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    And I wanna throw this out there to, I started a triple Pakistan, but I was experimenting with it, just getting to know it, and threw it into flower a little to early but is definitely super dank!
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    The AutoZilla x MalawiGold F2 autoflowering male #1 is in a "temporary environment", a place with no fan, under an 18 watt fluorecent tube. I used a piece of wire to tie the top of it horizontally, and placed a small dish under it. I freeze small doses of it, folded in baking paper, then in a ziplock. AutoZilla x MalawiGold F2 autoflowering female #2 has been pollinated at the second and third node. Below a picture of nodes #3 and 4. As you can see, the pistils at the third node have wilted, so I think the fertilisation has happened. There were no more fresh pistils growing at the top of AutoZilla x MalawiGold F2 autoflowering female #1. So I cut it off. The bottom half of the plant is still in the flower cabin, and has been moved closer to the lamp. I think I can see the beginning of seeds in it's pollinated buds. To be continued...
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    Ok y'all, here is my sexy ,sexy girls flourishing and doing great! I love this strain and to give everyone a heads up this strains cuttings root fast, it smell like rotting fruit, earthy, hints of coffee. Really nothing to complain about except why cant they just be done now dammit!! One little thing for anyone seeking this strain out , its kind da sensitive to slightly higher levels of "N"! I had slight nitrogen toxicity at the beginning but well taken care of after a couple flushes, but thought I'd throw that out there. But just keeping all y'all updated. I promised a full detail flower period and I intend to carry that out for all
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    Hey guys, First time grower here just thought i'd share afew pics with you guys to get some feedback/suggestions . I have 5 Grandaddy purples and one OG kush in 30L 70/30 coco/perlite mix using nutrifield synthetic nutrients. i'm currently at day 21 of flower and i'm having humidity issues i have a dehumidifier in my tent but it won't come below about 55% is this going to cause me issues later into flower?
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    Hay @tokeycones can you post some pic of the leaves with the issue I know I often over feed the directions on the jar seems too much for the young plants to handle so less is more also nitrogen toxicity is common and dark green is a clue need to see pics just relating experiences Great canopy peace
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    Luckily this is at another location where i don't keep cuttings. So am i, cause they may be small in size, the mean big trouble! I love me some indica! Hell yeah! Thank you all for the nice replies my friends!
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    It seems to me your temps are high a bit. When I zoom in on your plants it looks like they are starting to taco or canoe. What are you high and low temps and humidity levels. You have shark teeth, do not go higher in EC. You are fine I think but at limit. With temps high this will affect EC uptake. What is your EC ins and outs? This is good info http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forum/27-indoor-environment/ If you see water/moisture on the leaves, consider culling those leaves.
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    I'm finding the combination of WW and black coffee Most enjoyable
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    Luckily the Sugar Punch and R.P.P. x Chemdawg seedlings are clean! I never enter that grow-room without being ritually cleansed two times and putting on fresh clothes and yes, i should have taken the same precautions for my other grow. Here are some pictures i took earlier today. I am happy to say that all R.P.P. x Chemdawgs have made it! I moved them to their final position and they receive 600 watts on their heads. Don't it almost look like an advertisement for Cultilene? Soon as the plants take off, growing on slabs is a walk in the park that i can advice anybody who is struggling with their current method. I simply pump in the water with nutriment (Ec = tapwater + 1 and pH is 5.8) and then pump it back out. The Sugar Punch plants have been moved to their final positions too and they are also on slabs, just cut up slabs and put into pots. This i find more convenient for bigger plants when moving them around. When i water the Sugar Punch plants i simply pick 'm up and hold them in the barrel with the bottom of the pots. With only ten that is doable and it save me a lot of time. They seem to like the 1000 watts shining on their heads. Now all i need is a sticker on the door saying no mites allowed!
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    Like the show and bar Cheers, if you aren"t here feels like part of the "in" crowd is missing lol. 'We'll be glad to see your post again.
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    A Sugarpunch, ripe at day 52 of 12/12 .
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    AutoZilla x MalawiGold F2 autoflowering female #1: It looks and smells more like a "Zilla". Some of it's lower buds have been pollinated yesterday, I hope it's not too late. The biggest plant of group one that didn't autoflower, looks much more like the Malzilla. Below are two pictures of it. It's 80 cm high, but it would have been much taller if I had not tied the main bud down. It's in a five liter pot, and drinks half a liter of water each day. It looks very healthy. And I keep a clone of it in veg. Below is a picture of AutoZilla x MalawiGold F2 autoflowering female #2. It's whorled Phyllotax started at the second node, and is still visible at the top. To be continued...
