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    I am obviously lagging behind, though the hempy are showing how hydro growth is better. But I did have a bonus, courtesy of BAS ewc. 13 days in on these ladies.
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    Strawberry Kush. Day 49 of flowering. I wanted to share some photos before hacking a branch off of the plant. Running low on dried herb. The plant needs another week. Maybe two.
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    Day 14. The plants are tall. The bases they sit on are small. This is my first opportunity to grow out Strawberry Kush x (Strawberry Kush X Mystery Sativa). I only harvested the seeds from their mom in June. The leaves are showing some differences. This plant has Indica leaves. This one looks more sativa-ish. I am going to top them above the fourth node.
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    No! but this kind of offer appears weekly(tomorrow it should change!) i remember Motherlode Kush some weeks bevor... and other Sannie products(not only seeds) as well
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    You must have read my mind... I just dropped some seeds and I have to leave for work tomorrow. I was thinking of taking them with me to make sure they make it..heh. I wonder if the motel would understand my humidity dome...
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    And plants! You: OK, yeah, yeah, no smoking in the room, got it. Can you put me in one of the higher amperage suites?
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    @Gardener hi bro just curious would it be possible to trim off the rot and clone the piece
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    No fucking doubt. I couldn't see well in dudes house last night when I bought it. Looked at it this am n I'm like fuckkkk. At least it's at a discount lol
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    Bought Bud is going to pale in comparison to what your pulling down mang!!!
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    Outstanding pictures!!!
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    Great pics , great buds , win win : )
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    @saxo , have you bought from the weekly deal to know for sure yes I had a look kf 5+5, and 5 Blueberry Indica X Heribei all fem
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    not to bad... exactly the same as my mother pure indica
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    That looks a lot like the male I used for the dad. How’s it smell? The dad was starting to smell like cat piss about that time.
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    Whats up my like minded friends. hope everyone is doing well. Lets see whats going on shall we? Wedding cake getting used to the surroundings. green crack taking off just planted autos getting mauled by the bunnies some are getting bigger. back inside darling nikki by led seedz Black Azad Zamaldelica x REM Green crack a cross of mine red light x sk1 x argo 3 A pollon chuck i did LA Shooting x Royal Blood Darling Nikki San Fernando Valley O.G. X Durban mixed pairs wet green crack squish.
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    The little ones today sifiblaze male getting chopped right now
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    Looking forward to growing out Lemon Bubba and Killer Cookies this fall.
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    Sugar Punch day 54 from bud development she is fox tailing and bulking up trichomes are 75 % cloudy 5 % amber 25 % clear still needs more time thing maybe 10 plus days
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    Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy by @Mr Goodfellow...... Small lower bud that got broken while moving things around. Break it up, roll it up, smoke it up
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    Sugar punch #11 (Green & uplifting) Kept as Clone (56d f. Seed)
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    Silverfields -clone- (67) Fruity & strong... /peAce
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    Pics are too blurry for me to see the head well, but can see 10 % Amber already, they are not far off in my opinion.
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    Sounds potent , nice one : )
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    I am not so sure they are ready. These pics were from last night. The trichomes do not look milky yet to my eyes.
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    a lil vid from today... https://vimeo.com/349331042
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    All your guys plants are looking great....mine still look a week old. Little bitty things on their 2nd and 3rd set of leaves...pitiful.
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    beautyful tops there
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    Have you tasted mushrooms before? Don't take it with easy hand, some people go nuts because of those
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    Right back at you , @saxo : )
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    Ya thats a good deal to? But it says So its 5+5+5 for 10 Ok confused me
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    Hay bro my tent is set the same but why would you filter the intake ? Plants look awesome paps
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    Kf only maybe , but is it 10 kf plus another 5 fems ? lol
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    Chuck D. East Coast Sour Diesel x Deep Chunk
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    Think I have it functionally sound. 6” carbon filter one side 8” intake other side. Fan top left corner over enough to hang light pulley with string straight. Blumat bucket about 3-4ft high. Time to start wiring lights and control panel!
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    It's looking nice. It does look near finished. The color of the plant is changing and the pistils are all waning. They look like nice dense kush nugs. I bet it's tasty.
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    It is incredibly good to see you! I look forward to your grows.
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    Just wanted to say i dig you set up especially the mixed lighting love it. That is all... Cheers.
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    HeadCandy F2 shake 22 grams of quality Trichomes, first second and third sift. i will shake it all, one final time to make some Hash ROSIN. beautiful stuff!. (Second sift) (first sift) All stacked and packed for curing. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Welcome to OpenGrow! Greetings SiCKNeSs
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    Hey everyone, thanks for welcoming me to opengrow. I was anxious to introduce myself, but i wont be posting again till i set up my new room. The gear is in place, but i need some time to set up, it should be good, And im looking forward to sharing, but it wont get off the ground for a couple of weeks......
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    Hey sacred plant, thanks ! Its yo thing , do what you wanna do.....love it
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