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    "Shaze x Airborne jack" with her true sativa hybridised potency, is way to strong to just consume. pick your time and place for this one!.... Stay safe and Fly FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    The final verdict.... G-39 F2 #1 is the one selected for the F3, funny how this plant always get a heads up when it comes to pre-selecting. She stands out cause her thc profile is so fine and delicate, and she's got a lot of it lol... Tastes like pineappletrolia with hints of plaster, very unique and special. The search for the new male is on and will not be difficult to find. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
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    Just picked up my clones. Damn it, they were almost out. They only had NaPali Pink left I got 2. Turns out they get their delivery on Thursdays, and usually sell out the same day. They open at 9am and people start lining up at 5 am. There was a guy there literally buying the last of all their clones, he was nice enough to let me buy two. Otherwise I would have been ass out. I called around and every shop in Sacramento said they are sold out. But hey, I got 2 and a strain I wanted. I’m still a happy camper.
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    The price of hash is what people are willing to pay for it. But you're thinking about it wrong. Forget using an ounce of bud that can be sold as an ounce of bud. Use frosty trim that you'd either use for edibles or some other form of extraction, or throw away. If you can add value to something of low value, it could be worth the time and equipment you put into it. But if you start with an ounce of bud with decent bag appeal, it's unlikely that you are going to add value buy doing any processing with it.
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    Helloooooo OG ! I'm a little pooped from yesterday,so let's keep it short shall we? Changed the lightbulbs from hpi to hps since the growth is outta here and only buds are being made now. Also i detected with my keen eye some purps on the calyxes of plant #3,so my observation was right of this plant,and #3 is the right label for this one. And...... All the cuttings have rooted and are growing out in their new containers,as you can cee i have got 3 of each plant number. rooting = 100% @ifish they will crawl everywhere anyway,so no matter @Hamme Hydro Thnx my brodda ! Thnx for following ,next time i'll be less pooped hahahaha. Jah bless!
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    Atomic Jam, purple pheno (NAW) smile
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    To ME............hash is CHEAP!!! I use my trim and larf, stuff that I would otherwise throw away, and i extract in bubble bags. Not much better than full melt bubble in my opinion. I have grown bud I HATED...................made it all into hash, didnt hate it anymore.......................I cannot imagine growing and NOT having bubble bags or some way to extract from all the trim and junk we do not want. I seem to never build much tolerance to the hash, NOT like with rosin, where you almost build an immunity to it. It ALWAYS gets me high. The water extracted hash, in MY opinion, is FAR better than solvent based product. Can taste the NASTY in ALL the solvent hash I have tried. In the dabs too, unless they were produced by pressure and no chemicals. Im with G.A. on this..................
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    .....that is indeed the better deal !! free delivery?? to any spot you want??....sometimes a big crane is needed to reach over a house or the neighbors garden to put it in place........over here,thats not cheap if i had the place,i would get one too
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    A week later this is how the Amnesia and Sugar Punch cuttings look with the light out. Unfortunately they suffer a bit from spider-mites, but it's no biggie; i'll wash them post harvest. I still water them heavily and the floor is dry two days later, sometimes three. Soon as it is, i water them again. I do it by hand, mostly from the top this run. And i secured my Amnesia Haze genetics. The new generation and their offsprings are safe and sound in rock-wool cubes. I cut the offsprings yesterday and after 24 hours i remove the hood. Sometimes i rather not use a hood at all if they can handle it. Light on:
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    I’ve got a local spot here that sells them, free delivery. Only issue is having it moved when I move. Prices are not too bad, they start at $1500. It would probably take another $1000 to insulate and get it ready to grow in. Still not bad for a permanent self contained grow place. But for now, funds is what’s holding me back. Guess I could start working on plans to get me motivated to spend $$
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    you do need a container?? no problem! ...but the shipping costs would kill it
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    What Misterdirt said. The only time I used bud for hash is when I don't like the bud that much, or I've just got so much of it, it doesn't matter. Everything else is sugar trim, I no longer use all trim leaves, that's a waste of time. It's just not an efficient use of bud to make hash, if you're thinking of it in monetary terms. However, if you want full melt bubble, it generally (not always) takes bud. From 4 oz of sugar trim, I've gotten as much as 15 grams, usually about 8 high grade, 7 mid grade, all the rest is trash. I trim twice, once when I chop the plant, removing all the large leaves, and once when it's dry, which is all close cut sugar trim. As far as selling it, I just give it away, no one has any home made around here. Frankly, I just don't like the new super pure, butane hash, shatter, oil, etc. To me, it's just not a very pleasant high.
