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    Toking on this Jack hammer x airborne jack we nicknamed "HIGHjackedMIND" cause this is what happens and i am realy beaing shot of the FOOKING planet from bong hitting a finger tip large nug ground up. 2-3 hits and youre gone for hours 1 hit will do it to, but usually the party really starts after the second hit. Hold it in,.... you must.... to achieve HIGHEST interstellar next level spacing. awesome stuff OFF THE CHARTS! and Airborne jack F2 is curing o so fooking good and is now smelling like grapefruit with sweet/creamy spice, very nice.and all the kings breed ladies will be flipped to flower soon. this is the best and most complete spacing weed ever! in my book. stay safe and Fly FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Rainmaker Veg 83F 53% RH 300 PPM 6.3 pH Since I took some advice and decided to flip this weekend I ended up topping the tallest 4 branches on each plant to flatten them out on Monday. Needless to say they bounced back like nothing happened. I now have roots sticking out the sides of the grow sleeve and they’re drinking probably a gallon a day. Branches super thick and the leaves look great.
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    I'm laughing good and hard over here! I busted my likes by morning I guess. I think I'll just add LIKE to my signature,,, that way everybody always gets LIKED unless I tell you otherwise. I love seeing Bill and Ted again! Most excellent dude!... and the Revenge of the Nerds!! NERDS! My NAW plants are getting ahead of me already. Give them a little bit of food and they start growing all over the place! wth? I'll have a few questions for the nerds once I move them into the next pot. Until then, I'll just watch all of you! peace
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    Your wish is my Command!! Here we are around a month of age. Ive transferred them to 5 Gal pails with drainage holes 2" above the bottom under 1000W Hps. I use General Organics nutrients but haven't measured the amounts i add in years (Ive collect a range of bad habits) and just eye it based on the appearance of the plants. I supplement the nutes with Jamaican Bat Guano (use it directly to the soil and washed down) and non sulferated molasses added in the final 1/3rd of Flowering. I staggered the girls entrance to 12/12 over a 2 week period (more or less) so they will be harvested in sequence or all at once with varied ages of maturity (I haven't decided yet). Cheers
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    About 12 days into the Octo's, my little clones are starting to feel it. Hoping in a few more days time they take off. Have had no issue's, the clones did not struggle too much this time, thinking they liked being started a week or so before they went into the big pot's. My 13 Mom's I turned are doing well also. I am keeping the H.O. T5 RIGHT on their heads, hoping to keep stretch to a minimum so the lil T5's can penetrate down far enough to actually yield something.
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    Is this for easy for sale for you MrG? Maybe i like to try it...... Thanks Garden for pointing this out. In the states is so much choice...., here we also have choice between chemical and chemical and bio/chemical...lol I only use organic nutes for over a decade now. The plants like it and we also. Bat guano makes the cannabis more tasty and you get more guew on the buds (stickyicky). Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
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    I just wonder if Saxo can arrange to get the phone numbers of the 4 young ladies up front? I would like all 4 please.
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    You guys sure are excited about these octopots just with fabric pot the oxygen delivered to the root mass is pretty impressive plus natural air pruning is a plus happy growing folks ps if you go organic ditch all synthetic nutrients as they will kill all the life you are trying to grow and feed by going organic. Feed your soil give the right environment and nature will di the rest!!!
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    Girls seem happy. I know i am
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    Nice. Seems a little high but that will change after a year or two. Our prices were close to that a few years ago. You can get an O for $75 now. Obviously the most sought after strains can still go for higher. Market driven I guess. I'd like to find some of those ZigZags. They have always been my favorites. Are they long or the normal short ones? peace
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    I topped the 3 Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy on Saturday. Just as I got the cuts into plugs I got an important phone call and put everything back in the tent. Later I realized I didn't label which cuts came from which plants. Damn it. But the plants are already building back up nicely. Anyhow, I got all the others topped with the cuts labeled and into plugs. They are in the tent under 24 hrs of light. The Sultana are already started to put out some fairly strong smell. They are going to be some stinky ladies.
