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    Here’s a few pics it looks like the sp #1and the shiva dawg have grown a bit and seem to be very happy . Sp #2 has roots and is working its way down to the Rez the lemon gas has not rooted in the octopots nor has any under the dome. Seems all is going well we will update again once lemon gas roots or gets tossed we shell see also I’ve been collecting pollen from a male motareble rock candy kush to play with the large plants in with the octopots will be culled once all root I may strip them once more but I am running out of room
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    Strawberry Kush x Mystery Sativa. 129 days total. 90 days of flowers. Wet yield 240 grams.
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    Update on the autoMalzilla project: Out of the first AutoMalzilla f3's, I selected these three females. I don't need males, as I still have pollen of four automales in the fridge. Below is a picture of the last three plants of the last group of f2's. Only the plant on the right side is an auto. I'm not going to pollinate the dwarf. Meanwhile, I put twenty f3 seeds in soil, that came from the f2#2 plant. And twenty seeds of MadBlue X Automalzilla. Six already came up and are already transplanted, but today most of them are above soil. And I used Pollen of the f2-automales on the original Malzilla. It's pistils are wilting, so I think it's pregnant. Gonna transplant the young seedlings now. To be continued...
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    1 day in the Octo's..................2 are pretty happy.................1 is so so.................1 is not having a good time of it.......................gonna be cool to watch them struggle a bit, then take the F off! That is my plan anyways.............................hoping it goes my way...................:) Friday (yesterday) was day 1................lets see how long it takes them to find happiness. Come on lil one.....................YOU GOT THIS!!!
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    little update of the flower tent down left then clockwise : strawberry blues, hammerhead, sanfune f2, blueshaze and killaqueen x bluehammer cheers!
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    Little update on the bubba lemon turns out 3 females 1 male
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    I'm pretty sure ones going to be a girl, but one has not shown just yet, there is still a chance for a male. I spoiled them today, they went in my shower, got a good simulation of rain, nice drain Fish emolsions for lunch and I defoliated and lolly popped em and trimmed off some side branches and potted 2 to bigger pots
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    Yes, all in time. For now I use it as a teaching platform but I have bigger ideas. I will always keep that site not for profit.
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    Thanks Hempy! I swear, your site continues to amaze me and I may have to take it to the next life to finish digesting it all! Ever thought about making it a book? Seriously. It would be a nice addition to the Cannabis community. peace @Rhino, if "Stoned is a Special Type of Stupid", I just might be a special kind of Stoned....
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    Shaze x Airborne jack If I can get my hands on that , wow Grew almost all of your stuff
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    Made PB Cafeteria bars, like a brownie, they were a huge hit. Yea the cannabis oil is harsh to me as well, I recommend using it with PB, makes it go down so easily and if you put it in center, you never taste it. I take the oil in caps with coconut oil.
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    I made some PB fudge, it covered the taste well
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    Yep, he’s going to have Mr G doing an octo run too. Im pretty excited for these things. Now I just have to figure out what I want to grow in them. Happy grows all
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    Wow, they look good. I made some on accident when I was making a batch of chocolate. Somehow it seized on me. I didn’t want to waist it so I rolled it iinto individual pieces. After trying the first one I realized they tasted like tootsie rolls. Haven’t made them since, I don’t know how. great job Angel.
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    Lsd done, Amber show quick 8.5 weeks. She's not got fat buds but they are rock hard. This one looks different that others so I assume more Rudi Trait showed, but very tasty smelling Reeks of fruit. KVID5297.mp4
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    http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forum/25-the-wiley-ape-the-story-of-human-society/ A take on things.
