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    Sinister’s Junky Munky week 7
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    Here's my Sugar Punch a few days later in these slow growth Octopoots, or whatever they're called. And look at the roots growing right through these el cheapo grow bags. I'll be expecting a full refund. Hadn't even put her in flower yet, sigh. You guys told me these things worked!
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    NL5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck
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    This morning i was cleaning and preparing my grow-room and when i went downstairs i was shocked to see the following: How the hell can my grow-net be on the living-room floor? I am here all by freaking self and i know i didn't put it there! Do i have uninvited company again? Or is my house haunted? A little later i realized it was non of the above .... My cat Wifi dragged the net downstairs! I just had to share it with you all, the others just wouldn't understand!
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    I decided to cut BA#2 yesterday. She was at 58 days, so a little short of desired chop. She was having issues with mold, I found a couple more spots after cutting out the previous offender. I washed the plant in lemon juice/baking soda, washed visibly affected bud in h2o2 bath. I found rot in only a couple buds, they are trash. BA#9, front left, joined the party after pulling Ms. Moldy. She is rather big, hopefully the added fan will help. The BBS buds are filling in, I guess they have another month or so.
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    6 days into the flip : ip: Mom screen 1/2 way through :
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    A wee update on this one, everything is looking good, I got my clones going in coco, got about 5 more week to veg them so I might get a bit overgrown in veg but we will deal with that when we get there ;) The veg tent The clone I'm most interested in #3 This is the flower tent about week 5 The bubblegum Bubblegum top Cherry vanilla cookies #1 #2 Cherry vanilla cookies #3 Plant #3 is my pick out this fist grow of cherry vanilla cookies, The big tall ones might bulk up a bit if I give them 5-6-7 more weeks? ...lol... Its good to see lots of familiar names still here on opengrow :) Hope all you guys been having fun ;)
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    Hello again, not been around for a few years. I was dead happy to see Sannie got some Dynasty Genetics back in stock. I'm doing a few (3) dynasty grows this year and thought I would do an opengrow diary again (I'm sure it makes me less lazy) I usually manage to bungle my way through a grow, fixing any problems as they crop up. fingers crossed for this one last time I was here I was into 1 plant scrogs, same set up but now grow 4 plants at a time. I started 4 seeds, 1 topped off, left me 3 cherry vanilla cookies I got them in the pebbles before any more topped themselves off... I had a few reserve seedlings on stand by, Girl scout crack won the space. this is them 2 weeks later That's the new ones for now. I've already got 3 girls in the flower tent. I was pretty lucky to get 3 girls out of first 3 seeds. 2 are lanky stretchy mf's and one is small fast flowering one, they are joined by a bubble gum at the back left. a picture says a thousand words, v-scrog net on the side wall That will do it for this post. all the best folks : )
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    Definitely hit me up, I have a bunch of blueberry stuff
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    This is an ad basically for a companies product. But thought some would be interested in the chart.
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    HAHAHAH awesome interstellar gathering is causing true madness! in BlueShaze XL i need to look out!!! so i don't bring back to much interstellar vibes causing the logical world to collapse hahahaha.lol incredible stuff and i am just getting started getting fully dialed in to retrieve the best of the best.Just wait!.... accompanied by the other selected clones for the re-test: Shaze x aj #1,#2,#3, GG4 x aj, Mexican haze x aj pfffff jaw dropping stuff!!!!! Stay safe and FLY HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Well, after one of the tightest winters I ever spent, money wise, I had a couple of pretty nice days on the cannabis front. A couple of days ago I got a couple of packs of Bodhi f2 preservations seeds, Dragon's Blood Hashplant and Jungle Spice f2s. And another friend sent me some Bokking 14 Comfrey to get started in my yard and garden system. He also sent some super CBD seeds, the (Cherry Wine x Otto) s1, 10:1, 20%+ CBD & 3% or less THC. And in addition to a couple of others, a cross of Thai x Stardawg.... going into a pot tomorrow. heh Then another friend comes by tonight and gave me all of the rest of the mexican landrace seeds he shared with me last year, along with the old Panama Red seeds. He says he doesn't think he'll get around to growing them. woot! He tried one mexi landrace and said it grew super lanky but it smelled skunky and you could smell it from all over the place outside on his property. he lives in the mountains and in no way a good place to grow sativa outside. So.... fun adventures to come. He also is hooking me up with a fellow grower who is getting out of indoor growing for his new family and is willing to lend out or partner up with his equipment. It will fit right into my new plan to grow produce and edible and medical mushrooms downstairs as well as a large cannabis test center...heh. I have a few people willing to be involved in the labor and possibly the grow operation and one who wants to partner money wise. Man. I'm excited now. Things are starting to look very possible! I needed that sort of treat atm. Good timing. Just felt like sharing! peace
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    THAT WAS EXACTLY how my Goji MONSTER looked before she exploded and took over the room. LOOK AT THAT THING!!!! NOW you KNOW why it appeared to be doing nothing above, she was, she was busy below. NOW below is all set...............................hang the fuck on...........................That is a beautiful sight there man! That plant could be a true monster if you want it to be. Veg her much longer, whether you want one or not, your going to have a beast. The Octo's may be a few weeks time slower on the front end, but as your going to see shortly, they will more than make up for it with vigor, health , and production on the back side of the slope. My Goji that went WILD looked close to that. She was a bit wider I would say, but all in all very close structure wise to this plant of yours. I think I let her get 20 inches before the flip. It went insane(good root to the rez, like yours has) and ended up taking a whole Gavita DE light for herself, sucked 4 plus gallons per day from the rez in full on bloom week 8 or so. You let that thing go much longer, you will SEE what I am talking about. She finished at like 7 feet tall, 7 feet wide, and was stupid yielding. What is she, like 14 inches???????? Turned right now, she will need more room then she has in that pic on 2 sides. Sorry I reco them and they aint working for ya...........................................
