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    Shackzilla my favorit strain for Saniees, really good harvest weight. This one is 150 cm tall,12 weeks flowering time
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    LA Cheese, one of my favs, she had 8 colas, all bigger then my arm, larger then a fifth of everclear.
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    Day 62 and harvest for another Spider Bite clone. I love the structure of this plant !
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    Silverfields at 63 days. Trichs say she has a bit more time. Last run this cut was lemony, this time she is developing a gassy lemon scent.
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    Here's a Blue Dream X that's close ..
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    Hello In view of a new "limited edition" variety at the 1: 1 ratio of thc / cbd made in collaboration with a friend, I will be launching genetics donations while working This will aim to have grow and smoke report coming from outside The variety is already stable, but the work continues because we arrived at the ratio of 2: 1 thc / cbd The strain I am talking about is: Afghan cbd x black afghani So if you are interested in a package of 10 you can give your name here, I think I can give here 10/15 packs ... So do not hesitate .... ON THE CONTRARY, in exchange you will be asked (yes if you have received them ... Not like some). To launch them very very soon .. A grow report (a few lines on culture, 2/3 tofs) A smoke report (like a few lines of your feeling / taste ...) There is more than and if you have questions .... Feel free Edit: I'll leave the week to have several shipments to do and not to do one by one .. and i'll give an email here when it'll be finished
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    Black Afghani, seeded out on me, and the leafiest plant I ever dealt with!
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    some AK 48 Automatic x LowRyder 2 , made by a buddy..... Happy Weekend all
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    Koma Kreations Blueberry Sativa IBL, 30 day in flower under 400w COBs. She smells sweet and clean, nothing really stands out.
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    I smoked up that RTHH 3, about half of it myself. It was smooth and taste like cream soda. It has a strong mellowing high without putting me to sleep. I have one clone from her in flower now, she took forever to root & veg. ( 4 months ) Further attempts to get clones did fail. Now I have 5 Skunk x Huck/Heri at one month old. ( SKHH also from Bigun ) Thanks buddy ! SKHH 1 went into 12/12 three days ago and is showing to be a girl. Sugarpunch, Madberry and Spider Bite are still dominating the tent. Here is a Spider Bite at day 62 and harvest...
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    Lower Shackzilla bud. I have to agree with @kazuya20. I still haven't tried Silverfields or Sugar Punch yet, so my personal favorite is Shackzilla.
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    I chopped the Cheese Berry a few minutes ago. She's a taily beast. All tails, really. Not my favorite bud structure, but I had one of these phenos before. She was good smoking — incredible body buzz. But I've seen CB with great, rock-like buds, so those phenos exist (or existed). The scent is sweet and fruity, but not unusually strong. It appears that I did some slight trimming of the bottom of this plant, early on. Once the tent became a jungle, I never got in there to trim bottom leaves and branches at all. The plant she's sharing a 3 gallon cloth pot with is one of those zany Nepalmas. The last pic is the Nepalma. I expect all of the Nepalmas will be coming down this weekend, along with the last Shackzilla. The Willie girl will just spread out and finally rule.
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    A little Chucky's Bride this morning?
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    I know no bud or nug but it all started with ? Seeds cracking Vaporizing Cat sTYLE...
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    There will be a mass murder of all but one Nepalma and the Willie Nelson today. Nothing like a bright, sunny day to sit inside and trim reefer! But help is coming today, and that's that. I thought I'd start with the second Shackzilla. This is week 13, and she looks like she'd accept 14, but fuck it, it's going to be 13, regardless of her pleadings. All her colas are too heavy, and yes, that one on the right is now completely upside-down. The second pic is a closer look at that situation, followed by the upside-down cola and then the lower buds that "took over" for the upside-down cola. OK, so I got a little fixated on the upside-down cola. Sue me. Willie Nelson will not be getting the axe today, but she's the fourth pic. I thought i should let you all know what happens when you grow an 18 weeker. She takes over your tent and life. Just last night she borrowed the car, and I couldn't help but notice the side-view mirror was dangling by a thread when I took a look at it this morning. A word to the wise — DO NOT let Willie borrow the car. The next pics are those crazy-assed Nepalmas. The first is the most normal-looking of the bunch, followed by a lower bud of the same plant. The next three pics are from magic Nepalma seeds I traded for the family cow. Sure hope it was worth it. All buds are strings of thick calyxes., which is also the case with most of the rest. The last pic is a similar pheno. While I don't like structure like this, I'm intrigued. Hope it kicks my ass in an indica-dom kind of a way. The scent on the Nepalma is all hash and honey, as it says in the description. I'll probably be back later tonight, under the influence of scissor-hash.
