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    In this bush I have chem d amnesia core cut durghanchitral chemo f2 candyland lost planet lemon fantasy El Barto and Maury Povich...always a winner ! have a look!
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    Here's my El Barto male. He's pretty fast. and the new El Barto female ? peace mrG
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    Jackberry Fem, 28 days 12/12 #4 #1 Looking at @sannie's f4 grow from the "Surfacing the Underground" thread, i would guess I am more like 21 days of flower than 28. DB
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    Just a little update. So far nog bug webbings and the little red bugs are running around sucking eggs and bugs i hope. The clones start to bloom but in comparisson to the big ladys the look tiny and stretch like crazy
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    Thx mr G! Does the seeds are popping? : ) I was pretty sure that is the type of leafs that you like! Thx bro! What a beauty!! You handle it as well as each time!! Thank you bro, nice work too! Does he/she still alive? peace ! Huuuuge right. i had big problemes in my room. I’m in bloom from end of July and still next week, the buds was very small and some girls was simply not in bloom. August 1st, after 2weeks i look all electric systems and I saw that the circuit 2 is 24/24 !!! “Soooooy une perdedor, I’m a looser baby, so why don’t you killing me?” then... I think all is good, but no!! Nothing happened! Last week, i’m Close to crazy and I look again. I was again missed one chtuts of light on, just 15min per night at the perfect half of the night....”soooooy.... now all is good and after pathe one month it’s in bloom......
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    So it has began, 3 each of the above listed strains and 3 cutting off each of the two female Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze.
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    Thank you dude! But currently its full!!! I miss some light on the night periods... this is after 6 weeks flowering.... a shame...
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    You can use track and trace only with seeds if you order nutrients along, then you got the ckoice to track and trace. I have used the track and trace on seeds for a while but there are some problems with this shipment method like it costs 17 euro, you have to sign for it and most of the times you still can not track the order because of switching post handlers when it arives in the USA. So I stopped with this option because it sucks. The forum and sanniesshop where indeed stagnating and it took some effort to get on the wagon again but dont mistake I am busy with getting back on track again. I am getting my seed stock back again after lots of failures and then I can focus again on selecting new genetics. ( I am germing right now, more about this soon ) There is a new breeder on the way ( koma kreations) but it will take some weeks to get the seeds in the shop. I am talking with some other breeders as well. So there will be new genetics on the way. The upcoming breeders section is a bit quite but this should go better in the feature. greetz sannie
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    Sannie's Shop is where I got the first seeds I ever really grew. They people on this site are the ones who inspired me to make my own crosses. Growing the gear that all these guys have created is an honor. I just hope I do them justice.
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    I said that up there? That does not sound like my writing up there you quoted, unless I was stoned out of my mind! Ha! I don't talk like that quote, shit mon now I have to look, that feels very bizarre, ain't been doing no psychedelics but maybe no sleep for two days does that lol I would love to try you home made brew mr, G, I will just dig out my old pregnancy cloths
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    I liking the one in the fourth pic with the 1980's flat top.
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    Blackberry Haze from NAW seeds.
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    : ) good old song, when MTV was a music television ! I’m in love with this picture bro!!!!!
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    @Le rat Wow THAT'S a tight budding male,never seen that before........ Even the lateral buds are really pronounced,they are coming right at you like 3D grape clusters it seems. Nice job on cooking this strain up,it's a real gem ! @Mr Goodfellow Does it say eat my shorts?.... Then it definitely is El Barto
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    some baby’s Blue afghani (sticky finger edition) blue ice white Russian blueberry headband god’s green crack mazar e sharif landrace and my unique critical mass x Jedi kush seed
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    Here's a really cool hurricane Florence time lapse NOT ACTUAL SPEED, it's X 1,000 so don't freak.
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    Thank you Sunnyvale. The leaf is from Maury povich ; )
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    Hmmmm, I happen to find that all eerily familiar... . I haven't brewed for two years now and I lost 70 pounds, lol. And I'm a small guy... now. I brew IPA's, Pale's and Stouts. I hope to get it up and going again soon. I finally have a permanent spot. peace mrG
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    Oops, I put my pics in the other thread.... Here are a few... Male and the new El Barto Peace mrG
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    Isn't this the textbook definition of addiction? lol I started brewing because I wanted better beer. Then I bought more pots, kettles, siphons, freezers, and Co2 tanks because I wanted better beer. Then I began growing my own yeast, because I wanted better beer. Then I began kegging because I needed MORE beer. Then I bought more tanks, because I needed MORE beer!
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    Damn that sucks bro! At least a reason to listen to one of my favorite songs ;) u know my taste and that simply fits in, I'm looking forward :)
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    Haha yes a Simpson-ish strain from haven!! thx dude !!!
