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    Lost Planet (Hamnezia core cut X DeathStar)
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    Strawberry Cough she got her panties ripped off by C99
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    Hi, I’ve got one Sannie’s Jack and one Shackzilla going into week 8 of flowering (thanks Sannie!). It’s an all organic soil grow and I’ve been happy with the grow so far. Just figured I would share. Any repeat growers out there? Any tips and tricks for these 2 Sannie strains as they get into their final weeks? Any observations? Shackzilla (at least mine) looks like it’ll easily go 11 weeks. Interestingly, the Jack “looks” like it’s finishing sooner (not according to the microscope though). Do they like the molasses treatment? Do they like the 48 hour darkness treatment at the end? Would be interested in hearing your experience with these 2 neat strains. By the way, Shackzilla smells Wow! Going into week 8, first pic is Jack, second is Shack.
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    West Virginia Mohawk thanks to Bigun ( Pineapple Skunk x C-99) It has gotten really tasty and potent after curing. It never had much smell coming from the buds but the taste is exactly what you would expect, piney, skunk, light cheese and slight hints of pineapple on occasion and slight sweet aftertaste on the lips. I love this strain. peace mrG
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    Green Manalishi, ready to hang and dry.
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    LA Cheese so sticky icky! I had hash fingers just from taking off her fan leaves lol White Widow She is pink looking in person Both these strains are no joke, pretty heavy hitters. That LA is one of my favs though, the high, I dont' get high easy lol, smell and taste, Oh hell you guys forgive me but that shit is good as having sex now! ha ha That and the Duchess
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    Queen Povich. My first pollen chucking experiment. Huckleberry Spacequeen x Maury Povich
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    Chuckle Cheese (Uk cheese/Coca Kush X huckleberry Kush) -Beachbud
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    A few more pics of the harvest. Lemon Bubba. Literally the most dense buds I have ever felt. Killing Fields, from the one I topped. GM on top and Lemon Bubba on bottom. These were both cut and trimmed. No branches removed. These are the whole plant minus leaves. Both perfect for a lot of plants in a small space.
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    Zenseeds' Copenhagen Kush - White Triangle genotype, creamy/buttery lime/fruity dank. Nice anxiolytic effects, not extremely potent, but good medicine. Nearly extinct now, Zenseeds are trying to breed it back in shops after a burglary.
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    Before yesterday afternoon I was freaking out. I was about to get booted out of my house as the owners came to town to put the house on the market. I haven'teven finished recovering from the knee surgery and these guys come to town all gung ho. The told me to take the grow room down while they show it They told me to not smoke inside the house anymore. They told me to move my existing plants to the back of the yard or something. Don't bring the plants back inside to protect them from a massive hail storm (I brought them in to save them) or people might smell. Holeee..... I almost told her to kiss my ass since it is legal but knew better. I was crushed. By the afternoon I had secured financing and all is a go. I'm holding my breath till finished but it's close. I got a nice deal and will be able to pay it off in 4 years I hope, if I get back to normal work. So, tonight or tomorrow some plants come back in to start flower! hell yeah! peace mrG
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    Got a gift from a nice person, didn´t understand all he told me about his strains... puff, puff, forgot. It´s a older clone only Bubblegum, very sticky and smelly...
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    Durban Thai High Flyer F3 seeds.. Done.
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    @Papalag follow the link, brother. the clone is selected from a line made by sin mint seeds. it's called 'sin mint cookies' and is (gsc forum x blue power). i've edited my last post so it's more clear... my humble apologies for confusion. @gardenartus intersexed expressions are indeed quite common when working with landraces. the oaxacan esko used must be the culprit, as the GB by herself does not sport any nanas, afaik. i've been growing her for a few yrs now without problemas joti godbud is amazing. nappytime smoke + very nice yield & great taste, done in 8w: btw, the "cheesy princess" smell and taste very strong of dark red/blue grapes with sweet oranges/ pineapples/berries and hint of chocolate in the back. the smoke is strong and balanced, but tends to be more "heady" then "lazy" ... amazing smoke for only 48d 12/12. after making those i spread them far and wide, so anyone still sitting on those has been sitting on gold for (at least) four years, haha ...
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    Here is what the girls look like this morning. Group photo Lemon Bubba (Santero). I removed all the fan leaves to allow some extra light for her last few days. The Pain Reliever (TPR, NAW) 1 giant cola with a few branches topped with killer bud. Green Manalishi (NAW) Also, huge single colas, thick heavy buds. Killing Fields (Sannie) the one on the left is just crazy. That bud is just massive. The one on the right was topped. Still has large buds, but the un-topped one i think will yield better
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    In fact a few Lemon thai's saw daylight a few days ago.....@wisecalyx Airborne Jack day 50 12/12 Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd and Ozzoes
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    Trimming up some #mob aka Maines own Blueberry...I still say its like blueberry pacakes slathered in maple syrup 2 different clones.. 1 more purp than the other but the flavor is 99% the same....
