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    The Nature's Farm '78 LA Affie x Rocket Scientist OG
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    Green Crack Day 42 Bloom 78.1 F 38% RH After putting some samples under the scope it seems as if this grow is all but done. I’m already looking at around 20% amber. Started flushing yesterday and this will be harvested on this coming Saturday. This is the first time I have ever grown a 7 week strain and with chunks if bud showing everywhere I have to say this pheno is a keeper so far. The purple coloring starts at the center of the canopy and decreases as you approach the edges. Trichs are crazy with every bud encrusted. Outside of the purple there isn’t a single blemish on any leaf and I’ve pushed the ppms pretty high for an led grow (approx 1200ppm). Bringing the temps down every day and flushing with cold water is in the near future. Very easy strain to grow and I think I’ll be happy with the yield and end product.
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    I don't know why but Honey Hoo Hoo sounds dirty lol makes me laugh
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    My Deep Chunk x SFV OG bx1... This 1 is greasssy
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    Snake Eyes by Mota Rebel stackin...
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    The winning strawberry blues... diesel dominant now all are at day 49 flower. and one of two killer Honey hoo hoo’s. stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    This is a G13 dominant Green Manalishi #4... and my favourite Green manalishi F2 catpiss #3 girl is really getting FAT AS FOOK... Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Killingfields week 9ish, then pre flush, and an Afghan skunk x shack leaning on shack side pheno. Monster buds..yourll see
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    Almost test time...looking great. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
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    He's pulling your leg, you have to train them to grow like that and it takes years of trimming and wiring branches for it to become a true Bonsai and if you ever stop training it will revert back to it's natural form for it's environment, I have a Japanese Maple Sango Kaku that I've been working on for over 25 years and last year the leaves finally came out tiny in scale to the tree size, I almost gave up on it and was going to stick in the landscape, but the damn thing finally decided to make a change, so I'll continue to work on it till I die. I studied under a Bonsai Master here in Lexington for a few years, I would go over and work a day freely every now and then just to learn the art. Best, Baq
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    I've never done any of the "G" strains, but that G39 looks pretty awesome. I was always afraid of G13's, being developed by the government and all. I just know it's a conspiracy to make us all sterile, with psychotropic, brain freezing, genetically modified, marijuana molecules.
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    The top is some kushes and a killing fields
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    The starting of infused honey And my cloner leak solution, just pour the water back in!
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    Oh I see, that's not Bonsai, if you look at it that way we all do Bonsai if you grow indoors, especially in Octo's. A true Bonsai is a miniature version of a full grown tree, they look the same only a foot tall instead of 100 ft. You can train in many different styles, such as wind blown, where a tree that grows in an area of really high wind will have a wind swept look in the wind direction, you see these along rocky coast and high rocky cliffs, I show you in some pics. It teaches you patience. Science and Nature has always been my passion, hell my dad changed my diapers in the woods while he was squirrel hunting, I was just a baby and he had a little shoulder pack he would carry me in, that's why I became a Geologist, have worked in that for 10 years, owned a full line pet store, sold sporting goods fishing and hunting as an independent rep. and I'm also a Master Taxidermist, along with many other things in my 65 years, I've really had a blessed life, not rich, just blessed with great family, great people and great opportunities. Baq
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    The first pic is a sour power og, just smoked some of the biker kush pheno, very nice body high with relaxed but somewhat focused mind. Could be active eventually it creeped in a tiny bit more in body and mind with even more relaxation but still active a bit in the head. This fa (fader actual) from ocean grown X looks crazy and seems small yield but has a nice sweet blueberry muffins with lemon and lime under tones. It's nice, very modern weed hybrid smell, dont know if I wanna fuck with this to breed I think I'll keep searching for a more classic kush to work with. Starting flush today
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    Honey hoo hoo(old feno description) tastes like a honey sweet hashplant, with double strawberry diesel. that morfed into a dark danky goo and a lot of g13 potency sparks. This particular feno i still dont know exactly how she tastes, we will taste this in a few weeks and we wil deliver detailed smoke reports of our selected females.
