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    Lemon Zkittle was a very great Strain! Very stabil.. Good Harvest. From 3 Lemon Zkittle just 1 Pheno was "yellow" and the flavour so great.. Citrus/Coconut The other Phenos had nice colors and the flavour was nice too but less citrus. Very hard Nuggets.. ans very Strong long lasting High! One of my favorite Strains Harvest Pheno1(black/purple) Pheno2(yellow) pheno3(green/purple) Pheno#1 Yellow pheno#2 Pheno#3
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    Skunk Afghaan x Shack Rock solid! Thanks for the nice freebee's @sannie
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    Rainmaker Veg 81.4F 58% RH 300 PPM 6.4 pH Finally got some roots peaking out on 3 of the 4 clones. I just put the dome on the 4th and I’ll keep it there for a couple days. Took the advice of some octo vets by letting the roots do 99% of their development in the system. Using some wet towels and a small humidifier to to get the humidity where I need it. I think I will keep these youngsters under my old pg 400 panel for a couple weeks before I fire up the 1000. I’m always excited to trot out some new toys so with a new strain, new system and a full grow with a new panel this is great.
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    Rainmaker Octopot Prep So the first thing I noticed when readying this grow is that only 4 6gal octopots will fit into a 5X5 tent. I initially thought I was gonna put 5 in there but that would’ve been ridiculous. I have 4 clones sitting in root riot plugs and at the first sign of roots they’re going in the octos. I thought about cloning directly in the octo but with my room being so dry right now I went this route. My plan is to top multiple times to flatten the canopy and fill the space. The only thing I don’t know is how long this will take since I’ve never used these. Should be interesting.
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    Not going to buy the Octo rooter kit..................had all this here, took 10 minutes to do. Thinking it should work fine. May have to adjust it a bit, this is 1st attempt at it. My little ones are doing well, some showing sex already, will not be long before I can figure out what ladies I have, and who to run , and take cuts. Im 2 weeks out at most from trying to root directly into the Octopot..........................I think it will go well. I will run T5's over them up high while rooting, and lower them when the dome comes off. Run the T5's 2 weeks or so, let the plants bush out, do some training, then bring in the Gavita DE . Some of you will be or should be right around my time table with your Octo run's.........................post up when you fire them up...............I will in here to let anyone interested in knowing if I can root directly into the big ass pot............................
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    @vakman beautiful pfffffffff those #3 and #4 broski wooooow.. i am flying FOOKING HIGH on our Sb #4. PG recommended me to toke it this morning, and what a wel mixed HIGH FLYER, with a strong twisty turny sensation brought in by diesel. but the most sparks this one has from blue hammer and just enough diesel and gm made sure of a over potent strawberry tasting feno in this one. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Atomic Jam Together with the Choco Kush
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    Hi og Been a while. Hope everyone is well. Took a year break and am back on focus. A lil sneak peak. I'll post at significant intervals. Clones are ihg royal silk. 2 systems of clones, 1 system seeds. Mixture of blue dream, ogkb cross and some random indicas. Nearly lost blue dough for good. Have 1 barely rooted clone after 6 weeks in a cloner. Fingers crossed lol. Best vybez
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    yeah, melvan's gear was various price wise. so i went direct to IG and she anted too much. Melvan was on cannetics with us before hat crashed. i might have some stuff fro her but i swear if i do her name is no longer it i'm afraid. could be just familiarity from conversing that make me think that. idk f something good turns out from what i have i'll make sure u get some. i'll be looking for GDP leaners / doms as well as anything close to 50-50 in expression as my selection priority i was able to get a BUCKEYE PURPLE cross, the BEP was the male and mom was kosher kush. so pheno hunt is mandatory with such a cross.
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    PUBMED Effects of alcohol on platelet functions. Abstract Recent epidemiologic studies have consistently shown that moderate intake of alcoholic beverages protect against morbidity and mortality from coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke. By contrast, alcohol drinking may also predispose to cerebral hemorrhage. These observations suggest an effect of alcohol similar to that of aspirin. Several studies in humans and animals have shown that the immediate effect of alcohol, either added in vitro to platelets or 10 to 20 min after ingestion, is to decrease platelet aggregation in response to most agonists (thrombin, ADP, epinephrine, collagen). Several hours later, as, in free-living populations deprived of drinking since the previous day it is mostly secondary aggregation to ADP and epinephrine and aggregation to collagen that are still inhibited in alcohol drinkers. By contrast, in binge drinkers or in alcoholics after alcohol withdrawal, response to aggregation, especially that induced by thrombin, is markedly increased. This rebound phenomenon, easily reproduced in rats, may explain ischemic strokes or sudden death known to occur after episodes of drunkenness. The platelet rebound effect of alcohol drinking was not observed with moderate red wine consumption in man. The protection afforded by wine has been recently duplicated in rats by grape tannins added to alcohol. This protection was associated with a decrease in the level of conjugated dienes, the first step in lipid peroxidation. In other words, wine drinking does not seem to be associated with the increased peroxidation usually observed with spirit drinking. Although further studies are required, the platelet rebound effect of alcohol drinking could be associated with an excess of lipid peroxides known to increase platelet reactivity, especially to thrombin. So wine will not do it, liquor would and perhaps beer will. Here is another link @Tokerhttp://www.gjournals.org/GJMS/GJMS pdf/2013/October/052813643 Oke et al.pdf
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    Yep exactly, I have one flower room hooked to res, I have to replenish it, no way could I walk from the garden with them in flower for a week.
