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    Few days later without the light on. I only could capture the 1m2 tent, light switchted on of the 60x60 when I opend it, so no picture of it Day 25 - 12/12 Gr, X
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    Here are the two CBD Kush by Le rat. What a dank ass smell. I kind of know it but, again... I can't put words to it. I struggled with PM with one of these plants, too. They were almost like a snow kush or something before, with all of the trichomes, and then the PM hit. I was using SM-90... meh. ok. Then I ran out of cash and used water with baking soda but I got the ph way higher than intended. The meter I'm using needs to be calibrated. I eventually got some Safer 3 in 1 and it seemed better than the SM-90 but the stuff comes back on the little leaves just under the bud. The high PH water seemed to piss the buds off in the long run. It made them all dull looking and the trichs just seemed to fade. I got them to add a little before I chopped them. Early smoke report is pretty promising. It's obviously got CBD in it since the high is not like potent pot. It does seem to have THC, too. The Swiss Gold that was used in the cross is supposed to have a great reputation and has around a 2:1 ratio. So, I trimmed them before cutting to make sure there was no PM hiding and chopped them on day 56 like the H/NE. I hope to get an arsenal of CBD eventually and then I can go to work on making mad medicines for myself! So, I'm hoping this one ends up being one of them. I'd love to get it tested. Maybe I can find one of the grow ops around town to help. Not sure with all the regulation. Thank you Le rat! The Rat Lab has it going on! peace mrG
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    Day 21 of 12/12 (3 weeks completed) Taking a peek from outside the tent doors to get a relative size comparison: Godsmack on the left, BJxSelene & WVa Mohawk on the right Godsmack club shot - two bottom tops are small, separate plants. Godsmack side view Godsmack top buds Sativa Side Club Shot Sativa Side - Side View W.Va. Mohawk top buds Bazooka Jane x Selene(M) - Close up With 3 weeks of flowering in the bank, things are starting to ramp up. Most of these pictures are from last night, so technically the start of day 22 of 12/12. I watered them with my worm tea brew as usual - this morning... some of the fan leaves are almost straight up. Praying hard. I haven't listened to my own advice (so someone smack me), and as of yet I have not ordered any predatory mites, insects, or nematodes. I also have no bad mites or insects to deal with, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way. I think having the tent in a finished basement vs a garage, as well as tending the plants at the end of my day, after I've showered, has isolated it a bit more from the hazards of bringing something in from the garden. It's also possible some nematodes are still in the soil from last grow. And also, those blue and yellow fly-catching strips do a great job of taking out the random fly here and there. Everything looks great, besides a bit of hot soil for some of the Godsmack's early on. I think they're way past that. My worm tea this go around went for 28 hours, and included: - 5 gal water (tap water, aerated for an additional 12 hours prior to adding ingredients) - 1/3-1/2 cup Blackstrap Molasses - 2 cups fresh worm castings - pinch of kelp meal - pinch of granular mycorrhizae mix - pinch of trichoderma atrioviride flowable product (AmPac Biotech) - pinch of epsom salts, just in case they're still hungry for some magnesium from their stretch period - 4 mL of my Ca+ extract I made from vinegar and eggshells from last grow Going to have to start boosting the Phosphorous soon.
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    Holy cow. That's a lot of weed! Congratulations on the harvest. I wouldn't mind having the set-up your son enjoys. A greenhouse would be so freaking awesome. Not just for weeds. For everything.
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    Not a bad haul, Justcozz!
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    she looks very beautiful, @justcozz the colors also stem from the bubba. may it be good smoke *woot* very eager to hear your opinion / description.
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    Mine were finished after eight weeks 12/12. This was her a few days before harvest. One of the best smokes i ever grew.
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    That's close to Colo. At least the 6 plants, 12 if you have a med card, and you could be granted more. I forget the total possession at home limit. I'll check. At least our state has shown no interest in overstepping the new laws. I feel very free, at least in this region of the state. peace mrG
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    Growing on rock-wool is very convenient for indoor if you ask me. And it doesn't only seem easy, it really is easy. You simply prepare a reservoir, add nutriment and adjust the pH and that is it. You can decide how big that reservoir is and also how you water the plants. Eb and flow is not the only possible way for hydro growing, but it is one of the most efficient to me. I don't work with timers, i just plug in the plunger pump and fill up the tray with a hose connected to the pump. When the tray is filled with 10 cm of water, i put the plunger pump in the tray and pump the water back into the reservoir. You can try it Damar and see if you like it as much as i do!
