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    Seems like forever since I could participate. I’m into a position to once again grow after over 4yr hiatus. I made the complete switch to all led— no going back! Starting slow as there is definitely a learning curve to leds. I’m gonna attempt to run several breeders offerings and hope I can do a little justice. Line up is Blue Moon Magoo, Mother Firefly, Grape Earth f2, SSSC M3 f3, Pure Gooey, Chuck D, Old Widow S1, Romulan S1, Bubba Kush, SensiStar f3, Blockhead f5 and Santa Maria f8. Hope everyone has been well and enjoy the show. Thanks, G
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    Yellowww guys! I wanted to grow dynasty since I came across soliloqueen on sannies shop went out of stock just when I decided to make an order xD (know that feeling?!) So I bought some pineapple fields and salmon river og (received some HBH) got the PFs and runnin, HBH just sprouted and SRO waiting on queue xD my room smelling like and yes I have plants at different stages of flower xDDD
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    NAW's Airborne Jack oooh, la la!
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    Damn thrips I killed them in the mom room but the little demons made their way into the small tent with the micro grow in flower doe I sprayed rhe hell out of them hopefully they don’t get into the main tent I just may spray them just for the hell of it just some notes on the scrog i tent to strip all most all branches below the main stem after topping more like mainline or fluxing technique so I only kept 2 branches below the main normally I remove all of the branches this Seems to disperse the energy to the main branch and increases bud size . I do agree that leaving the bottom branches can and will fill the screen quickly and will produce nice buds but the more I scrog and experiment with pruning and defoliate I seem to learn a few new things here are some pics don’t mind the purple sum they love it the group shot is before I defoliated I will strip them down at least 2 more times once at week 3 and once at week 5
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    Alrighty, time for some more pics. I need to get these girls flipped. Weather is still not cooperating, so moving the octos out of the room is out of the question for now. Lows are still in the 40s until next weekend. Another week of veg is throwing off my plans. I can move the tent out and put them in there, but it will only fit 2 octos. That means the Rhino from seed will have to get flipped with the rest of the grow. Not a big deal I guess, It just won’t yield much. All 3 plants in the octos have reached the reservoir. Pretty cool seeing all the roots popping through the bottom. the Octopots, Rhino Blood and the 2 NaPali Pink girls. No more training for the Pinks. Going to let them start doing their thing. Full room pic. I really like the structure on this girl. I’ll be grabbing some cuts before flower. This guy is getting excited, I will finally get to smoke some Silverfields bud. Probably the biggest Rhino Blood in the group. These are staying short and just bushing up, hoping for some stretch after flip. I know 2 of these are male, but my failure to label them correctly has me watering boys. Maybe there will be a few crosses in the room. @Mr Goodfellow needs to give this strain a name. This Cartel Haze has the same structure of my mystery cross above. Maybe my seeds were selfed, I’m good with that as long as there are no hermies. This G39 has great structure also, keep watching this girl for some giant buds.... This Silverfields is staying short, but should really stretch when flipped. This is one looks much more like the other G39s I’ve grown. Topped the same as the other one above, just stying short and bushy. Man, I can’t wait till these all start building some bud. The weed stash is getting ridiculously low. 2 plus months before harvest, looks like I am going to need a run to the shop...Damn it. Overall, I am pretty pleased with this run so far. The few bugs I had are gone. All the plants look healthy and no nutes needed yet. Just hopefully they don’t outgrow the pots before harvest. That will really piss me off.... Hapoy grows to you all, and hope you all have a good Memorial Day weekend.
