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    Huckleberry Kush #2 @ 62 days.
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    Hey Peoples, I decided since I'm moving to Colorado in April and beginning new start, a new thread to follow my new adventures seems in order. I'm thrilled to be able to grow indoors again and not just be limited to summer outdoor season. I will continue to pop some outside too as I love to see full expressions. I will be starting out with a new system of full spectrum Samsung Quantum Boards for flower, California Light's Works new full spectrum solar extreme lights for veg and my first run with Octopots, I'm stoked to play with all these goodies. All my grows will be using a LOS mix made from scratch, no bag soils or bottled nutes of any kind. When I get to my new location and make the mix I will show it here step by step so you can see how easy it is. This thread will start out slow and pick up speed once I get to Colorado. In order to hit the ground running I have decided to bring a couple of my selected cuts with me and go a head and crack a couple of Sugar Punches since they're fems which will give me some jars to smoke while I get everything else fired up, plus time to decided what I want to work first. I plan to start the SP now then take cuttings before I leave, trying to time everything to be ready to go in the Octopots as the Bio activity fires up. Should be fun! Here's the 2 cuts I'm taking with me, both were re vegged from late fall bud and have taken off already in the LOS mix, water only. The slight discoloration in some of the lower leaves are due to late stage re vegging from bud and the LOS mix hadn't set long enough for it to become active, I usually like to mix it up 3 weeks to a month before use, you can see in the growth were it stabilized. First is my #2 cut of Blue Orca Haze (out of 4 females) and 2nd is my #2 cut of Skywalker OG (out of 6 females)
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    Hi Saxo! How are you!? Good to be here! Hi Papalag, Thank you bro I am very excited with this grow. And i just ordered some blueberry Quintessa from Sannie. I will pollinate my old Critical Mass (bag seed from Shantibaba 1998, and the plant is from 2003) with the newberry. I will flower one cutting of Hawaian spice CHIMERA (Kauai electric x Sweet skunk), it is a great pheno with nice taste and nice high. She takes 11/12 weeks under bloom LEDs. I don't think i will have 6 females on the second batch of 6 newberries, so plan B is Hawaian spice, unfortunately it is a feminised, but may be i will try a few seeds, may be she is a true female XX and she will breed. Greetz!
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    Sour Ripper by Ripper. Impressed
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    That's gorgeous BeachBud. Looks like she'll be done soon. I've grown that pheno before. What kind of smells are you getting? When I would rub the stem on mine, it smelled peppery and spicy. The buds had an herbal earthy smell, with maybe some sandalwood and coffee. The high was nice and relaxing. You should have some great meds there/
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    You always make the girls look sexy, Beach. This one is no exception! . peace
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    I vegged them for 3 weeks, they are in 4L pots (1 gallon). I switched to 11/13 after 3 weeks and topped them at the 6th node. So on the 5 first seeds i had 4 males for one female (the #2). Here is the #1, the biggest male Now the 4 males #1, #3,#4, #5 As soon as they were sexed i removed all the big fan leaves and they go to continue flower in an very small 40x40cm tent, with 80W bloom LED. Here they are at 2 weeks of flowering, they have no feeding, only water. The #1 is on the back left. Here are the 6 seeds from the second batch, they are almost at 20 days of veg now, they all look good and healthy: Many plants are showing some variegations. They all have purple stems. They all want to grow big stems and branches. Here is the only female from the first batch, now at almost 2 weeks in flower: I would like to cross the newberry with the Z7 CBD JGL 2011 cut, i feel it very well. An d after that i will back cross once with Z7. It is a beautiful highly resinous small plant, very fast (7 weeks), CBD:THC 2:1 or may be more. I reveged her, she is will be ready to be gang banged with the NewBerry males in about 2-3 weeks. Greetz!
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    Hi! It has been a long time for me without grow journal on Opengrow. I decided to share my DJ Short Newberry grow. Opengrow is a great forum and i miss it. It started 5 weeks ago, with 5 seeds, because i had not enough room at this time. So the plan is to start 5 seeds, wait 2 weeks and start the 6 others. After that i keep everything, cuttings are taken from all the plants, pollen is keeped in the fridge. After that i make an open pollinisation, and other selective pollinisations. I will also cross Newberry males with Z7 high CBD (JGL cut) and my old 2003 Shantibaba's Critical Mass. Unfortunately i had only one female, she is a bit special because she had the first "true leaves" with 5 fingers.
