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    Sweet Spot, after suffering an unfortunate tanning bed tragedy during her youth.
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    Shes hanging now wwxxl
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    Little update, seeds went into soil on March 10th, so today is 26 days. They are all doing pretty well and are ready for bigger pots, that will have to wait until Monday. I’m heading out of town until Sunday evening. This morning they will all get topped and get the cuttings into rock wool starter plugs and will start sexing. This is where I up potted and started flower last run. Not this time, they will be getting another few weeks veg as well as more topping on all branches. The whole tent. Sultana by @saxo Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy by @Mr Goodfellow Silverfields by @sannie G39 by NAW @Poldergrower, @RhinoCBD Cartel Haze x mystery (a JC cross) and Cartel Haze by the Naw boyz Rhino Blood by @Mr Goodfellow, these are getting some huge leaves. Going to be great for rolling cannagars. The little on on bottom is one of the late poppers. The other dried up and is gone. Octopots should be here today, so Monday will be a busy day for me, getting everything transplanted and into the grow room. Also have about 200+ veggie seeds to start. Got about 6 weeks before the garden can be planted. It should be a hell of a grow season in Cozz Land. happy grows
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    Sugar Punch, done in 61 days. Nice focused effect.
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    Sour Goo Phuu created by Beachbud. Thanks Beach! peace
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    6 days to go wwxxl by dinafem .. Its like times going backwards
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    A brief update. Willie is sprawled out on the right. It will be very happy when its tent mates start getting chopped. Height control is easy enough, but sprawl control is another story. She'll have a lot more room by the end of April. The HPs are all over the tent, all with nice looking colas, even though I burnt the shit out of them with the UV tubes. One of the Sweet Spots on the left really shows the burn. I'm sure they'll produce better without being scorched, if I end up keeping them. The lone Cheese Berry does not have the kind of bud structure I like. Hopefully she'll kick ass, anyway. The last one I had also had buds made of tails. The effects were wonderful, but I like a more solid bud. Shackzillas and God Buds are chugging along. The Shackzillas are especially putting on weight. One needs lots of support. The Nepalmas are the ones labeled NP. They are all over the place in regard to plant and bud structure. Some are just strings of calyxes, others have more mass to them. One has great frost, but shitty looking buds. It's destined for hash production. As for the strain itself, I'll want to try it before judging. The frost coverage can be impressive or not, depending on pheno. On Saturday they'll finish week 8. The HPs look like they'll need at least two weeks, and maybe the same for the sweet spots. But those two strains are furthest along. The God Buds are also getting near finishing. Cheeseberry is likely to be next, then Shackzilla, then the Nepalmas. Then, MONTHS FROM NOW, the Willie comes down. I'll be smoking it by the 4th of July.
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    Happy 420 and Happy Easter !!!!!! .........whatever you prefer to celebrate .......so here some Sweets for both happenings
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    Old Congo (Congo pointe noire x Oldtimers Haze) early bloom Afropips Malawi Gold 13 weeks flowering. smile
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    #9 and #2 Black Afghani, seeded bud
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    Atomic Jam, purple pheno (NAW) smile
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    Holy Princess and Shackzilla, 9.5 weeks. (Nothing new if you've visited my grow report.) Non-HPS lighted photos before the chop.