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    How to Make Homemade Cannabis Chocolate Edibles This is a quick and easy recipe for making delicious cannabis chocolate bars. The recipe includes only 5 ingredients, and also is completed in just 5 simple steps. And really takes between 1-2 hours start to finish. What Ingredients you will need: 1/4 cup cannabis coconut oil (~50 grams) 1/4 cup cacao powder 1 and 1/2 tablespoons maple syrup 1 and 1/2 tablespoons honey 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract optional ingredients: nuts fruits & berries (dried or fresh) peanut butter pieces of chocolate What Supplies you will need: measuring cups and spoons (cup, 1/4 cup, 1/2 teaspoon, 1/2 tablespoon) fork or spoon spatula digital scale pyrex bowl frying pan or flat bottomed pan oven mitten 24 oz (710mL) tupperware optional items: parchment paper whisk Total time: ~ 45 - 120 minutes depends on how long the chocolate bar is allowed to cool during step 5 So, lets start making some homemade cannabis chocolate bars Step 1: Measuring Start by measuring and adding each of the ingredients (cacao powder, cannabis coconut oil, maple syrup, honey, vanilla extract) into the pyrex bowl. We recommend using a scale for measuring out the cannabis coconut oil. It is a great tool for determining approximate strength of your edibles. See determining strength & potency below for more information. Step 2: Heating & Mixing Once all of the ingredients are in the pyrex bowl. Heat a frying pan on medium heat and add water into the pan. Place the pyrex bowl into the frying pan. You want a decent amount of water to be in the frying pan at all times. However not enough so that it will overflow once the water comes to a full boil. Depending on the heat setting, you may need to reapply water to the pan during this step. Remember to only use glassware that is heat tempered such as pyrex glass. If you are not sure, use a smaller sauce pan instead of the glass bowl. As long as water can boil between them it will work fine. Using a spoon or fork or whisk, begin to mix the ingredients. The cannabis coconut oil and other liquids will begin to turn the cacao powder into a gel. Continue to stir vigorously throughout this process. Should the mixture be overly soupy or oily, add more cacao powder in small amounts. Should the mixture be too crumbly and dry add more regular coconut oil (non-cannabis). Most importantly, be aware of the temperature, as you do not want to burn the chocolate. You are simply trying to melt all of the ingredients evenly. Step 3: Pouring the Cannabis Chocolate Once all of the ingredients have dissolved, you are ready to pour the cannabis chocolate into your tupperware container. Turn off the stove and using the oven mittens and a spatula, carefully pour into the tupperware. The spatula will help you retrieve all that was in the pyrex bowl and also level out the bar. Be careful here as the bowl will still be quite hot to the touch. Avoid spilling the chocolate on the upper part of the tupperware as it will not be part of the finished molding at the bottom. Step 4: Freezing the Cannabis Chocolate Bar Depending on how cold your fridge / freezer is, this step can take around 30-60 minutes. If you are not in a rush to make use of your homemade cannabis chocolate edible it can stay in the freezer for months. Step 5: Scoring the Cannabis Chocolate Bar for Proper Dosing This is actually one of the most crucial steps in this process, aside from standard safety while cooking. Once the bar has had time to harden you need to score the bar into even parts. This is really important so that you and everyone who enjoys this bar knows approximately how much they are ingesting. For reference I tend to break it down into 20 or 25 equal pieces. It is always possible to eat more should you realize the dosing is too weak for your needs. Please be careful and do not overdose yourself or others. Determining Strength and Potency of your Cannabis Chocolate Edible Say you use 1 oz of cannabis flower to make a pound of coconut butter. That means you should be 1oz of cannabis distributed throughout that 1 lb of canna coco oil. This recipe uses 50g of canna coco oil. Which is approximately 1/10th of that 1 lb of oil. So you can assume the entire cannabis chocolate bar will then contain approximately 1/10th of an ounce of cannabis or roughly 2.8 grams And by breaking the bar into equal parts, let's say 4 parts, you then can predict the approximate strength from what it started at. In this example each piece of the bar would contain around 0.7 grams of active cannabis oil. Everyone responds to edibles differently. So until you know your own tolerance, start with smaller doses. Additional Notes Long-term Storage: the 24oz tupperware is a cost effective method for creating the chocolate molds, and using the recipe above you can also fit 4 bars into a single tupperware. In the freezer these bars can last for at least 6 months. When using Fruit & Berries: keep in mind that fruit and berries can reduce the shelf-life of your chocolate edibles. They should be always refrigerated, and consumed in no more than 1-2 weeks. Freeze your cannabis chocolate bar for longer storage. Thanks for reading, please leave a comment if you end up making these. Happy Growing!!! MM's
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    Ice. Day 42 of flowering. This is the first plant i defoliated prior to flowering. I love what it did to her. I want to harvest fairly late. She's 7 - 9 week variety.
