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    Sugar Punch @ 61 days flower
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    a few of the best pictures Dynasty Genetics Cherry Vanilla Cookies
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    Shackzilla my favorit strain for Saniees, really good harvest weight. This one is 150 cm tall,12 weeks flowering time
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    thanks for that, beach S.Punch x Black Lime R
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    Uzbekistan X Killing Fields at 11 weeks
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    Day 44 oh the jungle on the right @santero ‘s shiva dawg on the left side is @sannie ‘s sugar punch
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    Hello In view of a new "limited edition" variety at the 1: 1 ratio of thc / cbd made in collaboration with a friend, I will be launching genetics donations while working This will aim to have grow and smoke report coming from outside The variety is already stable, but the work continues because we arrived at the ratio of 2: 1 thc / cbd The strain I am talking about is: Afghan cbd x black afghani So if you are interested in a package of 10 you can give your name here, I think I can give here 10/15 packs ... So do not hesitate .... ON THE CONTRARY, in exchange you will be asked (yes if you have received them ... Not like some). To launch them very very soon .. A grow report (a few lines on culture, 2/3 tofs) A smoke report (like a few lines of your feeling / taste ...) There is more than and if you have questions .... Feel free Edit: I'll leave the week to have several shipments to do and not to do one by one .. and i'll give an email here when it'll be finished
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    Forgot to put stardawg finish on lol 565g off a single stardawg on soil coco mix
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    LA Cheese, one of my favs, she had 8 colas, all bigger then my arm, larger then a fifth of everclear.
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    Silverfields at 63 days. Trichs say she has a bit more time. Last run this cut was lemony, this time she is developing a gassy lemon scent.
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    Just because it’s day 50 and they seem to be stacking in front of my eyes i defoliated a little and I was sticking to everything great finger hash and it’s still got time to go they are drinking at a rate of one line every 48 hours a bit more then a gallon I believe ! i feel like I should just use clean water next time I refill the Rez start the flushing process and the Octopot things is new to me so hope that’s not to soon? Just a note the lemon gas x chem 91 in the micro grow is going to be a winner even under the worst conditions the buds are rock hard and a decent size so I can’t wait to see them in the Octopot
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    Day 62 and harvest for another Spider Bite clone. I love the structure of this plant !
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    Here's a Blue Dream X that's close ..
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    Rhino Blood, apparently it's a long flower phenotype. She's at about 70 days and no showing any amber. Nothing but foxtails....hope she's a good one.
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    (sorry for double-posting, but this post has it's own looong train of thought.) this posts is supposed to become a playful and thoughful description of how i would really "breed" something ... the word gets thrown around so easily these days, and i am sure many of you (at least the "old school") thinks similar. todays stuff is highly "not bred" at all, just mixed and remixed again ... not always with bad results, that's not the point but not being worked into real strains anymore. so, leaving judgments outside of the equasion: we are all just hacks, not breeders,haha ...some aspire to do more then others, but we are ALL just jokers to some of the real deal big headz (that's not people that boast about it in the first place, btw.) to be clear. so far i don't consider myself a breeder (yet), although i started making seeds right away eight years ago. but i moslty just grow buds and keep to myself, just enjoy the many varieties that are out there, while most of the things i do = i share out. my seedmaking is mostly a private matter, not commercial. that's why i don't advertise my work, just report about some of my grows from time to time ... for now and atm my ope- ration consist of reproducing a few of eskobar's classic lines and realising a few of the ideas we both had talked about as well (this i do privately and only for myself, while other old varieties get reproduced for the public via the derg corra colletive). along these adventures i also create my own humble hacks on the sidelines with all the plants in my cabs (various "elite"clones, keepers or testers from my own seedlines + some of the repro-stuff too and also plants from seed via various sources, just stuff i am interested in). to my idea: i was thnking about maybe combining my cheetos (cheese x sour diesel) with the livers clone from UK = (cheese x blueberry) X (cheese x sour diesel) = "dead rabbits" but ... first the cheetos needs to become a real strain = i'll have to mate it to herself often enough to have males from it breed