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    Thanks a lot my friend! I can understand why you are hesitant about the heavy watering, but rest assured, i know what i am doing! Frankly, i'm following the advise of an old-school grower, who nearly only grew Amnesia for decades with impeccable results. Way better than mine, so i wanna see what happens when i water my plants extremely heavy like he advises with minimum nutriment. The plant in the middle is a Sugar Punch, it starts to yellow out at this Ec while the three Amnesia's (and her sister) stay green. This proves that Amnesia Haze doesn't need much nutriment. And according to the old-school grower keeping the nutriment as low as possible will mean a big difference to the scale. So, this grow is kinda like an experiment to see what happens if i take his advise to the extreme. I am aiming to almost drown the plants from the bottom and the top every other day, but when the floor is still wet i wait. The man said the pots must soak from water all the time during flower so this time i'll go as far as possible. The scale will have the last word. Do they look drowned or perfectly fine? Peace and thanks for following!
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    luckily we are to scared to act, otherwise this whole fake show could crumble and collapse, under the weight of its own build up mass. dark matter is whats the matter with every matter we try to include in this place, we are made to feel as if its a race to gain an achievement at the end of our days, heaven is what we named this place due to simple minds unable to see it is merely a back-up program for our brain, but due to commerce already naming this place, you fill in the lies not even thinking about asking twice, cause we have been made scared like mice, and we run away for those big shoes, who strut around all over town, believing that they are royalty without there simple but shiny crown. we frown ever more as they creep ever closer trough our door, we try and exclude them from our lives, but we all know these are our own made lies, because tv telephone, was all just placed in the workers hands to keep the royalty on their deceitful throne. IP hone gathering more AI info... to feed on all that is needed so the seeded offspring wil not remember a thing of our days, because this was lame cause we elderly are slowly turned insane...hahahaha lol awesome stuff @Justcozz and Fistbump to all OG members. stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    That's what I've found. I don't think ever got a male from my bagseed. Like one or two seeds out of a half ounce.
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    Now it’s official justcozz is now a OCTO-CREW member we need a secret handshake and a decoder ring lol welcome aboard bro we should all have a good time with these
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    1 gently used Octopot and all parts needed ready to head your way Mr. G. Hope you enjoy using it............:) You never picked 2, so I did for you..............:) Do not have a box to put it in but will find one. Doesn't weigh much, should not be too much $$$ to send...............
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    NL #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck. Pure indica. Pure dank.
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    It does smell good in the tent, but the filter is holding up well. I got an oversized carbon filter and a highly adjustable fan to find the sweet spot and keep the fan going just enough to keep the scent from being noticeable. The main scent, as you might guess, is from Holy Princess — pineapples and cream. The others are really masked by it, and you only get an idea of their scents by rubbing a trich-covered leaf.
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    A brief update. Willie is sprawled out on the right. It will be very happy when its tent mates start getting chopped. Height control is easy enough, but sprawl control is another story. She'll have a lot more room by the end of April. The HPs are all over the tent, all with nice looking colas, even though I burnt the shit out of them with the UV tubes. One of the Sweet Spots on the left really shows the burn. I'm sure they'll produce better without being scorched, if I end up keeping them. The lone Cheese Berry does not have the kind of bud structure I like. Hopefully she'll kick ass, anyway. The last one I had also had buds made of tails. The effects were wonderful, but I like a more solid bud. Shackzillas and God Buds are chugging along. The Shackzillas are especially putting on weight. One needs lots of support. The Nepalmas are the ones labeled NP. They are all over the place in regard to plant and bud structure. Some are just strings of calyxes, others have more mass to them. One has great frost, but shitty looking buds. It's destined for hash production. As for the strain itself, I'll want to try it before judging. The frost coverage can be impressive or not, depending on pheno. On Saturday they'll finish week 8. The HPs look like they'll need at least two weeks, and maybe the same for the sweet spots. But those two strains are furthest along. The God Buds are also getting near finishing. Cheeseberry is likely to be next, then Shackzilla, then the Nepalmas. Then, MONTHS FROM NOW, the Willie comes down. I'll be smoking it by the 4th of July.
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    THIS is what happens when they go in EARLY..................she is SAME AGE and in SAME TENT as the others in soil..........................just look at the difference. The ones rooted in the pots, then placed into Octo's NEVER did this...........................
