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    Hello In view of a new "limited edition" variety at the 1: 1 ratio of thc / cbd made in collaboration with a friend, I will be launching genetics donations while working This will aim to have grow and smoke report coming from outside The variety is already stable, but the work continues because we arrived at the ratio of 2: 1 thc / cbd The strain I am talking about is: Afghan cbd x black afghani So if you are interested in a package of 10 you can give your name here, I think I can give here 10/15 packs ... So do not hesitate .... ON THE CONTRARY, in exchange you will be asked (yes if you have received them ... Not like some). To launch them very very soon .. A grow report (a few lines on culture, 2/3 tofs) A smoke report (like a few lines of your feeling / taste ...) There is more than and if you have questions .... Feel free Edit: I'll leave the week to have several shipments to do and not to do one by one .. and i'll give an email here when it'll be finished
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    Willie is still chugging along. Kind of looks like a plant in its 6th or 7th week of flower, but yesterday was actually the end of week 14. Just a short 4 weeks to go! Or maybe 5!. About the time it's dry and cured, I'll be coming back from 12 days in an reefer-unfriendly country. I could be facing an electrifying experience. Or at least I hope so.
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    A little update, been busy with my photography, but it looks like the show is getting ready to start.
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    The best I have found is to make the concentrated cannabis oil, then emulsify it with the MCT oil. Coconut oil occupies the liver, while more cannabinoids are delivered to our endocannibinoid system. If you use it under your tongue, you by pass the liver as well. You will get more cannabinoids with making cannabis oil with alcohol then if infusing into a high fat such as coconut oil. It can be done either way, infuse the coconut oil with your herb, herb should be decarbed first if infusing at low temp as I do. You will have an easier way to control potency, to determine mg needed for dose, and you will have a more potent tincture if using cannabis oil into MCT oil. With cannabis oil, I take the green out, with an infusion you will have the chlorophyll in it. I don't care for the green, nor do I use it since I have a blood clotting disorder and can not use vit K. So I avoid it, but some feel it makes better meds with the green in it. But you can make cannabis oil with the green in it as well. I prefer it without. So depending also on what you might feel is a better medicine, with green in or out. My preference is cannabis oil mixed into MCT oil.
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    1st "Tuck" of the flip. This is not going to be easy. I decided not to wait any longer because the 2 I am waiting on are doing nothing. CB is just making 100's of little shoots, all cluttered together, the CW/SD is just sitting there doing nothing.................I am going to let the Goji run over them if she wants to. Front 2 are Goji, back left CB, back right the P.O.S. Cw/SD.................lol Filled the rez's, gonna let them run 1st 3 days of the flip all on their own, open the door Thursday and see what kind of mess I have. The Goji will take 7-10 days to start her stretch, she does not stretch instantly on the flip. I have trained n cut n bent the 8 lil Papa's Punch so much, they have not shown me sex yet. I will leave them alone this week, let them come up vertical some, then they will probably show me sex. I have lost track how old they are, but should be showing by now.................training and cutting them slows the show.
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    Week 14 and still chugging along. That's dedication.
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    Thats them on feb 23rd and now ....lol(not the small in the middle thats blueshaze) cheers guys
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    Scored these this week, FYI Snow is still having major health problems, his beans may not be around too much longer.
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    You can get pills for that.
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    Mob is Maines own blueberry, fast 8 week purple/ black buds with a strong sweet blueberry smell. Like canned blueberry pie filling. Not super dense but very frosty. Cocoon is a Bodhi stain, loompa headband x wookie 15. Growing her now, dense large buds, great trich coverage. Haven't tested her yet, about 2 more weeks till chop. 10 to 11 strain if I remember correctly. Haven't seen anyone else grow it but it's from Bodhi, can't be bad. The TRUCK is nice. Most of them have been indica leaning, strong stalks as you would imagine with the huckleberry kush genetics. I do have the goji cut.... it hates me though. Always seems to be some issue when I grow her but she is lovely. Have 2 little cuts going right now and a friend has a plant as well. If I ever lose it, I'll be buying a pack of the goji og if I can find one. Plan is to make some goji fem seeds if I can keep them alive that long. This grow you have going is amazing!!!! Can't wait to see how it all finishes up.