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    Papalag my guess is heri influence looking buds? They look like little moon rocks that could send you to space! Thanks for the report shiska
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    Well the still is my baby one for testing other creations but I got my great grandfathers beautiful apparatus I use that's around 50 gal. And I usually push arou d 10 gal outta every run from that one. And it's awesome once you start you don't wanna stop, just like gardening, lol! Anyways, webeblzr, wait till you switch and it wont take long for the goodies to start coming outta that triple Pakistan. It definitely needs a nice little veg phase but who cares it's worth it. I have a couple more going, but that's another story, when I switch those, I'll start showing you guys progress on that also. And so far its way better than that little girl in the pic. Just wait and see, to be continued........ lol! Seriously though ill show you guys new updates for weeks 6. I think all the big changes this girl does is starting to happen. (To the black afghani)
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    So are you saying that you never got an order conformation and a shipping conformation and an order number??? If so BS meter just went through the roof. Hell PM me your order number if you really did order and I will check on it for you!
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    And for the record I used the email link from the website and also used the shop contact form as well.......I waited weeks!! No response!! Used every email link I could find, and used the contact form from the shop contact button. For some reason sannie decided to ignore my emails.......perriod. This is not a game, very sick people are involved...... I'm glad you guys have done business with sannie and had good service.........my experience has been much much different!!! I get that shit happens......I got no problem with things like that.........but sending email after email waiting for a reply, then searching for some other way of trying to contact and STILL no reply......THAT has been my experience!! Then when the guy FINALLLY decides to reply....... he replys with no explanation and no attempt at solving my issue........the saga goes on........I'm STILL waiting for a answer to where my order is, and what will be done about it?????? So more of my time is wasted.......I will NEVER buy from this clown again!! I do not have the time to try and track somebody down, and this is NOT the way to business.
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    Don't even try it!! I used the email links from YOUR WEBSITE!! I am an I.T. tech so don't even try telling me some BS like I used the wrong address??? Lmao!! Try again!! I know the addressees were good, for some reason you seem to think YOUR time is some how more important that my time??? In the future you should at the LEAST put a auto reply so your customers know your not ignoring them, and you don't have to tell lame ass lies like " you used the wrong email Addy"...... There is NO EXCUSE FOR NOT REPLYING OR IGNORING YOUR CUSTOMERS!! How much more of my time will be wasted trying to get a actual response from you, and a resolution to this order??? You act like you don't give a shit......nice customer service!!!
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    WaknBak before snow shoveling...and then a top off right after.....with a big assed cup of black coffee!! The hula girls are a giggle fest even moving snow.
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    one or two leaves have a funny curl to them but their nice and moist /dark green thought it was nutrient related or something. And sweet with the humidity thanks
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    Welcome to OG Tokey. Like the others say, don't worry about the humidity, your plants looking nice. Do i see it correctly? It seems like some leaves are having it hot.
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    No wake and bake for me this AM, but the coffee is good.
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    Very good! Don't worry about humidity long as the walls of the tent are dry. If not, open up a window. And welcome aboard!
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    Damn nice bro, your killing it.
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    theres about 3 skinny phenos and the rest is fat dank indica looking
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    Sweet as shit! Love it, so glad those dirty mites didn't destroy all.
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    Really nice bro! If those nasty buggers stay away, you are going to nail it!
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    Yea Paps, don't let us haning. Show the goodies
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    I think it is the dry forced air heat in the winter. I just add a hot plate with a large tea kettle on low, that allows me a few more days.
