave to pick her up. Sounds serious and was.. Though life in general is better now. It is good to see you on the boards. I hope you and the wife are well. I know it's been a hard year. And you're gardenss, I hope they thrive.
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    1st test of the smallest will be Sunday after 4 weeks in the fridge. I’m pretty sure it’s maybe 2weeks early based on fridge temps. will report back after a small sample to check any degradation.
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    it's supposed to be negated because of lack of oxygen. spores also need water, food, and temperature to grow. if one of those is eliminated shouldn't be any mold theoretically. so far i haven't seen what the temps are underground when they bury their stash. anybody know ? i did a ghetto version, used the last of the trim which already was shaped cylindrical. so just rolled it tight in the coffee filter and stuffed it into a blunt/cigar holder withe the cap on the end. was a very tight fit which is exactly what i wanted. thus cause I’m counting in the air still inside the tube to be gone in a short period of time !
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    well i found some more free cellophane i saved so rolled up two more SEC's today. placed in the jars they came from. wally world bound to do a little mkt run instead of ordering online as usual. have a nice day.
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    After a long slightly nerve racking wait my SAN seeds have finally made it home safely. They are already packed up with some desiccant in a vac seal bag in the fridge waiting for their time to come. Loving the genes in a lot of these crosses, can't wait to grow em all out! I got: lemon chiesel, chocolate chiesel, wonka's diesel, toblerone, strawberry chocolate, sanfune f2 ,chocolate puff, chocolate ghost, and chocolate fudge. They all sound good!
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    To date, I have grown 2 packs of Chuckys Bride, 1 pack of Chocolate Rain, Sour D riri x BB, and Planck cut aka Santa Maria fem (only 1). Wish I had kept cuts of em all. My next order will be half esko, half sannie... Lady Cane, Candy Kush, more Chuckys Bride (keeper) Would love to grow some of his Cheese mix, imo, love the flavors and smells coming out of his crosses. From Sannie, I will get... More Herijuana and some Sannies Jack F8. Cannot wait to pop these beans, always something good comes out of them. Peace.
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    I just received fresh pictures from the south. But the forum albums do not accept new pictures, at the moment. To be continued...
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