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    Hi OG, It's time to update my topic. I've got it very busy and my growroom failed, well, I failed. I didn't pay attention because i've got a lot to learn and it was very hot in my grow room (with a 100 watt TL) and all my babies were overcooked orso. So I started all over again (it sucked because I used some seeds I don't have many). I started again with a big selection and they are growing atm for 5 days. Here are some babies (from my own crosses) (left is the Long John Silver = SF x JJ and right is the JackCandy x Jalisco Jaze, i'm not sure about the name). Also a pic from my Shackzilla 2. I like the Zilla's a lot! But the SF is the real powerhorse of this grow. When they are cured I make a smoke report. Dear OG friend, i'm coming back and it takes a days to get by of your topics! SV
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    Airborne Jack day 26 Unique strain, faster then the speed of sound..... Just enjoy! Poldergrower en RhinoCbd en Ozzoes
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    HAPPY 420 !!! Sweet Skunk -Fast Version....... a nice & sunny Weekend all
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    Whew! It has been a stressful week at the beach house. So happy to see most of the content back and the search feature working again. Yesterday I was not so sure it would be fixed but today it seems on the right track. Yipeee! Happy to report the picture upload works well, multiple pictures at a time is so much better than before. It has been a bit since my last update and some things have changed in my lineup. I have 5 Nepalma CBD sprouts going in the veg area. They are 17 days up now except #5 who was a slow poke and is up only 14 days. Figuring out the new site as I go, so far so good posting pics. In the flower room I have 2 Phuuu's IPA Fems and 2 Boudica's at 31 days in 12's. Thanks again to Barrie84 for the Boudica F2's. Ipa's on the left and Boudica's on the right... The Boudica's are getting pretty fragrant already. They have a very nice aroma of vanilla, nuts and coffee all mixed together. Below is #3 in back and #1 in front. Boudica #3 Boudica #1 The 2 Phuuu's IPA Fems are also starting to stink. If you love the smell of hops you will love the smell of these girls. These are a cross of IPA #2 hit with IPA #5 fem pollen. The #2 looks exceptionally nice so far. I bent her and she responded very well. Her internode spacing is really tight on all branches and her frost is heavy. The #1 is not so bad by comparison, more the default of the #5 leaning pheno's. Number 1 is in the back and #2 up front below. Phuuu's IPA Fem #1 Phuuu's IPA Fem #2 Slowly getting the hang of this new interface. I wish there was a preview option like before, guess I'll go back and edit if something is outta whack. Gonna hit Submit Reply and see what happens...
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    G-39 F3 this female will be used to create G-39 F4(Right after testing) i had smoked the first joint a little while ago, now after some curing i will test her again... it is kinda hard for me to test due to the selection seedplants not yielding that much cause of small slimpots but it works great for selecting... they where given only water no nutes... we will now kingsbreed the lot and keep the selected ones for further testing....ok...(it is kinda hard for me to test) due to the low yields it is not possible for me to smoke that much cause this F3's pain relief is about 10times stronger then G-39 #17 it immediately relieves my pain by that much that smoking G-39 #17 after that will only decrease the pain relieving potency(wich feels like au!) sooo i have to kingsbreed her make cutting's and flower her big! so i can increase my daily activities by smoking this G-39 F3 for my daily meds... Light up i will, Cheers OG stay safe and fly HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD & NAW Crew
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    Airborne Jack day 23/24 Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd and Ozzoes
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    Shonny she is real old school and she make's mouldable spears they are sooooo gooie..... now lets start to squeeze these nugs... After moulding let that gooie nug dry and she become's rock solid.... more plans for this feno are drawn up as we speak.....sit...and fly HIGH..... Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD & NAW Crew
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    New Old Skool strain comin'... NL #5 x Alaskan Thunder Fuck
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    what's featured ? combine an elephant and a rhino and that might be as close as i can tell yall. GG #1 -S'1's = 2 ; kif ? bud maybe skittles : next 4 are animal cookies: followed by platinum og sorry pics aren't better.
