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    hi guys, like on every xmas, SANta clause has gifts for all you. hit me up if i may share and you allow me to send you a gift there is enough crosses of holy princess, sanfune, choco deez, sour diesel ibl, m39 (=1987 nlsk) and a few more for everyone. please hit me up with a pm that reads "SANta clause" until christmas eve latest to get included into this share. ____________________________________________________________________ furthermore: i started some GDP for repro (derg corra) and also have esko's (reclining buddha x lady cane) almost ready for the esko-tribute ... my "snow thrower" (the white x sour diesel) will make an appearance after 2.5 years of continued work on this project = kushframe + fuely terps, 10w. plus, i'm selecting a pure sour diesel-line = SDriri x sour diesel ibl, that i made few years ago. maybe this "sansara"-line (sounds like 'SANsour', lol) makes an appearance soon ... i need to test it a little more. until then ... here's a peek of some of the plants i have been enjoying lately there's a few of my own and some of others genetics mixed, enjoy. Gorrilla Glue #4 ... i like the chemmy taste and her big yields. great smoke! one of my "Snow Thrower" plants ... grown from the (White x Diesel)-seedline Grape Stomper x (The White/Stardawg), made by hazeman ... wonderful tangy/sour grape-trichs, very good yield, strong punch. WOx (v2) ... this is an australian cross. it is one of the best smokes i have around. 11 weeks, nice yields. hazey-woody-lemony smell from the (Oax/Mullum x NLHz) and the taste has also some of the typical og/ kush-ish 'dankness' going on which comes from the WiFi-mother ... effects are strong (!), head and body! Sour Bubba = ECSD x P98 BK, made by Katsu just amazing ... it's everything you'd expect from melting these two groundbreaking cultivars. i love that the bubba made room for the sour in the taste as well, as she usually dominates much of the smells and frame (still does) of her offspring. MAC (F2 Pheno #6), gifted via a fellow seedmaker/grower ... (thank you a LOT !) amazing cookie-terps with a dash of woody-colombian and lemony-starfigher in the back. my own "Groot" = Grape Stomper BX (mother) X GSC Forum Cut (which hermied) just an accident, but the trichs on her fanleaves make her stay in my cabs (for now). again the "grape white dawg" ... i love those sugary trichs, she stings my nose without touching her. bubba's sis, made by katsu ... chem sis hit by reversed pre98 bubba kush. toffee-chem with a sweet kush afterglow, effects send me on the couch (!) Bubba's Breath, made by Katsu ... OGKB hit by P98BK = coffe-ish cookie smoke with very strong effect *sleepytime* This one is one of mine... It's one of the "Berry Nice Plants" (= Esko's "Santa Maria" BX1) Pure strawberry/rhaspberry smell and taste, balanced effect and good yields done in 8w. a different pheno. this is the BNP #6, my current keeper from this run. (i will keep working this line, until i have the "sm" reliably in seedform) Alien Tech x Sour Alien Dawg, bohempian's cut. she's done in 9weeks. she is kinda gassy/fuely/sweet-ish ... a bit hard to describe, haha ... (rotten cherry dipped in lawnmover-fuel ??), very strong body effects NL/Haze S1 from a cut grown out in 1989, found by rimmeo (in nev's NLHz). this one is special (to me). i love her appearance and very creative trippy effect. She takes 14 weeks, but is absolutely worth the wait. Sour Diesel x Chem91SkVA (reversed), made by DocGreen Wow, these do what one would expect from this combo !! Sour and chemmy ! Veeery strong effects and heavy yields. the smells are mixed, superstrong fuel and rotten earthy fruits mixed into (to me) canna-bliss. DocGreen did also hit up the Bubba Kush (Pre-98 Cut) with the (STS-reversed) Chem91SkVA clone. Sweet coffee-ish/toffee-ish taste mixed with strong Chem in the back. The effects are bodaaaaicous. he hit the "Animal Cookies" too = (GSC Thin Mint x Fire OG Bx2) X Chem91SkVA Chemmy smells dominate, but the plants took on a more Cookie-ish appearance. and here's an overview of one of the LED-tents, close to chop (many of the plantjes i just showed here are in there too ) _______________________________________________________________________ big thanks go out to katsu, docgreen and a few other fellow seed- makers for sharing/swapping their wonderful creations with me. i hope all of you are safe and healthy, happy and busy growing. let me know if i can be of help to anyone wit'sem of me beans. many greetings, SAN
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    Better pics of the cookie dawg. I’m trying to save these nugs so they can marinade more . Darker 3 no flash and two flash last nug a sample from the jars being burped. Ijs
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    She ^^^^ finally got chopped down. These are the only pics I got, but the flowers are each about as fat and taller than a beer can. The aromas are stunning!
