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    Super Lemon Haze was the most lemony thing I've ever grown, stable, too, great smoke. I've grown Sannie's Jack 4-5 times, never found much lemon, more spicy citrusy maybe, but they're all good.
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    hi Hé JC , The smell is awesome, share it would be amazing The last one ... I'll try to do the same thing with others strains, seedling/Veg/bloom pics, i think next will be the Triple Pakistan
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    No budshot today. I just wanted to share the Jackberry_x_GSC success. I'll try to grow some of these out in a few weeks. --cheers
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    Ditto, I've been cracking seed for 48 years, tried every way possible and I always come back to paper towels, 99.999999999 % germ rate over a lot of years, they're sterile, hold the right amount of moisture with no re-moistening and they're cheap too! Like I always say though, what works for you is what works the best. I like the Rapid Rooters for clones also, saved 2 keepers from outside cuts this fall with them and I'm talking late fall, from bud. Baq
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    I"ve done jiffy's, Rapid Rooters, and rock wool cubes, but I always drown a few, I have WDD, Watering Deficit Disorder. But I almost never lose one in paper towels. Guess I'm just water challenged. Funny, us humans always have to change what we KNOW works, it hopes of something that may work better. But, never had anything work better than paper towels. I do love Rapid Rooters for clones, super easy, turn them upside down so they stand up, push your stem in, stick under my desk lamp 24/7, roots in ten days on most.
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    Nirvana's Lemon OG Haze has a very lemony diesel smell and flavor. My first grow had two of these plants, two years ago. Lemon OG Haze was the biggest yielder out of the three strains that i planted. It produced some very sticky smelly flowers. Easy to grow.
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    I have Bodhi's Lemon Thai X Appalachia beans that I will work once I get to Colorado and the lemon phenos are what I will be selecting for, so if I find any I will share with you. Baq
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    How is that lemon, is she really lemony> I would be willing to trade or send cash if someone had a true lemon one, Well heck didn't know you were doing strawberry too, Ditto on that one two lol
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    Do you know the sheriff went on TV and apologized! I was on the news once, the story ran three times on the news. The detective called me that afternoon to ask how I was. I have a feeling unless they Saw me do something, they won't be back. I told those cops, I was 55 at the time, my oldest patients was 62, my youngest 52, now does it really seem like I deal dope? lol they call me Medicine Woman, not Dope Dealer.
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    If you can prove that she intentionally lied to the police you could potentially sue in small claims court. Show that she cost you business and harmed your name due to her act.
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    EpicGenetic's: Cobra F1 - Mom for the F2 AfghanChitral f2 selected mom for the f3:
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    thank you and feel free to grow them as freebies from sannies Thanks but Ive never stop learning and love to make mistakes! thanks dude! Thats true, and so I made a F2 from the Cobra, she has pink buds and a deep diesel smell like the Colombian pheno Mom, cant wait to try them, thats the Mom for the F2, Lineage are now: ((ColJam F1 x AfghanChitral F1) x Afghanchitral F2) - so now we are going into making an nice IBL. What I really like is that the Mom seems to be really fast (thanks to AfghanChitral), not a 20-24 weeker like the coljam we are now around week 8 on 12/12 but cant remember exactly. Cobra f1 pollinated with a very stinky AfghanChitral F2 male: Thanks! And here we have the mother for the AfghanChitral F3 selection, will rename the selection from now into DarkChitral F3 to prevent confusion with the original AfghanChitral : best vibes fellows!
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    Lemon OG Haze auto. Day 32 since sprouting. Not quite flowering, But it feels like this is going to burst into bloom any moment now.
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    Killing Fields Amnesia (core cut) SiFi x Selene
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    @Mr Goodfellow & @baqualin thanks broskis . @Hamme Hydro Yea me too brother, that is the reason why there are growing 3 Amnesia's in my flowerroom atm. I don't want to sit without Ammie (pics ) The other pics are from mine Selene F2 which I chopped 10 min ago. Have a nice evening
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    It seems the average for a lb out west is 1600.00 According to the article I read. The further east the more it costs Approx 3600.00 I know many sucker pay that but I can get a lb of cronic For 2200, maybe a little less. Anyway, the price per gram is tanking out west. And shit rolls down hill so... I hope we NEVER go legal And I wish all that fucking cut throat Black market cronic form out west Would go the fuck back where it came . Going to ruin shit. Lol
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    Sour kush 1 sour kush 2 mad chem
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    AutoZilla x MalawiGold F2 autoflowering female #1: It looks and smells more like a "Zilla". Some of it's lower buds have been pollinated yesterday, I hope it's not too late. The biggest plant of group one that didn't autoflower, looks much more like the Malzilla. Below are two pictures of it. It's 80 cm high, but it would have been much taller if I had not tied the main bud down. It's in a five liter pot, and drinks half a liter of water each day. It looks very healthy. And I keep a clone of it in veg. Below is a picture of AutoZilla x MalawiGold F2 autoflowering female #2. It's whorled Phyllotax started at the second node, and is still visible at the top. To be continued...