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    Headband x Hills and Valleys.
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    Right to left are Onyx Fire, Onyx Fire, Sannies Jack x Silverfields, and Choco Kush (looking very much like a male out of the gate). Sugar punch x 6 and Choco Kush Male x 2 clones. Upper right is showing roots. A friends veggie seedlings, and some of my last seedlings that got a load of hot mix, somehow. It seems like I used straigh up Fox Farms Ocean Forest for the these. I guess it's hotter than I expected. I think they'll all make it now. They're been that way a week or more. But, they're putting on some growth finally. I've been flushing them a little. Hard to do when they won't drink anything. It's a mix of SJ x SF, OF, CK, and Lemon Bubba. Hope they aren't all males from the shock. This is the NAW bunch with two Humboldt Kush x Sugar Punch. 16 NAW plants and most are female so far. Cartel haze is slow to show on two. But I got a female from all four strains I picked. Strappleberry, Blue Hammer, Cartel Haze, and Airborne Jack. They were all praying hard this morning! peace
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    I had to pull out the seeds to see what I have and what I need...ok, what I want. Man, I sure hope I live long enough to grow them all. Also have a bag of seeds to share in the shop for freebies. I will get them in the air on Monday. I haven’t even flipped the ones in the room and I’m already wanting to start more seeds....I think I need an intervention.
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    Hi all I'll opening the Triple Pakistan report: First, grow infos: - 450W COB CREE CXB 3590 - 3.5L Soil (biobizz light mix or canna pro +) - Nuts Metrop - VEG: 7 days / Bloom: 63 days - Not worked
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    Rainmaker Day 22 Bloom 83.9F 38% RH 550 PPM 6.2 pH Bud development is very good for this early stage. Been spreading everything out to give every site it’s own square. Very candy sweet smell already present that I wasn’t expecting for this strain. So far so good.
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    Time for a quick update before I tackle some Spring chores. I chopped Phuuu's IPA's #1 & 2 yesterday and my house smells wonderful, unless you're my better half who is not as fond of it as I. The IPA is in the top 5 of stinkiest bud I've grown, it permeates everywhere. I moved Sugar Punch fem #1 into 12's last week and just put #2 in today. Both are looking good with #2 being a bit bushier. They'll have plenty of room to stretch out now, I'm eager to see their progress. The 4 Blue Magoo sprouts are coming along. Three of them have been up-potted to #1's and moved to the upper veg area. The other one was a malformed to begin with. It took awhile to realize it had 3 cotyledons folded up on each other keeping the top from emerging. I pulled them apart and it finally stated to grow normally but it is a good week behind the other two. Curious to see if it has any anomalies from here on. Here's a shot of the oddball BM. And here are the other 3 BM's This is Sugar Punch #2 just before going to the flower room. And here is SP #1 after 5 days in 12's. On to the sticky stuff. Phuuu's IPA #1 @ 10 weeks Phuuu's IPA #2 @ 10 weeks OK, chores are calling so I'll see you next time. Go Portland Trail Blazers!
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    Liking this more and more every damn day...................WHY I had never tried this before is beyond me......... 24 days in
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    No, this is my first run of HP. Harvest slowed down considerably since Edward Scissorhands was helping trim yesterday. After work I trimmed one plant — the Sweet Spot on the right in the first pic. This plant makes me want to run the pack of Esko's Chocolate Mix I have stashed away. Cocoa Kush is a great addition to everything it's crossed with. I was just thinking, the Sweet Spot on the left witnessed it's pot-mate get chopped — and it's still in the tent now, mulling over the events of the day. Is she scared, or is she saying to herself, "Ah! At last that soil-hogging bitch is dead!" Anyway, it's clear that there is serious frostification involved with Sweet Spot. Two more still live, but not for long.
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    Shackzilla — Even after UV leaf damage, she produced quite well. Potency on past Shackzillas I've grown was through the roof. We'll know about this one in another month.