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    in 2 days this girl shall meet the guillotine. lovely Lemon G-13, caused by the use of my Green manalishi G male, Green manalishi F3 will have even more growth power, structure, lemon taste and effect. JUST WAIT!.lol Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    My Mother Funker Mother Firefly (Psychosis x Huck Kush) x Cluster Funk by Bodhi...
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    Some Red Diesel bud. It's really mellowed out with a few weeks cure, pretty confusing smoke, she's no slouch on the potency.
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    Have always wanted to try and run her...........................where did you source it???????????? Did it come from a "cut" ??? Very pretty bud!
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    Looks to me like YOU happened to her......................lol..................bit of major clean up????? Very good pics BTW....................
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    Yeah, Toker, don't look to the west.... tornadoes, massive flooding, thunder hail storms..... we got snow overnight. 33 here right now. Mostly wet and not too cold. Still no frost to kill my fruit trees but we got close today. Fingers crossed. I spent all day potting heirloom tomato seedlings yesterday to try and sell them at the farmers market in a few weeks. I still have another round today with the Purple Cherokee tomatoes. I did the Large Cherry's yesterday. This whole weather thing is making my decision to start an indoor produce garden much easier. peace
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    Good morning everyone killaqueenxbluehammer was chopchop on friday tiny blushaze and tiny sanfune was also cut to be hanged up not much yield there but i dont really care. Cause the couple beans that they are pregnant with is what gets me excited
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    I have a ridiculously expensive, hand-held vape on it's way (I think). I ordered it on Friday and chose 2-day delivery. I expected it yesterday. When I got back from a day in the field — no vape. I sent them an email and the stoners said it's going out today (yesterday). I guess 2-day means they'll get around to shipping it out in a couple of days.
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    She's 10 inches this morning, growing about an inch a day, yeah, she's crazy bushy. You can't see it, but the main stem is HUGE! Roots are in the reservoir the past few days. I'll probably flip her to 11/13 this weekend. She's got about 50% Fox Farm Ocean Forest in the bag, how long do organics last in this setup? Reservoir is running about 450 PPM with light veg nutes. What I like about this setup is I can use organics again, which seemed to cause all kinds of problems in DWC or hydro. Can you put teas, or guano's in you your reservoir water with these?
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    this Blueshaze XL cutting was the first to root and is used now to make Blueshaze XXL, and is max 7 days older!!!!!. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    check for samenwahl, mr.g ... this one has been very reliable for years and years. ( @saxo war das der "spanier" der du empfohlen hast, bro?)
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    I love those sawblade leaves. She's a beauty! I can't wait to grow mine. Hey, I heard if you kick those Octopots they'll grow faster and bigger. And, I think they sell a kit on the internet to get those roots all poked back inside the pot. Just a little extra work. peace
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    Boy I wish I lived in your neighborhood... wait.. maybe it's better I don't. lol That sounds yummy. Man, my NAW herd is waking up and showing some style. I'm not used to doing a run in such small pots, but so far, so good! One Blue Hammer is so sticky and starting to get the trichome blanket on the leaves. The buds won't be as big as they used to be but they'll be right! I'm going to add a 4 foot 4 tube T5 to the room right away. That should help get some weight on the buds. I got my bamboo stakes out today to get them installed to deal with the "flops disease" when the buds get so heavy they flop over. Ooooh, I'm happy.. new NAW gear to smoke. I have clones of them all, too. peace
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    Yip she is looking like a winner, but it will all come down to the smoke/vape : ) too right mate, you can end up with some monster plants growing dwc it depends on the genetics some just don't stretch much, I like big plants
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    Update on the recent Harlequin harvest. Final dry weight: 64 grams. A new personal record. The old record was 60 grams from Master Kush.
