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    So final weight 279grams on SP DAMN SKIPPY
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    Mr G total plant count 4 2 sugar punch 2 shiva dawg much better then my old style growing Octopot for life Hell yeah
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    i work alone but you are free to do with all your remaining eskogear as you please ... (i even welcome it big time) ... knock yourselves out, fellas _____________________________ the chewie f2's are starting to show sex (chewie = stardawg x sour diesel) ________________________________ and: i finally got the cheetos, sanfune f3, silver diesel haze up at SH ... (+ some of my humble stuff will appear on hemp depot too very soon.)
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    Think I need to learn how to do cultures in petri dishes lol That is the nice thing about the octopots with our plant count, do not need many plants to flower out, but this is getting a bit ridiculous lol.
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    Thanks but there's no worries this year as these are on different land which is much more private so no prying eyes. lol no 'god'... just lucky that they will not get hit with rot this year. I wouldn't call this a growing journal, I just thought Id share a few photos....and by photos I mean only a few as Ive not been keeping any records...cant even remember when they were planted but its definitely over 75 days ago. the first plant (the smallest) is very earthy and just about done as trics are just starting to turn amber will cut most of it down tomorrow leaving lower buds to mature a little further. Second plant (mid sized plant) smells fruity more bud sites and will probably go another 7-10 days. Third plant (tallest) the one which is always reaching for the stars has wayyyyy more bud sites and the buds are fox tailing this I think is my fav and will take maybe another 14 days or more, seems more sativa dom that the others. PLANT1 PLANT2 PLANT 3 Wild Lettuce Chilli's Happy Growing Hillcrest
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    I will be setting up an Octopot run end of this week................SO HAPPY to be getting back to them, hand watering SUCKS and is HARD to get RIGHT!!!!
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    Huuuuuuy OG ! The heat wave has killed the flowering of the RPP,and the critters did their damage part too. So i have decided to clip them,and dry them. It's a bloody shame for crying out loud,but i'm never wheeping over spilled milk so i just keep on going. I had 5 cuttings of RPP x Chem S1 that were waiting in line,and almost became rootbound so it's good i had cut the RPP sooner. Now i potted those 5 in 20L pots,i have three sativa dominant purple chem pheno's one #2 pheno and one #4 pheno. So it's all going on full speed,and i don't mind at all. I have been watching all the phenotypes that were coming out of the RPP x Chem S1 cross,and i am pleasantly surprised about two of them. First up i found the #3 purple heart phenotype,second up i found the sativa dominant purple chemmie phenotype. Both are yummie ! Since you guys already have seen the purple heart pheno,i'm going to show the satty dom. purple chemmie above. Her fine leaves look nice,and she is a moderate grower and stretcher. The taste is mostly chem with a little extra stink on the background. Buds look like purple heart pheno,but are way more Chem in taste and odour. Please stay tuned,even though i update too slow Jah bless!
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    June 11th to 14th - Chop day pheno #1 @ 58 days from seeds . The real Cheese smell and taste, hyper frostly; But small plant in the 10 liters, a bit less than 20grams (well cured and manicured), the roots system was tiny. But really good end product quality Pheno #2
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    Yep, i guess so @Papalag This pheno is slightly different, in between the Jamaican and the Colombian, more close to the Jamaican anyway, light green like it, butt more thin leafs and also i noticed a genetic distortion in one of the apex ; on the last 2 to 3 nodes, the stem is fat and flat, and at each inter-node i have 4 starts (4 flowers, 2 each side; and 4 branches, 2 each side - instead 2). Difficult to make a good picture as it is hidden under the screen, but i'll try to make one relevant. on the early stage, she also show some albino traits on a couple of leafs, half the leaf was light yellow, the other half green; I already had such genetics distortions, on a Killing Fields
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    ctrip x chocolate thai sounds interesting … I'd be happy to help with seed production runs for any of the chocolates and share with everybody, I have a few tents setup for isolated seed runs.