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    Best lemon strains I've experienced are Lemon Tree and Lemon G from Ohio, The Lemon Tree is sick in all ways, but good luck on finding this one, The Lemon G is a Lemon bomb, but the high is not impressive. I think Bodhi is using it in a few crosses and I might try it and see if he juiced the high up some. Intense Lemon is a flavor I'm searching for and if I find it all will benefit. I would love to find a Lemon strain / pheno that is as dank as the pineapple scent and flavor in Pineapple fields from Dynasty, now that would be sick. Baq
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    Sannie's Jack is among the strains I would like to order next.
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    Sweet! I have so many seeds, I might have some you like I will send you.
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    No I haven't thank you very much, I will order some. I am so hungry for a good lemon again.,
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    Have you grown out Sannie's Jack, there's some true lemon pheno's to be found. Baq
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    I'm saving up to switch my other room to two 600 watts too. I even had a mover in that room, didn't help. But those 2 600 gives full coverage, no mover needed. So gonna do my other room the same.
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    That's a good point. Everything I've read says that watt for watt, 600s are more efficient than 1000s. As well as three 600s(1800w) will produce better results than two 1000s (2000w). Ten 100w lights from more angles can provide better coverage than one 1000w using the same spectrum and watt per foot, just something to keep in mind.
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    Very sorry you have people in your life like that. First, I'd go through everything and make sure you are in 100% compliance with the law. If the cops do show up, you want to be legal. Also, (maybe the hardest part) BE NICE, this is your opportunity to show them you want to work with them. Show them you want to cooperate, BE NICE, casually explain that you are sorry that the person that called waisted their time. Very important.....tell them you have a message from the person but didn't think the cops would show up. (You want the cops to believe that them showing up is no big deal, you follow the law). The key here is, when the cops leave they LIKE you, and the other person has waisted their time. Talk about the people you help, they have loved ones that might need the meds. The next time (if) they get called to your place, you want them to remember the little old lady that just grows some plants to help her friends... "that's that garden angel lady who makes delicious desserts " they may even call before they show up. You want to be the winner here, the POS that called the police needs to know you don't care about the cops showing up. good luck Mrs Angel.
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    I've grown many a sinker. After a day or two plant seeds or put into paper towel if you like.
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    I am also outfitting a 1000 sq space. (not as fast as I would like but were doin it First thing; expand to the most you can run, you will need some off canopy space for drying storing setup and processing, all of which should be done in separate spaces if practical. Good lighting is everything. For Hid you are looking at 40 1k lights for a 1000 sq space of lit canopy, so yea 30. Those cost 2 to 5 hundred each depending on what you get. For led I found there are three price points that you will need a different number of each depending. The cheap set 3 to 8 hundred each are almost all box panels like rolando with about a third (300W) of an HID light in power use heat and yields. The middle ground 1000 to 1500 are mostly high powered box lights like black dog or cobs and run about two thirds of an HID light in power use heat and yields. The upper set from 1500 to 2500 each are large fixtures either panels like nextlight or bars like fluence and will run about two thirds of an HID in power and heat while competitive on yields. It's worth noting that the newer sulfur plasma lights are mid priced and are almost exact sunlight spectrum with a CRI close to 100% that run 300W and are much cooler than HID. A combination of these (blue doped LEP) and some bloom booster (deep red spectrum) bars is what we are considering. Head room is GOOD, Do not put in a ceiling...
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    It's amazing what they do and fast twords the very end 18 inches 72cm approx frost ball This shit phone camera don't do it justice. The other pheno is fucking pure cat piss right now. Smells like a bull Tom pissed all over the place
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    That was a nice smoke, unfortunately it was already 10 years ago. I am quite excited to see the Shaze incombination with Jackhammer.
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    New breeds we work with.... Shaze got a little sparkley upgrade, the light brown hairs...the taste and the high reminds off the mexican haze from Dampkring... Very comfortable and accesable high, much stronger then original shaze wich had more of a midway high. Smoke we must to see the potential. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
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    Ohhh I envy your collection of genetics! I'll certainly popp some of these! Totally agree! By the way Sv interested in some SiFi x JCJJ or Selene x JCJJ? I like them speedy/racy!!
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    Here they are a month later. I easily could've switched to 12/12 two weeks ago if this was their final position, but it ain't. The medium of choice is rock-wool, namely slabs that i cut up and put into 11 liter pots. Nutriment is only Floranova grow (Ec of tapwater + 1.0) and pH minus to adjust the pH to 5.7.
