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    Rhino Blood, apparently it's a long flower phenotype. She's at about 70 days and no showing any amber. Nothing but foxtails....hope she's a good one.
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    (sorry for double-posting, but this post has it's own looong train of thought.) this posts is supposed to become a playful and thoughful description of how i would really "breed" something ... the word gets thrown around so easily these days, and i am sure many of you (at least the "old school") thinks similar. todays stuff is highly "not bred" at all, just mixed and remixed again ... not always with bad results, that's not the point but not being worked into real strains anymore. so, leaving judgments outside of the equasion: we are all just hacks, not breeders,haha ...some aspire to do more then others, but we are ALL just jokers to some of the real deal big headz (that's not people that boast about it in the first place, btw.) to be clear. so far i don't consider myself a breeder (yet), although i started making seeds right away eight years ago. but i moslty just grow buds and keep to myself, just enjoy the many varieties that are out there, while most of the things i do = i share out. my seedmaking is mostly a private matter, not commercial. that's why i don't advertise my work, just report about some of my grows from time to time ... for now and atm my ope- ration consist of reproducing a few of eskobar's classic lines and realising a few of the ideas we both had talked about as well (this i do privately and only for myself, while other old varieties get reproduced for the public via the derg corra colletive). along these adventures i also create my own humble hacks on the sidelines with all the plants in my cabs (various "elite"clones, keepers or testers from my own seedlines + some of the repro-stuff too and also plants from seed via various sources, just stuff i am interested in). to my idea: i was thnking about maybe combining my cheetos (cheese x sour diesel) with the livers clone from UK = (cheese x blueberry) X (cheese x sour diesel) = "dead rabbits" but ... first the cheetos needs to become a real strain = i'll have to mate it to herself often enough to have males from it breed relatively true, before i can use it and actually call it "breeding". i mean biolocically/botanically speaking, as in science ... everything before a stable/inbred parent, using "random males" is just "seedmakeing",not "breeding" ... and it always just stays a 'gamble'. even with such genetically expressive varieties like skunk and diesel from this example. (it should be obvious, that using poly-hybrids on top of that just results in much more unreliable results, because ALL genetics involved express themselves and re-arrange to (just another) 'unstable' expression. a slippery slope, because when using males from an unfinished variety (like we all do nowadays as as standard) means unreliable outcome, not a bad one, but still just a (many times lucky) "shot in the dark". it does take a few generations of inbreeding to find a (breeding-)keeper in your/my/our own variety ... no "f1" (like i described, made from "unfinished P1"), will be different ... not even my own. we all need to be more honest here, imho. we need to really work, not just mumbo- jumbo some hopes and false promises and expect everybody and ourselves to believe we are magicians, just because we like the few phenos we bump into in our testgrows of these still unworked/unreliable lines. just because one plant shows favorable traits it doesn't mean she/he gives it off to its kids ect. ... it takes time and effort to find these specimens. imho we must be honest and admit, that most seedmakers today are mainly just marketing the "first step of a project that could result in a fine strain"-f1's and we need to be humble while work- ing our own lines into something original and of worth, need to respect the work of our peers and colleagues while doing so and through this evolve into people of integrity and earn the respect and acknowledgement that we desire/deserve, not just expect or demand it, lol. (we are humans, not apes *with all due respect*) ... that's what i believe ... i will always try to act and be as honest and open/friendly/ helpful as possible before even start to expect the same back. i can't but feel pity for anyone that rather competes, then cooperates (1:11) *not smart* anyhoo, let's keep spinning the idea of real breeding. .. a stable cheetos-male, true bred, must be first created (by taking the initial cross to maybe f4 or more generations) and then selected (tried out in testlines first). he needs to be used with other ladies in other projects to see how exactly he expresses himself, what he inherits to his offspring. by using elite clones for comparsion of traits, the quest for a male is quite simple and effi- cient. the "elites" are known to the dot (by growing them for years), so they are more reli- able then any self-made genetics that have not really been explored yet and can bear all kinds of surprises ... doing anything else can be explained with honeywords, sure, but it won't result in anything else, as i have decribed. these ae facts. all "shortcuts" are not true "breeding", just seeedmaking with great results most of the time (depending with what