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    Which one is my potential keeper (same cultivars)? I will make a second run to confirm.
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    C99 start of week 5 bulking up nicely.
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    Truck (train wreck x huck kush) @ 10 weeks
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    Wedding Mint, check out the gloves from taking off the fan leaves! ha so darn black, sticky mother
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    Just some random shots hgk x gogi jet atf x nl5 @Indican lemon gas greenrebelfarms
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    mephesto creme dela chem
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    Petrolia Headstash F2. Made F3s.... These are pure diesel when u squeeze a nug. Intense diesel.... Gonna cross it to Woodhorse Herijuana males next round. Sort of a petrolia bx.
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    @Phuuu Ad GG2 IPA AK47 at 26 days . beautiful looking plant love her bud structure sorry for the yellow lights
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    I apologize, I can not take a nice pic, this is Field Trip, I really wanted to capture her color but I can not. That is her in a 2 quart jar, it is 58 grams in there! She is so dense and heavy. Has a blackish, brownish, tan color to her.
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    Nerple! it's uhh purple
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    SAN Killer Cookies, 67 days, sisters. Beautiful fade, can't wait to try 'em out. Gonna cut them both at 70 days, they can go now but the drying box is full.
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    Well lets keep it going. The keeper that I almost didn't get a clone of. Never pass on the runt! BB & C
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    Day 3 of flower saw the very first pistol on one of them. They got a bit dry yesterday but hey gave the roots a workout to go look for water I guess. Started cleaning under the net and I tuck every second day or so
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    Why do I even have Scissors I never use them That is beautiful pot Indi
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    Heath Robinson's Black Rose F11
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    Grüne Hessin before chop. Warlock x Jack Flash. Drying now. Intimidated by the extreme haze smell..... oh oh Two sisters cuddling.... So much bud it didnt know where to grow...
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    Jilly Bean eight and a half weeks.
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    Other silverflieds pheno. Shame the photo can not be post in the real format it so big this vertical macro pano. Make this for printing very big bigger then my self A small and dense silverflied pheno. My favorite pheno.
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    Beautiful work @Shoeless this is shiva dawg at 63 days from flip stacking nicely needs 2 weeks
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    Some iPhone pics. The big ones are the Jilly Beans at end of week 7, getting some nice color. The pots are Mothers Finest, 6 for six females end of week 4. One had balls early, moved it to collect pollen, two weeks later, it was all girl. No nanners since. They’ve been defoliated a week ago. I’m impressed so far, haven’t done 1 gal for awhile. Excited to have some for summer, it’s great weed.
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    Thanks,my freezer is packed with some good stuff I need to pop. Here is a OG Kush auto from Ethos. It had a really great buzz and taste.
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    the favorite pheno almost look like a sugar punch pheno we like.
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    Other Pheno this one smell like sweet Grape sour haze.
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    Pretty sure this is the more Indica Diamond version of the Chocolate Diesel, from DCG at about 45 days :D
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    I couldn't wait, steam dried some Jilly Bean, and it's delicious, you just want to eat it. Great high, too, pretty intense, but that always changes significantly. Hey, how come no one ever advertises "aged cannabis, for true connoisseurs "? My experience, six month to a year in jars, and wow. One of my favorite tasting strains in Colorado was Island Sweet Skunk, and this tastes exactly like that, with a bit more fruit. Need to take them down, because I need the space, but doggone it, 9 weeks today, and they're just not quite ready. Well, guess i'm not having any guests for few weeks, so can put them in the guest bedroom, lol.