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    We have cookies packed away. Set up the new tent in the yard the other day, to make sure everything is there, disassembled it, repacked it away. Checked all the kitchen supplies, and replenished what was low. Taking the grandkids out for a 4/20 camping weekend!! Not like they even have 4/20 in their minds at all, but love the outdoors. Trout fishing, hiking as a section of the Appalachian Trail runs down right beside the campground. The kids will be bicycle riding. Running wildly about with the other kids up there, as the old folks smoke weed back in the woods. We usually go the last weekend in March, would have been fine for my old weathered behind, but not so good for them. We do not partake around them around except for discreet cookie breaks. The best time for me, early morning. I wake up early naturally, so I start the fire and a pot of coffee going, and have about 1-2 hours before anyone is moving about. So I get to enjoy having a blistering hot cup of campfire coffee, a nice joint, and just gazing into the fire, getting all of the days pieces aligned in my minds eye. But what I love the most is that roaring silence of the morning, occasionally interrupted by bird song, enjoying coffee and cannabis by a fire.
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    Finally i have a grow going again! Of course it is hydro, i mean what else? Today i repotted the Ice seedlings into their final crates. Also i planted some Super Skunk cuttings and i received some Kings Banner cuttings from my buddy that also found housing in my growroom. I am a bit in doubt if i am totally happy with the way i divided the cuttings, so i may rearrange them tomorrow when i move in the Amnesia cuttings shown on the picture below that i took this afternoon.
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    Amnesia Haze again, sorry can’t help it
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    My SSDD seemed to have a warm fuzzy feeling to it. More body for sure. I really liked it. All the trim I get will be turned to wax so no huge loss. Just more trimming. Starting out today smoking some Dusk from Bigun. It's Ghash x (Psychosis x Herijuana). Very nice. It's still curing but it has a slight sweet berry undertone and a little cheese in the back. Still a little early. I also hit the plants with too much nitrogen in the end and they brought come chlorophyll to the end product. Still, it's very potent and relaxing. I haven't finished trimming them totally since I've been a little out of it but I did get them in large freezer bags with Boveda packs and I'll finish them up soon and put it small jars.
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    Nothing like getting away from anything that uses electricity for a few days. We do a yearly camp with about 20 people every year. 2 weeks of hiking and fishing. My favorite part is the early morning making coffe on the campfire, watching the world wake up. I purposely get up before sunrise just for that. Hope you have a great weekend with the family. Enjoy.
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    NAW Green Manalishi f2 cured for 14 days. RhinoCBD magic. Lemony with fresh wet forest in the background. Nerd wizardry. peace mrG
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    Blueberry Headband by HSO, found a realy nice Pheno, toke one flowering clone and I hope it will work...
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    Quick update, I finally moved everything outside this past weekend, forecast looks ok going forward. Glad to get it out of the crowded room so they can spread their wings and fly. I will keep an outdoor light on them till the photoperiod is right, got them at 15 / 9 at the moment. The picture below is of the Birds of Paradise females from Dynasty, see the water bottle for scale and the railroad tie's are around a foot thick, so they're around 5', they really needed to get outside to breathe and spread, great start and these babies aren't even in the ground yet, they're going to be huge! Looks like I'm right on schedule. Baq
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    I finally made a moon rock! IT came out great
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    The plants survived the first 24 hours of 600 watts on their heads. Only one or two Kings Banner cuttings dried out cause they couldn't reach the water with their roots. I helped them a bit by watering by hand from the top. The plants in the middle are obviously the regular Ice seedlings. I don't work that often with seed, but i like how easy they adapt to the crates they have been moved to. Those in the back are the Super Skunk cuttings and to the right and up front you see the Kings Banner cuttings. Anybody who works with cuttings knows how important those first hours are. It's literary double or nothing. When the cuttings are in starting blocks they seldom have any problems catching on though. After i planted the cuttings and seedlings, i prepared 100 liters of feedings-water. This contains of Floranova grow (Ec 1.8) and Dutch Pro pH minus. After that i pumped it into the tray and i was ready. Now i simply wait until the floor is dry before watering again. Tomorrow i will plant the Amnesia Haze cuttings and place them in the other tray. In the following days i will install the other three 600 watt bulbs. I want to do a grow with a 1000 watts but i can't afford it now. See you next time!