genetics one sarted with), but it is still only a lottery ... just luck, not skill. so, after the cheetos has been made stable, a true breeding male has been selected and proven, THEN he becomes the father of the fist (real) "dead rabbits"-attempt. these beans get tested (the livers sadly is NOT stable just a selection from a f1-line, so blueberry and skunk in her will fight a bit for dominace, but i expect this to not be a big problem, cuz both their expressions are very favorable/appealing and the cheese in the cheetos will tip the balance anyhow) ... my "dead rabbits"-goal would be a cheese-dominant plant that shows strong blueberry terps but also has the diesel-stank to her on a bed of cheese = tastebomb. while combining he exquisit effect and taste of the cheese to a bit of the other two highs and tastes is already mouthwatering. the potency should be through the roof, while the fragrance would reach seriously paranoid proportions. what a nice idea for a project, imo. something like that would be worthile i think, but it's just a play of thought ... real breeding of only one real strain takes years ... so, the thing i will most likely do is "just" a simple cross of my f1-cheetos to the livers clone, to shuffle up the genetics and find some nice phenos to smoke. it's a good thing that i am just a humble seeedmaker, not one of those "breeders" ... so, i'll have fun either way and everyone i share my humble seeds with to will hopefully enjoy them too. here is a ittle peek of the currently grown few lines that i mentioned a few posts earlier (and some of the f3 "chewie"-seedrun of my onw stardawg x sour diesel-variety on the right side) these i am selecting for chem-traits, just 4 fun and to get to learn them ... (chem = special) really guys, pressure-less work is like heaven, nothing can disturb the peace that comes from it enjoy your smokes, everybody. best vibes to everyone reading. _____________________________________________ oi, @coxnox broski the "groot" i mentioned earlier accidentially catched some chem-pollen and only one single bean formed *cool bonus* it's the plant under the little baggie on the right side = (bm#9 x forum) aka. 'groot' X onycd v3 = "dawgbone" (lol) let's see if she grows into anything special *dribbling feetz*
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    Here's the 5th female and the only male (on the right ) of Velvet Orca ( Blue Orca X Velvet Rush ). Keep in mind that I just took cuttings off of these plants, she is the one of the 5 females that is showing the most Afghani traits and the male is mostly satty, so I'm going to go a head and hit her with the male for seed stock and save him tell I get a couple more then I will use them to open pollinate the best females from fall harvest. Really excited, these are from the first seeds of this cross, so nobody knows what is coming. It's 76 Thai Stick / Kandahar #1 Afghani X Highland Blue Thai / Kandahar #1 Afghani. Baq
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    Here's a somewhat brief (I intend it to be brief, here at the beginning. It could end up not so brief, who knows?) smoke report of the Jordan of the Islands strain, God Bud. I had two plants and two phenos, which looked very similar, except one was purple and the other was green. This is on the green pheno, which captured my heart. Big bonus: this is a strain that is still widely available in seed form. Scent: sweet and fruity with some hashy undertones. I'll give it a 10 on scent. It's definitely in "Esko territory" here. For those of you who arrived here after Esko's departure and haven't grown any of his wares, he concentrated on powerful and unusual scents and, to a lesser extent, flavors. Taste: The smoke is very smooth and easy on the lungs, but I can't say I picked up anything special, taste-wise. I'll leave the taste unrated. I never tried to vape it, because smoking it is such a wonderful experience. It never occurred to me to break out the Ghost for this strain, but I may before I finish it. Bud density - about 7.5. Nice and solid, but not like a rock. There is a little spring to it when squeezed. Effects: This stuff is pretty powerful, though I've had more powerful indicas. I never GREW a more powerful one. I'd give it an 8.5/10. This is also not a knock out, couch locker. It is very relaxing, but it has a little *mind spark* to it which makes it a lot of fun for people like me, who tend to like sativa doms a little more than indica doms. When used as a sleep aid, it won't work right away. It will take around half an hour for that mind spark to die down. Other issues — The main issue is that these are classically small indica plants. This isn't a problem unless you have a plant limit you are trying to stay under, because this strain is best grown as a SOG. I vegged it for 8 weeks and that wasn't enough to produce a large plant. Stretch is very low, less than 1x, maybe it's about 0.5x, and branches tend to run parallel to the main stem, so it's not a good candidate for SCROG. Do I like it? You bet — especially for an indica. Will I grow it again? Almost certainly, as I have the other 5 seeds from the pack and Esko found a pheno completely different from the two that I had, and I MUST try for that one. And even if I don't find it and end up with another pheno like this one, it will be well worth smoking.