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    Day 15 12/12 Flood and Drain every 48hrs Calgreen 20ml per 100l A&B flower to 1.5ec pH5.5 Sensi Seeds super skunk for next grow i miss the old heavy indica plants these hybrids are not breed for the tent grower anymore so ive gone back to what works best
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    @douglasfurtrapper Thanks. My hat's off to the breeder of this gem. @sannie @Mr Goodfellow I may come back to this structure, but i'm playing with something new on my young plants. I'll share pics later. I am trying to figure out what works best, and the only way to know is to try everything out there. @smilestyle I am attracted to bonsai. I grow adeniums in bonsai form. Last year i tried sprouting some pine seeds, with bonsai intentions. But i messed things up. I forgot to bring them out of the refrigerator last spring. They are still in my refrigerator, in sealable plastic bags full of moist soil. I need to throw them away and begin again this fall. This does work. Put pine seeds in damp soil in the refrigerator in the fall. Plant seedlings in spring. I did actually get some into soil. Some actually began growing. But something killed them. Some animal, human or otherwise. Next Wednesday will be week 7 or 8 of flowering. I count flowering when I spot pistils. I am beginning to notice many others count flowering when they switch to 12/12. I don't know if I am wrong. But i will begin sampling Chocolate Rain next week. Thanks for the info on the strains. @Damar I studied a lot of you old forums while you were away. Lot's of great info and philosophy on organics. Keep it up. Bacteria brews are the best new thing i am doing with this grow. @smilestyle again. I am not sure if i am helping my yields or not by topping these plants. I think keeping the plant whole while bending the stem sharply to keep the height under control might actually be better. I have not yet tried super-cropping, except for a couple minor accidents last year breaking some stems. But, to control the height of a sativa, topping combined with LST really keeps the height in check. @gardenartus Incredible genetics.
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    Humbodlt/Nor'easter at day 56 & chop. peace mrG
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    Lemon Bubba, an @santero creation. Thanks SAN.
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    I've got a lemon cross I haven't tried yet. I collected the pollen of the male and only plant I tried. It's Lemon Fantasy from Le rat, (deathstar x sfv og) x Lemon Skunk crossed it to a very potent and lemony Green Manalishi f2. I'm hoping to get a nice lemon cross. I have 6 sprouts of the cross so maybe I'll have an addition to the thread in a few months. I want to grow a female Lemon Fantasy, too. It sounds very good, but honestly, I have know idea of how much lemon is exhibited in the strain. peace mrG
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    As promised... come an take a peek inside the tent with me! On the right side we have 3 WVU Mohawks (Bigun) and 1 Bazooka Jane x Selene (DreamOfGreen). This is a correction to what I wrote previously about having 4/5 Mohawk females. Turns out I cut an extra male and forgot. It's been what, about 6-7 days after flipping the lights to 12/12 - these babies are STRETCHING! I bent the tops of the Mohawks, their C99 lineage showing with their flexible stems. After 2 days of bending, the stems are much, much stronger. It helped to open up the canopy a bit. The plant on the bottom left is the BJ x Selene. She's not as vigorous of a branch grower as the other 3. Here's a side shot: Now, moving onto the Indica side of the tent... We've got Godbud x Herijuana dominating the scene - two large exemplars down the middle, two shorter varieties on the right. I don't know if it's sharing a large planter, or some other issue, but the Roadtrips on the left are small. They don't seem to be unhealthy, but they're not exactly thriving? Kinda stalled. But hey, as long as they're not in the way too much, live and let live. Here's a club shot of the left side of the tent: And here's a side view of these Indica doms: Wednesday mornings are hectic for me, because I need to submit a few reports before 8am about weekly data that encompasses oilfield work extending through midnight the day before. My hair got caught in the blue fly trap hanging off the lights above the Indicas (see first picture) as I was taking these pics. That shit is sticky as fuck. I hope you guys and gals can appreciate the sacrifice. I hope I can show you all some "barely legal" buds in a week or two.
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    I am tickled, looks like the hoods, or ballast or bulbs were the issue Half gallon jars. GG #4
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    I thought i was posting on my own forum. Oh well. I am pretty stoned right now.
