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    Huckleberry Kush #2 @ 62 days.
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    Hey Peoples, I decided since I'm moving to Colorado in April and beginning new start, a new thread to follow my new adventures seems in order. I'm thrilled to be able to grow indoors again and not just be limited to summer outdoor season. I will continue to pop some outside too as I love to see full expressions. I will be starting out with a new system of full spectrum Samsung Quantum Boards for flower, California Light's Works new full spectrum solar extreme lights for veg and my first run with Octopots, I'm stoked to play with all these goodies. All my grows will be using a LOS mix made from scratch, no bag soils or bottled nutes of any kind. When I get to my new location and make the mix I will show it here step by step so you can see how easy it is. This thread will start out slow and pick up speed once I get to Colorado. In order to hit the ground running I have decided to bring a couple of my selected cuts with me and go a head and crack a couple of Sugar Punches since they're fems which will give me some jars to smoke while I get everything else fired up, plus time to decided what I want to work first. I plan to start the SP now then take cuttings before I leave, trying to time everything to be ready to go in the Octopots as the Bio activity fires up. Should be fun! Here's the 2 cuts I'm taking with me, both were re vegged from late fall bud and have taken off already in the LOS mix, water only. The slight discoloration in some of the lower leaves are due to late stage re vegging from bud and the LOS mix hadn't set long enough for it to become active, I usually like to mix it up 3 weeks to a month before use, you can see in the growth were it stabilized. First is my #2 cut of Blue Orca Haze (out of 4 females) and 2nd is my #2 cut of Skywalker OG (out of 6 females)
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    I chopped yesterdag two girls. The Killing Fields #6 (Thanks luma!) and the honey Badger haze. The HBH is clearly the c99/ww dominant. I have already a new one in my room, this one i did not topped So much and grow much nicer, she only stretch about 0.75. Smell like fresh Tropical, grapefruit ish. Very nice job from prof! The Killing Fields has a very strange smell, like cotton candy orso. I smell fruit, but also a chemical smell. Can not wait for a propper cure. Can not wait for #7 friend! sorry for the bad pics. I think another week and my laptop is repaird.
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    Well, the cash method didn't take any longer than when I ordered with a CC, I might just go that way in the future, extra discount and no paper trail. @KomaKreations when I saw those Blueberry Killings Fields seeds there was an OOOOOYes, big fat muther fukers, everytime I've seen seeds like that a big aggressive frosty hybrid pops out, I may have to order more BBS to get a few more of the BBKF to select from, I think it's going to be a special blend, something like a Blueberry version of Silverfields. You've thrown a wrench in my grow plans for the summer! Baq
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    Hi Saxo! How are you!? Good to be here! Hi Papalag, Thank you bro I am very excited with this grow. And i just ordered some blueberry Quintessa from Sannie. I will pollinate my old Critical Mass (bag seed from Shantibaba 1998, and the plant is from 2003) with the newberry. I will flower one cutting of Hawaian spice CHIMERA (Kauai electric x Sweet skunk), it is a great pheno with nice taste and nice high. She takes 11/12 weeks under bloom LEDs. I don't think i will have 6 females on the second batch of 6 newberries, so plan B is Hawaian spice, unfortunately it is a feminised, but may be i will try a few seeds, may be she is a true female XX and she will breed. Greetz!
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    Sour Ripper by Ripper. Impressed
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    That's gorgeous BeachBud. Looks like she'll be done soon. I've grown that pheno before. What kind of smells are you getting? When I would rub the stem on mine, it smelled peppery and spicy. The buds had an herbal earthy smell, with maybe some sandalwood and coffee. The high was nice and relaxing. You should have some great meds there/
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    You always make the girls look sexy, Beach. This one is no exception! . peace
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    I vegged them for 3 weeks, they are in 4L pots (1 gallon). I switched to 11/13 after 3 weeks and topped them at the 6th node. So on the 5 first seeds i had 4 males for one female (the #2). Here is the #1, the biggest male Now the 4 males #1, #3,#4, #5 As soon as they were sexed i removed all the big fan leaves and they go to continue flower in an very small 40x40cm tent, with 80W bloom LED. Here they are at 2 weeks of flowering, they have no feeding, only water. The #1 is on the back left. Here are the 6 seeds from the second batch, they are almost at 20 days of veg now, they all look good and healthy: Many plants are showing some variegations. They all have purple stems. They all want to grow big stems and branches. Here is the only female from the first batch, now at almost 2 weeks in flower: I would like to cross the newberry with the Z7 CBD JGL 2011 cut, i feel it very well. An d after that i will back cross once with Z7. It is a beautiful highly resinous small plant, very fast (7 weeks), CBD:THC 2:1 or may be more. I reveged her, she is will be ready to be gang banged with the NewBerry males in about 2-3 weeks. Greetz!