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    Light and controls finished! Moving shortly into flower tent! 2-red 2-Blue V2 logic pucks running on an hgl-320h-48b. Impressive amount of light it throws.
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    Blue Magoo @ 7 weeks
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    Ok, updated the indoor, so now it's time for outside, drove down to get cuttings and take pics. Velvet Orca #1 Velvet Orca #2 Velvet Orca #3 Back Row L to R: MOB, MOB, Velvet Orca, Blue Orca Haze, Sugar Punch, Skywalker OG Front Row L to R: 2 Sugar Punch the rest Blue Orca Haze
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    ChilLed Grow lights and rapidled for the win! Growmau5 ‘s logic pucks are awesome and I do love my hlg 65’s as well for my veg tent. Gonna be running a high tech tent setup shortly with Emerson board and exotic booster uv and ir along with far red pucks to put them asleep. More to follow——G
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    Well I have to say for a day off I had a ton of work to do in a short time cut down the last shive dawg the bigger of the 2 and damn skippy there’s a pile of buds in there can’t wait to jar them up and get the dry weight Cleaned up the 2 Octopots and hand washed the bags ( pita) lol the root development and the thickness of the stem is amazing compared to my last grow up potted 18 plants so needed to mix some soil 6 seedlings to go , late entries still way too small to mess with Cleaned the room all in all a great day !
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    uhm, yes ... that's exactly what i have tried to bring across, mates. (... is anyone reading along? *heehee*) i am working on a way to fully tribute eskobar and his classic lines and also release some of his unfinished ideas, while making sure that the rare stuff, like freebies / side-projects / testlines and some of his private pro- jects also (re-)appear. this is not about money for me tho, so ... no "no work"-runs for me (ever). i am busy working non-stop over this already, doing that on top of the derg corra repros AND my very own projects, so ... i'll just say what he also always loved to say, when asked about developments: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @PurpleBuz ow yeah, i remember his "cerise d'exo planck"-fems. very tastybut a bit small plants. i actually have one single lady of that going right now to compare it to the clone, lol. here she is: btw, purplebuz ... i think you might find the first thing i am about to "bring back" quite interesting: (cerise x chocolate rain). it is a very rare tester of esko's... released on a tiny scale. she'll get the time on stage she deserves soon. you can also check upon the strawberrry lemons, it has the cerise as a mother. LT is very stable / changes the offspring to a lot of her (very desired) traits , tho.
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    Sorry guys, been a bit too busy to report on several forums at once. So this is where we're at.. Right after last update I discovered some mold. But because the plants really werent read yet, i risked not to harvest until a week later. In this week I had to cut out 1 or 2 new rotten buds every day. Fortunately the rot was at an early stage everytime, so the amount I had to throw away was relatively small. During harvest (saturday 27th of june at day 57) I found a couple more spots, but I reckon I didnt throw away more then a total of 50 grams of dry weight. So the gamble of waiting one more week payed off. This is right before harvest.. @Hamme Hydro to answer your question, the main cola's were very hard, like they were last round. However with the lower ones I was a bit disappointed. Of course the canopy was a lot more compact this time, which must have affected the light penetration to these buds. So what I wanna do next round is harvest in 2 stages. The main buds first and the rest a week or so later. I ended up with about 2.5 of these nets.. A couple of these bouquets.. And then about 1- to 200 grams of untrimmed bud hanging on the plant (of which I have no pic ) I harvested over a period of 5 days. The first 1/3 is dry by now and the rest will be in a couple of days. I will report a final score by then Just planted the seeds for the next round yesterday. I'll do roughly the same, only this time I can hopefully fill out the entire room in stead of only 3/4. Btw guys, thanks a lot for all the nice comments. Really appreciate it!
