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    I'm gonna try to sneak a grow in and if super fortunate make a small batch of seeds on some lower branches. seeds aren't a priority but if i can make it happen i'll save some pollen for the first attempt at freezing if i get that far. lineup is old school and new school. 1. 8 ea. Grand daddy purple clone mom x URANIUM CRANIUM male/s The UC was created/made by Mole yes, that's not a typo. the UC females were hit with various males and made some good crosses at least 3/4 if i recall. all named like so aneurysm, concussion, & flatline. i thought it was one more but i could be wrong as i had a mental/physical breakdown of sorts so my once high level computer brain is more like an old mac book that's glitchy lol. 2. 7 ea. (Butterscotch Hawaiian x G13/HP) x Conquistador = i told u old school lol. if u been around long enough, you know who made these beans and then gifted them widely. nuff said 3. 7 ea. Warrior's Tonic = Warrior’s Tonic is a 1:1 ratio seed created by crossing Warrior Kush THC with Mae Cannatonic CBD 4. 7 ea. Cap’n Shiva’s Crunch Berries = Shiva Skunk x (Bruce Banner#3 x Afghani) F2 the newer stuff is a chance to have some interesting puff as well as an opportunity to find my own cbd solution i can truly use. my sis will be on board cause she has all sorts of issues like i do just different. i doubt i'll ever have enough space to take on a couple patients in need. dispensaries here charge to much and rarely offer good cbd cultivars. :moon: Since i'm an Ex- jarhead i wanted to run some gear offered by a fellow jarhead = semper fi :ying: he's a good dude and does help us vets like he says. so, dropped them in colored cups a few hrs ago. time to clean up the nursery. i'm so glad it's pretty clean already. i'm tired as fuck = depression and just did 9 weeks straight of 5 days ea week of radiation for prostate cancer. So, pain is my main thing but it's not associated with cancer. Yet. if the CBD can kick cancer in the head, throat and cajones i'll take that too. ijs this grow won't be picture heavy but I will try to show all stages once they are up and running. too tired to do hevy details/text. yes, i ramble but in this case it serves to illuminate my fellow stoners on this marathon i'm runnin. :thank you: all seeds are underwater and i can see a couple have cracked open. rapid rooters will be soaked in water that has rooting powder in it and then squeezed out and placed in the trays upside down. a small cut will be made to make a hole to inclose seeds in the rooter. seeds that aren't cracked will be placed pointed end up because that's the best way. just google it to verify.
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    The four in the back row are for the mini-challenge. (The four in the front row are the Afghan CBD strain being test-grown for @Cristalin). They all popped within the last day..
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    some more HIGHEST grade inbreeding, Bammie is Amnesia HAZE and then SOME... breeding at its finest. this fine work will find completion after i found the wanted dad in Airborne jack F2 x Jack hammer F2(Knutsel). amnesia with Green manalishi #8 Quenkle sativa leaves from amnesia and jack herrer. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    I soaked 5 seeds and 4 are tailed and in the dirt after 48 hours. I left one a little longer in the paper towel and on the heat pad. It should be right behind the others. I like how the leaf is already visible in two of the seeds. They are ready to grow!! heh .peace
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    Hi Buddies, It was a long time, and i had many adventures, some bad, some better, since i've been there, but "c'est la vie", not always i Pink - Hope to see oldies growers. Back with an outdoor grow, let you know more about it as soon as possible. Whatever, i missed the community, but i guess she does not change that much - high Five & Positive vibes (y) TTYL
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    Hey everyone, I know I haven't been on in a few weeks... I've been working way too much and, more recently, went through a couple big quakes, a 6.7 and a 7.1. Some of you on here already know I live in Ridgecrest California and we got seriously rocked on Thursday the 4th of July, then again on Friday night and have had countless aftershocks since then. Most aftershocks have been small, but there's been a few that rolled us pretty good. They come along every couple of minutes or so. There are still a lot of freaked out people around the valley and close to a quarter of the population here bailed as quickly as they could. Earthquakes aren't like storms or something you can get away from... these quakes were felt in four states at the same time! There were no fatalities, there were a half dozen house fires due to ruptured gas pipes, there was major flooding due to ruptured water pipes, there is a lot of property damage that needs to be repaired. I commend the first responders, our emergency crews and my community in coming together to do what was needed in keeping communication lines open and helping those in immediate need. This is the easiest way for me to let people know that we are ok and everything will be ok, but it's gonna take a little time for most. Just a quick heads up to let you guys know I'm fine. I was burning after work on my front porch when Fridays 7.1 hit... scared? No, more like excited... I've been through every earthquake that has rocked this region my entire life, since July 1968 and this was stronger than the quakes we experienced in the early 90's. I believe that my "oh shit" button is broken... but my wife's works well enough for both of us! I'll be around more often, I'm taking this weekend off to celebrate my 51st birthday with family & friends. At least 7 aftershocks were felt in the writing of this post. Take it easy and have a good day! DesertGrown
