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    "Shaze x Airborne jack" with her true sativa hybridised potency, is way to strong to just consume. pick your time and place for this one!.... Stay safe and Fly FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    The final verdict.... G-39 F2 #1 is the one selected for the F3, funny how this plant always get a heads up when it comes to pre-selecting. She stands out cause her thc profile is so fine and delicate, and she's got a lot of it lol... Tastes like pineappletrolia with hints of plaster, very unique and special. The search for the new male is on and will not be difficult to find. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
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    Just picked up my clones. Damn it, they were almost out. They only had NaPali Pink left I got 2. Turns out they get their delivery on Thursdays, and usually sell out the same day. They open at 9am and people start lining up at 5 am. There was a guy there literally buying the last of all their clones, he was nice enough to let me buy two. Otherwise I would have been ass out. I called around and every shop in Sacramento said they are sold out. But hey, I got 2 and a strain I wanted. I’m still a happy camper.
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    The price of hash is what people are willing to pay for it. But you're thinking about it wrong. Forget using an ounce of bud that can be sold as an ounce of bud. Use frosty trim that you'd either use for edibles or some other form of extraction, or throw away. If you can add value to something of low value, it could be worth the time and equipment you put into it. But if you start with an ounce of bud with decent bag appeal, it's unlikely that you are going to add value buy doing any processing with it.
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    Helloooooo OG ! I'm a little pooped from yesterday,so let's keep it short shall we? Changed the lightbulbs from hpi to hps since the growth is outta here and only buds are being made now. Also i detected with my keen eye some purps on the calyxes of plant #3,so my observation was right of this plant,and #3 is the right label for this one. And...... All the cuttings have rooted and are growing out in their new containers,as you can cee i have got 3 of each plant number. rooting = 100% @ifish they will crawl everywhere anyway,so no matter @Hamme Hydro Thnx my brodda ! Thnx for following ,next time i'll be less pooped hahahaha. Jah bless!
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    Shes hanging now wwxxl
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    Atomic Jam, purple pheno (NAW) smile
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    To ME............hash is CHEAP!!! I use my trim and larf, stuff that I would otherwise throw away, and i extract in bubble bags. Not much better than full melt bubble in my opinion. I have grown bud I HATED...................made it all into hash, didnt hate it anymore.......................I cannot imagine growing and NOT having bubble bags or some way to extract from all the trim and junk we do not want. I seem to never build much tolerance to the hash, NOT like with rosin, where you almost build an immunity to it. It ALWAYS gets me high. The water extracted hash, in MY opinion, is FAR better than solvent based product. Can taste the NASTY in ALL the solvent hash I have tried. In the dabs too, unless they were produced by pressure and no chemicals. Im with G.A. on this..................
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    .....that is indeed the better deal !! free delivery?? to any spot you want??....sometimes a big crane is needed to reach over a house or the neighbors garden to put it in place........over here,thats not cheap if i had the place,i would get one too
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    A week later this is how the Amnesia and Sugar Punch cuttings look with the light out. Unfortunately they suffer a bit from spider-mites, but it's no biggie; i'll wash them post harvest. I still water them heavily and the floor is dry two days later, sometimes three. Soon as it is, i water them again. I do it by hand, mostly from the top this run. And i secured my Amnesia Haze genetics. The new generation and their offsprings are safe and sound in rock-wool cubes. I cut the offsprings yesterday and after 24 hours i remove the hood. Sometimes i rather not use a hood at all if they can handle it. Light on:
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    I’ve got a local spot here that sells them, free delivery. Only issue is having it moved when I move. Prices are not too bad, they start at $1500. It would probably take another $1000 to insulate and get it ready to grow in. Still not bad for a permanent self contained grow place. But for now, funds is what’s holding me back. Guess I could start working on plans to get me motivated to spend $$
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    you do need a container?? no problem! ...but the shipping costs would kill it
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    What Misterdirt said. The only time I used bud for hash is when I don't like the bud that much, or I've just got so much of it, it doesn't matter. Everything else is sugar trim, I no longer use all trim leaves, that's a waste of time. It's just not an efficient use of bud to make hash, if you're thinking of it in monetary terms. However, if you want full melt bubble, it generally (not always) takes bud. From 4 oz of sugar trim, I've gotten as much as 15 grams, usually about 8 high grade, 7 mid grade, all the rest is trash. I trim twice, once when I chop the plant, removing all the large leaves, and once when it's dry, which is all close cut sugar trim. As far as selling it, I just give it away, no one has any home made around here. Frankly, I just don't like the new super pure, butane hash, shatter, oil, etc. To me, it's just not a very pleasant high.
