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    thanks San but i really had luck with her, she was the only one that smelled so nice in the 14 seeds that poped up, i had 9ladys, 5 with a nice yields that looked a lot like the gapestomperOG a close friend did have a few years before but the smell was nothing special, and get 4 that looked like the one i selected but non had that fuking strong fruity chemical smell the #9 had...i did choose her since the begining (15days in bloom) and the smoke test confirmed it... Here is a few pictures of her early in bloom: and here just before i chop her:
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    Rhino Blood, apparently it's a long flower phenotype. She's at about 70 days and no showing any amber. Nothing but foxtails....hope she's a good one.
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    Thanks GA and Jet to the help took several small leaves from different buds and they will be down tomorrow I’ll post pics of the but first I talk nice to them don’t let them see the scissors sneak up on them and bam
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    The cloned top of Killing Fields in a 1 gallon container. This is looking to me like the green pheno. Definitely not the deep red or purple pheno. Day 1 of flowering. Before and after defoliation photos.
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    So a reminder Jillybean back left, Jackberry #1 back right, Jackberry #2 front right and Jackberry #3 front left. Jillybean Jackberry #1 Jackberry #2 Jackberry #3 Some pressed Hash got just over 20g
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    RS f2 mom i have 3 more backup male the dad i got is an easy rooter lucky i am i can preserve him got to build my repro room soon
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    Older ballast will only run MH or HPS. He needs to get the newer electronic ballast to run both. http://www.cannabisindustryinstitute.com/news/hid-grow-light-ballasts-magnetic-vs-electronic/
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    Check this out, JetDro. Plant Watering Devices Automatic Watering Irrigation Drippers Bag, Garden Plant Flower Self Watering Spikes Device with Adjustable Flow Rate, Vacations Plant Drip Sprinkler Water Watering Kits (6) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T3QJ582/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_o9IsDb71EZ5KW
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    Another week has passed, it goes so fast when the Sun shines. The 3 Phuuu's IPA girls shot up pretty good this last week. Getting hard to move around in the flower room now and the Blue Magoo's look like they still have a couple weeks or so to go. Everything's looking pretty good. First up is the veg area with the 3 IPA cuts. A few more days and they will get up-potted to #2 pots and I'll turn on the larger LED fixture. A look at the flower room. Phuuu's IPA girls @ 18 days in 12's, can't get a side shot anymore. My Little Mutant is 9 weeks in 12's and looking about done, I will giver her a few more days and see how she looks. Blue Magoo #1 @ 8 weeks Blue Magoo #3 @ 8 weeks Starting to see some dark coloration especially in #3. A finger rub gives a floral aroma of lavender, coffee and hash. Very nice. That's all for this week, thanks for stopping by.
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    Flower tent mostly complete, still gotta run blumats. Girls got 3 gallon new shoes and gonna veg a week or two and flip. —-G
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    new Rosetta mom 3 heads the new daddys and mom will go indoor under my new HLG 260 quantum board the original F2mom got another new mutant mom cut called "Flat trunk"
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    Here's a somewhat brief (I intend it to be brief, here at the beginning. It could end up not so brief, who knows?) smoke report of the Jordan of the Islands strain, God Bud. I had two plants and two phenos, which looked very similar, except one was purple and the other was green. This is on the green pheno, which captured my heart. Big bonus: this is a strain that is still widely available in seed form. Scent: sweet and fruity with some hashy undertones. I'll give it a 10 on scent. It's definitely in "Esko territory" here. For those of you who arrived here after Esko's departure and haven't grown any of his wares, he concentrated on powerful and unusual scents and, to a lesser extent, flavors. Taste: The smoke is very smooth and easy on the lungs, but I can't say I picked up anything special, taste-wise. I'll leave the taste unrated. I never tried to vape it, because smoking it is such a wonderful experience. It never occurred to me to break out the Ghost for this strain, but I may before I finish it. Bud density - about 7.5. Nice and solid, but not like a rock. There is a little spring to it when squeezed. Effects: This stuff is pretty powerful, though I've had more powerful indicas. I never GREW a more powerful one. I'd give it an 8.5/10. This is also not a knock out, couch locker. It is very relaxing, but it has a little *mind spark* to it which makes it a lot of fun for people like me, who tend to like sativa doms a little more than indica doms. When used as a sleep aid, it won't work right away. It will take around half an hour for that mind spark to die down. Other issues — The main issue is that these are classically small indica plants. This isn't a problem unless you have a plant limit you are trying to stay under, because this strain is best grown as a SOG. I vegged it for 8 weeks and that wasn't enough to produce a large plant. Stretch is very low, less than 1x, maybe it's about 0.5x, and branches tend to run parallel to the main stem, so it's not a good candidate for SCROG. Do I like it? You bet — especially for an indica. Will I grow it again? Almost certainly, as I have the other 5 seeds from the pack and Esko found a pheno completely different from the two that I had, and I MUST try for that one. And even if I don't find it and end up with another pheno like this one, it will be well worth smoking.