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    Ok let’s set the record straight ( miscalculation of course) total weight 2 plants 267 grams Dry 2 phenotypes # 1 larger of the 2 61 days till done # 2 ( mother kept ) done 56 days smell • both have very heavy pine sole detergent Sample smoked from • small glass bat 3 hitter buds • compact ,very frosty , and sticky as fook Taste • smooth , clean, not harsh ( after taste of mint/ fuel ) high • strong 3 rd hit you feel in in the front oh your head ! It comes on quickly, Warning do no lay down you will go to sleep ! But if you get up and move it’s great to play in the tent with listen to the blues and chill smoked 3 bowls 2 me and the mrs ( didn’t need 3 bowls but I just wanted too lol ) Trichomes at 20 amber / 75 ish cloudy also helps with my arthritis WOW ! I feel the quicker of the two is a bit stronger pic shows # 1 on left #2 on right thanks @santero this will stay around a wile also there’s sugar punch 77 days from flip only 67 days from bud development trichomes are getting closer the newer white hairs are starting to turn the SP orange color and even started to swivel up so it’s maybe a week away ( got to check day by day ) also tooksome clones start of the next run and the babies are coming along just fine @Indican that atf/ nl5 is growing strong thanks here’s a few pics
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    Here's a shot of the ladies (with a couple Yeah Buddy males). BBS in the back, YB front right. BBS is at 32 days, YB is at 21 days. BBS then YB pollinated by Chocolate Thai BBS YB YB male CT male
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    Yeah, lots of retiree people moving here... mainly for the legal pot and cheap living. It's turning into a really cool move. It seems like everybody here is of the same mind. People are always friendly and seem to all get along very well together. Housing went up pretty good this last year and it may be harder and harder to get a place here now. There is a lot of cheap land, though. Still lots of old houses but some are tied up legally until the city can take them over. When they do they'll go cheap. And, word of mouth would still get a cheap house around here if you were tenacious. Going through realtors will get you the highest prices atm. Here's a couple of pics of Fisher's Peak and the "Crazy French Ranch" from a couple of angles. It's gonna be great when they get it opened. I can hike up it from my house basically. But it's supposed to be sort of rough. There are some roads up there and they plan on improving quite a few. Looking south from town... Looking east from my house...
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    Happy Friday Open Grow. I'm sitting around here feeling like an old man this week. It seems I can't move gravel and landscape stones like I once could. My rotater cuff and elbow on my right arm are giving me fits. Got a good nsaid from the Doc and something to help me sleep. now I have to take it easy for a week or two or three. That won't be easy. Good news is that gives me plenty of time to do updates so here we go. The veg area has the 3 Phuuu's IPA clones in #2 pots. They'll go another week to 10 days and get up-potted to #5's. The flower room is packed with 3 IPA girls and 2 Blue Magoo's. The IPA's are 4 weeks in and have young buds all over. The BM's are 66 days in and enjoying their last week before they get chopped. The BM #3 is showing some nice color while #1 remains green after 9+ weeks. Flower room And, a look at the IPA girls. #1 in front, then 2 and 3 Blue Magoo #1 @66 days Blue Magoo #3 @66 days I'll give the Blue Magoo's until the ten week mark and then they'll get chopped. Then I can rearrange the IPA girls to make room for their clones in a couple weeks. That's all for now. Enjoy your weekend everyone.
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    These Octopots are the fuking bomb, handling the full power of my light now and still praying! Still water only in rez, LOS rules!
