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    Damn, didn't expect anybody to show up... figured it take a while. lol I better get cracking. I'll intersperse last years pics with my little guys. I'm always a little surprised when I look at pictures that are a year old. I had in my head that I screwed up that last indoor grow royally. Then I look at pics now and I'm "wondering who grew that?" I suppose when you watch them every single day for 4-5 months you stop seeing it like others do. For some right off of the wire updated news, I was just looking for some female sexy parts on a couple of my NAW Cartel Haze plants. Nothing yet, which makes me think they're male. I already found 5 females a couple of days ago so I thought these should be showing today. So, one of the CH smells strong as hell. It reeks of stank. It's the familiar burnt rubber type smell I get on some plants, but bordering on a skunk type smell. So, if it's male I'll keep pollen of it for the right time. I rarely get smell that strong from a plant so young. I'm trying to learn to look and notice any signs that might clue me to a good breeding partner. So, I might as well add another pic from last year. I'm glad I went back and looked at them. It really got me excited to move forward. Happy grows, and keep it green! Dusk Created by Bigun (Ghash x Psychosis) x Herijuana I'll get some pics of the teens later... Not a lot to show yet. peace
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    Hey Bigun, all I know is it disappeared first, along with the Mohawk! It was very good. And that was with having seeds in her belly. I want to run that whole room again with no males anywhere near. I'd say they all lost a little of their pizzazz once they turned their energy to making seeds. Dusk was the clear beast from the start. Largest seedling, and first at everything. lol. I can't wait to get caught up on yours. Hell, when I got those from you I was crying for seeds. Now I have no idea how I acquired so many. Most are OG crosses otherwise I might not stress about it, but I KNOW everybody here is on their game and I haven't had a bad cross from any OG'er yet. I'm as excited for most of them as I am for the ones I bought! While you're here, I believe you may remember this Indian girl.... West Virginia Mohawk created by Bigun peace
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    yeah, esko never was a real indicafan his indica adventures were not "far-goers". some of his announced indicas (BBI, godbud-work, white rhino/ghash- variants ect) sadly never saw the light of day (at least, not in a big scale). the plant he selected from JotI's release (god bud pheno #2) has a very unique smell and taste that i only found back by coincience in the "m39", which made me 'understand'/learn about the "purple skunk" in the GB.
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    It's time for a little update. Not a whole lot changing in the room. Maybe it's me, but everything seems slow. Maybe it's the LEDs, seems like my other runs I had more growth at this stage. I think I'm at 33 days since germination, so I guess I'm still doing ok. Here are the pics Top 3 Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy...bottom 2 are Cartel Haze x Mystery Top, 1 Rhino Blood, 3 Silverfields....2nd row 2 Rhino Blood, 2 Cartel Haze (naw) Bottom 3 Sultana, 1 Rhino Blood. Bottom 3 G39 Next up are the 2 NaPali Pink cutting. 2nd pic is the one that almost died. She is standing on her own and getting stronger. Here is the Rhino Blood in the octopot. It is getting ready to take off. And of course a group photo I also have to show the first group of veggies. I rigged up a little light holder to put some T8s over the baby vegs. I must confess, the octopots are causing me a little anxiety. I'm so used to picking pots, knowing how many days to go between feeding for each plant. I look at the octopot and see the reservoir indicator stick and know it's good. I feel like I'm slacking somewhere. If I like these as much as those of you that's been using them for a while, I will toss all my regular pots. Not so sure what I'm going to do with all the extra time. Octopots just might be too easy.
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    Hi bro No i have created the cross (X18 x PTK) from original tom's seeds I have tested it and selected the best female with both gen ... After i have cross the selected female with an selected male of AOF from lala To finish , i have work the final line to have this strain with differents Pakistan gen but very stable ... I hope to be clear ... Sorry San .. my english still suck ... If you have others questions, feel you free Ciao
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    Hi Quickly ... Triple Pakistan from comm. seeds stock, Under: 450W LEDs / Nuts: Metrop / Veg: 1 weeks / 12/12: 7 weeks / no work on them More pics at harvest
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    That's awesome! Can't wait, the real heri is lights out. If I'm not mistaken, Woodhorses Heri is Motas, as he had been working it for Woodhorse. I have 15 of the original F1 seeds going to my our buddy mjs1392 for a full run open pollination for preservation. Warped Geneticas is also holding a half a pack for me to run out for preservation and an outcross. Would love to see a repro and perhaps working her to f3 or f4 and worked into the repro. These genes were special.