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    so i finally have some legit pictures I took with my faux-dslr camera. here we go kids. sorry for the file size. Critical Jacks. don't be fooled, some of them that look voluminous are not too dense. but... this sativa critical jack will be a keeper. critical jack #7. truly a beast, dense colas, resilience to stress. just needs a week or two more veg than the amnesia stepsisters, and probably can handle slightly lower lights. a closer shot suggest that she will flower longer than her sisters but I'll take it. meanwhile, the amnesia row is still the overall winner. heres' the bulkier side: and here is the taller side: There's one very curious and different from the usual type of amnesia i've got. unlike her sisters, she's got dense golfball nugs rather than a long donkey dick cola. but the nugs seem ridiculously dense, large calyxes. I'm keeping a close eye on you, am#5: some of the critical jacks are frosty, but don't look like they'll yield too heavily. they've got frost till the tips of the leaves though. not like mild light frost. i'm talking about bud level frost: that being said, some of the criitcal jack appear to be just about done, will start cutting on monday. this pic was taken a week ago, so she should be all amber and cloudy now. The critical + row is a mixed bag: Here's the best critical plus (technically critical plus 2.0 - I caller her 2CP1. This row is home to the dark horse of this entire grow: sweet amnesia haze by sweet seeds. Only one of her survived and damn she's getting frosty. smells intricately interesting as well. \ The Critical Plus has some frosty phenos too. But I think, given her structure size and stature, critical plus is a much better plant to grow under a smaller grow light in a smaller space (1-2sqm) and/or in a SOG setup. Not to say it cannot be scrogged with a lower plant count, but I think the critical jack edges it out in terms of overall average vigour and growth. I have grown far fewer seeds of Critical Plus than Critical Jack though, so maybe it's just a matter of finding the optimal pheno. For a strain that's meant to be commercial, she seems to have potential in the potency department as well, but only the toke will tell. They also look like they're just about finishing up. Critical Plus and Plus 2.0 can be done comfortably with an 8 week flowering window, probably 7.5 weeks from clone. Frosty and pretty critical plus: Now, I've not been too motivated to capture pics of the kolossi, because one of the two rows of kolossi got really fucked by a pump shutdown, and the other row was just basically the runts of the batch. I will run some cuts of kolossi again to see how they grow in a standard situation. Also, the kolossi seem very very different from the one I grew in 2015/16. Rock hard golf ball nugget structure rather than long colas which I had last time around. But those nugs are like rocks, really really dense, so I want to give her good phenos a shot again. More than anything, the kolossi are all very open in their structure. It really reduces the time spent trimming. Naturally though this only makes sense if they yield as good as or better than the 'more demanding' cuts I've got. I will definitely get some pics of them before they are hacked down. we're on the last lap here folks. best vibes, El Chupa
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    Happy hump day to all. Back with an update on a sunny day at the beach. Time to start on the next run. After looking through the seed stash I decided to start some Kali Snapple x Super Silver Haze, all three have sprouted and looking good. I also dropped the last 2 Holy Princess freebie seeds I had. I had dropped 3 of them last year but the never sprouted. Sadly the same happened with these. Really bummed to miss out on that one. Anybody else have issues sprouting them? I also sprouted 1 Phuuu's IPA fem, time to make more medicine. Just above the seedlings I still have PHK #3 vegging. She ready to go to 12's but I am waiting until the elder Truck girl comes out in a few days. In the flower room Truck #1.2 is going on 10 weeks in 12's and her little big sister is 7 weeks in. The older PHK is @ 45 days and the younger one is @ 33 days. Smelling pretty good in there right now. Purple Hindu Kush #1.1 @ 33 days PHK # 2.1 @ 45 days Truck #1.1 @49 days Truck #1.2 @ 65 days Be sure to check out the post just before this one if you would like an Arizer Solo vape for the cost of shipping it to you. Great little vape that needs a good home.
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    When the lights go out...a snapshot of the few minutes of "twilight" my plants receive. It's just the inconsistency of the timer. It's about 5 min behind the gavita and I never really bothered to change it. Got some fuzzy but satisfying pics through the cctv. Some black and whites to spice things up 
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    She looks dark purple in person, and I broke open a bud, it is kind of pink inside Hope it stays that way after drying, Isn't that crazy, never saw such black before.
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    Silverflieds Pheno C
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    They are about to get chopped and they know it.
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    Jo folks Decided to diversify into aerial photography for reference, the vertical slotted angle channels are 6ft tall. The amnesias are far outsizing everything else. Some kolossi peaks are visible vaguely in the distance, but the juice is all in the amnesia row. I've got quite a bit of variety in terms of amnesia bud density. From stem base to peak, there are quite a few above 6ft. The entire left rectangular area in the picture below is one amnesia plant. She looks like she has potential to be the keeper, but I'm concerned about flower time for her. Here you can better see some of the big colas. I've never grown such frosty nugs in my life, these 1000w are gamechangers. Waiting to see what CMH will bring. Best vibes Elchupa
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    @gardenartus she is a sparkly little bugger here’s lemon gas and HGK x GoGi OG and shiva dawg
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    Hi indy Nl5 x atf f 1 . Frosty and colorful Closeup
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    Not sure maybe dry 1/4 oz I did it for shits and giggles and just to see what they may be like the clones will find their way into the Octopots in 2 weeks when it finishes up I’m going to re use the old soil ( last grows soil in garage safe ) hope all goes well can’t get out so this little project is fun keeps me busy going to start veggies soon for the garden hopefully need to order seeds for some here’s the flowering tent
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    And now the Peyote Pancake girls. The two of them are relatively short, especially next to their sativa dom tentmates. The shorter one is branchy. The taller might not have produced a clonable branch without being topped. And now the Miss U Jack sisters. One of them is well behaved. Here's plant A, or Little Miss Well-Behaved: Plants B, C and D seem similar, but C especially looks like trouble. I may see about enrolling her in UConn's women's basketball program.