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    My current group of girls 5 x Green Manalishi 2 x Killing Fields fems 1 x Boudica x Extrema (I think: Lol Shes the one in farear left corner
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    Boudica x NL/BigBud it was a test of some Boudica Pollen on a NL/BB female I had in a grow.... its a very nice smoke that hits ya in the head about 10 seconds after ya exhale.. very sativa w a gentle indica under tone, Cheers
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    Happy Friday to all you working stiffs out there. It is raining like crazy and all the dogs are asleep so I will steal a few minutes to post an update. I currently have 3 Phuuu's IPA fems going in the flower room and 2 Sugar Punch fem sprouts about 2 weeks up in the veg area. The flower room girls are filling in nicely. Numbers 1 and 2 are 6 weeks in 12's while #3 is 9 days less. I talked some about the different phenos in my last post. This time you can see the difference in their bud shots. While there are several phenos found in Phuuu's IPA the end product is very consistent in smell and effect. The smell of hops with a little skunk fill the grow room now, it's a wonderful aroma that I have come to love. This smell varies some in the skunkiness between phenos but the intense hops smell (Myrcene) is always dominate. OK, enough chit chat, on to some pics. I'll start with the youngsters first. They got up-potted to #1's yesterday at 13 days above ground and were moved up to the main veg area. I have 3 led lights in this space. Two of them are 25 watt bar type fixtures that sit on either side of the main fixture normally. When I have young sprouts that aren't ready for the big light yet I can move the left side bar fixture over next to the right side one which gives the right amount of light. They usually spend a week to 10 days under the bar lights before I crank up the 300 watt fixture. Here's a look. On to the flower room, here's a look at the trio. Phuuu's IPA #1 - The long branches (about 3 feet) are impressive on this girl. Phuuu's IPA #2 Phuuu's IPA #3 That about covers it. Thanks for stopping by.
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    While drooling over the frost covered, but not amber trich covered plants in my tent, it's time for me to reflect on lessons learned and lessons relearned, because it's been 4 years since my last grow. Lessons learned: Don't burn the fuck out of your plants with UV. Burning the fuck out of plants with UV can mimic Mg deficiency. Just because you burned the fuck out of your plants doesn't mean they can't ALSO get an Mg deficiency later. Some strains can take a lot of UV, some strains can't. Make sure plants are not deficient in anything, especially N, when burning the fuck out of them with UV. Lessons re-learned: Esko strains smell great. And a lot. Esko strains might require less nutrients, but not THAT MUCH LESS nutrients. Hit them with nutes 6 weeks after repotting for the final time. It doesn't hurt to put more than 1 tbsp dolomite per gallon of Pro-Mix into the soil mix. It's still not a bad idea to have Cal/Mag lying around the house. Sometimes very young female flowers look like male flowers. It's real easy to break a branch. If you take a break from growing for a few years, there are going to be lessons re-learned.
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    After sampling all madhouse feno's to continue on with i am now left with the the mex x Airborne jack even more HIGH grade sativa potency present in this one..... light up i will results will follow soon. pfffff such plans with this kinds of truly over potent strains this is a joy on itself just to smoke and test this shit, crazy stuff and again just wait!!!! Stay safe and fly FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Here’s a few pics it looks like the sp #1and the shiva dawg have grown a bit and seem to be very happy . Sp #2 has roots and is working its way down to the Rez the lemon gas has not rooted in the octopots nor has any under the dome. Seems all is going well we will update again once lemon gas roots or gets tossed we shell see also I’ve been collecting pollen from a male motareble rock candy kush to play with the large plants in with the octopots will be culled once all root I may strip them once more but I am running out of room
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    LSD 25 a few weeks to go
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    Onyx Fire a creation by Justcozz. It's SAN's Lemon Bubba x JC's SifiBlaze.... most excellent. Soaring high with some nice body stone as well. peace
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    hi gang today is Day 13 the sp is the only one that made it rooted in octopot shive dawg(@santero gifted ) is the same age as the sugar punch but was rooted the old fashioned way and rooted in 10 days and in Solo cup for 3days here’s a fee pics I have clones under a dome with a heat mat and they are looking simply marvelous once I see roots I’ll pick the best of the bunch and in the octopots they go the shive dawg I picked was the not only healthy but had good structure it was from my #2 female # 1 was faster to flower but Will stay around as a mom once all clones take the moms from seed will be culled and I’ll keep small cutting around for moms they’ll stay in a small cabinet under t5 on 24/7 First pick is sugar punch then Sans shiva dawg
