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    OG Kush x BLR & Blackberry Haze
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    Black Afghani, she didn't change colors for me, I think maybe because I grow perpetual, and heat is always higher I don't see colors on my plants? Just a hunch lol. Wow, she put out some nice colas and her smell is really nice She is heavy, heavy weight gal.
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    BlackBerry Haze from NAW and DurghanCitral x BLR from @Smokey Pockets
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    Kinky Cheese Anesthesia x Sour Cheese Anesthesia x AK 48
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    .....oh jaa ,the Dusk.......
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    I have collected the first seeds But i know already this will not be a big harvest of seeds, but I hope to get enough seeds out of the buds to realize a working stock in the shop. Next week the plants will be cutted and laid to dry greetz sannie
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    Rhino Blood #2 the F2 seed mom. I'm leaving it outside a few more days but it's basically done. I figure I'll see if I can get more color out of it. It's getting some pretty reds and purples coming on. It stands at 5 1/2 feet tall. I was impressed with her as she started her life in a 1 gallon pot and stayed there till it started to flower and I put in a 3 gallon pot. I never expected it to continue to grow but it more than doubled in size from the re-pot. peace mrG
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    Dear all, I would like to spread my seeds to you all (hm in my brain it sounds not so dirty but after writing it ...) okay so I like to spread my crosses to you all and hope to receive some infos or feedback from you. All strains where pragmatic selected: low feed, maximum resin, best yield, special in smell, structture. We don't make here rocket science, we just want good tasty weed with as low effort as possible. I grow them in soil and fed them just a few times later in flower with just organic. fun is No. 1 here for me We will start with 2 strains wich are special in itselfs: BerryDawg (Line #1) Parents: (bluechem f2 x (bluechem x blueberry)) F2 thanks to @e$kob@r for providing this strains. Flowering: 8 - 10 weeks Smell and taste: expect ripen berryfruits, honey and some diesel Big buds even on lowest branches, not much leaves and not really popcorn as you can see, I trim her by hand in 2 minutes, Im lazy ... Ultrashack: hx for shack f3 years ago 2 @sannie Parents: ((shack f3 x kultranustra f2) x kultranustra f1) f2 Flowering: 8 - 10 weeks Smell and taste: expect something between flowers, musk and a bit fuel/diesel, one pheno tastes like yasmine Im smoking right now other can taste like fruits/orange/grapefruit, just find them. Also there some purple plants to find. Speartype buds with some branches near the stem, g13 always comes through. The name should not implement that this is THE shack, its just a namegame Strainpictures are from this summer where it has temps over 40 degrees outside, but they are forgiving strains as you can see. Maintarget the next few weeks for me is to create a nice f3 and to show you here the parents. Im working on a few projects wich I want to share here later with you. freebees from ultrashack f2 should arrive sannie soon, if the luck is on my side. best growing 2 all og fellows
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    Hi OG, Sorry for the somewhat late update. I was very busy lately. But here I am again . LJS #4 LJS A Mango Haze La Nina #2 Amnesia Haze La Nina #3 BLR Durgh BlackBerry Haze I chopped the BH yesterday. I had strangly no blackberry haze smell, but more like catpiss. It's coverd in suger and lovely foxtails. It need a good cure en then i come back at it. I just smoked some Lemon Mary from Santero (Santa Maria x Lemon Thai). It is a very nice smoke. Very up, creative and focused. My underlegs are some tingly, and my lowerback is some relaxed, but not much in medicinal thermes. It's all in the head. The smell is like Santa Maria, but a little mint/lemon in the back. Sadly it is not at full potency because I screwed it up. It deserves a round 2! SV
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    Sugarpunch 1 (narco) at 56 days of 12/12 and harvest.
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    Sum randoms.. Bout 5 days left on most of these...
