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    West Virginia Mohawk (pineapple skunk x C99 f5) This pheno had no smell coming from the grow and very little from the bag. Then amazingly, the taste makes up for it all. Very nice Skunk dominant plant. Weird it had no smell, but that's a plus if you aren't legal. Thanks Bigun! see the seed in the very tip of the bud? That's from the Lemon Fantasy dad from Le rat. Happy weekend all! peace mrG
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    Choco Rain fem.... Happy Weekend All
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    Top photo Silverfields/Boudica Middle purple Kush Bottom Lazy Larry all about 4 weeks hopefully I didn't create a 14 week monster with the sf/boudica cross but starting to look that way
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    HELLO ALL! New to site, just wanted to contribute. BLACK AFGHANI
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    Blackmamba exotic genetics
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    Long John Sails '#0'
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    Hey Guys, Flowering day 41 (400w hps) #1 Sour Lemon Haze (Cannabella Seedclub) #2 Super Sour Lemon Haze aka. Diamond Haze (Cannabella Seedclub) #3 Mob Purple x Fire99 (TopSeedcret Seeds) #4 overview #5 Blackberry Kush (Brambleberry Kush) (Cannabella Seedclub) Keep it green guys!
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    Some Bushots around week 5-6 12/12fs Own selected Strain called Ultrashack that fits perfect to my conditions: Fast with 7-9 weeks floweringtime max/Lowfeeder/Highyielder/dieselfrutytaste, parents where (shack f3 (m) x kultranustra f2 (f)) then made the F2 and backcrossed then with kultranustra F1 (f), next grow will be the selection for the F3. Herijuana Anesthesia: G39: Jackberry F4
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    The last 4 weeks we got very high temperatures with 35 degrees and more but The SSH plants are not seem to have to much problems with this and are doing fine, they are flowering now for around two weeks. I have sprayed PVP to be sure I dont get a outbreak later on while flowering because I dont spray anymore when there are flowers . As you can see I have used two nets, the bottom net to bind in scrog and the upper net to prevent the buds will fall over, I like them shoot a bit more as normal to get a better air circulation around the buds. Sofar I am happy with the way it goes The One that is in the proces of reversing gender clearly to see she is making balls instead of hairs The one has some more problems with the extreme heat but she does the job and I take it. It is now clearly visable that The One is further into flower as the super silver haze I expect to see pollen next week The next 4 weeks will be interesting and when there is something to mention I will update this topic. greetz sannie
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    ColJam Jam-pheno after 18-20 weeks 12/12fs (+/- few days), her smell is a mix of dark/tropical. Hope it will taste like this after curing. Sexing was in 3.5 liter then I put her into 6.5 Liter. If she where from start in 6.5 Liter i guess my tent would exploded
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    Nepalma CBD #1 @ 77 days
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    Shiva Dawg getting her flower on. I love this plant. it has the nicest sweet skunk smell. A little floral in it and also a crazy chem that comes through sometimes. Man, I can't wait on this one! Nice work Santero! Shiva Dawg outdoor grow. Maybe 2-3 weeks into flower peace mrG
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    Here they are together, I gave them a front row spot with an Ouzbekistan (far right) and a 79 Maui X RKS (2nd from right) the rest are Black Turk Berries.
