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    @saxo When she have a nice cure, i will do a smoke report bro Because the BLR OG and BLR durgh are chopped i have some space for my third 'Ammie from Hammie'. This is the 2nd in a 18L. I hope i trained her good enough, these are my first.... Have a nice one OG,
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    Thanks sunny. It was just a seed from a hermie pollination, dont make my own seeds. Breeding is a long game. I can buy several years of hard work for just 20 bucks. She has sparked a small interest in making some seeds though as she is better than either parents. Here she is at flower day 20 Some pistils have burned due to a pyrethrum organic insecticide spray i applied for spidermites.
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    And Canada ran out of dope. Jeeze you Canadians are stoners lolol
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    Trying a double stack hugo experiment feeding every hour top blocks are dry by then. Making some old school Saginaw valley skunk seeds Thanks to Bare frog who provided the seeds for the project. starfighters and one skunk built a quick and dirty hoop house my tomatoes died but i planted some greens od in and jarred Making moves in the grow room .
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    Lol @Justcozz, you fell victim to one of the classic blunders, best know of which are not to get into a land war in Asia and don't go up against a sicillian when death is on the line. But recently added to the list is "don't get between OG users and the sugar punch!" db ps. How about those sannies jack fems?!
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    Hold on guys....it was just a suggestion Only reason I mentioned that was do to his current stock. Once he does another run and pulls better numbers of seeds, then sell them as usual. By no means would I suggesting to KEEP them as limited edition only. Just give more people the opportunity to get there fingers on a pack until he can get his stock built up. Sannie knows his numbers, and I'm sure will do what he thinks is best.
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    Good morning OG. Figured I'd add an update. Looks like I may have a pretty short flowering pheno of the Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze. The one that got topped by the deer, and pollinated is already showing quite a few amber triches. 6 weeks. She isn't going to yield much. But keep in mind, half of her was eaten by a deer, then pollinated in the 2nd week of 12s, then put into the makeshift tent (tool shed & cfl) for a couple of weeks where the temps ranged from 45F-80F. Also, this is the girl that I split the stalk on. I thought she healed and removed the bandage, today I see she split again...So guess you can say she's been stressed pretty hard. I do have a couple of clones from her, so that should give me better knowledge on her flower time. Here is a video of all the plants together at 10 days of 12s. Only one showing sex, Humboldt Kush x Sugar Punch. And here are the seed bearing mommas. 6 weeks flower.
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    The limited edition suggestion seems a bit extreme Justcozz, don't you think? The suggestion that sannie made, placing a limit of 3-5 packs would satisfy those of us who would like to get a couple of packs, without letting anyone get all of them.
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    The seeds are colected and out of the buds, now laying to dry fro a week and have to go another week at least. Then germ tests and if that is ok the seeds will be released. The harvest was disappointing low and started a new run to make Sugar Punch this week, so I hope for the best Because of the lower stock I have decided to build in a option that it is not possible to buy more as 3-5 packs at the time/customer, have to think about this. So lets say around 10 days from today should be the target, but dont pin me greetz sannie
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    Hash Fruit is from Cannabiogen and it is a mix of Peyote Purple and Sandstorm. It was grown in a guerilla style, so I can't say much about yield per 100 cm² but I suspect it would be good. The buds are very dense and hard and the plants gave round nuggets of pure joy and fun. It is a true pleasure to smoke Hash Fruit. Although Peyote Purple is in the mix and I don't like the high of Peyote Purple it doesn't show here at all. Appearance: Very pretty plants with a nice light-purple color glistening in the sun like they want to say: "Lick me, come my darling, lick my glands and ye will be lifted to heaven so joyously it will make your eyes pop out of your head. Kiss Kiss, i love you!" Dried they also have a high bag appeal, nice. 9,5/10 Smell: Hash Fruit has a sort of sharp pungency but not annoying. I can't really describe the smell. It is more on the bright side, floral-fruity, a hint of overripe pear and kind of like alcohol vapor. I like it. Cured will follow. 9/10 Taste: Will follow. Smoke Report: I haven't smoked for one day prior to testing it the second time. First time was the same. I smoke almost daily in the evenings mostly to give you a perspective on my tolerance. The high is just great. It has a very nice progression. Total creeper weed in the best sense. It slowly progresses from slightly goofy and giggly with a positive vibe to an all out "party what the fuck is going on?fuck it... let's dance" kind of vibe of manic proportions. This stuff on a party or with friends or even strangers or your worst enemy... would be the best 3 hours of your life. But not only the very good vibe, a nice euphoria, completely no paranoia, anti-depressant on the border to full blown manic and the energy are great. It also has a philosophical edge to it, thoughts come easy and I can ponder a bit, solving the biggest mysteries and two minutes later the next problem awaits to be solved. It is relaxing and energetic at once, just perfect. I can feel it in the face, upper arms and chest. No head pressure at all. It makes everything feel just right, very nice in the head and in the body. I can't say anything else than that it is perfect in its own way, I have other highs which are also perfect in their own way, but this is now surely also with me till the end. Duration is about 3 hours for me, 2 almost full power. 10/10
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    ...Good Evening! lol those colors are beautyful ...LB x SFB sounds great!!