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    sounds great!!! i´m realy curious about em...fingers crossed for 3 girls,if you have the room
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    Just got off the phone with my friend who has his basement turned into a big garden. Herbs, cactus, (but no cannabis now). He was going to leave his house this morning but decided to mist the plants first. The room was a cloud of smoke. A small oscillating fan on the floor had melted down--it was a pool of plastic with the motor windings acting as a wik for the flame. Luckily, the fire didn't catch onto the piece of plywood next to it!
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    Man i ate all of it in a week lol Ya my platelets are high but i been putting off the visit till i scroung the dough. They been higher so im not to worried to much yet. Praying when i do get a blood panel they are normal again. The vitimin d seems to help lots Numbness has decreased by 75 percent Blows my mind ...poof one day im deficient in a fucking vitamin. But i do need to do this , my appointment is may 6. Ya i was absolutely lazy today Rain.... Got high and just did nothing lol Was planning on having a buddy over agin tonight for a late night armoured aces marthon But he saw lights off and thought i was done and never stopped but he was early...... Folks.... Be prompt like toker Not early Not late On time Drives me insane Am i the onlt one who obsesses with being on time? Mom said that was how i always was She said she can time when i walk in the door lol.
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    I spent a few years on the “Bradley Tanks” BUT, they are not tanks...lol They are Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles...tanks have canons, Bradley’s have 25mm guns. Just a little thing that irritates grunts. POGS drive tanks. I was on them at Fort Carson Co., Camp Hovey S. Korea, and Fort Stewart Ga. Oh, and they are amphibious, too Grunt lessons of the day are complete, you can all get back to the bud porn.
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    No, one before that one. Jetdro does the OCtopots ..........................i think..................
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    I'm not the smoking maniac I once was, either. I'd blow out a lung if I tried to smoke someone under the table.
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    I was told I cuss too much Oh well, WTF, maybe I should use initials bahahaha
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    ...only the seedshells are poisenous,the rest is ok...they make oil from it,so... but its a beautyfull plant...
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    i have dosi snitzel,forun snitzel and snitzel punch in veg now
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    I topped the 3 Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy on Saturday. Just as I got the cuts into plugs I got an important phone call and put everything back in the tent. Later I realized I didn't label which cuts came from which plants. Damn it. But the plants are already building back up nicely. Anyhow, I got all the others topped with the cuts labeled and into plugs. They are in the tent under 24 hrs of light. The Sultana are already started to put out some fairly strong smell. They are going to be some stinky ladies.
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    Best 2.69 I spent all weekend. Does anyone know if these are hybrid's? I have searched but can't find anything. Love to be able save my seed.
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    I've seen videos of Afghani farmers making hash on NPR's site. Yes, they just have a shitload of it, and it's much easier to transport/store/smuggle. A guy had like a pound of plant material on a big sheet — like a tarp. He'd just bounce the reefer on the sheet for a while (I don't know how long it takes) and trichs would fall off onto the sheet, then he ditched the plant material and kneaded the trichs by hand, until he had a hunk about the size of a softball. The heat from his hand seemed to soften them up. The sativas grown by our neighbors to the south didn't have much in the way of trichs, when I was a kid. Those sativa "buds" were like those "heirloom" varieties that essentially just had strings of small calyxes. They were so wispy that it was always mixed with upper leaf, and you just wouldn't expect to be able to separate flower from leaf. I don't think a tradition of hash making could develop with that kind of material. Trichs of pure sativas are SMALL, too. On the WN I'm growing now, you can't see them unless it's under magnification.
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    Yes, sounds sweet. That’s about how I would want it. I think I’d want a veg room, a flower room, another veg/flower. Also a drying room. And of course a room to keep supplies and mix nutes. A 40’x8’ container would get filled up quick.
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    Left is quick critical plus right blue og Cheese hit 8 weeks and i chopped her. The caramelo needs a bit longer
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    Hash I think you would really like, it is the stuff hit with butane that is really odd high. Rosin is the best of all, but hash is close second. Stuff is tasty! You can turn your hash into rosin.