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    I OWE YOU G. A. ..........................had you not CONVINCED me to run Octopot's, i'd still be floundering around with my bullshit hydro setup and nasty chemical ferts!!!!!! THANK You...................from the heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    So, trying to figure out what to run next round....................get it set n ready to drop when it is time. I know I will run them on a big screen(assuming of course MY big screen finishes ok) and I KNOW 1 of them will be a Goji, and another will be Papa's Punch. Hoping by then to have Napali Pink, she will be my 3rd.....................so picking ONE of these for the 4th lady into the screen. Little bottle is Gage Green.......................above it is C99 F6(Indican's) ...........LSD from Bogg.....................gotta be a DECADE old at least.......lol.................. Took 3 "self'd" seeds from the BIG NASTY PURPLE Road Trip from 2 years ago....that is the RT bag Round Mosca is his Blue Iguana???????? Know nothing of it. For the life of me I cannot remember what or where I got the C99 top right hand corner????? c99xed????? or is it c99 cubed???? ANYONE???? BUELLER????? I hate making choices.............................. lol
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    I've been wanting to get down your way, but still strapped like you and trying to get my photography business to take off, which is going well I might say. I don't have any cuts at the moment, I only kept 2 of the BOH, one for me and one for @Shoeless, both were the last cuts taken before I gave away the mom and both were looking mutant with weird leaf growth, lost one and the other one is looking better, hopefully it will grow out of it and I can take a few cuttings (as I train) for you and Shoeless. Baq
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    i heard about good shrooms in Bali ???
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    You are thinking of waiting a week for the others to catch up a bit Pap? I think that would be perfect timing to flip
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    Too funny. One time I made it and it was too thick, I knew better then this, you warm it up in a cup of water, on no thought I would just push that 10 gram syringe, it would not budge, I Finally got it to go and it went on the ceiling, on my hanging pans all over the darn place, I felt like licking the ceiling ha ha. What a mess!
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    I go to Indonesia a lot. I know plenty of people go to Bali with weed or they buy weed there. So the chances of getting caught are low, but you are essentially guaranteed at least a few months in a cell if you are caught with a small amount. Seems like an excellent opportunity to clear out the cannabinoids and build up the cannabinoid receptors in my central nervous system. I'm not sure if this is their wet season or dry season. if it's the wet season, I'll clear out the lungs, as well. Dry season they have a bad habit of setting forests on fire. Willie Nelson is a little different from a lot of the old landraces, because it has a more compact and desirable bud structure. I believe it's an f1 of two landraces. I don't know what Vietnamese Blackseed looks like, but Nepalese Sativa looks like it has a nice bud structure, from pics I've seen.
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    Looks like 6-8 weeks would be enough when I put them in my next seed run. What's the plan? A forest, or chopping them up into a SOG?
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    Hay @Mr Goodfellow hi bro I always struggle with the flip it’s going to be soon that’s for sure
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    The Lemon Bubbas are that tall? I have a couple started. And, that cross JC made with his SiFiBlaze, Onyx Fire. Man, the Thai came through in his cross so I popped both his and Santero's LB.. I think I was tasting the Bubba in it,, too. I can't wait. Been craving some Thai and Bubba would be great, too. I'm surprised I picked up the Thai flavor in JC's cross because it's been a long time since I smoked any sort of Thai. I could also sense it in the high. It made me remember and want more! Won't be long. Glad you saved some pollen. It could be great in the future with the right girl. peace
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    I might be able to hook you up with some Goji f2 seeds this summer. I'm not sure how many I'll get and exactly when but they're being done now I believe.. I still have never smoked it, much less grown it. It's been on the wish list for a long time. peace
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    Ladies on the Big Screen turned to short hours tonight. I have had ENOUGH veg time. Knowing the 2 Goji's are going to go insane on the flip(Hell, they are growing 2 inches/day on EVERY shoot now!) the screen will be filled. 'Bout time..........................for the record...................Turned 5/13/19..................................................let's get this show going already
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    YUP.....................BUT NOT mine................swiped off the "net" . THIS is what I HOPE to re create..........................................LMAO!!! THAT screen is PERFECT...................the odds of my 1st screen looking like that....................... .0000000007%...........................................LMAO!!!!
