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    The seeds are colected and out of the buds, now laying to dry fro a week and have to go another week at least. Then germ tests and if that is ok the seeds will be released. The harvest was disappointing low and started a new run to make Sugar Punch this week, so I hope for the best Because of the lower stock I have decided to build in a option that it is not possible to buy more as 3-5 packs at the time/customer, have to think about this. So lets say around 10 days from today should be the target, but dont pin me greetz sannie
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    @Hamme Hydro That sound like the AH i know , never get bored (me and the strain) I have a new member in the family! It's the girl; Suger Slap x Selene. It has the Selene leaves and build not like my SS. So we'll see what it brings in the future. I don't have clones because i first want to know if it's any good. If it's good enough, i will make a big selection. My other girls have a little but hungry, so i gave them a nice dressing and will give them more bac. It's because they are standing in growmix. Luckly i have the batmix again, so no worries. This will be the last change for the LJS to be work further with. I must say, this one is the best smelling of in total 6 i've grown. This one is a bubblegum/pine haze smelling. Let's hope for the best. Suger Slap x Selene La Nina LJS A
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    Hell yeah!! looks great Sunny! Cant wait to get your thoughts after they are dried and cured
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    ooh, chucky is coming back ... yesssss !!!
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    Been for shut down for the summer months, so with all this Eskobar talk, thought I'd fire up some Chucky's Bride in time for Christmas. Here she is, that's three plants, in a 20 gal DWC tote, from seed, at just under 2 week in flower, under my Advanced Platinum 600, and that's a Hortilux Power Veg underneath, Fox Farm nutrient regimen with some modifications. I haven' grown Chucky's in 4 or 5 years, but it's all coming back to me, she's one lanky, stretchy, floppy, girl. While there are shorter stockier phenos, I've only had them one or two times, think someone called them the "Tilly" pheno? Most of mine have been spider webs, with little balls of fruity cheese buds, that surprises you a bit on yield. I'm told the stretchy tendency comes from the C99 dad, which stands to reason, having grown C99 a bunch. I've already trimmed half the plant away, she's one bushy gal. I'm thinking most of mine went 9 weeks and some change on flowering, can't recall, but don't think any went as early as 8. These are my own F2's, each taken from a different run. I've cloned all three, plan to keep my favorite as a Mom. They already all have different scents, but can tell they're all sisters. I got lucky, as planted 3, got three females. Plan was to veg until I could sex them, them pull the males, if they showed up. I call that "Growers Russian Roulette", but I always have mostly females it seems. Good Karma, or good growing, probably half and half. Oh, that's my Bonzai Mom of Mosca's C99 pineapple pheno in the corner, easy grower, great high, run her 3-4 times. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...........:) Peace, all.
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    Everything is out to dry. Now time to start to clean up the clones and the tent.
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    Thanks bro. You are the first to know Time for another pic of what happening in SV's Pharmacy ... This is the Double Jam. She is very sticky and smell like wood/fruit/peach. She is standing outside because she is in a rootpouch and it did not as planned. So know i pollinated her a time ago with Chocolate Diesel. We had some 'luck' that it was still warm in the NL for october. I think she has 2 more weeks to go to fully ripen the seeds. I have the mother clone inside and i have a clone standing in my flower cabin (just 4 days rooted I think). I saw some pink pistels, so maybe i am in a bonus treat
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    I think i have to say SiFi or Shackzilla, depending on the pheno. Also i grown each time a little bit different to get to the soil mix i want. About something else bro! I will upload a couple pics of the AH from you. Boy oh boy i smelled her yesterday and i can say to you; my brains immedialety recognize her from back in the days! That typical sweet lemon smell! Not like Lemon Thai or so.. I can not wait for her! I have 2 going atm. One in a 11L growmix and another in a 18L with batmix. I trained the last one, the first one was because I did not want to wait longer to smoke some AH myself. And to see what the clone do with stretch and i can say, she is big for a little clone
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    OG kush x BLR nug (it is the lowest bud on the plant) and the Durgh x BLR. They are almost done, I think i can pull them next friday/saterday. Thanks bro @Smokey Pockets
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    Ok so 9,5 weeks bloom and i screwed up bigtime Somehow so i am forced to chop the big ones. Got myself a freaking zoo inside the tent. Mites lice white flies and now rotting the trichs are still a mixture of clear milky and Amber and its freaking frustrating and dissapointing and yeah yeah Some of you did warn me. But time to save the remaining bud wash them get rid of the freaking zoo work out a new plan pop me Some new Seeds and hopefully by christmass i have Some healthy trees around W
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    Thank you all. Everything happened at once this fall. I got work right as everything was ready for harvest. Tomatoes, too. I didn't get to enjoy it so much. I was lucky to get things chopped and in bags. I'm racing to get out of town now. I found a bad bug infestation on my Panama Red. Glad I caught that. They would be all over the house as I had to bring them inside for the freeze. Tulaberry had a little PM, and I'm just finishing up spraying the rest with Neem Oil. They should be done in two weeks. Perfect timing maybe. Still gotta feed them, too. I'll try to squeeze in a couple more pics before I leave. I think I may have a legit Panama Red. It grows like a landrace type, very similar to the Tulaberry. Real nice buds. It's looking like everything may have been pollinated so this will be it for the males until I do one dedicated strain all at once. Gonna have a lifetime of seeds to grow since the last three harvests. Gotta be one freakishly good mistake in there with one of them. Lots of great genetics. All females from here on out though. peace mrG