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    Sinister’s Junky Munky week 7
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    Boudica/silver fields x humboldt kush
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    The selected lady to create Green manalishi F3. this fenotype is very strong. the signature flathead is again present in this fenotype, like this potent profile has been bred in Airborne jack. and descends from Green manalishi #8 my first medicinal fenotype. inbreeding at its finest. Stay safe and FLy FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Thanks @JetDro & @saxo Things are moving along rapidly , it's day 55 in flower the bubblegum is almost ready (40% cloudy trichomes) the Cherry vanilla cookies are not far behind I've been concentrating on the flower tent this week pulling dead stuff out and checking for bud-rot. it's been crazy humid here (pissing it down all week) I will lose most of this big top if I wait too long, I might just have to chop her a wee bit earlier than I was planning for, The Cherry vanilla cookies are looking fine not so worried about them Some pictures Bubblegum This new camera is amazing, Nikon d3300, still shooting on auto but I will get there using manual ; ) Cherry vanilla cookies plant #3 Next update will be about the veg tent ; ) take it easy
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    Here area some top cola shots from today. They're all at week 4 1/2. The first are Blue Hammer #1 and #2 Sorry for the crappy pics. My camera has never quite bounced back from a little kayak accident a month ago.
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    Blueberry Sativa bred by eskobar.
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    Purple Candy about 3.5 weeks left hoping for some nice baseball bats ,seems to be stacking up maybe a fish bat ATM!
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    Update to Mother Funker... Yielded like a mofo. Dense rock hard nugs, maybe hardest non giving to a squeeze bud I've ever seen. I know this one is gonna goo up some grinders lol...
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    Here's a shot of the youngsters. The bookends are BBS #1, the 3 broad leafed are Yeah Buddy, little one in the middle is Chocolate Thai, outside solo cups are BBS #3 that are cuts trying to reveg. Chocolate Thai is kicking my ass. 3 little one decided to droop and die, this is the last survivor. I am now hoping it is a male. Black Afghani #9 - she is around 21 days in flower and will be defoliated one last time. BBS are @ 60 days, I am starting to see the trichs mature. I hit an 8 week sample of #1 and she is a crystal clear up high, no brain fog at all. Very conducive to getting shit done. We'll see how that develops when they get the chop around 70 days. 2 tops, #1 and #3 respectively. Unfortunately, I found the beginning of mold on #3 and #5, but no rot. I cut those buds out for further inspection. I recently had a blumat line rip (it was under a saucer I was sliding and didn't notice) and dumped 5 gallons into the tent. Pretty sure I think that contributed to the mold.
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    Sugar Punch 12 week pheno, vegged for 3 weeks... a very nice well balanced stone/high /Peace
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    Here's an Airborne Jack from the other day. 3.5L pots, 600w hps, with a recently added 4x4 T5 unit. I took them outside yesterday and have some newer pics.
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    I was thinking of an all fem run but I’ve cracked a few seeds recently but as gems go I have sugar punch, madberry, girl Scout Cookies, killing fields, heri , shackzilla so I my do that in a few runs but to many regs in the vault to try well I looked in on the girls today and the shiva dawg in the back is a thirsty momma The one with the jug is from Friday the other one is this morning i am getting excited now I think I need a bigger boat lol
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    Hi all hope all is well in OG land Well its 12 days in flower in the Octopot room and I defoliated a few days back and they bounce back nicely i think I’ll stop bending at this time and let it go at the end of week 3 and the end of 5 I’ll defoliate but not after week 5 the only reason to remove leaves at that point is blocking light or air flow by the way air flow under the net very important no one wants mold and crap like that Also lights died in the little tent so I ordered 2 bloom bulbs 4 veg and 1 that promote plant growth they complement each other and become full spectrum so for now I have an led bloom booster taking over till they arrive there a compact florescence
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    Mother Funker dried n jarrin' lol...