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    I have no doubt its easier with the octopots but come on guys its not the only way To keep it simple! Doesn’t get much easier than good ol organic growing mix it all and water once in a while cheers guys
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    Plants moved the edges of the screen, rez's filled to 2nd notch now, big Gavita stuck overhead. The 4 ladies are about to co9me up through the screen, just a few days and tucking n bending will begin................READY to get this thing going already. When they take all the light from the new Mom's and SPG seedlings, I will move the little ones out. I would have already turned these plants, so I am hoping they all fit on the screen. They are till 18/6 and will be until they start to fill the screen and touch, like Papa has told me to do. My Mom's, under the T5's, my 1st attempt at this scrog...................was NOT done correctly. NOT really my fault, I just started too late, and made 1 more "tuck " then I should have. The big hole where the male was(argh) looks like shit, and the screen is Ok...................but would have been much better had the tops been given another week to come up through the screen. As it sits, I think I screwed myself. Not enough "top" sticking above the screen, needed like 3 or 4 more inches of vertical...........................LIVE N LEARN, LIVE N LEARN. Hopefully, the ladies above will benefit from my new found knowledge, lol, and IF I error on these................it WILL BE to the TALL SIDE. I think once I flip them, I will only tuck n bend for 7-10 days, then let them have enough stretch left to come up further through the screen. Probably only 7 days of working them, then let them go up..............my plan anyways,.............. BTW......................this coming Game Of Thrones Episode (this Sunday) WILL BE the finest battle scene in the history of cinema...................an HOUR LONG BATTLE.....................Even if you do not watch the show, tune in for this episode, it will be talked about for decades and go down in history......................just like my screen above......................LMAO!!!!!!! Well, GOT will be anyways,. Peace, Jet
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    Almost placed in all ladies... now waiting on Aj F2 and BlueshazeXL i made cuttings and they are almost rooted. these 2 best plants where the last from which i made cuttings. gonna keep the ladies nice, short and bushie, this will give me time to re-pot and place in all the cuttings wen ready! perhaps i will buy an additional tent only for AJ and BlueshazeXL. so i can geve them the space they need, to start by keeping OG wel fed with a steady supply off Interstellar Aj F3 and BlueshazeXXL Beans. busy busy busy.... hahaah Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    looks nice Mr. GF...looks as if u might have taken her a little early..SILL LOOKS YUMMY.. THANKS 4 sharing
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    Oh crap, I forgot to get a building permit, too!
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    Lmao!!! ..... still spitting out my tea.... You probably should call the county engineers in, too, and get a compaction test, to be sure.
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    Flowerday 28 I have to say that the Plants look healthy, but too less flower.. Although I use only 250w but my plants are otherwise fatter in this phase .. and if not, they are not much fatter later .. I hope I'm wrong. but I think there will not be as much as usual. It annoys me because I do not know where the problems are Crystal Candy Sweet Cheese
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    Manipuri (Burmese Sativa) 2 days after being cut off. One giant plant on a balcony and a subtropical, warm, dry and long Summer...look at those glittering flowers!.... and itwas a smooth&tasty smoke too.Landrace spice and a sweet, fruity aftertaste. Full Energy (The Tropical Seeds Company) Week 15-16 of 12/12 smile
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    Here's the weekly update of my three Amnesia and two Sugar Punch cuttings grow. They are in week eight of 12/12 and it seems as tho they can go another round or two. The Amnesia's are fattening up nicely, but the Sugar Punch plants seem to stay behind. Perhaps 1,5 liter per plant every other day still wasn't enough. However: the scale will have the last word. Lights on.
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    This day one year ago: Stay tuned! peace
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    Go big or go home! heh, Toker os going BIG! That's cool as hell man. I'd be afraid to put a pic of my auto try up.. It was like a popsicle. peace
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    Yeah, when the screen is as filled up as you want it, flip them. It can’t get too thick, shoot for 1 cola to come up through every square in your screen. Use topping to get the numbers up and slow down the branches that are running out of room. It won’t take long to have a hundred or so colas ready to produce big buds. I’d suggest starting to remove undergrowth from the soil up to a couple inches from the screen now. A little a day to keep from slowing the plant too much. Continue to tuck and bend just enough to keep all the tops as even as you can for the first week or so as they stretch. After that, it’s just stripping the new growth down low that eats up nutes and won’t produce much. On my scrog, I had good buds 3 inches under the screen and most all my colas reaches 10-12 inches above it. Over sixty colas on my Kinky Blaze and almost fifty on the Sannie’s Jack.
