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    Black Afghani, seeded out on me, and the leafiest plant I ever dealt with!
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    Time for a quick update before I tackle some Spring chores. I chopped Phuuu's IPA's #1 & 2 yesterday and my house smells wonderful, unless you're my better half who is not as fond of it as I. The IPA is in the top 5 of stinkiest bud I've grown, it permeates everywhere. I moved Sugar Punch fem #1 into 12's last week and just put #2 in today. Both are looking good with #2 being a bit bushier. They'll have plenty of room to stretch out now, I'm eager to see their progress. The 4 Blue Magoo sprouts are coming along. Three of them have been up-potted to #1's and moved to the upper veg area. The other one was a malformed to begin with. It took awhile to realize it had 3 cotyledons folded up on each other keeping the top from emerging. I pulled them apart and it finally stated to grow normally but it is a good week behind the other two. Curious to see if it has any anomalies from here on. Here's a shot of the oddball BM. And here are the other 3 BM's This is Sugar Punch #2 just before going to the flower room. And here is SP #1 after 5 days in 12's. On to the sticky stuff. Phuuu's IPA #1 @ 10 weeks Phuuu's IPA #2 @ 10 weeks OK, chores are calling so I'll see you next time. Go Portland Trail Blazers!
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    tonight before lights out
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    Hi all just a quick note I am very happy I got these octopots I just wish I had room for more lol @JetDro I go through the same anxiety in whe to flip but if you do go too long that’s when we need to get creative bend break even install a second net for support to day I lowered my lights I love my led but miss my hps . The Topping I did the other day is already responding . And I also needed to remove some leaves . I believe in about 2 weeks I may need to flip at the rate they seem to be growing . I got a new phone with a better camera and I took a few pice the clones seem to be responding well and will be gifted to a buddy for outdoors in about 8 more days Here’s some shots of my micro grow the shiva dawg and the sugar punch are the same age and will be flowing 2 weeks Saturday but they seem to have jumped in to flower. They are under a veg fluorescent tech light they are already in some 2 inches below the light I am going to pollinate the sp and the sd with some pollen from motorebels rock candy the lemon gas is a week behind and if I have enough pollen I’ll hit it as well i like using the small plants for seed seems easier but a shit load of watering lol
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    Silverfields at 63 days. Trichs say she has a bit more time. Last run this cut was lemony, this time she is developing a gassy lemon scent.
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    Random shots of the current ladies Im itchin' to chop
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    Papa's Punch(Goji x SP) seedlings kicking some ass! No doubt where these huge ass fans come from, Goji does NOT throw leaf's like this, especially only weeks old. So, appears they are going to the Sugar Punch side.................in looks anyways. Long as it packs the Goji punch, Im really good with that...........'cause good SP packs a punch too........... They were under my Gavita HPS and just loved it. Now back to reality and a nice slow journey to sex under the mellow T5's. VERY good "vigor" on these Papalag! I put them in larger pots to slow them down some. 7 of them here, another elsewhere. They DWARF all my "mothers" lol.........who are 4 times their age
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    I took a few terrible pictures of the last Sweet Spot. I'm almost done trimming her, and she produced a decent amount of nuggets for her size. I didn't realize how shitty the pics looked until now. Too late to retake. All my Sweet Spots look scrawny, but that's because all were sharing pots: Two in a 5 gallon and 2 in a 3 gallon. They would probably have similar yields to Holy Princess if they had their own pots.
