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    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
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    Hey fellas, here is my nicely smelling Motherlode. It's a mix of lemon Killing Fields and hints of Diesel. Happy Weekend OpenGrow
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    Megafauna (kali snapple x ssh) @ 8 weeks Two phenos.
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    Clones from Sannie Jack-ssh pheno mom sprouted from seed early 2015 ( i think its F7 or F8). I found this mom in 5 seed pack and 1st batch of clones was ready in 9 weeks but after few generation of cloning and properly dialing environment, soil and timing, they were ready in 8-8.5 weeks at top. Those on pictures are old 7 weeks since flip, with mosyt cloudy trich and 20% amber. One more week and they packed 25% in size and weight and trich went 70-80% amber. Fantastic haze smoke, heavy yield and most important no lost of vigor, or any other department since 1st batch clones taking in jiffy pellets and sprouting average 8-10 days. Sadly my dogs eat her but lucky for me cause after shortly i was "ratted" out by my brother stupidity. Btw i grow them in SOG 5.5 liter pots 5x5 rows in tent under 600W gavita and "veg" them under 2x 150 led, real 2x150 from wall. 2 wks veging to adapt after cloning and flip to 12/12. Sorry for average picture quality, in real they looked fantastic. Hard nugs, different from other SJ pheno i had, and no foxtails, but other pheno need at least 11+ week to fully ripen. Grow with organic composted soil, 30% castings, little bat guanno, comfrey tea, Egg shells and unavoidable 2 times foliar per week Brown Algae(A.Nodosum) only on leafs. Gzz and best vibes.
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    Lemon Thai F3, Old Fusion line, preserved by @smilestyle
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    that realy looks white as milk......just yummy !!! .......enjoy @Smokey Pockets some Auto-Gelato ........
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    Con Leche from Swamp Boys Triangle Kush x White Og
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    Almost finished and it's going to be my last grow report. Sorry guys and gals, but updating feels like playing in front of an empty bar.
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    Well, now that is all sorted out, I can post again... sunset sherbet
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    Phuuu's IPA @ 9 weeks please ignore the pet hair.
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    Resurrected Anesthesia Heri Saxo Edition Seeds provided By: Saxo and She is not a great yielder but fuck that. She is so damn frosty that we double check everyday just to believe our eyes. Just zoom in and check the fan leaves. Redicioulus..... This is ANESTHESIA! This is WHAZZUP!!!
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    Killer Cookies X LaSAGE, seven weeks in.
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    One grow winds down and another begins. It's the circle of life. A tear comes to my eye. This grow is starting out slowly. About a week ago I started two Irie Genetics strains: Lemon Sunrise and Storm Shadow (5 seeds each - one Lemon Sunrise didn't sprout.) Yesterday, I started soaking 5 Killer Cookies seeds that Santero was gifting about a year ago, along with 3 Mosca Pink Lemonade seeds (I was going to do 5 Pink Lemonades, but somehow a couple of seeds escaped into the carpet. If I don't find them, I'm going to soak down the carpet and get them to sprout so I can find them. I'm sure my wife won't mind.) Depending on male/female ratios, whether one of the plants from my last grow turns out to be so good I must grow it again right away, or whether I go into a seed germinating frenzy for some other reason, more could be added to this mix. Silverfields is a good candidate. Anyway, more as things develop.
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    Phuuu's IPA @ 71 days and harvest
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    The killing spree has finally ended. Only three stumps are left alive so I can reveg them and get some clones. The two other Pineapple Fields pheno C plants came down (pineapple candy pheno), along with the last Lemon Thai. First the Pineapple Fields. The girls are both big producing sativa type plants that were twisted and tortured to be kept in line in a tent with 19 plants in it. As you might guess, they needed plenty of support, and were often found leaning on nearby plants every couple of days, needing more propping up. This seems to be a bud from the plant on the right: This seems to be the honker on the left: These bastards were heavy, quite surprising for plants crammed in the way they were. Here's the largest of my three Lemon Thais. This is the one that did NOT have that weird fungus thing, or whatever it was that caused necrotic patches on a few buds. This baby is also a high yielding plant. Somewhat taily buds: OK. Now I have a lot of smoking to do. See ya.