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    If the seed sinks, it means it's a witch, take it out and burn it at the stake!
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    hi THX all for your comments The third plant here, 70 days of 12/12 / COB 450W / 3liters soil/ metrop test I'll post the last one tomorrow, she is a little more leafy than the 3 others, the 3 first are identical This seeds are the same than seeds in the Sannie's shop
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    Pink Floyd x OG , now that sounds interesting. Will be interested on your take on her JC.
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    HVAC, keep in mind that the existing hvac system may not be suitable for what you want to do. Each system is designed for what the building is being used for. It is also where most people cut costs during a build. The budget has been depleted and they put in bare minimum of what they think they need. Nothing will break you quicker than being 1/2 way into a grow and find out that you cannot maintain an environment at a price that will maintain a profit. Have an hvac guy come in, tell them exactly what your plans are. Cross your fingers the only thing that has to be changed is the ducting. A new system can run tens of thousands of dollars. Expect to have to replace everything that already exists within your new building. That way, there are no surprises. Also, I would suggest visiting any and all existing commercial grows you can. Then try and talk to people that have failed or on the verge of failure. What they tell you could be priceless. keep in mind, most people that fail in business will tell you it wasn't their fault, you need to be able to read through the bullshit.
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    As far as lighting goes, led would be ideal for economic reasons. But you know how to run hid, so hid makes the most sense for now. With my very limited use of led, I would suggest setting them as high as possible, then lower them enough to make the plants happy. If your growing from 100sf to 1000sf, I wouldn't attempt to fill it right away. Set up 3-4 100 sf areas, then your working with familiar grow systems, just more of them. This will allow you to try different growing methods while always maintaining your bread and butter (what you know works for you) then expand using your new knowledge. Depending on the layout of your building, I don't think you will be able to use much more than 7-800 sf for actual grow space. You need isles, storage, office space etc. moving into a 1000sf area has probably got a 1000 ideas running through your head... like " 1000sf x 1 plant per sf...who hoo 1000 plants" but obviously if one thing goes wrong you lose everything. Grow how you know how to grow, then expand, not in size necessarily, just numbers. Instead of one grow room, run several, each being its own entity. Test styles lights etc, of something works well share it with the other room, if something sucks, it only effected a small area. Once you can run all the rooms with consistent satisfactory results, them bump up to more and or larger rooms. Ok, enough of me rambling, just a few ideas for you to think about, good luck.
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    Strawberry Kush x A Tall Mystery. Day 7 of flowering. Another male. A nice looking plant. Destined for compost.
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    but there is NO killa queen in the GM, broski ... this must be a tiny mistake (or just a typo) from poldergrower. let's clear this up fast and easy to see for everyone cartel haze is = "G39" mom x "Green Manalishi" dad Green Manalishi = pacific g13 x ghash (= practically no sativa in there ... so, it is not from the GM-dad.) G39 includes blue hammer x head candy (= full of satties like jack herer, blueberry, amnesia haze and c99, almost exclusively sativas with a dash of g13 here and there ) that means = sativa-expressions in "cartel haze" come from G39, not the GM. (like i said: this is just a tiny mistake from poldergrower) all these combinations are AMAZING, this will be really good for sure. get these seeds, people !! and TREAT yourself to some great smoke !
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    Sannie's Jacks pheno#1 pheno #2 Real Gorilla Seeds - The Kore (Amnesia core cut S1) Wish you all a great 2019! Cheers
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    Sans shiva Dawg last day of life
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    minty = NL/HP pheno, g13 = herby hashy ... these are facts. all i said is true: g13clone only did not smell or taste minty, that's the NL/hp part nothing else was said or meant, fellas, lol ... just wanted to help to correctly label your great find. hope this helps and is not understood wrong ... LOL ... guys ... i am NO better then NAW (!) and we are not competeing here ... but if i see a small mistake, then i will help out and correct the mistake to prevent further. ( we are colleagues / equals i and can't help if this is understood differently *shrug* ) @lumatekfan if u grow sloth you will find g13-genetics as they were described by nevil himself. (the good and the bad traits). what i meant is what i wrote: g13 is not a taster (not in any lineage used). and if they taste nicer then herself, then it comes from the plants crossed in. no more no less. go by what your taste leads you and judge by what the original descriptions say about the original traits of the genetics advertised. _________________________________________________ this is the last i say about it ... (same like the impossible "RKS" from dutch seeds = just creates bad vibes) i am just too "SAN-ish" sometimes, i guess. my apologies !! *SANshutting up now*
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    SAN that super lemon haze and the bubba cross would be hella rad. Bad ass brother. I hope to have something to send in next year lids tight for now though.
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