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    No fooling around on this run. The new Mom's and the Papa's Punch are now out of the Octo's way, chilling out under the T5's. The PP's are all strong n healthy, throwing HUGE leaf's for such lil seedlings(and under the HPS bulb) . Gonna grow them out a bit, train, take cuts, flip the ladies, just like the "Mom" screen now. If it finish's well, then T5's over their heads, if not, a Gavita . The Gavita was cranked up 2 notch's(can goo 400/500/600/750/825) to 600 watts, and since the 4 ladies have shown no light poisoning or melted fans, I lowered it to 23 inch's off their heads. Will check them in the am make sure they are good, but since the screen will keep them from going up closer to the light, I should be ok. All 4 ladies are to the screen and beyond now. Wasting my time tucking every day, so now I will let them come up through a hole maybe 3-4 inches(day or 2) then tuck. They have kicked into a higher gear, are now sucking from the rez at a decent rate, and I have been slowly taking stuff out from below the screen. Learning as I go. I am still thinking about the flip. I believe I will flip when about 65-70 percent of the screen fills. The plants will be touching each other by then, and most likely growing like friggin weeds I will post up here and Papa, Cozz, Hamme, Tread, DD, Tiger, and others can chime in and help me decide when to do it. I like the shot from square on over it, can see the whole screen. I will take the rest of the shots as it fills up from the same angle. This is a bit different than I am use to. Since I am bending and twisting, and tucking, the growth is not immediately apparent. I do not see the vertical growth, and the plant stays busy making all manner of side branch's and new bud sites. Very different, but every few days, WHEN you let them "breath" a day or so and come up through the net, I see what they have been up too under that screen,lol. DON'T grow your seedlings under HPS lighting.............. Too lazy to actually hang a veg setup, so they were grown under the HPS and at quite a distance. They are very healthy, and have HUGE leaf's, they just look stupid........all tall and totem pole like.............Now under the H.O.T5's they will slow down, get trained, and give me some cuts to run. I cannot wait till the "Mom" screen is finished..................not so much for the bud, which will be nice, but to hopefully reduce my Mother number! Thinking I have 10 Mom's and 8 PP's. ALL of the Mom's are in the "Mom" screen, so I will get to see who gets kept and who can go. REALLY SAD part is this: The Goji is ALREADY in my big screen, in fact 2 of the 4 in the big screen are Goji #1. YUP, not even smart enough to have run 2 DIFFERENT plants..............even though I have 5 different Mother plants. Would SUCK to finish the Mom screen and find out that Goji Pheno #1 sucks!!! That would be horrible, 1/2 of my big screen covered in shitty Bud................LMAO!!!! I did it because I have not had a bad Goji from these seeds. All 5 of the Mother Goji look pretty similar, so I just picked the stinkiest one..................it should work out......................... The Mother plant in flower of Cloud Watcher x Star Dawg ( 1 is in my big screen too) STINKS. OMG, i pinched a leaf off the plant and shook it..............swear to God it smelled like my old Kawasaki Mach 111 500 TWO STROKE bike when at full song on the pipe..............NASTY ASS fuel/chemical FUNK.................could be a good or bad thing. I once tried some Killing Fields grown by another, was a "green" pheno. Thing tasted like ROCKET FUEL ....................I just could not smoke it. Hope this CWxSD cross of my buddies does NOT have that taste/smell. ANYONE else here tried the KF that tasted like fuel, I mean like rocket fuel, or 200 proof moonshine?????? Peace, Jet
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    Defoliate the heck out of her, I mean down to the bone, I take ALL fan leaves, maybe leaving a couple on top, one week before you switch to flowering, then again at 3 weeks flower. Plants absolutely love it. I like to do mine a few days before 3 weeks. Think I've got pics of her in this thread before and after. She was a bitch to strip, tough as hemp leaves, so used my trusty scissors. So I've in essence already trimmed her twice, lol. Seems to have worked pretty well. I think Chucky's a natural for defoliating, given it's small popcorn bud structure. But those buds are like little fruity hash balls. Oh, here it is. This isn't the best representation, as some you can see straight through them, she's just too big. You should have seen her BEFORE I stripped, just one big ball of leaf.
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    Two seeds growing in one calyx:
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    Maybe a picture will make you talk (Not my pic!!!!) For sure it has great genetics behind maybe not the showiest from the cookie pebbles family but sure caught my eye
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    Chopped the mazar smoked the shemale parvati still wet smells like karrots nice head high very short daytime creative
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    Hey GA. I had a very leafy BA, chucked it for my #2 and #9. #2 currently in flower for last time, #9 is the champ. I had some underneath hidden male bits as well. Sounds like we have the same deal going, but they should be female seeds.
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    @dieseldog381 bro it’s not going to be good I suggest once you flower her just pack her up and send her thin little tiny ass to me I will dispose of her in the traditional Viking funeral one little fire at a time lol she is going to be a MONSTER you may need help trimming we need a trimming party at dieseldog s in a few months damn
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    Give Cocoa Kush crosses, with Esko's male, another shot if you get the chance. I've never had one that didn't smell great. Unlike just about every living human who has tried Chocolate Rain, that's the one CK cross I don't care for. Smells great and is powerful, but it turns my brain into sludge.
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    Yeah MrG, SF is a strong active buzz. You get shit done, you do a lot of wondering what you were doing while staring at silverware.
