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    Woa! Thanks buds! Here is a preview of the Suger Slap.
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    As far as I know Barrie crossed the Tielse Haze with a BlueShaze male. From the Tielse Haze x BlueShaze he selected a male which was crossed to a kinky cheese pheno. I think the kinky Blaze got her sativa qualities from the fathers side. I got from Barrie some Tielse Haze x BlueShaze and I love the power and shape of the plant. Yet I still have to wait for the harvest, but she's a potential keeper for sure. When I tasted a small sample of Tielse Haze it tasted like citric pineapple all the way. Everything crossed with her should have real potential!!!
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    Nice work over here dude ! Time to get your strains into the shop dont you think ? greetz sannie
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    Just rolled a SiFiBlaze blunt, made 50ml tincture from an ounce of bud and canna butter brownies are in the oven. Today is a good day.
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    @Hill-Billy Can you please tell me more about the high? I have 2 Ouzbeki and they smelling both so nice... Smells like a keeper. My clone did not root, but not dead either. Pollinated them with LJS. @Cristalin Wish you good and my best wishes bro. You don't go there for fun note: Ouzbeki #2 clone has mold and thrown away. #1 have roots! (#1 is also my favorite. Now she must revegging)
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    Hi cannaloop It's a pure afghan from Kandahar Ciao
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    I had this conversation this morning with an OG member @Sannie .. Im trying to stealth up a few strainsm, the mail scares the shit outta me lately. Ive lost a few pkgs lately inbound to me and outbound to others. I'll figure something out asap. Love seeing you actively posting pics on IG Sannie... Sooooo nice not seeing 5,000 girl scout cookie cross pics daily. Eff cookies. Lol
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    I picked that one up I think lol Well reckon I need to pop that then if that potent.
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    Has anyone else figured out this stuff is super strong? It will stone you hard but not a couch lock stone. You can get up to do things but you forget what you were going to do when you get there! Great work Cristalin
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    Thanks Gardenartus! Yeah, this is my first grow with the killer cherry truffle, death rose both made by a buddy in Australia. Both should be great , have killer Malawi as a parent. Very excited for them. Yeah the wolves were amazing!! They had a couple different types, man it was cool
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    Thanx allot guys!! Tielse Haze is a legendary strain which won allot of prizes for at least 17 years (maybe more) she is in the top 3 in dutch cup for at least 17 years so that will say enough ^^ @Justcozz don't know for sure....my mind is not at the best this moment^^ maybe tonight can tell ya
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    I had problems with customs a few times. I guess coming into Colorado flags things maybe?My other problem here is the mail service runs regular envelopes through the smashing machine.. I always tell friends to send it in a padded envelope with something to protect them. I lost some good ones, too. Hillcrest sent some beans from his giveaway contest and every single seed of the Kronocaine x Chocolate Rain. It was just a million pieces. No biggie if it gets intercepted by customs except you lose your money... unless you buy from Sannie. He took care of it more than once and I felt pretty bad he had to take the hit and not me. Stand up guy! Hope you get them soon. Prayers and best vibes sent your way! lol You'll need it all to get through the waiting. I'm not too good at it. peace mrG
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    Well the royal mail service sucks as bad as our post office. How in the hell do I obsessively check the status of my order if my code is not even in the system. I understand it takes time but shit my beans will be here before I get a tracking update. I'm hoping, if that attaude bust shit is legit this could be a bummer. Can't relax till they get here, hoping they are not Delivered personally ...yikes
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    Hi Yes thx i'm in better health now just a little visit to the surgeon tomorrow Thx again Ciao
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    Great topic Barrie! Looks like you will have some nice seed stock soon. greetz sannie
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    Hey guys and gal.. Bravo Sannie! This is a great move and opportunity for Sannie, more exposure could be the difference he needs right now to get things moving in the direction he wants it to. He will have to compete with everyone else on IG for it, but seriously, his work sells itself... we already know this and IG is about to find out. All these kids need to do is see a nice, clear pic along with a short description of growth, yield, smell & flavor and it's on! Sannie's Seeds will be busier than ever... making Sannie and Knutsel a couple of busy bees, along with everyone else in the shop. About half will lurk on OG to check it out and to see what we're all about. Here, they'll see how Sannie & crews' strains are best grown and some will join our community, while others will continue to lurk... but all will learn how to best grow these strains while they're here. The people who come to visit OpenGrow will see, right away, just how spoiled we are around here with the genetics we've been enjoying for more than a decade! I see only positives with Sannie getting into social media a little more... it's going to be great for his business and OpenGrow.
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    Hope your doing well now.
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    Ha. Those things literally came out of the woods one day. I have know clue where they came from. None of my neighbors have chickens. I started feeding them so they don’t leave. They roost in my tool shed.
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    You bro who are you planning to beat to death with those clubs niceeeee
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    Starting out in mapito doesn't work very good. I transplant the seedlings to rock-wool starting blocks until they rooted decent. And then i plant them deep into the mapito. I use these from whichever brand is the cheapest available and water them with Ec 1.6 and pH 5.2. Can't comment on the Lukas formula, i use GHE Floranova grow for veg and bloom for flowering.
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    @Hamme Hydro - It's going to be the feed where I think im going to mess up considering I'm growing auto flower any way and im new to this,
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    Good luck! But then again, with mapito does one really need it!