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    So, just a sample of the 420 buds. i know the big joint i rolled was GDP x Platinum OG and i waked and baked with the P. OG ? I ended up at a soup kitchen i had not been too in a long time. at 3 bs hot dogs (i only buy the good ones now for home) that tasted good enough for me with some pot. salad on two of them. 3rd hot dog was donated and since i had not eaten all day and it was about 5 pm accepted.
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    OK< that is cool as all get out, I opened up my albums, dumped the pics in, then opened new window, and took and dumped them from there into this post! Sweet! 0 I put the herb in jelly bags, as seen in the pic, In the ball canner which has temp control I do this for 6 days. I take it out several times a day, smoosh the jelly bag. Last day I strain and put it in a sausage press to get all the goodness out. I use 30 grams of decarbed bud to one cup of honey. It comes out to be 100mg teaspoons and it taste really good Perfect to use straight or add to tea or coffee. I also use the honey to bump up other recipes and I make PB kisses and tootsie rolls from it.
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    They are all 3 at 30-34 days since showing sex. This is my first time runnng NAW gear, so yeah, it's fun. That TPR is a frosty motha. Almost all my pics are from the phone. It's just the most convenient way to take and upload the pictures. I can pull some fairly decent micro shots with it, as little no as I can hold the camera still.. here is another of the TPR, a little under bud trichrome action
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    Ok NAW Crew, I got a question. Which one of these GM are the better phenos. The one on the left looks real similar to my TPR,
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    I am cooking up some garlic in water to treat my infected Amnesia cuttings with. I let it cook for about three to four hours and then i sieve it through a pantyhose and mix the garlic extract 50/50 with cold water. As soon as it is cooled down enough to use i treat the plants immediately.
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    You can trip on that shit mr G. no lie lol so be careful with it, unless you Want to trip of course lol
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    Medicine for my dad, wich one has the concentrate in it lol Heal the world one small step at the time... Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
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    Next you take your cob, put it in a regular ziplock baggie and sweat it for 48 hours or so. This needs a slight heat source, I use a spare heat mat, but anything will work, cable box, etc etc. you will see some moisture inside the bag , this is good. After the 48 hrs of sweating, you vac seal it and start the cure process. This takes a month, when it comes out of the vac seal bag, unwrap it from the husk, and the colors should be changed, it will smell sweet and funky too. It should be more browns and dark colors like the picture below, if it’s still mostly light green , it wasn’t enough moisture to get the full ferment. But it’s still a good buzz, my unsuccessful 1st cob still gave me a good idea of what was ahead
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    some selected feno's of G39 f3 and 2 new F1 seletion fenotypes this was my first selected G-39 F3(selected for F4 female) and this one has a increased pain relieving HIGH "more potent then G39 #17 further testing required ASAP!!!! -my G-39 F2 male's potency has caused the longest flowering indica in green manalishi(HashPlant) to be re-triggered in this F3 fenotype not bringing the unwanted effect but only increasing the specific sativa genes from multiple sides first outbreeding the unwanted vibe and the re-inbreeding the underlaying Hashplant gen and now bred back in G39 F3 it is giving increased pain relieving potency.....insane stuff!!!! this is my seccond selection and it has almost the same potency as #17 only a bit stronger.... selection feno 1 Pg G-39 F1 selection feno 2 Pg G-39 F1 (best tasting G-39 ever! best balance of all genes used to make G-39) more will be updated soon we are to fooooking baked stay safe and fly HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD & NAW Crew
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    I wanted to show pics of my current and last grow on the same day on the other forum to prove a point, but its broke so i cant upload pics there. I'll just upload them here, so I can post it there. But you're free to enjoy em too