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    Hey fellow growers and stoners, after some stressful time I am now back on here and u have to deal with it! greetz
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    Just some notes watering every 4 days 4 plants took total 9 3/4 gallons up from last time total of 9 gallons used the thirstiest one is the beast in the back left side 2 and a half alone they are putting on weight and the sugar coating you can ski down lol they are only 54 from flip and did not start developing buds for the first 10 days so more like 44 days i took a close look at the tricones and the Sp has a mix of cloudy heads some clear and a few dark Amber ones not even close possibly 10 weeks the SD has nicely developed trics but all clear heads some turning cloudy , but according to all that has grown her she should be done between 58 and 64 days
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    You can "cut" the pollen with flour or something like that. Gives you a larger actual quantity, but as you just need 1 single pollen grain per calyx, it doesn't reduce chances of successful fertilization. I generally use a little paint brush, dab it in the (cut) pollen, and brush it on my selected branch(es). My herb is for myself and friends, so I don't care about a stray seed here or there in other branches. But otherwise I then bag and tie the chosen branch, using a paper bag. Just 2 days is enough in my experience, then bag off. Best of luck with the seed making! Your plants look fncking awesome!
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    and some more fine inbreeding. Airborne jack x Gorlilla Glue #4 by re-triggering Chocolat thai she needs 1 or 2 more generations to unlock all wanted vibes. S.S.A.F.F.HIGH.lol Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Not full bloomed, but a few ladies in the guerilla wilds... That's hard to spot, as I'm right over it before I see the white pot. Charlotte's Angel (I think, may have mixed with an auto...) On the right, tallest is the one flowering already, about 60 cm = 24" tall. So maybe grown 35 cm in 8 days, 4+ cm per day, about 1.75". Here she is up top. She looks about 10-14 days into flower, and got her stretch on. But has a little more height to put on yet, maybe another 10cm = 4". She has four main colas up the top. A couple of little branches below. Sweet Pure (I think) The next one is about 53 cm = 21", good stretch going on, too. But, no pistils yet, so she's definitely going to get some height on her! She has four main colas, plus another two colas, then a couple of branches below.
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    thx dude, i luv the sir chunks a lot.
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    Hi folks, ok time to fucking rant smdh. 1. who thought it was a good idea to have what u posted last in a thread to show up when u try to post again. with no easy way to make it fucking leave . wtf is up with annoying shit always being a part of our posting experience here. it happens no where else i have ever been so why the fuck here ? makes me want to jap slap a motherfucker frfr. it's supposed to be less problematic not more. 2. for all comrades in the UNITED SNAKES . many of you are getting very sloppy with personal security and the security of those you deal with. iT'S NOT OK, COOL OR SMART TO OPENLY SAY IN FORUMS THAT X,Y, Z SENT YOU ANYTHING. You are outing in public yourselves and gifters alike. We, made a point not to do this for cheap and free safety and it always worked. So, why the fuck do so many fks think it's k to do when the feds can fuck you every which way but loose and then some. let's not mention the fact that many who do so might not do well in jail. Every time i read/see such shit i grinch instinctively. We are not supposed to help leo people. wtf are Y'ALL THINKING or should i say why have so many stopped thinking safely. i used to love to read the extensive security threads on various boards. i'll end this rant with this personal tidbit. IF send and u get whatever, i better not see you out me in a thread. stfu and use the PM system like it was intended . nobody needs to know your business like that. nobody will bail you out prior to nor protect you once u get an orange jump suit either. 