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    I remember this website was pretty busy once upon a time.
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    This place is finished For now anyway. Well Now I own it hehe And you to, and anyone else for that matter. I appoint us all Moderators lol It was hacked and everyone left cause well who the fuck knows why. I guess they are all linked and shit. Im not so I say Hack Deeze lol Not sure if I care except I have been getting calls from fucking Romania lately hehe.
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    is there any chance these will be preserved by you, coxnox? it would be a shame to just "waste" them on a simple bud-run. you are a smart, so i bet you will keep some males around
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    thanks all !! SOme pics from round harvest time then. #17 is the one that got selected,,,,but will be holding on to #6 aswell #17 #6 will make dry shots this weekend,,,,and some short smokereports (am a bad smokereportwriter tho) greets, hup
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    utdoor harvest some of my outdoor tribute parts this year hup
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    High Esko,,nice 2 know u pop in from time 2 time !! keeping green: I hup hup hope so ,,gonna be a long ride Some more peeks inna the closet: #6: The A5: et Neville: ciao ciao
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    Ola!! Bitta update again Day 29 today,,, thought the stretch was outta them but the Sativa types gained in on the #6 (was the tallest). Gonna be brainstorming on a way to hold them up in the coming weeks hehe But what a diffs i have in my girls ,,backgrounds are popping up majorly! This is #28 She is the tallest of the "low type" plants. The scent is very sweet and fruity. Even some of the higher fanleaves have trics on it . #8 is a low girl with lotsa thin leafs and a dense build. a interesting plant She does like the light, this empress Well cheerio
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    thnx stick m8! one of the favorite small pheno's, #37 found me a kinda morph 2: ciao ciao
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    Ola!! Welcome C.P ,,thanks 4 ur support m8 @mack10: I cant tell u wich male was better,,,,,but my favorite is the A5 (diesel pheno) OLA LEO! yeah having fun but still many weeks to come .... so Day 23 today of the 12/12 regime The more denser plants allready stopped stretching in early stage. The more taller pheno's are slowly starting to stop with the stretch. The neville and A5 who are in there to be tested stopped aswell with stretching. Allmost all of the plants have sharktoothstyle serrated edges or even more freaky Scents are still hard to discribe and it gets even more difficult as i'm having a cold hehe Favorites are emerging tho From the smaller types i love #37 ,,great structure, nodes and pistol/calix development. #26 is kinda in the middle: The larger ones have #6 as good looker ,,,,,,,,its the largest and is looking like a huge yielder 2 next 2 the great structuredevelopment . The neville is a beauty i must say she went 12/12 from clone and grew out to a tall branching stick,pretty fast 2 i must say. It is a 12 week girl,,,,,,62 days 2 go ,,,,,,the A5 can do 16 (pffffffffwww) ,,,,90 days 2 go haha cheerio
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