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    Hi GA she just hit the jars 9 full to the brim jars did not weigh them jet at least 1/2 lb if not more
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    Hello, I also started a scrog with my Misfits Haze. I didn't want this wild sativa to go as tall as the others i have in flo (320 & 400cm - see topic here) I sprouted them late, first week of June, the 4th The pot is 26 liters, 6-15-13 premix(30mS/m) + 4-8-10 granulate - Passive feeding July 8th (5 weeks) After topping the apex, time to add the screen. Metallic, 100cm x 90cm July 11th July 13th July 15th July 17th July 30th August 3rd August 4th August 12th - - Show very first pistils since a couple of days before and start to stretch
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    I just ordered the Silver Lemon Haze right after you posted. Oh man, I'm excited for that one. I never had the SSH and I'm all about that Lemon Thai. I hope I can grab that SanFune, too, before it's gone again. Thanks bro!
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    Hi folks, well last year I got robbed. Not happening this year. 3 plants , cant say when started but there are 3 pheno. Started much earlier this year and weather is amazing. No rain for past 4 week and non predicted for next 3. I think these ladies will be ready next 4-5 week. You can see 1 plant is small, but buds are more developed than the the others. Second pheno is larger less developed but more bud site developement. Third is larger pointy leaves (always pointing up even if lacking watering) this will take longer but imo the winner. All are in pots 2ft tall (might not look it) and 18” wide. Basic organic compost, mycro and an organic starter. Only watered... no feed at all just yet. Best pheno Weakest pheno Second best pheno Waves to all my friends. All those that think you cant grow cannabis outdoors in UK ..... WANNA BET
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    The heat wave is more calm now close to the usual August's standards - It also didn't rain for 2 months - It raised up to the Hell"s fire temperature, don't forget i'm in center France, so 46°C / 115° F inside my shack and 58°C /137° F in my crop ! No one ever saw such temperature in my area since weather forecast exists. Butt we survived, the Ganja also, that's not the case of some others vegetables and flowers i'm growing. 10 liters each day was the minimum. They also ate a lot of food, the soil resources were quickly exhausted with such temp and growth, and i had to provide a good handful of organic 4-8-10 once a week August 13th - Let's bud Pheno #1 - The Colombian pheno . Secondary thin branches are filling up gently, butt surely. 6 weeks since she declared her sex with first pistils July1st. A 11 to 13 weeker i guess, so harvest should be done between September 15th and 30th - I never had/saw such king-d of pure sativa being so early. but let's see what will happen in the next weeks Pheno #2 - The Jamaican pheno . leafs are more broad, inter-nodes are more closed, and she is also fatter and faster, but still typically sativa ; she started to flower a week after the Colombian pheno, July the 8th. She is full 5 weeks old now, and is faster also as you can see. Even she was 1 week late compare #1, after 5 weeks she is 1 week above in her development now. If she makes it in 9 weeks, i will harvest September 2nd, so early for such a strain, but i think she is a 10/11 weeker so ready to harvest between the first to second week of September. Unfortunately, she experienced spider mites when i was 15 days in holidays, with no rain till 2,5 months, 15% RH and temperature above 40°, a mite's paradise. I applied Black soap twice, and a huge storm few days ago finished to washed them and rinsed away these crappy bugs. You can see some of their deadly bites on lower leaves, but i think it is ok now This pheno has also a lighter green, i went to what i considered to be the max feeding amount she can managed w/o risks, but she stay with this genetics light green, in healthy condition. Pheno #1 is very dark green (above and below pictures are made with flash so not revealing) - she is 320cm high, pot is buried 90cm into the ground, to avoid bad view from neighbors .
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    Hell yeah, indoor. A pound 2 ounces on one plant, you gotta love it. What lights are you using again? I'm about to buy something for my downstairs. Enjoy! I better pop mine soon.