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    The end of an era tonight...............................going to be SAD!!! Sending the show out with a face melting combo joint, should do the 3 of us in that will be watching. 8 gram big joint, 2 grams of 3 diff Bud, 2g's of bubble mixed through it. Bye Bye G.O.T. Thank goodness for Gomorra ...................... Hamme.....................POS Ciro killed Don Pietro, then Rhino Boy sets him upon Malamore who he also kills. That wife killing, child beating, shark hearted SOB needs to fucking DIE!!!!
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    Here's how my R.P.P. x Chemdawg field looks.
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    Well sir theres is a test but its quite expensive.... Ok well can you tell me how much it is? Wait one second sir and i will check Oh sorry sir we did test you with 2 tests You came back with no lyme antibodies Im calling bullshit One second theres a quite expensive test The other Poof i had 2 tests....after she told me to start with they never did lyme test And no fucking bill.. Im so disgusted
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    @santero ,si hermano he´s reliable for almost 20yrs now @Mr Goodfellow....Hipersemillas.com for the english customers
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    there are some fakes. who try and take claim. of things proven way to difficult for them to undertake. as we shake our cristalized flakes. off of our high grade medicinal strains. we will try to re-indoctrinate a way of escape. from this mess getting way to FOOKING insane. sanity!, look thats where i come in. let me take the world for a spin. to try and explain true or false. that everyone needs to smoke a bong. throw away tobacco destroying your lungs. lets spring in to action by grinding the best. NAW STASH this wil help forget the rest. who are just unable to test. the verry best stuff only we provide. by taking time to FLY HIGH 24/7. this is the way to open the blue gates to heaven. with the diamond encrusted vibes. you wil receive from smoking Blueshaze XL. you are able to construct the keyhole. and unlock this door with beautiful stages and floors. filled with ALL the wants and desires from those who came before. you guys and girls know i’m baked so please take my advice. by re-thinking it twice and ask yourself do i. really want to feel that nice.lol Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Hé all Testers, can you send me a PM for details please, i'll prepared the shipment Ciao
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    Beautiful looking grow, you've got it locked down!
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    Looks to me like hashy-makey week.
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    Damn nice scene you have there Shoe,
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    Living the lies. is what we do to disguise. the things we try and hide. even when it is in plain sight. we still prefer to tell a lie. if it reflects any challenged vibe. we describe what we do in our daily lives. by language that was made to disturb or alter your inner-vibe. to play off-tune so our hard and software. can start to believe more and more of these so called facts. and we slowly but firmly are bred in to lack. the potency to construct or retrieve any reality. and the truth is so easy when you found your subliminal key. to wonder through each private made philosophy. left to us by this idiocracy. we let govern us sheep. we can no longer weep. because the floors have been seeped trough. with those salty tears we cried. and whe are made to watch from the outside. how we are turned inside out. and i,m waiting for the day that up means down. they let us gods play with misinterpreted thoughts to just run a muck. as we will strike clean out of luck. while we are being subliminally fucked. in front of the eyes of those disguised with shadow and crime, honestly like they give a fuck. so why should i feel the burdens we all bare. that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. it is time to wake up any spark and thought with the help of our natural ally from ancient times. this time Blueshaze XL will rally the troops to enhance there minds. so we may overcome our overseer.... one day.... ONE LOVE.... one NAW. stay safe and fly FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Looking great good to see some of the old crew back
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    CRACKER here in the states................LMAO.................CAN MEAN something completely different........................CRACKING has same meaning here.................. YEAH RIGHT................got it in hand....................here............let me go take a pic, 6 days into the flip..............................tell me THIS is in hand......................lol.................
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    this looks really nice, it will soon to be a carpet of buds. look forward to see them develop : ) all the best
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    I know someone with a Boston terrier who gets seizures that are getting worse. This could come in handy.
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    Koma Kreations Blueberry Sativa IBL, 30 day in flower under 400w COBs. She smells sweet and clean, nothing really stands out.
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    couple chop pics Then a couple new ladies in the bed G13 blue og the 2 clones I have no idea what they are but they are supposed to be really nice also thiught I’d show the size of the worm that was on top today it’s like the size of our lobworms in the garden ffs stay blessed Redz
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