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    Down to 16 with the blockhead still holding out on me. Just don’t feel comfortable yet chunking due to the strong grapefruit smell present. Plants are rebounding, soil is much better and no ph probs. Best of all no gnats! These will all get cloned I believe and then best eight will go to flower. Still waiting on air pots to arrive and electrical work on light and control board. I’m impressed with these little hlg lights! I think the pucks and exotic boards are going to take them to a next level. Have a good evening—G
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    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! Headed to Red Rocks to cover Blues Traveler and Leftover Salmon. hope to catch shots of the Denver fireworks from the top of Red Rocks! I'll be toking some Straw Nana Berry tonight!
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    I little update, just bud pics. Pistils are still changing, and no sign of seeds..... 2 obvious phenos... wonder which one is going to be best Some NAW gear I want to run this in the octo....I'm not doing it justice in the region pot Finally budding up...sure hope it gets those pink pistils like advertised. That's all for now. HAPPY 4TH of July to everyone celebrating. Hope everyone has a great day.
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    Look what's for dinner at the Cozz crib. Pork butts in the smoker....10 hours and they will be perfect.
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    Long time no been here! Got my beds finished and plants have sprouted. Long ways to go, I try and make a Summer grow so harvest close to fall maybe, have to see how it goes. Long time to be in veg. Or I might just be Bhanging. 4 beds got a lot of prep last two got whatever was left over so I"m giving them some General Organics and some Alaska fish from Home Depot. Transplanted from plastic cups to 1 gal pots the day I got them, straight ocean forest watered with B1. Transplanted into the big boxes 2 boxes at a time. Size depends on how long they been in the big boxes. Coming along.
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    thanks for that, beach S.Punch x Black Lime R
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    NO MAN...........................just run 12/12 from seed, all is still good. I think I may run one of mine 12/12 the whole way...................
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    Very nice indeed. Great looking cuts!
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    Also, @Wilbur is jumping in. He cant get the cups where he lives, but has a half liter beer mug he wants to try out. The more the marrier
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    Im going to run half on 12/12. 1 of each strain. So, stay in bro and run em with us.
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    I feel the same way I just wish I had the space for a few more THESE THINGS ARE THE SHIT ! i I’ll yield more in the same space with 4 plants in Octopots then 9 in the same space in 5 gal fab bags and less the work I wish I did this years ago paps
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    Since I had to bring in the 30 new seedlings, and set up another T5 for them, it gave me a bit o extra room on the "veg" site. The Amnesia Haze, R.P.P., Napali Pink, and Silver Fields were healthy enough today for their 1st "bondage session". I was easy on them, they will be just fine. They are going to give up cuts next week, so really excited to actually get growing them. I am guessing from the NON exuberance of 'Cozz, the "Pinks" are not throwing PINK HAIRS yet....................or we would all know about it. In the late 70's I had a plant that threw pink/magenta hairs. It did it from week 2 of flower on, and finished that way too. Was hoping the NP's would have shown him colored hairs by now, believe he is already 2 weeks inot their turn, but not sure. Above is either RPP or A.H. Napali Pink on the right.................either A.H. or RPP on the left Silver Fields above..............she is so strong I could not hardly bend her stem................STRONG growth already from the 2 Silver Fields , one is already up potted and outside dealing with Texas weather. PP#3 and PP#5 in the Octopot's..................NOT seen one word of complaint since being placed in there......................weird...................????? Did not have the filter with me, but when I passed by the Sugar Goji, they were praying so hard I took pic's anyways........... 2 of 3 Papa's Punch for the "Cup Contest" are up already, figured all 3 would have been, she pops FAST!!!! 1 in the middle will be up by tomorrow morning, or Im only going to run with 2 . NO SEED WAS PLANTED in that last hole on the bottom right..................YET I have "something" coming up from there. I DID NOT fuck up placing the seeds or my map of said place-age, it has to be a 3 week old SSDD seed that never popped..............................HHHMMMMMMM......Looks weak and funky, if it does not look better in the morning, it is going in the trash . Counting on 3 PP's getting run in the contest. Here are my 3 containers. 2 bottom feeding, one just regular cup, as a "control" . Will go in tomorrow and be placed under some T5s. Were I really keen to win this, I would place them under an HPS to veg, they WOULD get larger quicker under the HPS, seen it happen, but not moving them back n forth every day, so they will get T5 power till one of the HPS screens is done. Peace, Jet
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    Put a lid on the Chocolate Thai hempy bucket, moving Yeah Buddy to flower. Flower tent has 2 BBS #1 and a BA #9, though the BA is struggling a bit. She is at 44 days today and not happy. Droopy leaves, fans drying out, buds are small. The BBS are showing a bit of stress from low humidity. Humidity has been low 30s, also kind of hot (upper 80s) at times.
