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    another small update with the ones that fell this week taste buds, pheno #2 ... 56 days "santa maria" x chocolate rain f1, pheno #3 ... 52 days afghan sunset, pheno #1 ... 54 days killer cookies pheno #4 ... 58 days taste buds pheno #3 ... 58 days afghan sunset pheno 3 ... 56 days had a toke of the larry lurex and this is the grinder after she went through there, lol *crazy*
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    Group shots madberry in front so heavy they broke today and lemon gas they are all lying down second net not supporting them peace paps
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    New Here, Hope you like the Exodus Haze med Crop
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    @Maria sanchez Im planning to cure the buds for at least some months since I like how the smell and taste profiles change over time. Also I will make some ice hash from the frozen trim. Either gumby method or I will actually get some micron bags. Any suggestions? Original bubblebags or are there better ones? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally some pictures After chopping. You can see the algae buildup and white mold. Possibly the myco? A pile of freshly bucked buds and some leaves. After drying 6-7 days. I'm trying to keep the buds at RH 62% in food grade plastic boxes. I am still burping the boxes everyday since humidity climbs slightly over night. Most buds were trimmed using a spinning trimmer causing damage to the buds and responsible for the darker color of the buds. These are hand-trimmed head buds. They are visibly lighter in colour and its possible to see the trichomes. The harvest in plastic boxes while burping the buds. Xbox 360 for comparison. All boxed up almost ready for long term curing. I hope everybody enjoyed the grow report and see you all next time RTS
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    Madberry Sannies seeds 68 days
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    always sounds so negative when people call others a chucker, hehe. in the end one fact stays: "breeding" is not made in a tent. "private seedmaking" is, tho and that's what we are all doing if anyone wants to "breed" his seeds (merely call it that), then do knock yourselves out, fellas ... *freedom, baby* (made a small edit: less talk = less emotions raised) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ anyhoo, here's the last photodrop of this run with living plants smoke reports and dry-pics follow later on ... *lazySAN* thermite, 70 days (= wifi, LC cut x sour diesel ibl 2010) tayberry #4, 77 days (blueberry indica F5 x chocolate thai f4) tayberry #1, 77 days (BBI F5 x CT F4) a oaxacan plant i had going along (i didn't show that one yet, i think) not esko's selection, this is made by charlie garcia -> red hair lemon she takes 77 days and has been with me since 2015 or so ... amazing mexican, but she herms -> no seeds for open releases. and last but not least: the lemon piñata (tijuana landrace x lemon thai), day 81 enjoy your smokes, everyone. good vibes , SAN
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    Gorilla glue autoflower day 27 bloom and northern light autoflower day 27 on a scrog. Gg Nl Grtz
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    nope, that come out exactly right, haha. i will never be a "breeder" ... i'm way too happy being this little chucker / hack i weirdly morphed into over the last few years. _______________________________________ here is a bit more of the killer cookies pheno #4 on day 63 of 12/12 for @Mr Goodfellow btw, sam/baked beanz is indeed good people i have a correspondence with him going (again ... thanks to you) and his work is very interesting. i have my eyes on a few of his lines. the PPC i recieved as well, but i did not run any as of yet *shame on me, they look so good* ... the ones you grew sure make me want to include those into my schedule as soon as possible. thank you, btw for giving me/us an impression of what to expect there. the combo is great and sam's taste is always very similar to mine, so i keep drool'n over his creations all the time. ____________________________________ EDIT: people are asking me where they can get this, but this is not a line that i sell or have sold. it was a line i gave away HERE, but there's none left. xmas is near and the next share might come up soon, tho ... maybe SANta gets his fairy to send out some carepacks
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    Howdy Bros and Sis, this is a White Siberian (Dinafem) bud shot in week four, with a ca.25cm head bud. Really promising plant, but we will see in the end... The white spots on the leafs is only a new bug killer product (C-No Insects) wich I´am testing. The plant isn´t sick or have any deficits. Playing atm with my own "creations" SugarPunch x Herijuana, Amnesia x Herijuana seeds I hope they will develop well, so it is worthwile to show pics. Wish ya´ll a nice and happy weekend!