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    Jet, I love that pic on the last page.... it reminds me of the calm before the storm, lol. It looks so clean and quiet and calm. Little bitty plants. The young ones look as healthy as they can. The T5's make them so pretty and green. They'll fill back in under those. peace
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    Now I can’t wait to see what they do
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    That will be one monster of a plant!
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    I lost a main stem on one of my RB by applying too much downward pressure. Didn’t see the split until the whole limb wilted. I just snipped it off and now working with a threesome... Trimming the new growth.... as we know, new stems will grow staggered. When we bend the plant over, 2 stems will grow both directions horizontally and the next two will grow vertically. We are trimming the vertical ones. Top and bottom of the main stem. This keeps the nutrients moving through the plant evenly. If we leave these, then the upper stems will grow like tops and take up more nutrient than the horizontal and bottom ones. Leaving the bottoms also just uses nutrients and not produce well. I left “trim” ones temporarily until the tops grow a little longer, then they will get removed above and below the main stem. hope that helps you a little better
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    LA Cheese, one of my favs, she had 8 colas, all bigger then my arm, larger then a fifth of everclear.
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    I chopped the Cheese Berry a few minutes ago. She's a taily beast. All tails, really. Not my favorite bud structure, but I had one of these phenos before. She was good smoking — incredible body buzz. But I've seen CB with great, rock-like buds, so those phenos exist (or existed). The scent is sweet and fruity, but not unusually strong. It appears that I did some slight trimming of the bottom of this plant, early on. Once the tent became a jungle, I never got in there to trim bottom leaves and branches at all. The plant she's sharing a 3 gallon cloth pot with is one of those zany Nepalmas. The last pic is the Nepalma. I expect all of the Nepalmas will be coming down this weekend, along with the last Shackzilla. The Willie girl will just spread out and finally rule.
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    Could they be identical twins?
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    That's on my radar. I hear that's "happy" weed. All of the sudden everyone is telling me how "oh yeah, it's my go to pot and been growing it for years".. lol I'm always late to the party. heh. Looks great. peace
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    Splurge and get a couple of them fancy hortilux fs+uv the plants love em.
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    I've grown Cookies and Cream, it's fire, you won't be disappointed. Baq
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    Willie Nelson has the scars for his advocacy. Happy B-Day! I inhale something nice in that honor!
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    I agree with overlord you need to control the height I normally defoliate at the first week and keep bending through the 2nd week as well I try not to let them get too tall I only have Total 60 inches in height but if they do super crop the hell out of it bend and break as needed treat them rough lol it can get out of hand but I am looking forward to seeing my screen full this is going to be fun so many people trying an octo-scrog all about the same size I see a crap load of buds in all our future
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    Heck no, it's not an Octopot! I've got a Sugar Punch in one of those for two and half weeks, following their directions exactly, and it's still a seedling. I knew their "method" was part bullshit from weeding(lol, spell check finally got one right in Elmer Fund) their website. You can't take a seedling, put it in 6 gallons or extremely light soil, 18 inches of dirt between it and the water source, water it once, and expect good things to happen. First, water doesn't wick that high, so you're going to REALLY slow down your initial growth. It's one of those, "I knew it, I just knew it" moments. BUT, put a well established clone in, and you're going to do fine, IF you do top watering until its well established. Tap root, schmap root, any gains from a bigger tap root vs clone will be lost to veg times. I've been to that rodeo before with similar wicking setups. But, I'm going to hold out judgement, lol. This is good old DWC in a 5 gallon bucket, very high tech, don't try this at home! To fill a bucket with water, drop an airstone in, and turn on the light, should only be attempted by experienced professionals, who have their total environment dialed in perfectly, or your plants will shrivel up and die, like the wicked witch of the west's toes curling up when Dorothy's house fell on her. Sorry, I was "channeling" the Advanced Nutrients team's "advice" on defoliation. And trying to sell more five gallon buckets.
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    block head: https://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Block_Head/Spice_of_Life_Seeds/ There are several entries for Yumbolt. I've only grown out the Jackberry. It finishes fast. It's so fast that if you don't veg it you'll get nothing back.
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    Yes. This one had somewhat colorful leaves and a more intense scent from the Cocoa Kush. The single SS still standing seems to be similar, but about a week ago it started producing more new flowers, so I held back on the axe.
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    Another Sweet Spot down and trimmed. This is the one on the left in the picture above. I'm high as fuck on scissor-hash at the moment, so if I just trail off...