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    That would take a few days to figure out the flow, but perfect for small pots.
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    Late flowering hermie usually are duds love the hash also plants look stellar
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    @ZenShade had the same problem with his jackberry fems I think
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    Seen about 7 so far picked them off
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    Love the leaf structure on the magoo
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    Well that was fun lol My children were all into everything we did But it was good anyway I had to snuggle with my son in the bed to Excited he was But i got to snuggle Finally Man it beats a pillow for company Yeah i could chase her to the moon But being older has taught me patience Sounds gay to you young dudes But sex is just the cherry on top And sometimes plain ice cream is just fine with me.
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    Hows things hempy hope all is well with you Il head over to your site just looked through earlier today so much information Haha its rare for a mapito grower to make the switch i try to eat local and organic as much as possible and that mindset is now creeping into my grow room only a matter of time
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    Thanks for the input on Esko's God Bud keeper, @santero I purchased mine around 2014 or 2015. Can't say whether it's #1 or #2. I recently indulged in the purple pheno, which is similar, but has a distinctly "sour" taste and is not quite as smooth as the green pheno. For me, the green one is the keeper, but the purple one will be fully consumed, I'm sure. I'd also shave a little off the potency score, making it about an 8/10. On a side note regarding plant colors, it seems to me that green bud/purple leaf phenos are essentially like phenos that are all green, effect-wise. This is a good thing, IMO, as I always seem to prefer the green phenos when both green and purple (or red or whatever similar color) phenos are possible. I had a green bud/purple leaf Shackzilla in my last grow, which was as good or better than its all-green sister.
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    Got my first pistil A little root porn from hempy
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    the 3 bubbalemon and blueshaze are now all hanging to dry, smelling delicious and looking very crystally good sadly uncovered what you don't want to see............especially at harvest times. f***ing spidermites. happy f***ing birthday to me lol... oh well could be worse roll with the punches!
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    Here is some Cartel Haze
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    A bit of training, Cindy in bondage
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    (sorry for double-posting, but this post has it's own looong train of thought.) this posts is supposed to become a playful and thoughful description of how i would really "breed" something ... the word gets thrown around so easily these days, and i am sure many of you (at least the "old school") thinks similar. todays stuff is highly "not bred" at all, just mixed and remixed again ... not always with bad results, that's not the point but not being worked into real strains anymore. so, leaving judgments outside of the equasion: we are all just hacks, not breeders,haha ...some aspire to do more then others, but we are ALL just jokers to some of the real deal big headz (that's not people that boast about it in the first place, btw.) to be clear. so far i don't consider myself a breeder (yet), although i started making seeds right away eight years ago. but i moslty just grow buds and keep to myself, just enjoy the many varieties that are out there, while most of the things i do = i share out. my seedmaking is mostly a private matter, not commercial. that's why i don't advertise my work, just report about some of my grows from time to time ... for now and atm my ope- ration consist of reproducing a few of eskobar's classic lines and realising a few of the ideas we both had talked about as well (this i do privately and only for myself, while other old varieties get reproduced for the public via the derg corra colletive). along these adventures i also create my own humble hacks on the sidelines with all the plants in my cabs (various "elite"clones, keepers or testers from my own seedlines + some of the repro-stuff too and also plants from seed via various sources, just stuff i am interested in). to my idea: i was thnking about maybe combining my cheetos (cheese x sour diesel) with the livers clone from UK = (cheese x blueberry) X (cheese x sour diesel) = "dead rabbits" but ... first the cheetos needs to become a real strain = i'll have to mate it to herself often enough to have males from it breed relatively true, before i can use it and actually call it "breeding". i mean biolocically/botanically speaking, as in science ... everything before a stable/inbred parent, using "random males" is just "seedmakeing",not "breeding" ... and it always just stays a 'gamble'. even with such genetically expressive varieties like skunk and diesel from this example. (it should be obvious, that using poly-hybrids on top of that just results in much more unreliable results, because ALL genetics involved express themselves and re-arrange to (just another) 'unstable' expression. a slippery slope, because when using males from an unfinished variety (like we all do nowadays as as standard) means unreliable outcome, not a bad one, but still just a (many times