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    All ladys are around week 7 - unfortunately the weather is still very hot around 30-40 degree outside Herijuana g39 #1 g39 #2 g39 #3 jackberry #1 jackberry #2 jackberry #3 Anestesia - the only -.- and last but not least Ultrashack F2 seeded to get the tent filled :D sorry for the cam next time I will use a pro cam. keep growing og fellows
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    I'm still watching my Sinister gear grow, grow, grow. Since they're outside It's just a waiting game. I have 2 Folsoms and two Hills going. And I just dropped a Snow Kush. I'm hping I can push it through veg fast so I can get it to flower outside too. It'll be in a pot just in case. Then it comes inside. They're looking great so far. Hills and Valleys, cloned top of the plant Folsom Prisom Blues, cloned top of plant Hills and Valleys, re-vegged bottom of the plant Folsom Prison Blues, the bush! peace mrG
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    Hi guys and gals just a little shot of uk blues/ heri x chuckys bride she’s only 34 days from flip
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    Hi OG’s just a few notes and a few pics the Selene I let dry out and just flushed with clean water I started to think root lock so time will tell the uk blues/ heri x chuckys bride i have 3 going and they all look alike and a lot like there mom. ( chuckys bride) and the southern blues x chuckys bride looks the same so they are all very chuckys bride dominate nice hard compact buds the grape earth there 3 as well two are very much alike but 1 is a beast also out of the 3 one took taking a week longer to start to flower and look a little on the sativia side ok here comes the pictures first is uk/ heri x chuckys bride #2 a bud shot of the same #3 southern blues x chuckys bride ( biggest of the 2) #4 bud shot of sb x cb
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    I just can't get the camera to capture the beauty of this plant. Shiva Dawg from Santero. Keep an eye ion this strain! I'm sure you'll here more about it in the future. Sweet, floral, skunk, and a real fresh old school smell. And, that is a real bonus. It's been very strong against all stresses so far, and I normally introduce a plant to most of the big ones without even trying, lol. This one has been in 5% humidity and 100 degree heat, hail, wind, powdery mildew around but not on her, no bugs other that a few grasshoppers. Most damage is from hail. I'm excited for this one. It's a classic. peace mrG
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    Thanks for swinging by everyone. Feel free to post. I like lots of things so feel free to share whatever pleases you. I spent a good bit of the day plucking leaves from my 2 Sultana. The #2 got a little PM, too, but it's almost not noticeable. They are all so damn thick with leaves just packed in one on top of another along every bud, and it's a lot. The #1 is all but done I believe. #2 is till doing a little. They both got seeded and I think that sapped some of my performance. It's okay, I'll be glad to have some seeds of this one. It got pollinated really early, before visible buds. It had huge pre flower pistils on every node and that's where it seeded. I had mature seeds just as the buds started developing good. Now I have seeds in the buds so I'm wondering if there is a slight chance they got pollinated by a tiny Folsom Prison Blues male that I was trying to collect pollen from. It was in another section of the yard but the wind blows all the a lot. I had separated the Sultana male from the rest early and chopped it after getting some pollen. So, Not sure about the seeds in the buds. They're definitely different as the seeds jackets on the seeds are still green. All the others that are left from earlier have very old and brown jackets. I'm kind of hoping it did get hit by the FPB. Man, that might be epic! Two crosses off of one mother in the same run, lol. Is that possible? I smoked a couple of buds from Sultana last night and it is strong, is the first thing I noticed. First hit went straight to the head and 2nd did too. It was almost a little narcotic.Very noticeable and my tolerance is very high. I almost rarely notice the nuances of certain strains because I smoke all day off and on. We got a "FloodZilla" storm that came through here yesterday afternoon. So, now all the plants are packing shitloads of leaves again. The Sultana and the Shiva Dawg are all 3 coming down soon. The Shiva Dawg's buds are swelling up and it's so beautiful. It seems to really enjoy the outside climate. The cool thing is that it's right next to the other two that got the PM and it looks fine. No other plants showed it, only Sultana. And, it smells so good and old school with sweet, floral ,skunk, and a little chem keeps trying to bring a little in. I hope the smell and flavors stay right in line with where it is right now. I also took a bud from it to do a preliminary check. It's really a beautiful bud on her, too. My seedlings got their first feeding yesterday and all are looking good. My Hammerhead had a fan leaf eaten off by a grasshopper, but no worries. My trees are still in veg mode and getting huge. Maybe some pics later. Green Manalishi f2 x Lemon Fantasy.... over 5 feet tall now. peace mrG
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    Yo everyone, been a busy 2 weeks. Was out of town a few days, just got back on a schedule. This weekend will be dedicated to gettin seeds ready 4 the shop. Just letting you guys know so ya dont have to worry bout sending msgs. I think I figured out how to delete msgs so that should be ok now too lol.. Peace dudes n dudettes..