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    Thanks guys. Time to catch you up again. We've been seeing decent weather here for the most part but have had some rain for a few days now. The rain has been welcomed as I planted grass seed about 10 days ago in a couple spots. We have been busy the last month or two filling low spots in the back yard. So far we've moved about 4 yards of topsoil and have been able to raise one corner of the yard several inches. We came across some old brick from a construction site and hauled them home to use as edging. Last summer I started building a wind break / seating area in our back yard. In the summer months we often have strong N.W. winds that make our back yard difficult to enjoy. I still have to put the roof on and level and fill the seating area. Gonna use 1/4" minus crushed gravel in the base that we will cover with outdoor area rugs. Gonna build a propane fire box for heat and ambiance and we''ll have some outdoor furniture to lounge around in. I planted a Clematis yesterday to climb and fill part of one wall. It will take a bit but once grown I think it will fill the space nicely. Here's a look... OK, on to grow room news. The 2 Megafauna's and single Phuuu's IPA are 8 weeks in tomorrow and they have bulked up nicely since the last update. I put the 2 IPA clones to 12's about 2 weeks ago and now the flower room is getting full. Gonna be a couple more weeks before the big girls are ready so they will all have to get cozy for a bit. Megafauna #2 @ 55 days Megafauna #3 @ 55 days This pheno of IPA is really impressive. She has the same hoppy IPA smell but it is mixed with what smells like curing epoxy resin, very intense and aromatic. She's not bad to look at either... That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and stay safe out there people.
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    Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH.....
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    Finished trimming today they look real good have some seed here and there on the surface of some buds but nothing too bad. I hated the smell of #3 when trimming but after 2 days in a jar strong mango developing #2 had nice chocolate terps The jury stil out on #1 and #4. The best looking and yielding so far is #4 pictured here
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    More of Sans Tahoe Og x M39
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    Since it is my first led grow, i'd like to share one last journal with you. Today i put ten female Stardawg and three freebee seeds into 4 x 4 cm rock wool cubes under a Samsung led strip 24/0. I was looking for a sativa dominant strain with indica like buds and stumbled upon this one. I got it from marijuana-seeds but can't quite determine which breeder it is. But that doesn't matter much to me, no pheno is the same anyway. The subscription sounds promising if you ask me. Although the lineage suggests it is more indica and so you would expect this to be a couch-lock inducing super stone, that is not the case. The appearance, effects and aroma of this variety definitely leans towards Sativa dominance. Highly energising and euphoric the cerebral high that this strain gives is nothing short of a joy. The parents of Stardawg are the Original Chemdog#4 crossed with Tres Dawg (which itself is a Chemdawg x Afghani cross), meaning that it has refined and concentrated all of the best aspects of the line into one beautifully punchy package. THC Levels are regularly tested in excess of 22%, but 19-20% would be the normal range for most growers. Because of the Afghani way back in its family tree the overall height of the plant stays relatively short for a sativa type plant. That being said, it still tops out between 150cm-2m indoors, and considerably taller outdoors. This means that training and topping may be needed if space is limited. The leaves are longer and thinner, although not pure sativa “fingers”, with a light “unripe lime” colour to them. Stardawg is quite hardy and will put up with a fair amount of rough treatment. It has a good resistance to pests and diseases, although in very high humidity areas it can sometimes be susceptible to mould if it gets wet. For medical patients Stardawg is a must for people experiencing anxiety or depression type disorders. It has received especially positive reviews from PTSD sufferers, and it is also an excellent appetite stimulant. Truth be told, i prefer cuts but i didn't have the patience to wait for them to root. I will certainly take cuts from these very expensive seedlings and would advice everybody considering to buy these seeds to do so. The Led light is made by my very gifted friend and is 660 watts. I'll post pictures of it later when in motion.
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    Megafauna #2 @ 10 weeks
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    So my doc wanted to try cannabis products, took him in some today, he giggled when I handed them to him and explained each one. This is so freaking cool! I love my doc. Told him you have any questions you call me. lol Wow has the world changed for the better. How cool is that.