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    Papa's Punch is done at day 63 or so. They have not asked for nor received any water in a week!!!!! I will give them 1 full day of dark, take them down Saturday morning: The 2nd flower room is starting to stink. I NOW CAN smell Amnesia Haze...................have to touch her, and it is still faint.................but it IS AMNESIA HAZE!!!!!! RPP has a "funk" to her already, and as I was leaving the room, I caught a beautiful whiff of ORANGE................... Amnesia Haze has shown her strength in flower, and is now POWERING HER WAY up and over the Orange Goji...............she stands TALLEST in the room! Seems she SAW the others starting to run her over, kicked it into HIGH GEAR she did!!! She is dead center and tallest Napali Pink Silver Fields OrangeGoji Some mid 1990's Ak47 X Ak47 both parents "cherry pheno" and 1990's White Russian X cherry AK47 . Gifted to me from a cool member. Supposedly these are "THE SHIT" and I will find the "one hit wonder" in here..............................Since my last AK47 hunt SUCKED BALLS...................this HAS to be better.......lol Peace, Jet
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    Time for an update. I have been busy busy lately, nearly 11 hours on the road yesterday. I went with a good friend to Yuba City to pick up a side by side. Checked the room this morning and this is what I found. Guess I am lucky...it could have been the entire shop in a pile of charcoal when I woke up. now Im down to 800w. Looks like JC is going to buy some new lights. Back to the grow..... The mini DWC trial is doing decent. I’ll end up with a handful of nice buds from it. Napali Pink she’s getting close and here is the 2nd one Rhino Blood...she is almost ready also...this is a pretty long flower pheno, mostly clear triches and a few random amber. I think it’s around 75 days. I’ll have to go back and check my posts I have a little bit dried and ready for a test...yeah, she’s a headache to trim. She’s also pretty airy...maybe she will be a good candidate for some bubble bags
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    Here they are the largest is a male showing sex the other large one are suspected to be males so that leaves the 2 in front should be females we shell see very strong looking plant and also a group shot as well notice the clown is watching lol
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    Harlequin, day 41 of veg. She can stay in the flowering tent after tonight. She is in a 1 gallon pot. This is my newest direction. I am going to stop focusing on 3 gallon plants and eight weeks of veg. Instead, I want to grow 1 gallon plants with 5 - 6 weeks of veg. The 2019 Mini-Grow Challenge hosted by @Justcozz shook up my routine. I started four cups right around the same time that I started four Afghan CBD seeds from @Cristalin. It seemed crazy when i did it. I realized they would all need to be in 1 gallon containers in order for this to work. Around the same time I was growing tired of the 8 week veg. I was also lamenting the lack of variety. I was starting one plant a month. Sometimes two. Trying to keep four plants at various stages of flowering while vegging the replacements. Then it dawned on me. Instead of growing these big gnarly plants in 3 gallon containers, I could start a seed a week if i focus on 1 gallon plants. (Way more fun.) A 2' X 4' tent will hold a max of eight 3-gallon plants. A 3 gallon pot is generally about 12" diameter. 1 gallon pots are 8" diameter. So, in the same space that I could fit eight 3-gallon pots i could fit 18 1-gallon pots. If most varieties are in the 8 week flowering range, it will all work out. I will focus on a few basic forms. This is one of them. FIM the 5th node. Bend the stem. When it is nice and bushy, start the flowering.
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    @Cristalin Hey Man, here's a quick update 3 males and 5 females in this first run. The 3 males are the tall ones grouped together. They all look great so far!
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    thanks San but i really had luck with her, she was the only one that smelled so nice in the 14 seeds that poped up, i had 9ladys, 5 with a nice yields that looked a lot like the gapestomperOG a close friend did have a few years before but the smell was nothing special, and get 4 that looked like the one i selected but non had that fuking strong fruity chemical smell the #9 had...i did choose her since the begining (15days in bloom) and the smoke test confirmed it... Here is a few pictures of her early in bloom: and here just before i chop her:
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    Flower tent mostly complete, still gotta run blumats. Girls got 3 gallon new shoes and gonna veg a week or two and flip. —-G
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    Well I have it figured out....though it could be Annabelle...lol looks like the bud weight is too much for the limbs. I’ve tied her up some, but a net is a must for NaPali Pink. Went in this morning and found more broken branches on both NP. AlSo, Rhino is starting to fall down. Big ass colas, not dense, just big. So far 7 jars filled. Cartel Haze filled 2, Silverfields filled 1, Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy filled 1, Rhino Blood filled 2, G39 filled one. Still have 1 Sultana, 1 Silverfields 1 G39 and 2 Cartel Haze drying. Here are a few pics, more on the phone I’ll upload soon. Sultana...can’t wait till she’s dry for a test.
