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    I know I can not speak for anyone else, but culling a nice plant always brings me up!! After great reckoning (and my bud jars are almost empty, one last chunk of Mowie Wowie is left) I decided to chop the girls a week apart from each other. First to be prepared and culled, Honey Badger Haze!! We just love her!! We like a perky cut over the sedate cut, so I cut her a touch sooner than most do, and do away with the hunger inducing side of her. I had pulled a couple of her branches off a few days ago, as we sampled her last night, it was very delicious off the stalk, uncured. We sampled some last evening, and are thrilled with her once again. She will be outstanding in a couple of weeks. A couple of pics of her right out of the tent, and I turned her a quarter turn at each snap. She had so many lovely heads hanging over all around so I tried to show them . Then next week, I'll flip a coin to decide what will get culled next, that crazy Huckleberry Space Queen, or Pau's, Mowie Wowie, and oh man is she a looker!! Her buddage TaTa's are glorious to behold, here in Appalachia from an island girl. She filled up my crappy drying rack, and gave me a huge amount of sug leaf, for edibles. We have been very lucky as our harvest have lasted from cut to cut, and we have had enough matter for edibles to last also. It was one of my concerns giving up the bottle nutrients......my concerns are now gone. Stay safe, happy and healthy, everyone!!
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    Long John Sails 'A' Amnesia Haze La Nina 2 La Nina 3
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    Huckleberry DesTar @ 64 days
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    Since it's Halloween here, I got a couple snaps of the flower tent. They do look a bit odd, as I did have to break them over a couple of times, due to that horrible long veg time we had to endure...oh well onward!! I'm still really struggling to find a sweet spot for my fresh cracked seedlings, I over do it or under do it, with the fertilizers. I had mixed up some fresh ProMix coco coir/peat based, with some kelp and a touch of alfalfa thinking that seedlings at 6 points would love it....they screamed at me for it. Not like Trick Or Treat!! But like, hey you stupid mouth breather, this shit is too freaking hot!! Then they stand there, for days, not doing anything but being pissed off. Finally after a couple of weeks, they go green like Al Gore. So, yeah, this mouth breather needs some work yet. Here are this week's photos, I hope you enjoy!!
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    Been for shut down for the summer months, so with all this Eskobar talk, thought I'd fire up some Chucky's Bride in time for Christmas. Here she is, that's three plants, in a 20 gal DWC tote, from seed, at just under 2 week in flower, under my Advanced Platinum 600, and that's a Hortilux Power Veg underneath, Fox Farm nutrient regimen with some modifications. I haven' grown Chucky's in 4 or 5 years, but it's all coming back to me, she's one lanky, stretchy, floppy, girl. While there are shorter stockier phenos, I've only had them one or two times, think someone called them the "Tilly" pheno? Most of mine have been spider webs, with little balls of fruity cheese buds, that surprises you a bit on yield. I'm told the stretchy tendency comes from the C99 dad, which stands to reason, having grown C99 a bunch. I've already trimmed half the plant away, she's one bushy gal. I'm thinking most of mine went 9 weeks and some change on flowering, can't recall, but don't think any went as early as 8. These are my own F2's, each taken from a different run. I've cloned all three, plan to keep my favorite as a Mom. They already all have different scents, but can tell they're all sisters. I got lucky, as planted 3, got three females. Plan was to veg until I could sex them, them pull the males, if they showed up. I call that "Growers Russian Roulette", but I always have mostly females it seems. Good Karma, or good growing, probably half and half. Oh, that's my Bonzai Mom of Mosca's C99 pineapple pheno in the corner, easy grower, great high, run her 3-4 times. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...........:) Peace, all.
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    Nice Saxo. I see that beach learned you also to coat suger on your ladies. Nice one!
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    Hey Duke, I shot her an email. Thanks for the saying what many of us feel. She really made my knee replacement recovery so much better. It was the edge I needed to be comfortable. She is such a good soul. peace mrG
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    Yeah, I miss Gardenartus. She brings the research and knowledge. I hope she comes back. I'll make sure she sees your post bro! I have her email. Those are very nice words, and I agree with you. peace mrG
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    The last sentence made me laugh... Sounds like a pretty potent cross!!! Who are the parents?
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    A little bud update with 2 weeks to go most is still clear so Lets wait and see. -W-
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    Boy, you just forget how good Chucky's Bride really smells. She didn't use her deodorant today, just working with her, I smell like a skunk who fell in a fruit salad. The two side plants exploded with oder overnight, center has almost no scent yet. Got a bit ahead of myself on nutes, early signs of cal lockup, could't put my finger on it, as she had plenty of cal/mag. I'd flushed, Ph, everything looked right, PPM about1200, and she was still getting those little brown spot tell tales of calcium deficiency. Same exact thing with Holy Princess. The LED's can really mess with symptoms, too. She'll be happy by morning, Sledge Hammered them, flushing well. I'll leave her in plain water until morning, then add back nutes. Funny, some strains, I could pour gasoline in the reservoir, and they'd just love it. Others, all the ducks have to be in a row. I keep smelling something, LOL, sitting here typing after servicing the girls, and if a cop pulls me over, he's going to say, "Say, we could let this ticket go, if you'll share some of whatever it is made you smell like that" .
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    Last but not least the recovering Bush...