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    DTA....Durban Thai High Flyer x 68 Afghani. This one is an Affy dom and is at the end of its indoor run. Really strong sweet funk with a loooong lasting up to start then dreamland. Great job @Indican LOS / No Till using Gas’s mix and water only this run!
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    Blumats dialed in on day 7. Stretch is on
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    Got the blumats in on day 5 of flower.
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    Since I've been on BB for while now, I do see how many folks protect Caps' Mack lines, as when they see them offered, it's posted up. When packets of beans start at $250.00 and walk up to $400.00 I can see how a breeder may/would feel *pick pocketed*, to see knock offs going around much cheaper, and may get pissy about that. ADH, my first one, I did the twisty stem thing and laid her top 12 inches or so over, as someone did not plan well. The top is still growing well, just looking down. The #3, much smaller in height, and this did not stretch as much, and her buds got that wet, look to them. I think she will be the keeper as I always clone everything, then keep or compost what is left. But you never know when hunting.
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    Just a ltid bits of cookie dawg . Dude thought it was an autoflower but since I couldn’t find an autoflower version it has to be a photo period cookie dawg tiny jar is almost gone and have a small jar of it that u’ll Leave alone and let cure up more. It has already changed since I first got it. Pretty frosty in person. MOs def the Stone is nice and comfortable but potent in the head frfr. For that reason it wouldn’t be my daily toker. While I believe others like that type of high far more than me.
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    It's the forty-sixth day of flowering. We're entering the final stages. Almost time to start with GHE Ripen.
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    Selene F2 made by Indican. She went 77 days and has been drying for 1 week.
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    Silverfields day 55 ish. ol’ flat top. Cheers
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    So I heard it through the grapevine... Who's ready for an epic drop??? The Professor is still at it, boys n girls! This guy brings the FIRE all day every day. Who else besides me is interested in this cross? Sister Nice Oregon Afghani x G13/Haze whaaaaaat???
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    My keeper Blueberries and Chocolate (Bodhi cut Blueberry Hashplant x Maphial’s Chocolate Diesel)
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    BluChem seeded up. Completely outrageous aromas coming off these. Sweet berry candy with some kind of peanut butter, then doused in gas. Very impressive
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    Sour Lemon Haze, 39 Days of 12/12 (...taken with my chinese camera). smile
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    Malzilla Day 36 of 12/12. smile
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    2 Chocolate Rains smile
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    Ugly killing fields x unknown (freebie I think?)grown outdoors very late in season by old boy. I actually think she’s beautiful lol but most wouldn’t haha..
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    Sour Lemon Haze sidebud
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    Sour Lemon Haze in all her beauty. smile
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    Huckleberry Kush x Snow Queen Malzilla Sour Lemon Haze Day 32 of 12/12. Nothing special. The new plants are developing good. smile
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    Sour Lemon Haze Huckleberry Kush x Snowqueen Malzilla Chocolate Rain 26 days 12/12. All plants have stopped growing and building buds instead. smile
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    Last run of 2020 and I think it’s time to flip and lay in the screen. left side: Big Cheese (Critical Mass F2 x Exodus Cheese BX1 by Relic Seeds (Prof P / @Dynasty Genetics) right side: The One/ Panama x PCK / Chocolate Thai by Swami Organic Seeds aka Gascannastan Ran these outside this past summer and these were my picks. This is the second run on the pot with top dress re amend and water only, don’t think I will be chasing nitrogen in flower. LOS / No Till.
