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    Greetings, Cannabis fans! I'm back and seeds are a sproutin'. I opened up my time capsule of a seeds stash, and chose strains by: 1. the kind of weed I think I've been missing and 2. the age of the seeds — The "youngest" seeds I have are over 4 years old. So far I started: 10 Holy Princess (all popped, but one committed suicide by jumping from my hands when I was planting it in media, and likely fell through a wormhole and is now in another galexy) 5 Cheeseberry — this was half a pack, leftover from a pack I bought around 2012. All popped. 10 Nepalma — so far, 7 have popped, one committed suicide, like the missing HP, two more are left that I still haven't given up on. 2 Shackzilla — 2 left from a 5 pack I bought in 2012, both popped. 5 Sweet Spot — This is a Santero creation (line 4.3) that was produced in February of 2014. All popped. 5 God Bud (JOTI) — I had these since about 2013, never tried them. I need an indica in the grow, and may add a few from Indican, that he sent me about 4 or 5 years ago. 2 Willie Nelson — These are the oldest. They are Reeferman's original WN — the stuff that takes 18 weeks in flower — and I purchase them before Reeferman's total meltdown, but that still makes them around 9 years old! So far, neither one has popped. I don't expect them to, but I had to give them a shot. When I grew them in the past, they took 4 days after soaking to pop, which is rather long. It's now been three days — I'll give them through the weekend. The HP and Shackzilla are two strains I feel I've been "missing," even though I never actually tried HP. The description's final words, "Like red fruits on speed," made me realize I miss racy weed. Shackzilla is a longer-flowering sativa dom, which you just can't get commercially in dispensaries. The WN is one of the speediest weeds I've ever smoked, plus, it's ancient and I need to see if it's still alive. The Nepalma was put in there because I feel I'm missing Nepalese hash, or something remotely related to it. I realize it's a hybrid. I also never grew a USC strain. Cheese Berry has an exquisite body buzz, plus it's pretty damned old. Santero's sweet spot is in there because… because. I'm always harkening back to days of popping Esko strains, and this remix of some Esko work just might be fun. God Bud is in there because JOTI does have a talent for indicas, and I always wanted to try it. Also, it's about 5 years old. What didn't make it this time? Smilestyle's Lemon Thai F3. I started thinking I was too sativa heavy, and since these are relatively young seeds I don't expect to be keeping any males, but who knows. Madmaster lives nearby, and he said something about doing an open pollination with the HP, but I might just hold onto the males and cross them with the best female I find. The "grow room," or grow region, as it is in this house, is still under construction. I have so many options that I've never had before in my infamous attic grow, that it might be a while before I'm satisfied with it. Yak atcha later, ladies and gents.
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    Greetings old friends and total strangers! I'm an old-timer, who haunted OG from about 2010 or so through 2016. My last grow was the spring of 2015, when I had to rip out my grow setup to sell the house. I moved to a med state, finally got a house and have now started my first seeds in over 3 years. I'll start up a grow report soon. Maybe in a minute or two. Anyway, you'll be graced with my brilliant posts once again. I thought I'd warn you.
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    Well damn... looks like I stressed the G39 passed its limits. Dont know how I missed it earlier. I did find some balls that didn't open and no pollen inside so I hope I'm in the clear. And cant find any seed pods on her. I'll know for sure when the bud hits the grinder.
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    Top is triple Pakistan and the bigger one is black afghani. I just switched these beauties to 12/12 today, so they are nice and healthy hope all goes well. I get impatient with strains I never grew before cause I'm cant wait to see how they turn out.
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    The LC pheno gave me 76 grams and her sister gave up 42 grams. Buds are all small but dense, heavy with resin. Both have been smoked and vaped, both are energetic with spaciness to the buzz. I have a cut of the LC that is itching to run again but Black Afghani is the star of the next show. I believe an octopot is in her future. As of yesterday, day 33 above ground, I have 2 females and 2 males, with 2 possible females. I have a feeling the next couple of days will reveal the rest.