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    She will yield very nicely
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    Damn girl you may need to start grafting I saw an article by foth here on OG and one on grow easy by lightaddict ( he put 12 strains on one mother wow ) so 4 plants instead of 40 interesting concept
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    July 2019 - Here comes the real game ! After the >42°+ of the last week of June, July begins with a 37-40° range, who will last until the end of month, with an over-all heat record broken with 44°C - My plants in my garden handled up to 57°c in full sun. YES, 57 fucking degrees centigrade !!!! The good and very unexpected was thalt July 1st, the pheno #1, the Colombian/Thaï pheno, decided to show her first pistils. If you have followed, it is sttrannge to see such a landrace cross starting so early. But it is a WONDERFULL thing ! With such 12 to 16 weeker, who ripes up to mid November in my latitude, to gain 2 full months is a gift. And here comes my African Gambian Male, the one who grows like a Ruderalis. I'm sure that he impact the cross, in the way i wanted. He is also responsible of the "indica shape" of the early stage. As you'll see, it is turning now to pure Sativa, wild one, landrace's one ! they stretch a lot, both pheno, #1 more than #2, but the second also went up from 175cm to 300cm - Not including the pot who is burred 1 meter deep Pheno #1 started July 1st, pheno #2 July 8th; (For me day #00, is the day where i see real pistils). July the 2nd July 5th to 7th July 17th 2019 - 2 weeks flowering pheno #1 - 1 week flowering pheno #2 July the 27th 2019 - 4 weeks & 3 weeks into flowering To be continued [...]
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    Oh, cool. thx. I was actually wondering if it was available commercially. I remember a few crosses from it and your work a little I believe. That was a nice read about it on SF. It made it sound like a must have. peace
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    bodhi made some f2 a few years ago. maybe those are still around somewhere (?) i got a few seed-sources for Ctrip... and the f1-katsu cut i still have avilable as well (i hope, lol). maybe a combination of that? let' see if i can source back the clone, for a special sideline-cross. i also had the f1-bodhi cut, but i have put away again. she was really good (just not as good as...) i think i made some ctrip x chocoD in 2016 and ctrip x choco thai around 2017. (but only have very few #'s left, so it is not possible to share out again, for now). it's better to "hit many flies at once", whenever i get to it ... i'd rather have an "IX" and a new generation happening *when in rome*
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    The search continues In the tent are nl5 x atf ( sinister) blissfulsunshine greenrebel, Maui sunshine, ( gifted by jet) rock candy kush ,motarebel , holy grail Kush x gogi OG @JetDro , sour bubble, (bog ), huck x heri bx ( @bigun) not keeping any males this time well maybe the nl5xatf ( just Incase ) hoping for a one lady each peace
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    Thanks! I'll know who to call when I run out of stuff to grow.
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    Day 36 of veg. I don't know yet whether i will keep them in veg for another day or just leave them in the flower tent after tonight. These are really nice looking plants. I am not seeing different phenotypes. They all look very similar and uniform.
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    Some pics just before the lights came on yesterday. Luckily I haven't seen more nanners appear
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    Stage #2 - May - Early veg' time Showing up April 14th, the weather happened to turn cold with some -1°C nights in the beginning of may who slow them. I decided to repot the two plants after 3 weeks in pots, 10 & 12 liters. Two reasons, more easy to manage in case of a visit i didn't expect, and to have a better control of height and feeding. I should have started sttraight from a 20 liters pot but by acting this way, throwing a bunch of seeds in the dirt, only the strongest showed up April 30th - 2 weeks The cannabis grower best friend May 18th - 5 weeks and Repoting in containers May 23rd - WtF, not suppose to be 100% Sativa ? broad leafs, so i began to doubt about the cross i did ... Plants looking great but i didn't explain myself, yet, these Indica specificity.
