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    Why? To the newbs I'm grilling you You seen picks, think it's cool and shit and want to save money Shit don't grow on trees... Wait , it does but your not ready. Do you like to garden? Like to get your hands dirty? You like un known shit Bugs pests you name it It's not called farming for no reason. I could spend hours telling you all kinds of shit. I'm going to tell you one thing that matters. Don't matter if you suck at plants, do t matter if you fuck up. What matters is passion Love of what you do. If you have that.... Your alright If your doing this cause toker or someone else is self sufficient Good, but that is not enough You will drop out, loose interest Pm me , always looking for cheap used good lights lol If your doing this cause catus are as cool as tomatoes Or orchid's are your thing You have an excellent chance of being a grower. Why? Cause you love plants and this shit aint easy It's work, dedication, work, A desire, a love for what you do Be it a flower or a ganja plant. If gardening , farming ain't in your blood, you won't last. It gets boaring , it gets to be a pain In the ass even for us sometimes. Your married to your projects And they need you. If anyone can do it why is it .2 percent of Americans grow all the food the rest eat? Shit aint easy, farming is work Know that....and you have a chance. Commitment, effort, persaverance.... You will need them, they will carry you when the mites come Or the powedery mildew Or both.. Yikes. Good luck, if your a green thumb you won't need as much Luck, but it still comes in handy to, if all you care about is pretty pics and being cool Hahahaha Plants gonna teach ya about You. Peace ...
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    Madkush pollinated In this macro picture you can see that the pistil is for 50% brown and is getting pregnant as we speak Look close and you will find pollen greets sannie
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    Tahoe OG.. Real deal kinda shit...
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    Sannie's Jack, pheno #2 @5 weeks
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    Hi opengrow, this year I planted 2 Jalisco IBL and both get females. I germinate them end of may (didn't have the opportunity this year to start earlier) and they begin to flower by the end of august. I pollinate some side buds of one plant with Nepal Highland, Chitral, Mazar I Sharif, Erdpurt... to have some new crosses. All seeds we're fully matured and she was harvested last weekend. She turned purple by end of october when temperature drop. She was grown at 51 latitude.
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    Happy belated turkey day. I don’t know what Alabama or Florida were like but here it was almost negative temps! I’m growing another tent with only gorilla glue plants. And I have a bunch of seedlings going too. Junky munky, snow kush, sannies jack, Boudica/silverfields x humboldt kush, headband x junky munky. the last two are crosses I’ve made.
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    Good luck trap l to use sinister seed pollen for crosses one of my fav is uk blues x heri x chuckys bride i ll tag along peace papalag
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    Well, that was a hectic start. After almost eighteen hours of light, the plants are still fine as you can see. Now it is safe to say that hanging the lamp too close too soon caused all the issues after all. I am happy that i don't have to abort this grow too. Sometimes it pays off to wait a bit. See you later, when there's new news to be shared with you all. Hamme says peace!
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    Oh man! You are one lucky feller thats for sure. Saw this thread the other day and had to take some inventory. I have some gems, but the Mothers are the true ticket to Esko greatness. Man you should do a run of Choc cheese ! That is a masterpiece. Too bad hes done, but hopefully you can keep some of his greats going. I need to do a boudica, choc cheese, HP run with a couple of Sannies SP for good measure.
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    I ate Mickey Ds lol A nice Thanksgiving Quarter pounder and a home made chocolate shake. God Bless this food, do not let me throw up ha ha I am thankful stayed down, no sicky here. Woo boy, Black Friday deals I am gonna be a big ole 60 years old in Jan, I splurged and bought a pute! For being around for 60 years, time to go from Windows 7 to 10 ha!
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    It reeks so good. I Installed more insulation around my front door, and I keep that rooms door closed now to. Came home and it smelled like someone was in the front yard burning a joint lol. I got it under control now. But when you come in it smells like dankness, like someone smacked ya in the face with a Plant lol.
