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    Hope everyones been well. Here is Putang, she has the most wonderful tropical aroma with a fantastic Sativa high.
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    Wedding cake, Foxtail city
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    Lemon Thai stud and his lady
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    Mel Franks Skunk96, skunk d and skunk a plants, ready for bud snipping. Very different phenos, with similar tastes and the A plant seems more flavorful. I filled 3.5 quart mason jars. With some training, and extra veg time, those number would be way better. This was just her, how she finished out.
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    It's been 4 weeks and 5 days since flip, so it's time for another incremental update. Everything's been going OK, except only half of my cuts rooted, so far. Here's the group shot: It's another "SOG on stilts," kinda. The one in front, with the sexy silhouette, is GSC leaning Killer Cookies plant. She was toward the center, but had to be moved to the side, because she was getting too close to the light. I'm going to have to try and raise it a little more, but it's near the max height now. Starting with Mosca's Pink Lemonade — this is the short one to the right front. She has complex scents, generally fruity: Her tall sister seems to be more lemony than anything else, but there's more to develop, I think: The Killer Cookies — this is the tall one that was in front. Maybe I should have worked on the lighting a bit! The leaves started to taco, so I moved her from tent center. Another tall KC: And the third tall KC— if you zoom in on this one, you'll see the insane trich coverage she gets. And this one is the short, Killer Queen leaning pheno: Still fruity as can be. The tall ones still have the mint, but other terps are working their way into the picture. Difficult to identify the cacophony of scents. She, too, has the insane trick coverage that you can see if you zoom in. This pheno is also an apple green color, while the tall ones are dark green. Now for the Irie strains, who are further back in the tent, so are usually last. This is a Storm Front. She also has trichs all over fan leaves. This is going to be a hash grow, I think. And the other SF: Talk about a cacophony of scents, this one is through the roof. A few days ago I was all excited about smelling some pine scent in there. Now there's even more in it. Very difficult to discern what is what, at this point. The Lemon Sunrise gals are a little more lemon-dominant, scent-wise. They are distinctly more "willowy" in structure than the other plants. This is one of the lemon pledge girls. If you zoom in, you'll also see massive trichs on fan leaves. This is the other lemon pledge pheno: And the "sweet lemon" pheno, which seems slightly bulkier than her sisters, but not much: And, to avoid fights in the grow tent, the Peyote Pancake clone. She is one jealous bitch. Actually, she's a very easy grow. She also seems to be in overdrive toward finishing, compared to the rest. I think it's because she's a clone. Her mom went 10.5 weeks. She doesn't look quite as droolingly good as her other tent mates, probably because all her fan leaves don't have trichs on them. But I know she packs a wallop. Until next time...
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    It's been 3 weeks and 5 days since the flip to 12/12. Clearly it's time for an update. All are looking healthy the Pink Lemonade girls are looking wonderful. There is a lemony scent to it, but more in there that I can't identify yet. This is the short one: And the taller one is looking like she'll produce more sativa-ish colas: The Killer Cookies girls are also looking fine. It seems I have one short pheno and three tall phenos. The short one has a fruity scent, with something else in there that isn't well defined yet. The tall ones definitely have a minty scent from the GSC. This is the tall, GSC pheno: And the short, fruity Killer Queen pheno: Both phenos have major trich production on fan leaves. This is one of the tall ones, showing where I popped her stem to slow down vertical growth: Here's good ol' Peyote Pancake, the clone from last grow. I've been finding the need for a powerful sedative these days, for sleep, and I am definitely running low on PPC at this point. She'll be ready in the nick of time. Hopefully @KomaKreations will come back and restock Sannie. It's a kick-ass, powerful strain. Oh yeah, here she is: And now the Irie strains. This is Lemon Sunrise: This particular one is my favorite, so far. She's got trichs all over her fan leaves, like the Killer Cookies gals. Lemony, so far. She would definitely not upset the lemony karma of the Lemon Thai F3, if crossed. And finally, here's a Storm Front that might need a few fan leaves trimmed. This strain has a lot of scents going on, but they're undeveloped and I can't make head or tail of what I'm smelling. One thing I can say is the entire tent has a higher reefer stench than typical, especially at this stage of the grow. I kind of suspect it's the Killer Cookies, because those scents are most developed, aside from the lemony scent from Lemon Sunrise, but it could also be the Irie strains. The filter is working well... so far! I might get another as a backup, because when this one starts to go, it will be unmistakable. @madmaster420 and I once had a discussion about growing clones vs. from seed. Since this is the first time in my life I've been able to keep clones, I want to go that direction. But I'm also seeing it from his side more. It is exciting (OK, exciting from the standpoint of a guy who thinks growing plants and looking at dirt is exciting, so…) to grow strains you've never grown, and I would definitely miss that. I'm not sure when that first clone-only grow will be. Probably not this year.