relatively true, before i can use it and actually call it "breeding". i mean biolocically/botanically speaking, as in science ... everything before a stable/inbred parent, using "random males" is just "seedmakeing",not "breeding" ... and it always just stays a 'gamble'. even with such genetically expressive varieties like skunk and diesel from this example. (it should be obvious, that using poly-hybrids on top of that just results in much more unreliable results, because ALL genetics involved express themselves and re-arrange to (just another) 'unstable' expression. a slippery slope, because when using males from an unfinished variety (like we all do nowadays as as standard) means unreliable outcome, not a bad one, but still just a (many times lucky) "shot in the dark". it does take a few generations of inbreeding to find a (breeding-)keeper in your/my/our own variety ... no "f1" (like i described, made from "unfinished P1"), will be different ... not even my own. we all need to be more honest here, imho. we need to really work, not just mumbo- jumbo some hopes and false promises and expect everybody and ourselves to believe we are magicians, just because we like the few phenos we bump into in our testgrows of these still unworked/unreliable lines. just because one plant shows favorable traits it doesn't mean she/he gives it off to its kids ect. ... it takes time and effort to find these specimens. imho we must be honest and admit, that most seedmakers today are mainly just marketing the "first step of a project that could result in a fine strain"-f1's and we need to be humble while work- ing our own lines into something original and of worth, need to respect the work of our peers and colleagues while doing so and through this evolve into people of integrity and earn the respect and acknowledgement that we desire/deserve, not just expect or demand it, lol. (we are humans, not apes *with all due respect*) ... that's what i believe ... i will always try to act and be as honest and open/friendly/ helpful as possible before even start to expect the same back. i can't but feel pity for anyone that rather competes, then cooperates (1:11) *not smart* anyhoo, let's keep spinning the idea of real breeding. .. a stable cheetos-male, true bred, must be first created (by taking the initial cross to maybe f4 or more generations) and then selected (tried out in testlines first). he needs to be used with other ladies in other projects to see how exactly he expresses himself, what he inherits to his offspring. by using elite clones for comparsion of traits, the quest for a male is quite simple and effi- cient. the "elites" are known to the dot (by growing them for years), so they are more reli- able then any self-made genetics that have not really been explored yet and can bear all kinds of surprises ... doing anything else can be explained with honeywords, sure, but it won't result in anything else, as i have decribed. these ae facts. all "shortcuts" are not true "breeding", just seeedmaking with great results most of the time (depending with what genetics one sarted with), but it is still only a lottery ... just luck, not skill. so, after the cheetos has been made stable, a true breeding male has been selected and proven, THEN he becomes the father of the fist (real) "dead rabbits"-attempt. these beans get tested (the livers sadly is NOT stable just a selection from a f1-line, so blueberry and skunk in her will fight a bit for dominace, but i expect this to not be a big problem, cuz both their expressions are very favorable/appealing and the cheese in the cheetos will tip the balance anyhow) ... my "dead rabbits"-goal would be a cheese-dominant plant that shows strong blueberry terps but also has the diesel-stank to her on a bed of cheese = tastebomb. while combining he exquisit effect and taste of the cheese to a bit of the other two highs and tastes is already mouthwatering. the potency should be through the roof, while the fragrance would reach seriously paranoid proportions. what a nice idea for a project, imo. something like that would be worthile i think, but it's just a play of thought ... real breeding of only one real strain takes years ... so, the thing i will most likely do is "just" a simple cross of my f1-cheetos to the livers clone, to shuffle up the genetics and find some nice phenos to smoke. it's a good thing that i am just a humble seeedmaker, not one of those "breeders" ... so, i'll have fun either way and everyone i share my humble seeds with to will hopefully enjoy them too. here is a ittle peek of the currently grown few lines that i mentioned a few posts earlier (and some of the f3 "chewie"-seedrun of my onw stardawg x sour diesel-variety on the right side) these i am selecting for chem-traits, just 4 fun and to get to learn them ... (chem = special) really guys, pressure-less work is like heaven, nothing can disturb the peace that comes from it enjoy your smokes, everybody. best vibes to everyone reading. _____________________________________________ oi, @coxnox broski the "groot" i mentioned earlier accidentially catched some chem-pollen and only one single bean formed *cool bonus* it's the plant under the little baggie on the right side = (bm#9 x forum) aka. 'groot' X onycd v3 = "dawgbone" (lol) let's see if she grows into anything special *dribbling feetz*
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    Here is a Madberry clone at day 65 of 12/12 and harvest.