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    Ladies and Gents, Apologies for the long delay in updates.... My wife and son flew to Poland for a month. "But you were around, so whats the deal?" Wellllllll... having so much time to myself, I of course proceeded to play video games and smoke a bunch of pot, getting to the point where it was every day, sometimes multiple times a day. It was bueno for the short term, but probably a little risky for my job and life. I finally flipped the plants to 12/12 this morning. Anyway, in contrast to my last grow, I'm a little more lax this time around (this is the same mistake I make every time I start a "second" grow after many years of not growing). Also in contrast to my last grow, females! Too many! Even without the light schedule change, the preflowers on the mohawks revealed 4/5 females. The Bazooka Jane x Selene was right on target, with 1:1 male to female. The Roadtrips are all uniform - small, and somewhat stunted. 1/4 was male, the rest remain unsexed. I think my soil is a little too hot. The Godsmack (Godbud x Herijuana) have shown 2 different types - 2 that are bigger and branchier, and 2 shorties with short branching, closer to the Roadtrip size. 1/4 showing female preflowers, the rest are also unsexed. I did some hard trimming and topping this time around, opting for more uniform buds, and less popcorn bud on the bottom. I'm not so scared about yield because of the sheer amount of females. I also decided this round of growing is not the time to clone, although man-oh-man did I throw away some prime clones. I want to have my whole set-up more orderly, more clean, and be better prepared in general before I start down the path of a continuous grow. Right now I have too many scheduled periods of being away from home to want to have the garden weighing on my mind. Since winter has dragged on far longer than I anticipated, my tomatoes, even after having been transplanted into 1 gallon pots, are still suffering to the point I may abandon them. They looked great as seedlings, but as they grew I think 1) the soil was too hot for them, 1) I was too rough during the transplanting, and 3) they're not doing so well under the LED lights (too strong or too weak, I can't tell). I had them spread around my big 30 gallon planters, just getting light from 50W COBs. I have 8 pepper plants that seem to be doing fine, 6 which are doing great, even starting to show tiny flower buds. 4 of the Ajvarski Red, and 4 Orange Bell. They were under one of my HANS LED panels, and now they're by a window and a couple of small, warm CFLs. They'll move into my sun room as soon as the nighttime temps stop being so damn cold... Missing you folks as always, and I feel terrible for being so sparse with my updates and attendance. Pictures soon.
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    Chop day for Sunset Sherbet
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    The day before yesterday i used 200 grams of cutting waste - most of it from Super Skunk - to make some ice hash. It looks big, but weighs only 7 grams. Making hash with ice is the only way i know and even though the quality is superior and can compete with the best from Nepal and Morocco, the quantity is a bit disappointing to me. In total from this 200 gram cutting waste i made 10 grams ice hash after sieving three times. So like 5 % of the total. Is this normal or am i doing something wrong? This stuff gets you sky high so it is worth it, but if i can get more from my waste i'd love to hear how!
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    It's my new sideline business, Glasses for viewing OG lol ORder soon, they are going fast
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    Ok, OG'ers, I'm liking the new site, but the screaming, in your face, blazing like the sun, WHITE background has GOT to go. It almost gives me a headache reading it. Guess we could all wear our grow room glasses when on OG. That's my only suggestion so far, like any change, takes a bit to feel comfortable with it.
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    Checked the room this morning. One of the Killing Fields is starting to show some color. The pistils are still pure white but the calyx are starting to darken up. It's a little hard to really see in the pic, but definitely more color than my other KF.
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    Green Manalishi f2 around 2 weeks cured. Awesome pheno. take a few leaves off and give her some sexy light..... nice work, nerds! peace mrG
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    Goji OG X Blue Magoo So far I have these two distinct phenos which I can tell pretty well the one on the left is blue magoo leaner, the one on the right is OG dominant... Both are females 1 week of flower
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    I treated the Amnesia cuttings by baptizing them in the garlic extract, while gently rubbing under the leaves with a soft shaving brush. After that i kept the cuttings in the dark until they were dry. Then first i gave them some tube light of 15 watts and now they are in the sunlight preparing for their final residence . You can see that the insects have dried up. I think i scared them all away with the garlic extract, it was simply too stinky for them to stay!
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    I was looking at it because of the longevity of it That keif on that moon rock IMO was the best part lol That taste was out of this world, there must have been trichs from at least 10 different breeds.