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    Can I have a CUT OF that Goji back...................................I have lost her..................I wil trade you back my KILLER cut of Goji X Hgk...Holy Grail Kush....................I want to ht it with my Goji X HGk.......................preserve that cut...................................I have NOT found another liker her.....................close,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but NOT like her..................SO COOL you still have her, GLAD I gave her up to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like I want to run BOTH of those...........................the Mob and the Truck............................ THANKS MAN.,......................ANYTHING I HAVE IS YOURS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,butv my best is the Goji, you already have it. Sounds like a Horse Trade in the making........................................ PM me...................
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    Honestly with my health, the Octopots and the easy to use Texas Tomato Food saved me. I could not do all that work the other way. This is so nice for the disabled as well.
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    Yes some strains have finished up sooner, there is another gent doing them that found the same with a few strains. Most finish up the same, but some finish earlier.
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    Its still alive i just removed him from there im harvesting some pollen now with the remainings to try and do a couple bubba lemon f2 (sorry I caught him but did not literally cut him lol) got three girls in my “veg” tent. 2 of them are nearly touching the top, all of em well over thelight .... The plans changed and they beeing vegging for ever ..monsters! they look like moms lol Cheers!
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    NO, not to my thinking......................about the same for me..................I actually let them run a bit longer in the Octo's,
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    I have jallisco IBL and Jallisco Haze that I intend to make seeds of and submit as freebees. Just have to wait until I get through my current seed making projects (Apollo 11 x Jackberry etc). Its a fun hobby to have !! Cheers Doob
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    Yup, way under the limit here. T5's still working well, ladies looking just fine. My 1st screen is working better than I thought. Not real even or 100 % filled, but decent enough for my 1st try at it. Got too many Mom's and cut's, be glad when this screen finishes, and I can do some cleaning house.. All of my different Goji's in this screen look about identical, not much variety in the seeds it appears, a good thing since all previous ones have been great. I have 1 of Barrie84's Boudica F2's in the screen...............she flat ass STINKS!!!! HAPPY MOM'S day to any Mom's here!!!! Peace, Jet
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    New Mom/seedling area set up today, different room, now the big screen can be flipped when I want to do it. Going to let the big screen ladies have till Monday or Tuesday to continue up through the screen. I have been keeping them so under it that the fans barely develop. When I let them come up a bit, the fans grow out very fast, and the ladies seem a bit happier. When I give them a day or 2 to come up, I can really see what I got, and what it is going to look like. Goji's are now sucking over a gallon a day, pretty soon I will need my 30 gallon can/pump/hose deal to fill the rez's.............. Thinking it was a POOR decision on my part to run an unknown CB in this screen. She is making shoots alright, 100's of them, but like most Chucky's, she is very spindly, and thinking it will have buds laying all over the net . The Cloud Watcher x Star Dawg is NOT impressing me!!! She is doing nothing much of anything..............................teach me a lesson!!! The Goji is just taking over the screen. To be honest, I COULD yank the CB and CW's out, give the 2 Goji's another 1.5 weeks, they could easily fill that screen themselves. I would, but you just never know. I will run it this way, hope the CB throws something bigger than marbles, and that the CWxSD hits some kind of stride in the flip.