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    A bit of training, Cindy in bondage
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    @coxnox mate, how are you i have no one seen grown it out yet, but it's quite new, very limited (and not coming back). i grew some of the (bm#9 x gsc forum) that "happened to me" while growing this hermie forum cut last year. these beans grew out very nice, though. she makes very nice babies, imo. i kept one of those and called her "groot" for short and fun, lol ... i will grow her a few times more and then maybe share her out. she is to good to just toss, imo ... maybe someone else also likes her strong grapey taste and lazy-making toke, i really dig it so far, a nice grape stomper/cookies-variation. great taste was involved in finding the bm#9 for sure. thank you for your great eye and kind sharing spirit, bro (!!) i myself won't dive anymore in to the "killer grapes". i would like to use a different source for "grapefruit". i have some some lines ready to pop to look for that and make my own varieties. (st#3, dynamite, dirty heri, grapegod, grape13, glo ect ... maybe i find something nice in there to combine to my males or even a nice male to start some interesting lines with.)
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    Stay safe out there, Wilbur. My little brood. I topped one hempy and it looks like I may end up with 6 tops on her. The others I will probably go single cola, depends on their progress.
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    apa's Punch day 40 something: Smell is still model airplane glue n citrus: Cuts doing well, EVEN Amnesia Haze is no longer fighting me, she will root this time...............I GOT HER ASS!!!! A.H. Orange Goji rooted in 4 days time!!!!! Mom/Veg room was totally out of hand, no longer. SCROG room cleaned up, set for next flower run Picked the 9 Ladies(I hope, lol) for the new run So, in the run is : 3 Orange Goji..................Goji female X Orange Sunshine Male : Veg room a bit more like it!!! 1 Napali Pink ............just "cozz, lol 1 Silver Fields quick Pheno 1 Raspberry Pi Processor X Chem Dog by our own Hamme Hydro I Maui Sunshine by "Sebring" 1 ShackZilla Fem from single seed gifted to me.................................thank you SIR!!!!! and FINALLY.........................FINALLY...................Amnesia Haze......................................COLOR ME HAPPY CAMPER NOW!!!!! Peace, Jet
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    Part 2 of the Harvest was a GOOD ONE!!! The 2 Goji's came down this morning...................WAY BIGGER than Chucky's and Cloud Watcher.............these plants are going to yield well!
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    Happy day at the Jet house I guess. Orange Goji (my fav of the 4 ladies) HAPPY: Napali Pink Happy: Silver Fields Happy: Shackzilla..........................................................................................Happy: Goji......................trust me, she is HAPPY..................next set of leaf's will be golden and she shall take the fuck off..... Happy: And ..............................from a page right out of Ripley's Believe it or Not............................Amnesia Haze finally, finally, Happy!!!! Her leaf's have uncurled, her color is perfect, her leaf's blades can cut your finger's...................and she is starting to "spread her wings", and boy howdy does she ever have wings. This plant will be STUNNING when standing 4 foot tall with leaf's that will cover a basketball. Cannot wait to see it....................it is coming. Coming soon to an Octopot near you................................................AMNESIA HAZE "Core" ........................women fear and men cheer, she is legend for a reason !