lucky) "shot in the dark". it does take a few generations of inbreeding to find a (breeding-)keeper in your/my/our own variety ... no "f1" (like i described, made from "unfinished P1"), will be different ... not even my own. we all need to be more honest here, imho. we need to really work, not just mumbo- jumbo some hopes and false promises and expect everybody and ourselves to believe we are magicians, just because we like the few phenos we bump into in our testgrows of these still unworked/unreliable lines. just because one plant shows favorable traits it doesn't mean she/he gives it off to its kids ect. ... it takes time and effort to find these specimens. imho we must be honest and admit, that most seedmakers today are mainly just marketing the "first step of a project that could result in a fine strain"-f1's and we need to be humble while work- ing our own lines into something original and of worth, need to respect the work of our peers and colleagues while doing so and through this evolve into people of integrity and earn the respect and acknowledgement that we desire/deserve, not just expect or demand it, lol. (we are humans, not apes *with all due respect*) ... that's what i believe ... i will always try to act and be as honest and open/friendly/ helpful as possible before even start to expect the same back. i can't but feel pity for anyone that rather competes, then cooperates (1:11) *not smart* anyhoo, let's keep spinning the idea of real breeding. .. a stable cheetos-male, true bred, must be first created (by taking the initial cross to maybe f4 or more generations) and then selected (tried out in testlines first). he needs to be used with other ladies in other projects to see how exactly he expresses himself, what he inherits to his offspring. by using elite clones for comparsion of traits, the quest for a male is quite simple and effi- cient. the "elites" are known to the dot (by growing them for years), so they are more reli- able then any self-made genetics that have not really been explored yet and can bear all kinds of surprises ... doing anything else can be explained with honeywords, sure, but it won't result in anything else, as i have decribed. these ae facts. all "shortcuts" are not true "breeding", just seeedmaking with great results most of the time (depending with what genetics one sarted with), but it is still only a lottery ... just luck, not skill. so, after the cheetos has been made stable, a true breeding male has been selected and proven, THEN he becomes the father of the fist (real) "dead rabbits"-attempt. these beans get tested (the livers sadly is NOT stable just a selection from a f1-line, so blueberry and skunk in her will fight a bit for dominace, but i expect this to not be a big problem, cuz both their expressions are very favorable/appealing and the cheese in the cheetos will tip the balance anyhow) ... my "dead rabbits"-goal would be a cheese-dominant plant that shows strong blueberry terps but also has the diesel-stank to her on a bed of cheese = tastebomb. while combining he exquisit effect and taste of the cheese to a bit of the other two highs and tastes is already mouthwatering. the potency should be through the roof, while the fragrance would reach seriously paranoid proportions. what a nice idea for a project, imo. something like that would be worthile i think, but it's just a play of thought ... real breeding of only one real strain takes years ... so, the thing i will most likely do is "just" a simple cross of my f1-cheetos to the livers clone, to shuffle up the genetics and find some nice phenos to smoke. it's a good thing that i am just a humble seeedmaker, not one of those "breeders" ... so, i'll have fun either way and everyone i share my humble seeds with to will hopefully enjoy them too. here is a ittle peek of the currently grown few lines that i mentioned a few posts earlier (and some of the f3 "chewie"-seedrun of my onw stardawg x sour diesel-variety on the right side) these i am selecting for chem-traits, just 4 fun and to get to learn them ... (chem = special) really guys, pressure-less work is like heaven, nothing can disturb the peace that comes from it enjoy your smokes, everybody. best vibes to everyone reading. _____________________________________________ oi, @coxnox broski the "groot" i mentioned earlier accidentially catched some chem-pollen and only one single bean formed *cool bonus* it's the plant under the little baggie on the right side = (bm#9 x forum) aka. 'groot' X onycd v3 = "dawgbone" (lol) let's see if she grows into anything special *dribbling feetz*
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    @coxnox mate, how are you i have no one seen grown it out yet, but it's quite new, very limited (and not coming back). i grew some of the (bm#9 x gsc forum) that "happened to me" while growing this hermie forum cut last year. these beans grew out very nice, though. she makes very nice babies, imo. i kept one of those and called her "groot" for short and fun, lol ... i will grow her a few times more and then maybe share her out. she is to good to just toss, imo ... maybe someone else also likes her strong grapey taste and lazy-making toke, i really dig it so far, a nice grape stomper/cookies-variation. great taste was involved in finding the bm#9 for sure. thank you for your great eye and kind sharing spirit, bro (!!) i myself won't dive anymore in to the "killer grapes". i would like to use a different source for "grapefruit". i have some some lines ready to pop to look for that and make my own varieties. (st#3, dynamite, dirty heri, grapegod, grape13, glo ect ... maybe i find something nice in there to combine to my males or even a nice male to start some interesting lines with.)