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    so many Choices!!!! do we have any requests perhaps? lol....an open invite stands to smoke about 0,02 grams to go interstellar hahaahahahhaa, WTF!!!! and the taste this one has wow! pure haze with a thick g13-g39 coating and goo from my green manalishi #8, jack stands out in compactness and about 30% in structure fruity notes are subtle but there from killa queen and blue hammer beautiful plants cant wait to re-flower the cuttings... the world wanted STRONG weed Just wait!!!!!. the aim is the strongest most complete cannabinoid profiles(off the charts of course). and all variants in effect's, wil be present in the upcoming crosses. from best high's, to best stoned strains.they will almost see the light. 12 years of continues effort by NAW seeds with all day smoking and evolving with our strains. caused insane profiles to be born. our effort is only to try and share these crosses with patients and people in need of AAA stuff.CAUTION!!! upcomming strains could be just a tad to strong for most hahaha. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    First day of week 6 flowering
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    The final verdict.... G-39 F2 #1 is the one selected for the F3, funny how this plant always get a heads up when it comes to pre-selecting. She stands out cause her thc profile is so fine and delicate, and she's got a lot of it lol... Tastes like pineappletrolia with hints of plaster, very unique and special. The search for the new male is on and will not be difficult to find. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
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    @smilestyle My next seed run will include some of your LT. Males will be crossed with the Willie Nelson. I'm also thinking of crossing @santero's Lemon Bubba with it. 75% electricity + 25% Bubba Kush sounds like something I would enjoy. OK @oldschoolsg, a few pics from this morning. Just so you know the Willie Nelson girl I'm flowering is healthy, here she is, still in her "teen years." She has about 9 weeks to go. When some of her Holy Princess tent mates get the axe, she'll have a more central location in the tent. The next pic is the Nepalma that is starting to show amber trichs. I'm not chopping her yet. Maybe this weekend, when she's been in flower 10 weeks. The next pic is the most sativa-leaning Nepalma, in structure. I have a feeling she will go longer than 12 weeks. She and the Willie will be bunk mates. The fourth pic is the top bud of a Holy Princess. Trichs are mostly clear, but some are starting to cloud a bit. no sign of amber. The fifth pic is the same plant, lower bud. The sixth pic is the top of a Shackzilla cola. I would think she's staying in there another 2-3 weeks. The shackzilla ladies are still actively putting on weight. The last pic is the very top of God Bud "A". Her sister is starting to look ready (supposedly an 8 week strain, and it's week 9.5). This one will probably go by the 11th week. And that's the show for now. I'm getting trimming snips warmed up.
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    Todays late lunch: C99 F6 from seed by Indican Sweet, bright, quick high, good goo factor.......................me likey...............:)
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    Lunch: Goji X Holy Grail Kush...................Yummy!
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    been making a little Hash from aj crosses trimmings. great AAA+ hash making cannabinoids. First 5 min dry sift. second 5 minute dry sift, and i rolled it out and up! awesome stuff. @Mr Goodfellow hawkeye that stuff bro!, to look for absurd freakshow feno's . Stay safe and fly Fooking HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Little update on the bubba lemon turns out 3 females 1 male
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    Manipuri (Burmese Sativa) 2 days after being cut off. One giant plant on a balcony and a subtropical, warm, dry and long Summer...look at those glittering flowers!.... and itwas a smooth&tasty smoke too.Landrace spice and a sweet, fruity aftertaste. Full Energy (The Tropical Seeds Company) Week 15-16 of 12/12 smile
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    Headband x Hills and Valleys
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    So here is the Wedding Cake that the bud tender tossed in the bag when I picked up the clones. It was smashed, probably from packaging. But, not overly dry like most store bought bud. Covered in triches and smooth on the inhale. I rolled two joints, the first about .4g the second about .6g. The wife and I share the first. It has a hint of sweetness that comes through on the exhale, though very faint. It’s a good uplifting happy high, that relaxes the body. No munchies, but it did enhance the flavor of food. After about two hours my energy level dropped quite a bit, but the happy mood stayed. I lit up the second joint and smoked about a 1/3 of it. It almost instantly sent me back on my fun journey and I started b-bopping around. For me, it is a little bit energetic, but still relaxing in the muscles if that makes sense. This is good for being social and out on the town, as long as you have enough to take a toke every hour or so. When it starts to wear off, you will want to chill, but 1 or 2 hits will put you right back to having a ball. I finished the joint in 2 more sittings about an hour apart, each time sending me a tad higher than before. It’s labeled at 14.7% THC. Overall, I like this stuff and am going to have to grow it. Probably not an everyday smoke, but it is one I want in the weed cabinet.