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    Yes I do, will post up some pictures tonight when I get home, I have a few I’ve been working on for almost 30 years.
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    Sorry Sorry for all 5he miss quotes and shit, still getting use to website, thought I was liking posts turns out I was quoting them lmfao
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    That sounds sick, I've been reading up on some of eskos breeding and growing journal and he loves flood tables. Actually I've been thinking of setting one up in the new space. I'm not much of a diy person myself either but the desire to grow this plant forced me to overcome that. Also been looking into octopots, which Ill definitely just buy premade since I already have enough going on to add another diy (ive been thinking about throwing up some sheds and working to start an edible mushroom biz..not like they're wont be the magic kind either tho). they seem like everything I want. Low maintenance, hybrid system that plants love, my only concern is plant sice....unlike most ppl rn I want as many plants as possible for selection. Got me in quite a situation cause I want octos. They just make sense but it seems like with flood tables I could get more selection. Maybe I'll do octos (seen like a fast setup). Work on filling half my tent with a flood table. Then getting the best of all 3. I figured I could do alot of selection in my aerocloners and vegers. If I added one more I could have ~40plant size pre flower then select half for flowe then further select based of production.. Idk I got 3 day weekends now so just gonna start doing stuff soon and see how it all comes out. just spent the last 7 hours in my grow house cleaning lol. The side effect to this lifestyle lel.
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    One thing to consider regarding perlite (which I like), if your reusing your soil it breaks down pretty quick, I switched over to pumice (perlite sized) in my LOS mix which can be reused over and over without breaking down, so it's pretty much a one time cost, I've used it a lot with my Bonsai Trees down through the years, now this is in regards to a LOS mix not general use in which I would use perlite. In an LOS mix I add red worms and they do not like perlite, if the worms thrive the soil thrives. I will be using a LOS mix in my Octopots, no bottle nutes, water only, but I will be foliar spraying specific teas, EWC, Full Power and Aloe based, so we'll see how it works out. Baq
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    Just put the coconut oil in capsules. Also, mix it with peanut butter. Great for infused PB&J sammiches. BTW, I'm still trying to find capsules that won't break down from liquid. It sucks having to fill them as I use them. I thought that once the coconut oil solidified it would last, nope. I made about 15 and put them in the fridge. By morning I had a clump of broken down caps all stuck together. I'd be fine if they would last 24 hours. I've searched for a way to make DIY gel caps, but nothing.
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    Diesel, you better get you some G39 and Green Manalishi... so much goodness in them! NAW's testing and selection in their strains definitely shows through. Their seeds are freaking ready to grow! peace
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    At least a few years, Misterdirt. When I take a parcel of pollen out of the fridge, I let it get to room temperature before unwrapping it. To avoid moisture from condensation. I froze many small parcels, so I can quickly take what I need and keep the rest of it frozen. Your question reminds me of a PM I got a while ago: midowo 0 Started conversation: April 21, 2016 Hello, I’m Midowo and I own a blog about Autoflower growing where I explain various aspects of autoflowering cannabis growing to beginners as well as intermediate growers. After many suggestions from my readers I decided to write a e-book about autoflowering cannabis growing and it is almost finished but I have a problem that I don’t have any decent pictures of male pollen collection. After browsing around the opengrow forum I found your image https://www.opengrow.com/topic/46910-autoflowering-gambians/page__st__80 on the threadhttps://www.opengrow.com/topic/46910-autoflowering-gambians/page__st__80 and want to ask if I may use it in my upcoming book? Of course I would reference you or any resource that you would like people to see and I would be forever grateful to you for granting me the permission to use your property. Thank you
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    I can't wait to taste that Honey Hoo Hoo
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    I always wanted to try hydro ( almost pulled on a flood and drain system) and the power outages and mechanical problems seems to be issues so after listening to @gardenartus and @JetDro preach the octopot ( passive wick system) gospel I got 4 and going to do my 1 st grow with them as soon as plants sex jet did an awesome thread on then worth a look peace
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    Cipro the antibiotifc? Yea I was on that for a UTI. Good Lord. Do you know that one round of antibiotics will change your gut health for 4 years! So it might cause MS, Holy moses SMH, half these meds should Not be on the market, so much for FDA and safe meds, you can't trust any of em.