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    Than u Brother.. Many thanks from all the damily. He is out now. They gave him some strong stuff??? And knocked it in 2 days.. He is out and tested negative 2 times..
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    The thirty-sixth day of flowering has commenced. Nothing much to mention besides that i am very happy with the way this grow goes. So here come the pictures. And that's it for now, see you next week!
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    Hey guys, hope you all are great! Time to share. I’ve been dealing with a lot of bugs lately and my grows have been fucking shit. I didnt even wanted to see the plants. Just open to water when I remember, damage control, remove dead ones, replace sticky traps, move on. I mean, I’m the kind of person that opens the tent a million times just to watchem. I’ve tried everything (neem, soap, nematodes...) I was able to get rid of them but they came back after a week to fill the tent in a few days... fucking nightmare. I was growing to smoke, not enjoying the growing part anymore. suddenly that changed, and all that took was to put a layer of freaking sand on top! I could fill 3 sticky traps in a couple days front and back and now in 2 months theres only one sad flyer... I’m so fuckin relieved, so happy to be able to enjoy the growing. My planta are so beautiful and healthy and green (compared to before). well sorry for the ranting. the grow is soil, organic with slow release nutes. Water only. genetics are: (left to right, up to down) 5x c99 kwik seeds 1x berry patch (Just one cause I was replacing a c99 that didnt make it) cheese and critical (they got mixed up I dont know which one is which) 1x motherlode kush except for the MK, the regulars are outgrowing the fems by much. Last row are all fems. One c99 I think got poisoned she seems to be recovering.
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    I popped 100 seedlings and ended up with 88 good o es. Out of 88 I have 44 females and now.. THE FUN BEGINS... I WILL POST REPORTS AS I USE TO. I have the 44 plants in 2 5x7' rooms under 2 1000watt hps in each room.. They have smaller trunks as I would like but I had to use less light because of the outside temps.. I use a personal soul mix that I have use for years. Hope u enjoy. I will have to re-learn the posting process. Thanks all.. BIGUN IS BACK
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    About 200 eggs Im thinking that 5 gallon bucket can hold 400 or so. They are limed and covered with water and will Last up 2 two years un refrigerated. Cant do that with store bought eggs As they are washed. Why? Cause who the hell knows what tomorrows going to be. Mojo A new roo i acquired Wheaton Ameracuna Him and his old ladies will breed blue egg layers My therapy gooses lol No fucking ones eating them Alas We have to order a goose for xmas dinner I am such a pussy Lol
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    Big Sur Holy Weed purple stem expression!
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    The satties I either started them too quick from clone or my experimental blue light worked too well. Going to have midgets the size of forearms lol. Day 19F
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    Hello,thank's for Watching brothers.... Now I'm at week 8 and 3 days I make a video and pictures,the New strain strart to turn Purple Color Know....Delicious for the eyes this beautifull purple color.I can read than this The New strain can turn purple but it happen only Know in very late stage off flowering... Do you think the 2 big plants are close to harvest ?? How many percent amber trichromes I must cut ??? 30 percent ? 10 percent ? 50 percent ? I can read lot off différents choice.... My new clones are over vegged,what's I can do for it ? I can cut the top off the plants ??? Have good vibes,One Love. VID_20201106_212920.mp4
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    Now that the plants have grown back I'm back onboard with the mainline, just sucked seeing them so small after cutting back the plants. Update, removed one confirmed male. Middle back plant is only confirmed female. Far left plant has me puzzled. Added pictures of the preflowers for help. They are pointed like a female preflowers but no pistil. There are also round like a ball so I'm confused. Preflowers always seem to mess with my head on what I'm looking at. Upped to 1.5 tsp of Jack's(7.5g) 2 tsp of cal mag and 2 ml of hydroguard. Foliar spray with liquid seaweed mix.
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    Thanks Baq. Here's a shot of the Selene ladies in the back. Blueberry Sativa x Chocolate Thai is up front.
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    Late Bloom looks nice.
