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    heya, everyone hope ur well, mates. these are around four and a half weeks in ... (some trips on them ladies, but so far, so good.) taste buds (larry lurex x sanfune) tayberry (blueberry x chocolate thai) ... CT-pheno tayberry (blueberry x chocolate thai) ... BB-pheno lemon piñata (tijuana x lemon thai) larry lurex (holy princess x lemon larry) - day 56 since flip, time to chop her killer cookies (gsc forum x killer queen) holy lui (holy princess x lui) afghan sunset (lavender x deep chunk) enjoy your smokes ________________________________________ oops, did not answer to this, mate, my apologies ! my creations are marked by my logo in freebie section. the rest of the lines is not made by me, but by other seedmakers of the SH-collective. the LL x mm/thai78 is made by bob green and was donated as freebie to SH. i feel very honored that bob liked the Lemon Larry F2's i made for derg corra. hitting those with the golden thai = killer good. i'm fairly sure these will rock !! i have some of those too, but i have not enough space to start some right now ... *darn* BUT i started some other aussie feminized gems this round (thank you, bb *OZweedrules*) ecsd dhk, love potion and banana og clone to the reversed "mox"-clone = mullum/oaxacan
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    I don't remember if I put this pic up or not lol. So here it is again, this was LA Cheese I think last go around, time before this.
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    Here she is trimmed. Sugar Punch.
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    Made a really nice "Temple Ball " today:
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    I have a beautiful female that’s been flowering for about 5 weeks I think. It’s been a dream to grow. It stayed short since flowering started not too awful long after it had Ben vegging. I’ll have to bring it inside to finish I believe. It’s been bug free and jus all out strong as hell. Can’t wait to grow a bigger one. Golden Wedding by @smilestyle (‘72 Colombian Gold x Malawi Gold afropip’s) It’s in a small pot but will be transplanted into the big pot it’s sitting in in the pic. It’s about 4.5 feet high, with purple main stem and limbs. I can’t wait since it’s the type of weed I started smoking when I was young. peace oh, the other seedling died due to my faults. I have that issue under control now.
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    Lemon Bubba by Santero (flash on) Lights off...... Lights on... I defoliated most of my plants before these pics because I was bringing them inside to chop because of the freeze.
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    Sugar Punch showing off in the cool night temps.
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    Happy October, rain and cold are on the menu today so since I'm stuck inside I'll take some time to get an update posted. I chopped the 3 Phuuu's IPA girls last week and broke out the dry ice box so they would not stink up my entire house. IPA's are exceptionally stinky, to the point my wife complains her eyes burn when I chop it. I do not notice it so much but she is not a fan so the ice box is the answer. Not to be confused with dry ice hash making, I use dry ice to quicken the drying process when I have a large amount of bud. Done properly, this method takes freshly chopped bud, pulls the moisture out of it and allows perfectly dried buds to be jarred within 48-60 hours depending on ambient temp and RH. That is much faster than the week to 10 days they would take to air dry and my better half is happy. Here's some pics of the dried bud showing the #2 and #5 bud phenos that I got. #5 pheno #2 pheno The IPA's I am growing currently are fem versions of the #2 IPA x #5 IPA. Those who have followed my IPA adventures know that the #2 is larger and has rounded top buds that are chunky in appearance. They shoot out calyx fingers in their last couple of weeks. The #5's on the other hand are shorter, have pointy topped buds that have a smoother appearance and are a bit frostier than the #2. This is the first time I have grown these and the result shows the #5 had a definite impact on this cross. They were all shorter than the average #2, 2 of them showed #2 type bud structure while the 3rd was like #5's. I'm still air drying the couple of branches that I turned with silver water and hope to get some pollen from them soon. In other news I've made some upgrades in the grow room. It was time to get a new HPS bulb and while looking them over I decided it was time to move up to 750 watts from the 600 watt I've been using. I found a Phantom 750 ballast and GE 750 watt bulb for a decent price so I jumped on it. Let's see what a difference a 25% increase in light makes in my little space. While I was in the upgrade mood I got another 300 watt (135 actual) led light to go with the one I had in the veg area. So far the girls seem to like all that light at 5 weeks in. That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by, cya next time.
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    Onyx Fire by Justcozz (Lemon Bubba x Kinkyblaze) (or reversed) It's getting cloudy trichs and some amber, already. Seems like it's only been 6 weeks at best. The buds are super solid and big.