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    Welp, sorry for the absence but life has a way of changing plans. My roommate finally moved out but it turned out to be a very negative experience. People never cease to amaze me. All of my last run is curing and smoking well. I'll get bud pics up soon. Cartel Haze turns out to be my favorite of the bunch with a special flavor and a great high. I'm trying to get back on my schedule with growing but between strange weather and weird people and a job schedule that keeps changing it's sort of been keeping me from getting too deep into things. I do have a lot starting and some in mid veg but, I'm sort of holding them back until I get back home. A friend is coming by to water and if the chickens don't yank any out of the dirt I should be fine. I lost my one Joey Weed C99 fem and was not happy. The chickens are pretty cool though. There are only three left now. One rooster and two young hens. My neighbor got them but they won't stay in his pen. They fly over to my house and graze in the yard all day. Not your every day chicken coop chickens. These guys are clever. I get eggs every now and then. They lay them all over, heh. Anyway, I wanted to show my first sativa grow in forever.. it's Golden Wedding by Smilestyle. I may have it backwards but it's a cross of '72 Colombian Gold x Malawi Gold and it's a freebie in Sannie's Shop now. I only have the one plant and it's been outside but I'm not sure if I'll leave it out. I could take it up to the mountains to let it grow in a friends huge greenhouse but I want to be a part of the grow. I may move it indoors when I get back home.. I love the looks of it. It looks female to me but not sure yet. I'd like to let it grow outside to see it, heh. It looks like it would get huge. The stem is nice and fat. Anyway, just wanted to show it off and thank @smilestyle! My other stuff, some not sexed so it could change, is JC Haze (my largest atm), Lemon Bubba, Onyx Fire, Sebrings's Revenge CBD (Otto x Cherry Wine), Perkins Cut Bx1 CBD, Uzbekistan, Afghan CBD x Black Afghani, Goji x Blue Magoo, Purple Poison Cookies, Wedding Cake x Gelato x Dosido, GG#4 x Sour Bubble, and Maui Sunshine (MrGreengene's Cherry Bomb x SSDD). Seems like I'm missing something but hey... it might get a little crazy here when I get back. Not sure if I'll get more pics up before I get back home. Leaving today for a week or so. Happy Summer everyone! peace .. mrG
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    Here is a Madberry clone at day 65 of 12/12 and harvest.
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    HI Smile, the plant is stunning. It has stayed shorter than I expected and it is a female. It has a nice Christmas tree structure and is just as happy as it can be. I need to put it in a larger pot once more. It's in a hard side pot atm but I have a felt 5 gallon or hard 7 gallon. It seems like it is in a 3 gallon now. I'm thinking it should go inside to some lights now. I feel like it'll start flowering real soon. Most other hybrids are starting now (outside). I expect it will stretch pretty good after light change. Is 12/12 the best for this strain or a 13/11??.. I hope to be getting a new light or two pretty soon and then start using the space downstairs. Once it's going I can start the others. I'm very excited man. Been a long time since I had old school sativa. I'm already getting hooked. This one plant is just so beautiful. It seems to like this insane heat and sun much more than all of the other hybrids going. It never looks stressed out no matter what so far. Hope your summer has been fun. It's coming to an end soon. I feel like it just started. Talk to you soon Smile, peace, Al Golden Wedding by Smilestyle '72 Colombian Gold x Malawi Gold (afropip's) peace .
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    Day 60 After a week flush of ph water the Alien cookies is something else i hope she yields well as would love to run this strain again Jaffacakedcookies Jaffacakedcookies jaffadawg Alien cookies
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    my new clone bucket!it was really easy to make and cost about $55 all in and i still have 38 net pots and collars so i just need a pump and bucket to make another,,gonna put in some clones tomorrow.i need to make some sort of `transparent lid
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    Took forever, but Amnesia Haze is now "SAFE" !!!! About a week or so out from placing a cut of her into an Octopot. I shall feel better about it when that happens. Was a long hard road, sure glad she and RPP survived to grow another day............................