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    Mother FireFly F1 by @Indican Psychosis Bx2 x Huckleberry Kush
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    Morning everyone. CSI Hubba Bubba approaching week 9 and almost ready. Pre98 frame with full on pink bubblegum terps.
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    Lilac F5 (formally known as Ultrashack, but smell and taste speaks for it self)
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    Fusion LT f2, mother of my LT.
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    SSSC Pinetown Durban F3
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    Ultrashack, I call her "Sourwurscht" Pheno, intense soure smell and at the end something like "wurst
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    77 on 78...not bad for seeds from 2012, from left to right, Miss U, Solilo Q, Dess'tar and Kali G aka PF:
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    A partial update — the two Irie strains at 6 weeks, 5 days. The cola just to the right of center and the bud just to the left of center are from a Storm Front girl, most of the other colas and buds you see are Lemon Sunrise. Structurally, the Storm Front is much stronger than Lemon Sunrise and might not need much in the way of support. Buds appear denser and she responds well to super cropping There isn't much visible difference between the two Storm Front girls I have. One is going to finish faster. The scents are similar — a mix of citrus, pine, armpit, cat piss, sandalwood and more, but one has more citrus than the other. Here are a few more SF pics: SF definitely seems like she'll produce classic, dense, "hybrid" buds. Lemon Sunrise, on the other hand, has the more open buds of a sativa-leaner. Stems are also much more willowy/bendy and they already need some support. The scent ranges from sweet lemon to Lemon Pledge to Hey-I-think-the-cat-peed-in-my-lemonade. You can definitely tell a similarity in scent with the Storm Front that must have been inherited from the father. The sweet lemon pheno is no longer just sweet lemon, though. Other terps have added their funk. I couldn't resist and took an early bud from the Storm Front that looks closer to finishing, which is drying right now. It can't be near as powerful as it will be in a few weeks, but that stink… It had to be done. I'll report back when the time comes.
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    A few pics showing the frosty goodness of the Killer Cookies gals at 6 weeks -- This one seems to be the closest to halfway between GSC and Killer Queen — it's tall, but has the lighter green apple shade that the short pheno has. Scent seems to be a muddle of mint, fruit and other funk. This is the short, Killer Queen pheno. Leaves are starting to yellow, though it's had plenty of nutes. This is one of the more GSC-leaning phenos. She's a frost queen. Kind of salivating over this one. @santero: How long do these go? I'm guessing 10 weeks, maybe?
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    Meanwhile, in the roof garden... It's New Blue Diesel They need another month, to get ripe. They'll be purple by that time.
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    The fifty-third day of flowering. Today i harvested the first six of the twelve plants. Since the rest can go a mile longer i'll let them. I've seen a lot of these today and they are rock hard, so color me a happy smoker! The other six plants will be harvested soon.
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    My crosses Lemon Thai f3 Lemon Cindy f1 Very Lemon Cindy f1 Lemon Fields f1 Blue Lemon Haze x Malawi Gold f1 Lemon Thai f4 Malawi Gold x Lemon Thai f1 Other breeders work with them.. Kinghydro (Amnesia core-cut x Lemon Thai) Chuckys Bride x Lemon Cindy Blue Lemon Haze (Blueshaze x Tielse Haze (SSHcut) x (Lemon thai x C 99 x Lemon thai) Santero crosses + lemon thaIX, Good man !
