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    Another rainy day in paradise here. Guess I can't expect much else for the middle of December though the first half of the month was beautiful. I've been pretty busy the last few weeks. On Thanksgiving day I discovered my ballast had taken a dump, it was 8 years old so guess I can't bitch too much. But it did catch me off guard and I had to rely on Amazon prime to get me a new one fast. I moved a floor lamp with a 300 watt main bulb and 3 led bulbs into the flower room for 3 days until I could replace the ballast. I was pleasantly surprised to see ballast prices have come down considerably in the last 8 years, I paid less than half what my original one cost. I made my yearly trip to the big city to have my grow license renewed last week so I'm all legal for another year. My main computer had been acting up lately. It was about 5 years old which is like 50 in human years so I decided to take advantage of the Black Friday deals and put together a new one. After putting it all together and reloading everything I am very pleased with the final product. Now I'm zipping along on 8 cores @ 3.7 gig, good for another 5 years or so. All is good in the grow room. It's so nice to have Huck Kush going again and one of them is only a week away from harvest. I have 2 clones from the nearly finished HK plus 3 from seed, 2 of which are female. The male is in another room currently as I gather pollen from it. I also have 2 Phuuu's IPA clones that are filing in nicely coming up on 6 weeks in 12's. I have 2 more IPA clones in the veg area along with the last HK youngster. Here's my temporary light after the ballast went... The flower room today. The veg area with 2 IPA's and a Huck Kush. Here's IPA #1 @ 39 days Now for the good stuff. Huck Kush @ 8 weeks She has maybe a week to go and I can hardly wait for it to dry. That's all for now folks. Stay warm and dry and safe for the holiday's.
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    Now for the Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze. Super dense, super sticky, lemony citronella scent with a hint of rotten peach.
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    Beautiful BB...I love the Huck..made several crosses with it .. we are getting over a snowstorm that left 18 inches of snow in my yard..lol have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR.
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    I've been out of town for a few days. Came home to some wilted hungry girls. Fed them yesterday and they stood up nicely. Removed dead leaves and got some pics this morning.
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    Hello Sannities, Since I've been around here for 10 years now, and I'm mostly running offerings from here, I thought it would be prudent to salute his, and his cohorts hard work, and to the folks that send in the freebies. This round I'll be running LeRat's Big White x Herbi freebi gift. It was Sannies Sugar Punch offering, that had me thinking of threading this run. When ordering, I saw the Herijuana, one of my very first orders I placed once coming here 10 years ago. I want to openly Thank Sannie for his vision and hard work, and for putting together a great team, making Sannies one of the very best on Earth in this business. So, we are running NAW's Blackberry Haze BX1, Sannies Herijuana, Sugar Punch, USC's Triple Pakistan I added Dynasty as I'm still running one of my most fav's Honey Badger Haze clones for a few years now. All 6 Sugar Punches tailed in one day. 5 Herijuana, tailed. 3 Big White x Herbi's tailed. 1 Triple Pakistan tailed, and all are in cups. I just poked the tails in cups this morning, with fresh pro mix and in the veg area. Now where in the &@*!&#@^ did I post the first set of pics? Oh well. That is about all the blahblahblah I got for now.
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    Thought this was neat.. https://smartpots.com/price-range/
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    Man this is going to be a fun watch! Baq
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    The Sugar Punch ward, is now full, as every seed all 6 have tailed, and placed in cups of straight ProMix coco coir/peat based with Myco's. The Herijuana ward, it is also now full, as all 5 seeds tailed, and placed in cups. The Triple Pakistan ward, is full also, all 5 seeds tailed, and in cups. The Big White x Heribi has 4 of 5 seeds tailed and in cups. We may need to lobotomize that last seed, maybe her shell is stout, maybe she is a lummy, but we keep trying damnit......there is life there I tell ya!! So yeah, I'm beyond thrilled with the germination rates from the work of these fine breeders work!! Big Salutations to the creators!! First pic is just before I backfill the cups, (cuppactation, )after the tail pokes up and sheds her shell, a bit more. I'll name this the Cuppactation technique!! I then add some water in they tray, (Chinese take out containers) so water wicks up from the bottom. I'll call this new technique, Water Buffaloing Hey since everyone in Cannabis is now renaming old techniques like defoliating is now shawazzing (what a silly name) . Mainlining was a simply trellising, netting, or screen work, but I guess mainlining sounds so much cooler. First cuppactation and then my cups are water buffaloing. WOW my first two stupid catch phrases, I've joined the silly term club!! Ya me, I'll live forever now!! My mark on history has been made!! History is changing right here folks!! JoeKing
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    Swami Seeds Guerrero is legit and pretty kick ass, @yesum on here has grown it out and gave a really nice smoke report on RIU. I have his Guerrero X Mazar and it's straight medicine. Snow High seeds has legit Mexican's, pricey, but legit. Baq
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    Me too! I'm finally getting my stash all in jars and then it'll be time to build a new room and start some new ones. I have so many that I wish I could start all at once, lol. I hope to start separating seeds once the jarring is finished. I need to get them organized and see how many I have. Lots of one but some of all the other strains of the last two grows. It amazes me that in all of the new crosses, that some new and crazy best taste could always be possible. Not as likely as the days of Jack Herer, though. But, cool to know a real gem could surprisingly happen. Best vibes on the new babies, Gardener! Looking forward to the bud explosion on your latest defoliated plants. peace mrG
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    Who scared of a bitty spider ME ME ME burn burn burn! Ha damn things mites so suck in the garden, literally lol
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    Or you can smoke 'm post harvest ! They taste like chocolate cookies!
