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    Ok.. Chopped this girl yesterday. Pics are from 4 or 5 days ago... Gooey Grape. Shes a very nice n potent n as u see, yielding mofo.
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    Ive read a lot about Serious Seeds but never tried them. This lady is the pheno with most sativa impact and the longest floweringtime with around 11 weeks. Its not hard to find a lady like her again from some ultrashack beans The mom for the next generation was a fast and beautiful resinmonster even at week 3 12/12, similiar to this f1 mom before first bxed: happy new year!
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    Shiva Dawg party up in here!!! Wooooo!!!! lights out shot reaper comes tomorrow
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    Here is another Shiva Dawg. Not very big, she has been stressed and abused, but still looks like she is going to be a great smoke. I am still considered a noob at growing, but with killer genetics, anyone can grow.
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    Nothing like a pure Amnesia joint in a strange envoirment. Everytime it happens to me i am like: 'is this the same shit i smoked this morning??'
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    Dabs suck big time for me, I cough a lung up, and it has a very strange head high, like I did a bunch of pharmie drugs. Dabs are not for me.
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    Yes Sir! When I got popped I had to quit for 2 years until I was off supervised probation and the first time I smoked it was about 4 bong rips of Dabs and a few more of some kick ass GSC's, after that I didn't know I ever wanted to smoke again, I didn't want to talk to anybody for about an hour and it took 3 hours total before I felt comfortable enough to drive home, but the next day I smoked a couple bowls and was fine again, ready to fire back up. If I felt like that every time I smoked I don't know if I would, it wasn't fun. Now I will smoke dabs as long as you dab the bowl. Baq
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    You are welcome bro, i'd love to see a Justcozz hydro grow, so i tell you what i know and i'll be in the front row of that show! On my other location i cut up a few slabs and made my own mapito for the Sugar Punch plants. This a lot cheaper than buying new mapito but it is also a nasty job. However, the plants seem to enjoy it and if they are happy so am i! If not now, i will be later! And Collie Weed his R.P.P. x Chemdawg seedlings are also doing fine. I watered them one time to many from the top, causing some algae growth on the surface. It is some nasty green shit, luckily not a big deal, they'll make it. And that's all the news!
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    LOL you have to be careful with it all. The types I make you really need to be careful, the herbs I use make everything more bio available. Taking my 50mg, because of synergy effect, can feel like 150 to someone who doesn't use much. The huh I will say it nice, those who like to get really high lol, really like my meds. Nice thing about it, use a small amount and no high, total medical, but if tolerance high or disorders or pain level high, they work so well for that with just a larger dose. Love this medicine. You can't do this stuff with pharmie meds.
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    @gardenartus, yep, your tincture needs to come with a warning label...lol my last batch was right there with yours. I took half a capsule, .5ml, wow, had me high for almost a full 24 hours.
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    If you lived in the states I would give you probably Too much stuff lol That shit is trippy, doesn't take much if you aren't used to it. Seriously, take too much, say screw the next day or two, get that old lazy boy out, the old vinyl, and listen to Pink Floyd back to back lol.
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    I haven't done dabs. Guess I'm behind the times. But I do enjoy dipping a cig into tencture, let the alcohol evaporate off, dry and smoke it. Pretty convenient to take on the go. On a side note, the Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze is so coated in triches, when smoking a joint, its hard to finish. It gets so caked with resin, the last 3/4" can barely pull a drag through it.
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    @gardenartus Fill me up please!!! I really love some decent HIGH GRADE halucinating haha... stay safe and fly HIGH greetz RhinoCBD
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    "next level spacing". you haven't tried my oil yet Truth, Hand to God, someone literally Tripped on it like Acid lol hallucinated.