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    Jet they look great that net will fill in nicely now the work begins tucking and bending and trimming , top A few times and before you know it it’s time to flip bro awesome job
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    Definitely looking forward to this... and, all of the other Octo grows. Gonna be fun. So, what do you do, just park a recliner chair in there, near the plants, and watch? Hey Jet, I should be able to get my end tied up here this next week if you still want to do the 2 pots. I just hit a long stretch of no work. I spent all I had on my truck before Christmas but it was worth it for the long run. I got a great truck for being a used one. Make sure you buy your UV glasses for the recliner! And a cup holder. peace
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    ARE you gonna try to smoke Cozz Bud with the bands......................................?????LMAO!!!!! Get pic's if u do..........................:)
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    Now that they have HIT THEIR STRIDE in the octopot's, and have the big Gavita overhead, it is not going to take too long to start filling that screen. They went into overdrive 2 days ago, 6.5 inches of growth in last 48 hours, they are taking the F off...........................THIS is the fun part for me................all the "holding patterns" are OVER..................now the pot's will work their magic! Cuzz: I will want to flip them when they start to touch each other on the screen.....................is that about right????
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    Filling a screen takes time. They are healthy and will fill those screens. No worries, you will end up with a very nice sized stash, and more importantly, more experience. Your next one will be much better. Hapoy Grows bro
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    It is all the training and bending and tying down slowing them up................it always does, you know that. They all look good, all 3 of the Octo ladies are fine, good to see. Your going to have on Hell of a harvest man!!!! I must confess......................the dirt pot's are causing me a LOT of anxiety!!! I am so use to looking at the rez indicator stick, and know it is GOOD!!! NOW, I am jacking with stuff, lifting pots to check water levels.....................remembering when they got feed, when just water. I feel like I am NOT slacking ANYWHERE> Will be real GLAD when all the potted plants can go outside n chill, and I can just attend to my Octopot ladies. NOW I REMEMBER WHY I LOVE these pot's..................you CAN grow weed, AND have a life!!!!
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    It looks like autos have taken over the world. In 2008 or thereabouts people were just talking about lowryder. Now when I shop for seeds everyone's got a ton of autos. Have they improved that much?
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    Today, the 23rd of April i switched the clock to 12/12 in the room of the twenty R.P.P. x Chemdawg seedlings and fourteen Amnesia Haze cuttings.
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    please excuse, cristalin, bro ... i don't understand well, i think. do you mean that you crossed the already existing "x18 x PTK F3" (raco's F3, that was kindly shared to you via mustafunk? ... *darf man lügen*) with each other one time, before using lala's "AoF" to close up? or do you mean that you created a new and different (x18 x PTK)-cross? how ?! ... no one was able to share the pure lines your way after you asked, so how did you manage this? *karma ... please help*
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    Some outdoor autoflowers, outside since half March Coldest temperature i did measure was -2 Going like it should have been.
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    My "teachers pet" Blue Hammer f3. She was the first to show female. I have 5 out of 12 showing female as of last night. I should know more today. I hope to flip them all today or tomorrow. No big pots or long veg this time. Oh yeah, A young friend of mine came by last night and dropped off some lights for me and a tray of veggies to tend for his mom. He has forty acres of land up in the mountains at around 8,000 ft(2438M) elevation.. He grew my Rhino Blood aka Manalishi Fantasy last year up in the mountains and it thrived. I gave him a male, too and he made f2s with it. So, this year he's alreay planted 20-50 I think, and he gave friends a bunch of seeds and said theres are up and busting crazy. This gonna be fun. I'll be able to see how she does in the high altitude. His were trees he said, too. I saw the stumps, lol. He also has a large geodesic greenhouse there and grew some in there as well. I'm gonna get to see a lot of the f2s this year and hope that we find a pheno that rocks our world. I'm really hoping for some Green Manalishi phenos to come out of them. That was my wish to begin with. I'll keep you posted. peace.
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    Just cut this morning, Barney's Farm Acapulco Gold. Pretty airy buds, covered in trichs, creeper old school sativa high. They done good!