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    For 90 mesh, that is pretty green, looks like the plant was worked to much.... I save everything from my 220, 120 and 73 mesh bags. The 220 has some green, both 120 and 73 are tan and yield the most. I keep the 220, figure why toss it, it may not be quality hash, but it’s definitely mostly trichomes, and I don’t complain about green in my bud...lol.. here are pics of my last wash, Rhino Blood from the OctoPot. close up 73, about a 1/3 of it is gone...the wife likes topping off a bowl with a chunk. close up 120 and last the 220, you can see the small plant particles in there, but overall, nothing wrong with adding this to a joint
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    Another White Siberian plant that looks even more promising to me. She is in week five and have to go min. three more. My own made seed-plants I had to throw away, the five I set intoo bloom where all male... ;( But no reason to be sad. There are few hundred in my stash, for further projects. Have a nice weekend!
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    Sieving a different stash of waste through a 90 micron bag gave a far better result. Though not oily and black, this is a very good smoke. It is reminiscent of high grade Moroccan dry sieved hash. Very happy with the quality even though the quantity is very small. Only 3 grams from 200 grams of waste.
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    Believe it is yours? RPP X Chemdog day 70: Went LARGE, dense as a block of heavy cheese! NICE WORK MAN!!!!
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    @Papalag......Madberry is one of the top 3 smokes I have had. Nice work! Bluefield......Bluehammer F2 x Silverfields
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    Three of the nine Lemon Haze seedlings are almost ready while the others can go for another week or two. And the nine Shiva Skunk cuts are building nicely! And that's all for now!
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    Mmmmmmmmmmmm..., Haaaaaze...
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    Framboise FOOKIES adapted herself to becoming more and more like a Raspberry each day she comes closer to finish... Gonna run this one in 2020 to make Framboise FOOKIES FEMINIZED.... stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    another quick picdrop / update tayberry pheno #2, 63 days ... TB-phenos smell like roasted duck and berries, some sweet, some less sweet sour bite pheno #3, day 63 ... has a chemmy sour profile, the smaller pheno killer cookies pheno #2, 65 days ... more kq looking but still very noticable gsc terps and visible traits. and the other sour bite phneo #2, more stretch a lil less yield she has same profile as #3 but a tiny bit more diesel-ish in smell. enjoy your smokes everybody
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    Finishing up this thread lemmon gas picked at 70 days from flip 58 days from bud development this is only 2 of the 4 plants madberry and shiva dawg needs another week
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    Purple Dream almost ready
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    I just couldn’t resist these with a name like this!
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    I say its your environment. You show a bit high N in leaves. The tips but I believe this is environment based as it appears some of the leaves on some plants seem a bit leather like and I see some tacoing or canoeing. You have to judge as the pics are hard to tell and could be from the light and not in real life. Try to get pics with the lights off please. Those are signs of temperature and humidity issues. What is happening is that during the middle to later part of the day you have good uptake but at night the temperature drops significantly. This causes movement within the plant both from transpiration to internal plant movement (ADP based) to slow or even stop. This essentially concentrates nutrients within the plant which I believe is causing your problems. This is further agitated by the time the plants need to heat up to begin functioning well again, around mid morning I would say. So this essentially reduces your active day period. The plant as a result will throw out more leaves as to compensate for the reduction in photosynthesis. Ok, I get you cant change the environment so lets reduce your nutrients by 1/4 to 1/3 and you can adjust over time as the plant reacts. Be careful to not overwater. Records: This is more detailed due to your issues than would be normal records. Keep records of this period as it will help in the future if you encounter similar. Do not take for granted that you will remember the details. You wont recall all of them, so keep good records. Take pictures during each day period if possible. Best you can. At least a day and night but try to keep the times the same for each photo. Example, maybe 6pm or 1800 hours and the other at 7am or 0700 hours but every day so the plants in the pics are always that time frame. Temperature/Humidity Lights on 1/4 day 1/2 day 3/4 day Lights off 1/4 dark 1/2 dark 3/4 dark Nutrition, EC/PPM in and EC/PPM out if runoff like flood and drain or any EC/PPM feeding for hydroponics and a record similar for soil or soil type of media base. The time of development for each EC/PPM number and makeup of nutrients. List any additives and the age of the plant and plant condition. Review your photos constantly. It will train you to spot issues often early on before they become big issues. Those records will help you "dial in your grow room" and then your nutrition. It can also help show you how to navigate unfavorable environmental conditions. I hope that helps. Hempyfan! (RIP SPACECAKE, Karma Up!)