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    For some reason, I rarely grow fems. That changes this grow. There will be a repeat performance of my cuts of Peyote Pancake, my insomnia cure, and Lemon Sunrise, my eye-opening strain, but the rest are new to me. I bought a pack of Sannie's Sugar Punch way back when it came out, years ago, but never grew any. I cracked one seed and planted it outdoors, a few years ago, and it was eaten by an eastern cottontail rabbit. There are very few of those in my tent, these days, so it's probably safe to try again. I have two seeds left, as it seems I gave a couple away over the years. Both will be cracked. Bebop and Golden Goat are Irie fems. Both should be sativa dominant hybrids. Golden Goat is supposed to be a very popular strain in Colorado dispensaries, and is from an accidental cross of Island Sweet Skunk x (Hawaiian sativa x Romulan). Bebop is a cross between Blueberry Cookies and Arise, which I'm guessing might be a little more to the indica side than Golden Goat. Planet of the Grapes is an Ethos strain, which is a breeder I know nothing about and I know no one who has grown an Ethos strain, but there are some pretty powerful strains that I've tried from dispensaries over the last couple of years that had the Ethos name attached to them. So this is a role of the dice. Planet of the Grapes is supposed to be a heavy, stony, indica dom. So that's that. My old (Oh, must be about 8 months old by now — a Methuselah plant) Peyote Pancake cut will be going in again, and a Lemon Sunrise plant from the last grow will also be repeating. This is going to be organic soil. I will wait on running Octos until I have a few more keeper plants I want a lot of weed from. If I just grow a bunch of Peyote Pancake and Lemon Sunrise, my love for variety will cause me to whine and nobody wants that. When there are some exciting, action photos of the plants to offer, I'll post more. In the meantime, the traditional posting of pics of seed packets: There are a few other plants from my last grow that I'm still considering keeping, and those are the Killer Cookies girls. I keep going back and forth on which I like best, between the most GSC-leaning and most Killer Queen-leaning cut. KQ might win, but I think I have to keep the GSC leaner, just because it has trichomes on its trichomes.
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    Malzilla top at 47 days 12/12. Shackzilla x Malawi Gold or vice versa; bred by F.O.T.H. smile
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    Hello Open Growers. Long time no check-in. I stopped posting to Open Grow when i reached a stage with this muscular dystrophy where everything seemed to be too difficult. Something had to give. I just didn't have the energy to keep this thread going. Still growing. Went through some issues after switching to a different CalMag product that seemed to be causing some sort of nutrient lock-out. That problem is solved. I finally managed to defeat the mites and thrips by washing every leaf of every plant by hand. That took a lot of effort on my part. But it was time well spent. Those problems though, resulted in the small harvests I am taking now. I will hopefully continue to post on this thread. But don't expect weekly updates anymore. Happy Thanksgiving to the new world growers who observe this holiday. I hope everyone here is doing well. Keep on growing.
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    It's been awhile so thought I should catch you up on what's going on around here. I've not been able to get growing medium for several months now. I use Sunshine Mix #4 cause it is normally the only one available around here. I've been reusing it with less than desirable results so I was thrilled when I found 2 bales at a store 50 miles from here. They were even the 3 cf ones so I should be good for awhile now. I've had an affliction of males lately so my flower room is emptier than I like. The 3 Red IPA's I started were all males, 2 of three NYCD x LT were also male. The one NYCD x LT female is a beauty. After 2 weeks in 12's she has nearly tripled her height and she has a sleek sativa look. Thanks to @santero for those. The only other girl in flower is a Green Ale fem that is 7 weeks in 12's. She is short and bushy, not at all what GA's are normally like. She has been grown in used medium and has not been a happy camper but she is filling in nicely and has a wonderful sweet/tart aroma. All the other GA's I've grown looked more like the NYCD x LT except a bit more stout so not sure where this one came from. I started 3 HammerHead x SSH that I was gifted but forgot to label who they were from and now I cannot recall. If it was you please remind me. Two of the 3 shriveled up shortly after sprouting but the third is looking good. I also started 3 HammerHead v3 (thanks to NAW) and they are all up for about a week now and look good. I think that about covers it so on to some pics... Veg area with HH x SSH and a NYCD x LT cut above and the 3 HH sprouts below. Flower room. NYCD x LT @ 2 weeks Green Ale @ 7 weeks Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving tomorrow. Be sure to stay safe and keep up the good fight.