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    The forty-sixth day of flowering. Time for the weekly update. Well, six days since the last update i see now. The plants are still very thirsty so i let them drink. Here come the pictures. Bye, bye!
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    Good morning, Open Growers. All kinds of crap in my life right now. The sewer pipe from my house broke. There's a work crew in my front yard digging a ditch. Had to have some trees cut away. Hospital procedures have been cutting into my time. I'm okay, but doctors are investigating some swallowing problems. But, everyone has crap in their lives right now. So, no big deals. Instead of a harvest picture (I have several harvests yet to share here) I thought i would show the most recent pot of plants to begin flowering. The first new entrant en about five weeks. I have been finishing up a bunch of flowers. This is what I am focusing on cranking out now. Pots of clones. This one has three. Each clone has between six and eight branches. These plants are a cross between Ice and Strawberry Kush bx. The photos are six days old.
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    Mutant leaves and additional bud on the LT f3 mother. smile
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    And last one for the weekend is Pheno 2 of the Putang
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    Been working on a breeding tent. The NuttHut is almost finished. Just have to complete the control panel. 240watts of Samsung goodness along with a rapidled far red puck and a UV puck. Everything independently controlled with sonoff units.
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    Some interesting oldies, RKS bx which is RKS x (RKS x SSH) got a few mutants but a couple look good so far.
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    The last to get the chop. I had to end it now at 60 days, some plants I would have liked @70-80 days, but that's not achievable. 9 weeks is probably a reasonable limit, it all depends on the season. That's it for now. I'll be back with a final weight once it's dry. Mad Shack Des*Tar
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    Ok. So plant 1 = 28.5 plant 2 = 34.1 ; plant 3 = 41.7 total 104.3 g’s = 3.725 z’s was a little surprised the buds dried up more and felt comfortable jarring them w/55% rh boveda packs. Trimmed off excess stems before weighing and didn’t count some small amounts that were set aside. Time to switch to shorter brown bags for the two warrior kush to dry a bit better. One Cap’n Shiva’s Crunch Berries is ready to hang and one more has awhile before done. That’s the one I pollinated a couple Branch flowers of. The male’s tip parts will be cut off and already fed him with Alaska grow a couple days ago. He’ll go back on 24 hrs to reveg. Should be able to get more pollen off him to save. I’ll be collecting last bit today as I let it dry out a couple days, his sister will be fed and hopefully she will bulk up more as time passes . Took 11 yrs and 7 months to pull this off wow ? The Marathon continues and this thread is dedicated to the late Nipsey Hussle !
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    The thirty-fifth day of flowering. Since i'm growing three different strains in the same leaking tray, it's inevitable that some yellow out a bit. In this case it's the Super Shiva Skunk. Every four to five days i fill a tank with seventy-five liters of water, add pH minus until i reach pH 5.5. Since i leave the water in the tray and the pH runs up, i go a little lower then i go when watering from the top. After that i add Floranova bloom until the Ec is 1.3. Then i pour the water in the leaking tray and i am done!
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    It's a sticky situation Next Fayaka @ 54 days it's taller sibling
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    Hello fellow gardeners how is it? it's the beginning of week 6 and the girls seem to get in their final production phases. the buds seem to swell by the day, resin and terpene content increases. I'm pretty pleased so far. the ccb back left and the acb front right show some need for potassium so I fed them two times in the past week with a good dose of bac bloom mixed with some other organic fertilizer called bodengold its nothing special but all the plants outside love it. I thought about getting some booster. any recommendations? here are some pics:
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    The first pics are from today and the last one was made two days ago. smile P.S. they were started in the middle of march, not in april.
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    Every day is a battle! But it's rewarding. The weather is still good, more fruits are getting ripe. I'm training a Peruvian as ornamental. In a slant style. It's the only plant that still has it's ripe fruits on it, now. I sliced the Peruvian peppers in half, and pickled them, along with the twenty dried ones. And I used most of the Jalapenos for the stuffing of the next Bell.