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    Yesterday I got quite a few PM's from concerned members about the new spam thread/posts made by Greyskull after his seven day "time out" was completed. I went to Greyskull's profile and saw a whole new slew of accusatory spam talking about "fake strains" and whatnot, same language he had been previously warned about and the same language that earned him a week long time out... that he obviously didn't learn from in any capacity. For these reasons, Greyskull has been banned from OpenGrow and his thread deleted. I felt that it was necessary to rid ourselves of a member who, not only, disregarded what was said to him by moderators regarding the forum rules, but has bullied some of our members for no apparent reason other than disagreeing with him. OpenGrow has seen it's fair share of drama and infighting over the years and we, as a community, strive to get past these embarrassing moments as quickly as possible. This type of behavior tends to make good, contributing members leave... some for good. It's sad when adults act like spoiled children on social media. It takes the fun out of participating in threads... and moderating too... I'd much rather participate in grow related conversations or help someone with their Q & A than be a babysitter on an adult grow site! Can we please get back to growing cannabis now?!
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    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours saw good weather, good food and time shared with family. Now all of a sudden it is December and I for one am not ready for the holidays ahead. The 2 Purple Hindu Kush and 1 Truck females were up-potted to #5 pots last Friday. The PHK's have required pruning of their lower fan leaves to allow light in. They are looking good now and will go to 12's in a few days. Not sure they will stretch much so I'm giving them plenty of time in veg. mode. I was dissapointed I didn't get a PHK male but I have more beans to try again down the road. The Truck's (train wreck x huck kush) gave me 1 male and 1 female. Both are looking good but the dude steals the show. He has definite train wreck leaning leaves and structure so far. He's been in twelves for almost a week now and I curious to see how he develops. The female Truck will get a little more time to veg, she looks more kush oriented and is only about 12" tall now. Here's a look at the youngsters. And here is the Truck dude. The 2 remaining Phuuu's IPA clones are 8 weeks in 12's now. Another week or so and they will be done. Even though I have grown this cross time and again I never tire of looking at her. That's all for now. Busy month ahead but I'll try to sneak an update in before Santa comes. Best wishes to all of you.
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    Not much to show atm, on 4 or 5 week veg. Trying to get them sexed so I can clone. Have some work to do to get the tent tip-top but things looking good. Constructing a new light for the second flower tent. Having fun! Pics soon! Thanks, G
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    MOTHERLODE (#2, Green Pheno, Creamy Grape) 82 days of 12/12 Scent: While growing the buds were that of creamy berries with undertones of skunk/diesel ....Some parts are now dry enough to roll a fatty and have a session When the buds are broken up the first notes that hit my nose is a hint of ripe Banana followed by dark grapes and various undertones which I recognize from green killing fields. Taste & Aroma: The smoke is very soft and creamy to inhale, you can easily ghost drag and feel great. The exhale is an even more enjoyable experience, a thick, sweet Berry taste that lingers long after that first morning toke. The mental effects are obviously important and also very subjective, but this is what I notice.... Effects. The diesel is doing its thing, moving energy silently through the body, the high is cozy and smooth, feels like my mind is traveling through water when I focus on colors and objects. Closing my eyes I feel and see the warmth of the herb freeing and focusing my mind on the calm nothingness before me. Edit: Now after a few days with the flower I would describe the experience as a Hypnotic NYCD high, softened by the Killing Fields, with a Diesel Body Stone. Remarks. She was an average yielding pheno but a real keeper. Will re-veg and keep a few in my garden... On the whole a connoisseur quality experience Thanks to Sannie and Crew for bringing this to the people, Much appreciated! In sufficient amount She reminds me of a Strawberry Diesel Shatter I sampled from Oregon a while back, i.e. a highly medicinal & clear body relaxation/rejuvenation experience, very suitable for people with anxiety. It restores the bodies natural energy and is deeply calming...
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    I have plenty of food, but I got stranded at my house for a few days. My brakes went out in my truck and I had to leave it in town. I had an appt. to get them done on Monday but they didn't make it. Never had that happen. I got some beer a bottle of wine, some food to grill (if the 40mph wind dies down), lots of smoke and plenty to do with my grow space. I'll be warm and happy! Thanks for everything to all of the cool peeps here. It's been a fun year! peace
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    Dry sift Critical+2.0 (outdoors), cold material, gentle shake around three minutes.
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    You can Smell this.., over what The Rock..., is cookin'
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    Silverfields [2019 Edit.] 82 Days (All Cloudy/amber Hues) Smells of Berries and Fumes This one has a more hazey bud formation in comparison with my current SF mother.. anyone recognize the pheno?
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    She´s 82 days now and all fan leaves have turned from autumn to yellow.. She´s still showing only clear trichs on all branches... wonder how far she´ll go..