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    @Le rat Looked at your thread over here,and what a show it is so far. El Barto sound really Simpson-ish if you ask me,i like it ! Like the shape of the leafs too , just like a star from heaven
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    Please shoot me a pm and we can arrange your request greetz sannie
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    I agree to an extent. You have to understand,testing for esko from the man himself We were told to look for this or that. He didn't like ass kissers at all. He told me long ago, no ass kissing Truth as to what you see. No way to gauge success with ass kissing data. I took him up on that lol As ass kissing ain't my thing unless it's a pretty female one hehe. Ladycane.....I grew buds as big as gallons of milk. But he asked what I thought. Told him love the yield Hate the taste. He laughed, agreed with me and Boom Ladycane f3 was hatched With blueberry influence. Anyway, I have grown so many strains inlost track, many winners Several looseers On the whole, I find strains that are established, refined and Run a billion times more stable. But that's to be expected. Who the hell has a green house to run enough plants over and over till it's stablized to the max? And not those cute backyard ones hehe. I highly doubt anyone here. In my "so how many plants do you run " thread I think only one or 2 poster impressed me, one does like 200 Hehehe Respect bro, he's breeding . Chucking pollen...oh well hell I can do that.
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    @Mr Goodfellow What? you mean the dinafem Amnesia cbd Auto? Or the critical orange punch? That flat topped bud is experiencing fasciation,as a professional hovenier (landscaper/gardener) i reckognize that sight from a mile away.
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    I would do an ec at .80 max at that stage. they are babies still. also they are still establishing roots to push leaves and stems. high nitrogen at this stage can limit root growth. Phosphorus is best with a little nitrogen (rooting nutrition or flowering nutrition) is ideal. Flood and drain will push EC towards the top of the media. You risk burning your plants as the babies lack deep roots. as the plants develop their roots will feed deeper in the media and not be effected by concentrated EC in the top layer of the mapito. hope that helps. Hempyfan!
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    I was spying that one, too. lol Kind of kooky looking. It's like a white Chia Pet... peace mrG Edit: Cannarie, what is the strain above? I'm mixed up and didn't figure it out by looking at the last page.
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    My name is Esko, What Up Bitches ha ha ha
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    Hey Sunny, I'm with you, I miss having those guys around, too. I have a feeling when they come back they may blow our mind with more crazy good stuff! I hope so! ha. peace mrG
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    and just to add a bit of subjective proof based on personal experience to that My 6 plant DWC grow yielded nearly the same as my 6 plant soil grow with the same lights, strain and chemical nutrients. I am not sure if both were fall grows (as far as environmental concerns) off hand, but i assume so given how well they went. I am now doing a 6 plant soil organic grow (all products OMRI listed, dry soil based ferts and clean water only) and it is shaping up almost exactly the same as those two grows. if all finishes up well I expect i will grab anywhere from 45-55 grams per plant just like those two grows. Given the same space, strain, light and environmental conditions to both a soil and hydro grower, the least common denominator is the gardener. This organic run I am doing is by far the least labor intensive. Less labor, less fuck ups (In my time doing hydro, i cannot tell you how many times i fucked up the nute mix). 1 in 4 or 5 grows would go horrible. Out of the rest maybe I would hit my sweet spot half the time. My hydro kung-fu is shit, so off to soil i went! DB
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    I am so busy I can't see straight lol So if you don't see me around, I am going crazy over here lol I stayed up all night taking pics for that shop and listing. I love this though, I forgot how I just get so mesmerized by it I forget the time, I literally did not sleep lol I am gonna get enough money to get that sonic stirrer yet!
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    @Mr Goodfellow Hi there, thanks mate! Hmmm i really do not know how long she was in veg. I know she is aprox 7 weeks in flower. I do have a cutting, sadly it must reveg. It's pollinated by my LJS stud. She had more and more a fruity smell, not much, but she has still a couple weeks to go. Because it's from NAW, i know this gonna B a good one. But you know that too, don't ya brother haha. Must say, I still miss the boy's. It's time the come back, quickly!
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    15 years ago or so I lived in an apartment building in small city just outside the capital city of my state. The building complex was fairly swanky for the area and I liked it, and living there, a lot. Being in a city the tenants were quite ethnically diverse. This lead to the only downside of living there. Around 5-5:30pm everyone would start cooking and eating, and the whole building was filled with 1000 different cooking smells from who knows how many ethic backgrounds. It was rancid. Stomach turning. You were fine inside your own apartment thankfully, but the hallways, the elevators, laundry rooms working rooms ... just awful. I wouldnt even bring anyone to my apartment unless it was before 4 or after 8! Depending on the weather, the smell could linger even into the next day. Yesterday I added Neem Seed Meal to my soil for the first time. 1 tablespoons worth for each of my 21 4inch pots. I was instantly transported back to that hallway, stuck with no way out for over a half hour while I planted. DB
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    Ok, so this is the line up for the full Grow. I currently have 6 strains (3 seeds each) soaking and will be added to the flower room in about 3 weeks or once I'm confident the LBxSiFi is pregnant and all pollen is cleaned from the room. Sour Goo Phuu x Lemon Fantasy by @Mr Goodfellow Humbolt Kush x Sugar Punch by @douglasfurtrapper Cartel Haze by NAW @RhinoCBD G39 by NAW @Poldergrower Shiva Dawg by @santero Chocolate Kush by @santero Thank you guys. I tried and picked strains I haven't grown or smoked. So this should be fun and all new. I'm super excited to get the grow going again.
