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    The original topic was from 12 years ago and was getting a bit big to be a good read so thought to make a new and fresh topic about the progress what we are doing at the moment and what to expect in the feature. All seeds from Sanniesseeds are made by Sannie and Knutsel. Knutsel is my right hand and was not sitting idle the last few years, in his search for the perfect plant he made a real nice find and did some selections on the follow cross : Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields ( name for this strain will come later ). This combination was bulls eye for Knutsel and decided to do a proper selection on the seeds he made and found some winning pheno's to work with. The plants stand out in narcotic effect and allround aperence. The winning plant is used to make two new fem crosses : Madkush X Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields and Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields S1 seeds. Madkush selected pheno from regular seeds The plants are pollinated at the moment and should start producing seeds soon. Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields Buds are pollinated and seeds are visible already and hope to have them ready in around a month or so This is the reversed Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields Sannie's jack feminized are going fine and we expect to pollinate the plants in around 2 weeks Killingfields regular seeds are in week 2 of flowering and need another 3 weeks before pollination Chemdawg X Heribei will be pollinated soon We are also in the progress of making Madscientist fem seeds and a new batch of Sugarpunch seeds to ensure enough stock . As you can see we are working hard to get new strains and fresh stock. I am also working on my photography skills with super macro pictures and will show some work in this topic once in a while I will keep this topic updated regularly greets sannie
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    Nice Shoeless ! I need to pop some of my Sinister Heri crosses. Here are another Chocolate Rain (Esko) at day 61 and harvest, also Lemon Larry (Santero) at day 67 near ripe.
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    Huckin'Heri drying, cut at about 56 days.
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    Strappleberry day 25 of 12/12
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    Ultrashack mom f2 for f3 @ week 5-6 flowering, fully pollinated, most resign in tent and fastet budder, darkfruityhash smell.
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    Sunset Sherbet also end of wk5
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    DeathRose End of wk5, this finishes in 45 days
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    Thought I'd toss up some of this mornings pics.
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    Sour Lemon Haze 52 days 12/12. smile
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    Time for a quick update. I chopped the Ms. U clone a couple days ago and got some pics after manicuring... The Huck Kush girl is looking pretty good at the 5 week mark. Glad I took several clones from her so I will have more to come. I've really missed having HK around and look forward to filling my bowl with it in a few more weeks. Good news, It looks like I have a Huck Kush male to work with. I put him to 12's today and can't wait to get some more HK pollen to play with. That's all for now. I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving with family or friends.
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    First pic of another bud of the short sativa and second, Hamme, of the taller distinctly sweet grape smelling sativa you mentioned had longer buds to show you how they're filling out.
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    Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze at 6 weeks of 12s
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    Hello brothers! Sorry, but my pc crashed and i losted my password. But fixed the damn laptop and got my OG back. First it's time to upload some crappy pics to update, right? (then i am going to change my email adress and password haha) Well.. I gotta go brothers. You'll get more pics soon. (the pics are Ammie from Hammie - so Amnesia) - Long John Sails - Double Jam
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    Do not know how I missed this one. I had the LA make her own scrog in the Ocotopot. But I have not intentionally. She pulled a monster load of bud.
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    Thanks everyone. I was going to post this yesterday, but then I got high...lol...yeah, just like the song. When I first started doing research on breeding, I noticed there were a lot of people on the different forums asking for an easy way to get all those seeds separated from the plant. So here is a little step by step on how I do it. It takes me about 5 minutes to get them out and all plant matter removed. A little longer to count those little bastards. First I hang the plant (or pollinated buds) and let it completely dry. I use a metal mesh kitchen strainer to process it all. Not a great pic, probably should have trimmer her a little more before I hung her up. I got my tools "it puts the bud in the basket" Now just use your fingers and rub the bud around until all the plant material falls through. I was out of gloves, but definitely suggest using them. The seeds stay right where you want them. Dump them to the side and reload the strainer. Keep going until all the seeds are collected. Now for the time consuming part. Grab a credit card are piece of stiff card stock and start counting. I count by separating 5 seeds at a time discarding the light colored ones and small pieces of plant material. Then bag them up. Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze F2... 640 wonderful plants, just add water. Once the other plant is finished, The total count should double. Now, to all of you who really breed, I need some advice. If you all remember, When I did the F1, I only had 4 Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze seeds. I got lucky and had 2 each male and female plants. Both girls were pollinated by both boys. Would you keep the seeds from each plant separated? Or would you mix them. My first instinct is to bag them separately, but is there really any advantages to knowing which girl they came from. Neither plant has been tested, got to wait for the clones to finish flower. There are a few of you out there that have got a birdie coming. I'll PM you when they start the flight.
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    Tahoe OG.. Real deal kinda shit...
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    Madkush pollinated In this macro picture you can see that the pistil is for 50% brown and is getting pregnant as we speak Look close and you will find pollen greets sannie
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    Purple Atomic Jam, 55 days 12/12. smile
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    New grow! front to back and left to right: mad chem. Mad chem. Sour kush 1 sour kush 2. Sour kush 1 sour kush mad chem. Sour kush 1. Sour kush 2
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    Sounds good! I need to get that pic of mine up. It was cool to go back and look at it again. It was a beauty in every way. Here we go... Chucky's f3 made by Beachbud .. It started getting lots of pinkish color to it and the calyxes turned deep red under the buds. All buds were big and fat and not too dense. peace mrG edit: 2nd pic shows some of the red calyxes.
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    Orange Fruity Pebbles x (Pure GooeyxChocolate Diesel), Atomic Jam (green) 44 days flowering. smile
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    Orange Fruity Pebbles x (Pure GooeyxChocolate Diesel), Durberella, Green Atomic Jam, Big Lemon Thai smile
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