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    Framboise FOOKIES is a true show stealer. HIGHjackedMIND is developing like a true sativa monster. lovely potency all around and Airborne jack F2 showing in each and every aspect what she's made off, awesome stuff. waiting on the clones then i will make Airborne jack F3 ASAP so the world can enjoy. and last....Blueshaze XL this lady is breaking all records!. leaving even Aj F2 behind in a thick cloud of trichomes.lol o and wanted to show the profile and plant structure of Honey hoo hoo #1 selection mom to make Hhh F2. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greet Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    6 days into the flip : ip: Mom screen 1/2 way through :
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    A wee update on this one, everything is looking good, I got my clones going in coco, got about 5 more week to veg them so I might get a bit overgrown in veg but we will deal with that when we get there ;) The veg tent The clone I'm most interested in #3 This is the flower tent about week 5 The bubblegum Bubblegum top Cherry vanilla cookies #1 #2 Cherry vanilla cookies #3 Plant #3 is my pick out this fist grow of cherry vanilla cookies, The big tall ones might bulk up a bit if I give them 5-6-7 more weeks? ...lol... Its good to see lots of familiar names still here on opengrow :) Hope all you guys been having fun ;)
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    Here's how my R.P.P. x Chemdawg field looks.
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    Shiva dawg by @santero at 30 days today starting to put on weight and very sticky
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    Sunshine! Finally we see some Sun at the beach. It has been a gray, drizzly May and June here but now the Sun has returned for several days it looks like. After 7 weeks of vegging the 2 Blue Magoo girls finally reached 12" tall. They are nice little bushes with many internodes under all that leaf. I put them to 12's today and hope for a good stretch. I put the BM male to 12's two weeks ago and moved him out today as he is about ready to pop. I also have a little mutant BM that went to 12's last week but hasn't shown sex yet. It is an odd looking thing with crinkly deformed leaves. I will keep it if it turns out female but won't if it is male. The two Sugar Punch ladies are 46 and 40 days in 12's now. They are both bulking up nicely the last week and they have lost a lot of green in their leaves. Some crosses react more to the increased P/K for some reason. I dropped 3 IPA #2 x #5 fems last week. They are all potted and above ground now. More medicine on the way. Here's a look at the 2 Blue Magoo girls. And here is the mutant. A look at the flower room, not as empty as it was. Before I get to the frosty girls here's a pic that is kinda interesting I think. I used up all 100 of my plastic name sticks with names on both sides. Being the cheapskate I am after taking the picture I gave these a good soak and cleaned off the dirt. Now I'll spread them out again and spray paint over the names with flat white paint so I can reuse them. Can you figure out any of the abbreviations? OK, back to the frost girls... Sugar Punch #2 @ 40 days Sugar Punch #1 @ 46 days. There you have it, all caught up again. Now I have to go out and take advantage of the Sunshine and get some chores done. Cya's
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    Sugar Punch (2018) 5.5L pot Nutriments: Sannies Bacto, myco, tabs and Perfect Start Vegged for 30 days and finishing at 82 days from flip... Harvested when mostly cloudy, 20% amber hues and a few dark amber heads sprinkled here and there /Peace
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    Flower day 10... I got home late last night after being out of town since Friday morning. All the plants still look great. They are all throwing pistils and getting ready to start showing their stuff. The 2 male Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy really showed themselves, almost ready to pop pollen, a few more days and I’d have a bunch of misc crosses..lol I got them chopped this morning, always hate chopping pretty plants....before and after chop pics..... new ipad pad has a measuring app.....these guys were just over 2 feet tall here is a a pic of the whole room. I’ll defoliate in another couple of days. The Rhino Blood (center) in the octo is sucking down over a gallon a day, roots all the way around the bottom 3 inches of the grow bag. It’s about to explode. Also, all the little clones in the long planter at bottoms....lol, going to have a bunch of single bud tester plants....see the big lighter...these are small, lol. I broke my cell phone, so until I get it fixed, the pics will be scarce, the iPad camera sucks. So no individual plant pics today. I’ll charge up my old phone and get some. I am am very very exited about the Silverfields. After a birdie landed at the Cozz crib, (thanks brother) I’ve been enjoying some very nicely grown Silverfields bud. Damn, should have came with a warning. Very potent, send me into a new dimension, type weed. If I can grow it without shoes on, it will be included in every run. Just have to see if I got the growing skills that barefoot guy has... Oh, the weather guy lied and the temps dropped the last couple of days while I was gone. The tent with the pinks in octos and clones averaged 40-65F. The clones look like crap, they will pull through, but damn. I need them to do well, I gots to share. Here are the two NaPali Pink doing their thing Cant wait to try this out. Maybe I will flower one clone before these....if I can get the clones right.... thanks for stopping in, Happy Grows all