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    Hi there, I just started a grow and decided to share it with the forum. After lots of experimenting with coco I decided to give rockwool a try. I am using recirculating drip irrigation on rockwool slabs. Light cycle is 12/12 from the beginning. I am using 2 x 400W MH for first 2 weeks or until bud sites become visible hoping to keep stretch to a minimum. For full flower I have 2 x 600W HPS. I might add a third though if temperature is under control. Area is 2.4m x 1.2m = 2.88m² Nutrients used are by bio-technology. I will give Grow nutes until bud sites are visible and then switch to Bloom nutes. Day 1 was 14.9.19 so we are a good week in. So far I have mixed 2 nutrient solutions. 1. 1.3 EC; 5.6 pH (fed every 3rd day to promote root growth) 2. 1.6 EC; 5.6 pH starting today once per day Usually I keep my EC under 1.3 but I want to try rising it a little bit. Tap water base EC is around 0.4 mS I would love feedback as I am here to learn. Here are the pictures from day 1. I will upload current ones later. RTS
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    Who's Scruffy Looking? You guys and Star Wars names. This is "Nerfherder" at week 4 It's a purple tangie, and a clean one. Delightfully frosty full thick calyxes, 9 weeks flat, nice lavender finish, and it's a tangie. Killingfields Madonna Jackhammer and Selene in no particular order.
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    This is it. We stuck to our plan and flushed the shit out of the plants with CalMag only. When the burning stopped we pumped nutes into the girls. Long story short... It worked. Again we want to thank all of you for your input.
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    Hi folks.. Here are some pics of my 2 Madchem and 2 Madberry plants 8 days in flowering. Been using Sannie's buffertabs and bacto + guano for 2 years now and it has made growing pretty easy. Madberry I've grown 2 times before and it is in my top2 strains I've grown..hoping for purple very frosty pheno or green juicy one ..:P MadChem has been little dissapointment so far..very slow rooting power and pretty weak looking plants too..couple seeds also died after sprouting. Then again I'm used to sativa hybrid growing vigour from ace past couple of years so that could be reason why they feel slow..but Sannie's gear usually shines in the end ;). I tried to do some kind of mainlining for 8 tops..this resulted once again in overcrowded tent but they didnt stretch to the top of the tent, which is nice. They are in 25l pots under 315w solistek cmh. I took one trash bag full of sun leaves few days ago ( first time doing that ) ...since the canopy was so crowded with leaves, I hope the light can penetrate few lower budsites now also... Whole gang From side Madchems in front Madberries in the back Structure wise best Madberry..should've taken cuts but too lazy Smallest Madchem started 1,5weeks behind others and also fucked up transplanting Dope Sorry first time I try to post something with pics in this forum..doesn't work like some platforms I'm used to ..so some pics came out several times and some are in imgur links perhaps? WIll try to post some when they progress and with better succcess ...peace E. and for clarification Madchems are in the front and Madberries are in the back...right now I'm thinking about ordering a new fan for my veg tent and sprouting some more Madberry..or perhaps Killing fields or Blueberry indica x heribei..time will tell so stay tuned
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    Pics of the Quintessential Kush I made. It's Rudeboi OG x (Tahoe OG x Swampgas). So basically it's Irene OG x Faceoff OG bx1 x Tahoe OG x Triangle OG x SFV OG bx1. Minimal stretch. Minimal branching. Big fucking sense gassy fuely skunky kushy scents. Take that
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    This is what they looked like just before I shaved them up good. It's the blackest plant I ever grew. The plants are a black/burgundy and redder in the sun. Those black leaves on a bud that broke off earlier turned a beautiful blue color when dried. We'll see. Lemon Bubba by Santero . (pre'98 Bubba Kush x Lemon Thai) ... these were all grown outdoors, at 6400ft./1950m elevation, and very, very, dry humidities... lately as low as 8-10%. I might have let this one go a little long, but I just loved to get up and look at it every morning. What a plant. Now, I'll dry it and smoke it up into white ash. peace
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    JC Haze by @Justcozz (sannies jack x silverfields)
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    Top half of the JC Haze Lemon Bubba Onyx Fire ... I love this stuff, and it's going to be hard to let it cure. It's smokes really nice right now. But. It's jarred and very nice.