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    Uk blues, heri x chuckys bride is down I Dried a small nug this is one tasty lady 1 small bowl and you know you smoked somethig lol 3 maybe 4 rips and nice ! I’ll let her dri a week and in the jars but not much of a cure ( out of weed oh well ) Never took down lost in space stiil needs more time ( had to hold my self back ) ill try to post some pics peace
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    TY for that clarification Think Baq figured it out, glitch when working through Windows 10. @santero
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    We are still awaiting the property, the renter is still moving out of. Then we need to find out if we can run this there, so far so good the people who own the complex seem amicable to the idea. All of the questions I have on this have to do with what the state liquor board will let us get away with and not. Floor plan stuff mostly like how many fire exits what kind of signage and where, what has to be in the canopy space and not, does it need a bathroom if there are no employees, can we run a tent for a nursery inside a one room flower canopy, what point do lots become product with a 6 month shelf life, can lots of the same plant harvested at different times be combined, how and where can we store packaged product, how much of our operating cost do we have to keep in a safe on the site, what is the standard way of contacting a retailer and can I show em product samples, what special insurance do I need, can I live in another storage unit in the same complex, stuff like that. As far as scaling goes, this is about the same as a large house grow, only less clutter. I can do this in my sleep.
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    The plasma lights are called LEP or light emitting plasma. Gavita makes one, but there are better ones with more power. These are 300 watt lights that put out about as much light as a typical 300 watt LED, but the spectrum is almost spot on sunlight. I am after spectrum for quality more than yield in a space this size. Bloom boosters are deep red/IR led used to encourage flower set and blooming in general. These come in blue/UV as well for that frosty high mountain finish. They do not need to run near as much wattage because they are used to trigger a response in the plant rather than feeding it.
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    @gardenartus, hey, give the SiFi Blaze seeds I sent you a shot. Also I think I included some Sannie Jack x Silverfields. Those should give you some lemon, and yields should make very happy. Also I'll get a little something sent your way on the indy side, Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze, just say when.
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    hi Hé JC , The smell is awesome, share it would be amazing The last one ... I'll try to do the same thing with others strains, seedling/Veg/bloom pics, i think next will be the Triple Pakistan
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    Oh you have freebies too sweet Baq said your Sannies Jack is awesome lemon, gonna order some Oh shoot she is sativa dom, do you have any great smelling lemon in Indica> I know I am ordering that Sugar Punch for sure 'Anyone have ideas of what is the best to grow, high yields, tolerance is so high with all my patients. I really want lemon, but need indica dome. BUT hehehe while I am laying out some mula, another good suggestions I should order> NOt as if I don't have a boat load ha ha just have a desire to pick up a few. Any hints or advice would be much appreciated I love Inidca, fruity, very potent, doen't have to be fruity, but needs to be really strong.,
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    LED’s will solve ninety percent of your environmental problems, they just will. The payback is considerably faster than advertised, due to reduced heat management issues, more efficient nutrient uptake, faster flowering times, less fans, and generally about half the watt usage of 600 s or 1000s. Maybe about a third less on the good leds you’d want. It’s money well spent. Im small potatoes, but running a Platinum 600s and 450, and I will never go back to HPS, no reason to, the LEDs grow danker bud, faster. About 5 days to a week faster flowering times, in my experience, having done about ten runs of strains I’ve also run under HPS. They also limit stretch in some strains, and increase THC 3-5% over Hps. There’s tons of comparisons on YouTube of different brands, worth a look. Any of the good manufacturers will give you awesome results, and it’s great advice to start them VERY HIGH! I could have avoided a lot of headaches had I followed it myself. These things will absolutely fry your plants until you get your nutrients balanced out, but once you do, no worries. I jacked a few grows trying to put them too close. The good ones will do great four feet above your plants and penetration is deeper than HPS, too. Oh! Check out defoliation on YouTube ,my new thing, lol. Works awesome and reduces the need for as much scrogging. Best of luck to you !
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    New breeds we work with.... Shaze got a little sparkley upgrade, the light brown hairs...the taste and the high reminds off the mexican haze from Dampkring... Very comfortable and accesable high, much stronger then original shaze wich had more of a midway high. Smoke we must to see the potential. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
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    AutoZilla x MalawiGold F2 autoflowering male: It's flowers start opening up. To be continued...
