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    The seeds are colected and out of the buds, now laying to dry fro a week and have to go another week at least. Then germ tests and if that is ok the seeds will be released. The harvest was disappointing low and started a new run to make Sugar Punch this week, so I hope for the best Because of the lower stock I have decided to build in a option that it is not possible to buy more as 3-5 packs at the time/customer, have to think about this. So lets say around 10 days from today should be the target, but dont pin me greetz sannie
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    Ouzbekistan is dried, so is going into a jarr to have a propper cure. ... Yes i have smoked her, nobody can resist her smell and do not smoke it! Both have a nice strawberry/blueberry smell. #2 is the sweetest en most rich flavour! USC nailed it with this one. The high is very stoned, but you are forgetting everyting and you are fine with it. It has a nice body stone which is pretty hard for a sativa smoker like me. As you know, i screwded somethings up with this one, so she deserves a retry and I can not imagine what smell she had then, my god - that going to be good! I have pollinated her with a LJS male (the only one with trichs on his leafs and stem) Sadly i don't have the place for it, but i really hope for a 'strawberry haze'. Time will tell .. Tonight the Durg x BLR and OG kush x BLR will be chopped and a trained Amnesia Haze will come back in a 18L Have a nice weekend fellas, SV
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    Ouzbekistan 1 Ouzbekistan 2 Suger Slap
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    @Hamme Hydro That sound like the AH i know , never get bored (me and the strain) I have a new member in the family! It's the girl; Suger Slap x Selene. It has the Selene leaves and build not like my SS. So we'll see what it brings in the future. I don't have clones because i first want to know if it's any good. If it's good enough, i will make a big selection. My other girls have a little but hungry, so i gave them a nice dressing and will give them more bac. It's because they are standing in growmix. Luckly i have the batmix again, so no worries. This will be the last change for the LJS to be work further with. I must say, this one is the best smelling of in total 6 i've grown. This one is a bubblegum/pine haze smelling. Let's hope for the best. Suger Slap x Selene La Nina LJS A
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    Hell yeah!! looks great Sunny! Cant wait to get your thoughts after they are dried and cured
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    ooh, chucky is coming back ... yesssss !!!
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    Been for shut down for the summer months, so with all this Eskobar talk, thought I'd fire up some Chucky's Bride in time for Christmas. Here she is, that's three plants, in a 20 gal DWC tote, from seed, at just under 2 week in flower, under my Advanced Platinum 600, and that's a Hortilux Power Veg underneath, Fox Farm nutrient regimen with some modifications. I haven' grown Chucky's in 4 or 5 years, but it's all coming back to me, she's one lanky, stretchy, floppy, girl. While there are shorter stockier phenos, I've only had them one or two times, think someone called them the "Tilly" pheno? Most of mine have been spider webs, with little balls of fruity cheese buds, that surprises you a bit on yield. I'm told the stretchy tendency comes from the C99 dad, which stands to reason, having grown C99 a bunch. I've already trimmed half the plant away, she's one bushy gal. I'm thinking most of mine went 9 weeks and some change on flowering, can't recall, but don't think any went as early as 8. These are my own F2's, each taken from a different run. I've cloned all three, plan to keep my favorite as a Mom. They already all have different scents, but can tell they're all sisters. I got lucky, as planted 3, got three females. Plan was to veg until I could sex them, them pull the males, if they showed up. I call that "Growers Russian Roulette", but I always have mostly females it seems. Good Karma, or good growing, probably half and half. Oh, that's my Bonzai Mom of Mosca's C99 pineapple pheno in the corner, easy grower, great high, run her 3-4 times. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...........:) Peace, all.
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    Yep, I do the same, makes a world of difference. I have 10 seeds from the second shipment and excited to crack them.
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    It does get better with time. 3 month cure and you will see a big difference I use the 58 percent humidity packs in the jars and leave them set.
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    Here are some pics of my *just* dried Ouzbekistan 1 and 2. They both have a very nice strawberry/blueberry smell. It's amazing! The high is really stoned, left you stupid just like Hill Billy said *lol*. My whole body is numbed. I have to say I screwed something (2 times *oops). I gave them 2 times a flowering nutrient in week 3 of flower. They were standing in batmix with some dressing... They did not like it, but still perfomed! I can not wait to test them, without screwing up . Thanks Cris! You did some amazing job here. I love her and she will come back! Strawberry/Blueberry bro's!
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    Yes but controlled by mafias and criminal organizations and this isn't good because it harms the self cultivation. Greetings SiCKNeSs.
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    @ topic All plants have been harvested,just need to cure the #3 fem.seedplant and find out if i have some seeds. Although i didn't see any while trimming,and didn't see any while i put them buds in jars i still hope for a few beans.... Otherwise it's me to blame......... You should have gotten the silverthiosulfate suspension right the first time you dodo ! The only plants that are still budding on their last legs,are the 4x #3 in the T-neon tent. Nice temp. there of 25 C,should become a good tasting bud looking compact and reeking more then previous runs. When fresh : smells like petrol/fuel/skunk with little sweatsocks on hitting you in the nose as last. After cure: Really complex smell euhm best to describe as a sour like smell that comes after a good cure. A bit of sour daiper poo smell,like your kid is comin thru with it's first teeth and that hump of sour poo that comes out afterwards kinda smells like it. But in a good way though strangeley enough. You won't catch me sniffing daipers but i will sniff this plant time and time again. Stay safe my OG comrades ! Jah Bless!
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    Smokey that pic of pepper is a bud of sorts I’m sure your kids call him there bud !
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    Everything is out to dry. Now time to start to clean up the clones and the tent.
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    Thanks bro's (out of likes ). Here are some pictures of the Amnesia Haze.
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    Whoop Whoop thanks bro! I will do here the same. I will wait a little longer to give it away, so men can choose out of a lot. I am busy with a Double Jam x Chocolate Diesel. But she is standing outside in the NL. I need a week or 2, i really hope it works out. So we can have some nice trades. I want to try Rhino Blood
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    Wel i think i just need to love them leaf by leaf and kill as many as possible because in this stage i wont use any more pesticides what so ever the freak was a little heavy
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    Out of five plants I seem to have five different phenos Two are standing out. #1 and #3. But still along time left to see
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    9 week of bloom and i have Murphy in my tent. 63 days for the big ones and 35 of the clones. After finding mites now lice i also have to pull out a chunk of one of my main buds due to Grey discolloring indicating rot i will be glad when i totaly cleaned everything and can start over the clones are doing great and smelling so freaking Nice lemon like sweet fruity scent filling the room and the calyxes that had pollen seem to build me Some seed so Lets hope for the better that will work and make me a more happy man
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    here's a pic at 2.5 weeks flower. already using a light spreader and praying that stretch is ending
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    Yeah, I saw that today also. Very interesting. Info about it here would be cool.
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    To those who are eager to try out e$ko's "Holy Princess"; "Chuckies Bride" or "Chocolate Cheese"... FIX YOURSELF A PACK OF THESE cause they make a great presentation of the lines E$ko used to create. This lady goes more to the "Exodus" side when you put your nose in but with a sweet cherry scent on top. With the "C99" also in the mix most of the ladies were done pretty fast; this particulary pheno was done in 53days but you could pull her earlier. Holy Princess #1 x Chocolate Cheese #4 F1 (made by SANTERO in 2013)
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    Black Afghani, she didn't change colors for me, I think maybe because I grow perpetual, and heat is always higher I don't see colors on my plants? Just a hunch lol. Wow, she put out some nice colas and her smell is really nice She is heavy, heavy weight gal.
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