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    after a selection removing any unwanted profiles i am left with a Gm F2 ctp #4(G-13 dominant) to continue on for a possible Green manalishi f3. but i am thinking off dropping those GM freebees. and to create a new freebee to Bx Airborne jack with green manalishi unlocking again all G13 traits, Northern lights and afghani. and this stacked upon the already awesome Airborne jack will give AAA yields with AAA quality buds. Stay safe and FLy FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Hey Bigun, all I know is it disappeared first, along with the Mohawk! It was very good. And that was with having seeds in her belly. I want to run that whole room again with no males anywhere near. I'd say they all lost a little of their pizzazz once they turned their energy to making seeds. Dusk was the clear beast from the start. Largest seedling, and first at everything. lol. I can't wait to get caught up on yours. Hell, when I got those from you I was crying for seeds. Now I have no idea how I acquired so many. Most are OG crosses otherwise I might not stress about it, but I KNOW everybody here is on their game and I haven't had a bad cross from any OG'er yet. I'm as excited for most of them as I am for the ones I bought! While you're here, I believe you may remember this Indian girl.... West Virginia Mohawk created by Bigun peace
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    Damn, didn't expect anybody to show up... figured it take a while. lol I better get cracking. I'll intersperse last years pics with my little guys. I'm always a little surprised when I look at pictures that are a year old. I had in my head that I screwed up that last indoor grow royally. Then I look at pics now and I'm "wondering who grew that?" I suppose when you watch them every single day for 4-5 months you stop seeing it like others do. For some right off of the wire updated news, I was just looking for some female sexy parts on a couple of my NAW Cartel Haze plants. Nothing yet, which makes me think they're male. I already found 5 females a couple of days ago so I thought these should be showing today. So, one of the CH smells strong as hell. It reeks of stank. It's the familiar burnt rubber type smell I get on some plants, but bordering on a skunk type smell. So, if it's male I'll keep pollen of it for the right time. I rarely get smell that strong from a plant so young. I'm trying to learn to look and notice any signs that might clue me to a good breeding partner. So, I might as well add another pic from last year. I'm glad I went back and looked at them. It really got me excited to move forward. Happy grows, and keep it green! Dusk Created by Bigun (Ghash x Psychosis) x Herijuana I'll get some pics of the teens later... Not a lot to show yet. peace
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    Sinister’s Junky Munky week 7
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    Ok, I'm at day 60 of veg. I'm flipping them on Monday. Had to chop 2 more males this morning, one Sultana and one Rhino Blood. Looks like the room is officially boy free. Another pic after removing a bunch of fan leaves I am down to 13 girls in reg pots. And here are the octopots, I tying and twisting the Pinks around a bit. I want to see how they like bondage. and last but not least, Rhino Blood sex????
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    Rainmaker Day 32 Bloom 83.1 F 34% RH 450 PPM The canopy looks like a bunch of green and white spears sticking through the net. At the halfway point the stacking doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. What’s I’m glad to see now is the secondary bud development is starting to crank up also. That’s always been the sign of a really good grow in my experience. Another thing is that trich production is off the charts. I looks as if they’re clumped on top of each other and you can see the heads without magnification. Rainmaker is starting to show itself as a real monster strain.
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    T5 still impresses! Goo factor is as good as any light I have run over plants, at this stage. Buds are setting up nice, if they get big it is going to get crowed in here. The DAMN Cloud Watcher x Star Dawg looks frosty, smells great, and is already getting frosted.................................WHY the same plant in my big screen looks like crap is beyond me. Maybe this Mom looked like shit in veg too, cannot remember. Barrie84's Boudica smells of Orange rinds Someone in there stinks of gas/fuel...............not sure who 3 Goji's, all from seed, look to be identical, cannot tell them apart. 6 weeks to go, looks like the T5's are going to pull it off. Be cool to pull off a LB from Mom screen, BUT, that would be gram/watt, do not believe the T5's can swing anywhere near that number. Thinking anything over 8 ounces will be ok...............had I not trained these Mom's, and just let them go on their own, at their small size and small pot when turned, they would have been 1 oz dried plants. So if the yield is that or better, Im happy. Actually I am happy anyways...............there is NO crap I will have to trim, nothing below the net, everything above the net is nice. Will be a delight to trim this run Peace, Jet
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    Honey hoo hoo #1 Poldergrower pointed this one out from the start. and this feno has proven to perhaps? be a suitable kandidate for HHH F2. further testing will say. light up and smoke i will the HHh #1 with its potent sweet diesel hash taste and smooth sailing high(this could use some work) the HHh#2 male we have selected will spice this all up!. tasty stuff!... gm F2 ctp #4(G13 dom) is almost ready! and my masterpiece!!. combining Green manalishi with killaqueen, creating g39. here i smoked my g39#17 for years and later i selected a male to make g-39f2. and to pollinate jack hammer F2(knutsel) with this male. to create Airborne jack. here i found a plant that surpassed everything i have ever smoked or seen SHE IS MY DRUG OF CHOICE. Stay safe and fly Fooking HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Rainmaker Day 29 Bloom 83.2 F 42% Rh 450 PPM Pushed them a little too hard and had some fingernail burning on the leaf tips. They seem to prefer the 450 range with 550 being too hot. Buds continue to stack rapidly and I’m still impressed since it’s only the start of week 5. @dieseldog381 I understand your skepticism, but when they get going they explode and it’s more impressive than any other method I’ve tried. @Papalag I used to do a defoliation around week 5 but since I strip them on day 1 now, the late defoil has become unnecessary and I hate plucking sticky plants. Lol
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    Just 1 night without a tuck produces this, Heaven help me when I flip............ Lil Mom's chugging away..............they are actually starting to drink a bit more now..............