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    Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck for easter breakfast lol. 2 joints in. Im ready to sleep lol
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    Headband x Hills and Valleys
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    Sour Goo Phuu created by Beachbud. Thanks Beach! peace
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    And here they are, fourteen Amnesia Haze cuttings on four slabs! Soon as they catch on i switch the clock to 1212 which i probably already could have.... But decisions, decisions. Another 48 hours of veg probably won't hurt. And the new generation of R.P.P. x Chemdawgs are rooting. Aren't they lovely? Thanks for watching my show and peace!
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    Sweet Spot, after suffering an unfortunate tanning bed tragedy during her youth.
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    I recently did an open pollination with some Anesthesia F1 that I've had in my collection for a couple of years. I only had room for 7 plants, so I wasn't able to pop all the seeds I had. I had 3 females, and 4 males. I made a bunch of F2's. The only bummer is that all of the females went herm on me. My basement was pretty cold, so you could chalk it up to that. 2 of the 3 females had visible nanners by the 6th week of 12/12. The best looking of the 3 females also went herm, but the nanners weren't apparent to see until after she was harvested. I believe she was the Heri pheno. Very little smell. One of the Ana females almost smelled like oranges while in flower. I was going to call it "Mandarin Annie" if the smell would have stayed. Here's a pic of the 4 males together. I am not sure which male is which, but these are all pictures of each of the 4 males I used. I did prefer one over the others, but as a preservationist, I wanted to use them all. Here's some pictures of the different females. I only took one of them to full maturity, due to the nanners. This is the standout female of the grow. I let her go about 10 weeks to make sure the seeds were ripe, and it's possible that I took her a couple of weeks too long. I am assuming this is the Heri pheno? The smoke is a pure body high. It's got little to no head effect at all. A lot of people describe the sensation as being like a warm blanket. From my experience, that is very accurate. It kind of freaked me out at first, because it was such a unique feeling. But then I remembered all of the smoke reports I read.
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    Him forgot his white sneakers lol
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    Looking very good my friend, you sized them up pretty nicely! The more the merrier! But what hipster sneaked up in your grow room buddy?
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    Oh, if I get a chance, every band on that list will smoke a Just Cozz Joint. Hahahahaha I will get as many pics that I can remember to take. Also taking the GoPro camera. Last time I went I got some cool videos. Amazing what women do when you toss a camera in front of them. I should get a couple of t-shirts made. I’ll need to come up with a design. Maybe something like “ONYX FIRE” over a joint with letters wrapped around saying “A JUST COZZ JOINT” hahaha I can do a different shirts for JC Haze, SiFi Blaze and Onyx Fire
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    And when they provide BETTER bud in the end.........................?????
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    Sweet, I have a chair and a bong. Taking hits anticipating the show.
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    Happy 420 and Happy Easter !!!!!! .........whatever you prefer to celebrate .......so here some Sweets for both happenings
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    Manipuri ( Burmese Sativa ) Malzilla from FOTH (Shackzilla x Malawi Gold) Old congo, broken limb after 15 weeks 12/12 smile
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    Smoking on some green manalishi f2s. Love the old school smell. Lemony/wet forest/fuel/rubber. Relaxing body high with heavy munchies.
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    Old Congo (Congo pointe noire x Oldtimers Haze) early bloom Afropips Malawi Gold 13 weeks flowering. smile
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    Blue Moon Magoo wrecked my day
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    Thanks starin. Angelica definitely satisfies. I am guessing she leans towards selene, only because the phenos I had of HP were up and this is muuuch heavier but not knockout. A little trippy with the eyes closed. Whatever, this shit is the bomb! This is for you I rotated the damn pics on my phone and they still come out jacked up. Silverfields harvest at 73 days. Exceptionally sticky and astringent lemon. Buds look airy but are heavy with resin. The scissor hash with anything that touched it. Very pliable and sticks to fingers when flattened for the bong. Smoke was very smooth, no cough. The Angelica blew me up. Question for anyone. With very sticky bud like this I feel like I lose too many trichs to the gloves. I am sure I over handle my buds while trimming, which is the root of the problem. I lightly cradle the buds and I am slow, especially while blazed. Would you say it's better to just leave the sugar leaves and dry trim, stick with the wet trim and fix my technique, or accept the loss and quit bitching about gaining scissor hash. And I stuck another angelica into flower.
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