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    I wanna try hash so i may get a kit. But 2 things stand out. Diesel brings a point up Might not like it. I have had highs i did not enjoy, heart beat etc 2nd is use trim It take a while but i just save it in freezer till i get enough to give it a whirl. No i not sell hash ever lol Bigger troubles here and frankly im thinking i be my best customer. As for shatter? I was under impression thats dabbing? One can press kief into shatter too. Man i can see my tolerence going up hehehe Well if i do use bud it be a small batch just for me. Interesting I shutter to think of wtf i was smoking they called hash in 1981
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    Exactly, no one is using smokeable bud for hash, medibles, oil. Figure what price you would sell sweet leaf for and base it off that. I make my medibles base products with small bud, it could be sold, but I consider the price of trim, just makes better tasting medibles. I do not like the high from any of that, it is odd and not like cannabis, feels like a chemical high and not natural. I do not sell the dabs I make from organic alcohol, would be too high priced, I just smoke it with folks here or gift it.
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    lots of you folks might know who silverback was or might have even been friends with him in some capacity. I DIDN'T PERSONALLY KNOW THIS DUDEbut had heard about him on various boards. he had a wealth of information and a nice dude on icmag put all of his stuff together to use for reference and useful grow knowledge. https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=299104
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    Quibble!! .....so why the company did not call itself "Abrams Dank" ....just kidding JC !!! i know,its not a real tank,but we use "Tank" as an generic term for armored vehicles on tracks ,they used in war.....BUT Thanks for clearing up ,Bro @bigun .....Hurple? theres no pic .......but Thanks a lot,my Friend!!!!!
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    Woke up a little early, huh? lol I just ate my oil for the night. In a couple of hours I'll be about ready for bed. I've been doing the same dose at night for 2-3 weeks now and it's just right. I don't seem to be building any tolerance yet. I'm not doing it three times a day, only at night. I though it might take more after a few nights or at least a week, but so far this same dose seems to be good. It's pretty good size but not sure how much. 1/3 gram maybe, maybe more. Did you finish all of your cookies? Oh, and did you ever figure out want was going on with you a couple of weeks back? Sounded a little scary. I figure I'm practicing preventative care by taking it before I get sick. I have enough stuff going on anyway on any given day that it helps for sure. I'm sleeping really great and getting up less at night. Anywho.... better do some more testing on your fresh bud stash to make sure it's curing ok. You have to monitor that stuff you know, lol. You'll be back in bed before you know it. Enjoy! peace
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    I have always wondered why I have MS and no one on either side has it, and how did I get it. Well hell I started researching, at first they thought folks with MS had calcium def. but come to find out it is Vit D def. So I start thinking I had rickets as a child, can it cause it! Sure can! Vitamin D–Dependent Rickets as a Possible Risk Factor for Multiple Sclerosis. Background Vitamin D–dependent rickets type I (VDDR I) (OMIM 264700) is a rare hereditary condition caused by a mutation in CYP27B1. ... Patients Three patients in 2 families with a co-occurrence of VDDR I and MS.
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    Yes but compared with Dutch passion it's ok. Dutch Passion are expansive.. Maybe i should build a vegi Box for a mother.. or making seeds..