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    The rare "cat hair " pheno of Chucky's bride :
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    Ran Hempy buckets in the distant past...............lol.............the Overgrow days..........................They PRODUCE but no more than this does, and they can be a mess, these never. YES...............it is just a grow bag with a wick..........agree. Mine were 42 bucks each in 20 volume when I got them, all in per system. They are elegant, work just like a Hempy bucket, and much more pleasing to the eyes. The quality is excellent, and the net pot he use's is his own, you can not find it. Similar, but very hard to source in the size it is in your local market. The clean look, the fully covered res(does NOT raise humidity in a room like a Hempy DOES), the ease of setup, NO aeration( I HAD to on my Hempy's) , and no damn 1 inch hose's running everywhere. My 9 pot setup is clean, easy to fill, no hose's, no pumps, and 9 of them can be covered by my single Gavita 750 DE on a light mover rail. For me, it is a no brainer. Were all my OCto's stolen today, tomorrow I would STILL buy a set from them.................rather than putting it together myself for 1/3 of the cost. Were I 22 years old, I would build my own, but at 66 I got better things to do with my time than cobble systems together. His patent on the "clam Shell" design is superior to any bucket system I have seen or used...............and used a bunch. From the Hempy Buckets to Hydro Farms, to TFT rails, to straight DWC, I have tried many! The closed design of the shell, the VERY tight fit of the sleeve/net pot into the res, and the fact it is 100 percent light tight, seals the deal for me. PLUS.........i run 100% organic in the system, tough to do in the others. The mix of soil up top, and roots in the water, and only simple organic feed added to the res water, makes amazing tasting buds, 100 percent equal to my 100 percent soil in pot's grows(which were my best ever) . I am a fanboy of this product no doubt.....................because I have it...............and KNOW, not guess or think or ponder.............but KNOW how well it works. I will forever owe a debt of gratitude to Garden Artus for talking me into these.....................Why The F didnt she just say SHUT THE F UP and go buy one already...................like I do do everyone that asks me. Peace, Jet
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    I heard someone to modify for outdoors you covered top and bottom res with plastic to stop rainwater. Where I live theres not enough rain for buds to grow without watering.
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    im confused, "self watering" but its OUTSIDE?!?!? flood tables are so easy yep
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    Just got around to reading this and it makes me feel much better about my decisions moving forward.
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    Ha hah, purple crack! Enjoy! peace
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    I used coconut oil to get off those stomach meds. You might try researching to see if other things might work. As soon as we found out my friends bones were crumbling, I threw out those meds. I hate eating coconut oil, like Lard to me ha! But I used 2 Tablespoons a day for about 6 months, I still get heartburn, but not as bad as before. @Mr Goodfellow if it gets bad I just swallow some lard ha ha coconut oil
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    Hi @Misterdirt I made the soil in the small pots very close to 40 / 60 you see a good deal of the perlite , when I watched the video from YouTube the young lady said for every 2 scoops of soil 1 &1/2 scoops of perlite I haven’t build my soil yet I am 3 weeks away from filling my bags I’ve got a day off tomorrow I’ll put it together and take a pic or 2
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    I am pretty dumb when it comes to setting all these things up, but thankfully my guy isn't, I just grow it, I don't set anything up lol. He made a flood and drain table with gravity fed water. It was really cool. But when I went to the Octopot and could get as much off two plants as the flood table full of plants, eeeek too many plant is not a good thing here! lol That system went bye bye. It was a cool set up though, he had a 5 gallon bucket and tubing, and something else, made it automated by gravity.