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    I spoke too soon. One Holy Princess (or, using my pet name for her, good ol' HP-E) has about 10-20% amber trichs on main buds. One of the God Buds was in a similar condition (good ol' GB-B). Here are their pre-execution pics. First the Holy Princess. Classic Christmas tree shape. The next two pics are the main cola and a lower bud. The crispy leaves are from the UV over-exposure. The God Bud is a classic indica cabbage, and this is the "stretchy" one. The next pic is from the top and the last one shows a few lower buds. The curling leaf edges that you see are pretty much the only effect the UV over-exposure had on this one. The other one has a little more damage, but not much. The God Bud did not get its ideal growing conditions, being the shortest girls in this year's graduating class. She wants to be in a SOG, about 16 in my 5' x 5' tent. It would be interesting to see what would happen with a classic short, squat indica in an Octopot. Maybe we'll find out.
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    i have dosi snitzel,forun snitzel and snitzel punch in veg now
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    Blueshaze XL has just a tiny amount of sparkles. Cheers OG! Stay safe and FLy FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    My little clone needed a dome, thought you might want to see my Hick job for a dome in a solo cup lol
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    Each of the Amnesia and two Sugar Punch cuttings receives approximately 1,5 liter water every other day, while i keep the nutriment low. Like i mentioned earlier: this time i wanna see how far i can go with the girls. They have to drink as much water as they can handle and if possible a little more. And up until now when it's feeding time the floor is dry! Peace out and thanks for following me!
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    200 bucks for this phone still cant find the comma. Hope these pics are better
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    the selected Strawberry blues #4 is a possible mom to create Strawberry blues F2. this lady has strong growth and exceptional rooting potency. Stay safe and FLy FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    A little Amnesia lower
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    NL #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck. Pure indica. Pure dank.
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    The picture up above was one week ago hahahaha. Sometimes i get confused especially when Sunny dropped by with some awesome herbs he grew. Well you know how that goes....... Eyes like slids that will not open for an hour or 4,and miss placing some pictures too Nah matter my OG comrades,still a phat foto>>> The wierd black thing you cee in the bottom is my shroom incubator,yes....... i cultivate shrooms like a madman If anyone wants some pictures of that stuff,i'll be willing to post it so just ask. The smallest plant is the biggest stinker of these 4,and has the prettiest leafs. The two plants in the back are quite similar,also in stemrub smell the same. The plant left in front seems to be a #4 pheno,so it's not important (except for smoke) I'm soooooo curious what it all will become,i am practically jumping up&down like a crazy around here hahahaha Thanks for following this thread,more to come my friends! And ofcourse.......... blessings for all who read this thread !
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    They are all looking great. I am going to let them grow another week or so in the 4” pots. Then up pot and move them out of the tent and into the grow room.
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    don't worry ... there will be lots of things coming in the future that will be same as good or comparable. i did not keep the shiva around that esko used (not my taste) but i have some other ideas for the mother. esko promised us damnesia just before he stoppped and i will try and release something close to this (amnesia x sour diesel) soon.
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    Prof P and Dynasty had a booth , so of course , I went to see him. I had some beans for him , that I unsuccessfully tried to give him last time he was in town. This time I was much luckier , he was around and we were able to hang out and talk for a bit. I gotta say he was the nicest dude in the building, I knew from our last encounter he was a cool , humble fella, but he really took the time to hang out and talk to my friend and I , and that means a lot to me . He is very generous too, he shared some freebies, a really nice frameable macro picture, and a joint of a new cross called ghetto bird. Much love and respect out to you @ProfessorP I got some cherry vanilla cookies, very difficult not to, with a jar of exquisite flowers sitting right there at the booth
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