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    About to get my pebble bar on ZZZZZZ
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    again some automatic Buds, Sweet Mix Auto (SweetSeeds) ...... .....grown last summer under polytunnel.... .....and nicely cured for about half a year ...... HappyWeekend to all OGers
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    I took a few terrible pictures of the last Sweet Spot. I'm almost done trimming her, and she produced a decent amount of nuggets for her size. I didn't realize how shitty the pics looked until now. Too late to retake. All my Sweet Spots look scrawny, but that's because all were sharing pots: Two in a 5 gallon and 2 in a 3 gallon. They would probably have similar yields to Holy Princess if they had their own pots.
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    Random shots of the current ladies Im itchin' to chop
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    Another Sweet Spot down and trimmed. This is the one on the left in the picture above. I'm high as fuck on scissor-hash at the moment, so if I just trail off...
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    Here are a few of yesterday's girls. The first two are Holy Princesses. Sort of a classic Christmas tree shape. The second one, good ol' Holy Princess A, was the biggest. C, the first, has the deepest scent. Next are a few lower buds and main cola of plant A. A Shackzilla was taken down. The last two photos are the whole plant and either a lower bud or one of the many mini-colas on the plant. She was pinched back once during veg, and stayed a very manageable height, as did her sister, who is still alive and kicking. All damage to fan leaves is from the 8 hour death-ray treatment. Now I'm going to go down to my grow shop and look for a product called Miracle Dry And Cure Formula, open the bottle and wait a few minutes for it to do its magic.
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    Ok, I was really thinking that karma thing was working for me by planting on the super snow moon, and then I had my answer when a mushroom grew out of my Sunshine Daydream. Bodhi likes mushrooms. It's a male. But, it could be a special male. Bodhi says the SSDD male was maybe his most famous male and he looks for special males that are resinous when trying to breed special strains. So, I still have a chance for karma. peace
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    Hope everyone is good. a few pics today. nursury cab still having a hard time getting my cuts to stick oh well practice practice practice. I was hoping some of the headband would sprout. All else in the acceptable to good range. Peace...
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    The 4 other females: #11, sweet berry/red fruit marmelade with a bit of musk scent, purple, medium stretch, promising! #9, smells as good as the #2, very probably a keeper, close to #2 with better smell, better vigour, very low stretch as the #2, awesome, can't wait to smoke her. Harvested today. #10 pheno, ashy, stretchy, nice plant, but i did not keep her, may be i was wrong... #6, very sativa, tropical berries scent, rock hard buds, x4 or x5 stretch, very promising for the sativa side of the newberry, good to breed with the #1 male to develop the sativa side Greetz
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    Shit my computer crashed I forgot my password etc etc Got a email notification or something and it all clicked. So Fair Warning I'm back. New slaps for the goods. In the 5x5 tent Bodhi Tree. 300W pink and far red and a 315 3100K In the 20Wx12 screw in led tent 2x4 Strawberry Cream. In veg Green crack mom and Wedding cake and a tray of new flavors germing. Try out for the garden two crosses of my own (Red Light x Sk#1) Crossed with a WW line i called argo3 a mix of WW and a PNW cut called red and Gold That I kept alive and worked with a buddy for 5 years and one i made recently (last year) Called L.A. Shooting crossed with a Royal Blood alone the both rocke on their own I hope it was a good pairing we wait... x and one from a fellow board grower. AKutcher Headband x O.G. Chem all untested to me at least we have high hopes... Been busy making seeds aluminium foil hat shit and all that. F2 Ortega from Mr nice seed auction and (Azad x Afghani in the raw) = Afghani Candy By Mr whipple crossed with a Melvenitics Mels Punch. should be of high caliber. Hash makin,squishing rosin, making oils,bath bombs tiling wiring and chasing paper It's good to be back. Peace...stay lifted.
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    New bed rocking along junky munky Humboldt kush x boudica/silverfields
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