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    thanks San but i really had luck with her, she was the only one that smelled so nice in the 14 seeds that poped up, i had 9ladys, 5 with a nice yields that looked a lot like the gapestomperOG a close friend did have a few years before but the smell was nothing special, and get 4 that looked like the one i selected but non had that fuking strong fruity chemical smell the #9 had...i did choose her since the begining (15days in bloom) and the smoke test confirmed it... Here is a few pictures of her early in bloom: and here just before i chop her:
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    Ok let’s set the record straight ( miscalculation of course) total weight 2 plants 267 grams Dry 2 phenotypes # 1 larger of the 2 61 days till done # 2 ( mother kept ) done 56 days smell • both have very heavy pine sole detergent Sample smoked from • small glass bat 3 hitter buds • compact ,very frosty , and sticky as fook Taste • smooth , clean, not harsh ( after taste of mint/ fuel ) high • strong 3 rd hit you feel in in the front oh your head ! It comes on quickly, Warning do no lay down you will go to sleep ! But if you get up and move it’s great to play in the tent with listen to the blues and chill smoked 3 bowls 2 me and the mrs ( didn’t need 3 bowls but I just wanted too lol ) Trichomes at 20 amber / 75 ish cloudy also helps with my arthritis WOW ! I feel the quicker of the two is a bit stronger pic shows # 1 on left #2 on right thanks @santero this will stay around a wile also there’s sugar punch 77 days from flip only 67 days from bud development trichomes are getting closer the newer white hairs are starting to turn the SP orange color and even started to swivel up so it’s maybe a week away ( got to check day by day ) also tooksome clones start of the next run and the babies are coming along just fine @Indican that atf/ nl5 is growing strong thanks here’s a few pics
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    Skywalker OG x French Toast by Raw genetics out in Cali ..
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    I comment on your post on occasion You just don't know it's me, I am the nice one bahahaha just kidding, you have a lot of "nice" followers
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    One more for the Cheese lover's!
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    Here's one for the String Cheese Incident fans!
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    As requested by @gardenartus here's one of the most amazing shots music related I've ever captured, once in a lifetime. Blues Traveler with Leftover Salmon and former Black Crows guitarist Jackie Greene. Red Rocks July 4th 2019.
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    Sorry for late reply i would start the seeds and wait until there are 2 to 3 weeks old then flower 3 per pot.
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    I’ve been using the paper towel method for 48 Year’s, tried everything else under the sun, always willing to try new ways, always come back to paper towels. It is sterile, cheap, simple and always works. Most all the best breeders use it when trying to crack old seeds. That’s me, what works for you is what’s best.
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    natural rhizobium that's it
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    Flax - Carter Clover - Yellow Sweet Clover - White Dutch Clover - Medium Red Clover - Crimson Lentils - Indianhead Millet - White Proso Vetch - Hairy Vetch - Common Cowpeas - Red Ripper Buckwheat - Mancan Pea - Forage
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    Thank for stopping by Beachbud and Saxo! I don't know yet if the #11 is the best phenotype. She is drying. She is on the blueberry side, and smell promising. We will see... I have a few seeds of her with #8 newberry male. The #2 is my first keeper, she is awesome, on the blue heaven / flo side. Awesome taste and awesome high, and it is better and better everyday with curing. I can't stop opening the jar and smell her. I have F2 seeds from her, from sativa #1 male and blueberry dominant #5 male. The #6 sativa pheno smells awesome, very fruity, berry, the #11 is more musky. I just offered Z7 x Newberry seeds to Sannies, as freebies, and he answered yes! I will ship 600 seeds to him this week. Z7 is a CBD dominant (9/4 CBD/THC) very very resinous, selected by JGL, from Z Project Shantibaba / CBD Crew. It is a 6 years clone and one of my favorite smoke and breeding genepool. I have crossed her with 4 different Newberry males. The idea was to create a sweet confortable high weed with good taste and a lot of resin. The newberry has a very very confortable high, as the Z7, and they both have uncommon terpenes, so it should give something great! greetz Silva
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    The 4 other females: #11, sweet berry/red fruit marmelade with a bit of musk scent, purple, medium stretch, promising! #9, smells as good as the #2, very probably a keeper, close to #2 with better smell, better vigour, very low stretch as the #2, awesome, can't wait to smoke her. Harvested today. #10 pheno, ashy, stretchy, nice plant, but i did not keep her, may be i was wrong... #6, very sativa, tropical berries scent, rock hard buds, x4 or x5 stretch, very promising for the sativa side of the newberry, good to breed with the #1 male to develop the sativa side Greetz
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    Hi! i am sorry for the late update. Here they are at the harvest: #7 indica stretch indica blueberry genotype, she is drying, very promising plant! ----------------------------------------- #2 keeper, musky/sour pheno, i smoked her 3 days ago, it is pure bomb. The high is amazing, on the Flo side, very pleasant, daytime smoke, 100% good vibes feeling, blissful. The taste is very interesting too, very complex, floral/musky/sour/licorice. Awesome plant. The #9 is very close, may be better.