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    Here's a top shot of BBS, 24 days from sprout. In front of my drying box, fan leaf mulch in the bowl. #2, #9, #7 Black Afghani in the box. #3 is already in the jar.
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    I just made some up for a patient, and I actually figured out how to make it into gel! I used DMSO, Aloe Vera juice, honey, CBD oil, Vit E, Arnica. I then adding xanthan gum and used a stick blender to blend. Came out like gel, geeking! lol
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    I think I'm going to drop some. Where I put them, well.... After trying the cross by JC that has it, I have to check this out sooner than I had planned. Yours look really nice! I love the deep forest green color. Happy growing! peace
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    Thank you brother! It's indeed a very special work. It's the very first link in my bookmarks! I moved it to the top a long time ago. I just need to read more. It's really helped me with my understanding in a very short time and easy to grasp information. And the fun Icons who do all sorts of stuff! peace
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    Sounds like stuff I do lol. I will give you the recipe if you would like it. You cook it on the stove top then pull it like taffy.
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    Your growing life is about to become pretty simple, soon it will be just sit back and watch the show. Once dialed, there is very little to "do" other than messing with the plants, 'cause the Octo's have the rest covered. By the Time Cozz is ready to run them, we will KNOW the best way to start young plants in these things. I think we pretty much already know though...........conventional rooting until throwing , then into the big pot's. Gonna be an Octo haul round here in 3-4 months time. I wonder WHO is gonna NOT pay attention and end up with a MONSTER plant in one. They get out of hand quick like, lol. Wonder if any of US are planning a GardenArtus type 18 ouncer.............................y'all saw those pic's, and I have had one MONSTER plant too. The pot lends itself to big plants, and they will support them just fine, ask GA, her average plant yield is insane. I am going for 4 medium sized plants under 1 750 . Anyone going BIG ????? Peace, Jet
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    Would you marry a pro? Doubt it, use one, most say they would not, some say they would. Once again, self respect goes a along way. If you can have sex for money and not feel, what does that make you? Sorry as a woman, who has struggled, there are a lot of ways to make money other then spreading and sucking, period.
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    12 years, I remember the day she was born. Threw my guts up for 6 weeks When she was about a month Old in her mom. Times a mother fucker But it's Friday and we celebrate today Cheers
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    jaa,give em a try , they will make it !! the Mohawk i had,was great smoke.....sounds like a goood cross
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    This is exactly why we need government to stay out of our daily lives. As long as we look to government to lead and take care of us, they control us. We should not look at our government officials as our leaders, we must demand that we maintain control of our own lives. By giving them power to control us we are enslaving ourselves. Example, if we rely on the government to feed us, then we give them the power to decide what and how we eat. When we rely on them to pay for our doctor visit, then we allow them to decide the type of care an meds we get. They decide what THEY think is best for us. Usually sacrificing our needs for their pleasure. NO THANKS
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    I don't have a grow room, I have a grow balcony in my bedroom. The drying box is vented through the flower tent, air is filtered. At times the bedroom will smell, l hear about it from my wife, run ozone for a spell, odor gone.
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    Here they are at 8 weeks, 2 days flower. The LSD goes into flush today. I'm really loving the tall Acapulco Gold, great structure, starting to bulk up, and the smell overpowers everything else, kind of like Silverfields, but fruitier, has a really pleasant "bright" clean smell to her. Supposed to be a pretty soft smoke, too. Probably chop the LSD in another week, AG and Orange Diesel may go another two. I know what I'm packing for festival season! And I've got to get a better camera, this is iPhone stuff. Any suggestions for cameras that won't break the bank? I thought the new iPhone was supposed to be a super camera, but it may just be the user. LSD Acapulco Gold Here's my Chucky's Bride, all cloned up, 2 and half weeks flower, just stripped her yesterday for second time, she was a fricking bush, which is the only draw back to growing her, the structure pretty much sucks. Most phenos tend to be long, tall, and spindly, flopping every which way, except I do have a bunch of seeds from a short stocky indica looking pheno. Just never used them yet, as she hermied a bit. I've had some great plants from extreme hermied seeds (100% female) that never or seldom hermied themselves, but not something I like to do. In my small space, if I blow a grow, it's four months gone, I feel it.