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    Wwxxl i chopped sunday
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    Holy Princess and Shackzilla, 9.5 weeks. (Nothing new if you've visited my grow report.) Non-HPS lighted photos before the chop.
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    Good Day all Its been a while so I wanted to show a bit of what I'm up to. After 2 failed attempts i finally got my order from Sannie earlier this year (Canadian authorities put a harsh on my Christmas!) They started off in Solo cups with baggies over them (to increase humidity).I will attempt to show their chronological progression... (we are currently just over 1 month in flower)
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    And the last one (Yes i got 5 females from the pack of 5... i REALLY wanted a male to make some seeds (yes... MORE seeds!!!) as I really like what I'm seeing and I cant help but think what crosses make be nice to try etc. (Apollo 13 or Vortex is my first thought...but i have yet to smoke it so these thoughts are hugely premature). I will culminate this grow with a smoke report... i will try to get others input as well to make it that much more interesting. SHISKA BERRY SAVIOR: Yes that was one seed order. I would have got the regs of Killing Fields had they been available at the time (and they have gone out again/// DAMN!!) Cheers!
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    Hey papalag. Your gonna have a very full tent, I believe. When I made my pvc scrog net I outgrew the legs, so I just zip tied the net frame to the tent frame so I could slide it up if needed. Another way to skin a cat, when necessary.
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    Looks like I gotta pull out another light now..........................ARGH......................lol..................CANNOT NOT plant these 2...................they speak to me................... Just when I had everything in line....................never fails...................... Thank you kind sir, sure I will enjoy them, find anything special, I will let you know..............:)
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    He's here getting settled in I believe. He has a good friend out with him I think. Might be gone by now. I talked to him on Monday during the basketball playoffs. He says he really like it. I'm hoping to get up with him around my birthday on 4/20 but the dollar bill fairy seems to have not gotten the memo. I have to come up with something creative. If I can, we'll go up and meet up with Mr Dirt when he gets out here. I'm hoping to pull it off. It would be a hoot. peace
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    Baq must be busy with his move, hasn't been around for a bit
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    We really do need a pinned post for these
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    I know. The bring out the clear trichs when they hear me coming down the stairs. Little bastards.
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    MrD you need to sneak up on them quietly
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    I believe in your hands, pretty much ANYTHING is possible with these pot's..................hope the cost is fair for shipping, would love to see you run one of these!
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    I'm going to talk to my NAW plants now, and ask them if they would mind hurrying up.
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    I love it when the butcher samples his own meat but hey somebody's gotta do it lol....!!? Toking on The Mex x Aj....., in Holland we like to skate so much well you don't need the fooking ice to go skating from this shizzle lol..., i am all over the place with my interstellar frontal lobe on air lol.... Hmmm i see some HighjackedMind..., time for a bowl i suggest.. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
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    Hmmmmm hmmmmmm hmmmmmmm ok that is a splendid idea. If i get the tomato juice lol i can make a set up just like that would be fun! I'll send you pm sir en thanks in advance Jet-Bro! Polder
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    I use Urban Farms Texas Vegetable Fert for veg......................Texas Tomato Food for flower....................1 tablespoon per gallon...............NOTHING ELSE!!! My soil is simple 4 part: 1/4 Roots Organic/1/4 Sunshine #4/ 1/4 worm castings/ 1/4 perlite . Once it is mixed this way, I add ANOTHER 25 percent or so perlite ....to keep the mixture VERY loose. I USE TO run Hydro. THIS IS BETTER in my home. About 90 % of the growth(sometimes even more) potential, ZERO water leaks, no GD formulas to mix, changing nute schedules, PH ing water, all that is DONE for me!!! You get the best of both worlds in these. 1st time I tried the organic Bud from these soil grows...................I sold off ALL my hydro gear...............threw away the meters, the ph strips, the PH up, PH down, CALMAG..............ALL GONE!!!!! ALL OF IT!!! All I need is a tablespoon, TTF/TVF, and a water outlet. No nute issues, nothing to guess at, no water schedule, no mistakes.................well.............................lol................... Would I grow without my Octopot's now??? HELL NO. It makes EVEN ME a good grower...............