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    Yes, a nice surprise. During my traveling in Sweden last summer, we stopped between two villages at a small shop that had a pick nick bench in front of the traditional wooden building, and turned out to be selling second hand stuff and home made clothes. Our plan was to have a break, and the shopkeeper was willing to serve us coffee, and joined us outside on the bench, where we talked about many things. I noticed he was also selling Capsicums that he grew on the veranda. I asked the man if it were chili peppers, but it was paprika, the Bell pepper. He went inside, and came back with a few dried pods of hot peppers, and gave them to me. It turned out the man used to spend the winters in Peru, and brought some peppers over. By the time I got home, the peppers were all crushed and mixed, so I could not identify or separate them. I put them in soil in Februari. Some of the plants started with a pair of dark purple leafs, and they grow a bit more compact then the others, (I assume the others are habaneros). The flowers came quickly, and the fruit starts being yellow, but then starts turning purple as soon as it's bigger then a pea. I grew a purple pepper a few years ago, and expected something like that. The fruits were cherry size and shape, starting green, then purple, then red at the end. But this is completely different. The fruits get "wrinkly and warty" now, that's why I guess a a type of "Ghost" or "Purple Bhut Jolokia". I wonder if they stay that colour, of if they might turn brown or red. I searched on the internet, but I could not find a chili that starts off being yellow. No pictures. And in all the descriptions it says they start being green. Unusual, indeed. The green plants are making their flowers now, so I might find some more surprises.
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    Thanks guys. A persistent drizzle hangs over the coast so I'll take advantage of a break in outdoor chores to get an update done. It is smelling really nice in the flower room these days mostly from the IPA but the Mega's are doing their share. The aroma on the Mega's is hard to describe so I looked up the description from the Dynasty site to help... I don't notice the skunk part or the haze anymore but there is some lime and pineapple mixed together. It is kinda sweet and pungent and unlike any I've grown before. Thought they look very different the two Mega phenos smell very similar. Looking forward to the mind blowing effects...lol. As expected the flower room is getting crowded. The two IPA clones are 20 days in and finishing up their stretch. I need to tie up their branches soon, then they won't take up so much room. The four clones I took from the IPA's are a couple days away from up-potting to #2's. They were not pleased with me last week when I grabbed the wrong spray bottle and gave them a spritz of the foliar solution I use on older plants. They all lost their top fans but have now recovered and are looking at me kinda funny. Other than the spray bottle mishap I've managed not to screw up much else though to be honest I blame the bowl of Blue Magoo, that stuff kinda spaces me out. OK, on to the pics and I have a few drool worthy ones for you today. First the flower room. The two Phuuu's IPA clones @ 20 days Megafauna #2 @ 63 days Megafauna #3 @ 63 days Phuuu's IPA @ 63 days Looks like all these ladies will go another week, maybe two for Megafauna #3. That's all for now. Stay safe out there.
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    Just a few snaps, of Santeros work, Killer Lemon Haze, Queen Bee, and the freebi packet of SFV78 I got when I bought the KLH . The SFV78 has me seeking anything with Mullumbimby Madness in it. The one pheno, sported fox tails, and took 22 weeks of flower to complete. It is NOT for light smokers at all! My daughter in law, stopped in to talk with my wife about women's stuff. I had just started to prepare a smoke for us when she got here. I cut the joint in half, and went out to my shop, to putter & puff about, and give them privacy. My wife texted me, the DIL was having issues after partaking of the half I gave them. Once inside the house, she was on the couch, saying, OMG I feel like I'm soaring in the sky! We placed a cold cloth on her fore head, and called her hubby. About 2 hours later, we got her in their truck, she was floppy like a noodle, and giggling the whole time. Lesson learned, we'll keep this for the moldie oldies we know.