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    I say to myself every time I open that box, or bump it walking past it I'm gonna make a better drying box that can accommodate a full tent in one session. Besides, the cat sentry likes to poke her head in there, I have enough cat hair to deal with as it is.
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    The BBS have given it up, I have 3 females and 1 male. Preflowers started showing at day 30 above ground, the last one showed at 33 days. The rough ones in the back are BA #9 cuts that were in solo cups for 71 days before potting up. Silverfields has been in flower for 32 days. I spread her open with copper wire and soft ties. She is in a 2 gallon bag, should have been in a 5. Black Afghani #2 and #7, 4 days in flower. #7 is a leafy bitch.
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    Onyx Fire a creation by Justcozz. It's SAN's Lemon Bubba x JC's SifiBlaze.... most excellent. Soaring high with some nice body stone as well. peace
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    couple chop pics Then a couple new ladies in the bed G13 blue og the 2 clones I have no idea what they are but they are supposed to be really nice also thiught I’d show the size of the worm that was on top today it’s like the size of our lobworms in the garden ffs stay blessed Redz
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    Bubba lemon
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    Here's a shot of the BBS at 16 days from sprout. Deep sawtooth leaves on them. Now a shot of the BA ladies, day 63. #7, nice and purple up top, leaves are starting to change. #2, she is starting to fade, slight purpling to buds. #9, the pleasant surprise. Purple/green buds, starting to fade, heavy trich output late. I will chop #3 and #7 tomorrow, #2 and #9 will go up to 70 days, we'll see.
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    Shit man it’s been awhile lol, I remembered my password to Just a few shots of the garden as it is now, still the same bed I think it’s had about 15 cycles now tbh hope everyone is cool whoever may be about still, Stay blessed Redz
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    Thanks magic Let's try this again lol blessings and gratitude Redz
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    Good evening people, bigun Thankyou and welcome, you are more than welcome to pull up a chair sir KaRmA how do's sir I love when the magic happens and at the moment it's still happening for me . Sorry for the delay with the updates I've been super busy anyway the lady's are doing fine and starting there 3rd week true flower,here's how things are looking atm The SLH X GTH crosses a couple clones and odds oh and here's another couple hundred litres of soil getting ready for up potting and im going to try a few auto flowers for the first time so if anyone has any handy tips for the auto's let me know please so I don't mess em up lol now to the flower room SLH 24k Cream caramel They have had a corn tea at the end of each week and the odd fungal tea (I hope) I have been adding wasting from the bin. They are getting thirsty now so I basically misting the mulch every day and pretty much alternating nutrient cycling teas sst's and water and all seems to be going ok so far. I will get a few more pictures tomorrow of the shackzilla and stuff. So that's about it till then peace and blessings people Redz
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    Hello KaRmA You are very right sir chaotic for real and we wouldn't have it any over way! So here's a little update were about 3 days true flower now they took about 11 days to switch over so the lemon started flowering in the same time she does in a hydro set up. the stretch wasn't to bad and the cream caramel which is 90% indica has stretched the most One more here Also I have got some interesting growth in the worm bin I think I got my fungi all right, now I just need to find out what type lol happy gardening people Redz
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    The room Worm bin Some plants all types here Double alien 18 White walker used for mulch White walker SLH x gth SLH Blue cheese rks Shackzilla Mix up clone shelf Some fungi I grew in my worm bin and added it to a compost tea last night or ewc tea sorry another to see better in the bin I just cut a little piece off and the flower room 7 days since flip Underneath first In there is the cream caramel 24 k exodus kush and SLH Regards Redz
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