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    Hello mates, it becomes cosy in tent, plan is to get 1-2 impressive male, first candidate: all together it smells like a good oldshool hazehell, very very stinky allready: Genetics: Amnesia IBL, Sensi Star, G13xWidow F5, G13xSSH, Green Mojo OG and some dry ice hash, with a "hint" of weed, massive releaxing stuff, dangerous for the morning best vibes and keep growing
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    You need a bubble cloner it seems. I made mine from a 3 gal. plastic tote, a couple of long airstones and a good air pump. A good pump will set you back $80 bucks or so but the other items were cheap. roots after 7 days
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    Hope everyone is enjoying themselves the best they can under the current circumstances. Here is Ethos Cookies R2.
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    i did not see that before, just for info: all of the LT-crosses i created are made with an F1-male from dutch flowers original release (seeds via lala ). only the Lemon Thai "IX", that i was asked to make for DDC, included your LT = two F3-females to the LT f1-male, because i did not find any females in the f1-seeds i grew out before
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    Yesterday was a fun, exciting day. I had to have a couple of people too close to my grow for comfort. I quickly threw up a wall, partly to keep prying eyes away (scent control was excellent) and partly because I want to show @saxo that those walls will be covered. As an expert dry waller can see, I learned a little lesson about putting up dry wall when the floor is uneven concrete. Start at the top! Hey, a little joint compound and tape, and we're golden! Here's the gals at HPSrise, this morning: It's the last day of week 6. Some pistils are turning red, but they all have weeks to go. The PPC clone might be quickest — she might be chopped as early as week 8, but I'll probably let her go longer. I definitely noticed a big difference in effects between the PPC I cut at 9 weeks compared to the one I cut at 10.5 weeks in my last grow. The potency is similar, but the 10.5 weeker was KNOCK OUT, the 9 weeker can keep you awake a little while, if you're using it as a sleep aid. I'll try to get some pics displaying the trich production going on in there. Here are a couple of the Irie plants: The above two are Storm Fronts. These gals STINK of fuely, funky, armpit scents. Below, we have one of the Lemon Sunrise "lemon Pledge" girls. It has a scent a little reminiscent of Reeferman's Love Potion #1, but there are additional terps in there, as well. The sweet one still smells sweet, but those additional terps are building in the background, and are more significant today. There is a touch of the funky stank that I find in the Storm Front, which must be one of the scents provided by the Everything's gonna be all right male that the breeder used in these. It occurred to me that since this breeder uses an Arise male to create about half his strains, maybe I should grow Arise and see what he or she can do for me. So when the notion to buy seeds enters my head... Damn. How does that shit happen? My NEXT grow will be an all-fem, first Octopot grow. The drum roll for the octo grow has been going on for more than a year now, so that is happening. BUT THEN it's the big, experimental, find a few males and cross them to a few keeper females grow. Lemon Thai F3 and Arise are the two I want males from. I'm hoping one of the Lemon Sunrise gals I'm growing now will be stellar. I actually got another tent and LED fixture to keep them, so this seems more real than my other pollen chucking attempts.
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    They're getting along well now. Day before yesterday it was 115-120 around here. Today it was in the 60's with mist. That's Vegas heat! I don't know how people live there.
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    @Cap’n Shiva’s Crunch Berries So, the spider plant hit 27g btw I weigh it all no separation of popcorn etc. I was surprised at the state of the buds when checked and stem snap close. So, went into action quickly to jar and add one boveda pack. used pickle jar cause the quart jar wouldn’t hold all of it and that’s the last quart jar unless I find another. Took a little and put in the quart jar just to puff on casually. Flash and no flash. 1st test oct.1/2 for 30 day cure, then 60 day and @90 days.
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    Hey guys, I found one banana on ccb front left too. so making seeds with both phenos is not going to happen. I guess the it's the blueberry showing here. they also get very nice pinkish blue colours now, hope that will intensify. I found some budrot, too. damn... those buds are fat and dense^^ it's pretty dry the whole grow (30% rlh) so don't know.. while I was at it I harvested the salmon cause it looks ready. no new pistils, almost every hair is brown, resin is milky...smells heavenly.