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    Day 23 from flip the ladies are thirsty and in beast mode ! they are drinking about a 1/2 gallon a day I added Texas tomato food a little earlier then I would , started at 1/2 tbls per gallon I went to 3/4 tbls per gal for a bit I am not familiar with ttf so less is best till I see what they can tolerate here are some shots
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    The Mom screen coming down in 2 days time. The quality is excellent, as good of resin coverage as these strains have shown, killer smells, very pretty to look at. Yield will NOT be acceptable for general runs, can already see that without having to weigh. Buds are nice n tight, but to the smaller side. Would be perfect for quick Pheno hunting, or trying multiple strains to get a feel for them, or from the looks of them, when PERSONAL HEAD STASH is wanted. Have a feeling the power level will be way up there on these, they even look potent, lol! Could have been how small these plants actually are, the small containers, and the use of only 1/2 "flower" spectrum lights, but I will not be doing future BUD runs with the T5's. The big SROG(and I am happy to say it is a REAL scrog!!!) about ready to go into over drive! Gavita now cranking 750 watts down on them, next week I shall crank her up a bit more. Cannot smell anything in the room....................EXCEPT Cloud Watcher!!! Goji has a sweet nice stink, Chucky has her usual unusual smells, CloudWatcher..............OMG, like someone is re fueling rockets in the room, under the scrog net! She stinks BAD!!!!!!!! Also STICKY as Hell! Just might have something here...................... Goji starting her Bud run: Cloud Watcher : Chucky's Bride..................oh YEAH, good pheno here!!! Going to actually produce some Bud this run!!!!!!!! IF I get 5 ounces of Chucky..................I will be in HEAVEN!!!! So ready to sample these, sure hope I get 1 or even 2 "keeper's" from this screen! Peace, Jet
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    Goji/HGK at 58 days, coming down at 61
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    Cuts doing well When out to my greenhouse, the CCK I hit with the CB has made seeds. Will let them go 2 more weeks, but I pulled one and placed it in the Dixie Cup, just for grins Big screen doing well Mom screen doing well, and about done Peace, Jet
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    Everything thing is looking pretty good. There are a few leaf tips that are telling me to stop putting nutes in my soil.....gave them some octo food...they didn’t care for it. I have attempted to give nutes to my plants in soil every run....so far the plants keep saying no thanks. Been using the same soil since my first grow. Going to have to find someone who wants it.....might be a pure octo guy soon....lol Enough jibberish...time for some pics.. NaPali Pinks in the Octopots up first. I’m thinking of putting in a screen for scrog...but these can’t say in this tent through flower. When the summer triple digit temp kick in, they will cook. Maybe I will figure something out.....also, got some cuts going...NaPali Pink and Silverfields Flower day 2 Now for the room....see the little ladies....all pregnant and shit...thanks to the Sultana daddy (don’t even know if I’m keeping the seeds yet...daddy had pistils) but I will get some early bud from them all. Not a bad way to sex and take tester buds.. I'm still smoking on a gift from MrG.....the more I smoke it, the more I like it. Damn fine fun high....thanks bro. Got it to rock the NAW gear......besides, it’s the wife’s favorite. I’ll be keeping these in the grow pretty much every run...thanks Nerds Got these accidents........... I really like this G39, topped it twice and removed some fan leaves. Going to give me some giant frost covered colas.....my guess is this or the tall Silverfields will the big yield girls Topped twice ice like the girl above...same days....wouldn’t think they are the same batch of beans....but going to smoke amazingly Got got two of these. The leaves are just a bit thinner than the Naw CH.....still thinking these are selfed....won’t know for sure until I start running more of the seeds. A bit shorter and bushier than the other one...but still pretty nice girl. Here is the other top yielded....also the mom of the cuts in the tent. Got three of these, soon to be one....as soon as they boys show balls..... The only Sultana left. I’m a little worried about it being a he-she after the male popped pistils. I’ll keep a close eye....but I also know that there was zero light discipline on the cuts when I flipped them for sexin....so extremely possible it was stress. They aint pretty, but will serve their purpose. Damn iPad won’t take a consistent size photo. I have no idea why....maybe it’s happening when I edit the name in... Happy Grows.....