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    In VEG, with filled up res's, they can easily go 12 days. In flower, NOT. Depending upon how big you let them get, in full on flower with decent sized plants, you will need to top res every 2-4 days............a HUGE plant might suck 3-4 gallons per day in full on Bud development. Would be VERY easy to add an external res to fill them in flower when your gone, your plenty smart enough for that Mr. D. !
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    Yea bro, nice to see you back with babies! One JC haze is a male. I am going to safe the pollen, freeze it in and hope it is still viable. I want to use it happy growing friend.
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    Oh yeahhhh bro. Thanks i have the ms uni, Huckleberry spacequeen So you also going to het those when i make F2 bro. (Out of likes)
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    Foods that decrease platelet count quinine, which is found in tonic water. alcohol. cranberry juice. cow's milk. tahini. Blueberries, red/purple grape products, garlic, onions, ginger, ginseng, and tomatoes have all been shown to prevent blood clotting.
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    Can't get them to look any better than that, @Vakman! Beauties. I only have one but going to pop another one or two. It's not looking like that but it's finally waking up. I staring these seeds slowly anyway. They've been starting in the fresh sun in the morning and afternoon window sills. Then I have a low watt 2 foot LED and CFL on them after dark. Gotta keep an eye on those! I'm tempted to pop the rest of what I have today, maybe 5-6. Or split it in half. Best vibes! peace
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    After curing a couple of days the buds of the first Sugar Punch plant look better then when i harvested them and the smell is superb. It smells like candy. And i have a purple pheno that is much denser! It's a true gem that i made cuttings from luckily.
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    Ok, nice. i read a little on the MrNice site or somewhere else about the patience needed to find the right one, but that's why they call it the lotto, right?! Thanks bro. peace
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    The bottomless bucket I cut one up the other day thanks for the tip
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    See the "bottomless" 5 gallon bucket..................................to hold sleeve tight while filling .................... I think it should work too............................gonna be a long wait from cut n hormone'd stick to drinking from the res....................betting it takes 2 weeks.
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    Hay bro looks almost like what I got from the octopots kit awesome ! Should work just fine paps
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    like it should! you should be able to do batches and store it, not be forced to use up what you have before making more uh dont even get me started on these things like tiny puny plant limits that forces people to act different from how life should be
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    Bud from #9 broken branch, with and without flash. Mature seed down below
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    Blue Dream, smelling like Blueberries! For a small plant she pulled well 125 grams, solid nugs on this one.
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    Don't grow it on my recommendation until I smoke it. But Sweet Spot has a scent similar to Chocolate Cheese. It should, since CC accounts for about 50% of its ancestry. It's hard to compare to strains I haven't grown in years, but this might even have more of a chocolate scent than CC. But REGARDLESS, at least three highly trained heads will be judging whether to keep any of the four. One of those trained heads, who happens to be another phenotype of my parents (I'm not sure if either one of us would qualify as a keeper), better lay off the fucking wax for a few days in order for his opinion to be worth anything.
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    Yeah , it’s definitely funky, smells like sour d, like San said, it’s a SD leaner . Still another week probably maybe 2. The other 2 came down on Saturday and reek.
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    The males just hanging out 2 silverfields f2 male and the big silverfields x boudica enjoy your day guys!
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    Yeah, I like that idea, BA x BBS. That sounds like a killer strain. Especially if you worked it and searched out the Blue in them both.
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    I used a BA male, so plenty of BA beans are in the making. I'm hoping for a male BBS to hit which ever BA female makes the cut. Still waiting for the Stonehedge to poke up their heads.
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    The sweet berry smell is fading on 2 and 7. I just hit some of broken branch #9. Still wet, she had a musky forest pine taste. Very nice stone, heavy, good body. And there were 10 fat seeds. It looks like I will have quite a few between all the plants.