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    I dont want to end as the V. van Gogh of Lemon strains. After Lemon Thai, Laughing Buddha, SuperLemon haze, Lemon Fields and Sour Lemon haze my nose and tongue are well prepared for extreme sports buds. Growing other strains side by side to the lemon corner is funny:the odor of flowering lemon strains stinks up your area. the others have to be isolated to get a real impression of their smell. smile
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    Weather has taken a change for some rather humid conditions, with no sun there's a constant RH 70-99%, so I'd have to really pick up the pace. Most plants from now on will most likeky be cut a week early or so.. Todays trim job, and some of the candidates for next year. Kinky Blaze 1 @ 8 weeks Kinky Blaze 2 @ 8 weeks Kaos 1 - @ 7 weeks Kaos 2 @ 7 weeks
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    I love running from seed and from clones. If you get what you think is a keeper you need to run it a couple of times to make sure and the only way to do that is clones.
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    Eh, just coming back to you guys feels good. I want to direct my energy in some more positive directions. I had a long convo with the oilfield recruiter's brother. They have an oilfield recruiting biz and also a separate cannabis recruiting biz. The brother does a lot of the cannabis stuff, and we just had an hour long convo, and this guy is super nice, he's going out of his way to help me despite not getting paid for it. So keep your fingers crossed, he reached out to a million contacts, and already there's some guy in PA (although far from me) who is going to call me. I'm ready to take my growing skills to the next level. Time to dive into the deep end.
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    Two things to know if you have a pack of @santero's Killer Cookies: 1. NEVER WORRY about whether the tall pheno can "catch up" in height to most strains, even if she's a week or two younger. 2. Fan leaves develop significant trichomes at week 3. I guess this is one of the features that makes GSC so popular. Looks like this one could be fun. While overly concerned that Lemon Sunrise would be an out-of-control sativa, the tall Pink Lemonade, tall Killer Cookies and the Storm Front are the ones topping out the canopy. LS does look like it will have the wispiest stems for holding up swollen buds, but I'm expecting the tent to be a general flop house. (Flop house is a term I heard while watching Little Caesar, starring Edward G. Robinson, when I was a kid, and not since. It was essentially a privately run homeless shelter. I am hereby redefining the term to mean a grow tent about a week before harvest.)
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    Hola Amigos! another update time. this is beginning of week 5 flowering. the girls grow their buds and produce resin, brown hairs appear here and there. honestly I expected some 'more' but I guess it's just my impatient ass telling me so because if I look at the pics it's actually a pretty good development. I fed them with 3ml bacto and a little cal-mag. who if you guys uses organic boosters and if so, which? I still have a bottle of pk-booster from bac (sannies shop) but I'm kind of hesitate to use since it's like 2 years old or something. next time I definitely need to cut more of the lower branches before flowering and defoliate more, there is a lot of popcorny and even smaller stuff down town and that is too much. maybe it helps my impression of 'nothing happening'. here some pics
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    I had some albanian 'landrace' seeds and the females stank like baby poo, i could compare both at that time was good weed, I crossed her with amnesia. I should test one or two...
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    New pictures, thanks for watching and comment. Hope the new are a good OG kush cross.The new is in first picture,the other one is gorilla skittle barney's.I make some clones but I can read than clones must be 10 centimeters maxi with max 3 nodes.Before reading this I think big branches are better than little... Some clones are rooting well using root Rio pot and clonex gel. Have good vibes One love
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    Good evening Ladies...and gents! Today i prepared two clones of the ccb for the seedmaking process. I chose ccb #1 (front left of flowering ones) as donor and the ccb #3 in the back left as the mother. I uppotted them to 3 gal pots with fresh soil. they'll get a week or so to establish and go right into the 60x60 to flower and hopefully make some nice seeds. would it be better to let the girl which will be sprayed with silver (50ppm) go in first and after 1-2 weeks the other girl will join the party? last time I did it like that. some pics. first is donor, second is the mother. in the middle of the last pic you'll see the future bonsai-mom of the acb.
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