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    Nope not for me, I still prefer the flower, dabs are good for a treat, but I stay higher longer off good flower, plus dabs never get me trippy like a good joint of Thai weed. They just knock the fuck out of ya for a bit. Baq
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    Soon as I get to Colorado Springs, this is going in my tent, - Horticulture Lighting Group HLG-600H Quantum Board V2 DIY Kit - 620 Watt (with Samsung LM301B diodes) - 3000K - 1540 PPF ( that's 30% more than a 1,000 HPS) I'm saying bye bye to the cheap pink lights! Note: Regarding UVA / UVB, all the cheap lights that have UV are UVA, which is useless, UVB chips are very expensive and only used in the most expensive lights, actually most of those use UVB flo tubes attached to the fixture instead of chips because of cost, so don't let the UVA false narrative sway you, just supplement with the UVB Flo. tubes if you feel it's needed, they're not expensive. Research is still up in the air on this, with only UVB showing positive results in tests, but more replication is needed to confirm. Last: Don't believe any of the spec's on anything coming out of China, it just ain't true. Best, Baq
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    Here is the Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze. Super frosty. It's a little too dry, but not bad. A light shake of the jar produces a beautiful dust covered bottom. I will have to make a run just for hash and see what it yeilds. I haven't weighed it yet, but I think it's just over 2 zips. i rolled up a joint last night, dry with no cure and it is definitely smother than the seeded plant was. It was left to finish drying in a paper bag in the grow room for the last 5 days. She smells nice, with a hint of fruit and cheese and tastes a little sweet, very slight fruity taste on the exhale. Strong and potent high that hits both body and mind. A definite middle ground between a solid sativa high and an indica couch lock. Very nice relaxed stress free feeling but not a happy high. Maybe I just need to smoke more, lol. I do like that when the high wears off, it brings you back to normal. No lazy feeling, or residual haze. Going to have to smoke, "test" a lot more to give a final review.
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    I just went out to the grow room. Good news, it isn't the ballast, the HPS bulb is dead. I put in the MH and she fired right up. I'll buy a new HPS after payday. Ok some pics for you plant porn addicts. I am very unsatisfied with this grow. An example of killer genetics in a sub par growing environment. I didn't give these justice and for that I apologize to the breeders. I will grow them all again and show what they can really do.
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    One thing I did enjoy JC, was when I made that dab from alcohol, might be why I don't like dabs too many are made from butane. I let it air dry a few times and would whip it, when done I rolled it in keif. That was delicious, I didn't get that weird head high. Nice thing about that stuff, I cut it into pieces, rolled it in keif or could use hash, then stuck it in the freezer. When you want a hit, you just pick up a piece and drop it on top a bowl of herb. Wonderful. I don't smoke hardly ever, except to test the breeds, but that one I did enjoy to smoke.
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    Extremely sour grape/wine scents with sum musky funk undertones... Thats actually purps instead of blue. Flash wasnt working well when I snapped the pic. Theres a few phenos, short n bushy, this cola pheno, then some are big ass bushes. All have near identical scents
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    Haha, i have plenty of empty jars my friend, but i won't rest assured until them to be nuggets found housing in them! And here's a picture of the Shackzilla girls sleeping! See you all next time!
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    IMO 50.000 hrs are 50.000 hrs, doesn't matter how long one lighting period is. that's why coolers are build in. My lamps from Mars get warm but not hot or something and some I have for like 4 years now and they still work. I have one from wish that has no cooling fan and my guess is that it doesn't work until end of warranty which is just one year haha makes a strong light for 25,- euros :D
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    that is a beautiful lady u got there. I like the blueish hues, how does she smell?
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    I've lived in Kentucky for 65 years, I can tell you all about weather change. Baq
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    Yeah, they have their place... lol....sometimes you need the hammer. peace
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    Watering the five Shackzilla's thoroughly this afternoon did them well. I've filled a leaking tray with water and nutriment (Ec 1.7 and pH 5.7) in which i soaked the slabs where the plants are in till they were fully saturated. Yes, i think it is save to say they really enjoyed it. Don't they look much better? Peace.
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    I will try, I'm so excited. Like some folks going to the beach. But I'm going to a nursery about 30 miles away that sells Foxfarm produts tomorrow. I'm so geeked out. The babies are sleeping I decided on 18/6 Read much, my decision this go round. 4 days from pop Under 900 watts at 38 in.
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    The more you smoke the lesser the high and i smoke a serious lot, but a happy high? No sir, not me! When you don't mess with Mary-Jane on a regular basis, she shows her teeth and you are glad she quits fucking withcha but you keep coming back for more! She don't show her teeth that much when you increase consumption and she seems to lose them.
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    Very cool man, thanks. She has some bag appeal too. Sometimes those smaller plants really give the nice flavors and aromas. My seeded plant was really harsh, too. I didn't keep any for smoke, just the trim bag for oil or wax. I got around 2200 beans. ;-) peace mrG
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    Master Kush. Day 51 of veg. 9 days ago she was defoliated in order to stimulate her budding sites to grow before flowering. It's interesting to watch the changes in the branches after defoliation. The buds are tiny at first. But as they grow, the branch fattens up in order to support all of the growth. Tomorrow she begins sleeping on a 12/12 schedule. I look forward to seeing her flowers.