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    Ice couldn't make it to the finish line in one piece. I made the past harvest last as long as it could. Then i began picking buds. The buds that i picked did not look ready. Although they are fine. They are not racy in the least, even though the the vast majority of hairs were white. As i picked the buds, in three separate batches of maybe six per day, the understory buds looked like they could use more time. So i have been keeping the plant, feeding bacterial brews to the roots, but no nutrients beyond what dissolves out of two cups of clay soil in a large 'tea bag', and a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses in a gallon of water. The hairs on the remaining buds are finally beginning to look finished. Tuesday will be eight weeks since the first pistils showed. Nine weeks since the advent of 12/12. Gone are the days of rationing a dwindling supply of weed. I rely on this stuff for some serious pain relief. Each time i used a bit of my stash, my anxiety ratcheted up. What if i run out? Ha. I am pleased to report, no more. I have plenty of weed to last me until the rest of this plant comes down. And only another week or two for the next couple. Now i take pleasure in grinding an entire bud in the morning. This is not meant to be a smoke report. But, one pretty impressive thing about Ice -- it's a long lasting high. Four hours after vaporizing a pinch of bud, and i don't feel the need for more. For several days now, three separate vapor-toking sessions lasts from morning until bedtime. I like to have a fourth, just before bed. It's a hard-hitting indica. But the high is not too special. It feels a little too heavy. Not bad. Once i have some other options, i can see using this one at bedtime only.
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    Another bucket list item for sure
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    Well I just finished 3 weeks of flower, so I'm going to lay off too. Not sure where the 1" leaf stem rules comes from for LEDs, though? I am using 50W COBs. But, i've also got lots of space, lots of fans, and the airflow is great (relative to some of my early grows).
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    Holy crap those are some fat buds!
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    You won't regret it, you get more weight in it. Your flowers get more light evenly, the more light te more weight you get. Gr, X
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    Ok, i saw this thread for the first few posts but never posted. Very cool stuff. How do you like the Sunset Sherbet? I just had a pre-roll on 4/20 of Gelato and SS is a parent with GSC mint, I believe. It was a different taste and seemed like a cool smoke. I have to try the cob one day. Thanks for the info! peace mrG
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    Same here. After 3 weeks I don’t touch them at all. I know some guys do another defoliation around week 6 but since I hit em at day 1 and week 3 that’s enough for me.
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    I used to trim much more than I have been lately and I think I'm gonna try it more. I wanted to be safe while learning indoors again. But I'm finding more reasons to do thoughtful trimming a little more on the aggressive side, again. I had it wired pretty good outside before. peace mrG
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    Hi tread I am a firm beliver in defoliation how far in to flowering stage do you trim I only trim up to the first 3weeks after flipping them to 12/12
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    Great looking grows you got there. I think I may regret not putting a net in my current grow.
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    With this being an led grow, any leaf with an inch of longer stem gets taken out. Two places where I really have to make sure I clean up are leaves growing into the middle of the plant and anything in the bottom third. This strain is growing bushier than anything I’ve grown in a long while so I absolutely have to aid in air flow along the bottom and the interior and that may be more important than opening up more bud sites. Any defoliation will stall the plants for a couple days but if timed right they crank it back up rather quickly. A week after my first defol you barely could tell I ever touched them.
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    As a rookie grower, I am honored... and I'm with you on the bacteria brews. I've been giving them to my plants once a week this round. In fact, got a brew that should be ready tonight! I have been only running them 24 hours lately for bacterial dominance, but I'm letting this one go 30.. and I threw in a pinch of some mycorrhizae and trichoderma into the mix. I love growing organic in soil, especially after the soil has completed at least one cycle. It's like you could put anything in there and it thrives... and all you need to do is add water! Thats why I am so focused on what else can be done to help the plants out, since with organics the watering/feeding is such a breeze. I see people bending plants that are well into flowering all the time, I am just always nervous that I'll stunt them...
