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    Getting closer lol And i dont mean in a cheesy sexy way Its the heart i been after all along Oh another eclectic post lol Im baked No work today Every morning i sit outside and smoke a joint Every morning the top Cop around here Rides right by on his way to work Sometimes he waves And so do i Lol As i Exhaling a lot of times. Oh knats been bad this year I will try to make a small vid about dragon flies Early the dragon flies come.out I watched them swarm to eating knats and hovering all around me It was bliss Knats tourment me this summer They were to busy worrying about getting eaten to bother me So i got to sit there baked watching this awsome show Dragonflies are quite pretty Many cool hues of colour
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    Bloom 71 The first Zkittlez smelled slightly of Banana but also had a "green" smell at first. It has disappeared now and it smells better and better. Especially the bang is violently. But the last Zkittlez that still stands has a really special nice Aroma as described. It will be delicious. The Lemon Ak is incredible. Her Mainbud is almost as thick as a Coke bottle. Her Aroma is perverted. Go in the direction of Lemon but not so lemony. The resin development looks great. A branch has broken off and is dried for a few Days. The buds look very tasty. White crystals ... Real good varieties! Can also cope slowly ... Zkittlez Lemon AK Bloom 48
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    Hey thanks guys. This Blue Magoo has been a pleasure to grow. Another fine offering from Prof. P that delivers on all fronts. It looks good, smells great, tastes wonderful and gives a great combo high. And, it yields really well for a plant under 30" tall. I chopped them on Wednesday. Going into it I figure maybe an hour to chop each plant because they are so small. Turns out it took nearly 2 hours each. My ailing rotator cuff has been barking at me since. I had hit the colorful Blue Magoo with some Poisoned Chocolate pollen and it looks like plenty of seeds were made. Interested to see how those grow out. Now it is time to concentrate on the IPA's. The ones going now are the #2 IPA hit with #5 IPA fem pollen and this is the first time I have grown them. As they approach the half way mark I can really see the #5 influence coming through. The current #2 is very much like the #5 was. Smaller in stature with early frost and pointy topped buds. The #5 caught my eye back when I was working the IPA to make these seeds. The #2 back then was the clear winner. It is taller with larger buds and has a better yield. But, the #5, though it was smaller, had frostier buds and a stronger smell. It is like #2's greasy cousin. So I decided to keep both of them and made seeds accordingly. I've been spraying silver water on a couple of #1's branches and male flowers are starting to show. I plan to gather that pollen when ready and then hit the #3 clone with it. The #3 has the prototypical IPA look while the #1 is a bit taller and more open. I think this will be a good combination. If it goes as planned then I will have two different versions of IPA fems along with the regular IPA's. This will make it easier to keep up production of my main medicine. OK, that's about all the typing my shoulder will allow. Thanks to all for stopping by.
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    Plants ready for next round. Madd Farmer Genetics - Bi Polar Jackie Seedjunky Genetics - L.A Wedding Pop Sherburst (sunset sherburt x orange diesel) Space Gentix - Critical Glue Cookies
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    Looking at the PP bud I could not help myself..........................gonna try another "sample", lol
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    4 Octopot run almost ready to start. Girls have found the rez, in the "holding pattern" now, my training will start in the morning Got AH cuts all over the room.......................she is going to be safe really soon. Will pull cuts off the one in the Octopot in a few weeks, to share. All Mom's doing well, Ole Reynards AK47's doing well, need an up ot but cannot due to lack of space. I will let them go in these till sex, then take cuts and flower the cuts. Will probably keep a male IF i see a NICE one like I found in the Orange Goji from 50.
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    Day 60 After a week flush of ph water the Alien cookies is something else i hope she yields well as would love to run this strain again Jaffacakedcookies Jaffacakedcookies jaffadawg Alien cookies
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    I tried to download a couple pictures, but i'm struggling. not real saavy. I changed my plans. I got five Platinum OG seeds from an ounce of medical marijuana that was supposed to be sensamillia. the Platinum OG was lab tested at 22.68% thc and .06% cbd. I figured it would be a good thing if I was gonna put this run on here, it should be something of a challenge to see how much I screw up and how much I have success. I dropped all five seeds into a glass of tap water. four popped overnight. I put those in in rehydrated peat pellets and placed in the dome. the other seed is still in the glass of water. everything is in the tent and under 400W MH. currently 84 degrees F. I also have a picture of the finished product, so as to see how close I come to what the professional growers get under complete legal control. if I can get the pictures to load, i'll do so. the way I sent the first picture in, isn't working now for some reason.