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    Justcozz, think that's a bit drastic especially when people have been waiting for the beans to hit the shop for a while like me, I have 90% of Sannies beans just waiting for this one so for me to add extra beans I already have would be a weird thing to do, good idea limiting people on pack quantities though.
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    would be the same scenario in most of the countries after leagalization
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    Definitely the first!!! The future of the strain depends on your word. Haha. It grows nicely but will it hold up its end where it matters. Lovely, they all look so great! Keep it up bro!
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    I've only popped 1 seed so far. Luckily it was a female. It flowered almost 11 weeks. The smell is quite strong and very sweet and fruity. No purple colours but the temperature didn't drop below 24°C.
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    It's one strong ass plant to survive the stress it had to go through. Also I have a question, I'm limited to outdoors at the moment, so how does the photo period effect the strain outdoors, I remember you saying it starts to flower at 18 hrs of light, longest day of the year here is almost 15 hrs. Thanks, Baq
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    Hi Ouzbékistan have one pheno principaly , it's difficult to describe, Blueberry and fruity smell and taste but it's bubblegum too ... It makes me remember pink malabar ... It's a Real différent smoke than all i have smoke ever .... my favorite Ouzbékistan is an weed apart Ciao
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    Ouzbekistan is dried, so is going into a jarr to have a propper cure. ... Yes i have smoked her, nobody can resist her smell and do not smoke it! Both have a nice strawberry/blueberry smell. #2 is the sweetest en most rich flavour! USC nailed it with this one. The high is very stoned, but you are forgetting everyting and you are fine with it. It has a nice body stone which is pretty hard for a sativa smoker like me. As you know, i screwded somethings up with this one, so she deserves a retry and I can not imagine what smell she had then, my god - that going to be good! I have pollinated her with a LJS male (the only one with trichs on his leafs and stem) Sadly i don't have the place for it, but i really hope for a 'strawberry haze'. Time will tell .. Tonight the Durg x BLR and OG kush x BLR will be chopped and a trained Amnesia Haze will come back in a 18L Have a nice weekend fellas, SV
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    Ouzbekistan 1 Ouzbekistan 2 Suger Slap
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    @Hamme Hydro That sound like the AH i know , never get bored (me and the strain) I have a new member in the family! It's the girl; Suger Slap x Selene. It has the Selene leaves and build not like my SS. So we'll see what it brings in the future. I don't have clones because i first want to know if it's any good. If it's good enough, i will make a big selection. My other girls have a little but hungry, so i gave them a nice dressing and will give them more bac. It's because they are standing in growmix. Luckly i have the batmix again, so no worries. This will be the last change for the LJS to be work further with. I must say, this one is the best smelling of in total 6 i've grown. This one is a bubblegum/pine haze smelling. Let's hope for the best. Suger Slap x Selene La Nina LJS A
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    Hell yeah!! looks great Sunny! Cant wait to get your thoughts after they are dried and cured
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    ooh, chucky is coming back ... yesssss !!!
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    Been for shut down for the summer months, so with all this Eskobar talk, thought I'd fire up some Chucky's Bride in time for Christmas. Here she is, that's three plants, in a 20 gal DWC tote, from seed, at just under 2 week in flower, under my Advanced Platinum 600, and that's a Hortilux Power Veg underneath, Fox Farm nutrient regimen with some modifications. I haven' grown Chucky's in 4 or 5 years, but it's all coming back to me, she's one lanky, stretchy, floppy, girl. While there are shorter stockier phenos, I've only had them one or two times, think someone called them the "Tilly" pheno? Most of mine have been spider webs, with little balls of fruity cheese buds, that surprises you a bit on yield. I'm told the stretchy tendency comes from the C99 dad, which stands to reason, having grown C99 a bunch. I've already trimmed half the plant away, she's one bushy gal. I'm thinking most of mine went 9 weeks and some change on flowering, can't recall, but don't think any went as early as 8. These are my own F2's, each taken from a different run. I've cloned all three, plan to keep my favorite as a Mom. They already all have different scents, but can tell they're all sisters. I got lucky, as planted 3, got three females. Plan was to veg until I could sex them, them pull the males, if they showed up. I call that "Growers Russian Roulette", but I always have mostly females it seems. Good Karma, or good growing, probably half and half. Oh, that's my Bonzai Mom of Mosca's C99 pineapple pheno in the corner, easy grower, great high, run her 3-4 times. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...........:) Peace, all.