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    Just 1 night without a tuck produces this, Heaven help me when I flip............ Lil Mom's chugging away..............they are actually starting to drink a bit more now..............
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    This is the bubblegum mate it was hidden at the back, that other small frosty plant is a cherry Vanilla Cookies
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    Thinking this coming Monday, I will flip this screen. What does everyone think about that???? There will be plenty new growth by Monday, but here is how the screen looks today. I am afraid if I veg much longer, the 2 Goji's will run over the Chucky and Cloud Watcher. "Papa's Punch" doing well, being trained, destined to go into the small "Mom" screen as a full on pheno hunt through them..............I KNOW something special is in here, just has to be with the 2 parents. They are about to show me sex, but I think I already know who is what.............lol...............
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    Hi all I'll opening the Triple Pakistan report: First, grow infos: - 450W COB CREE CXB 3590 - 3.5L Soil (biobizz light mix or canna pro +) - Nuts Metrop - VEG: 7 days / Bloom: 63 days - Not worked
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    There will be a mass murder of all but one Nepalma and the Willie Nelson today. Nothing like a bright, sunny day to sit inside and trim reefer! But help is coming today, and that's that. I thought I'd start with the second Shackzilla. This is week 13, and she looks like she'd accept 14, but fuck it, it's going to be 13, regardless of her pleadings. All her colas are too heavy, and yes, that one on the right is now completely upside-down. The second pic is a closer look at that situation, followed by the upside-down cola and then the lower buds that "took over" for the upside-down cola. OK, so I got a little fixated on the upside-down cola. Sue me. Willie Nelson will not be getting the axe today, but she's the fourth pic. I thought i should let you all know what happens when you grow an 18 weeker. She takes over your tent and life. Just last night she borrowed the car, and I couldn't help but notice the side-view mirror was dangling by a thread when I took a look at it this morning. A word to the wise — DO NOT let Willie borrow the car. The next pics are those crazy-assed Nepalmas. The first is the most normal-looking of the bunch, followed by a lower bud of the same plant. The next three pics are from magic Nepalma seeds I traded for the family cow. Sure hope it was worth it. All buds are strings of thick calyxes., which is also the case with most of the rest. The last pic is a similar pheno. While I don't like structure like this, I'm intrigued. Hope it kicks my ass in an indica-dom kind of a way. The scent on the Nepalma is all hash and honey, as it says in the description. I'll probably be back later tonight, under the influence of scissor-hash.
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    Just stick me under a cannabis plant or two lol. Wow, can you imagine burying your loved one in your back yard, and compost them! lol https://returntonow.net/2019/05/12/you-can-now-compost-your-loved-ones-rather-than-bury-them-in-a-coffin-in-washington-state/?fbclid=IwAR0pDrujybqAcGFkln3T0XDBKww_Qc7FAnvy5cXvtZjxoiI707ITRD9x6es
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    No worries, if I get one like that I'll just make oil out of it.
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    That's a shame. I'd have used some of that pollen to cross with my Willie Nelson girls, if I had it. I'll have my chance during my next seed run.
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    What is MOB X Cocoon??? You still have my Goji running?????????? TRUCK sounds good................... Long time no hear, how u been????
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    Harlequin harvest. 340 grams wet.
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    this is an awesome fenotype in stucture and yield the effect of this one is stoned 2 the bone, so this will be work in progress to continue on for Green manalishi F3. day 46 flower. this one wil meet the guillotine in about 10 days .... stay safe and FLy FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    1st 3 pics are Triangle x Wookie aka Phone Home by Bodhi.. Then Mother Funker aka (Psychosis x Huck Kush) x Cluster Funk Next is Motas Deep Ghash Then Lost in Space Apollo 13 x Blue Moon Rocks
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    Never made keif So i try this 120 micron pollen box If i roll kief into a ball i have created hash?
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    I do as you do SPW, and I use socks to cover lol Cheap black out
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