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    Nuke Em by Flying Skull, been using it for years, I've tried everything and I mean everything and I always go back to Nuke Em because if used as directed it works every time and is now certified organic. Mites can't build a resistance to it. Bag
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    Well I just got some from that Nordic! Sprayed the wicked Jack Dead bug, cause I still have thripes and have not knocked them out with treatment, those guys just died yay! Bad, bad mites, I am gonna KILL YOU bahahahah. We used a Paint sprayer! Man oh man that works so much easier, and that fine spray really covered them. Thankfully only saw them on that plant, but not taking chances, sprayed em all.
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    So instead of flipping to 12/12 I ended up pruning and giving them a little bit of time to heal up. Today is day one of 12/12!
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    Mighty Wash knocks them out in one or two applications, best I’ve found.
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    Heres a pic of that gig in my other tent. Ooops, looks like I've gotta prop some floppies...
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    Thanks, Maria. I love you. It should be perfect for the time of year I started. Although now I could probably get away with the 4 x4. I like the higher ht of the newest tent. Diesel, I'm getting blueberry, grape, pineapple and, well, some serious diesel off of these. I wish I could've taken them another week, but they really seem done. Orange hairs over 70%. I think giving Sannie 4-6 is a legit course. It's taken that long and then some sometimes in the past I've received 2 orders. I'd contact him after 4 since there's limited stock in this case. I've got this really sticky blueberry sativa pheno (pic attached) that I bred 2 older male SFs to. One was tall, one was short, but they both spilled their pollen at the same time. My plan is to find a short, early and sticky male from this and breed it back to a few of the better specimens of the older SP stock I have left and then maybe reintroduce a male or two from that combo to the newer SP. I'm bent on creating a heterogeneous SP but the right selections over some time will be the challenge since there is a good amount of variation. It's my 2 year project. I dont have too much fear of breeding with female seeds. My theory is that if male flowers are forced, thru SC or some such, and not naturally occurring, there isn't much chance of passing on herm genes. I could be wrong, but don't think so.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. Ill keep them bagged separately. That was my first instinct. The only reason I considered mixing them is that even though they are F2 they were not "chosen" moms and dad's. There were only 4 viable seeds from the F1 cross. I wanted to pollinate again to insure there was enough to work with. Guess that was achieved. Now I have to pop 20 or so to check germs rates. That will happen in 2019.
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    Time for a quick update. I chopped the Ms. U clone a couple days ago and got some pics after manicuring... The Huck Kush girl is looking pretty good at the 5 week mark. Glad I took several clones from her so I will have more to come. I've really missed having HK around and look forward to filling my bowl with it in a few more weeks. Good news, It looks like I have a Huck Kush male to work with. I put him to 12's today and can't wait to get some more HK pollen to play with. That's all for now. I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving with family or friends.
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    Whats up OGers? Been a week or 2. Busy n fuckin' more busy. Just had to deal with my 1st ever battle with mites. Luckily I caught em very early. Moved my veg room into another room n within 2 days noticed a crumpled leaf. Clipped it. Zoomed in. Lil mites but not spider mites. Lil fuckers kinda dark red around the edges lol. Anyway zero signs of bugs in the flower room. But the veg room got bug bombed n root drenched and after 3 days, all veg plants are looking great. Only 2 or 3 plants had signs, 1 being an old male. So no biggie. Anyway, got great mail today plus more coming. Heres 1 I KNOW THE ENTIRE OG FORUM IS GONNA LOVE.. These are going into rooters now... Cherry AK47 clone x cherry AK47 male f1 seeds courtesy of Griot of course. The seed hound..
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    Last but not least #5. She is recoving fine with a few clones sharing a light
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    very true ... but as long as you and many other verrrry good seedmakers are around = we are all ok, imo
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    Old Post I know but that hit the nail on the head. The term being paranoid Noidy... Etc was born then and from that weed. I remember it well, paranoia will destroy ya lol. Get visine, get some gum Everybody's looking at us... Hehehehe
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    environment does not change a phenotype, just the expression of the phenotype. the DNA does not change.