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    Thanks for all the likes.... Now for a couple of pics of the mini DWC test run....looks like it is working fine. Drinking almost a half a cup a day! Time to make a few more.....got to have them for the Mini-Grow challenge. The roots are pretty nice, I am going to push full nutes on it and see what it can handle.
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    Plat.Huck.Cookie GG#4 Rosetta Stone F2 Rainy June.... with some Sun
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    The RB in the Octo will be killer................not because of the pot , but just look at her...........EVERY THING I have grown that looked like THAT ONE................was pure fire. Damn, no pink yet on the Napali huh.......................did we get sold a line of horse shit................LMAO???? At least she looks really good. The one looks like a bush.
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    i can't wait to try my 260w board just got mine today
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    Ok my four seeds have sprouted pics when they are up of the dirt
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    Don't blame ya, that grapefruit sounds nice. Looking really good, glad you fixed the issues.
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    How long is that gonna take to ship to Michigan lol Looks really nummy
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    Hey Griot. How are you liking the fan so far? I need a new one and that has been on my radar.
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    Ouch gardenartus that looks painful get better soon
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    Never heard the frase "welcome to your thirties" what happens then?
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    oh bwooyz im seeing its going fast got to check my seeds
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    Yup, no 2 ways around it, she is a skinny floppy skanky bitch alright...............why I continue to run her amazes me, lol.
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    I should of thought of that.....................put more down, run some 12/12 others regular...................I am going to run one of them under the big HPS 12/12.....
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    Torn rotator cuffs are the worst! Had my first back in March or so, figured out what was up in May, maybe ("welcome to your 30s," said the doctor), and can just now achieve about 80% of normal range of motion after a month of therapy. Healing vibes sent!
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    ANOTHER 2.75 inch's of rain already today! This is getting stupid. Brought in all the lil seedlings I placed outside yesterday, and added a bunch more that germ'd overnight. 1 of the PP's for the Cup Contest has broken ground, but his helmet is still attached, so he doesnt count yet.....lol Taking Hamme Hydro's advise.....................mature a week or so inside, then go back outside. Fired up another T5 ....argh! Closing in on 100 % germ rate on 32 seeds..............5 more to go it will be 100 % REALLY LIKE this lil germ tray I have been using . FINALLY.......................praying on the cut's............................YEAH!!!!
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    Cool, Napali Pink making the rounds.........................make 'em look pretty Artist!
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    Plane landed, They came through very nice. TY TY @Justcozz
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    @Maria sanchez Thanks Maria, I am smoking a bowl of it now, very nice stuff. @Builder Looking good man, enjoy that Sour Goo Phuuu.
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    I hope I get purple Sugar Punch Think when I am able to drop seeds, gonna do the Sugar punch and green ale. Bout ready to sex the GDP, then I will pop more, once sexed.
