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    The Nature's Farm '78 LA Affie x Rocket Scientist OG
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    Green Crack Day 42 Bloom 78.1 F 38% RH After putting some samples under the scope it seems as if this grow is all but done. I’m already looking at around 20% amber. Started flushing yesterday and this will be harvested on this coming Saturday. This is the first time I have ever grown a 7 week strain and with chunks if bud showing everywhere I have to say this pheno is a keeper so far. The purple coloring starts at the center of the canopy and decreases as you approach the edges. Trichs are crazy with every bud encrusted. Outside of the purple there isn’t a single blemish on any leaf and I’ve pushed the ppms pretty high for an led grow (approx 1200ppm). Bringing the temps down every day and flushing with cold water is in the near future. Very easy strain to grow and I think I’ll be happy with the yield and end product.
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    My Deep Chunk x SFV OG bx1... This 1 is greasssy
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    Snake Eyes by Mota Rebel stackin...
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    The winning strawberry blues... diesel dominant now all are at day 49 flower. and one of two killer Honey hoo hoo’s. stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    This is a G13 dominant Green Manalishi #4... and my favourite Green manalishi F2 catpiss #3 girl is really getting FAT AS FOOK... Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Killingfields week 9ish, then pre flush, and an Afghan skunk x shack leaning on shack side pheno. Monster buds..yourll see
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    I've never done any of the "G" strains, but that G39 looks pretty awesome. I was always afraid of G13's, being developed by the government and all. I just know it's a conspiracy to make us all sterile, with psychotropic, brain freezing, genetically modified, marijuana molecules.
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    The top is some kushes and a killing fields
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    I can't wait to taste that Honey Hoo Hoo
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    I always wanted to try hydro ( almost pulled on a flood and drain system) and the power outages and mechanical problems seems to be issues so after listening to @gardenartus and @JetDro preach the octopot ( passive wick system) gospel I got 4 and going to do my 1 st grow with them as soon as plants sex jet did an awesome thread on then worth a look peace
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    Cipro the antibiotifc? Yea I was on that for a UTI. Good Lord. Do you know that one round of antibiotics will change your gut health for 4 years! So it might cause MS, Holy moses SMH, half these meds should Not be on the market, so much for FDA and safe meds, you can't trust any of em.
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    The rare "cat hair " pheno of Chucky's bride :
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    Ran Hempy buckets in the distant past...............lol.............the Overgrow days..........................They PRODUCE but no more than this does, and they can be a mess, these never. YES...............it is just a grow bag with a wick..........agree. Mine were 42 bucks each in 20 volume when I got them, all in per system. They are elegant, work just like a Hempy bucket, and much more pleasing to the eyes. The quality is excellent, and the net pot he use's is his own, you can not find it. Similar, but very hard to source in the size it is in your local market. The clean look, the fully covered res(does NOT raise humidity in a room like a Hempy DOES), the ease of setup, NO aeration( I HAD to on my Hempy's) , and no damn 1 inch hose's running everywhere. My 9 pot setup is clean, easy to fill, no hose's, no pumps, and 9 of them can be covered by my single Gavita 750 DE on a light mover rail. For me, it is a no brainer. Were all my OCto's stolen today, tomorrow I would STILL buy a set from them.................rather than putting it together myself for 1/3 of the cost. Were I 22 years old, I would build my own, but at 66 I got better things to do with my time than cobble systems together. His patent on the "clam Shell" design is superior to any bucket system I have seen or used...............and used a bunch. From the Hempy Buckets to Hydro Farms, to TFT rails, to straight DWC, I have tried many! The closed design of the shell, the VERY tight fit of the sleeve/net pot into the res, and the fact it is 100 percent light tight, seals the deal for me. PLUS.........i run 100% organic in the system, tough to do in the others. The mix of soil up top, and roots in the water, and only simple organic feed added to the res water, makes amazing tasting buds, 100 percent equal to my 100 percent soil in pot's grows(which were my best ever) . I am a fanboy of this product no doubt.....................because I have it...............and KNOW, not guess or think or ponder.............but KNOW how well it works. I will forever owe a debt of gratitude to Garden Artus for talking me into these.....................Why The F didnt she just say SHUT THE F UP and go buy one already...................like I do do everyone that asks me. Peace, Jet
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    Ayo. Seems like the this website and forums got the internet on steroids treatment (thanks sannie, absolutely killed the website, if I didnt know so much I'd tell you you were lying to me you were a breeder and not a web designer) It's been awhile so I'll leave out most of my missing life link. New new and gone old old. Continuously stabilizing my life, living now with a girlie whose almost if not more batshit crazy then I am. Bout to take a big dive in this plant, starting my breeding project, started reading/researching extracts and cooking which I really want to get into next.. bout to build a new grow room for my breeding chamber that I'll post and prolly see if any of the vets got some advice on my blueprint. For now let's have some pics do some talking for my plans and we'll slowly add some history flashbacks. This is just what went done, stay tuned. Mouse
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    Craig Xen, my boss hates it. I swear she takes off the days I work so she doesnt havnt to deal with my music selection lmfao (whoever opens the resturant and cooks basically plays music all day..keep the saute cook happy and everything runs smoothly lmfao)
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    Hi bro the size of the plant don’t matter as much as the window to pollenate , I run clones for seeds or I pollenate just one bud on the plant ( not looking for thousands maybe 50 or 100 is great for me ) good luck bro
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    Blue Hammer F3 castle pheno, orange tangerine with the velvet touch. Rock hard buds with very fine kristall profile. We have 2 more girls standing in line, matter of days and they end up in our pipe. The smoke, taste and high will give the final verdict. Rolling high steam, NAW is on to something lol. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
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    Not sure why you would wait until August. I think I remember you saying you are in the D.C. area and have room for an outdoor grow. I'd plan on having them outside after your last freeze, like June 1st. Cut the clones and get them rooted around mid April. Veg them indoors until the weather is warm enough. When you are ready to move them out you have to get them used to the sun. Take them outside for a few ours a day in the morning extending their time in direct sun a little at a time. After a week or so, they should be ready to stay outside. Put them in a spot to get a good 8+ hours of direct sun. If you have to choose between a spot with morning or afternoon sun, go with morning. Also, choose a spot with minimum artificial light at night. Avoid street light, porch light etc. Moving from indoors 18 hours of light, to outdoor the plants may start to flower, but don't worry they will reveg. June 1st in DC you will have over 14 hours of sun, so don't sweat it. You won't have 12 hours of dark until mid September, keep in mind flowering times for your strain. Be prepared to protect your girls when the weather starts getting cold again.
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    I started a triple pak to get to know the strain, cause I love me a hashplant! And this little girl is showing off its potential! I cant wait till the one I let veg starts flowering. This one is a result of about 2 weeks veg and is only a 1ft high but just covered in flowers and trichomes.
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    Green Crack Day 35 Bloom 83.7 F 31% RH The buds seem to have doubled in size over the last week. With the humidity so low this strain has responded with excellent trich production. The mango scent in the tent has gotten fairly strong. This strain continues to be a heavy feeder and has responded well to everything I’ve done. Very enjoyable grow up to this point.
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    Honey Badger Haze Amnesia SanFune Killing Fields
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    Nice story. This "100 years" Greek strain reminds me the story of this French smuggler who been Greece before 1st worldwar for buying hash to sell in Egypt (without taxes). Hashish / by Henry de Monfreid ; translated by Helen Buchan Bell