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    Epicgenetics Ultrashack, full in smell with sweet tropical fruits and a real heavy hitting yielder: peace
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    Ellen getting use for a stop motion still rendering the background of Adam street scene. Have some freddy`s to LOL cant wait for Neo and make a shooting nug stop motion matrix style
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    SanFune Selene F2 SiFi x Selene Honey Badger Haze Amnesia Amnesia Double Jam
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    Sunshine Dream, 2 hits in and look at that resin build up, smooth smoke this time around and Potent S
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    I missed those last few posts. what nice strains you all are growing! One thing about OG, always something exciting being grown.
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    @lumatekfan i,am happy to work with our plants. indeed there cannabinoid profiles and feno profiles are guiding us trough a storm of inbred madness...cannabis has been handed down generation after generation. and the surounding commercial growth is forcing us to stay away from home as long as possible to earn as much as possible...vegetables and fruits suffer more damage by a commercial driven industrial demand but cannabis is surpacing this point with warp speed... and we the consumers are made to believe that commercial grown cannabis is IT... dulled out and tame cannabinoids that do nothing exept creating a addict of the user THC and CBD are the indoctrinated lie of being IT... these compounds have there magic but not accompanied by other cannabinoids will have no bennefitial effect....JUST LIKE THOSE 1:1 thc/cbd PROFILES this just zeros out in effect due to cbd deactivating the magic of thc and the other way around...we the consumer get quality standarts by the price that the bud costs...so the more money you pay the bigger the lie will be you create of you thinking of getting high.... hahaha this makes me laugh cause REAL weed knockes you the fook out while you are left retarded and fully activated by the cannabinoids coursing through your vaines and the rest of your body and mind...i have had many who came to visit... but as soon as the smoke is inhaled and the effects start most get scared and stop smoking...my guide is wen you start to feel it.. you need to smoke more and more to go interstellar, dont stop and if you are plaqued by the illusion of coughing. this can be one of 2 things, either youre smoking nutrients and start to cought and otherwise it is all between your ears so just hold it in...then after 12 secconds of holding it the first cannabinoid thruster will be active and you will go even higher... after that try holding youre hits for 24 secconds here the SUPER AWESOME MEGA COOL THRUSTER IS ACTIVATED TO ACCES THE INTERSTELLAR PLAINES... stay safe fly HIGH AND MERRY XMAS TO ALL
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    TY! is Dragon's Blood? LOL one I just grew out has some, as you can see I dont remember which! lol TY for the info. OH Maybe Black Afghani? Hey come to think of it, is this your breed? Man oh man, that sweet she leaves on your lips is something now, what a pleasing smell and taste she has. When she came out that one time with yellow leaves and blue bud, MICHIGAN Plant ha ha, sports colors ;). Haven't had her come out like that again.
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    Thats why OG is a special place for me
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    Wow, I'll get anxiety if I list them all.... two years ago, it felt like I'd never get any seeds, lol. And, was out of smoke and couldn't find any. Most notable will be Sugar Punch, Ouzbekistan, Blackberry Haze, Strappleberry, Blue Hammer, G39, Airborne Jack, Hammerhead, Aztec Rain, Chocolate Kush, Lemon Bubba, and KinkyBlaze.... and that's not including some awesome OG crosses, and others from NAW not mentioned..... I need help. But, Baqualin is moving close to here this spring and is bringing his stash.... We need to start making money in this sport somehow. I sure put the majority of my time involved in it in some form or another. peace mrG I'm gonna get my seed box out and organize things a little today. I may even pop a Northern Lights autoflower and let it fill in my winter time while I build my new space. We have super cold temps coming and a big snow storm tonight, and for a few days, so I'll have time to make some plans. I have some older seeds gifted to me that are fire, I know. Older Sannie and NAW crosses. Happy winter! keep it green!
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    And that my friends is why most of us can't FOOK with the NERDS
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    I would like to attend as well!!! Just kidding, Me to. Like a OG/NAW BBQ
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    Hello fellows, thats my last (handtrimmed) christmas trees this year. Ive spend some buds to a friend wich say to me that it was years ago to have a high like from the ultrashack: heavy hitter and keeps a smile on your face like the first joint he smoked, that was the best gift for me this year as confirmation and makes me proud for all the work on that strain. My wife told me it smells like a sweet tropical fruit salad but at the end you will smell some of a deep floral and musky undertone. The next run I will use: BerryDawg, Ultrashack, and BlueBerry, but this time not just for the buds, I just want select from each strain 1-2 males for backcrosses. Blueberry F2 should be the only one this time for a F3. And I have here a AfghanChitral F2 male that smells like hell thats why I keept him, his pollen should be nice to play with. Cobra F1 and AfghanChitral F2 are doing well, pictures will follow later best vibes
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    Very nicely said @lumatekfan. About your smoke reports; I can not wait to read them. I That is a very good wish. I just popped some Polar Bear F2...