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    Today's agenda included some light plant training. These two in particular. These are from the other accidental cross. Momma was an AK-47. Poppa was the Mystery Sativa. I was surprised that the seeds sprouted so easily. The seeds from the original Strawberry Kush X Mystery Sativa cross seem to germinate at about a 50% or 60% rate. I think the AK-47 plant was earlier in flowering when the male plant-parts silently emerged on the sativa before my very ignorant eyes. These plants were FIM'ed at the fifth node. They continued to grow, I finally topped them by removing the 8th node. Without the second bend, they would have been fine. But i felt one final tweak would make for a better, more bushy expression. One plant done. Both plants done. After a day in the sun they have completely re-oriented to the new meaning of up.
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    About to have lift off......................be cool seeing if it hits me as hard as it did last time.
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    Your correct Snydgrow, I was impressed with the grow and didn't notice Big until had dragged the pictures to his post. So nice work Snydgrow.
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    @bigun Thanks just didn't go to my usual way but yes looking at how much there drying i think done ok will know in couple days @gregster Thanks mate sure you meant me @ifish Haha the next one will be even better 16 in coco dtw big bushes this time
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    Ive only grown Ms Universe and she tasted like cherry coughdrops...... that was what we called it . and It was my keeper for about 4 years. I had to let her go because of a move, but I still have 5 seeds left. Hoping to pop these in the next grow. Based on this strain alone I would grow whatever Prof P puts out. guaranteed fire
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    Awesome bro! Nice projects. Sorry to hear about the shoulder. I have two bad shoulders. I had surgery on the left one but it will still dislocate in certain situations. The right one ia all messed up The surgeon told me I have what doctors call a "wasted shoulder". Everything is torn up and half missing. They want to do a full reverse replacement but I'm going to avoid it at all costs. I may have no choice down the road. I have a 2.5 cm cyst in it, too. It will dislocate the easiest. So, I feel ya. Therapy and exercise regularly is the best approach. Hey, I may like to try that BM cross sometime. And, any IPA jewels you've made. I have a Platinum Huckleberry Cookies sprouting right now. It's from Stankydank I think. It also had 5 seeds that say Blue Magoo so I figure they may be f1s since he only sent 5. I'm looking forward to it. Prof P's work has not been worked into my budget the last 5 years. It's been tight, so I'm excited to have one of his strains. I have quite a few that are crossed to his stuff. I'm not familiar with Poison Chocolate. I'll look it up. Take care of the shoulder! I sure wish I had mine back, heh. I'm way too active to have bad shoulders. Thanks for the report! peace
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    There’s a good lot of green around that net pot in the white bucket in last pic Algal bloom An algal bloom or marine bloom or water bloom is a rapid increase in the population of algae in an aquatic system. Algal blooms may occur in freshwater as well as marine environments. Typically only one or a few phytoplankton species are involved and some blooms may be recognized by discoloration of the water resulting from the high density of pigmented cells. Although there is no officially recognized threshold level, algae can be considered to be blooming at concentrations of hundreds to thousands of cells per milliliter, depending on the causative species. Algal bloom concentrations may reach millions of cells per milliliter. Colors observed are green, yellowish-brown, or red. Bright green blooms may also occur. These are a result of blue-green algae, which are actually bacteria (cyanobacteria). *Some algal blooms are the result of an excess of nutrients (particularly phosphorus and nitrogen) into waters * and higher concentrations of these nutrients in water cause increased growth of algae and green plants. As more algae and plants grow, others die. This dead organic matter becomes food for bacteria that decompose it. With more food available, the bacteria increase in number and use up the dissolved oxygen in the water. When the dissolved oxygen content decreases, many fish and aquatic insects cannot survive. This results in a dead area. Algal blooms may also be of concern as some species of algae produce neurotoxins. At the high cell concentrations reached during some blooms, these toxins may have severe biological impacts on wildlife. Algal blooms composed of phytoplankters known to naturally produce biotoxins are often called Harmful Algal Blooms, or HABs. High nitregen and phosphorus as is a way of saying low k as well maybe , ................ you could be on to something @gardenartus ttf
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    That is what my plants looked like when starving for oxygen, when I had algae growth.
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    Same thing I've always been feeding in veg. General Hydro flora 3 part. 1:1:1. This problem only showed up after I switched to RO water. Even when I went back to the normal water (70-80ppm) they didn't get better. So I'm not too sure what it is. Will keep this in mind though. Maybe I'll try a higher ratio of bloom.
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    I bet syndgrow wishes he could pull off a grow like that , I know I would lol : ) hold on a minute ............... hahaha
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    K def : ) maybe hit with bloom what have you been feeding her and for how long ?