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    I got all sannie´s seeds from his catalog of feminized strains, plus all the freebies. I just planted 6 Jack F9 hoping for a keeper... So far I´ve grown.... 1.Blue Cheese 77+ 2.Shackzilla 56>77+ (F) 3.Spider Bite V2 63-84 4.Mad Chem#2 (Diesel Pheno) >54 (F) 4.Mad Chem#1 ++ (HeriXwidow Pheno) >63 (F) 5.Mad berry +++/++/+ (dreamy purple) 63+ (F) 6.Herijuana +++/++ (Coffee flavored stone) (F) 7.Kinky Blaze - 8.Green Manalishi +++ (calm & active, clear indica) 63+ 9.Caramel Cough NL/Haze #1 +++/+ (calm & warm, soft haze) 63>70+ 28.Caramel Cough #2 +++/+ (calm & warm, soft haze) 63>70+ [M.Y] 10g 29.Caramel Cough #3 +++/+ (calm & warm, soft haze) 63>70+ [M.Y] 10g 30.Caramel Cough #4 +++/+ (calm & warm, soft haze) 63>70+ [M.Y] 10g 10.Killing Fields +++ (Stoney and high) (F) 11.Amnesia (hypro/neville) +-/- maybe high THCV levels (Classic Thai/Lao energy) *one pheno 12.Blue Hammer/DGC +++ (uplifting & soft, blue sativa,) Green/Purple 63>87 *2 phenos 13.Sour Kush#3 +++ (Calm and soft DGC pheno) >72 13.Sour Kush#1^ (calm, slight ECSD Dom?) >82 14.Jack Candy +++ (Candy Haze) 82+ 15.Sugar punch #1 "P59" ++++ (strong punch & comfortable) >59 (F) 16.Sugar punch #2 "GXL64"+++~ (stony, comfortable w. deep fruity taste) Big yield:) >64 (F) 17.Sugar punch #3 "GI64" +++~(Clear sativa, enhanced mood and mental functioning) >64 (F) 18.Sugar Punch #4 "PXL72" (Deep stone w. Energy) 72+ (F) 19.Sugar Punch #5 "PI72" (easy sativa, mood enhancing) 72+ (F) 20.Sugar Punch #6 "PXL77" (Narcotic) 77+ (F) 21.Shackzilla#1 haze (clear energized high) >99 (F) 22.Shackzilla#2 +haze (clear energized high) >99 (F) 23.Shackzilla#3 +haze (clear energized high) >99 (F) 24.Shackzilla#4 +haze (clear energized high) >84 (F) 25.Shackzilla#5 +haze (clear energized high) >99 (F) 26.Skunk/Afgan x Shack (active stone) (F) 27.Silver Fields Rushy Haze w. Stone >87 31.Killingfields Calm and content >77 (F) These are some of the strains I´ve been keepin´ notes on so far... I kinda stopped keeping track after I sowed the remaining SP´s a few months ago. Sorry guys, should have included a Legend.... *The numbers at the end signify flowering times *(F) is for feminized seed.
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    Well plants are starting to rebound in new soil. Have not got to the flower tent yet. Life has other ideas for me atm. Gotta getbon it soon cant keep these in 5in pots forever. Pics of two Romulan S1’s and a weird sensistar sativa like pheno.
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    Me too...me too They will be in dirt in the morning
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    AGREE..a KNOWN clone beats seeds for me any day too! THIS is MY OWN girl I gave out a few years ago, then "lost " her..................now have her back hopefully. Wise move spreading good cuts around, like the AH and RPP
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    Uzbekistan X Killing Fields at 11 weeks
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    Sugar Punch @ 61 days flower
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    Deathstar did well, 10 1/2 in jars, 5 for medibles One worth growing, dank and sticky, sticky, always pulls well.
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    Now I'm cooking, got my other light up. 1200 watts of LEDs.
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    Green Manalishi F2 made by OgreBarf 2014
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    Cheeseberry showing some colours a couple weeks left
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    Not bud but plant lol Deathstar, thing is so heavy! Think gonna get at least 12 off her. One worth growing.
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