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    the org.BJ is BlackDomina x J.Herer...Nirvana did a repro,it looks like https://sweetseeds.es/en/black-jack/
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    Azomite is my secret weapon, it’s like magic on stressed plants. I found it five years ago or so, and if I ever have a burnt, starved, or over fed plants, a good flush and a teaspoon per gal does wonders. I swear, plants look “happier” overnight on this Stuff. A few bucks on Amazon.
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    Strawberry Banana Day 28 Bloom 80.1F 650 PPM 39% RH 6.4 pH Res Temp 66F Still happy with the bud development and now there’s a strong smell of strawberries in the tent. Trich production has kicked in which seems a little early for a 9 week strain but I’ll take it. Will start winding down the nutes over these last 2-3 weeks. So far a pretty stress free grow.
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    Made it back home after 3 weeks of work down south in the desert. Gonna be a tired one and tons of stuff to catch up here at the house, but I should get to stay at least a week and then have to go back for maybe another month. I hope so. I'm getting another truck it looks like. It's the last hurdle I had in order to get back on my feet good. My buddy who gives me the work has been doing real good business wise lately and wants to see me get a newer model so, I'm with him! heh. This job I've been running for hime became a money maker, too. It was thought to take 1-2 weeks originally but is at 5 and maybe another 4 at least. So, he's gonna share the love and I'm going to put every dime into the most truck I can get for the money. Well, I will budget a portion of it to build that room downstairs if it's doable. I have to get a permanent spot set up. I should be able to make it happen at some level. Maybe one day I'll be able to get some pics up. Probably a few this week. I have to try and process all of my last harvest now that I'm home. It's all been semi curing in garbage bags downstairs. Not ideal, but the work took precedent. It still smokes good. Gonna go get a couple of cases of jars and get as much as I can in before I have to leave again. I'm gonna get to buy some Sugar Punch seeds this weekend, too. Been waiting for 2+ years. That and the Ouzbek. Then I gotta get to growing! I been trying to read OG while I've been out of town but the site won't give me a login screen on my phone. I'm sure it's my old Apple iPhone 5. Every update makes it worse. I'm going to by the battery replacement which is supposed to bring it back to normal. But, I can post now! peace all mrG
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    hi I don't share a lot of pics but some guys have asked for them, some ouzbek, 4 weeks under COB, time to switch in 12/12 Ciao
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    Okay look At those leaves now I need to place another order thanks lol peace paps
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    Hey Chris, any chance you have more Ouzbek seeds? The shop says it's out of stock. I contacted Sannie last week and he said there would be plenty. Maybe he held one back for me. I hope so. I need to grab the Sugar Punch before it disappears and wanted to add that one on the same shipping. I'm waiting to hear from Sannie, too. Thanks. Hope I finally get it. peace mrG
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    Yes! I use it and Basalt dust. KISS method on soil, people make things too complicated which creates complicated problems. Baq
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    A little bud update with 2 weeks to go most is still clear so Lets wait and see. -W-
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    @HUFFnPUFF Thanks bro. I have nothing to do this day! Tonight I will make some more pics and upload them. In the mean time a little teaser Long John Sails 'A' and La Nina 2. Week 7 I believe...
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    The continuous grow was interrupted a few months ago by some bad Cannatonic seeds. I ordered five. The first one grew, and the bud led me to try again. But the second seed failed. Until then i had successfully germinated a seed every two weeks. So i had one failure. Two weeks later i tried another. Another failure. I began to question myself instead of my seeds. I had not germinated anything new in a month's time. So, two weeks later, i decided to grow a batch of four plants. The four, in order from left to right, are White Widow, Blackjack, Tangie, and Madberry. Blackjack Tangie Mad Berry
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    Lemon Larry at week 7 Chocolate Rain at week 8
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    I know there are a few of you sickos who like "prego porn" lol Miss Lemon Bubba x SiFiBlaze
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    Huckin'Heri @ about 44 days
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    Three A Light are the new Cannabis bad assses in Denver, with a book out they're selling off $500 bucks, on how to get 3 pounds per light. I just looked it up on the net for free, lol. I've always been hung up on the "leaf is a solar panel" cult, probably from early Ed Rosenthal (he can't be wrong, can he?) talks on fan leaves being sugar factories, and you only remove them when they are blocking light. Then it occurred to me, in a 5 x 2 1/2 foot space, EVERY leaf blocks light! My current Chucky's Bride grow is case in point. I've always trimmed a ton of leaf, just out of necessity, but hadn't considered stripping a plant for yield. Makes sense. I've always noticed, particularly in early flower, plants go berserk when you cut on them. So, how this works, you strip EVERYTHING with a petiole, sometime ( usually twice) before the fifth week in flower. Different opinions on this, most do it the first and third week of flower. The late theory is, after week three, cannabis stops producing leaves and roots, and focuses energy on bud production. When you strip all the leaves, it freaks out, and pumps up the buds. Since buds draw nutrients from leaves, it's important to feed them properly right after stripping. The late strippers, or up to fifth week, believe none of the leaves are needed any longer, as the plant is solely focused on building the largest flowers it can. I watched a bunch on this, one grower claims he's not found a strain yet that didn't love it. Royal Queen Seeds has a good piece, but curiously, they all call this a "high risk" strategy. Uh huh. Do you think the risk would be less if I buy their $500 book, and their SUCCESS line of nutrients, specifically designed for schwazzing? I'll take my chances with Fox Farm and some Azomite. They really claim micro nutrients are super important, as all those are held in the leaves you just removed. Doesn't get any better than Azomite. Lot's of this is popping up on the net lately, praise be to capitalism. Watched one claiming he's done it with a dozen different strains, none of which didn't love it.