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    Sugar Punch day 54 from bud development she is fox tailing and bulking up trichomes are 75 % cloudy 5 % amber 25 % clear still needs more time thing maybe 10 plus days
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    Picture Blast day 46 of 12s. Mini cup challenge...still mini All the rest are labeled
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    Sugar punch #11 (Green & uplifting) Kept as Clone (56d f. Seed)
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    i'm busy reproducing a few of esko's classic lines and also realizing a few of his ideas, he never followed up on, while making sure that some of the rarer stuff does not dissappear ... all in addition to my own projects and repros (for me and others). BBS: koma has its own interpretation of BBS, same name as esko's version, tho ... it's true DJ BB, so it IS a reliable enough variant for sure. i have no plans for any of the named stuff for the near future myself, sorry. but i am working on a way to maybe get someone else's variation of esko's BBS released soon *crossing fingers* (u know hoo u are, bro). mexicans: the "eskobar label survivors" (no, "esko" was never only a "one-man band" ) never felt like following up on his mexican projects ... i and someone else have spend quite a while with a few of the clones esko kept from his mexican adventures, but none of these testlines amounted to anything of significance (so far). his own tests were a bit disapointing but we noy giving up, altho the micho, jalisco and oax (al least 'his' one) are a thing of the past for me, there's other stuff around i care more for, imvho ... maybe in the future a combo with the winner guerrerros turns out worthwhile but so far, no dice and i am not realeasing anything that just sounds nice, no thanks ... it must be good or it spends time in the corner, period. guerrero-keepers might make an apearance in combination with amnesia haze (as "aztec haze") or with elite's lemon larry ("sicario"), but i have to be honest and admit that the "hazel" (amnesia x sour diesel ibl 2010) is WAY better for my taste in tests so far and the real amnesia x old blowfish ("dory") is really KILLER but she had intersexed traits, so this project is on halt for now and therefore turned into my personal stash (*yay*) here are a few of the DORY-impressions. she might never come out in a big way. but i will have a blast exploring them further later on, maybe i will remake it later. "true" haze (haze-hybrids are NOT true haze, but ah well, lol). done in 56 to 63 days. narcotic AND cerebral ... mixed phenos make me want to write a symphony while fighting the urge to nap, LOL amnesia phenos are hazey-fruity headbombs wiht heavy feetz and the blowfish phenos just send me to sleep, lol.
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    Happy hump day OG, gonna squeeze in an update before heading out to tackle chores. The eldest Sugar Punch is getting close, I'll probably chop her Friday at the 9 week mark. The other one is a week behind so I'll get to her the end of next week. I took a sample bud from the elder SP and I can see why it receives much praise. The name pretty much nails it, like a punch to the head, it gets your attention. It has a very nice body influence and definitely slows me down a notch or two. Good for chilling, listening to music and other pastimes that don't require much concentration. The 2 Blue Magoo girls have stretched out some after 15 days in 12's. BM#2 is a wide body while #1 is more compact. My little mutant BM turned out to be female and she is 22 days in. I will flower her in the 2 gal. pot and see what I get. In the veg area the 3 Phuuu's IPA fem sprouts are recently up-potted to #1's and looking good. The flower room Here's a look at the BM mutant. And, here are the other 2 BM's w/ #1 in front BM #1 BM #2 Now to the Sugar Punch, here's #2 @ 55 days And, #1 @ 61 days. I could not stop taking pictures of her. All this talk of Green Ale lately has me thinking they should be next up in my room. I have a few dregs of it left in the bottom of stash jar that I broke out and sampled yesterday, reminded me of how much I like it. I may need to make more seeds of it anyway, they have been popular. OK, enough puttin' off the chores, much to do and the Sun is shining so see ya next time.
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    Boudica/silver fields x humboldt kush
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    NAW's Airborne Jack oooh, la la!
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    Koma Kreations Blueberry Sativa IBL, 30 day in flower under 400w COBs. She smells sweet and clean, nothing really stands out.
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    Lower Shackzilla bud. I have to agree with @kazuya20. I still haven't tried Silverfields or Sugar Punch yet, so my personal favorite is Shackzilla.