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    The plants seen to be happy after 42 days of bloom and the killer mites are all set in place. A quick look through the microscope tells me team read is starting to spread among team spidermite and feasting of those eggs. So Lets hope for the best. Trichs are sprouting and when touching the plants i can hardly wash the raisin of my hands after smelling increadible strong of a sweet Lemon musky combination. the clones are showing a wilde variaty of growth and also fee very comfy in the tent.
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    Green Manalishi f2 x Lemon Fantasy aka Rhino Blood, the "tree" pheno which really carries the GM traits but is 7 feet tall. - outside at around 6 weeks since it first showed flower peace mrG
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    My pleasur bro! Especially with your amazing results !
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    Sounds very good bro. From what I saw, you have a very nice collection! I am looking forward
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    But if you know who you're buying from and trust their work as judged by our peers and other OG'ers, then you get a hell of a deal for your money. I feel like I'm not only getting great deals on very good genetics, but I also get gifted from other OG'ers that are talented as hell. I'm not sure I would be all that comfortable buying anywhere else other than a few places I know are good. So much crap, and so easy to exploit it. I don't know, I'm never going to be a breeder and I'm looking forward to trying as many good strains as I can before I die. I hate gambling with my money, so, I love being here and feeling safe in regards to what sort of beans I get. I'm rambling so I should smoke now. (Santero's Shiva Dawg,,, yummmmy.. mmmm) peace mrG
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    yield and quality is not based on media all things competent. it is environment that rules that. Media is benefit comes from how well you can manage your watering, nutrition with your environmental conditions. mapito/hydro will uptake nutrition right away.
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    some great colas in the make
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    @Hamme Hydro Ask Hamme Hydro,the pito boss ! You can ask me the autoflower thinghy's. If you look at the time schedule you gave them,it's no surprise they are a little bit short. In general with autoflowers it's 3 weeks of veg period,on a 20/4 schedule. The yield is based on that 20/4 schedule,so is the total lifespan measured in weeks they put on the package. Good thing you asked me in time.
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    I think Sannie does tracking if you ask. I had a couple get intercepted at Customs but nothing happens except that you get an empty package with the bright green tape on it and you remain pissed off for a bit. Crap, we have more than a handfull of peeps here that could be offering a few great strains. Most don't want to be tied to it but some do. From what I see there are more than a few on here competent enough to pull it off. We have some very talented people here. peace mrG
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    Ok @Hempyfan al little alarmed by your post is started a deeper inspection to my babies and yes you where right. Spidermites it is. Now i have ordered predator mites because i cant find Amy webbing yet so i hope i al in time to kill them all while i was at it i could take out the net to support some of the higher Buds because of hanging and trimmed my Seven clones. now fingers crossed my predators will safe the day
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    They better love me, and hug me, and squeeze me, and call me Georgette lol. They buy me things too, like Gift cards to go out to eat! lol My patients are also my friends One patient has been with me for 7 years.
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    Loved the dried beef recipes, but since my tart cherry tree is PUMPING out the Montmorency cherries right now, I would add a cup or 2 to that recipe for our hillbilly palates. I started to pick 4 cups a day, that started a few days ago now. Today and tomorrow will be huge amounts that will be that bright red ripe!! I know folks got the screaming runs of hearing about beneficial organisms, but the tree's leaves are bug hole free, for the second/third year in a row......yep just good ole nasty dinosaur vomit, poured around the base a few times a year. Pitting them...not so much fun! Having them packed away in the freezer, or as a case of tart cherry jam, is lovely. gardenartus, I give all my information away also. I do charge for supplies, but not for the work, if that makes any sense to ya. My state is just plain stupid with MMJ, so I'll get thrown under the jail house, if caught making and giving out items for folks. So, I'm very cautious who I work with, and sometime how, I choose to work with them. A couple of folks using my concoctions, have never met me...or never met me as how helps them. I prefer being in the dark of shadows, no not like Barnabas Collins, as I have no agenda, expect to show the great properties of this much lied about plant. That also looks like a beautiful back yard!! With happy feet!! LOL!!
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