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    Hey JC, breeders like seeing them grown in all conditions so they can see how they react. It's especially helpful seeing how they do going through stressful situations. They look great man. Winter is hard. I had the same problem in here last year. I couldn't control my environment. It's why I'm not growing right now. I have to get the inside dialed in way better. Electric costs here are high so I have to get things more efficient first. Unfortunately It's gonna take a little cash for the things I need, but, one at a time I guess. Great pics man. I can't wait to hear about that HK x SP... gonna be candy. Makes me want to pop one.... peace mrG
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    Got back late last night from visiting family, fantastic trip. I knew I was pushing it on how many days I was away and the girls were going to be dry and thirsty. Walked into the room and the light was out and the room was 42F, Fuck. Low temp got down to 29F. We lost power several times over tha last couple of days. So I plugged in a heater and closed up the room. I'll check this morning, but I think my ballast took a shit. The soil was still pretty damp, so the light has been out for a few days at least. Overall, the plants didn't look too bad. I'm going to bring the tent into the house, stuff the girls in there and finish them under LED. They are really close to being done, but with 3-4 days in the dark and freezing temps, we shall see. No more fall-winter grows for this guy until I have a fully automated grow room. I spend way too much time traveling and can't take the proper care of the garden. Ill get some pics up after I move the tent and and plants from the shop to the house.
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    I was going to try and mail them last night but my mailbox was full. ha. By the time I deleted enough I forgot what I was doing! lol. Merry Christmas Nerd crew! I'll message soon. peace mrG
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    I use home made cob Cree cxb3590 3500 k and bridgelux Vero 29 3500K. 400 watts 8*50 watts. I start with 200 watts 4*50w and I add 200 watts more. Hope it can help. Have good vibes
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    I could go back and read, but it's easier to ask: Indica dom? I've developed a new appreciation for indicas. Here in Dispensaryville, no one grows longer-flowering strains for sale (longer flowering = more than 10 weeks). Most sativas with short flowering times are lacking. So I've smoked a lot of indicas! The ones that make my brains leak out my ears are my favorites.
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    Said to be a Kalamata red variety, seed came from northern Greece. Only had two seed (both female)a friend of mine sent from Greece love the structure for sure.
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    You will love photographing the storms, lightning flashing across the entire mountain range. I'll have to come out and visit you and Mr G, you should be about an hour or so drive from him.
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    Hey baq, on a visit to the local grow shop a while back, I had the kid flip one on. It was instantly so freaking bright, I found myself, backing out of the huge light foot print. I did NOT have my light meter on hand, but you can count tiles on the floor, and each was 12"x12" I counted 8-9 tiles back from the edge of the light assembly. It was an experience, to see that shine man!! They are on my list of must have equipment, as I rid myself, of magnetic/digital ballast. So bare bones, and utilitarian, kind of like my PS250, a rugged ugly thing most would walk past, however for me, I love oddities.
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    What’s that saying once you’ve went down the dark dab path joints just don’t cut it anymore?
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    The young Autoflowering AutoZilla x MalawiGold F2: It makes three leafs at each node. Below a picture of the autoflowering male (on the left) and the female. To be continued...
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    Today is day 35 since the two Strawberry Kush x Mystery plants popped their heads above ground. 7 days ago I defoliated them in order to encourage secondary bud growth. Tonight they will go into the flowering tent. There they will stay, until they show sex. I grown several mystery plants so far. None have been female. (Thank goodness for feminized seeds.) I sure hope that at least one of these are female. Two plants. One of them is much better endowed with secondary buds than the other. Better buds on this one. If only one were female, and i got to choose which one was which, i would want this to be the female. Scrawny buds on this one. Still, much better than the way they looked a week ago. But not as good as the other plant. Since defoliating the plants last week, i have continued trimming away leaves as they mature. Everything that is growing on the plant now is destined to be a flower. Mature fan leaves are thanked for their service, and retired to the compost bin. I hope they don't stretch much. I don't know if stretching during flowering can be mitigated through defoliation. We will find out soon.
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    THANKS!!! Merry xmass to all opengrow... And to all a good HIGH stay safe and fly HIGH Greetz RhinoCBD
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    10 weeks, last feed and ready for the flush. Jack, pheno #2 Happy holidays! Cheers
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    Here's a quick pic of the plants with the lights out! Peace out!
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    I think I like this mainline/ fluxing style of training this lady is at 2 weeks from the flip look at the growth for me it’s seems to be what I am looking for I have a small tent and this is allowing me to manage the plants better and maybe I can drop the plant count and still get a good yeild. This pi’s is uk blues x heri x chuckys bride
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