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    Chocolate Rain (smaller plant) Malzilla The whole grow is developing good, so far. The later sown plants have reached a certain age, next week, I exspect them to show sex. Some males did and are gone. Chocolate Rain and Malzilla are behind in building buds. The Malzilla has at least 50days to ripe and no hurry at all. CR is building resin and flowers late,as I know from previous grows. Sour Lemon Haze looks ready after 40 days, looking at the size and shape of her buds. Huckleberry Kush x Snow Queen is building slowly golfball buds. To be continued... smile
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    17days in 12/12, 39fem on 64...i mooved 3fem in another room, so here are the 36 choosed ones for this room:
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    Generically spoken. If you want your writings to be understood. Then be effective in doing that. If you are posting for you and maybe a select group who are similar, then all good! It's all good! People interacting in a positive way. Win win! If I dont understand it or have difficulty in understanding, maybe I just got old but that is not their fault. Nor is such writings being pointed towards me so it is not meant for me. Maybe not my cup of tea so to speak but so freaking what! People post for different reasons and for different people sometimes. It is all good and that is what community is. Being that we are small such things can stand out more so than in a larger populace. Sunstone, I'm glad you are here but realize when you rock the boat you make waves. All good peoples here! Crap, Sunstone, where are my manners. Lights one up and passes it to Sunstone. Hey, I'm Hempyfan. Glad to meet you! I probably coughed a bit while handing it to you!
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    prof is very reliable in bringing on the ruckus (!) his lines ALL rocked my cabs. the Oregon Afghani is quite similar to the bubba (prof claims its the same). so, the combo will turn out quite nice, assuming the male he used inherits the same amount of haze as the classic g13/haze male everybody used in europe from nevils 80's stock (via Soma from Shanti's seed), b-cuz this one has almost zero g13 in his kids ... only the g13yield-trait comes through. basically a bubba/haze from seed ... this is absolutely tempting for anyone, that enjoys good smoke !
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    Satties started from clones taken from moms I’ve had over a year now! Day 10F 12-14 week varieties
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    The Datura Metel was out in the rain, and I forgot to check for a few days. The flower bud was wilted and fell of as soon as I touched it. But I put it indoors now, and hope still to be able to make some seeds. I moved my pepper plants indoors a few weeks ago, when the temperature dropped. The plants are in the kitchen now to let the last fruits get ripe. And I hope to keep some alive during the winter, to get a head start next spring. Like this grafted composite plant: It's the Jalapeno scion on the Bell plant. The Jalapeno grows very well on the Bell roots. The Peruvian scion does not seem to thrive on the Annuum. So I might dump this one after the last pepper is ripe. So I can still harvest some ripe peppers every now and then. The Jalapeno's are heavy, compared to the other hot peppers, that are thin skinned. And the Jalapeno's get more sweetness after being cooked in the oven. But their heat is unpredictable.
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    Hello, brothers 7 weeks and 3 days from 12/12. Thanks for watching and comments. Have good vibes. One love. VID_20201106_212920.mp4
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    Thank You, this is the place to learn about growing! I'm always learning something here. Just copied this from newsletter: The 2020 elections were a mixed bag for Democrats and Republicans, but the undisputed big winner was cannabis which won legalization initiatives in four states - Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota. Mississippi and South Dakota (along with passing outright legalization) passed medical marijuana ballot initiatives. With one out of every three people in the United States now living in states that have legalized the adult-use of cannabis for any reason, another nail in the coffin of cannabis prohibition has securely been driven in. So maybe legal coming to where you are! Another bud pic, this is Fat leaf, I think we can squeeze a few more tricombs in there...
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    Ya I think I start Harvest today. That's a gradual harvest so will take some weeks. Had a few early girls and cut their tops twice now. Second pic you can see how the smaller buds fluff up after you take the tops.
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