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    Howdy all OGr´s I thought I would share a contraption of sorts i assembled for enjoying my joints with the occasional water filtered hit. There are a few things that you will need and the total price of this project totals around 18-20€... First of all you will need: 1. A glass tip 8mm (5-20€) From Ebay or Amazon 2. A Chinese knockoff Twisty glass bubbler kit Large (12.50€ inc. shipping) From Ebay *The twisty glass blunt that comes with the Bubbler kit I do not recommend to use, the color of the twisty thingy faded to silver after a few hits... 3. Some Skins and weed (I use Shackzilla atm ) OK, Assembly instructions and pictures as follows... Twisty glass bubbler kit Glass Tip (8mm) 1.All necessary parts 2.Attach the rubber tube over the Inlet opening 3.Insert the Glass Tip to the Rubber Tube Almost Done! 4.Now roll a Joint using the Glass Tip and insert the tip in to Rubber Tube. (10mm) With this set up it is very easy to let the bubbler sit or lay filled with water ready to use whenever I feel like it, inserting and removing the Glass Tip from the 10mm rubber tube is easy and I can get Long heavy hits or small ones depending on my preference. I keep this “joint bubbler” next to my smoking sesh area... always within reach Maybe some one might find this an interesting idea since there are sooo many ways to affect the properties of a high, especially depending on the size of the hit. And loading up a bong for one hit time after time is, let´s face it, a lot of work... This way Smoking a joint OR taking a huge bong rip from said joint works seamlessly So I present to you... - The Amphibious Joint - /Peace
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    Looking like I’ll finally get a chance at my USC wish list soon. Nov 1st at the latest. Gonna grab them and some Sugar Punch. Been waiting a while! Thanks for all the reports everyone. peace mrG
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    Looks like the timing is going to work for me this time. I’m still out of town working and the job keeps growing, so that’s a good thing. Gonna get me some SP and some USC beans first. Sugar Punch was the first strain on Sannie’s site that really stuck out for me. I was so broke and couldn’t even afford one pack. I was hoping though. So, I contacted Sannie and asked if I could only pick out one strain to buy, which would be recommend. He had no problem with the one he seemed most proud of and the one I should get, and it was Sugar Punch. I’ve been twitching ever since, lol. Looks like the time is finally right! peace mrG
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    Yea buying seeds is less work than breeding, but amateur crosses or unintentional crosses can sometimes bring marvellous outcomes as so many stories of legendary clones show. Yours seem like a snowwhite of its own.
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    Dd381 the wee little people help the garden grow just share a shot or two with them I speak to them often, and the garden fairies as well I need all the help I can get lol
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    maybe even dumping them under water (weighted down) should be able to kill all invaders in the end, unless they brought submarines
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    Happy to hear you liked it. I was hoping I just wasn't getting wimpy in my old age It does get better with time so hold on your head Mine ends up in my ass when I smoke it
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    They came in on a bad load of compost. Weed has a woody stalk like a tree and they eat trees, they don't touch soft plants. What sucks is all the damage is underground, they start in the root ball at the main stem and go up on the inside girdling the stalk cutting off water and nutes, everything looks great then you check the next day and the plant is standing dead. I figured it out on the second plant I lost, pulled it up and the stalk center was full. Really nothing you can do while they're growing, only thing that will work will kill the plants and you. I tried every organic method out there and it doesn't work, I was finally able to hold them at bay with DE, Neem and pyrethin, they still kept coming back, lost over 1/2 my crop this season, I'm burning everything and starting over with Gas's soil mix in smaller beds, it's working great in pots for the mother's I selected. I have gotten compost from the same person for years, just a bad batch, learned a lesson, make all your own shit. Best, Baq
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    Yep, I do the same, makes a world of difference. I have 10 seeds from the second shipment and excited to crack them.
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    It does get better with time. 3 month cure and you will see a big difference I use the 58 percent humidity packs in the jars and leave them set.