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    Light and controls finished! Moving shortly into flower tent! 2-red 2-Blue V2 logic pucks running on an hgl-320h-48b. Impressive amount of light it throws.
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    Stay safe out there, Wilbur. My little brood. I topped one hempy and it looks like I may end up with 6 tops on her. The others I will probably go single cola, depends on their progress.
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    Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck F1
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    Ok shoeless her taste is changing of course And what the one growing will be i cant wait To see. But this one has me wrecked Still cant believe 30 something days... You killed it Taste is hints of citrus on the front end But a soft sweet taste takes over Very smooth Like a pineapple grapefruit papaya? Nice
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    Got mail today I also have 2 packs of Aztec Rain that I need to grow out
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    Draining her lil rez every single night. when do we have to flip????? Tomorrow is it????
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    Made some bubble hash from my outdoor trim today and a look at the tent
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    Photo dump ahead! Probably not much help. I'll look to see if I have better pics of it.. Thanks for the chance to run them! Cartel Haze, grown indoor in 1gal (3.5L) pot, soil, Roots Organics, and 600w HPS with a 4 x 4foot T5 unit with 2 grow and 2 bloom bulbs as a helper light. This shit is so good, even the beetle was begging for it! Thanks to all of the NAW crew! Awesome meds!
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    So all the clones rooted and are in small pots. Today is day 17 of flower considering doing a leaf strip tonight and putting in the second net. I've never done defoliation before so I'm a bit nervous.
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    Some pics from a few weeks ago... Front row is 4 BBSxKF (backrow l2r MB,CC,SF) 28d.f.seed
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    Damn over a pound off a single plant. You don’t see that indoors often.
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    MOB x BLR (smokeys too) was tasty and strong GreenAle
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    Got the first net in today and gave them their first feed with biobizz grow but a very diluted feed. Also added an 80cm x 80cm tray today to help me do a good flush before harvest this time around. The big budha cheese i grew previous round is smoking very nice now after a cure of 3 weeks only got 200g yield but its good quality weed
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    stemrub smells like passion fruit with old afghan hash
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    that CBD crap was bullshit some kind of gasoline hemp extract mmmmmmmm for 60€ enjoy consumers. back to the real deal!!!! Chilling with mr smoke a lot and he made some hash.... joint #1 with apollo HASH.. joint #2 with some more apollo HASH.... CHEERS!!! Stay safe and fLY HIgh Greetz PolderGrower & RhinoCBD and mr smoke a lot
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    The complete list....hmmmmm lol, ok here goes G-39--> re-stock Strawberry Blues--> re-stock Strappleberry--> re-stock Blue Hammer F3 Polar Bear F2 Blackberry Haze BX new Atomic Jam new Green Remedy new These will be dropped at Sannies in a matter of weeks.... Shonny--> Test area Cartel Haze--> Test area HeadCandy F2 is pollinated aws, More G-39 is in there also as well as the new cbd cross "The Cannatunafish'-->(Chem x Heribei/cbd) x HeadCandy. Freebees: Green Manalishi f2 (HoneyHp sel), HammerHead v3 Forgot to mention Appollo 39 also needs some more time/work, the same for Twisted Sisters (Appollo 13 x HeadCandy), she was in with the bad round and seeds were fooked lol. But by the looks of the dad in Angola 39 it is going to be a powerhouse....KillaQueen/Appollo dominance ready in 50 days lol. Ok i think that soms it up, be ready for the launch! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
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    The pineapple factor is so dominant in our HeadCandy male that it pokes tru every single time@MrG. He is bin BX't alot lately and the offspring is showing great resemblance, not long now and we will drop the boMB on Sannie lol. All our strains are ready for re-stock and we got an incredible fresh list of new genes/crosses. A few test are still runnung but the most part is coming to the shop. For now Angola Blue, Angola 39 and Airborne Jack need more work, the rest is going to be released to the masses lol. Next in line for testing is our new cross Cartel Haze, she is line bred over mulitiple generations and is going to be straight up fire. Cartel Haze --> T.P.R#3 x Green Manalishi (HoneyHp) For now..... Cbd....dabs Just enjoy! Poldergrower en RhinoCbd
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