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    Hey guys, sorry I’m so f***ing late but what I thought it was mites it was actually root aphids and it was real bad... I lost all clones and seedlings. I was able to finish the pineapples but they all had brown roots at the end so could’ve been better. over all I’d say 7.5 weed (not judging genetics, just talking about my run) one of them was like fucking pineapple ripped open by hand, rest skunky fruity weed or pineapple juice
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    My great, great, great Aunt and Mittens great, great, great Grandma ha ha
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    Thanks for the kind words I really enjoy opening the tent and looking at the babies. I love how clean rockwool is. @Snydgrow Watering is 1-3x per day. The first week I watered only on day 1, day 4 and day 7 to promote root growth. From now on I am watering 1x per day, in 10 days or so I will increase to 2x per day and in full flower 3x per day. I will taper it off in the end too. Last week I might not water at all after I flush the medium with pH'd tap water. My temperature is around 20°C at night and around 28°C during the day. The in- and exhaust fans never go above 60% so I really think a third lamp would be fine. Also its getting colder outside so that helps too. I tried coco slabs drain to waste too but I had my difficulties with it. Especially getting the pH and EC inside the medium to the sweet spot. With the recirculating system I have now its wonderfully easy so far. Here are some pictures of today. Day 9 RTS
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    Quick Update: I cut the Turkish Autoflowers, they all survived the rainy season without getting moldy and produced decent results. About a quarter ended up as plants that exhibit primarily Turkish qualities, similar buds, yield, smell, etc. Another quarter of them are much smaller bubblegum smelling plants, extremely pungent and gooey. Half the plants are a cross of the two; smaller buds but more branches with a heavier yield (at least 3 oz), sour bubblegum scent, good resin production. I've left a few branches on each to seed late, really looking forward to sampling these.
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    Lemon AK Wonderful weed with a very delicious Aroma. Lemon/fruity.. perfekt Daytime weed but strong too
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    Harvest!!! I am taking down 2 of the 3 plants I have growing. The smell is sweet and skunky. The buds have some beautiful colors. Can't wait to give it a try!
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    Hi Maria. This cross was created by @Justcozz. It's actually still growing. I was going to take it down last week but it got pollinated late by one of my crosses so I decided to let it go longer to develop the seeds. Might as well pick up another cross! It smells amazing. I've still never smoked the Sannies Jack or the Silverfields, so I have nothing to compare it too. I pulled a bud off a few days ago that I may try today. It's a beautiful smell. Very sharp, and hazy. Sweet, sour, lemony, fruity, and smells like dank dirty socks if you stand away from it, heh. Next time I might top it and strip more of the popcorn buds away. This was my first time growing it and I like to see the natural expression the first time. I'm hoping for good things and may pop more seeds soon to get a full sensimilla plant next time. Here are some pics from yesterday. Excuse the ugly closet, lol. I bought a 125 year old house to remodel. It'll take a while. JC Haze about 5 feet tall. It's about 10 weeks or so into flowering and it's been pollinated twice; early and late. And, I painted a few buds with some Silverfields pollen from the dad. peace
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    Wow Smell is exactly as the sample, exactly as the center of the candy bar too! Dead on for the smell. The taste is a touch different, however. It is not as "light" and "soft" and as "sparkly" as my sample was. It is MUCH heavier, much more full bodied, and "darker" if that makes any sense. The taste profile is the same, it tastes like it smells, BUT it is much more robust and heavy than the sample was. Most likely will change with jar time. Tastes exactly like the candy bar center does, maybe even as "rich" as the candy bar. The sample was really gooey and moist yet, so it will change . The high is Holy Shit Cans Good! Comes on gently, ramps up over time, really fun happy HIGH from her. Not sure how long it has been since smoking her, but I only smoked maybe 4 or 5 big hits off my joint. Had a great time riding with the dogs. Came in and was about to post this but was still ramping up on my high and got "lost" doing other shit.....lol. Took at least a good 45 minutes for it to "level off". Im soaring as I type this. This would flatten the occasional smoker, and as one who smokes every day, Im lit!! High is very enjoyable but could see where it might give that "paranoia" feeling to some. Very strong High, with "waves" to it that kinda take you out of your game for a second, lol. Not racy, but Im not gonna sit on the couch either, so down the middle. Not feeling any body to her, which, to me, is Golden! All in all, I would say it is my best weed grown to date and certainly the "highest" Bud I have grown. Thought Goji was a head melter, this is more so, or would be if you smoked too much. Hamme..................DAMN SON....................took some time, infested my whole setup, lol, was a R.P.I.T.A to make her come around and play nice.................BUT..................now I can say 100% worth the time/effort. She is all that brother!!!! Thank you so so much. RPP x ChemDog is NO SLOUCH EITHER !! Gonna go back out and give the joint round 2. Have this feeling if I smoke a lot of her, the ceiling is gonna be really high, if any. This is most probably the best Sativa joint I have ever rolled in my life.......................well, cept maybe that one of South African ZSkittles Gorilla Bubble Dawg Cookies...................................LMAO!!!!