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    Craig Xen, my boss hates it. I swear she takes off the days I work so she doesnt havnt to deal with my music selection lmfao (whoever opens the resturant and cooks basically plays music all day..keep the saute cook happy and everything runs smoothly lmfao)
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    Hi bro the size of the plant don’t matter as much as the window to pollenate , I run clones for seeds or I pollenate just one bud on the plant ( not looking for thousands maybe 50 or 100 is great for me ) good luck bro
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    @MouseE hay good to see you back at OG plants look stellar
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    Hey my friend with MS says all of his symptoms came from taking Cipro. The pharmy companies says no way. But there are thousands if people being diagnosed with MS that the only thing in common is being prescribed cipro. Just another example of how the pharmy companies give us meds that cause problems so they can sell us more meds....a never ending money making scam
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    We have a heavy metal lover My guy likes that too, me I am classic rock.
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    Not sure why you would wait until August. I think I remember you saying you are in the D.C. area and have room for an outdoor grow. I'd plan on having them outside after your last freeze, like June 1st. Cut the clones and get them rooted around mid April. Veg them indoors until the weather is warm enough. When you are ready to move them out you have to get them used to the sun. Take them outside for a few ours a day in the morning extending their time in direct sun a little at a time. After a week or so, they should be ready to stay outside. Put them in a spot to get a good 8+ hours of direct sun. If you have to choose between a spot with morning or afternoon sun, go with morning. Also, choose a spot with minimum artificial light at night. Avoid street light, porch light etc. Moving from indoors 18 hours of light, to outdoor the plants may start to flower, but don't worry they will reveg. June 1st in DC you will have over 14 hours of sun, so don't sweat it. You won't have 12 hours of dark until mid September, keep in mind flowering times for your strain. Be prepared to protect your girls when the weather starts getting cold again.
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    Hey Zrex, I myself do not keep mother plants, nor know know much about AutoPots. What I do is go from a sprouted seedling, into a 4" or 6" pot and I like to bury mine right up to the leaves, as all that spindly stalk will root for ya. I do not feed a seedling until it has at least 5-6 set of pointed leaves poking out, and then just a whisper. In about a month she will need to go into a 1 gallon pot, I myself buy white pots whenever I can, probably silly, but I do. In about a month after up potting to 1 g, you should start to see sex of the plants.There are many diagrams of genitalia you can find on the net, to identify our fav's. Once sex is known, take your clones. I find a heat mat and controller (set around 80F), a clone tray and tall dome cover with vents is a great helper for cloning. It is between 5-14 days usually for roots to show. I use a weak wee cfl to root mine for a light source, 24/0 Once rooted, feed them, and prepare them to be AutoPotSoldiers!! best to ya.
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    Green Crack Day 35 Bloom 83.7 F 31% RH The buds seem to have doubled in size over the last week. With the humidity so low this strain has responded with excellent trich production. The mango scent in the tent has gotten fairly strong. This strain continues to be a heavy feeder and has responded well to everything I’ve done. Very enjoyable grow up to this point.
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    inspired by this thread: https://www.icmag.co...ad.php?t=309172 after a failed attempt, my first successfull cob enjoy. after 16 weeks of 11/13 some of the semi-dried bud gets cobbed sealed but NO vaccum i left it on my router for a few weeks to sweat in peace after one month the cob looks like this detail of the result now i just let it dry in roomtemps and seal it (this time in vacuum) for another few months as long as i like, really ... it gets only better from here uncobbed bud: dry, woody-spicy, hazey, typical satty bud smell and taste we are used from landrace buds (not very special, imvho) cobbed bud: vanilla, chocolate, smashed rotten fruits and a spicy taste and smell (cobbing is very nice for smoke that tastes bland by itself, makes better smoke) smoked effect is not very different, but i bet it makes a difference form plant to plant. the cobbing process decarbs the bud so it can be eaten as well with very nice effect. some say it is psychedelic, but those have never tripped on real entheogens. it sure makes a warm feeling in my chest and big smile on my face, tho hope you liked this tiny sum-up of my cobbing adventure ... the linked thread provides all the info you need to make it yourself. enjoy your smokes, everybody SAN
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    Nice story. This "100 years" Greek strain reminds me the story of this French smuggler who been Greece before 1st worldwar for buying hash to sell in Egypt (without taxes). Hashish / by Henry de Monfreid ; translated by Helen Buchan Bell
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