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    Ok, finally revealed (again)... Damaged Case aka Psychosis x Huck kush mom x Psychosis x Herijuana dad. Dense as hell, CHEEEEEEEEESY!!!!... Id venture to say this is much more cheese than anything Ive ran my nose past. After cheese, theres berries, fuels, then a funky kush type taste. If you got these and like cheese, you will be surprised. If you dont have these, I have probably 500 seeds of it remaining. I was giving these away as freebies to military vets in the states so a few packs out there, just mainly to old Viet Nam vets n a couple Gulf War vets. Anyway, its damn dank. The pic is just a random nug, def not the best on the plant...
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    Here is a pic of the test buds. With and without flash. These are all buds from the lower branches.
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    some pipebuds ...... TulaBerry ...... Green Ale.... Black Affi..... a Happy Pentecost Weekend to all my fellow OGers
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    A little picture update. Full room from bottom left, clockwise. Lemon Bubba, Killing Fields x2 same pot (topped one on right), Green Manalishi 1, TPR and Green Manalishi 2. Green Manalishi 1 & 2. No where near ready, clear and a few cloudy triches. Pistils are still white. TPR, very similar bud structure as the GM. Also clear to cloudy. Pistils are just starting to turn. Killing Fields. Big, long, sweet smelling giant. Still not even close to being finished. Nothing but white pistils, and still getting fatter. Lemon Bubba, the smallest in the room. But, I bet she yields as much as either GM. Them nugs are all rock hard. She looking like she's almost ready. Just waiting for a little bit of amber in the triches.
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    Welcome to my first grow since 2013... I have a variety of genetics vegging in 2 litre root pouches ( plagron batmix soil ) they have been vegging under 1 600w hps. I'm looking for a future mother plant so i have let them grow naturally as to study how they grow. Being my first grow since 5 years i know my plants are not in perfect health, i have honestly been struggling. The genetics : Connoisseur Genetics - hippy private stash. Somas nycd x ogchem. I have 6 plants i have already culled 4 males. 1, 2 and 3 4, 5 and 6 London City Genetics - white-psycho Uk clone only psychosis vs serious seeds white russian. Pheno 1 and 2 London City Genetics - uk bluez s1 Uk clone only Blues / livers s1 seed stock Pheno 1, 2 , 3 and 4 London City Genetics - lemz og Sfv og x ( critical mass x sfv og ) 1, 2 and 3 Elsewhere i have started some extra plants. On the left is a lemon larry og x lemon alien dawg. On the right is a Connoisseur Genetics mystery freebie. It is either cali orange x silver nevil or strawberry cookies x silver nevil Silver nevil is a no name, uncirculated haze cutting from Birmingham. It was being run by a commercial gang from Birmingham for ten years it is said to be simular to Mr Nice Seeds - mango haze. Connoisseur Genetics traded for the cutting, called it 'silver nevil' and used in some of their crosses. London City Genetics - Super Lemon Larry Super lemon haze ( essex cut ) x lemon larry og (elites) London City Genetics - London Larry OG lemon larry og x arif og Thanks, Robin.
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    I know it came from someone here, being a typical stoner, I cannot remember from who. Lord knows I have seeds from everywhere,lol, but these def came from a member here. Seed collection was getting out of hand, so I ran a large "mini" run...........30 plants in 1 gallon containers, 100 % organic, all under 1 Gavita 750 DE. Used 20 different strains I believe. Flipped 'em small, finished at 3 feet tall, all happy lil ladies. All the low number seed collections went in, it was across the board. The shinning star from the run was Holy Grail Kush X Gogi OG. I am a GOGI fanboy, the best and favorite bud I have personally grown. THIS cross was incredible, and I wanted to say thanks..........and..any more???? lol!!! Hard to speak of growth traits, they were run as "mini" plants, but they looked nice, colored, covered in goo, and had very dense hard buds. Had 3 of these in the run, they averaged about 1.75 ounces dry. The cured buds feel of Styrofoam, and have the unmistakable "Kush" smell. The buds break into a perfect texture, and burn clean evenly. Instant beautiful heavy dose of "Kush" on the inhale. Very heavy on flavor, but not overwhelming. Holding it in, the taste begins to sweeten, the Kush flavor goes to the background, and upon exhale...............DAMN...beautiful, LIGHT, GREEN APPLE CRISP, pure Gogi OG taste and smell. As good, if not better than my personally prized Gogi on the way out of your mouth. The Gogi taste stays in the fore ground, the Kush is a faint flavor way back, that goes away completely in 5 seconds, only leaving the clean light Gogi taste! I dug through my collection..............have 4 of these left. Oh, and 20 or so from the 3 plants. EVERY plant in the 30 plant run had a few seeds in them. I DID NOT see any banana's, and there were no males anywhere. Upon trimming them all, I still saw no 'nanners, so no clue what the 3 were hit with. Guess I can run the 4 original seeds, grow out and clone. The 3 from this run were all pretty much the same, and I cannot tell them apart. Hope everyone is doing well....................................... Peace, Jet