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    hi THX all for your comments The third plant here, 70 days of 12/12 / COB 450W / 3liters soil/ metrop test I'll post the last one tomorrow, she is a little more leafy than the 3 others, the 3 first are identical This seeds are the same than seeds in the Sannie's shop
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    Killing Fields Amnesia (core cut) SiFi x Selene
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    big corporations still just taking this out of everybody hands. while people are being fooled about this being a "legalisation". governments as always clearing the way for big money to take over. i am with esko (when he still used to grow): as long as i can't just grow my weed in peace (no registration ... no paying for being allowed to grow ... no nothing !) = i don't believe this to be, what they call it. just de-criminalize the plant, smoking and growing ... and be done with it. the rest is just not real legalization in my book, just "monetarization" ... until then i WON'T wait for laws ... i'll just grow my own *fuck 'em*
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    yep, welcome to the "4.reich", lol ... (no offense to anyone who's happy with what is going on in the US, atm). i'd hate if my country started to do this (in the open), because it obvioulsy is info that is completely unnecessary for me, but quite interesting for ... err ... "them". *tinfoilhatSAN*
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    green manalishi = unknown genetics? not really. please let "mr.smartypants" help once more "pacific g13" clone only comes from a line made by nevil in 1986, released in 1987 = g13 clone only x NL#2. (btw, since the mid-90's it's known that airborne and pacific g13 are the same clone, just two names *wink*) and "g13/hashplant" is also made by nevil in 1986, but was released the same year (later copied by sensi seeds and renamed to "mr. nice") = g13 clone x hashplant (this specific "hasplant" from nevil was = HP x HP/NL#1, this was also made in 1986 by nevil with help from genetics by "jim ortega" aka. "indian jim"). all these genetics in question are coming from the pacific nothwest, btw ... (hence "pacific g13" ect). my friend motarebel used g13 pacific clone that was handed to him by pacific himself. ... and the ghash-line he used was from ndnguy (aka. n8te, another friend) that was shared in f3-form = pacific g13 (clone only) x ghash (f3) = green manalishi f1 no secrets here. i never heard of "petrolia" (from humboldt) or "lemon g" (from ohio) to be a part of any of the lines in question, but i think that's just conincidential (and not bad intentional). calling different genetics by the same name by NAW. there are no bad intentions coming from them ... it's just coincidences(, i think.) (same as with the so-called "RKS" or their new "mexican haze" ... *cringe* but NAW are just naming the plants for what they want to find in them = it's con- fusing to anyone that knows better, but very harmless to these same people in the end ... the rest will follow the "beautiful melodies" ... i can live with that.) oh my, oh my .. i really hope no one takes this the wrong way any longer. i am just trying to help here
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    Hello my friends, as the year is coming to an end I thought I should at least share my recent new encounters of weed. First of all I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures. I am aware that this might undermine my credibility, yet the pics were so crappy thus I thought they are not worth it. Maybe I'll add some pics later. Method of testing Some months ago I switched to smoking pure without a any tobacco. This gives me generally a more tripy high that comes slower or hits slower but with full effect once it's there. I like it more like that and also noticed that quitting tobacco entirely made it easier to smoke less as the nicotine has such an adictive effect. Therefore please be aware that I might have rated the other strains in this topic different if smoked pure. It's a different way in many regards to smoke your weed. I highly recommend it for those who like trippy stuff. My pure joints are rolled with short thin cigarette papers with a small tip.( just as a reference) Silver Fields # 1&2 I should start with the fact that SiFi was one of the strongest smokes I had from a sativa dominate hybrid. Both phenos plunged me into a heavy trip when consuming them. #1 This one is pure green without any purple sprinkles. It contains more sativa than the #2. It has a SSH/KF lemon haze smell and taste, yet I think I like the shackzilla and KF more tastewise. I smoked it already on many occasions and have to say that you can consume it when you go out and dance or do clubbing. It can create a strong euphoria mixed with sensual distortions. It has a very high cealing so for a while you can smoke several joints and reach a pretty crazy state of mind, yet at some point it is too much and you need to rest. Although it does not put you asleep, the state of mind can cost you a lot of energy. When I smoke it before going shopping, walking in the street, circumventing people or finding the products in the shop can be quite a challenge. People who smoked it in their homeopathic joints (when there is mainly tobacco and some crumps of weed) confirmed to have found it eually challenging!!!I am very impressed with this cross and it's potency, yet I have to say that due to it's severe effects I don often choose another weed that is easier to digest. I might grow it again, but I won't keep a clone. It is a keeper, but for me the weed is too challenging at times. I think everyone with a high tolerance can find in SiFi a true contender. I have crossed it with some other stuff and I think I will grow those beans, because SiFi is for sure a awsome