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    49 days of bloom on the clones and the big ones cut and dried. 295 grams off 4 plants and due to all stress and horror iT may not be the best but iT tastes smooth and a very Nice uplifting clear high with a relax feeling overal. Maybe not how the high of a true AH should be but i am glad i didnt had to throw iT all away. The buds arent that big but i am satisfied about their devellopment becouse the smell so Nice sweet lemonlike and are way much more compact then their moms so i have to give @sannie credit because these are the first i have grown sannies way and iT seems they prefer this. The clones picked up Some of the stress of the big ones but cleaning out the tent and al the leaves seem to have worked and the look a lot more healthy then their moms in the same period so i have high hope the will manage to grow the full needed period. I have been very bussy lately but i try to keep you posted. Greets -W-
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    I was just smoking some Holy Princess while looking in on Chucky, and I noticed if I look real close at the Hortilux Power Veg tube underneath, I can see little leprechauns riding on the light beams, gently pushing the buds upwards, while singing Irish ditties.
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    Everything is out to dry. Now time to start to clean up the clones and the tent.
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    Loving on that Chris Rea song!! Just a few snaps. Still trying to find the right timing where I re-add the proper amounts as the root ball eats them. AND, my bud are not as voluptuous as usual. BUT we are coming into fall and cool months so maybe the next round will beef up. I did find something a bit weird in my Cottonseed Meal, when I opened a new package, but I had scooped out some, into a mixing cup, and admented one of the vegger pots, when I was dipping back into the box, some freaking tiny bugs. Grabbed the magnifying glass, and all through that box all these wee bugs. So I dumped a cup of diatomaceous earth in it and shook it about. Not sure what they are, and hope they do not frankenstein on me. My hand made sticky traps are working very well. I painted yellow on some window blind slats left over from installing blinds in a friends house. You almost always need to remove a few slates to true them up to a window. So I paint them, apply the sticky, and poke, or hang them about. Toss when covered in bugs. I'll be making some blue ones soon. Not my best work for sure.
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    I have about a hundred chocolate rain crossed with dynasty caramel candy kush. I wish I had time to try my luck and find something special.
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    very true ... but as long as you and many other verrrry good seedmakers are around = we are all ok, imo
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    A bit of music for posting today, one of my fav's, Toad The Wet Sprocket Throw It All Away Well thats big, pics on next page.
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    Fruity pebbles i've heard of,it seems to be a real sweetypie. Don't wait for hypes or other people to buzz off,just DO it man ! If i read the description,it makes me think of my own strain called RPP or Raspberry Pie Processor. Exactly the same things i can write down for fruity pebbles,i can also write down for the RPP. Or the description is too random,or i'm just lucky it looks and tastes like it without being it. Weird is it not? Picture was a green phenotype of RPP i took a while back,going to select out the purps soon though.
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    Well well well, where to start, as you listen to Frankie, or not, a few snaps to end this endeavor. And a few words to think about. I'm thrilled, I decided to work Pua's seeds, are they real, are they fakes, I just do not give a rats ass about that, you folks that worry of that stuff, there were a few nuances to warrant those thoughts. I'm not into breeding enough to really have a grasp of all the bickering about them. WHAT I've grown out, is worthy beside every single plant I've grown out since 2001. Was every single one fire, NOPE! But they can stand tall to every breeder here at Sannies, or Hemp Depot. Also 2 cultivars under my belt from a house does not make me an expert concerning their company, but I'm in NO way, NO WAY disappointed with them . For Mr.GoodFellow, as I prepared them for culling, the aroma's are spectacular!! Each one, unique. The 2 Alenuihaha are a bit the same, but the A plant is WAY sweeter to the nose, more floral, maybe a touch of sandalwood and spices. The C plant, is more sour, metal, with a wet moss funky smell, so lovely!! The Maui Wowie, well I called her a skunk type of plant early on, and her structure and appearance is just that. Fat buds, super sticky, and her nose is so freaking unique to any skunk I've grown out so far. She is not raw skunk smelling at all, juicy fruit, with some deeper floral undertones, with a smattering of vanilla, and coconuttish. Yeah I know that's not a word, sue me. I absolutely loved running these plants!! I've given out cuts to every garden I know, I gave the B Alenuihaha plant to a good friend, to have an off site tester plant of sorts. She will be bottle fed, so I can get a comparison going on, to my crappy version of Organics. This where I'll ask you to enjoy, Thank You all for stopping in during this wonderful grow (for me anyway) and I will Thank Paumanaohana's crew, we had a few hiccups along the way, but it all worked out, and you all should be proud of your beans, well the strains I worked anyway. I really had hope, they and Sannie would hammer something out, and maybe have a few offerings here...or not.
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    Hey Saxo, thank you kindly for peeking in!! Man I take crappy photo's. 01 MW, 02 Alley, trichomed challenged bud, most hanging way down, 03 other Alley loaded with diamonds, 04 and 05 just vanity shots of 03, sorry not lady should be remembered by just her bud appearance. I have had more fragrant varieties, but these do have a more subtle smell, but when scoping them and your nose is like right freaking THERE, very strong. And some spicey undertones I really do not know, funky socks meets oregano? Maybe just not sure. And odd but alluring smell also. I know many folks are embroiled inthe real or fake by this house, and I just do not know enough about breeding, nor the Islands, to jump into that fray. I will say, I'm in no way unhappy with sharing space with these strains. You all fight it out about that, I'm really thrilled I took the chance with them, so far, I still have tasted nothing, and I'm a cured weed lover so it will be a while. Stay on point everyone!! And do NOT drop the damn buggy beater ball, like I did.
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    hello rose:) hope u get something like this (very hard to make more buds top to bottom with super quality) just to entertain the community with pball grows from a first time CoreCut grower and yess the yellow is an industrial hoover on the right side... u can figure the size of the bag