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    supposedly u have to grow out quite a few angels to get the fine cultivar. but some MNS folks show some nice results in that thread. https://www.mrnice.nl/forum/angels-breathe/
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    @Tokerthrombophilia a blood clotting disorder, use Nattokinase and serrapeptase, natural blood thinners That is very, very dangerous Toker, amazing you have not had a stroke or heart attack yet. I have two blood clotting disorders and multiple strokes to go along with them. Avoid Vit K, cut out greens, makes our blood clot
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    Ow yeah! Trip down to memory lane Nowadays it's strictly roots & dubmusic but man oh man! Fucking classics you posted @Poldergrower
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    I am more into old skool underground beats together with GREEN APPLE PEP...LOL When i was really fucked up this was the shit they played woosersss...Sgs knowsss Poldergrower
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    After the guys told me it smelled like green apple pep i found this picture online and had to create it.... this aint nothing yet just wait haha Stay safe and FLY HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    But medical is so totally awesome! lol Wow that is a lot of Legal hold on the oil for medical
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    Blueberry Sativa babies Black Afghani #2 and #7 in 7 gallon bags still settling in Black Afghani are @ 56 days. #2 - fan leaves are starting to fade. Largest buds, decent trich development. #3 - not impressed with trich development. Unless she is highly narcotic she is done. #7 - she has the most purpling so far. Very nice trich development. #9 - putting on the weight and frost late. Glad I kept a cut.
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    Male Cookie..... Crappy phone pic but you get the idea.... Any day now and it's sexy time wooot! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
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    I worked for a large plumbing contractor. Also been doing electrical for years. New homes, complete remodels etc. I find it funny how people are so hesitant to do either. I think everyone in this town has my number on speed dial for hot tub installs...lol. I don’t mind, I get invited to all the hot tub parties
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    Here's how the plants look after they recovered from monster cropping. Since Amnesia Haze likes little fertilizer i try to keep the Ec as low as possible. Right now they are getting Ec 1.5 and i see no signs of a nutriment deficiency yet. So next watering i will decrease the Ec some more and see how they react. If the two Sugar Punch plants turn yellow it's their own fault!
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    Hmmm. I know nothing about LED. I see it switches between bloom and grow modes and that's cool. I wonder if if LED are dimmable? seems like I never heard of that. Seems like that would be the ideal LED. I'm not familiar with LED science on that one. I know I read an article recently stating some research shows turning the red spectrum off in the last 72 hours and keeping the blue/white increases terpene concentration. I can find the article link again. Looks really strong going by that review. That looks like a great find on CL. It's like that here. If you have extra cash in your pocket you can find really great deals on grow equip. on any given day. They come and go. Hope you like it! I still wonder about the combination of LED and HPS/MH, but I assume that would require the right balance between PAR and the growing space/volume. There's a lot of research regarding red light spectrum, or lack of, during flowering. Some research shows that "flashing" the plants at the end of the light day with red spectrum has positive effects.. I have to find that info.. I'm just thinking out loud. I've been watching others from the sidelines but have no experience. I'm starting to use smaller LED tubes for seedlings to test it out. They're only around $12 and I have some CFL's that are a warmer spectrum and I'm just starting to play around with them. Less is more if it works. I think I caught a buzz somewhere along the way, holeee ,,, see ya!
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    Here is Bigun's RTHH at day 62 of 12/12, she might go another week.
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    More of the slow one Stardawg (Illuminati) x Sour Diesel
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    @santero s Stardawg (Illuminati) x Sour Diesel , the slow one
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    Smoke report: Mosca C99 BX1, grown in May-July 2014 To see some pictures of the these plants, go here-https://www.opengrow.com/topic/48089-mosca-c99kali-mistsannies-jacksilverfields/page__fromsearch__1 Rating Overall-10 I seriously don't give anything a 10, but this one has it all. Yield, smell, taste, high, speed, it lives up to the legend. I understand this is original Brother's Grimm stock, crossed to get the fruity pheno. Not sure it's the same one Esko uses in his crosses. The only other plant I've enjoyed growing as much is maybe Sannies Jack, both have it all. I grew these in hempies, mostly organic, but Fox Farm regimen. True to their claims, they grow into monsters, with almost no veg. Flowering was from 53 to about 68 days, 8-10 weeks. This plant is a lot of great pot, in a short amount of time, with not much headache. Taste is amazingly fruity, like marijuana candy, pineapple fruit punch. The high-Initially, few weeks to a month cure, it's pretty good and great tasting. But where most pot stops getting better around 4 months, C99 gets REALLY good at about 6. I read somewhere else, it needs a long cure, 4-6 months, then, it is stoopid good, truly elite. In fact, I find myself hiding it from all but the best of friends and family, it's that good. I just popped a zip in a Ball Jar a few weeks back, at about 6 months, and my friends were all like, "WTF was that shit?! Was that dusted or something'?" It was one of those magical times when we were all much higher than we originally planned. The high is really neat, racing, laughing, maybe a hint of paranoia early on, then just a happy, old school, head buzz. It is not at all heavy, like say, a Silver Fields, Super Lemon Haze, or as confusing. Hell, I don't know how long it lasts, I could only wait 15 or 10 minutes before grabbing another taste. So the high lasts a loooooooonnnnnnnnnggggg time, I can't stop smoking it. This is a good one, right up there with Kali, Jack, or the best sativa buzz next to pure landraces. Highly recommended.
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