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    That’s both phenos. I chopped them early to see the difference. Last two I struggled with things from the beginning and PM hung on till the end.These didn’t have the same problem and look just ripe. The last one smelled like Skittles but that smell faded by the time chopped it. These were in only 2 gal pots. They look in much better shape than my last two. They are very greasy/sticky. Not bad for my 2 gallon pot. I have two new bulbs now so when I bring the Sultana and Shivadawg back inside to flower the yield should improve. I gave them a night outside all night. Very warm here now all of the sudden. peace mrG
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    ....bit early this week,but i´m about to go fishing until sunday.....wish me luck!! Chocolate Ghost by San ...... Happy Fathers Day and a loong & nice Weekend
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    My Lemon Thai repro, grown by The Organic Obsession. smile
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    I want a fez and a moustache on the Turkish Maury, please. smile
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    I don't mean to be rude, but this post strikes me wrong.
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    Texas Tomato Fertilizer is all you need. Promix, perolite and watch your plants grow. No real need to run it full strength...just what the plant ask for. Super simple
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    Yeah indeed, it gives just that little extra weight in the scale and it's not too much work to do it. Gr, X
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    @Sunnyvale The Malawi Gold, I ´ve grown came from old afropips seedstock. I reproduced them and made some crosses, I still have to explore. Malawi Gold is legendary, afropips version is the real thing regarding flowering time, yield, taste,growth and effects. World Class sativa, easy to grow,stays small due to short internodes and has definitly big flowers. The taste varies from tangerine to landrace spice. Malawi Gold x Lemon Thai has a light spicy lemon taste. smile
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    She pulls so much heavy weight, this one you had, she is the nice pheno, nice high on her. That GG pink was like a lighter version of her, but same yield, heavy duty. I think this is a nice one to cross with Indi Too bad all those legal name issues behind this one
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    This is a really good way to do dabs, like moon rocks without the bud. Broke it into small pieces, pick up a piece and add it to a bowl of bud. Perfect! Simply heated the shatter enough so the kief would stick. This is very tasty and smooth, you don't cough a lung up.
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    First 2 pics are growing and stretching more like goji og, second 2 pics are resembling blue Magoo
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    Here's a couple of the Sultana tall pheno. It started throwing female flowers almost as it came out of the ground, lol. It almost lookst like it's flowering but I think it's still just lots of fat pre flower. These plants are freaking oversexed, heh. Sounds like I could make some fast flowering f2's. Looks like she'll make lots of buds. peace mrG
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    Pregnant Lemon Thai F3. Mother of Lemon Thai F4 and Very Lemon Cindy
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    Maybe Cristalin will pipe in soon. He's been pretty active here lately. Looks like it's a new version of the f1. peace mrG
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    Smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke some more, out of a bong, in a joint, do some dabs, smoke, smoke, smoke as much as you want. But you have to at least shove some of that up or in or it is not going to give you deep benefit. So Smoke all you want, but eat at least a bit each day or use it in a suppository to feed your endocannabinoid system, that is when you will see a dramatic difference.
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    Nice haul GA! Im gonna chop my gg4 s1 tonight from darkhorse. Mine isnt the greatest looker, I neglected the shit out of it. Darkhorse n Ethos have a lil tift goin n I basically said fuck gg4 if theres gonna be drama with it. But shes sparkly n dnse nugs. Branches like whiskey pecker (limp).. Got some future goals with her tho.
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    She pulls really well so does Deathstar, LA Cheese, but the last few times in that room, been lucky to get 3 or 4, last time was like 2! I almost cried, can't even pay what it cost to grow when you pull like that. GG 4 last time think only pulled like 3 from this room. There was a big issue Houston Think I finally got it fixed. What is weird, I think it was the ballast or something, not the bulb. Someone had said that and I think they were right. But I bought two new ballast and hoods and fitted it with two 600HPS, so now the room has full light coverage. Put it on a mover, oh boy I did so much work on that room lol nothing was working, till I bought all new units. This is what she normally did before all this mess started lol, then I went to such low yield it was out right dumb. She can yield twice as much as I just pulled. I had to cut her in two this time and the one in this pic. I had pulled 19 off Deathstar one time, I was like Holy Cow Girl, I think you can now call yourself a grower lol.
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    Here some pics of my current Green Manalishi f2. It's very small, but loud as hell with a stem rub smell. It has a very lemon and fuel/funk smell of some kind. Lower buds have also been pollinated with some Lemon Fantasy from Le rat. So It might be a fun cross. I never get tired of this strain. it's always such a nice and disciplined child. And, she is so pretty to look at. I love the small dainty buds low and on the inside. So pretty... enjoy! Day 48 Thanks to the NAW crew! Keep up the awesome work. peace mrG
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