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    So the good news was that I was ready to do the Anesthesia again, after the summer the bad news is that unfortunately all 3 primary external backups of the skunk afghan have been lost over the last 9 months due to plagues and the men in blue So I have two choices: Try to stabilize an f# with the backup seeds I have left (and that will take a long time, believe me, ik tossed so many F2's already) Find my Skunk Afghani from secondary safety backups Find an alternative Skunk Afghani mother My philosophy is though that I only make the F1, for growers to select their own pheno. So option 1 is not an option. I'm already in the process of contacting some fellow breeders who were secondary backups to see if I can get a hold of her, but it will not be easy. I haven't given up hope though. The Kronocaine mother (My Amnesia Haze selection from 12 years back) has been saved from the hands of the law recently fortunately, but keeping your genetics is a constant battle here. If you like the Kronocaine, get her now and grow her! The seeds are still good, thanks to them being chilled and well kept, but they will go out of stock before not too long. As Kronocaine (strangely enough) was never a big seller, I was not planning a new batch, that would be a bit of a waste of time unfortunately. She is getting a bit of a revival in Spain at the moment. If there is enough interest in the Kronocaine, and the Afghani is not available, I might just do that one instead again to replenish the seeds. I will keep you all posted but this will take a lot of work. Those who have seeds still: Use them. They are getting old. Select your phenos and grow them. Don't sit on your seeds. They are fading diamonds. Grow them! peace
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    Ms. Universe @ 8 weeks.
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    Cherry Truffle Shuffle killer cherry truffle x night terror OG by my man @islayhearts
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    esKobar's gear was killer. good to see more people trying to preserve their packs. i have the original mothers and can ressurect the lines, if need be. nothing is lost
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    To those who are eager to try out e$ko's "Holy Princess"; "Chuckies Bride" or "Chocolate Cheese"... FIX YOURSELF A PACK OF THESE cause they make a great presentation of the lines E$ko used to create. This lady goes more to the "Exodus" side when you put your nose in but with a sweet cherry scent on top. With the "C99" also in the mix most of the ladies were done pretty fast; this particulary pheno was done in 53days but you could pull her earlier. Holy Princess #1 x Chocolate Cheese #4 F1 (made by SANTERO in 2013)
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    So today seeds where gone into the plugs. Ultrashack f2 and a new cross: afghanchitral f1 x coljam f1 - Berrydawg selection will get my attention the next round. Thats the mom on the right side, longest bud Ive ever seen so should be some nice stuff to work on, she never stops to flower on, week 14-16 I chopped her because of the trichs. The smaller one is also pollinated with afghanchitral, also a coljam but the fastet one I got in my tent, tooks around 10-12 weeks, but thats another line. cheers and keep growing OG fellows
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    2 Amnesia Haze clones from @Hamme Hydro
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    Because my tent is in holiday - here some other buds to fill it:
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    Seedlings are doing good. Clones are doing what they should. They will all get transplanted into their pots in the next day or so. I ordered some fabric pots and will be giving them a shot. I screwed up again and left my overhead florescent lights on in the grow room. So the Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze got about 36 hours of light. I'm such a dumb ass sometimes. Power went out yesterday for about 4 hours. When it came on I went out to reset the timers and I noticed the lights on. Think I am going to hang a hammer next to the light switch. Tap myself on the forehead a few times next time I leave it on. I'll add some pics of the girls in the room when the lights come on.
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    Hello guys, this is a long and delayed blooming session, the light was set with some flash at night... they are here from mid July. anyway, they look delicate ! the smell is indescribable, between fruit & chocolate.
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    My little boy arrived on 9/20! Sorry it's taken me a bit to come over and let you guys know. Where did all my time go? Can I just... upload your guys' threads and discussion directly to my brain? I feel like I'm missing out on one hand, but on the other hand it's like there's never enough time for my boys lol
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    no they WON't, toker. you are exaggerating the SLIGHT differences/nuances that CAN appear from different thumbs/environments please don't just read up stuff and dogmatize it, eh? *lol* esko gave me a few personally and others i got from the same circle of his friends these plants will not make differnt seed, no matter the minimal differences that can appear from differnt setups/thumbs/environments/nutes ect, btw ... *wink* MINIMAL differences, the genetics stay the same, tho. see for yourself, bro. grow the same clone for a few times, and THEN you will understand what is actually meant by that. it does NOT mean that the genetics completely change. it's not like i grows f.e. cheese a few times and everytime she is fully differnt. that ... is ... NOT .. the ... case ... sometimes branching is a bit different or the budshape goes a bit foxtail in heat ect, nothing drastic. taste and effects stay the same, of course. just wanted to clear this up, since i saw you mostly exaggerating this more and more and more with each post you mention this clone swaps/trades and gifts happened after we meet a few times. i did not went there for clones, tho, lol ... we hung out in friendship. bbq, family, smoking, eating, watching movies ... this kind of relation. @sannie i wonder why he did not tell you (almost 3 years ago now). when did you two last speak ? it is not a secret ... everybody is just in denial, lol.