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    Depending on location, maybe consider lung room to prevent ice at exhaust. Otherwise, one intake filtered but not charcoal, screen like small enough to keep pollen and bugs out. I would use charcoal filter for exhaust. Basically think of giant tent
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    A little Chucky's Bride this morning?
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    Headband x Hills and Valleys.
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    No, this is my first run of HP. Harvest slowed down considerably since Edward Scissorhands was helping trim yesterday. After work I trimmed one plant — the Sweet Spot on the right in the first pic. This plant makes me want to run the pack of Esko's Chocolate Mix I have stashed away. Cocoa Kush is a great addition to everything it's crossed with. I was just thinking, the Sweet Spot on the left witnessed it's pot-mate get chopped — and it's still in the tent now, mulling over the events of the day. Is she scared, or is she saying to herself, "Ah! At last that soil-hogging bitch is dead!" Anyway, it's clear that there is serious frostification involved with Sweet Spot. Two more still live, but not for long.
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    Here are a few of yesterday's girls. The first two are Holy Princesses. Sort of a classic Christmas tree shape. The second one, good ol' Holy Princess A, was the biggest. C, the first, has the deepest scent. Next are a few lower buds and main cola of plant A. A Shackzilla was taken down. The last two photos are the whole plant and either a lower bud or one of the many mini-colas on the plant. She was pinched back once during veg, and stayed a very manageable height, as did her sister, who is still alive and kicking. All damage to fan leaves is from the 8 hour death-ray treatment. Now I'm going to go down to my grow shop and look for a product called Miracle Dry And Cure Formula, open the bottle and wait a few minutes for it to do its magic.
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    Well, this is where 2019 started for me. I planted 6 seeds on the Super Blue Snow Moon ( or something cosmically close to that ) which I thought would be good vibes and karma... One other was put in a flower pot for fun to see the germ time. Normal. But, the moon gave me 5 out of 7 males. So much for my karma and moon vibes. I only got 2 Humboldt Kush x Sugar Punch. I'm keeping the one Chocolate Kush to grab some pollen. I planted a my last 3 hoping for a female, but I lost one, one is struggling because of my mix was too hot, and the other is growing like a male. I never got one female from that pack. Unless..... stay tuned. If the other two are male maybe I'll mix the pollen of all three. I'll show them coming up. So I kept the Sunshine Daydream. Hills and Valleys x Rhino Blood, and Choco Kush males to look at and keep some pollen. They're in the up coming pictures. These were all sprouted under one CFL bulb and the small LED bar light above, @13w. peace
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    Ditto... let me know if things get low SPW. peace
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    I'm sorry you have to go through so much.
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    Here's the weekly update of my three Amnesia and two Sugar Punch cuttings grow. They are in week eight of 12/12 and it seems as tho they can go another round or two. The Amnesia's are fattening up nicely, but the Sugar Punch plants seem to stay behind. Perhaps 1,5 liter per plant every other day still wasn't enough. However: the scale will have the last word. Lights on.
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    I will be eating medicated prime rib and coconut shrimp, I believe might be a band there? I will be Served tonight ha! Normally I am doing the serving. Happy 420
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    Listen to hamme , you know he ain’t kidding saying method completed , now your Just fibbin so shave off your pubes ,and fill up that crate Cozz growing inert , you know will be great : )
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    I’m all out of likes....well done. That’s the Hamme I know Looks like we need to get the weed rhyme thread going again.
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    I should and a recipe book, a tech book and recipe book I actually wanted someone to make a prototype of the unit my guy put together for me for the charcoal I wanted to put that out on the market. A unit to take the green out.
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    No, I don't leave it in there, I think that would be a bit gross lol but I think some folks do that, me with stomach issues, no green ground herb in there lol. I clean out the green, did I ever show you that? I Turn Dark black green to gold I winterize for three to four days, taking lipids and waxes out, then put it through charcoal taking the green out, leaves it beautiful golden. This is dried but lipids and waxes taken out. Once lipids, waxes, and green taken out, so clear and clean, beautiful. Then once decarb turns golden dark color. I would say do freezer method to keep green out and make sure to winterize, if you winterize you will take all that out, I refer to it as "filler" and you have very clean tasting product which is much more potent, you are left with almost pure THC Product.
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    Most people are not "breeding" in the classical sense anyway. Not in the aspect of whole picture plant improvement. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If I can create ONE truly stable, single pheno seed line, in my lifetime, I'll consider it a massive success.
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