3. fucking UPS says in text message "leave at neighbors " u fucking assholes you never added that shit before. i never changed anything on my end and when their automated system ask for the tracking number it can never understand the fucking number. call back talk louder slower and clearer and it still can't understand the number. it was hell to go outside of their bull shit system with no offered alternative. then this mothefucker barely speaks up to talk to me and as soon as he say important shit it's like he had rocks in his mouth. had he been in front of me we would have been fighting. cause i would have slapped the shit out of him after the 2nd time he spoke in an unintelligible manner. to make it worse he wasn't some agent in a foreign country. smdh it was so frustrating i'd be i jail right now had we interacted in person. then he says well that's just an option. i said oh really then why wasn't that made clear and why was it never there before ever. he had no fucking answer... yes, it was my psych meds and i took them as soon as i got them in the house. smdh 4. i made an appeal to the human idiot who's dogs i have had for 6 mths headed to 7 mths now smdh; that she better have her shit figured out for them. i told her i started my project and i wasn't going to let anyone stop me nor be distracted by dealing with her dogs. i found out that her thinking and rational mind don't work well together when she's pressed by life and has to tough it. it's so much more to it that has nothing to do with her responsibility to her dogs that if i say the shit i might hold a ?slap her ass" grudge against her frfr. it's truly that bad smgdh. 5. for the fired weed dealer . thank you for being shiesty because from now, until i die i will only give a person 1 chance to do right, say right and then back it up. as soon as you deviate the 1st time they will be dead to me and no 2nd chance will be given. when you do what you do while not sleep walking then all will be held accountable. Mr. nice guy will be reserved for those who are worthy of that treatment. ok, i think i vented everything well enough. exhale next post will go back to my usual self . thx
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    Here she is! Welcome to this wooorld, beautifull! Can you say Daddy??? Daa - dieee....? No?! Well, maybe tomorrow I shot her secretly through the air exhaust - I need to be very carefull, she never saw such an ugly face before and after moving her in on yesterday.........she needs time, you know?! Keep it green! Wilbur
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    Hydro and soil hybrid very interesting The looks are more like hydro buds to me hope you like how they smoke cause looks like you are gonna have a generous harvest!
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    Hi bro I flower my males under t5’s irks just fine making crosses is addictive @Maria sanchez that’s how I do mine ( only great mines think alike ) jet I like to hit them 2 x with the pollen just to insure good results bro as usual you’re killing it great job peace paps
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    From Clarke's Marijuana Botany: Biology of Pollination Pollination is the event of pollen landing on a stigmatic surface such as the pistil, and fertilization is the union of the staminate chromosomes from the pollen with the pistillate chromosomes from the ovule. Pollination begins with dehiscence (release of pollen) from staminate flowers. Millions of pollen grains float through the air on light breezes, and many land on the stigmatic surfaces of nearby pistillate plants. If the pistil is ripe, the pollen grain will germinate and send out a long pollen tube much as a seed pushes out a root. The tube contains a haploid (in) generative nucleus and grows downward toward the ovule at the base of the pistils. When the pollen tube reaches the ovule, the staminate haploid nucleus fuses with the pistillate haploid nucleus and the diploid condition is restored. Germination of the pollen grain occurs 15 to 20 minutes after contact with the stigmatic surface (pistil); fertilization may take up to two days in cooler temperatures. Soon after fertilization, the pistils wither away as the ovule and surrounding calyx begin to swell. If the plant is properly watered, seed will form and sexual reproduction is complete. It is crucial that no part of the cycle be interrupted or viable seed will not form. If the pollen is subjected to extremes of temperature, humidity, or moisture, it will fail to germinate, the pollen tube will die prior to fertilization, or the embryo will be unable to develop into a mature seed. Techniques for successful pollination have been designed with all these criteria in mind.
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    Nice work there. Hope your guerilla season goes well. I have a few CBD photo fem girls out in a nice spot, hidden in reeds / grass by the river side... And a couple of photo regs that are under lights but will be going outside very soon. All the best for the weather and other guerilla factors. Keep blazin' !
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    @Mr Goodfellow G-39#17(50/50 Green manalishi/Killaqueen) x Green manalishi HHP Male. #17 tastes like a band-aid dipped in iodine where the sweetness of the Green manlishi Honey hashplant line sweetens and softens it to taste like chocolate. never had the feno you are describing but i can taste and feel it from wat you are describing. -Hammer of Dawn is my all time favourite when it comes to taste this #4 feno tastes and rieks like Bubbleicious chewing gum awesome stuff. (old pictures from HOD #4)New crosses are lined up to create more of the BEST. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Best of luck, and I might not know all the genetics but I appreciate the past and what they did back then. Hoping this one brings you everything you're looking for!
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    I think that's about right. Not long. Problem is if there is a fan on before. and if any gets on your clothes and hair. Sometimes you can get lucky, sometimes they all show some seeds. I forgot, which male is your pollen from? have fun!