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    A pheno C of Pineapple Fields got the axe yesterday (pineapple candy-scented pheno). This one has nicer buds than these candy phenos typically have, according to the other plants I've grown, but it is definitely a lower yielding plant than the other pheno Cs. Here she is in her spindly glory: She's now revegging — or really that little tuft of a bud at the bottom of the plant is still in the tent, revegging. This pheno has my favorite scent of all. Now that I've seen (and smelled) all the different phenos, it seems pretty clear that last time (2014 or 2013), I had this pheno and pheno D. Pheno D is not for me — one of those "dreamy, rainy day sativa doms," which is one type of buzz that doesn't interest me in the least. But I was really taken with this pheno — buzz-wise and for the scent. Here are a few bud closeups: And diabetics WILL NEED a shot of insulin after smelling this one, so beware. A Miss U Jack — one of the tall, spindly ones, also got chopped yesterday: Looks a little familiar, doesn't she? Kind of like the PF pheno C, above? I am guessing this is kind of what Miss Universe looks like. I had to go down to my grow and look at the plants hanging up to figure out which picture was the Miss U Jack and which was the PF. Her buds look pretty similar, too, but they don't smell similar. This one has some lemon and other scents going on, not very sweet. I'll have to spend a little time with a bud near my nose to figure this one. The rest are really close. I don't think the ones that are left have a lot more time.
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    A couple more got the ax. But first, a word from one of the Road Kill Skunk phenos of PF. Around week 9, when I grabbed a bud to check her out, she was just a straight column, covered with buds: Yesterday (Week 10 + 2 days) she looked like this: I was impressed that she needed no support, until yesterday morning, when she started leaning pretty bad. So I tied her to a stake, and she snapped right where I tied her. She has some cloudy trichs, but no amber, so She'll go to 11 weeks. At this point I'm going to just let her hang, unless I can hold her up from above. This is my other Peyote Pancake, who came down yesterday: I also chopped the last of the Blueberry Quintessa. I'll give the three another taste with a clean head. I'm looking for a plant with THC and CBD, about 1:1, as potent as possible. I can't say I'm really excited about these, though they look and smell great. I just rarely need CBD. CBD worked great on a pinched nerve I have in an ankle. Amazingly, when I take it, the pain goes away for about a year or more, before it starts coming back. So I personally only use it about once a year. Anyway, here she is: Aside from the Road Kill Skunk gal who snapped in half, I'll probably be taking down the other RKS pheno and a pheno that smells like a pineapple candy pheno, but has nicer buds. A Lemon Thai or two or three might also buy it. Only the stretchier Miss U Jacks and the other pineapple candy pheno PFs will remain. I'm going to try a revegging method, mentioned on a podcast. They ("they" is Rasta Jeff from the grow from your heart podcast) say you can start revegging up to 2 weeks before harvest, and it won't mess up the plants. No reveg growth will appear for 2 weeks or more. The other plants are harvested before or just when reveg growth starts to be visible. I'm a little too chicken for that, so I'll flip them back to 18/6 at week 11 — about one week left for the remaining plants. I need to do this for the three plants I got no clone from. The rest will just go along for the ride.
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    And another plant tastes the kiss of cold steel. (When I was a kid, my brother and I saw a viking-related movie, probably made in the 60s, where the characters often mentioned the kiss of cold steel. Must have made a big impression on us.) This is the well-behaved pheno of Miss U Jack, and I guess the fast pheno. She was in the middle of the tent, up on a block, because she's shorter than most of my plants. I noticed the leaves in her thick colas were dying, which alarms anyone who has ever had bud rot. None of the dead leaves pull out easily, so she seems to be bud rot free. However, I also noticed plenty of amber trichs, thus, the kiss of cold steel (or room-temperature clippers). She's the well-behaved pheno, because she's short and produces a lot on her small frame. The reason she's so leggy is that I vegged these guys for about 7 weeks, trying to see a preflower on each, before I transplanted them into big pots. The Blueberry Quintessa plants are very bashful about pre-flowers. This gal is just pure lemon. I can sense no other kind of terp. She needed no support, unlike her crazy sisters, who will probably go another week to two weeks, and would all be 6 feet (182+ cm) if they hadn't been topped, squashed, bent, etc. This girl was topped once. I guess it goes without saying that my dispensary days are over for a while, between this one, the pineapple fields I harvested and the Lemon Bubba and PPC. I'll have a pre-cure taste next weekend.
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    Gsc forum cut end of wk7
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    Mephisto's Fugue state (wet). Cheers
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    Just a bit....
