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    You can also contact Snow directly and save a bit of money buying direct. Go to his instagram page and he lists his email there somewhere in the comments when asked how to contact him.
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    Another rainy day in paradise here. Guess I can't expect much else for the middle of December though the first half of the month was beautiful. I've been pretty busy the last few weeks. On Thanksgiving day I discovered my ballast had taken a dump, it was 8 years old so guess I can't bitch too much. But it did catch me off guard and I had to rely on Amazon prime to get me a new one fast. I moved a floor lamp with a 300 watt main bulb and 3 led bulbs into the flower room for 3 days until I could replace the ballast. I was pleasantly surprised to see ballast prices have come down considerably in the last 8 years, I paid less than half what my original one cost. I made my yearly trip to the big city to have my grow license renewed last week so I'm all legal for another year. My main computer had been acting up lately. It was about 5 years old which is like 50 in human years so I decided to take advantage of the Black Friday deals and put together a new one. After putting it all together and reloading everything I am very pleased with the final product. Now I'm zipping along on 8 cores @ 3.7 gig, good for another 5 years or so. All is good in the grow room. It's so nice to have Huck Kush going again and one of them is only a week away from harvest. I have 2 clones from the nearly finished HK plus 3 from seed, 2 of which are female. The male is in another room currently as I gather pollen from it. I also have 2 Phuuu's IPA clones that are filing in nicely coming up on 6 weeks in 12's. I have 2 more IPA clones in the veg area along with the last HK youngster. Here's my temporary light after the ballast went... The flower room today. The veg area with 2 IPA's and a Huck Kush. Here's IPA #1 @ 39 days Now for the good stuff. Huck Kush @ 8 weeks She has maybe a week to go and I can hardly wait for it to dry. That's all for now folks. Stay warm and dry and safe for the holiday's.
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    Now for the Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze. Super dense, super sticky, lemony citronella scent with a hint of rotten peach.
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    That is beautiful Douglas, we really need Love buttons here
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    Beautiful BB...I love the Huck..made several crosses with it .. we are getting over a snowstorm that left 18 inches of snow in my yard..lol have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR.
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    I've been out of town for a few days. Came home to some wilted hungry girls. Fed them yesterday and they stood up nicely. Removed dead leaves and got some pics this morning.
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    Thanks bigun, best to you and yours as well.
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    Swami Seeds Guerrero is legit and pretty kick ass, @yesum on here has grown it out and gave a really nice smoke report on RIU. I have his Guerrero X Mazar and it's straight medicine. Snow High seeds has legit Mexican's, pricey, but legit. Baq
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    hahaha and make a medible out of em, that little bit of crunch just adds fiber bahahaha
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    Only thing I will kill lol we even let mice go that the cats catch, well the one eats em up with slobber sounds ughhhhhhhh lol I have to hollar at someone else to kill Anything but not these buggers, This is my Medicine MOFO you are gonna die die die
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    I'm very very fortunate I have not had to deal with any thripes , mites etc. But a can of Raid before any bud development should kill every miniature bastard in the room. A good wash after the massacre and I don't see any problems with contamination. Death to bugs death to bugs
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    Hay @dieseldog381 no bro the little green army men with the flame throwers that’s the key I send in a battalion of them like in toy story lol
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    Dang, I never thought of setting fire to the room, I'm trying that next time!! Do you remove your plants before setting the fire, or just water them first?
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    Killing the little buggers is the easy part, but getting them is a tough cookie. That is why i narrowed my genetics down to a few clones before i treaded the remaining few. I cleansed them like God cleansed humanity back in the days of Noach.
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    @dieseldog381 damn bro can’t stop laughing lol I believe you’re right whatever it takes including setting fire to the room if necessary
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    I'd use agent orange if it killed the little bastards. I"m done with the rainbows and unicorns, save the whales, cinnabon, hormone free platypus oil, with added free range garlic and Joni Mitchell's sweat, this is all out war!
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    I had never experienced mites until this year..i evidently sucked them in my grow/bd rooms..i had never started growing in August before...I used a product called NS KILLER..SPIDERMITE KILLER..... it does work and it works fast..i used a mister to put it on..did it twice and I haven't seen any eggs..good thing is,it is all NATURAL..can be used anytime....
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    Spider-mites are tough to battle. What worked for me was the following: I narrowed my genetics down to a handful of my best clones and ditched the rest. Then i cleaned out my grow room and cloning closet thoroughly and treated the remaining cuttings twice with a double dose of pyrethrum. After that i had to bring them nearly back from the dead , but now they are free from bugs. Any new cuttings i receive that are worth it are put in quarantine and receive thorough inspection. I keep them separated from the others until i am sure they are clean.
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    Found this picture in my phone and it broke my heart I gifted these to a friend so didn’t even get to grow them myself
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    Well here is what I learned: if I'm gonna run a 1k out here, I need a larger and taller tent this time of year lol. So I got me a 5 by 5 84 tall for next go round.
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    ha, that's cuz these are the cindy phenos ... the classic cindy has floppy arms and esko used the real deal. same as the cheese, the one esko passed up is the uk exodus. (he also used the big buddha cheese a few times, but not in CBr.) this phenothingie is exaggreated, imo ... i have not seen much difference from growing the same clones right side by side. the branching is not the same , of course (duh, lol), but the rest like smells, flotimes, eating habits, yields ... is all the same. also, what they pass up is the same, no matter the conditions ... genetics can't be changed just by looking wrong at them. you go in the sun = you get a suntan ... not actually change skintones. what i did experience is: that the same clone grown from two differnt people CAN bring in some different nuances (like in taste or effect). but that just depends on the methods of drying and curing and also what kind of nutes were used ect ... but these differences are SUBTLE (!). the plants/phenos are unmistakingly still the same, especially easy to see when growing known elites like bubba, cheese and other very known cultivars. and again, toker: ... all of this phenothingie has ZERO influence while creating seeds. if you use the same father to the same mother, the results will always stay the same ... one only needs to keep them alive by cloning (which has happened in esko's case ). as long as re-made f1s are not around, it is the best thing to preserve what you have. hopefully everybody to not just let them go to waste, make f2's of these gems. they are some of the best seeds in cannaworld. he had very nice clones available and the right mindset to combine those with the fitting lines he grew from seed. he had good taste ! he still is and will always be my main drive for any canna-related thngs i do... *bowing*
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    Huck Star last year Coloration not due to cool temp
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    Im suspecting by what Santero said (and the man is quite good at english) that he HAS Escobars breeding plants (or clones of same). Could you tell me what if anything Esco has done with the 2 unreleased Mexican lines? Guerrero and Mowhakian? (sp) Indicaliscoious: I would gladly receive anything you have to offer from Esco Santero... do you think Esco would mind us making his seeds available as freebies in the future? (i will be able to propogate the Jallisco IBL and Haze with any luck at all).
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    esKobar's gear was killer. good to see more people trying to preserve their packs. i have the original mothers and can ressurect the lines, if need be. nothing is lost