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    sounds great!!! i´m realy curious about em...fingers crossed for 3 girls,if you have the room
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    Just got off the phone with my friend who has his basement turned into a big garden. Herbs, cactus, (but no cannabis now). He was going to leave his house this morning but decided to mist the plants first. The room was a cloud of smoke. A small oscillating fan on the floor had melted down--it was a pool of plastic with the motor windings acting as a wik for the flame. Luckily, the fire didn't catch onto the piece of plywood next to it!
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    Man i ate all of it in a week lol Ya my platelets are high but i been putting off the visit till i scroung the dough. They been higher so im not to worried to much yet. Praying when i do get a blood panel they are normal again. The vitimin d seems to help lots Numbness has decreased by 75 percent Blows my mind ...poof one day im deficient in a fucking vitamin. But i do need to do this , my appointment is may 6. Ya i was absolutely lazy today Rain.... Got high and just did nothing lol Was planning on having a buddy over agin tonight for a late night armoured aces marthon But he saw lights off and thought i was done and never stopped but he was early...... Folks.... Be prompt like toker Not early Not late On time Drives me insane Am i the onlt one who obsesses with being on time? Mom said that was how i always was She said she can time when i walk in the door lol.
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    I spent a few years on the “Bradley Tanks” BUT, they are not tanks...lol They are Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles...tanks have canons, Bradley’s have 25mm guns. Just a little thing that irritates grunts. POGS drive tanks. I was on them at Fort Carson Co., Camp Hovey S. Korea, and Fort Stewart Ga. Oh, and they are amphibious, too Grunt lessons of the day are complete, you can all get back to the bud porn.
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    No, one before that one. Jetdro does the OCtopots ..........................i think..................
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    I'm not the smoking maniac I once was, either. I'd blow out a lung if I tried to smoke someone under the table.
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    I was told I cuss too much Oh well, WTF, maybe I should use initials bahahaha
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    ...only the seedshells are poisenous,the rest is ok...they make oil from it,so... but its a beautyfull plant...
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    i have dosi snitzel,forun snitzel and snitzel punch in veg now
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    I topped the 3 Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy on Saturday. Just as I got the cuts into plugs I got an important phone call and put everything back in the tent. Later I realized I didn't label which cuts came from which plants. Damn it. But the plants are already building back up nicely. Anyhow, I got all the others topped with the cuts labeled and into plugs. They are in the tent under 24 hrs of light. The Sultana are already started to put out some fairly strong smell. They are going to be some stinky ladies.
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    Best 2.69 I spent all weekend. Does anyone know if these are hybrid's? I have searched but can't find anything. Love to be able save my seed.
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    BTW....................MY best bubble comes from my 75, and 90 micron bags. The 220 catch bag is nasty gunk.............the 160 bag is what I keep to let "not great friends" smoke. This last batch, I combined the bubble from my 45, 75, and 90 screens into 1 mess. It WILL bubble...........IF you light it right............lol...............but the volume is way up, and it is 90 percent as good as straight 75 or 90 bag stuff. From now on, I will continue to do it this way. No need to impress everyone, I have made fine "sand" bubble before..............yup, it is better, and tastes better, but that is like comparing 2 Supercar's..............they are both Super.
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    I have always dreamed of one
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    On no its old....Mr William told me it was here when he mived here in thenearly 60s. Its a daughter branch. The whole stand is about 30 by 10 .
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    Maybe some predatory nematodes would take care of them.
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    Ah, go fig yourself. Those things make an awesome beer. A nice wheat bear with some fig..... mmmmm. They grow like weeds down there. Looks that one is a wild one, or just outside of the yard.
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    yep, you're getting warm! heh.
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    ewww pin worms, don't think so, that thought is groooossssss, don't they live on poo? Or hatch their eggs in it? Gross ewww even the thought of them I would say throw the beans away lol they can get in your airways?
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    Yes. Seems to be small indicas that stay looking "beautiful" into their old age. This is an Anesthesia I grew out about 7 years ago, just before chop. One of her parents was a classic cabbage-type.