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    Black Afghani, seeded out on me, and the leafiest plant I ever dealt with!
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    some AK 48 Automatic x LowRyder 2 , made by a buddy..... Happy Weekend all
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    I know no bud or nug but it all started with ? Seeds cracking Vaporizing Cat sTYLE...
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    Seems like forever since I could participate. I’m into a position to once again grow after over 4yr hiatus. I made the complete switch to all led— no going back! Starting slow as there is definitely a learning curve to leds. I’m gonna attempt to run several breeders offerings and hope I can do a little justice. Line up is Blue Moon Magoo, Mother Firefly, Grape Earth f2, SSSC M3 f3, Pure Gooey, Chuck D, Old Widow S1, Romulan S1, Bubba Kush, SensiStar f3, Blockhead f5 and Santa Maria f8. Hope everyone has been well and enjoy the show. Thanks, G
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    Here's the 5th female and the only male (on the right ) of Velvet Orca ( Blue Orca X Velvet Rush ). Keep in mind that I just took cuttings off of these plants, she is the one of the 5 females that is showing the most Afghani traits and the male is mostly satty, so I'm going to go a head and hit her with the male for seed stock and save him tell I get a couple more then I will use them to open pollinate the best females from fall harvest. Really excited, these are from the first seeds of this cross, so nobody knows what is coming. It's 76 Thai Stick / Kandahar #1 Afghani X Highland Blue Thai / Kandahar #1 Afghani. Baq
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    Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy by @Mr Goodfellow...... Small lower bud that got broken while moving things around. Break it up, roll it up, smoke it up
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    speaking of things we have going ... i started some more of my own lines SOUR BITE = sour diesel ibl, 2006 RIRI x chewie F1-male (-> chewie = stardawg x sour diesel ... so, this is a sour BX-type) THERMITE = white fire, LC cut x sour diesel ibl 2010-male (-> kush/og-lady to a sour diesel-male ... curious if they rock or flop) KILLER COOKIES = gsc forum cut x killer queen IBL (-> this is a freebie of mine at seedheaven, an old classic meets a new hype) AFGHAN SUNSET = lavender, clone only x deep chunk IBL-males (-> soma's very own lavi-selection to original tom hill DC-males) and LEMON PIñATA = tijuana, landrace-lady x lemon thai F1-male (-> the lemon candy male went on the strawberry mexican) TAYBERRY = eskobar's BBI, F5-lady x chocolate thai F4-male (-> let's get the chocothai out of the beebee again, eh?) HOLY LOUIE = holy princess x LUI F1-males (-> one of eskobar's most amazing creations meets a true "legend" from past days) MERCURY = larry lurex, F1-lady x sanfune F2-males = (holy princess x lemon larry) X (holy princess x chocolate cheese) two of my own lines combined for an extra good yielding and more balanced effected "holy princess"-hybrid. if any of those lines is of interest = i can keep you posted enjoy your smokes, everybody and thank you all for sharing your plants with me ! if anyone feels like growing some SANgear = write me ... and if anybody wants to support all the free sharing, can do so by following the link in my signature below.
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    Silverfields -clone- (67) Fruity & strong... /peAce
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    Sugar Punch 63 days - manicured.
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    Thanks @gardenartus I did the first run of bubble hash (leaf only), plants 1&2 ,it's as blonde as can be.
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    Not bud but plant lol Deathstar, thing is so heavy! Think gonna get at least 12 off her. One worth growing.