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    Glad I'm not the only one
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    No to the flower out, not enough time, the OG just now kicked in, both were from outdoors and the OG bud was full of leaf aphids, they're smaller and faster than spider mites and they don't spot the leaves, they deform them and stress the fuck out of the plant, especially being a bud, so it took over a month after I found them to kill and recover it, thought it was gone, I hate those fuckers worse than spider mites. The BOH wasn't bothered by anything and took right off, old school genetics. Anyway sorry to ramble, just excited about the change. I will take cuttings from both plants including the Sugar Punch using Rapid Rooters and leave them here with my 4 of my buddies, then trying to time everything I will take another set from the second flush and select the fastest rooter from each cultivar to move with me, so 4 rapid rooters in a bag should be safe for travel and good for the trip out. I will have to pot them up when I get there, but it will take a couple weeks or so for them to recover and take off, that should give the mix time to get bio active, once I pot up the cuttings I'm going to bottom water in a tub to put them in the Octopot conditions while the soil cooks to make the transplant hopefully cruise through the transition. We'll see. Baq
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    Just make sure you have 6 weeks of flowering left after you pollenate any less they will not mature
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    coool.....SanFune looks insect like kinda
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    White widow x super skunk. Must be a US east coast super skunk rather than the Dutch type because it's quite chemy with a rich old school WW earthiness. Quite like sannie's mad scientist. Slight ammonia and garlic undertone. Pollinated a couple of lower popcorn buds with an early zamaldelica male.
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    Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! It's colder than a well diggers butt in January here in the midwest, so thought I'd share my latest project. I've had my eyes on Barney's Farm LSD and Acapulco Gold for some time, so decided to go for it. From front left clockwise I have Red Diesel (a freebie), Acapulco Gold, and by herself, LSD. I also had a Jilly Bean, that was a male, but he was an absolute beast, twice as large as these, monster stems, sexed super early, so I cloned him for the pollen. Jilly Bean is some super tasty weed, and a great high. Just flipped them to 12/12 yesterday Simple DWC setup, I use super aeration with two 4 inch micro pore stones per 20 gal reservoir and high volume air pump. This run, I'm comparing Advanced Nutrients (LSD tank) vs Fox Farm (Diesel and Gold tank), and only adding the basics, plus Botanicare Hydrogard, my new best friend! So far, I like the Fox Farm Grow Big and Tiger Bloom better. I changed reservoir water 6 days ago, and the Advanced Nutrients absolutely FRIED my LSD and Jilly Bean. BUT, got the PPM and PH under control in a day or so, and she's doing awesome now. All these were defoliated 6 days ago! I also have my Chucky's Bride mom that I rose from the dead, she was BAD!!! Worst cast of root rot, like, ever, thought there was no way she'd ever recover. Changed her reservoir, and added massive amounts of Hydrogard, and danged if she didn't bounce back. Took her a month, but gorgeous white roots now, from what was brown mush. I've got some Sannie's Jack pollen frozen, that I hope is still viable that I plan to hit them all with, love my F1's. Peace, all, stay warm. LSD Acapulco Gold Red Diesel
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    Thanks for sharing that. Great idea for controlling pollen.
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    I have an idea bro! I put it a coffin (paper) and then burn it to ashes (smoke the J )
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    @Sunnyvale there is growing a head out off your bud You must kill it, the best way is burning it down
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    I downloaded a app (nception) smoked a Nice J (SanFune) and playing with the app. These are the results. Note: a 4 years old can do it too, So Nice app haha. Purple Heart SiFi x Selene SanFune
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    But currently I'm running a Blue Dream cross I got off a breeder I know. I can't remember what it's crossed with but it's absolutely banging. So is the Strawberry Diesel Dojo cross he gave me. Again, I can't remember what it was crossed with. Stoners, huh!! The Banana Sativa I got off him is another cracker.
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    Thanks brothers! That means a lot to me. Mr.G. I only use palm ash from NAW (GK) and Sannie product indeed. Like the Sanfune and Killing Fields do not get any liquid nutrient, but when I use, it is bac flowering and bac PK. I use plagron Batmix, so i have my guano. But I can not without my Buffertablets edit: I was looking at Sannies IG and I saw this 'mickey mouse trichome'. Wow @sannie that's awesome https://www.instagram.com/p/BtJb9qtBehF/
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    Discovery by Le Rat. Cola kushy chemy on the nose. Resilient terps that really reek when burned.
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    The one I grew was really nice. It had more of a blueberry skunk smell. I was really impressed with the plants resistance to mold and spider mites. Easily some of the best bag appeal I've seen. My plant was short and only took 9-10 weeks(I was expecting longer).
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    I grew out one plant in scrog. You can check it out in my thread. https://www.opengrow.com/topic/52287-first-ever-grow-not-a-journal-just-want-to-share-a-bit/page__view__findpost__p__729951 As the title says, it was my first grow. I was very impressed with how well she did. I had some pretty serious heat issues and the Kinky Blaze pulled through very well, thanks again Berrie84 for your wonderful creation. 10 weeks of flower and 90% cloudy triches and no amber. Didn't need to go any longer, she's got a very nice high, relaxing without the couch lock. She gives me a very happy content feeling, and extremely powerful full body sensation. After two months of curing in the jar, she has lost almost all her floral smell and got the pungent cheese smell that lingers long after the jar is sealed and put away. Every week in the jar she seems to push her potency up a little more. I'm still a lightweight, but two bong hits will send me into an amazing journey for a few hours.