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    The Pacific Northwest and Cali Breeders started it all and select ones still have a lot of their old original genetics, mostly the old timers, but they share around among the area breeders, if you look it's all still out there and accessible. Sannie's is the only overseas company I will deal with and there's no reason to buy American strains from overseas mega banks. Pretty much any European worked strains I'm interested in I can get right here, either from the shop or fellow cultivators. Like us, a lot of these guys are getting older and they don't want these strains to disappear, so I feel that line of thought along with the fad I see coming and the medicinal side, we will see more of these old heirlooms and old land races pop into the market, The key is to find the legit ones before the market takes over and fucks everything up, in short the best time to find the legit stuff is now! Best places to look are here and the PNW, just think about who's out there. Before anybody says anything I'm talking land races and heirlooms, you talk modern poly's then you have to add Colorado, Michigan and Maine, there's some dank ass shit coming from all those. Damn Thai Stick in my BOH keeper has me rattling again, sorry, wait a minute, my son came over and we're smoking BOP, double sorry. Oh, Gas (Swami's) has a 1977 Jamaican and crosses coming real soon. Best, Baq
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    You can also contact Snow directly and save a bit of money buying direct. Go to his instagram page and he lists his email there somewhere in the comments when asked how to contact him.
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    Another rainy day in paradise here. Guess I can't expect much else for the middle of December though the first half of the month was beautiful. I've been pretty busy the last few weeks. On Thanksgiving day I discovered my ballast had taken a dump, it was 8 years old so guess I can't bitch too much. But it did catch me off guard and I had to rely on Amazon prime to get me a new one fast. I moved a floor lamp with a 300 watt main bulb and 3 led bulbs into the flower room for 3 days until I could replace the ballast. I was pleasantly surprised to see ballast prices have come down considerably in the last 8 years, I paid less than half what my original one cost. I made my yearly trip to the big city to have my grow license renewed last week so I'm all legal for another year. My main computer had been acting up lately. It was about 5 years old which is like 50 in human years so I decided to take advantage of the Black Friday deals and put together a new one. After putting it all together and reloading everything I am very pleased with the final product. Now I'm zipping along on 8 cores @ 3.7 gig, good for another 5 years or so. All is good in the grow room. It's so nice to have Huck Kush going again and one of them is only a week away from harvest. I have 2 clones from the nearly finished HK plus 3 from seed, 2 of which are female. The male is in another room currently as I gather pollen from it. I also have 2 Phuuu's IPA clones that are filing in nicely coming up on 6 weeks in 12's. I have 2 more IPA clones in the veg area along with the last HK youngster. Here's my temporary light after the ballast went... The flower room today. The veg area with 2 IPA's and a Huck Kush. Here's IPA #1 @ 39 days Now for the good stuff. Huck Kush @ 8 weeks She has maybe a week to go and I can hardly wait for it to dry. That's all for now folks. Stay warm and dry and safe for the holiday's.
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    Now for the Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze. Super dense, super sticky, lemony citronella scent with a hint of rotten peach.
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    esko himself did not follow up on the mexicans. he started other lines and projects instead (lc f5, damnesia, gf x bb , sanfune-copy, looking for keepers in chemota dragon ect ect ect). that speaks for itself, imho. michoacan was not worthwhile for me either and the guerrero is covered by swami. i don't really need to do that too. i made a few crosses with the "g4" (how esko called her = guerrero pheno #4, brown haired "acapulco red"-pheno), but i have other priorities atm, like preserving his classic and (imvho, more original) crosses like cheeseberry, cbhaze, vanilluna, blue rocket ect.
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    Not all nanners mean you''ll find seeds in your buds.
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    Feel free to drop in on my grow journal. I love putting up results from the shop. Right now it’s 2 phenos of USC’s sour kush and mad chem.
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    Welcome back Dirt cant wait for the show to begin awesome line up just what OG needs a new grow from an old friend joint rolled popcorn made ready
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    Glad you're settled into the new house! Can't wait to see these unbelievable grows and read all of your brilliant posts...
