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    Well begin actual 12/12 for 2 WW. Lol Pistals this morning My luck, both were girls and now have produced clones. I'm going to grow out the one on the left and kill it's cut and focus on the one on right as it likes my set up Oh well no breeding for me. I really wanted to see the process up close but I'm Good with how it turned out Should be a tasty Valentine's day.
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    @Hamme Hydro Thanks my brother ! I used to spray permethrin on my pants to shield myself from ticks when going guerilla,worked for 6 weeks straight. But it is a contact insecticide,and neem did the trick for me thus far on my plants. Without worry's missing the bottom of the leaf here and there. I have sent you a sample of the #3 that was grown under t-neon and seems way better. (no heat stress) So you just enjoy that conciously and let us know here what u think about it tastewise? Just post it up here........ @topic : I have received pictures from some friend's friends of mine. These friends have ''aquired'' some of my chemdawg seeds,which they wanted to test outside for fun. Just to see how they would be doing in those conditions,well they absolutely lacked any form of mold/sickness. These seeds i got from humboldt and made some new seeds from them. 2000 fem. seeds in total from one little T-neon plant This way i could spread the joy ! These buds were from outside,ain't they pretty? He also tried to put the Chemdawgs under LED,and with nice results too is say.......... I have to keep it short this time so i'll cya later OG ! Jah bless!
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    Time for a quick update. I chopped the Ms. U clone a couple days ago and got some pics after manicuring... The Huck Kush girl is looking pretty good at the 5 week mark. Glad I took several clones from her so I will have more to come. I've really missed having HK around and look forward to filling my bowl with it in a few more weeks. Good news, It looks like I have a Huck Kush male to work with. I put him to 12's today and can't wait to get some more HK pollen to play with. That's all for now. I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving with family or friends.
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    Triple Pakistan is a new variety developed by USC from three strains of Pakistani landrace cannabis: X18 and Pine Tar Kush from Tom Hill on one side, and Wild Pakistan (Aunt Of Farouk), an heirloom strain preserved for over forty years, thus assuring its old-school character. This union of three typical Pakistani strains has given birth to Triple Pakistan, a robust and vigorous 80/20 Indica-Sativa hybrid with different phenotypes varying from green to more colourful purple/red flowers, giving off aromas ranging from hashish to red fruits. Planting these seeds, we will have the chance to discover a variety of plants with the characteristic features of Pakistani landrace genetics to select the phenotype that best suits our needs. With an average flowering time of 9 weeks, Triple Pakistan delivers a generous harvest and displays great weather resistance, with hardy plants that can be grown outdoors successfully. Highly rewarding and easy to grow, Triple Pakistan will allow growers to discover the aromas of yesteryear, bringing back memories of classic flavours and releasing a powerful aroma of traditional Pakistani hash that will delight more experienced smokers, in particular those that make their own resin extractions. Underground Seeds Collective Triple Pakistan info: Type: Regular cannabis seeds Genetics: (X18 x Pine Tar Kush) x Wild Pakistan 80/20 Indica-Sativa Flowering Time: 9 weeks Production: High Coming in 1/2 weeks in the shop Ciao
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    Silverfields are at 63 days, 1 more week oughta do it. We'll see if there is any last gasp swelling of buds. It's been cool lately. LC pheno is coloring up for me. Black Afghani are at 12 days.
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    Lovely! That Huck / Destar is sick looking, I keep asking myself why haven't you grown this, after seeing yours I for sure going too. Wonderful job on all, as always! Baq
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    It's not the slabs...check the roots I'll bet there's critters in there! Best bet is to shut it all down, throw EVERYTHING away, clean like a mofo and start fresh from seeds in a few months Just saying
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    Very dense looking that outdoor Chemdawg! I'll let you know how i liked that f#3, thanks in advance for the sample!
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    a friend with trees is a good friend
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    maybe ph wasnt off? or the shift was too much at once
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    Damn bro, wish I could help. What are they doing? Does it look like too much water? Too little? Try adjusting one thing at a time. Maybe give them just water, no nutes and see what they do.
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    Did you over mix it or put too much material in at one time and over mix it that way. you should have seen the water getting far to dark and stopped. ijs if the material going in is prepped correctly should be no reason with proper water to ice ratios you don't get the goods. Yet, as u see with the automatics bubble washers they do not beat the fuck out of the material. they just swish swash getting everything loose without mashing the green material into the water. which sounds like that's what you did with the mixer. you will get more input and examples by using google and youtube. then pick your poison, don't expect to be spoon fed though. ijs
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    Grown under 600W HPS, in Vermafire and CocoLoco soil. Fed with Peruvian Seabird guano, Mexican Bat guano, ancient forest, kelp extract, molasses, and Myko-Bacto inoculations. Watered with bottled spring water. Nothing more nothing less. Pics were taken mid 8th week of flower. Plants harvested a week later. Thanks for looking! (if this belongs in grow reports, my apologies. Please feel free to move wherever is appropriate. Thank you)
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    Awesome, I'm interested, I haven't grown out any of your gear yet and this one would be a good place to start, please keep me posted. Baq
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    Hi Thx for report More pics of ouzbek will arrive when the flowering will be more advance Ciao
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    We love you and have your back here! My buddy and I plan to come up for the Michigan Cup this year and would love to meet you in person, I'll also be up there sometime in May for Smallmouth Bass season on the lower Detroit River. Best, Baq
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    I am also growing Ouzbekistan and so far I can say that they look good and it is the first Indica variety that I have grown that really is a variety. The plants really are all alike and have their own varietal characteristics. And the female ratio is also very high. I really like what I see, I hope the high is also good. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to Cristalin for top breeding. Very good in my opinion!
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    It did a number on em, but not eggs. Powedery mildew and thripes it kills as well. I dare not apply again to anything flowering but yes For veg every 4 days for a few weeks will do the trick as it kills all but eggs. They have 3 weeks to go or so. All Cheeseberry, 7. They seem to be coming out of it thankfully. As I said weak shit should die In the tent are the widows On right one loves me, has clones that you will see in a pic at bottom Thats catching up to pitiful papya And I reported papya I'm not talking shit about that strain, prolly hates my set up But...one widow loves me hehe And one is not as stellar but ok I guess. They are in tent, hoping for a boy /girl In the veg are 2 30 gal totes Total of 10 CB clones that will be 2 months old when they flower In the colourful pots more CB.
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    I used to do the 3 bucket system with lemon juice baking soda. Now just do a 2 bucket system with a warm water day about 85 degrees F and cold water about 45f to 50f. I grow in a basement with minimal air from outside at times. This ensures clean buds in the end. Kinda like how you always wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them. I dunk slowly in both buckets for about 15 seconds. Starting with the warmer bucket. Hang dry plant, and dry as normal. I have had mite issues in the past, this did the job 99% of the time. If you were infested, then their is no saving that. Just my way of doing it. Still do foliar feeds and neem oil sprays so that's why I still wash.
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    Yesterday the plants were fine, but just like the day before: after about 12 hours of light they are more dead then alive and i can't tell what causes this. Hell, i am about to pull the plug on this motherfucker. Apparently slabs and i ain't such a good marriage. I miss the mapito already.
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