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    hi I don't share a lot of pics but some guys have asked for them, some ouzbek, 4 weeks under COB, time to switch in 12/12 Ciao
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    Sugar Punch is back in stock again. There is a maximum of 5 packs of seed per customer to be sure as much customers will provide from this goodness. From experience I know how fast sales can go on this strain so please dont wait to long if you want to be sure ! Enjoy greetz sannie
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    Chucky's Bride update. Here she is finishing up week 4 flowering today, she's a bush!! I usually don't remove fan leaves, but I've easily pulled half of her this run. I normally trim a third of most plants before putting into flower, but these gals get haircuts almost every day. She grows as remembered, long running stems, that then send out other long running stems, that flop every which way as soon as the buds start gaining some weight. Been a challenge in a small space to keep enough light spaces open in the canopy, dang, wish I had a larger room, where I could just let 'em grow the way God intended! I've been using a high P guano/molasses tea as base for my my nutrients, and she's loving it. I like to start about 1200 ppm beginning of the week, in 5-7 days, she's ready for a drink and reads out almost perfectly at 1400-1500. I've been adding my supplements (Beastie Bloom, Cha Ching, Mammoth P, Sweet of Molasses when I top off my reservoir, and my full nutes when I changer her out every two weeks or so. They seem to be loving it, no issues. Not even one fricking spider mite!!! Knock on wood. My C99 mom right next to her was full of them, but think I've got them exterminated. Happy Halloween, all. Peace.
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    Not yet but I have two mothers that I have cloned. Those clones and clones from a mad chem are in veg right now. I should be flowering them in a couple weeks. The sour kush has a tall growth but with classic fat indica leaves. I am also very excited for the sour kush. I'll start updating my grow thread with progress. I'm with you on the confusion... Seems like one of the more exciting new offerings.
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    Yeah i think alot of 'clone only' strains now are just accidental crosses or s1 selections. Must be a kick in the teeth for real breeders when people find a winner from an accidental cross then put a 10 000 price tag on her... Anyway, update. Not a real update im just bored with a glass of wine. Here is bagseed. Fucks knows what week im on i havent been counting its around week 4 . Ill go n check my post about when i started flower. Here is my super lemon larry mother. She starts real slow like a 12 week strain and then around week 9.5 just dies off Makes big buds that shrink and dry really dense, smells awesome too ! Like lemon haze, then when dry sometimes i smell small anise background. I visited my local city today, currently I live in a farming area of the country so they have renowned awesome farmer markets with fresh produce. As a joke i brought some 'height increase' insoles for my shoes so for today i was 191cm I also brought a second 600w hps ( dual spectrum) to cover the edges of grow room and some mylar too for added reflection. Sorry for the flash it was to much work to take them out of cuboard and photograph properly. R.H
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    Yes, anything hit with that PCK is a berry bomb, I grew out Cheesestral and my son said it was like smoking Swizzle sticks, was some dank ass shit, so a red berry sour diesel, what more could you ask for. Should do good outdoors too, Sour Diesel is PM resistant. I'll be watching your grow, I'm still outdoor only at the moment, so I won't crack them till December to make selects for spring clones and yours will show me what;s coming, this will be fun! Best, Baq
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    If it makes it through customs I don't think it matters what state you're in. It's not like it gets reinspected once it hits your post office. I'm sure if you email the shop directly you could arrange something if you really want.
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    Killer Malawi x White Cherry Truffle
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    I am being prosecuted in my own country for hemp, does Canada take in Dutch refugee stoners? I mean, you owe us a little bit for your great genetics!
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    Damn nice I see a great deal of goodness coming your way peace
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    They all look killer, Smokey
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    Wow fantastic Sannie just ordered 2 packs that should keep me busy for a while, thanks for not giving up.
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    His pictures are the best on IG and I'm a Pro Photographer, it should definitely attract attention. Baq
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    The picture of germing Sugarpunch seeds is beautiful.
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    Thanks man. the stacking is to keep air in the top cube the 6" cube hugo will hold about a gallon + of water putting one underneath lets me root that cube with such a small plant the trick now is to keep it moist as the upper cube wicks dry within a few minuets .
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    anyone doing this indoor and has some pics to share?
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    Hi Ouzbékistan have one pheno principaly , it's difficult to describe, Blueberry and fruity smell and taste but it's bubblegum too ... It makes me remember pink malabar ... It's a Real différent smoke than all i have smoke ever .... my favorite Ouzbékistan is an weed apart Ciao
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    I thought they all looked like the mounted police from rocky and bullwinkel lol
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    Think I’m going to order the toblerone off seed heaven, sounds like a cross right up my street. been looking for an Appalachia strain to grow from Bodhi funnily enough so I’d rather give your genetics a place first SAN
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    IMHO all packages of seeds should have a date they were packaged on, or at least the year. I'm tired of buying old beans, that have been lying about for ? who nose how freaking long!!
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    My little boy arrived on 9/20! Sorry it's taken me a bit to come over and let you guys know. Where did all my time go? Can I just... upload your guys' threads and discussion directly to my brain? I feel like I'm missing out on one hand, but on the other hand it's like there's never enough time for my boys lol
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    Makes me wonder sometimes. Scrolling through a seed site, and all the pics have been edited so much they look like animation images. Tells me not to buy. If you have to put make up on a bud in a pic, I probably don't need your seed. I want to see what to expect from a plant, not over edited photos.
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    You want to end up in the biggest pots that will fit in your tent. For soil grows, more soil = bigger plants = higher yield. But give the roots a chance to explore the soil before flipping to flower mode — some plants don't expand their root systems much after they go into flower. I agree with buddah fingah on this. If you don't use soft-sided pots, consider just one big tub or storage container, and put all four plants in it. Buy it based on dimensions.
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