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    I started growing indoors in 1974 under floresence lights and using Rapid Grow for nutes. Grew kick ass plants, especially when a Burmese strain came in around 78 / 79 that would make you stand and stare. Baq
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    I’m amazed at the ignorance of bud tenders in the dispensaries about even the most basic breeding history. Ask them for a Skunk #1, and their eyes glaze over. Or a landrace, and they’ll be like “we don’t sell Land Rovers here”. The kids know almost nothing about the history of indoor growing, how it was a product of necessity when smuggling became more and more difficult. The “great root ball rescue” should be required reading.
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    That is beautiful Douglas, we really need Love buttons here
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    Beautiful BB...I love the Huck..made several crosses with it .. we are getting over a snowstorm that left 18 inches of snow in my yard..lol have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR.
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    I've been out of town for a few days. Came home to some wilted hungry girls. Fed them yesterday and they stood up nicely. Removed dead leaves and got some pics this morning.
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    Yeah, glad your back in the saddle! looking forward to your grows since we have similar taste. Also we need to talk, I'm moving to Colorado in April and I'm stoked to be in a place where I can relax and not have to look over my shoulder. Baq
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    Maintenance day...sigh I have to drag everyone of these out, spray the crap out of em with Dawn solution and back in they go. But it is working on mites Eggs....are from Hell. Oh and my widows clones Love her, live her cuts Branchy sexy thang.
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    Nice job with those plants. They appear to be extremely happy.
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    Great to see you back and up and running let the show begin peace papalag
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    Welcome back. Very nice lineup, good luck with the grow.
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    Thought this was neat.. https://smartpots.com/price-range/
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    My 30th birthday I got sick Long story short, I had a blood cancer. Mildest you can have, they put me on hydroxyurea . My platelets were exploding numbers wise. I had 6 times the normal amount. This condition does not vanish. Or so "They" say I would be dead of a stroke in 3 years if I did not comply and take the rat poison. Heart attack or stroke they said For a year or so I did comply, but you could look at me and I would Bruse, I felt ...meh Said fuck it, left it up to the Big man and never took the rat poison again. It's been 20 years or so, I should be dead several times over according to DRs. Funny thing is, if I had took the rat shit, over time it causes massive dna damage, so that You almost assured to get a fatal cancer from the effects. Told my Dr, fuck it it's in God's hands. Anyway, after my daughter was born, say....10 years or so Mom and the ole lady bugged me to see the Dr so I went. My first Dr had died of brain cancer by this time My doctor did the blood panel And called me in, looking at it scratches his head and says I don't understand , your blood is normal. Bahahaha Dude, I told ya it's up to the big Man, when it's my time It's my time and you can't do shit to help me. He told me I had a unique way of looking at Death As an oncologist I'm sure he's seen pleanty. He asked if I smoked, I said like a Champion He said I had normal but large lungs Duhh...I'm 6'1 Asked about drugs etc Told him I smoked pot He mentioned some studies and off he went. His wife died of cancer not to long after this, and he did not to long ago. But I will never forget how he looked at me like I was a cave baby when I said I leave it up to God and his kind herb. True story.
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    evidently not many post their grows anymore... been looking for grows like it used to b but nothing even close to what it was before Sannie changed things around and upside down... it s a very sad thing as I really use to enjoy this site.. seems most the older peeps have quit posting their grows... take care ,,,BIGUN
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    Man this is going to be a fun watch! Baq
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    The Sugar Punch ward, is now full, as every seed all 6 have tailed, and placed in cups of straight ProMix coco coir/peat based with Myco's. The Herijuana ward, it is also now full, as all 5 seeds tailed, and placed in cups. The Triple Pakistan ward, is full also, all 5 seeds tailed, and in cups. The Big White x Heribi has 4 of 5 seeds tailed and in cups. We may need to lobotomize that last seed, maybe her shell is stout, maybe she is a lummy, but we keep trying damnit......there is life there I tell ya!! So yeah, I'm beyond thrilled with the germination rates from the work of these fine breeders work!! Big Salutations to the creators!! First pic is just before I backfill the cups, (cuppactation, )after the tail pokes up and sheds her shell, a bit more. I'll name this the Cuppactation technique!! I then add some water in they tray, (Chinese take out containers) so water wicks up from the bottom. I'll call this new technique, Water Buffaloing Hey since everyone in Cannabis is now renaming old techniques like defoliating is now shawazzing (what a silly name) . Mainlining was a simply trellising, netting, or screen work, but I guess mainlining sounds so much cooler. First cuppactation and then my cups are water buffaloing. WOW my first two stupid catch phrases, I've joined the silly term club!! Ya me, I'll live forever now!! My mark on history has been made!! History is changing right here folks!! JoeKing