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    Happy isolation Sunday. Camera play. Well, it's almost harvest day for Jilly Bean, the pictures don't do her justice, she's finishing amazing. This is 9 weeks, 2 days, and I'll let her sit in the dark for a few days before chop. The scents are intoxicating yield looks like it's going to be great, nice colors on the short one. Mother's Finest is now in my flower closet as of this morning, at 6 weeks flower, really needed to move them into the sealed room, as they are starting to stink. A lot fruitier than I remember. MF's trademark was always golf ball shaped nugs, which I tried to get some pics of. Due to having more time before I shut down for the summer, I thought, what the hell, let's run out 20 ten year old Lowryder 2 seeds. Still got 75% germination. I just always liked the high on the Lowryders, good Brazilian sativa buzz, and sweet burnt rubber scent. Ahhh, the old days. Peace and health to you and yours.
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    Jilly Bean update, 8 and half weeks. I'm pretty impressed with this plant. As you can see, the two pheno's are distinctly different, the tall one is skunky orange melon, the shorter one is orange/pineapple jelly beans, probably the most interesting smelling weed since Chucky's Bride. Both have beautiful, rock hard buds. Trichs are milky/clear right now, and tons of them, I'll give them another week. Really liking these Octopots, plain water the past two weeks, just letting them sit and dry, giving a nice fade on the tall one. She was begging for some P, but I think the Ocean Forest soil is almost enough to carry them seed to flower all by itself. Can't wait to try her. A buddy had some commercial grown last year, really liked it, but it was nowhere as good as this is gonna be.
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    the grow is long finished. did not get to continue the report. I love the Malasana cookies
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    Also. This was the best pheno of the moby dick auto. greasy af. truly stellar, stellar, cerebral smoke. Not so dense, but man is she a smokeeee.
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    More black...this time Black Garlic. Runt but going into reveg to see if I can do something special later......
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    The One / Panama x Pakistani/ Chocolate Thai 1 of 6 that’s blasting past everything else. Big expectations for this one.
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    Hi there ! We are excited to announce you that our shop is online. Your support during the pasts years was really important to stay focus on our work, so thank you to be part of our community. In agreement with Sannie, we created a discount coupon for OG members. Because good news doesn't come alone, we worked on the restock so you can find again our Ouzbekistan, Black Afghani and Col'Jam. Soon on SanniesShop. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to be aware of our incoming strains like Afghani CBD, Ghana for sativa's lovers and a limited edition of one of our mythic strain. Thanks for your support
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    And, Alaskan Fish Fertilizer! I forgot to mention that one. That was the weed growers fert of choice. Heh, we were organic before the fake shit was even made! Some of the older guys on the other place have really hooked me up with strains I thought I'd never know. Now, age anxiety is setting in! Will I be able to grow them all before I die?! I better start now to be sure, buwahhahahahah!!
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    Another week has passed. This is day 15 I think (yesterday, I was too tired to make a post) With this week are major changes to the plants. Their feet have for sure found the juice of life. I think I will go one more week (18/6 under 400W MH) and see if I can top. EC.85 Water Temp 23c Air Temp 24.5c 54% rH PH 5.9 Its been a while since Ive seen branching like that on a 2 week old from seed. See you next week! Keep er upright.
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    Hello open growers today I turn the lights off to try give girls 48 hours cause I want to try Photos are just before do that First 2 is the northern light Second is Sugar punch pink purple colure Third is the somari X madchem So also today I waight the first cut of three girls and total dry was 481 grams The second will much more so I expect More than 1000 grams from 2 X 630 CMH .Not bad for an organic grow
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