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    Thanks brother! Dreams coming true. Sugar punch and Ouzbekistan. Gonna be a fun winter. peace mrG
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    Hi Mr Good Ok thanks, so i'll send Ouzbékistan to Sannie tomorrow, it should be available on thursday Ciao
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    Yields are better. Chocolate Rain came down recently. Dry weight was 44 grams. But i had also been using some for the entire week it was drying. So, who knows. Maybe 46 or 48 grams. My last soil grown plant was Ice. I pulled 28 grams off of it. That was an improvement. The four plants maturing now (6 weeks flowering) should yield six ounces at least, in total.
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    This is Blackjack from Nirvana. Not sure if they are the same strain.
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    they all look great,Gardener .......i grew BlackJack (SweetSeeds) several times bevor
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    Thanks JC, So good to be home. I'm gonna have a time processing it all. Roomie needs more experience in the growing dept. She kept my last 6 alive but they kind of slowed to a stop once I left 3 weeks ago. There should be a few buds in them. Gott run to the store and I'll be back starting the trimming and jarring process. Gotta finally get all of my seeds rounded up. Gonna need a list now. My last two grows were all seeded. heh Talk at you soon! peace mrG
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    Awesome, man! You really have your yield getting better it seems. They sure got the trichomes! That Madberry looks great. I heard all good things about her! Enjoy! peace mrG
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    Hey good to see back your back home!! Man, I have been with my pick up for almost 19 years now. Hope you all the best with yours when you get it!!
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    Dead bugs float to heaven, living bugs float to the surface @Hamme Hydro baking soda = sodium bicarbonate = not somethingi want to smoke, what purpose would it have? contaminates already float to the surface (same for the lemons, why?) i get it when used on moldy buds (brrr) but thats not your issue
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    Durberella. They are 5 weeks in 12/12. smile
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    Not really, I have had no bleaching but now that you bring it up I will check that. I kept mine at 18 in for flowering. I rasied the lights now to approx 25 inches as they are still streching. But yeah, mindless said I may have to experiment a tad with the height. My plants are 34 inches as of now. When they quit streching I'm going to keep at 18 inches cause of their height.
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    Hey Toker, I had my LEDs at about 24" above the canopy. I noticed a couple of the plants upper leaves seem to kind of harden a bit. A little difficult to explain, but almost like synthetic plants. I moved the lights up to about 30" and they seemed to soften back up in a couple F days. No bleaching, just the texture. Growth seemed to improve a little after raising the lights also. I've done some interweb searches and can't find anything like what I had going on. Have you noticed anything like this with your LEDs?
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    matter of strength. you also can do a rinse with just water after using if you like I stand by my advice which has been in practice for about 20 years.
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    Hey Indicalicious. She would be a heavy breakfast smoke, I use her later in the day. She makes tasty rosin. Hit me with a PM.
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    mix some hydrogen peroxide and water in a big tub. wash your buds, let air dry for about an hour on a rack or sheet pan. then hang or process as normal. you can leave on stem or cut first. they are easy to wash if still on stem. just hold one end of stem and move the stem throughout the water for 15 seconds or longer.
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    Shamrocker, welcome... Did u settle into the forums? I am in Ireland and had a brush wirh the law a few years back. Im still on probation. If you are getting i to the grow game over here (RoI anyway) it pays to know how the cops value plants and determine sentencing. A little knoedge can be the difference between 10 years mandatory and a fine or suspended sentence. Hit me back if u wannna know what I mean. Peace ✌️
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    Whats up OGers? Been a week or 2. Busy n fuckin' more busy. Just had to deal with my 1st ever battle with mites. Luckily I caught em very early. Moved my veg room into another room n within 2 days noticed a crumpled leaf. Clipped it. Zoomed in. Lil mites but not spider mites. Lil fuckers kinda dark red around the edges lol. Anyway zero signs of bugs in the flower room. But the veg room got bug bombed n root drenched and after 3 days, all veg plants are looking great. Only 2 or 3 plants had signs, 1 being an old male. So no biggie. Anyway, got great mail today plus more coming. Heres 1 I KNOW THE ENTIRE OG FORUM IS GONNA LOVE.. These are going into rooters now... Cherry AK47 clone x cherry AK47 male f1 seeds courtesy of Griot of course. The seed hound..
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    Been growing on my windowsill since August with only sunlight and water
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    Killer Malawi x White Cherry Truffle
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    Hi Thanks a lot Yes just in shop Ciao
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