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    Hey Mr. G, thanks man, glad you stopped by. Speaking of Stanky, I wonder what became of him, haven't seen him for awhile now. Hope he shows back up one day. I'd be glad to see what you have to offer when you get settled, I've got some new ones you might like too. taker easy buddy, best of luck with your outdoor crop.
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    Tried to just barely use any with a tiny brush................."stabbed" it on rather than painting it on. Still went through 3/4 of the pollen...............could have pollinated a FIELD with that much, lol! Going to let them sit 1 hour, then spray with my sprayer, just clean fresh water. Pull the covers, spray the rest of these two. Before being brought back into the room, I will take the sprayer and SOAK the other ladies 1st. Then re introduce these Ladies right at lights out, fans off. So help me Papa......................doing all this for your seeds bro..................if I pollinate everything I have running right now, it will suck. The big screen is safe, at 55 days nothing much will hurt it. The little ones have no pistils yet, so they should be safe. The 9 ladies under this light with the 2 "hit" Ladies are the ones I am concerned about. I was as cautious as I can be, lol, so I just hope it worked. Also hope 1 hour is enough time to "get the job done" .............I know Im done in an hour.......................
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    I am so far in the lead, just give up now......................... LMAO!
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    Happy hump day OG, gonna squeeze in an update before heading out to tackle chores. The eldest Sugar Punch is getting close, I'll probably chop her Friday at the 9 week mark. The other one is a week behind so I'll get to her the end of next week. I took a sample bud from the elder SP and I can see why it receives much praise. The name pretty much nails it, like a punch to the head, it gets your attention. It has a very nice body influence and definitely slows me down a notch or two. Good for chilling, listening to music and other pastimes that don't require much concentration. The 2 Blue Magoo girls have stretched out some after 15 days in 12's. BM#2 is a wide body while #1 is more compact. My little mutant BM turned out to be female and she is 22 days in. I will flower her in the 2 gal. pot and see what I get. In the veg area the 3 Phuuu's IPA fem sprouts are recently up-potted to #1's and looking good. The flower room Here's a look at the BM mutant. And, here are the other 2 BM's w/ #1 in front BM #1 BM #2 Now to the Sugar Punch, here's #2 @ 55 days And, #1 @ 61 days. I could not stop taking pictures of her. All this talk of Green Ale lately has me thinking they should be next up in my room. I have a few dregs of it left in the bottom of stash jar that I broke out and sampled yesterday, reminded me of how much I like it. I may need to make more seeds of it anyway, they have been popular. OK, enough puttin' off the chores, much to do and the Sun is shining so see ya next time.
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    some ecsd x gg#2 aka fast diesel outdoor bud porn from real gorilla seeds
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    so i got my 10 legal plants in now,,,well,ive got one extra!shhh,,lol the plant in the grey open bottom pot is fire99 and the shitty plant is forum cookies x jagerschnitzel...i had to do it...lol
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    Brown pistils on certain Papa's Punch plants, think it took
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    @RhinoCBD, I can't say enough about the taste of this Cartel Haze. You and Polder really brought out full on haze flavors with super greasy lips on every exhale. Some buds don't taste quite as strong but some are off of the charts! First it's sour lemon diesel... after the grease coats the lips, a sweet chocolate flavor develops.. very cool and complex. I may need to drop more seeds of this right now and take cuts.. what a wonderful lemon flavor topped with chocolate undertones.. so cool. I kept asking myself?? Green Manalishi x G39??? wow.. I need to go back and find that breeding info again. I could live with that smoke forever. So nice! Great work with the terpene magic..this is where I get so amazed by this plant. hmmmmm... I guess I beter smoke some now!! I talked myself back into it. I have to save some though. It'll be hard. Much love and respect my nerd brothers..
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    Down to 11, blockhead still not showing! 8 of these will go into flower tent once it’s ready in 3.6gallon air pots. All were cloned including those I had double females of before culling. Some like the Santa Maria in the pic look like they are in flower but they have been under 18/6 since sprouting. I would say they are mature! Everything bouncing back great from root trim and reporting in new amended soil.
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    MOB x BLR (smokeys too) was tasty and strong GreenAle
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    Seeds received. (Thanks for the opportunity to test-grow these!) I am operating under the assumption that these are not feminized. Correct? I will soak four of these and start them immediately.