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    But help is on the way...opengrow is working on the restock
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    Wow this make my heart goes to 200 bpm. But luckely it's only a misunderstanding. I am very very very happy to see you guys here. Merry Christmas broskis
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    Peace, love, and happiness to you all and all of yours. Thanks for all the good times this year! MERRY CHRISTMAS! and....... KEEP IT GREEN!! peace mrG ... ho, ho, hooooo!
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    Their 600 is dimmable, a par I'd 1240 approx at 18. Mine is not dimmable, it is a promo model, Par of 925 at 18 It's huge compared to my 300 and even 600 Bright as crap, it does not have secondary lens like all their models, but I wanted it for a little larger footprint. I'm going to hang my 600 with the uv ir next to it lol, if it will fit. Ya, I decided to buckle down I'm actually reduceing numbers And focused on this hobby of ours. If I can pull what I have seen one run and I have all I need Have you seen the Moby dick grow? Un fucking real 2lbs off one auto, a lb was common to. It's called the insane auto grow show I think on the tube I see if I can get a link. But these plants are beautiful I mean really nice. I am ordering some photos Monster yeilds. In 49-56 days Criticle orange, etc as I will breed some time soonish I hope .
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    Today is day 35 since the two Strawberry Kush x Mystery plants popped their heads above ground. 7 days ago I defoliated them in order to encourage secondary bud growth. Tonight they will go into the flowering tent. There they will stay, until they show sex. I grown several mystery plants so far. None have been female. (Thank goodness for feminized seeds.) I sure hope that at least one of these are female. Two plants. One of them is much better endowed with secondary buds than the other. Better buds on this one. If only one were female, and i got to choose which one was which, i would want this to be the female. Scrawny buds on this one. Still, much better than the way they looked a week ago. But not as good as the other plant. Since defoliating the plants last week, i have continued trimming away leaves as they mature. Everything that is growing on the plant now is destined to be a flower. Mature fan leaves are thanked for their service, and retired to the compost bin. I hope they don't stretch much. I don't know if stretching during flowering can be mitigated through defoliation. We will find out soon.
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    Hey Mr. G, her smell is not too strong in the open air but give it a rub and you'll get a wonderful kush smell with tones of lavendar and pine-sol. Hope you had a great Christmas and best of luck in the new year.
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    Can't wait to hear your smoke report Smokey! Mine is a great mix of chem and old school skunk. It's a great smoke! Your's is a beauty! peace mrG
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    Ho Ho Ho eh San! Here is is one of your ShivaDawgs
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    I looked at the girl above then looked down at your emoticon. It was furiously rolling the joint as if right on time... he was looking, too. ha Merry Christmas bro.
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    Arrived woo Hoo packing was great ,arrived on time but not stealth at all octopots written all over the box labeled as a complete grow system damn I don’t like people knowing what I do just an observation
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    Well if NAW will be back, 2019 will be killer with the new shop and breeders and new crosses from Sannie..
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    lovely!!! I guess you are blessed with a white christmas
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    Puuhhh 100g in one month from NAW? I'd be tripping 24/7. Glad you do the testing and breeding for me. I tried the Hammer of Dawn and the Blue Hammer. Indeed not much of a G13 cross, yet I am super impressed with NAW-Seeds and I think you don't need any labels like G13. I trust your tastes and if it's real G13 that you are after okay, but first of all I like your work no matter what label is attached. NAW-Seeds became a reference by itself for me. I have to write some smoke reports soon. What I can say about my Blue Hammer f3 is that among me and my friends it became a legend within 2 months. Keep up the great work!!! I would like to attend as well!!! Just kidding, but seriously Blue Hammer is awsome and Hammer of Dawn was too. I think you guys should simply breed for the traits you like no matter whether it's G13. I believe you that you know what you are doing, as you do some serious testing, but I rather have nice potent GM than potent G13 with a lame taste. I don't know G13 though. Yet a generous member here gave me GSC sample and I was not impressed. I'm into sativas and maybe therefore can not appreciate indicas, but labels can also distract from true gems, but that are just my five cents... Yea in the sloth description the taste is another one.... yet I'd rather go with mint. Find it pretty nice and honest to write plain simple that's not a tasty one. I think I can draw good conclusions for myself from that. Thanks for such honest descriptions... I always find san's advice helpfull, yet I guess the NAW guys know where they're heading... nevertheless san's posts are always based on the best intentions... so no need to take it in any wrong way happy christmas everybody My wish for the next year is to grow more NAW stuff Luma
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    I'm glad NAW is not out of the game and Dynasty will be back. Thank you Sannie for your nice crosses like Killing Fields, Selene and BlueHammer (actually made by you in the first place), thank you too for all the effort. I think the seed buisness is more competative nowadays. This is my favorite place for years now...