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    I spoke too soon. One Holy Princess (or, using my pet name for her, good ol' HP-E) has about 10-20% amber trichs on main buds. One of the God Buds was in a similar condition (good ol' GB-B). Here are their pre-execution pics. First the Holy Princess. Classic Christmas tree shape. The next two pics are the main cola and a lower bud. The crispy leaves are from the UV over-exposure. The God Bud is a classic indica cabbage, and this is the "stretchy" one. The next pic is from the top and the last one shows a few lower buds. The curling leaf edges that you see are pretty much the only effect the UV over-exposure had on this one. The other one has a little more damage, but not much. The God Bud did not get its ideal growing conditions, being the shortest girls in this year's graduating class. She wants to be in a SOG, about 16 in my 5' x 5' tent. It would be interesting to see what would happen with a classic short, squat indica in an Octopot. Maybe we'll find out.
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    how'd u get that as she's not well known even in the US. i hope the seeds i have out the bud was self pollinated. i'm sure a different male would turn out pretty nice but i rather have it pure. it makes a great addition to add to other strains when indulging in her. not a lot just a touch of jaeger makes for really good taste and effects. what is your tAKE on how she smokes, tastes, and makes you feel. thx. aloha
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    Boobs come in real handy lol Tuck it! ha!
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    hahaaa...no sandwich there ......better go to the Oxen-Tent to eat ...oh,we got over-makeup´d girls as well
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    @Justcozz you are right. But I only have space for 5-6 more plants at the moment. I'll probably buy a pack of each that is currently in the shop and do full NAW run after I am done with my current White Chocolate Rain breeding project (White Russian x Chocolate Rain). NAW always delivering.
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    A quick peek at Acapulco Gold at day 45
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    Looks like an arm load of penises to me. I'm glad I never found one by mistake. I may still be out in the woods hiding.
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    Hey Jet Can you tell me what kind of nutes you use in you're octo's? Maybe you mentioned it already how you use them but i missed to read the whole story... The power and the overall speed always got my attention in hydro set ups, this is both worlds and i am really curious. There is nothing like that here across the pond. Good growing! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
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    You need not explain.................I own 22 of them Glad those were not 6 inches..........lol............mine are 5.5-6 inch's and 1/2 that size. Watch them close now or they can get out of hand.............my Goji "thing" was so cool to look at I let her get a bit big. Before I knew what had happened, it took over the tent. Cannot remember what your running, but do remember you said they were leggy. Growth in these(started like you have) will be different than what you would see with the same plant in a 5 gallon bucket. Grown them side by side, same cuts. No comparison in the outcome. MIGHt have a lot to do with the watering. 5 gallon buckets are tough to water correctly, the Octo's do it perfect, every day. I would bring my water level up to the mid ,mark on the bobber, not the top. They are not drinking THAT much at this size yet, MAKE THEM WORK down low to the res a bit longer. That way you can "freshen" it up every 3-5 days, rather than it sitting for 10 days or more on a "fill up" . Rez will stay fresher. When they enter full ass on flower, and suck 2-4 gallons a day, THEN raise level to top mark, keep it there till a week or so before the cut. I leave the mark in the middle till 3rd week of flower, then keep it full(big plants need a fill up every other day) until I stop feeding them and go straight water till they burn up everything..........usually 1-2 weeks. I also continue to feed TVF 2 weeks into the flip. When stretch is OVER, I switch to TTF, usually week 3 on my strains. This run I am cutting back a bit in flower, going with 1/2 spoon per to see if I see any difference. Assume you are using TVF/TTF ? 1 tblspn/gallon? From the looks of the plants, I would think you are using it...............shit flat ass works as your about to see................:)
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    Todays late lunch: C99 F6 from seed by Indican Sweet, bright, quick high, good goo factor.......................me likey...............:)
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    Yeah Tread, your plants are amazingly healthy looking and it blows me away how fast they put it on. Very nice. Hey Jet, Wasps are great predator insects. I learned to love them. They keep my plants clean all summer but when they left in the fall the mites exploded. peace
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    Ok, I finally got everything transplanted and in the grow room. Also, I am officially part of the octo-crew. Got the baby Rhino Blood in and we shall see how it does. Enough talking, time for pics
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