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    Afgaan 90 Bubba Hash G13 Hazeplant
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    Small bud of Cannatonic #4
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    My floppy jungle of blavender glue. I wanna say they’re roughly at 7.5 or so weeks from flip. Nothing crazy on the smell department yet just a very mild blue/powdery candy type smell. I’ve never grown any blue before so I’m not sure how it might change later on though. They are all super dense. If I don’t lose any they are prob gonna yield a lot. Some of the leaves are in bad shape though, hope they can hold on for a few more weeks at least. Prob doesn’t help that my lights are producing a bunch of heat at the canopy because my airflow isn’t the greatest (fans on floor instead of on walls, no intake fan just passive) edit: before I flopped them all over for stretching into the lights most if not all of them were 6.5-7+ft tall. Edit #2 lol: the shorter chunkier plants on the left side pictured in the first pic are not blavender glue I should mention they are deadband but The blavender took over :p
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    Fudge and second is amie haze x vanilla frosting
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    Since I can not flower anything right now, and have shut 95% of my grow down for months now. I well we have a very nice supply of buds packed away, sealed up in seal a meal pouches, after they cured in glass for a month or so, so long term storage if you will. We sampled zanzibars tribute to escobar, Blue Dream x Blueberry Sativa as I sealed them up on 8/3. The buds were processed probably back in late June or early July. The buds are perfectly spongy as I remove them from a pouch back to a personal ganja jar for consumption. What was so very amazing to us was how much more nose candy wafted from the pouch as I cut it open. My wife came into the room as I was transferring buds, and said, wow that has an amazing scent! As we were partaking of some, she asked if we sampled this before. I told we did, she said oh are you sure, I would not forget that amazing scent! I told her some buds just take longer for all the oils and goodies to mingle, to cure, proper like. Then as we finished our smoke, she said, my goodness that is very very pleasant!! Yeah, I may use a more colorful expression, but that is correct.
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    KC 42 (New Zealands Best x KC 639) KC Brains A strain of different penos, different length of blooming and a good yielder. Taste: The taste is okay. Nothing special. Smell: smells like marihuana, sweet, when touched. Yield: good to very good. Strength: It depends on your thc level. It´s so easy on the lungs, that your level will rise. It´s so dreamy and relaxed, that you won´t notice that you smoke too much. Fortunately it´s a strain with a lower level of thc ( 15 -20%) which is very strong. Is it worth, to grow this strain? For people who have patience (10-12 weeks bloom), it´s a winner. For people with commercial interests, it´s a winner. It´s not made for tastefreaks. It may be out of time, but the discription of KC Brains and Ed Rosenthal still fits today. No budrot, no other pests. smile
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    Nom-nom, one of my favs, Orange Zest Belgian Chocolate bar, 200mg, 20mg per section.
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    Sept 20th, she is getting there, probably pull her in 2 weeks. Maybe then I can get a pic of the entirety of her and the others when I pull them.
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    Strawberry Starburst bred by Rasta Jeff of Irie Genetics still a bit to go, keeper out of 10 females. She reeks of Sour Strawberries and is a huge yielder.
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    Greetings, marijuana enthusiasts. I went nuts buying seeds during the pandemic shutdowns/slowdowns/majordowners, and had to try them out. They're at about week 4 of veg, so I will not bore you with too many seedling pics, I'll just bore you with a few, here and there. Two have the same dad — a male of a cross called Arise. From what I surmise, Rasta Jeff of Irie found a great male Arise plant that mixes well with many other strains. Since he is deeply involved in the Colorado commercial growing scene, he has access to many special, well-selected females for many of today's well-known strains (US well known, can't say internationally). So he crossed it to a whole bunch of gals and much of his stock are those crosses. Scarlet Begonias is a Red Headed Stranger x Arise cross. Dark Hollow is a GMO x Arise cross. He also recently found a reportedly great male F2 of TGA's Jack the Ripper. Blueberry Butcher is a Blueberry Cookies x Jack the Ripper f2 cross. Buzz-wise, Scarlet Begonias is supposed to be a ceilingless, energizing sativa. Blueberry Butcher is supposed to be an energizing hybrid, probably with many qualities to the sativa side (but blueberry cookies puts me down, pretty much). Dark Hollow is supposed to be very relaxing, zone out weed, which I figure would put a guy like me to sleep. Anyway, so far there's one female each, for certain, a few males. The majority are still "questioning," I guess. And one of the questioning Blueberry Butchers gave me my first whorled phyllotaxy! I didn't even realize it until a couple of days ago. This is clearly an omen. I was going to sacrifice a chicken to satisfy the spirits of my tent, but I wasn't up for the headless body, running around bleeding all over the place part. The spirits settled for some fried chicken. Or at least I think they did.
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    10 10 Hard to see how large the colas are in the pics, so I put my arm up there ha!
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    Hot Cocoa Bomb, when I put it in the cup of hot milk, the stuff like bubbled up lol. The cocoa mix is in the middle, kind of cool, I shook it and you could hear it. Next time gonna put marshmallows in there, when the chocolate melts they will pop up. 100mg and way too sweet with that milk chocolate.
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    New set up for the grow room, now I can raise that light up and not burn the bud.
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    KC 42 Indica leaning pheno. Topbud of the same plant.
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    CHILL pills Chamomile, skullcap, passionflower, and cannabis oil.
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    Still growing TY, I seriously wish I could let all sample these goodies, I would be so tickled to share.
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    She is a pretty nice smoke, was hoping she would put out the lovely show as she did indoors.