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    Had a good Summer last year, hoping for another. Had good luck with the organic no till, no nutes forumula, hope that's still working. I planted clover in the winter then put hay on it not too long ago. Always kept it watered so if there's worms in there hopefully they're still kicking. Also added more microbes with the clover. Added coconut water one week on the straw, did Alaska fish a different week. Might add some carbon and then bio live then that should be it for any additives. We put these clones in cups last Monday the first of June. Late start for some. I try to fit the growing cycle to the natural lighting. Going to start flower earlier this year maybe. Have to wait until the days get long enough to hold them in flower. I add LED light in the morning and evening so just stopping that could get them to flower but if the lighting isn't right they get all messed up later on. I want to start earlier because the plants had 3 feet of bare stalks last year and the buds on the ceiling.
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    Chopped down two plants, the OGKZ and one of the Killer Cookies X LaSAGE. The Cookies were starting to get overdone and the OGKZ was too. I figured they could have gone longer but I was wrong. I was very happy with the results. The OGKZ put out a lot more than anticipated. There were 9 branches all weighed down with buds, very sticky, very impressive. No decent pics of them came out, she's not very photogenic. The first Cookies to be cut was the heavy one, the buds have a bit of pink to them and a sweet kushy scent. I can't wait to try some. And finally here's a pic of next Cookies to face the axe, just a few more days now.
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    Skunk Og from Topdawg
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    kanga, wally and the other aussies are all really great people. a few are over at the other place. all of the aussie stuff is hands down some of the best you can find when looking for really great and (most of all) unique smokes. you got some of kanga's genetics in the 'wox' and 'lemon gwidow' that i send over a while ago @saxo how did you like the smoke of the LG and did you maybe try some 'WOx' yet? hit that, bro, they are worth it. bucket and timmy fused the wifi and kanga's mullum/oax together for that one. it's really amazing ... best weed from seed since years for me ... ("obwohl" es eine fem ist, lol)
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    The mad path of death and destruction continues — this morning with a Lemon Thai and a Pineapple Fields Roadkill Skunk pheno. First, the Lemon Thai is represented by these poor iPhone pics: None of the Lemon Thais needed any support, though they leaned a bit during the last couple of weeks. This went 11 weeks +4 days, but could have been pulled a couple of days ago. There is one more in the tent that will be chopped as soon as I have room to hang her, which should be tonight. (There's a slight backup with our trimming crew. He's slow, but I don't have to pay him.) A few buds: I had been warned, by someone on this site, that this Lemon Thai had a tendency to hermie. For the record, I got no hermie flowers with the three LT girls, but I did get a couple of nanners with several of the other strains (Peyote Pancake, Miss U Jack, Blueberry Quintessa). This next one is my second Pineapple Fields Roadkill Skunk pheno. Both plants wanted to grow like spikes covered with buds. This one was topped, so there were two main branches. One branch is at kind of an odd angle to the lens. It's coming toward the lens, and it's resting on the top of the green stake. The other is less dominant, and is hanging off the back. She stinks, and like her sister RKS pheno, her stalks are generally strong, but brittle. They easily snap. I'll be an expert on PF by the time this grow is over. From a potency standpoint, I've tried one of each pheno and the single pheno A plant that I have is definitely most potent. It was also first harvested. Pheno B, Roadkill Skunk, is next. Pheno C is third. However, there are still two more pheno C plants to try and this RKS, above. Also — tried a pre-cure taste of my second Peyote Pancake plant, and it lives up to the potency claim Koma gives it. (The first plant did not.) It's sort of a blunt-force-trauma indica: Nothing much in the head, a whole lot in the body. I think I'll be keeping it. I like the Lemon Bubba better, because it gives me that head interest and is also powerful as fuck. The Peyote Pancake is a much bigger producer, though. I've got a lot curing now, so there should be some smoke reports in July.
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    Day 45 for Strawberry XL i will leave here in for 2-3 more days to finish up completely.... beautiful strawberry tasting and smelling strain which flowers insanely fast… with a superb long lasting psychedelic HIGH…. here you can see the inherited traits brought in from the start. from my Green Manalishi #8. my first pain relieving female. we later on used this female to create G-39(Green manalishi x Headcandy)…. beautiful potency brought throughout all the genes made by NAW… many more to come.... Stay safe and Fly OnlY FooKIng HiGh....