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    Ehehe, Thx buddies. It was around 5 or 6 years i wasn't growing anymore, to resume, i had to make a break, i became too big , foot square by foot square, bulb by bulb, slowly but surely, what started to a pound each 3 months ended to a kilo each months, and also it was a way too much time consuming, and i had professional & family choices to made now that i'm twice a grand-pa - And to surrounded all that, i had a big alert, karma was with me, and it makes me understand i needed a break, if i didn't take it myself, someone or something will force me to have one. as i never had a police issue all my life long, i'm over 50 now, and don't ask for . After a flooding of the river close to my facility when i was in a foreign country for business, the owner discovered what i was doing in his garage. When i came back, the facility was empty, everything had been thrown away by my owners and his son, i lost all my gears, 4.000 W of Gavitas, 1000W of Led, 5 tents, water tanks, Airco, heaters etc, thousands and thousands of $; Worst, all my strains, including my sshd, a life long of seeds collections etc - But, hopefully, he didn't call the cops. He just told me that he will not refund me the deposit, that he didn't want to have problems with either the Police and the 'organized crime' (sic :p :p ) and didn't want to hear about me anymore So i consider it as a lesson, time to rest. Since, i had the opportunity to have a big and quite discreet outdoor garden. and so what should happened happened, few seedlings have been sprouting, and "et voilà". I'll be back in a couple of day for some review and i will open a little journal of what i have actually outdoor, some exotic landraces crosses going wild, and also 2 little autoflower, as i wanted to see how was their evolutions since the crappy Lowriders Stay tune, and thx again for the greetings -- And what a pity, i had no more pictures of my grows, i did erase every related things, including my opengrow galery when i did had this warm alert
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    he didn't say much about it, tbh but shared his keeper-lady with me. i can tell you it is a very fast plant of around 54 to 56 days, selected from a few packs of JotI-release around 2013/2014-retail (dunno if that is v1 or 2). she grows purple (the plant, not the buds very much, i'd say it is a pheno that mixes green and purple, because esko also found very dark plants too, but kept this one, #2 pheno ... (#5 was completely green but did not stay / wasn't used) no need for cold days/nights. the keepers yield (#2) is immense, she grows tight nugs down the stem, they indeed have this little bounce in them when queezed, just like Misterdirt described. same with the stretch, you just des- cribed the #2 stretch, ha ... esko's selection has a very nice sweet, meaty sugarcandy taste and smell (a bit like melons, but not really) effect is bodacious, but also has a nice head- quality to it that makes her different to many of the couchlockers out there ... i made a few crosses f.e. mixed her with lemon larry (= saint lawrence) and it clicked. godbud is indeed a very satisfying variety of reliable / worthwhile genetics. the shiva (purple skunk aka. m39) in there, gives her the main terps and the god- clone (hawaiian descent) is the one taking care of effect / "character" of high. thank you a lot for this very informative smoke report, Misterdirt !
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    Draining her lil rez every single night. when do we have to flip????? Tomorrow is it????
  45. 7 points
    And coming in last place...... 2 days of the fan blowing directly on them has got them laying down. May need to bury them a couple of inches to get them growing straight.
  46. 7 points
    Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck
  47. 7 points
    C99 fems are are making a charge, but you guys are killing it. Hempy Soil topped with ewc
  48. 7 points
    Shiva dawg #2 is in paper bags as we speak ( or as I type ) lol she is a strong high with samples fast dried smell citrus ish but not over powering. It’s the #1 SD that is the stinker and I’ll let her go till Friday by the way SD # 1 did veg longer then the other by 1&1/2 weeks and you can see the difference once I removed the one Sugar Punch ( the big one in the back ) looks like she’s still building up damn thirsty bitch the one in front is younger in veg time also 1&1/2 weeks behind ! Well I’ll stop rambling here’s a few pics
  49. 7 points
    today 10 min ago just topped them
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    I guess I forgot to post it here but my gift came in and I already ate half of the the snack, but saving the other half. I'm totally stoked to grow this seed. Chem OG from Female Seeds. Here is their description: This exciting American OG strain is the result of crossing an OG Kush mother with a highly potent original Chemdawg father. The OG Kush we used it's a cut deriving from the San Fernando Valley. The Chemdawg, as others understood from the description we were giving already before, is deriving from a clone of the ChemDawg 91. ... uh, huh... me too! Kush style plants always do really well for me here. It'll be growing soon and I'll post up some pics. Thanks again Female Seeds, and George and The Vault. peace
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