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    @HUFFnPUFF and 100% correct. Good van jeuw. @Mr Goodfellow yea, come visit our crazy country hah
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    After an incredibly mild January, Mother Nature decided to bring us some winter in February. Last Saturday night we got about 3 inches of snow, first real snow in several years here. Since then the temps have stayed in the 30's and about half the snow is still hanging around. Supposed to get more snow this weekend, looks like winter finally made it to the beach. In grow room news, I pulled Huck Kusk #2 yesterday after 62 days in 12's. She colored up nicely in contrast to the other HK girl who stays green. I took some pics before I pulled her... That leaves the 2 Phuuu's IPA girls and the big Huck Kush clone that I vegged for 8 or 9 weeks waiting for space in the flower room. That extra veg time has this girl looking real good in her 5th week. I have a new apprentice in the grow room. We just adopted a 6 month old puppy who came through the rescue we work with. The rescue is for Boxer dogs but occasionally another breed gets lucky and finds their way to us. This little fella is Pomeranian x some kind of spaniel near as we can tell. He was at a shelter scheduled to be euthanized when our rescue came for some Boxers and heard his story. He had behavior issues that his owners didn't know how to deal with and they turned him into a biter. He also had resource guarding issues. Our rescue scooped him up and he spent a couple months with one of our trainers who worked wonders with him. He's now living in a house with 2 cats and a Boxer dog plus the foster dogs we have in and out and he's doing great. He's a bundle of energy that keeps me on my toes and he's damn cute. Now we just have to come up with a name for him. Here he is with Magnus the cat checking out the flower room. Minnie, the other cat, is not as fast to make friends as Magnus. That's all for now, thanks for stopping by.
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    They are some of the biggest beans I have seen in a while
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    Thats a really cool idea! Thanks man! Hahaha, nice with carnaval. Huff the budmonster! Very nice plant she is indeed! I am happy the cut rooted! About tje choco jam F2 and blue choco jam are the plans, but the Bbs dont grow that hard bro, give those babies Some time haha. I putted them in a 1L in the flowerroom, So it wont be take to long. I also decided tot pop more satty seeds. From the most I popped (and they are with to much), i want to take a cut (Chuckys bride, zoidfune, NY Sour, Violet skies, madchem, Chemdog, killer haze, killer grapes etc haha), but i want also Some new gems . Your cuttings are growing fast, but i first want to make more clones of the cc, kf, sp.. safety first so i popped some Choco Jams, sannies Jack x SiFi (Thanks justcozz). As soon as they are cracked, i put them in a 1L in the flowerroom. Those have the power to get hudge directly from 12/12 p.s KF is chopped bro pic is the ssh x blue shaze
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    Hi! It has been a long time for me without grow journal on Opengrow. I decided to share my DJ Short Newberry grow. Opengrow is a great forum and i miss it. It started 5 weeks ago, with 5 seeds, because i had not enough room at this time. So the plan is to start 5 seeds, wait 2 weeks and start the 6 others. After that i keep everything, cuttings are taken from all the plants, pollen is keeped in the fridge. After that i make an open pollinisation, and other selective pollinisations. I will also cross Newberry males with Z7 high CBD (JGL cut) and my old 2003 Shantibaba's Critical Mass. Unfortunately i had only one female, she is a bit special because she had the first "true leaves" with 5 fingers.
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    Somebody told me they knew the pic and it was the winner of the Ugliest dog in America one year, lol.. I'd say, as long as it lives it should carry that trophy home year after year.
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    Very Nice beach. As always! chopday for the Killing Fields and Honey Badger Haze sorry for the crappy pics.
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    @Mr Goodfellow no issues bro I just saw stony smuf and couldn’t resist
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    Blueberry Killing Fields? Now there's a cross made in heaven if I ever saw one.
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    Shit come on out man, we might as well all gather there, then we could form a Co Op! Baq
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    Glad I'm not the only one
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    No to the flower out, not enough time, the OG just now kicked in, both were from outdoors and the OG bud was full of leaf aphids, they're smaller and faster than spider mites and they don't spot the leaves, they deform them and stress the fuck out of the plant, especially being a bud, so it took over a month after I found them to kill and recover it, thought it was gone, I hate those fuckers worse than spider mites. The BOH wasn't bothered by anything and took right off, old school genetics. Anyway sorry to ramble, just excited about the change. I will take cuttings from both plants including the Sugar Punch using Rapid Rooters and leave them here with my 4 of my buddies, then trying to time everything I will take another set from the second flush and select the fastest rooter from each cultivar to move with me, so 4 rapid rooters in a bag should be safe for travel and good for the trip out. I will have to pot them up when I get there, but it will take a couple weeks or so for them to recover and take off, that should give the mix time to get bio active, once I pot up the cuttings I'm going to bottom water in a tub to put them in the Octopot conditions while the soil cooks to make the transplant hopefully cruise through the transition. We'll see. Baq
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    Just make sure you have 6 weeks of flowering left after you pollenate any less they will not mature
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    coool.....SanFune looks insect like kinda
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    White widow x super skunk. Must be a US east coast super skunk rather than the Dutch type because it's quite chemy with a rich old school WW earthiness. Quite like sannie's mad scientist. Slight ammonia and garlic undertone. Pollinated a couple of lower popcorn buds with an early zamaldelica male.
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    I thought I was screwing something up... I wasn't going to tell anybody else...
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    Man, your tuned in, great work!