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    As promised once I got to Colorado I had to make soil and would show how I did it, so here's the basic Coot's / Gas / Cornell U Living Organic Soil Mix step by step, roll mixed on a tarp, it's so easy it will make you scratch your head. This is for 2 cu ft of mix or around 15 Gallons 1) 5 gallons of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, only buy in bales. +2.5 Gallons Earth Worm Castings + ++2.5 Gallons Hi grade Compost +3.5 Gallons Pumice 1.5 Gallons of uncharged Bio Char Then roll mix, this your base Next add amendments 1.5 cups Fish Meal .5 cups crustacean meal 2 cups Kelp Meal 1 cup oyster shell 1.5 cups Basalt .5 cups Azomite 1 cup Gypsum Roll Mix Your done, that's it just moisten, add worms, let set a couple of weeks then have at it, no bottled nutes, just a light top dress and Teas when or if needed, never throw away and like wine and good bourbon it gets better with age. I'll do the same thing as here with teas soon, got to get this shit in the Octopots ASAFP!
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    hi, update at around 4 weeks, they all doing fine. Those are finicky ladies, they are sensitive to nutes and light, i have to keep PPFD under 600 micromoles for some phenos, only the sativa pheno can handle 700 micromoles. The tent 5 days ago: Newberry#2 at 7 weeks, finicky lady, she don't need anything but water and 500/600 micromoles. At 650 micromoles she showed apical chlorosis! The #6 sativa pheno, looks great! The #7 stretch indica, smells very sweet, something like strawberry candy, very sensitive to light too Newberry #9, smell so great! tangy, lemons, low stretch pheno Newberry #10, strechy pheno Newberry #11, I/S 50/50, smells red fruits, sweet berries, looks promising, low stretcher Z7 CBD, seeded with newberry Chimera's Hawaian Spice Critical Mass, seeded with Newberry So far, everything is fine, except this apical chlorosis. The newberries are budding very fast now, i can see they are fast flowering. IMAO even the sativa pheno won't take longer than 10 weeks to be fully ripe. Wait and see... Greetz
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    I vegged them for 3 weeks, they are in 4L pots (1 gallon). I switched to 11/13 after 3 weeks and topped them at the 6th node. So on the 5 first seeds i had 4 males for one female (the #2). Here is the #1, the biggest male Now the 4 males #1, #3,#4, #5 As soon as they were sexed i removed all the big fan leaves and they go to continue flower in an very small 40x40cm tent, with 80W bloom LED. Here they are at 2 weeks of flowering, they have no feeding, only water. The #1 is on the back left. Here are the 6 seeds from the second batch, they are almost at 20 days of veg now, they all look good and healthy: Many plants are showing some variegations. They all have purple stems. They all want to grow big stems and branches. Here is the only female from the first batch, now at almost 2 weeks in flower: I would like to cross the newberry with the Z7 CBD JGL 2011 cut, i feel it very well. An d after that i will back cross once with Z7. It is a beautiful highly resinous small plant, very fast (7 weeks), CBD:THC 2:1 or may be more. I reveged her, she is will be ready to be gang banged with the NewBerry males in about 2-3 weeks. Greetz!
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