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    Me too! I'm finally getting my stash all in jars and then it'll be time to build a new room and start some new ones. I have so many that I wish I could start all at once, lol. I hope to start separating seeds once the jarring is finished. I need to get them organized and see how many I have. Lots of one but some of all the other strains of the last two grows. It amazes me that in all of the new crosses, that some new and crazy best taste could always be possible. Not as likely as the days of Jack Herer, though. But, cool to know a real gem could surprisingly happen. Best vibes on the new babies, Gardener! Looking forward to the bud explosion on your latest defoliated plants. peace mrG
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    now look at the mess we have when i had mites i took down everything, pulled everything apart, inc furniture, everything! then cleaned/replace it all and didnt grow anything for a while, and im still mite free! when they infest, you burn your house and move to another state or keep growing for the rest of your life with mites
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    Nuke Em by Flying Skull, been using it for years, I've tried everything and I mean everything and I always go back to Nuke Em because if used as directed it works every time and is now certified organic. Mites can't build a resistance to it. Bag
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    I have tons of experience with bugs unfortunately and the only way to cleanse contaminated mature plants, is to burn them down to a crisp. Otherwise the critters will act like Schwarzenegger and keep coming back.
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    Not one thing is crawling in my veg room! YAY thankfully I caught the borg, spit em out the door ha! Did not spread. The Thripes are gone gone gone, bye bye little buggers. I didn't have to get out the habanero solution, mites didn't spread in flower, got that plant out in time. Whew. Hope you get yours under control. Ha ha ha too funny Dieseldog
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    I did a smoke test on the Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze. Rolled a joint with weed after removing the seeds. With it being completely dry and no cure it was fairly harsh on the back of the throat. Pretty itchy on the first two hits, holding back a cough on the third and full blown coughing fit hoping not to explode a blood vessel after that. Lol. I was unable to nail down the flavor profile, though it was kind of sweet maybe a bit fruity. The high hit pretty hard in the head. I bit trippy. After a little while the trippy feeling fades into a happy uplifting enjoyable high and starts relaxing the body. Then total mind and body relaxation without couch lock. total clear minded when the high wears off. The relaxation in the body lasted for a few hours after the high faded. I can't wait to try it out after a proper dry and cure. But even as it was, I am satisfied with how the cross turned out, other than the blood vessels in my head exploding...lol
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    So instead of flipping to 12/12 I ended up pruning and giving them a little bit of time to heal up. Today is day one of 12/12!
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    Mighty Wash knocks them out in one or two applications, best I’ve found.
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    Have you tried habanero solution? I did and they hate it Making the Calicleaner 1.) Get a sauce pan - fill with one pint of water - put on lowest flame possible (do not boil !!!). 2.) Chop 4 -5 Habanera peppers fine. Chop open seeds and central membranes, as the power lies there. 3.) Simmer chopped peppers for 20 minutes - making sure not to boil (you will destroy the active proteins). 4.) When you put your head over the pan and the wispy-steam stings your eyes, the Calicleaner is ready. 5.) Pour the Calicleaner through a fine mesh strainer - a little fine grit is OK - let cool in a clean bowl. 6.) Pour room temperature contents in a mister spray bottle. Your are ready to apply. HOW TO APPLY Calicleaner 1.) Put on gloves, and wear a mask, or at least put a bandana around your nose and mouth. 2.) Turn off all fans - you do not want this spray in your eyes!!! 3.) Spray the bottom of EVERY leaf - starting with the bottom leaves first, work up to the top. 4.) After the bottoms are done, hit the tops and the stems. 5.) Squirt liberally in new leaf pods - tightly wound new leaf growth (the small mites hide there). 6.) Get the heck out of the room till it clears. 7.) Repeat procedure with each plant. 