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    I’m in New Mexico working atm, but may be home Thursday. Mine should be there. Hope my roommate brought them inside from the mailbox. I’m looking forward to fast tracking them when I get home. I have to come back in 2-3 weeks but somebody will watch them while I’m gone. Best vibes to all the growers! peace
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    Hi Sea, damn sorry, ok we will see that Thx baq , it's perfect, have a nice grow Ciao
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    Sannie's Jack blows any C99 I've ever tried away, it's more potent, longer lasting, better high, less racy, it's pretty much the perfect plant, it has it all. I agree with Papa, it's some really strong weed, but I'd have to say Silver Fields is the strongest I've ever grown.
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    Sannies Jack hits hard. A bit more racy to me than C99, a strong solid high that will keep your head spinning...love it.
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    frosty fire99 at about 5 weeks
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    Day 44 oh the jungle on the right @santero ‘s shiva dawg on the left side is @sannie ‘s sugar punch
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    please let me clear up what esko's "BBS" is made from, since some eager hunters (you know who you are, hehe) don't even really have a clue what they even are so crazy for it was not just one combination that was repeadetly released. all 3 batches of BBS were different (and in private he kept separately working on the sativa & indica lines). but i believe much of the craze around his BB's is mostly nostalgia / lack of availability. 1st release of "BBS": sativa thai BB-girl from TB, pollinated with a long stretch-red stem blueberry sativa male (from the old BB-indica packs) ... NOT the same male as in blue rocket, cheeseberry ect. 2nd and 3rd release of "BBS": each different ... worked lines, IX's and re-combinations of his own "BBS"-work. he went for shorter flo, while trying to keep the line true to it's name/expression. nobody seems to have noticed this and many are just asking me for "his BBS" today i wonder why no one just goes for DJ's releases ... they are all still available, lol ... most of those desperate BBS-seekers seem to thnik esko didn't start with these genetics (?) or he made some "magic" and changed them somehow (... while he sure did not). _______________________________________ i will keep working his stock, at the moment i am at 9 weeks flo with a more TB-leaning profile, BUT i don't have plans to release that anytime soon, sorry ... my last post should still be very good news to anyone looking for esko's BBS work. if you want a sub, then grab some of KOMA KREATIONS work @ sannie's shop ... their BBS is a reeferman BBS x motarebel BBI-combo ... both also from DJ Short stock (so "the BB of a BB"). and it's basically the same formula: as in BBS x BBI, but in a different selection and staring a bit further down the line (with two already worked lines, that is NOT a bad thing, people !) ... his re- sults will be consistent(, considering what he says he started with). KOMA's actually sounds like a carbon-copy of what esko's BBS did ... knock u-self out fellas
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    Well sir they have arrived safe ! Thanks again will keep you posted on there progress once I'm able to get them started.
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    Would love to be a tester. Running some triple paki and uzbek now. These would fit right in the mix.
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    I have installed an Herb Cat.
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    HI HAL! No Sunday and nights are the golden time, the tree i climb up is hidden from the road.. I threw the empty pots and water buckets up there and the soil went up in backpack and some was put in Walmart bags and tossed up, for the most part rain was good and it filled the water buckets, nutes came up in the bottles you see in the foreground. As all was well I had to make very few trips up there, to check. , It was always a thrill to go up after 3 weeks and see how much had grown. . I harvested 3 of the autos 1 each... fruit , afghan kush, and red poison, so i have appx 30 seeds from each. AT bean bank prices 800 bucks in seeds.....the photos on the roof, i let the autos pollinate...So I am on my way to breeding an auto kushberry Get out there lads , I am sure you have a roof in your future, I like this little portable green house ...https://www.ebay.com/itm/Outdoor-Mini-7x3x3-Portable-Plant-Flower-Gardening-Greenhouse-Light-Green/401282904704?_trkparms=aid%3D777001%26algo%3DDISCO.FEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D49452%26meid%3D07a02c2b8ff24bc0b6b7d95184226b2d%26pid%3D100651%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26&_trksid=p2481888.c100651.m4497&_trkparms=pageci%253A149da000-c5e0-11e7-8757-74dbd180804a%257Cparentrq%253Aa49bad0115f0aad390f08c9dfffb166c%257Ciid%253A2 Might allow a winter grow for me and the birds and beasts love to feed in seedlings, this would keep the lil bastards out.
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    Not a great pix , I am close to harvesting the rest of the photos I had branches going all over the place , and the autos have a ways to go , love the autos 70 -80 days and bingo!.. I have red poison , fruit , afghan kush, and some of the various crosses growing.. I have Tao auto seeds coming their mix pack, and blueberry both of them are regular seeds new genes to aid in my herbal dreams. Even if you dont care for autos they are a fast sack, and with it you can trade or sell.. That they are small, and easy to hide in a veggie garden a plus
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