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    MrGreenGene’s Cherry Bomb aka Maui Wowie
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    [Skunk x Jack Berry] 80 Days From a feminized freebie, Smells of Berries and lemon, with a skunky undertone (not yet tested, about to be chopped soon)...still clear trichs at 11 1/2 weeks, Hmm...
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    Silverfields getting there
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    Killer Cookies (Killaqueen X GSC forum cut) - Created by Santero Appearance: Pale green, sticky, outdoor, leafy, little bit of frost, smaller buds. Nothing stands out, it is outdoor after all. The Smell: Soft sweet citrus blend, somewhere between pineapple and orange with lemons. Very much like the scent of Fruit Pastilles. but softer. The Taste: Starts like a soft citrus with a sharp bite. There's an earthy, Affie, Indica taste in there. After only a few puffs the lemony citric bits blend into a piercing minty taste, its hiding in my nostrils. The mint becomes the only thing I notice, its building and turning thick and greasy, I'm feeling it in my lungs and on my gums. That earthiness is more akin to powdered dark chocolate now, not the cheap stuff either. Chocolate on the inhale, mint on the exhale. I have to slow down on smoking it, the mint is overwhelming to my pallet. The Effect: It was like smoking good Durban Poison, what a punch, it hit harder than expected and I lost track of what I was doing within moments. I became docile and disinterested and a little confused, I looked baked, I felt baked. I had eyes like pickled onions. That buzz just registered in my brain as exactly like pure Durban, kind of electric, it left me a little shaken up. A nice trip down Memory Lane. Short-lived high but quite strong and only takes a few puffs. Overall: Definitely the strongest GSC hybrid I've tried so far, really nails the mint chocolate taste.
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    The Amnesia Haze plants are in the sixth week of flowering. This week i gave them pk 13/14. See you!
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    SANsemillas is not a profit-oriented operation ... so, many of the things i do show will never be up for sale. none of the things i show here or somewhere else are meant to be advertisement. i'm just showing and reporting my private grows, like everyone else. it's just my own lines, that's all these crosses i made basically just for myself, private fun. actually i only ever made seeds for my wife and me only, lol. the spare seeds i usually give away and the very little selling of some (asked for) lines is just to help to pay for the shares. ( @ZenShade i'm just a pm away, brother ... how can i help?) imo the prices of seedpacks don't say anything about the genetics' quality. (the very high priced packs merely show how greedy a guy can get, lol ) ___________________________ @Shoeless the 2 KC i grew were done after roughly nine weeks = one was done after 62 days and the one one the pics was done at 60, but i let her go for 63. the kq has lowered the flowertime (of usually ten weeks) and raised the yield, while not influencing the smell (cookies all the way on both phenos). i don't know about how they smoke yet, tho ... but so far i am very happy about their structure (kq makes herself noticable here, nice 'proper' shaped plants, no lanky bichs) cuz the mother is a tiny bit finicky in that department. also gsc being prone for nanas and the quite low yield means the KC = an improvement. the plants still are drying, tho, so i'll report 'bout the smoke later.
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    here is a tiny little update for the ladies growing in the HBxl going to just show the ones falling in this cab from here on out. this is sannie's way of growing: just mycos and tabs in soil, bactos in water evry 2 weeks and a tiny bit of biobizz bloom on weeks 5+6 ... the only real addition is topmax (half strenght of the bottle's recommendation) starting on week 4, used it up to week 7 and since then tapwater only until chop (= some are more yellow than others in result). afghan sunset (lavender x deep chunk ibl) pheno #2 day 47, she smells like lavi & looks like dc (mission acomplished) i'm fairly eager to know how she kicks, love how she looks for sure. holy lui (holy princess f1 x lui f1) pheno #3 49 days of 12/12, very sticky (stems & leafs too) she reeks strong of melon-pineapple-hash taste buds (larry lurex x sanfune) pheno #1 this one fell on day 50 smells like red cherry cough drops (em-eukal für kinder) taste buds (larry lurex x sanfune) pheno #4 sweet & danky tropi/choco-pinesol combo took only 43 days of 12/12 so far the fastest lady ever for me i left the spot open and just leave the light out on that spot because there is no perpetual growing in this specific cab. from here on out they stand under only 4x 60w COBs. i sure like these energy-saving LEDs very much *woot* same power as the 400w HPS, but much less cost anyhoo, enjoy your smokes best vibes, SAN
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    Happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate to everyone else enjoy the day anyway
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    Topped all the plants in veg tonight. They are getting big. Waiting on my mothers to clone so I can clone these and start already. Pic of 3 Hawaiian sisters from Federation!
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