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    The original topic was from 12 years ago and was getting a bit big to be a good read so thought to make a new and fresh topic about the progress what we are doing at the moment and what to expect in the feature. All seeds from Sanniesseeds are made by Sannie and Knutsel. Knutsel is my right hand and was not sitting idle the last few years, in his search for the perfect plant he made a real nice find and did some selections on the follow cross : Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields ( name for this strain will come later ). This combination was bulls eye for Knutsel and decided to do a proper selection on the seeds he made and found some winning pheno's to work with. The plants stand out in narcotic effect and allround aperence. The winning plant is used to make two new fem crosses : Madkush X Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields and Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields S1 seeds. Madkush selected pheno from regular seeds The plants are pollinated at the moment and should start producing seeds soon. Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields Buds are pollinated and seeds are visible already and hope to have them ready in around a month or so This is the reversed Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields Sannie's jack feminized are going fine and we expect to pollinate the plants in around 2 weeks Killingfields regular seeds are in week 2 of flowering and need another 3 weeks before pollination Chemdawg X Heribei will be pollinated soon We are also in the progress of making Madscientist fem seeds and a new batch of Sugarpunch seeds to ensure enough stock . As you can see we are working hard to get new strains and fresh stock. I am also working on my photography skills with super macro pictures and will show some work in this topic once in a while I will keep this topic updated regularly greets sannie
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    I only found one AutoMalZilla in that group of plants. Here it is: I'm going to put 25 more seeds of that batch in soil now. To be continued...
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    Chocolate Rain keepers are a treat...I would have kept my Strawberry Yogurt smellin girl if I had known I was doing a one off... Probably be a great cross to Apollo and C99
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    gotta love'em stoned ramblings hahaha u are right though!
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    Still got a pack of these. i ran them alongside sannie jack regs and the Jalisco Jaze yielded just as much as the jacks plus the flavour was amazing, loud hazey goodness. plants looked so healthy, were a beautiful shade of green throughout and never complained m
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    No, the laws stipulate that seeds clones and bud must come from a govt sanctioned source " What is legal as of October 17, 2018 Subject to provincial or territorial restrictions, adults who are 18 years of age or older are legally able to: possess up to 30 grams of legal cannabis, dried or equivalent in non-dried form in public share up to 30 grams of legal cannabis with other adults buy dried or fresh cannabis and cannabis oil from a provincially-licensed retailer in provinces and territories without a regulated retail framework, individuals are able to purchase cannabis online from federally-licensed producers grow, from licensed seed or seedlings, up to 4 cannabis plants per residence for personal use make cannabis products, such as food and drinks, at home as long as organic solvents are not used to create concentrated products"
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    Should smell like heaven over there ! How long do you still have to flower ? greets sannie
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    The jacks are looking fine dude ! Enjoy the next 5-8 weeks of flowering and keep posting greets sannie
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    Totally agree with pressing on with the new but some strains deserve preservation and eskos strains definitely deserve to be including in the building blocks of the new flavours. chocolate rain and chocolate cheese are some of the strongest and most flavoursome weed I’ve ever tried, my chocolate rain keeper is possibly the best keeper i have all round, nothing ever comes close in resin, flavour, smell, strength, the whole pack package. It would be a travesty if Escobar strains fading away into obscurity I think
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    Ice sounds like a good one for MS, and some of the other patients needs I have. They have RSD, fibro, and I have MS< think that might be a good one for us then. TY for your report, like seeing this, very cool, always been a fan of defoliating, to see it in 3 phases is cool.
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    I agree with you in principal but all that is is built upon all that was.... and these strains are great on their own and as building blocks for the new...Hence my alarm that they are disappearing. Thank you for the post!
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    Atomic Jam purple pheno, 55 days flowering. smile
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    Purple Atomic Jam, 55 days 12/12. smile
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    Most of my outdoor plants came up short this year and my only saving grace has been the autoflowers I've grown on a whim. My outdoor photoperiod plants were all 6 or 7 feet of plant with a canopy of a foot or two of buds on top. My autos would be 3 feet tall, one foot of branches and bits of popcorn and 2 feet of continuous buds. Everything turned out a fast ounce or two. Needless to say I've been cramming autoflowers into my cupboard for the past three months to make up for some of my losses this season and its worked out well. I tried documenting my progress but with the majority of the photos coming out poorly and this changing so fast I ended up giving in early on. Autoflowers change at the drop of a hat. One day they look like they're at least a week from finishing and the next day they look like they've been finished for days. Some will start budding after 4 weeks and others after 13 weeks. Its all a bit chaotic and very exciting. Anyway, the growing season is definitely over with frost on the glass and temperatures down in the single digits at night. Whatever is left has started showing signs of cold stress. I still have 5 plants early into flower and 5 that have finished. If the remaining plants finish up this year I'll post harvest shots. Here's some pics of my autoflowering strains, Devil Cream, Candy Kush, Auto#1, GSC, and Gorilla Glue. That's probably it for 2018.