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    I generally have too many 14-18. I guess 8-10 is reasonable. I will try to make it 8 next time. As I grow for myself Idon't check the yield, but I have easily enough until the next run, plus I can store some for bad times
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    It is so exciting to grow new breeds I would probably pop a ton if law was different and didn't have patients that demand certain ones lol I just picked up some pretty cool clones, and one that is in high demand by patients for migraines, everyone of my patients and I get them, I swear Michigan water and air is toxic ha! Blue Dream. I won't take up your post with the others, think I will post them in stoned ramblings. Have fun! Those are the type I love, more medicinal. makes great medicine for your ill wills lol and very tasty meds for some reason not as veggie tasting. Dragon's blood is Hawaiian The one that bleeds purple, if you are a Dragon, of course it is PURPLE you will bleed ha!
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    Hey there, the setup is not so different from mine. Yet why do you use autoflowers indoors?
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    Out of likes, but the karma should be all yours considering your generousities!!!
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    This looks better in person. And re-purpose collectibles and silly things as well! This is not worth maybe 2 bucks lol. I am going to keep it The inside is spotless where you could put about an eighth! but It is the size you could put a few joints in or a few of guys monster ones lol, nothing ever fits his. It is 3 1/4" long and 1 1/4" wide. Outside has wear to the finish, but seen in person it is engraved. Re-purpose those antiques and collectibles that might not be worth much, but so cool to use for other things
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    I promiss bro. cuttings are growing bro (and have a few SS x Selene)
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    Very nice! Seems like it is a busy weekend
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    @Mr Goodfellow the first time i dropped dimes for seeds it was more than i ever paid for weed itself! man that was crazy, and to realize seed prices went up 800% since then!?
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    what are the zillas under? hps?
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    Chickens are great for gardens. They eat bugs and turn them into fertilizer. Oh yeah, are great for dinner too.
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    You have to leave out some medible cookies and tea with medicated honey, or it gets a little pesky
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    Reminds me of my coke days.. My buddy swearing he sees cops in our front yard tree. Too old for dat now
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    @Barrie84 Nice beans you got growing there bro,donnow that strain yet. What kind of taste/smoke does it have mister Barry? And is she an autoflower,or a photosensitive strain? Looking good i say......
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    Fruity pebbles i've heard of,it seems to be a real sweetypie. Don't wait for hypes or other people to buzz off,just DO it man ! If i read the description,it makes me think of my own strain called RPP or Raspberry Pie Processor. Exactly the same things i can write down for fruity pebbles,i can also write down for the RPP. Or the description is too random,or i'm just lucky it looks and tastes like it without being it. Weird is it not? Picture was a green phenotype of RPP i took a while back,going to select out the purps soon though.
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    i have seeds, but i am wating for a nice idea/project for them ... later for sure... *waiting for the hype to pass*
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    I haven't heard anything bad about it, and it's supposed to have a lot of Blueberry showing up.
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    I used Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap in water to drench the soil for thrips. Later I used spinosad and have not seen any thrip damage. Sprayed the leaves and drenched the soil. They are not that tough to kill. So the Black Afghani is a good smoke, anyone? I assume so. Uzebekistan is calling my name also, have both seed strains in the fridge but running sativas for the near future.
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    Very nice bro! You surely have enough green gold to survive the coming winter!
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    Hey Sunny great SiFi you got there! I can't control my saliva when I see this. Good to read you have some help harvesting, otherwise it might be a hell of a job. By the way how do you convince your woman to do that? I wish mine would help me too. By the way, the more pictures the better No stress I love this topic anyways
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    Sounds fun... It would probably bring more folk to the forum, too.... once they see our badd-assness. heh
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    Resurrection of POTM would be cool!
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    And this is the mother used to make seeds. The smell is very unique. It’s a melt between mango/ litchi / red fruits. . But all sweet. No spices at all. With something afghany. I love it. And what is very special is the head buzz high that she provides!
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    pff, no masters here ... just equals, as far as i can see. we are all the same here at OPG, imo very cool about the satty-effect on her. must be something from the other half of the genetics as the gg#4 clone only makes me sleepy AF (myb i am just a lightweight *good for me, haha*) also a happy new year to you, bro ... enjoy these buds to the max. you sure deserve it after growing them so beautifully !! *awesome*
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    Cotton Candy - Delicious Seeds This one has nice citric and herbal smells, maybe a bit of mint, also sweet and fruity, yet it doesn't come anywhere close to Sugar Punch. The effect is sativa dominant but also with some body sensations. I would say it's good weed, but just pretty ordinary. It does not impress the a real cannaseur, but might facilitate some nice moments. As a side not, this one looks like a great yielder, but the flowers are quite light, thus my judgement might be influenced by the overall performance.
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    Cinderella #2 - Female Seeds Cinderella has a awsome tropical smell!! Citric, but also other sweeter fruity flavours are present. The effect is strong but not as sativa as being said about the original. It is a nice sativa, but I have my doubts that it's that pure. I like it and might grow it again, but I guess I'll rather digg into my holy princess seeds. Friends love it though and will be dissappointed to hear it's unliekly to be grown again. So people can easily can give it a chance if you're not expecting the Holy Grail.
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