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    Sannies Jack finally coming on.........................about doubled her main cola's size in last week or so. Bud is now finally over the top of the leaves, and she is going to town. Everyone else is gonna be done in a week, the SJ will either be taken a bit early, or she will be let run longer than the others. I hate to use a light for just one plant, but the SJ is great herb, so I just might, lol. Peace, Jet
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    All of my strains do that. I only smoke in pipes now. Maybe if I can let some dry out really good. I have a silicone pipe now, and it has a metal cup in it that holds the screen. The pipe breaks into two pieces for cleaning and the metal cup with holes comes out. Inside the bowl the resin collects like crazy. It's easy to scrape out but I have to do it every 3-5 days. It's insane. At least it doesn't go into my lungs. I wonder if the silicone has some property that captures it. I was going to roll a joint the other night and then said, nah... I miss them, ha. I need to do a cone doobie but ran out of papers. peace
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    YES, from breeder pack from GLS, 3 years ago or so. The "citrus" I speak of is sort of like Granny Smith Green, just nowhere near as sour, but certainly a green citrus taste. Im not the best at describing flavor or tastes. All my Gogi have made buds the same way...........small, compact, hard buds that "stack" upon themselves, and achieve almost golf ball shapes. If I have the lights close, they will foxtail also.
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    Thanks guys. Not a lot of stem smell on this girl but her buds are a pine and lavender mix that reminds me of burnt rubber. The other HK was less piney with more lavender and some coffee smell. I pulled the one above when I took the pics and will be chopping her maybe today or tomorrow for sure.
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    I'm learning to really like this one. I want to grow it indoors though to get more control of it. My yield wasn't super great but every bud is! Thanks! peace
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    That's what I'm thinking and like I said the seeds are big fat fuckers. If the BBS matches up with Killingfields as well as Super Silver haze did, OH MY! Baq
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    @Mr Goodfellow, I only ran KB the one time, but I'm sure she would do well running her 12s from seed or a short veg. She is a fast grower that builds nice colas. On the other hand, with a nice veg and a lot of topping & training for scrog, she could easily fill a 4x4 tent all by herself. If you have run Sannie's Jack, this girl will keep up or surpass in the growing and yeild. Oh, and the high is absolutely amazing. Thanks again @Barrie84, great job bro.
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    Baq I am thrilled for you!! I keep nagging the wife to sell here, and go west, to Colorado. I'm ready to build out there, she is not ready ..... soon maybe. Love your plan by the way. Best to ya!!
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    I just smoked a fat joint full of Bubba OG roaches. It was killer, so much more potent than the entire bag was. It left me wrecked and wondering how that works. The only problem is I'm really stoned and can't possibly figure out shit right now. GN
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    Man, I have a small stock of seeds that are burning a hole in my mind from not growing them yet... That KB is one of them. I didn't expect my grow room would be shut down this winter.. ... it's for a good cause though. I did well from the outside garden so, no problems with stash, but I want to keep exploring, heh. Growing is good. KB sure sounds good. I'm thinking of setting up a temporary room to load up some quickies, and flower them almost immediately. They all keep calling me..... .. HEAR THAT!??... gotta go. peace
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    ill poke 2 holes in it, add a rubber band and wear it as a mask
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    Yeah, weed buds are really suited for that app! I went to App store and looked at it. The pictures of your buds look better than any of the pictures they showed, Sunny! Nice work! I like them all but I love the top one. The colors and the design from the bud are just awesome. I would hang that on a wall. peace
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    Hi toker I make this out of wire and a old plastic soda bottle I stick a branch through the opening it helps to keep from pollenating everything in the room
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    I downloaded a app (nception) smoked a Nice J (SanFune) and playing with the app. These are the results. Note: a 4 years old can do it too, So Nice app haha. Purple Heart SiFi x Selene SanFune
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    Tartar Kush F3 Tartar Kush F2 (Dark mother pheno) x Tartar Kush F2 (OG Berry pheno)
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    ohh @Sunnyvale , it realy sucks takeing a break from growing ...but it is what it is atm,so... luckily my buddies don´t let me down(mostly) with some goood smoke......so here some bud of a sticky Lowryder 2 cross..... Happy Sunday Evening all
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    Thanks brothers! That means a lot to me. Mr.G. I only use palm ash from NAW (GK) and Sannie product indeed. Like the Sanfune and Killing Fields do not get any liquid nutrient, but when I use, it is bac flowering and bac PK. I use plagron Batmix, so i have my guano. But I can not without my Buffertablets edit: I was looking at Sannies IG and I saw this 'mickey mouse trichome'. Wow @sannie that's awesome https://www.instagram.com/p/BtJb9qtBehF/
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    Zuckerslap cut Sanfune 1 Amnesia 1 Amnesia 2 Purple Heartt Killing Fields
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    Discovery by Le Rat. Cola kushy chemy on the nose. Resilient terps that really reek when burned.
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    Bonsai zamaldelica from Ace. Unreal wood and chestnuts smell. No skunks or haze smells. Just "African." Plants not tip top due to this extreme cold snap.
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    searching a little bit on Kinky Blaze and found some nice shots; Here is another big producer ^^ 5 weeks in flower pretty cool
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