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    No matter how often I look at my plants, it just doesn't seem to speed them toward ripeness. I just don't get it. Maybe if I check on them now it will do the trick.
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    18 weeks is a long time, but I'm going on a Sativa grow bender, you can count me in. I made a trade for some Hazeman Chocolate Thai, gonna see what I can do with it.
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    Those look outstanding........................gonna flip them this weekend???? 3 others catching the big one, going to be a good race to the finish. lol
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    Easy is always good. Sexing is the same as any grow method from seed. Buy fems, use clones or plan on having to chop males. Wonder how well they would do with more than 1 plant. Many people run 2 or more in 5 gal buckets, I would think these would sustain 2 plants as well. (Octopot suggests only one per pot). Maybe I will give it a shot some time in the future.
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    Saxo! That girl! She understands me... completely.
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    Here’s a pick of my moms the lemon gas was a plant I cut the stem off and kept the lower branches i never tried to keep moms before so I feel they should be on 24/7 and from what I see everyone uses T5s funny thing the mom in a small pot is the same age as to plants in the octopots and you can see the difference
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    Hahaaa ja,our girls look like this...at least the majority. i think,the pic is taken at Oktoberfest in Munich, because they all wearing a Dirndl ,the traditionell bavarian dress,as every girl is wearing at Oktoberfest lol. the pic i took,is also made in Bavaria (more precicely Middle Franconia),were we use to work now and then. there´s lots of nice lil taverns and beer-gardens and old,beautyfull half-timber houses....that´s why all Amis are thinking whole Germany exactly looks like this LOL Prosit!!
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    Can’t wait till my cutting take root. I wanna get the rest of my octos going. It sucks having empty pots sitting waiting for me with nothing to put in them. Maybe I’ll start a seed in one and see how that works. Should be pretty similar to the seedling I put in the one. Makes me wonder how far the tap root will go before she pops soil. Just in plugs, my tap roots will sometimes stick out the bottom before the top breaks soil. Maybe we need to start an all things octopots thread. A one stop shop for tips, experiments, screw ups and of course general Q&A. Growing in them seems pretty straight forward, but we all questions when we first see them.
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    That’s the average in No.Nevada. Cali is about the same. $75 an oz, I don’t see that happening anytime soon out here. The ZigZags, they are the 1 1/4. Perfect size for me, got a little antra room for a paper tip. I actually like them better than rice papers, they burn clean with no noticeable taste. Besides, I can’t roll thin ass rice paper to save my life. I keep some raw cones around also, when I’m too lazy to roll.
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    The extra time is nice.
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    So far i can say these beans are very a+++ Germ rates are 100 percent thus far and they Sprout quick. The plants display vigour already Cant wait to try this and the others shoeless Especiallly the c99.
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    The way i grow is basically ebb and flow which i got into because of my struggling with watering. Like you said, it is very similar to octopots. From what i understand each octopot works as a container with water and nutriment in it, while i work with one barrel from which i pump it into the tray. In my opinion the latter gives you a little more control, since the weakest link is also the strongest.
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    Nice selection you chose if that was a single order dam customs guy finding it must of been giggling ! And Sannies a hell of a good guy to bite the bullet resenting as he always makes it right! Cant wait for you to get us up to speed at the month flower stage pics
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    Hey, that's one of my favorite dispensaries (Bloom City). Here's some of their other flyers on terps and other constituents.
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    I 100% agree. But this is what I always hoped it would be like
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    Here are some pics check out Sp She’s a beast in the making the smaller ones are about a week and a half younger as far as the net being low I don’t have the over All hight my tent is 60 high with the net at 24 that leaves me only 36 inches including lights so I already trimmed the lower branches except 2 below the first topping SP #1 SP#2 Shiva dawg #1
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    I haven't done 12/12 from seed since I've been doing all DWC, but maybe I should revisit this with the octapot. I'm a bit skeptical on claims these will outperform hydro, or even equal it, but I'll keep an open mind. My duoponic setup was virtually the same thing, worked great, but not as fast as hydro. I've done a ton of grow bags, too, and they do make a huge difference with veggies, so maybe that's the secret weapon in these things.
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