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    THANKS!!! Merry xmass to all opengrow... And to all a good HIGH stay safe and fly HIGH Greetz RhinoCBD
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    @Trichohisme LTD Damn bro, you are are a picwiz! Can't stop looking at it. I love it! @hidronesia What a nice field you have there bro!
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    Not the best to show but some Amnesia Haze coffeeshop nug Getting a Alien feeling with this (Cloud9) looks like Ellen ripley tested out of this world Some alien Breed? Better some then nothing Hope all Enjoying there days. Merry Christmas to all.
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    Thanks for the update @sannie your checking in and clarifying goes a long way, also keeps the peeps fired up! Nice pull on getting the Relic line in! Some killer CBD strains, it's part of Dynasty that's coming, don't know all the details yet but here's an example to make you drool. Not my picture or bud. 1st picture Charlotte’s Gift sticky, stinky, 28:1 healing power 2nd Picture Ringo’s Gift F4 (1) •THC .24% •CBD 14.58 3rd Picture [sock drawer] Afghani •22.8% THC •2.2% Terpenes @ Portland, Oregon
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    No matter how many qualified breeders have been, are present or will come, one makes the seeds. Peace.
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    Some great stuff coming from the UK brother frosty and SD making always fire BB Dawg Candy Genetics: Lemon Alien Dawg x Alien Rock Candy x Blueberry. Breeder: THC Development. By Frosty707uk
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    it would be a big loss for the community after Dynasty Geentics and Eskobar seeds... I dont know whats going on behind the curtains... But if u guys wont selling seeds on OpenGrow, would be good to give the info, where can other members find ur gear on the internet. anything will happen will happen with reason hahahh KARMA UP for all of us YEEEEEEEHAAAAA!
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    LOOOL ... over 10 years of collabo & his name is still spelled wrong, haha yo guuuys, sannie will have a TON of interesting stuff in his new shop very soon so, we all can calmly concentrate on the future of cannabis ... sannie has invited a plethora of really, really good seedmakers ... we all are going to forget to weep about yesterdays heroes and welcome some "new" ones in an instant. (f.e. dynasty seeds will be again a part of the offerings = insanely good genetics *woot*) ______________________________________________ also: his work DOES live on in many homes and in lots of capable hands that carefully preserve his lines (and their following generations). AND also ... like i said maaany times now: nothing is lost !!! esko has shared out the parents that can make the very same f1's. ( so, it is just a matter of time and just a question of where these will re-appear again. )
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    it think it should stay, like old books in a library :)
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    the last two posts refer to this share ... feel free to join and grab your own SANta-xmas gift merry xmas from SANcasa to each'n all OPG-members.
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    Looks like almost an inch of growth per day, @gardenartus. Beyond awesome. But quite normal for the octopot. Just some decent medium and a bit of decent nutritional. With the benefits of both hydro when the roots hit the water, the filtering and taste benefits of the medium. Damn those are some healthy plants.
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    Iam officially a member of the octo - posse Ordered 4 today
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    LSD, Acapulco Gold, Red Diesel, arriving today. Also have Sugar Punch, Blackberry Haze, and Blue Hammer on the way. Always wanted to try the old Love Potion #1, and I understand LSD may be from that line. I just hate when seed banks only produce feminized forms of their seed stock, as I want my seeds!
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    Some finger hash from the last few days of trimming. peace mrG
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    The male was making me nervous so I harvest him today and pollinate my #1 girl from the beginning and let her now stay a few days under led so other girls hopefully didn't get pollinated. Thats the Cobra, time to move her into the hps Tent: Best vibes
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    Thats the mom, we are now week 4 in 12/12 this weekend I put her to the male, will then make (hopefully) better pics. From the new Cobra seeds all 6 are germed so we will see whats going on in the F1, cant wait. Getting sugared slowly. best vibes
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