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    Here are some pics of my *just* dried Ouzbekistan 1 and 2. They both have a very nice strawberry/blueberry smell. It's amazing! The high is really stoned, left you stupid just like Hill Billy said *lol*. My whole body is numbed. I have to say I screwed something (2 times *oops). I gave them 2 times a flowering nutrient in week 3 of flower. They were standing in batmix with some dressing... They did not like it, but still perfomed! I can not wait to test them, without screwing up . Thanks Cris! You did some amazing job here. I love her and she will come back! Strawberry/Blueberry bro's!
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    Yes but controlled by mafias and criminal organizations and this isn't good because it harms the self cultivation. Greetings SiCKNeSs.
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    @ topic All plants have been harvested,just need to cure the #3 fem.seedplant and find out if i have some seeds. Although i didn't see any while trimming,and didn't see any while i put them buds in jars i still hope for a few beans.... Otherwise it's me to blame......... You should have gotten the silverthiosulfate suspension right the first time you dodo ! The only plants that are still budding on their last legs,are the 4x #3 in the T-neon tent. Nice temp. there of 25 C,should become a good tasting bud looking compact and reeking more then previous runs. When fresh : smells like petrol/fuel/skunk with little sweatsocks on hitting you in the nose as last. After cure: Really complex smell euhm best to describe as a sour like smell that comes after a good cure. A bit of sour daiper poo smell,like your kid is comin thru with it's first teeth and that hump of sour poo that comes out afterwards kinda smells like it. But in a good way though strangeley enough. You won't catch me sniffing daipers but i will sniff this plant time and time again. Stay safe my OG comrades ! Jah Bless!
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    Smokey that pic of pepper is a bud of sorts I’m sure your kids call him there bud !
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    Everything is out to dry. Now time to start to clean up the clones and the tent.
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    Whoop Whoop thanks bro! I will do here the same. I will wait a little longer to give it away, so men can choose out of a lot. I am busy with a Double Jam x Chocolate Diesel. But she is standing outside in the NL. I need a week or 2, i really hope it works out. So we can have some nice trades. I want to try Rhino Blood
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    Wel i think i just need to love them leaf by leaf and kill as many as possible because in this stage i wont use any more pesticides what so ever the freak was a little heavy
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    Thank you all. Everything happened at once this fall. I got work right as everything was ready for harvest. Tomatoes, too. I didn't get to enjoy it so much. I was lucky to get things chopped and in bags. I'm racing to get out of town now. I found a bad bug infestation on my Panama Red. Glad I caught that. They would be all over the house as I had to bring them inside for the freeze. Tulaberry had a little PM, and I'm just finishing up spraying the rest with Neem Oil. They should be done in two weeks. Perfect timing maybe. Still gotta feed them, too. I'll try to squeeze in a couple more pics before I leave. I think I may have a legit Panama Red. It grows like a landrace type, very similar to the Tulaberry. Real nice buds. It's looking like everything may have been pollinated so this will be it for the males until I do one dedicated strain all at once. Gonna have a lifetime of seeds to grow since the last three harvests. Gotta be one freakishly good mistake in there with one of them. Lots of great genetics. All females from here on out though. peace mrG
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    Out of five plants I seem to have five different phenos Two are standing out. #1 and #3. But still along time left to see
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    btw, this is one of the males i am using for the upcoming freebies ... killer queen ibl he trichs up like a lady plant and you can actually smoke him , lol.
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    9 week of bloom and i have Murphy in my tent. 63 days for the big ones and 35 of the clones. After finding mites now lice i also have to pull out a chunk of one of my main buds due to Grey discolloring indicating rot i will be glad when i totaly cleaned everything and can start over the clones are doing great and smelling so freaking Nice lemon like sweet fruity scent filling the room and the calyxes that had pollen seem to build me Some seed so Lets hope for the better that will work and make me a more happy man
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    Yeah, I saw that today also. Very interesting. Info about it here would be cool.
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    To those who are eager to try out e$ko's "Holy Princess"; "Chuckies Bride" or "Chocolate Cheese"... FIX YOURSELF A PACK OF THESE cause they make a great presentation of the lines E$ko used to create. This lady goes more to the "Exodus" side when you put your nose in but with a sweet cherry scent on top. With the "C99" also in the mix most of the ladies were done pretty fast; this particulary pheno was done in 53days but you could pull her earlier. Holy Princess #1 x Chocolate Cheese #4 F1 (made by SANTERO in 2013)
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    Black Afghani, she didn't change colors for me, I think maybe because I grow perpetual, and heat is always higher I don't see colors on my plants? Just a hunch lol. Wow, she put out some nice colas and her smell is really nice She is heavy, heavy weight gal.
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