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    No, just the OCto's and a killer Gavita DE. My big increase in g/w came with the DE HPS light. Thing is a flame thrower. No comparison to any of my other lights, so I sold them all off, and now just have 3 Gavita DE's. That yield # was also bolstered by a mutant Goji that I showed you, that was off the charts. I am doing THIS because..................it is new(to me) and cool, and want to see for myself a sea of buds. The Octo's lend themselves to this very well, with their rez big n easy to get at. I SAW your defoliation.................DAMN..............cannot bring myself to that level..................lol..................but will do some. I am getting practice on my Mom's and hopefully by the time my Octo ladies are ready for the screen, I will have a clue what I am doing. I have never been under a g/watt in the Octo's............even when I didnt try. You have seen what they do in veg................just wait till you flip them ............then again in week 6 or so of flower. I run the Gavita's, and fully use them with light movers. I can EASILY cover 9 Octopots with ONE Gavita DE 750, cranked to 800 watts(did exactly that last run) With 3 movers, 3 Gavita's, and 22 Octo's, I KILLED the gram/watt so bad you would not believe it. I believe, with the right ladies, and some longer veg times, 2g/watt could be achieved. Be interesting to see your run...................you going to run a screen on the Octo ladies??? I see you flipped them or will in next day, at what, 13 inches? IF no screen, I also have 4 , and will be cool to see the differences in the plants, and the weight. I have no clue what I am doing with MY screen, but I am not too stupid, so like Papalag keeps telling me.........I am just doing it, and learning as I go. I think I have the concept down, but maybe not the execution. I have built in practice with my Mom's under the T5's. I think I have them on the right track, just started the screen a bit too late. On my Octo's, the screen is already made, sitting over them waiting for them to get there. MY plan is to let them hit the screen, and come up threw it 2-3 inches(plant would be about 13 inches tall at that point) , then start tucking and bending under the screen. What I cannot seem to figure out is when to exactly flip them. I guess I will see from the other screen. When started it filled 60 % of the screen, and have another week or 10 days of stretch left. IF they finish the stretch and stay contained in the screen without me having to chop them too much...........I will do the same for the Octo's. If it is too crowed, then I might turn the OCtos when they fill 1/2 the screen..................just gonna play it by ear. My only issue so far is the T5 H.O.'s They work so well, and keep the plants so short. They are kinda sitting in the Octo's, soaking up the rays, making all sorts of secondary branching, and not going much vertical yet. Will take longer to reach the screen than under an MH. Have an MH I could use but do not want to. The Gavita , even turned down to 400 watts, has too much flower spectrum in the bulb, and if used during veg, really stretchs out the plants, and makes them grow too damn fast, why it is not over them. I will switch to the Gavita when they hit the screen.
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    You know what time it is lol, just found 15 new empty ones with lids in an apartment we were cleaning out a few weeks back. Not to much more i can tell ya but i help all i can. Pick a strain you know what its like and are ok with that. I wanted xxl so i got em Moby was supposed to be the xxl Auto but i fucked up and got the plain one Not as big but super frosted and will fill 2 jars. Shes a 100 gram plus plant and im super happy about it. Hydro guys fucking do way better but im pleased for soil. Dinafem has several xxl strains White widow Orange punch Dacari lime To name a few Other vendors lime dutch passion and other have the same kinda thing Pick careful pick what you want Then go to you tube and watch vids Somehiguy i recommend He has done all major vendors so you get to see ot done great and then make a choice Then pic your medium or style I did fox farms happy frog and cut it with vermiculite I waited 3 weeks and started feeding fish emolisions only till week 5 Then switched to tiger bloom until week 9 I used a affordable asian led I waited in excruciating patience hehehe But ya i help all i can If ya get good seeds man i know you will kill it.
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    Blue Moon Magoo wrecked my day
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    @JetDro i took a pic of the shive dawg I started @Tiger I new I saw @sannie thread on scrog but couldnot remember where awesome article after they grow a little I’ll top again
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    ja,that needs lotsa armpower....usualy they do 12 at once........ Chapeau , Ladies!!!
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    No matter how often I look at my plants, it just doesn't seem to speed them toward ripeness. I just don't get it. Maybe if I check on them now it will do the trick.
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    Willie Nelson x Lemon Thai should be rocketfuel. For a more relaxing effect I would also consider a a berry strain like Atomic Jam (NAW). The purple pheno I had was as strong as the 2 green phenos I head. But any lemon thai male I used , had a more intense high and a louder taste than any blue male I used. I Love Lemon Thai. Malawi gold x Lemon Thai had a citrus spicy taste. Atomic jam
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    Yep, he’s going to have Mr G doing an octo run too. Im pretty excited for these things. Now I just have to figure out what I want to grow in them. Happy grows all
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    My rows are 30" long I have 2 rows of kennybacks potatoes I row onions mixed..white and red I row romane lettuce to b thinned to 12". 2 rows sugar snap peas 6 cabbage plants about 6 weeks before the tomatoes cukes etc..lol HAPPY GARDENING AND WISHING EVERYONE A GREAT YEAR
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    Well here is the line up, I'm giving some away but I still over did it. I just can't kill em, be so easy So fucking hot, weeds..why I do it to myself ...lol Do it every year. 1 eggplant , Banana peppers and watermelon for mom Perhaps a stand of sweet corn A small one lol And I'm done as far as plants are concerned. Vitiamin D helping,maybe I can use my foot, if not got to learn how to dig left footed hehe
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