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    A boudica f2 would be amazing. And I'd agree, the silverfields I grew didn't have a strong scent per se but the boudica was top 3 smelliest strain I've grown. Can't wait to see some photos and 50 days makes everyone happy, especially if the smoke is good!
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    That's just sugar water... it would feed the microbes which is very beneficial but Molasses is a better choice with the added minerals. peace mrG
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    You would have sweet ladies lol
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    New grow! front to back and left to right: mad chem. Mad chem. Sour kush 1 sour kush 2. Sour kush 1 sour kush mad chem. Sour kush 1. Sour kush 2
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    I need this, dripping, just dripping, Baby we need to talk! I want this one
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    Ultrashack mom f2 for f3 @ week 5-6 flowering, fully pollinated, most resign in tent and fastet budder, darkfruityhash smell.
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    Sour Lemon Haze at 52 days flowering. smile
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    Artist: Beats Antique Album: Blind Threshold Track: Revival https://music.beatsantique.com/track/revival
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    if you reuse soil, add calcium and magnesium, worm castings, some biochar (charged), some compost on top of soil. flavors are based on brix levels, easier to do with soil than hydro.
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    A cut of Tahoe OG.. The 1st n only clone Ive ever accepted into my gardens...
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    A lot of people are curious about how going rec will affect me and others. The only thing it will do for me as a caregiver, might drop the prices. There are a lot who do not want to grow, or who do not live in an area they feel safe, some just do not want to bother with all of this. Some have never been educated on how to use medically, who will never attempt making medibles. There will always be a need for caregivers. If the prices drop too low, will have to consider growing outdoors, but our weight hold for cannabis does not allow me to do that, I try to stay legal as possible. Puts me in a bad way in my head to sit with too much weight, knowing they can show up at anytime. We are protected under what they call section 8, I would probably get my case dismissed, but would need to go to court. At least we do have that on our side. But I think it would be too hard on me, I think I would have to pull back and only grow for myself. I would be torn to stay medical or rec, because Rec I could hold more personally, and be legal to gift it to anyone over the age of 21, which fits right in with what I do a lot of but have no real protection under medical. But then comes in the play of flashpoint law and we do not have that restriction, only butane, under medical as of now. Thought about a lot of this, will just play it out as it comes. The one thing I worry about is the police here stated if we have dispensaries where as all can buy, rec and medical, no need for home grows. We will have to keep our eyes open and make sure they don't try to amend the voted in laws here to screw us over. Another thing in the write up is no extractions of solvents with flashpoint below 100. If that ends up bleeding over to medical, we will be screwed for a heartbeat until we figure out a better way, such as rosin, if that was viable for the amount needed to treat medically. One great outcome, cases are getting dismissed But as always we have the stubborn prosecutors who are still pushing cannabis is a drug and out of control mentality. They are going to try to make it harder on anyone who is caught. Our new gov is talking about releasing some from jail who have cannabis charges on their heads. We still will face the push and shove, the good and bad. But this part is the most fantastic part of all, Release those who only committed victimless type crimes, do not prosecute and stick felonies on people's head for this plant. This might cause more issues, or it might cause less for medical, I am hoping it is the later.
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    Make your own soil, it's simple, easy, cheaper and last forever. Baq
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    First pic of another bud of the short sativa and second, Hamme, of the taller distinctly sweet grape smelling sativa you mentioned had longer buds to show you how they're filling out.
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    music for my plight...
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    Okay, sorry to hear, lol. I was living there in W. Tex. I still go down for contract work a few times a year. I couldn't take it anymore and moved to Colorado. I aint gettin' any younger! New Mexico next door has legal medical. If you're in the oil field a lot of the action is over there. peace mrG
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