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    Here are a coupe pf pics of the Tulaberry by saxo. Chocolate Rain fem raspberry pheno (I think) x Turkish Landrace. I put these outside at the end of summer hoping they would finish. They didn't quite make it but close. We were 14F this morning for the temps. 19 tonight. So, they finish in front of the windows I guess. I took an a roomate and she already took my grow room down to make her bedroom, lol. What can I say. She already cleaned the hell out of my place that I couldn't get to. So, gonna work on a colossal grow space downstairs in the basement. I'm making a little money atm so maybe I can get some of the pricey stuff out of the way like ventilation and humidifier. Anyway, I'm about to go back out of town for more work and leaving things with my roomie. She's not a pot grower but asks a lot of good questions and seems to want to learn. So here are the Tulaberry. I'll try to grab a new pic now that the sun is out. These were with my phone after dark. It's one super fat cola. Or tiny limbs growing close to the stem. I see this morning it has a little PM so I'm gonna spray them all before I leave. Probably feed them for the last time and hope my roomie will keep them alive. I may stay out of town two weeks this time. It depends. Hard to pass up such good work, and right before winter, which is slow here. I can't wait to grow the Tulaberry in a 5-7 gallon pot inside. The buds are pretty dense and fat! Thanks again Saxo, Bro!! Very cool plant and I can't wait to smoke it. I may clip a test bud to take with me. heh peace mrG
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    Out of five plants I seem to have five different phenos Two are standing out. #1 and #3. But still along time left to see
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    btw, this is one of the males i am using for the upcoming freebies ... killer queen ibl he trichs up like a lady plant and you can actually smoke him , lol.
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    thank you for that, broooo the line sounds amazing to say the least *woot* i am making freebies too atm. i did send @sannie a mail ... free seeds for opg best vibes, SAN
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    what's interesting is the variation between these 6 sp plants all from same batch. observe the more indica "one" to the left and the much more hazey ssh leaner to the right..
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    I saw a picture on Sannies IG from a Panama Kush. I remember he said a little time ago that he is working with a kush. @sannie Can you please tell more about the Panama Kush? Edit: Oops Panama Kush 2 . he is working with the clone soon. Sorry
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    BLR Durg La Nina LJS A Mango Haze Amnesia Haze Pink Floyd (MNS - CM x HazaAC) LJS #4 Sadly the LJS #4 has been removed. I saw bananas and that's now what we want. No worry, i replaced IT for a trained SanFune and because i want to compensate i put also a SiFi x Selene in the ground. So now I have 4 seedlings in my grow! Can not wait to see which is a male and female. So far I can see that the Selene is dominant in both crosses (SiFi and Suger Slap). Both mothers had very thin leaves, but it is the beginning, so we shall she what the future will bring us. I also have a Pink Floyd (klikkerdeklik). I have more from MrNice. The BLR's are almost done. I can not take a good picture from the OG Kush x BLR. The side wall reflect to much and she is so green, you see only the flash... The BLR-Durgh is a weird one for me. She smell only to anise. I never encounterd a smell like that. If i like her, then i must have a pack of the durgh myself haha. Well, thanks for coming bye SV
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    To those who are eager to try out e$ko's "Holy Princess"; "Chuckies Bride" or "Chocolate Cheese"... FIX YOURSELF A PACK OF THESE cause they make a great presentation of the lines E$ko used to create. This lady goes more to the "Exodus" side when you put your nose in but with a sweet cherry scent on top. With the "C99" also in the mix most of the ladies were done pretty fast; this particulary pheno was done in 53days but you could pull her earlier. Holy Princess #1 x Chocolate Cheese #4 F1 (made by SANTERO in 2013)
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    Black Afghani, she didn't change colors for me, I think maybe because I grow perpetual, and heat is always higher I don't see colors on my plants? Just a hunch lol. Wow, she put out some nice colas and her smell is really nice She is heavy, heavy weight gal.
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    a few to catch up. Saginaw valley Skunks gonna make some beans in an open pollination. Starfighter IBL Outdoor volunteer still chugging away flirting with a mile high frost. Made a window box for the breeding tent/closets yet to be installed/fabricated. Diamonds and Pearls 7 oz from three plants. new beans in the mail Peace and be kind to one another.
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    Let me show some pictures from the progress : Pollinated Supersilverhaze Maybe a bit difficult to see but you see the first seeds forming in the buds Sofar it looks good I keep you guys updated greetz sannie
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    oil, plants, hail damage, work and new seed project.
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    Obiwan down at 60. Veg Diamonds and pearls about 40 days. Diamond and Pearl takes slot one in tray one an untopped female 1st week in flower. Street Outlaw tray one. Street Outlaw tray two Street Outlaw tray three. Outdoor i had to take the three sativa plants down security risk. Then i kept the indica leaning plant and did some extreen bending just my luck three nights of heavy rains and the trained branches snapped clean off with the wind and soaked branches. we wait oops Have a killer end to the work week and be kind.