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    Woo hoo they started to bud
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    10 days for BA#9, 50 days for the BBS. A couple top bud shots for ya. Some foxtailing starting.
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    Hope everybody is having a wonderful Memorial Day! Please remember those who made it possible for us to do all the crazy things we get away with in today's world! The girls are in the first topping and looking good, all stress has been shed away and soon they will be ready for the screen, loving these Octos. Clockwise from top left, Sugar Punch, Sugar Punch, Skywalker OG Kush and Blue Orca Haze. My Octo Guardian
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    Yesterday afternoon I let the ladies come up through the screen. They seem REAL HAPPY to be FREE................lol. ME TOO! Tucking sucks balls, lol. My Mom screen is doing really well at like 34 or 35 days in. I may have actually found a pheno of Chucky that yields DECENT! This is her: Look at left side of "Mom" screen: My friends Cloudwatcher X StarDog is frosting up big time.....................smells of STARDOG FUEL and sticky as Hell: Let the Bud's begin.....................lol Peace, Jet
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    Barbasol, can't take pics worth a poot today lol her leaves are gorgeous but shy lol they don't want to cooperate so I can get a good pic of them. Smells like Barbasol shaving cream lol
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    Rainmaker Day 39 Bloom 82.8 F 39% RH 350 PPM Not much to say at this point. Grow is going great and there’s probably just as much bud below the screen as there is above.
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    Hi all In the octopod room it’s now 6 days from the flip and the ladies are beefing up min the group shot the shiva dawg is filling in much faster then the sugar punch on the left side of the net the sugar punch in the back left has an major cluster of bud sights it’s getting thick in there I may just thin out some of the little popcorn ones but that position on the net I can’t ever get to , too far to reach and to old to try their now trying to push their way up and their taking the screen with them i think I’ll let the water level drop is the rez a bit so when they start to bud I’ll switch to the Texas tomato food the rez in the octopots are all on level 2 . The urban farms vegetable food is a must have ,I see no signs of any deficiencies at all Ok now for my micro grow it seems to be moving right along the group shot is at week 4.5 of flower i also have a few shots of the pollenated buds and we have seeds a makin and last but not least are the moms the room were the moms is under attach once more by thrips I thought I killed them off and it’s been months but I will win I first will attach with sprays of nuclear origin, if that don’t work a small explosive charge , then finally fire fire and more fire unfortunately I may have to find a new home but they will die hahahahaahahahahahah
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    NL5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck
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    Made a big change from 1000w hps to diy Samsung led strip spyder type light.
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    Ok, I'm at day 60 of veg. I'm flipping them on Monday. Had to chop 2 more males this morning, one Sultana and one Rhino Blood. Looks like the room is officially boy free. Another pic after removing a bunch of fan leaves I am down to 13 girls in reg pots. And here are the octopots, I tying and twisting the Pinks around a bit. I want to see how they like bondage. and last but not least, Rhino Blood sex????
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    Screen is in, Yeah!! All up hill from here. LOS seems to be working fine in the Octopots, still nothing but water and Amino Acid based foliar teas. BOH is kicking! Baq
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    Papa's Punch doing outstanding. Have 2 different pheno's of it for sure. The "Tuck" is getting serious on my big screen now, such a mess when they are all "under"......thye went 2 days since last tuck
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