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    A few pictures of the Silver Fields pheno i have(sorry i 'm not proud of them, i will try to grow them better on the 2nd round):
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    Bubble amnesia Ciao
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    I charge extra for dog hair, it has a high similar to corn silk.
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    OK, I cannot take this blathering any longer. You want critical thinking, here it is. Your description of how a virus travels through the air is flawed. A virus does not float around on it's own, they do not have wings, it must be carried by a droplet of water that has been expelled by the host. A cloth mask is more than capable of stopping this water droplet, thus stopping the virus as well. All of this is well documented and easily discerned by those not consumed by their own ignorance. You can spend many words contemplating that which you do not understand and still not come to understand it. If you want to know how masks can help then you should ask someone who knows, someone less ignorant than you on the subject. We have a wonderful tool called Google, it can find you many answers, you just have to be able to decide which are true. This seems to be where you struggle, discerning what is true. Many people spend their whole life and never learn how to learn. Never become aware of their own bias and ignorance. These people will write nonsensical posts that bear no resemblance to reality because they do not realize the depth of their ignorance. I wish you would concentrate your voice on things that you know and understand, like growing plants, instead of spewing obviously false and misinformed rants. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780123855220000056
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    heya @santero ja i realy liked the LG... it´s been 4-5yrs i grew & smoked her,so the memories fadeing a bit.... .......but i remember her great taste and aroma sadly i didn´t tryed the WOX yet.....
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    Strawbear XL bx1 = Strawberry XL x Polarbear #2-(this is the same male who made Honey hoo hoo).... she will go for F2 this year where new selections will run in 2021. stay tuned... more following soon... @day 42 flower Fly High And Stay safe....
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    this has been the hardest part of the journey… getting the creations in to the world… i just keep smoking the best stuff NAW ever created. and now i am just waiting for my own shit to sort out so that i can do all i wanted as planned… Aj F3 is running for testing and those promised will receive there beans. but i just keep breeding and assembling the hardest hitting Hybrids known today. like i say many times, just wait…. so coming up next will be. Bammie XL(Jack hammer F2 x Aj-(Bammie) Bammie x Airborne Jack F2-(bammie XL) , Back to the future haze F2(shaze x aj #3(classic haze)&#4(molokai dom) x shaze x aj male), Aj F3 and my new creation Strawbear XL BX1(strawberry XL x Green manalishi #8 x Hasplantdoublestrawberrydiesel)…. Strawbear XL BX1 i will work towards F2 this year then those will be ready to hit the sales floor, where ever….lol…. upcoming selections will include Green Manalishi F2( this F2 opened up to what i believe had been Lemon thai used back in the day)- i will hunt for the most complete phenotypes to make Green manalishi F3… Bammie XL F2, back to the future haze F3, G39 F3 and when i find the ONE in Airborne Jack F3 i will create AJ F4…. and i bet i got some more clones laying around that needs attention to, during these pollinating sessions…. @MiNdLesS it is a common trait in Strawberry Xl where 70-80% of the phenotypes will have short flowering qualities.. and those who go the extra mile in flowering will carry intergalactic cannabinoids so win-win either way...all remains work in progress until completion. Stay safe and Fly FookING HiGH Greetz RhinoCBD
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    Snappy the Roadkill Skunk Pheno got The Kiss, moments ago. It's amazing how quickly trichs can turn amber. I saw a few on the trichs on leaves on Monday, now the calyxes have some. Anyway, here she is, in her broken glory. Buds look pretty good. Lower buds that became instant tops: Top buds that became instant lower buds: The tent is becoming sparse (only 11 left!), so I cracked some Irie Genetics seeds to put in there, once I start the reveg process. Weedstradamus also envisions some Sugar Punch being germed in the near future.
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    HuckleBerry Destar f2 Got Miss Universe and Destar too but Never crack yet I have grown approx 30 seeds of my f2 batch Found so many differents phenotypes Real pleasure to grow incredible trichs production very complex terps Vanilla, peach, diesel, spicey ones First Time found this pheno above pure indica looks like Oregon Huckleberry leaning Big Hope on this one Another pheno 3 years ago
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