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    Silverfields. Oh boy, this one going to be good! Thank you Sannie and Knutsel for this piece of art.
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    I got a little bored with all of the plants outside... all I do is water and up pot. Three of them are in flower and some day soon, I may have that to enjoy, and it's gonna be great. The two Sultana and one Shiva Dawg have turned out to be very special plants. They smell so good I just want them now, lol. They are all in the exact same place with flowering, which still baffles me a little. Something made the 3 plants kick off into flowering in June. I know a good bit of why, but I didn't expect them to stay there. Fine with me. So, while watering plants twice a day sometimes, I couldn't stand looking at my seeds that I haven't tried yet. OG growers have been very kind to let me try many of their crosses and some have even shared f2s of a AAA strain. I'm really grateful for my OG friends and I truly want to be able to grow every single one. But, we all know that's a tall order. Well, it's middle of summer, it's hot, I'm still out of work, and I got a wild hair. I dropped around 15 seeds, all different, and I'm hoping for as many females as I can get. I mostly picked early finishers, hoping for buds before frost, but that'll be a race. I may put the gas pedal to these and see if I can push the nutes a little for an accelerated veg period. I normally feed on the really light side. So, it'll be interesting to see how far I can push it. Here's the lineup. I wish I could grow 6 plants of each. heh. They all make my mouth water. Snow Kush f2 . (huck kush x snow queen) Panama Red (supposed to be from original old school stock) El Barto . (durganchitral x candyland) Goji x Blue Magoo Black Lime Reserve x Goji Black Lime Reserve f4 Hammerhead Blue Hammer f3 Tulaberry . (chocolate rain x turkish landrace) Sunshine Daydream (single selfed seed from f2 'sour butter and blueberry' muffins pheno) Humbodlt x (Boudica x Silverfields) Platinum Huckleberry Cookies x Chocolate Kush Aztec Rain ..... and, one mystery seed that I hope is my Aztec Rain. I found a seed on the table at the end of planting and I planted it to wait to see what it is. My Aztec didn't sprout and there was no seed in the pellet so hoping this is it. I may go ahead and plant another Aztec Rain just to be sure I get one plant and maybe two. I can compare the one I know is the AR to the mystery plant. my Road Trip seed didn't sprout . :-( I may ask myself WTF? in the future, but, I'm excited now! I just feel like a kid in a candy shop these days. This is all a dream come true for me. Legal growing and access to great seeds and great info, and great friends to share it all with. Most of my life I never knew what genetics I had in my bag. I was always just happy to have some weed. Growing was always too much risk normally. I had a few great periods that I got to grow, but still all just great bagseed, no commercial bred seeds. I'm still to this day completely mesmerized by the cannabis plant. I know most of you know what I mean. It never fails to deliver. So mysterious and so promising. Happy growing all! and happy summer! peace mrG
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    I take 3 cuttings of my Chocolate Thai. I am so excited for this one, another 14 weeks and I know if it's good. I've got another Colombian Gold x Jamaican Lambsbreath (coljam), but I haven't yet cloned her, there are not any nice stems.. I've got 2 Double Jam's. One of them is really nice and grow so fast (faster then like Honey Badger Haze or Lemon Cheesel). I hope that one going to be a dad. You imagine? Chocolate Thai x Double Jam? I want 1 'landrace' project and 1 project aside like a good hybrid. A pic of my 'sweety-thai'
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    Hi guys @gardenartus @Mr Goodfellow Heres the pic i wanted to post its my annistasia x G39 she turned out just fine she could’ve gone a little longer I chopped her at 65 or 70 days can’t remember exact Still can’t paste it damn