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    Well, I finally chopped my two oldest Humboldt x Nor'easter yesterday at day 61. I should have chopped the super smelly one a week or so earlier when it was at it's peak. It stopped putting anymore pistils but the buds fattened up some. The other plant was just starting to act that way with all new pistil growth halting. These two plants seem to stop flowering really fast. Nutes won't stimulate any more out of them. The first one had a really loud in your face Skittles smell. Very artificial sour candy. I never smelled anything like it before. Now it's seemed to have faded out a good bit. The other pheno doesn't have the same smell. So, for this strain, I would harvest it when the pistils are just starting to fade, the trichs are really peaking all over, and that smell is at it's strongest. Maybe as it dries the smell will come back. It's there but not like it was. Here are a few pics of the pheno #2. It was a bigger yielder but doesn't smell just like the other did. It was also the one I called the survivor because I broke it in half twice as a seedling. I didn't expect it would pull out of the 2nd time but, she did just fine. To me it seems like this strain requires minimal nutes to grow. Using normal amounts I find them all to be too leafy. I never got that dialed in. I think next time I would try using less in the early stages. I trimmed them both ver veavy before I chopped. It was time consuming but I did it leaf by little leaf. This is what they looked like just before chop. Humboldt x Nor'easter by DouglasFurtrapper at day 61 peace mrG
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    Have fun camping Webe! Happy 420 to everybody. It's also my birthday! weeeeeeee peace mrG
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    HAPPY 420 Open Grow. Starting the day with a low dose of 1:1 tinctures followed by hours of smoking bowls and blunts. Be safe and stay high.
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    hahaha shit mine is just as bad, I laughed too once you said that ha ha ha Gave Birth To Twins today ha ha ha and we have Honey Goodness for 4/20, gonna be a good day tomorrow trimming up the Deathstar too and gonna eat lemon sugar cubes and drink tea with honey And they had a baby! ha ha ha
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    Hi guys well all plants are down and drying I did some samples and damn there are some winners CB purple phono and blue moon magoo the purple phono also are great to look at and will ruin your day lol if you smoke a little too much it’s lights out DC #1 is great smoke and large and dence buds DC # 2 and # 3 took a bit longer both took longer to change over to flowering , great smoke but smaller buds novacane was the last to come down still wet tried to breed with this one hit her with pollen from goji og , and annistasia as well as blueberry hash plant by brohdie seeds hopefully I’ll get some great crosses out of this The Bog saur bubble got a bad case of mold and was pulled at 50 days saved a few outer buds but was not salvageable the 6 or so buds I was able to save where good smoke I will try her once again better luck next time overall very happy with the quality but not the amount of harvested bud it was all my fault I did not add anything to my soil this time off the shelf so to speak no addatives and didn’t top or train the plants well at all I quest that me being ill ended up affecting the grow next grow should be better well new line up is Bigun’ s Afghan x huck &hrei 2 of my own uk blues & heri x chuckys bride and rebel yell& Selene x chuckys bride Grape earth sinister and Selene ( Sannie) well that’s it for now I’ll post some more pics once all is dry love bud porn lol peace papalag
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    Blackjack Veg 79.6F 48%RH pH 6.5 PPM 380 Res Temp 68F Plants are looking very healthy with some seriously thick branches already. Dumped the res and upped the nutes to 200ml of Sensi A&B with the same amount of Orca and RE. Will defoliate in the next couple days to get some more branching so that I can hopefully fill the space as much as possible. I had intended to keep doing a separate soil grow but I’m very tempted to switch all my mediums to coco due to the way these plants have responded to it. The roots are actually coming through the fiber pots already. Btw, love the new site and I makes loading pics much easier.
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    I really like Roots Organic Buddha Bloom, it's a little more expensive than the Alaska, but I think it's worth it. I use it outdoors in combination with Buddha Grow and get great results. You could also make a tea which would be the cheapest and probably even better. Here's a shot of some plants from last years grow using that combo. Chocolate Rain Selene 2016 outdoors using the Roots Buddha Bloom Of course what works for you works the best! Peace, Baq