8.) Spray the soil, the pots, and the floor or earth around the area to kill dropping mites and stop migration. 9.) Wash hands with soap and water when complete - the stuff will heat-up skin for 4 hours. 10.) DO NOT WORRY. Though the stuff is lethal to mites, the plants love it. WHAT’S NEXT?? Congratulations! You have successfully killed the mites that you sprayed - on contact!. Plus, the mites are thwarted in biting again as they get a lethal dose of hot mouth. Your plants should be turning green again with in half a day. Though the leaves are scarred, they will recover and work again - producing vital sugars for growth. However, you are not done. Some mites will escape the spray, though you have killed 95% of them. Thus, you will have to do the spray again tomorrow. As a matter of fact you will have to spray every 2-3 days till you see no more mites - usually up to two weeks. SOME EGGS WILL HATCH!!! Thus a week after the first spray, do a super job again, the baby mites are likely out and about. Kill 'em right away. Use your magnifying glass to inspect each plant carefully, when nothing moves and you see no more webs, your plants are clear. YEAH!! Additional precautions: make sure your containers and pots do not touch, mites migrate. Clean your floors and equipment so live mites do not return (spray them down with Caliclean). Since no person can kill every living mite in their situation, eternal diligence is now part of the equation. One mite may turn into a million in a month. Other helpful hints: wash your plants with clean water spray between sprayings, this cleans off dead mites and eggs, and refreshes the plant leaf compromised by the vampire sucking mites. Keep the room cool, 78 degrees to 68 degrees if possible during treatment. Mites hate the cold - thus weakened mites will drop dead. If lower leaves are infested with eggs and mites - cut them off! DO NOT LEAVE CUTTINGS NEARBY! Burn or bury your cuttings far away. Spraying notes: Mites tend to collect where the leaves join at the nexus and overlap. If you can, lay your plants on-end or position upsidedown (be real careful) to make sure all undersides are sprayed. Cut off curled leaves where they collect. If you're a rich person you may make a full pound to ten gallons of water and dunk them - even better!! The best part of using Calicleaner is you may use it always - even during flowering. As the solution is all natural, no one is harmed but the mites: "Nature to deal with Nature." Your money goes to a farmer not a chemical corporation. Caliclean works, Check often; check carefully; your plants will thank you with fine flowering! Be good to your Natural Medicine, and it will be good to you.
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    Heres a pic of that gig in my other tent. Ooops, looks like I've gotta prop some floppies...
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    *UPDATE* day 65 Harvest day for Madberry#5
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    Thanks for the advice guys. Ill keep them bagged separately. That was my first instinct. The only reason I considered mixing them is that even though they are F2 they were not "chosen" moms and dad's. There were only 4 viable seeds from the F1 cross. I wanted to pollinate again to insure there was enough to work with. Guess that was achieved. Now I have to pop 20 or so to check germs rates. That will happen in 2019.
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    Me I would bag them separately but the f2 should have a great deal of variety just an opinion from a pollen chucker I am no breeder by no means just a humble hack peace
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    Well here is what I learned: if I'm gonna run a 1k out here, I need a larger and taller tent this time of year lol. So I got me a 5 by 5 84 tall for next go round.
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    Took them at 9 and they are heavy and ready!
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    Time for a quick update. I chopped the Ms. U clone a couple days ago and got some pics after manicuring... The Huck Kush girl is looking pretty good at the 5 week mark. Glad I took several clones from her so I will have more to come. I've really missed having HK around and look forward to filling my bowl with it in a few more weeks. Good news, It looks like I have a Huck Kush male to work with. I put him to 12's today and can't wait to get some more HK pollen to play with. That's all for now. I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving with family or friends.
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    males to females ... it's that easy ... no rocket science ... anyone can (and should) make f2's of esko's lines ... PEOPLE PRESERVE, please !! (the results will always convince since esko nailed it way before us all, lol ... ) BIG UP @MiNdLesS ... another classic saved *relief*
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    what is best in life? "Set up small tier farm,. Grow old school organics,. And humillate the competition..... Scone the Barbarian!!!
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    Ok, how can I get my hands on some Holy Princess seeds??????? Baq
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    environment does not change a phenotype, just the expression of the phenotype. the DNA does not change.
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