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    Goji x Blue Magoo .. by @StankyDank30.... very nice smell, like a blue Sweet Tart.
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    Perkins Cut Bx1 (I think I got that right) "sweet orange pheno" .. by @Shoeless
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    I am going to simply infuse chocolate and make witch finger pretzels or medicated cookies next year lol The eyeballs were a PITA
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    Orange Goji is a WINNER! The 3 plants, all in ONE GALLON pots, yielded 9.7 Z's of PRIME BUD!!! No larf, no fuzz, no junk buds(I did clean under the screen so nothing down there) . The Buds are harder, denser, and heavier than any of the other strains in that run...........by a margin too! Biggest yielder was pheno 2(I kept 3 pheno's) . With only a 10 day hang, she already has taste,smell, and power out the ass......................Orange Goji is STAYING RIGHT HERE............................ In person it is just pretty pretty Bud!
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    Skywalker OG 8 weeks all milk no amber. Straight LOS grown in Octopots.
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    She's looking great Baq! I need a new camera. Mine is FUBAR. Using the iPhone is making me crazy. Once I get these outdoor plants harvested, I'll get the downstairs plants moved into bigger pots and get them rocking. Sugar Punch is ready for a new pot. Not sure if I told you, but I got the plants moved downstairs. And, a friend is loaning me a 1000w MH/HPS to use and probably another one and an 8 inch fan. They're in a SunSystems XXXL 8" reflector with lens and ventilation ports on both sides.. not something I would buy, but free is nice! I have to hang the panda film and keep working it till I get it ready to flip. But, it looks very promising. This could be epic. Since this is a bud porn thread..... Lemon Bubba (or Onyx Fire, but the bud looks totally different than the other tow OF. If it is OF, Lemon Bubba is a parent) GG#4 x Sour Bubble. peace
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    Been trying to resist doing any clipping until they're ready. Getting close, guess they don't have to get like the last one Last one also has a grasshopper skin, they keep out of sight. Haven't seen much damage.
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    4 weeks in..........the changes have been MONUMENTAL!!!! No claw, no leaf tip burn, no pink or red leaf stems, STRONG HARD branch's holding their own weight, The smell is almost over powering , 3 or 4 or 5 times the smell as my last TTF runs!!!!!!! AT LEAST!!!! TVF at 500 ppm through veg and into flower 2.5 weeks. GOE at 600 ppm from then on, will ramp to 1000 PPM by week 8, then back down to 400 PPM by week 10. Weeks 2.5 -5 with GOE @ 500 ppm(tea per) then will switch up to my mix for final 5 weeks. GOE is 1/1.8/1.1....................GREAT for early to mid flower. MY MIX is 1/2/2 and is a bit better for the last 5 weeks or so. The Harvest I took down yesterday, in flower room 1, WAS A THING OF BEAUTY!!! ROCK HARD fat ass Buds! BIG smells, lots of sticky, VERY FEW leaf's in the Buds!!!!! THESE here will be even better Amnesia Haze front left........................Silver Fields (already making big bud) front right.................Razor(Orange Goji) back right......................Raspberry Pi Processor back left
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    Thinking 3 weeks in.......................lost track will have to go through thread to find out. Super healthy and doing great.
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    I added the 3rd light. I didnt have a 3rd MH so I used a 400W HPS instead. Temperature wise I'm at 29°C now. I might raise the lights a bit but I will see how it goes today.
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    Chopped at 52 days, gonna let the bottom go to develop seeds. This one looks exactly the same as above Hempy girl, very poor showing Fried girl, she would have been a beast. She is already dried.
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    Ok, took a mad dash south to check on my lady's and pick up harvest bud samples to smoke test for the VO keeper and it looks like I've changed my mind from the last visit and went back to my original thoughts of it being pheno #1, she is a fucking beast, not as leafy as it looks, buds are huge and dense on the plant, hard as a golfball, plus it reeks with funk. She still has a couple weeks, not as fast as #3 but blows it away everywhere else. Smoke some of the 3 cut yesterday and it kept me up all night and it's no cure yet, I'm dying to try this #1 cut.
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    Skywalker OG "Getting Closer to My Home" LOS grown in Octopots using GasCan's mix.