creation. I would definately recommend it!!! #2 This pheno grow less christmas tree like. It had more of a single cola shape, purple sprinkled buds and less foxy - more dense. It seems to be more like KF, yet the effect is more body as I would expect from the SSH. This one leans more to the hybrid side (60/40 approximately). It is nice to chill with this one, although it induces also a quite mindbending experience. Yet it has more body effect and it induces a lot of munchies, thus I would rather consume it at home were the fridge is closer. This one has a lower ceiling than #1. After smoking 1-2 joints it can happen that I have a little nap after the peak effect. The taste is also darker. It has some berry, hashy taste with some slight haze in the background. I generally prefere #1, but this is definately also high quality, yet not what I generally look for in weed. I would recommend it for people who like hybrids. I would recommend SiFi for everyone who likes potent sativa dominate Hybrids or who like Sugar Punch or Shackzilla. Barrie's SSHxBlueShaze I got these seeds years ago! It is one parent in the Kinky Blaze. The taste is SSH-hazyness! Lemon haze but much stronger than the SiFi. I love the cross already because it has a great classic haze taste and reminds me of awsome haze I smoked and it's really high class! Over time the curing process adds a spicy cheese smell that I encountered also in my Queen Mother. Interesting feature is also that the resin is very oily, thus the weed always has a slight degree of moisture or at least it seems to never dry up as some other weeds do. However this also makes the curing process last longer, although it is also a good smoke after just a few weeks. The effect is lovely! It is not as strong as SiFi, but that does not make her less attractive!!! What I love about here is the fact that I can smoke her and also pass her on to people who have a lower tolerance. Yet we do all get messed up but in a funny way! It is not as challenging as the SiFi and she has a high ceiling too. She leave you relaxed yet also euphoric and stimulated. I would not recommend her for chilling but you can go clubbing/dancing with her or smoke her after a nice dinner with friends or in a bar. She will nicely add up to the situation! For instance not so long ago we were at a dinner of a friend. His family from Turkey were visiting and he had invited his friends thus we could all have a nice Raki drinking night with lots of food. At some point I wanted to smoke a joint and after getting permission I rolled one. I passed it to everyone, including my friends father and we all got a nice warm euphoric boost that the alcohol could not have provided by any means! We were laughing a lot, yet remained stimulated and did not got any heavyness. Actually my friends father said he would stop drinking for tonight but rather smoke weed instead. I have to thank Barrie again for creating this cross and emphasise that strains cannot be rated solely on potency!!! Don't get me wrong, it is potent, but also a very kind one! Thanks again Barrie!! I would recommend this one and consider it a keeper! I won't keep it though because I crossed it with other strains and know that I won't go through the seeds while I have it as a mother. Bluehammer I must have done something wrong in the growing process! Bluehammer was the underdog during the grow and also smellwise it did not stand out. I think this was due to a mistake by me during the curing process though. When smoking it I taste some Berries and some bitterness, could be dark chocolate or soil. I think there is room for improvement, but rather on my side not in regard to breeding. Bluehammer is already after 2-3 months a legend among me and my friends. It might have took a bit because I was somewhat intrigued by the smell, yet when smoking it, it became one of our favorites! The high is very strong! Yet it does not take over like the SiFi! It is less challenging, but rather it takes you on a ride. The day after the dinner, I described above, we met with our friends in a bar for a birthday. There was live-music and joy, yet BH did take it further! Although hangovered it gave me some nice euphoria and inducing a more dancitive state of mind. Also others with less tolerance,who had just took one two tokes, were dancing and full of joy, yet also surprised a bit what had gooten into them. It was a funny evening. With another friend we smoked a joint together while listening to a nice downtempo set and the high took as through nice layers of highness that were somewhat corresponding to the evolving set we listened to. It was triggering us to have nice talks, which were explorative and full of little word plays. As my friend was asking which weed it was, I told him it was Bluehammer and in consideration of the name we concluded that consuming it, is a bit like a blacksmith forging your thoughts, but in a very sofisticated way! Later we went out to go dancing! At another party just before christmas I passed BH also to another friend while dancing and it put him in a state of mind which he considered acid like. Some hours later he came to me and asked to have some to roll a homeopathic joint. ' I need to check whether it was the fact of smoking pure, or whether it was Bluehammer' he said. It turned out it was Bluehammer!!! I would definately recommend Bluehammer for people who like mostly sativas. It might become a longtime favorite of mine with KF. I will explore my Jack Candy seeds though to check whether Bluehammer might be beaten by Jack Candy. Still Bluehammer is top notch. Okay friends, this is it. I hope you all have a nice new year and some can appreciate my report. Sorry again that there are now pictures! Maybe I'll get some later. Thanks go to Sannie who made it all possible and to the NAW crew and Barrie!!! Luma
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