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    I finally got the oil run done, took me 3 weeks. Got 1346 grams back, one hell of a haul, I don't want to do oil again for a year ha!
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    So, just tried the southeast Asian cure method. I’ll test in 3 weeks. if I like it I will do it more often. No burping jars etc etc. for personal puff I don’t care it’s all compressed with no bag appeal. so, no. 4 baby gurl was the leftover nugs from her. She was being quick dried more than others. not sure yet which no the other two are but might figure it out later. I put them in the fridge in another small snack box. so, as far as the cure is concerning the remaining fridge dried buds; I’ve been thinking because of lower temps in the fridge the time in the jars needs to be extended because of that imho. So, that is the method I’m switching too. The remaining jars are all on the same time schedule so I’ll see. If anyone has tried this cute method please share your experiences and insights on the Southeast Asian cure method. so, 1st step I placed desired nugs on cellophane and squeezed them together to make them look solidified/1 continuos nug. 2nd step I proceeded to wrap and squeeze as I progressed from one end to the other. 3rd and final step I squeezed and wrapped the bound cellophane buds with tape. then just put in a snack box in the fridge. IMG_9358.MOV
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    The last plant came down today, she is impressive, looks as good as indoors. GG#4
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    true sharing spirit is what keeps us all going! good on you both !! we need to share our wealth btw, SPW i'm looking for the bubba cut for you, mate hopefully i find the katsu back for ya, bro.
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    Toker take a look in the mirror, you are the one always saying stupid shit like this " Hope you dumbasses in the blue states stocked up". I have bit my tongue more than once over your comments. Please leave the Politics at home.
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    Changed my gummy recipe so I could use these molds and get the strength I wanted. Like Harbo, the color does not match the flavor, ha! Blue Raspberry 50mg.
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    Limiting it to 37 grow licenses for the entire state seems like it will cause the creation of a lobby for these 37 growers, who will try to prevent additional licenses from being issued.
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    Got Lemons? Make lemonade, my PB kisses did not come out, so I rolled them into balls and dipped them in chocolate. 50mg
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    I haven’t been able to post anything for the past week or two. Sorry about that. Anyways, it’s day 24 of flowering and things are looking good. I gave each plant 3 tablespoons of the Rainbow Mix bloom formula when flowering started. Eleven days ago each plant got 2 teaspoons of fish emulsion. They also got 2 more tablespoons of the bloom mix, so five in total. The plants are loving it. Harlequin Harlequin Strawberry Kush bx1 Strawberry Kush bx1 x Afghan CBD Aurora Indica x Strawberry Kush bx1 Blueberry Quintessa
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    The Russian Blue (my wife's cat) passed on last year at 16. The tabby female is the newest kitten. 3 female cats 1 male chihuahua
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    Thanks, hard to know what's gong on in the beds. I had some color things earlier but they all look the same to me. So I just started adding a general organics feeding for a few weeks, plus I've put a lot of other stuff on there but it wasn't right, needed more. I have friends with worse problems. My beds were built right so I have to learn how to replenish the soil in the off season better. They built their beds a few years ago (no layers) and now they're having problems. Short of buying all new dirt, I don't know. I guess you can try and back into a no till grow by adding another board and another layer to the bed etc. Anyway things coming along bit by bit.
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    Sept 20th, she is finishing up gonna pull her in about a week.
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    Sept 20th she has about 4 weeks or more to go yet.
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    The stomata are unhappy. Typically environmental, humidity and temps with over watering. Plant uptakes but stomata doesn't open correctly. Puffy leaves. I would reduce watering. If applicable, get environment in check. Wind might be a bit strong too. The plant will normalize once stomata function normally again.
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    Himalayan salt, Champaca Absolute 200mg CBD Bath Bombs.
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    Harvest day for one of the Cannatonic #4, this plant has almost no THC in it. She grows beautifully.
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    Once corporate is involved, you as a citizen have lost all your rights to anything, well except dumping huge clean up bills onto the taxpayer...the most whored entity in America.
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    That Mimosa Cola, 20 grams off the stalk. This is sativa dom, kind of fluffy bud, had this been a nice dense indica, would have been over an ounce.
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    Jersey is such a clusterfk when it comes to getting things done. Way too much greed and corruption to see anything actually finalized that benefits the citizens that live here. Just the script scam alone for a medical card says it all. Even when they set up for hardship med users to grow a few plants, I guarantee the seeds or cuts will have to come fro them. The only thing benefitting tokers in nj this year is that most leo are turning their heads to anything mj related. Sorry to be such a downer, I’m usually a very positive person. Just pissed when I look at the reality of what we will get when it’s set and finalized
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    "Sunset Sherbert" by La semilla automatica Sunset Sherbert had a life in the shade or with mellow light from far above. I let her flower 70 days. Smell: Fruity sweet Taste. Citrus fruity sweet taste and a bitter,chemdog undertone. Modern & loud. Buzz: 50/ 50 Body/ Mind. Strong but comfortable. Home- alone-or-with-some-people-chilling-weed. G00D-taste. smile
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    You know with me, I have been fast-tracking how to make the best medicine, that has been my forte I will leave it up to the pros to make seeds for now. I am pretty much an expert now when it comes to medibles. So might be in the next few years I try that out, I get bored lol so might be I will experminet all I want with topicals and medibles and move on to breeding.
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    G13 Hazeplant. These are actually from the same plant, the one on the left is a cut of the one on the right. And that's had a multi-node clone cut off of it. The vigor on these things is marvelous. I'm such a sucker for the pinstriped stems. The original plant is still obviously a month or so away from harvest, at least, but she's looking beautiful so far.
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