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    Everybody is freaking out over this SP pic on Instagram so I thought I would throw it up here. Sugar Punch finished 9 weeks, Sweet candy with a diesel undertone and after a little cure it's pretty fire and if you smoke too much it will race you pretty good, I'm sure that will mellow with a little more cure, is it Silverfields, no, but it's pretty fuking close, won't hesitate to run again. Yield pretty happy with results for a first time run using a whole new system. I pulled a little over 10 oz's of trimmed bud each and not popcorn, nice size buds, also pulled the same off of Skywalker OG. Loving the Octopots I will grow in them from now on, they rock, Thanks for turning me on to them @gardenartus!!! Next run is in the oven, seeds are showing tails and I'm excited to start a new Octo run, this is the tell tale LOS run, I show more regarding in the next post. On Deck: Purple Urkle X Super Skunk ( AK Bean Brains ) Blueberries and Chocolate (Blueberry Hash Plant X Chocolate Diesel) Blueberry Hashplant is Bodhi's cross of his Santa Cruz Blue Dream cut with his 88 G13 Hashplant bred by NDN Guy and was selected by Respect Genetics. The reversed male Chocolate Diesel used is a strain made by Maphial mid 2000 and offered only as an one off auction item, so it's rare. It's Reservoir Seeds Sour Diesel (V1.5 version male selection) crossed with Dutch Flowers Chocolate Trip (Katsu's F1-cut). Another exciting run, stay tuned!
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    I am not even really using GOE......................seeing BETTER results mixing 2 nutes to achieve 1/2/2 ratio in flower. Did not want to go into all that. Day 36 I think, zero issues seen, not seen any spider mites(YEAH!!) plants getting after it. Drinking on average about 1.5 gallons per day. Smells are LOUD.
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    I just looked and saw that I've had a membership here for 10 years! Ten years and a day, to be exact. So to celebrate I'm going to start a thread! And since this is the e$ko room I thought I'd do a thread on Banana Taffy, but I don't have any Banana Taffy, I don't have any Cakes either, and I'm not currently running any fake repros from Humboldt Seed Organization... So I"ll do a thread on some Amnesia Haze x Choco Rain F2's I'm testing out: a couple weeks old A week later: and then I up-potted them: and this is them a little over a week ago: ... They all show 11 leaflet leaves, which is very cool. they've stretched and I've found two males, which I'll cull and turn into juice with some carrots - a lovely drink if you don't know. I'm not sure if I'll top the others,,, they've stretched quite a bit so I still have to decide. I"ll put them back in the room to flower in a few days.... I'll be sure to post their progress. Ten years seems like such a long time, and yet I"m still figuring things out as I go along. I learned how to grow on this forum. I started with a bubble-bucket system, and then switched to soil and organic after watching people on here. Peace and good vibes to all you growers! Z
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    Hi guys look at what my kid got me really cheered me up
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    Playing with camera's this morning, they say it takes really good pictures in the hands of someone who knows how, lol. Getting better. A little Goji OG update at 5 and half weeks flower. She's a strong and easy grower, no issues at all, just Fox Farm Ocean Forest and perlite, a spot of Open Sesame in the Octo's, and just started giving her a bit of Texas Tomato Food as she's so big! The big one is going to be slower, others I'd guess 8-9, which is what's advertised. Structure sucks, you should of seen the big one yesterday! I've already cut about 50% of her, three times now, had to, she was just like Chucky's Bride, flopping skinny arse branches running every which way, hard to keep her opened up for light. I defoliated them all one week before flower, 2 and half weeks into flower, and the big one yesterday. Smells great, looks like a bunch of smaller buds. Looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about. All three have branches I've pollinated with only male out of the five seeds. Peace.
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    Whats up guys! heres a little look at the tent, Got 3 silverfields female in there. and nice silverfields male donor Thank you again very much @Justcozz for sharing some of your beans harvested a small jc haze yesterday. Very small yield but that is my fault it has a great potential! Smells very nice take it easy guys!!
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    @Snydgrow I use the pump i mentioned earlier. I attached a yellow hose to it leading to a filter. from the filter I continue with black PE pipe. It connects to a T-piece. From the T-piece I have a loop around the edges of my tent. I use a loop instead of a system with an endpiece to ensure an even pressure throughout the whole system. I made a little sketch as an overview. I didnt draw out all the drippers but it should be obvious. Here is reservoir with pump and yellow hose... Yellow hose leading to filter. Inside reservoir is air stone, pH probe and dripper for pH- solution. I also have a biofilter pump inside the reservoir. Not sure how effective it is though.. Along the long sides of the tent I installed the pressure valves. 35 per side. For corners I used these corner pieces to make a closed loop. In order to prevent the PE pipe from bending I attached it to wooden sticks. I coated the sticks with somer kind of water repellent just in case. I dont want them do rot. Hope this helps. RTS
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    Skywalker OG still has a ways to go.
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