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    Yellowww guys! I wanted to grow dynasty since I came across soliloqueen on sannies shop went out of stock just when I decided to make an order xD (know that feeling?!) So I bought some pineapple fields and salmon river og (received some HBH) got the PFs and runnin, HBH just sprouted and SRO waiting on queue xD my room smelling like and yes I have plants at different stages of flower xDDD
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    Damn thrips I killed them in the mom room but the little demons made their way into the small tent with the micro grow in flower doe I sprayed rhe hell out of them hopefully they don’t get into the main tent I just may spray them just for the hell of it just some notes on the scrog i tent to strip all most all branches below the main stem after topping more like mainline or fluxing technique so I only kept 2 branches below the main normally I remove all of the branches this Seems to disperse the energy to the main branch and increases bud size . I do agree that leaving the bottom branches can and will fill the screen quickly and will produce nice buds but the more I scrog and experiment with pruning and defoliate I seem to learn a few new things here are some pics don’t mind the purple sum they love it the group shot is before I defoliated I will strip them down at least 2 more times once at week 3 and once at week 5
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    Alrighty, time for some more pics. I need to get these girls flipped. Weather is still not cooperating, so moving the octos out of the room is out of the question for now. Lows are still in the 40s until next weekend. Another week of veg is throwing off my plans. I can move the tent out and put them in there, but it will only fit 2 octos. That means the Rhino from seed will have to get flipped with the rest of the grow. Not a big deal I guess, It just won’t yield much. All 3 plants in the octos have reached the reservoir. Pretty cool seeing all the roots popping through the bottom. the Octopots, Rhino Blood and the 2 NaPali Pink girls. No more training for the Pinks. Going to let them start doing their thing. Full room pic. I really like the structure on this girl. I’ll be grabbing some cuts before flower. This guy is getting excited, I will finally get to smoke some Silverfields bud. Probably the biggest Rhino Blood in the group. These are staying short and just bushing up, hoping for some stretch after flip. I know 2 of these are male, but my failure to label them correctly has me watering boys. Maybe there will be a few crosses in the room. @Mr Goodfellow needs to give this strain a name. This Cartel Haze has the same structure of my mystery cross above. Maybe my seeds were selfed, I’m good with that as long as there are no hermies. This G39 has great structure also, keep watching this girl for some giant buds.... This Silverfields is staying short, but should really stretch when flipped. This is one looks much more like the other G39s I’ve grown. Topped the same as the other one above, just stying short and bushy. Man, I can’t wait till these all start building some bud. The weed stash is getting ridiculously low. 2 plus months before harvest, looks like I am going to need a run to the shop...Damn it. Overall, I am pretty pleased with this run so far. The few bugs I had are gone. All the plants look healthy and no nutes needed yet. Just hopefully they don’t outgrow the pots before harvest. That will really piss me off.... Hapoy grows to you all, and hope you all have a good Memorial Day weekend.
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    Update to Mother Funker... Yielded like a mofo. Dense rock hard nugs, maybe hardest non giving to a squeeze bud I've ever seen. I know this one is gonna goo up some grinders lol...
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    Sinister’s Junky Munky week 7
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    I chopped the Cheese Berry a few minutes ago. She's a taily beast. All tails, really. Not my favorite bud structure, but I had one of these phenos before. She was good smoking — incredible body buzz. But I've seen CB with great, rock-like buds, so those phenos exist (or existed). The scent is sweet and fruity, but not unusually strong. It appears that I did some slight trimming of the bottom of this plant, early on. Once the tent became a jungle, I never got in there to trim bottom leaves and branches at all. The plant she's sharing a 3 gallon cloth pot with is one of those zany Nepalmas. The last pic is the Nepalma. I expect all of the Nepalmas will be coming down this weekend, along with the last Shackzilla. The Willie girl will just spread out and finally rule.
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    Headband x Hills and Valleys.
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    Damn, didn't expect anybody to show up... figured it take a while. lol I better get cracking. I'll intersperse last years pics with my little guys. I'm always a little surprised when I look at pictures that are a year old. I had in my head that I screwed up that last indoor grow royally. Then I look at pics now and I'm "wondering who grew that?" I suppose when you watch them every single day for 4-5 months you stop seeing it like others do. For some right off of the wire updated news, I was just looking for some female sexy parts on a couple of my NAW Cartel Haze plants. Nothing yet, which makes me think they're male. I already found 5 females a couple of days ago so I thought these should be showing today. So, one of the CH smells strong as hell. It reeks of stank. It's the familiar burnt rubber type smell I get on some plants, but bordering on a skunk type smell. So, if it's male I'll keep pollen of it for the right time. I rarely get smell that strong from a plant so young. I'm trying to learn to look and notice any signs that might clue me to a good breeding partner. So, I might as well add another pic from last year. I'm glad I went back and looked at them. It really got me excited to move forward. Happy grows, and keep it green! Dusk Created by Bigun (Ghash x Psychosis) x Herijuana I'll get some pics of the teens later... Not a lot to show yet. peace
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