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    Nice job Bigun, those look excellent, enjoy!
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    Awesome looking as always, glad to see ya rolling again!
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    I won't flatter your ass, Dad. Сool buds, Сool hands =)
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    I agree with Bigun, I got to look through the San Gear before I drop any seeds. It’s all good.
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    Sanman,i still have some of your gear. Planning on doing some work with them later on.. Everything I grew out of your gear was good and tasty also which is a bonus. Keep doing what u are doing..lt is great
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    Great thread and plants..BEAUTIFUL... As far ss the mutant I grew blueberry indica from DJ short for years. Each seed run it seems like I got a mutant or two out of 50 seeds. Looked just like yours.great weed though. Good luck and take care
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    Hello I'm coming to announce some good news about the USC team many improvements are coming: - a new logo - a new official packaging - an online sales website (current 2020) - a move to a production site where it will be much easier to work in good conditions and offer you the best of genetics ... I also strengthened the team by integrating: - a communication officer: cara.marketing@underground-seeds.com - a web designer (here 4lv1nn): alvinn.webmaster@underground-seeds.com for any technical questions or on USC thank you to address these people, for the rest nothing changes .... And finally, I think in the future, once the new bases laid give back its meaning to the "Collective" of USC ..... if you have questions or comments do not hesitate Thank you
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    I think it's normal I have see the same on mine plants.
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    The day the bubbalemons and (front right) blushaze got chop unfortunately some spidermites made their way in the tent . Daily vaccum of the tip of thebranches got the number down dramatically had to clean eveyrhing from a to z and now im ready again to rock and roll in the “veg” tent im doing a round of flowering. Too curious to see how just with leds would turn out. Got a jc haze scrogging in there with an onyx fire and a bubbalemon clone. No pics for now to come soon for the big tent we got some silverfields on the way!
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    Man, the weather has changed some and the plants are happy. I got some freakazoids on my hands. Everything decided to get it on. And, the JC Haze, Lemon Bubba, and Onyx Fire are all beginning flower. Man, they may become a show all on their own. Lemon Bubba (I think. It could be Onyx Fire, gonna need help) I had to cut some leaves out. It's crazy legs.
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    corgis and cannabis are a terrific combo! Gg 4 looking tight. With a month or so too go.
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    Sample of what she looks like when she is done.
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    Griot, my Dawn has a pheno that has lots of color when flowering and their stems will turn red/purplish. The other phenos and the rest of the room keeps green.lol I think they are pretty. ENJOY
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    Haha lets see what she yields like il defo be getting more cuts if its up there Thanks JetDro, yea she is something for sure one of them strains that just ozze thc Haha i understand now why its called alien cookies
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    Gg4 and AJ’s sour diesel
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    Airborne XL (BlueShaze XL x Airborne Jack F2) The First bean to sprout, picked from a fresh plant then dropped in water for 12 hours and now 1+ week later we have a strong seedling. and after cleaning the room left from Aj F2(male) partying with 9 selected ladies. it is now Shaze x Airborne Jack's turn to create his interstellar offspring. and as a late addition i added BlueShaze XL and Mexican Haze x Airborne Jack #1 to the party. much, much more interstellar stuff coming soon. Just wait. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Here she is at the Headquarters, just harvested today at 63 days. Organic grown under 600 watts hps without any nutes. She is an all out champion. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
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    The new emperor has arrived... Blue Shaze XL Original Blue Shaze was selected outdoors @ the field of joy (original Ozman selection), with her roots indoors Blue Shaze XL is an allrounder that is bin upgraded by the immence power of Airborne Jack (RhinoCbd selection). Original Blue Shaze (Silverhaze '96 x Blue Hammer) has her foundation as a team effort from RhinoCbd and Poldergrower. Airborne Jack is a RhinoCbd project were it al started with a Green Manalishi selection done by him and his selected clone mated with my Headcandy (Killaqueen x Blue Hammer) male. These steps are all traceble and go way back. He worked the G39 line to F2 and selected one of the best males of our stable, he let him have a sexytime with one of our oldest clones we achieved from Knutsel (fistbumb) Jack Hammer F2. Airborne Jack was a fact...we have all seen the power of Airborne Jack. The F3 is made as we speak and will floor every sativa lover out there. She is tested in every single way to bring the best of the best out there, we think if you trace her steps one can call himself a breeder but who knows lol.... Blue Shaze XL under the 118 watts led, she performs in every way. This was wednesday 7 aug, not long and i switch to 12's...the seeds won't take long with such healthy mothers. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
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    Hey smile, Justcozz made it with Santero's Lemon Bubba crossed to his KinkyBlaze from Barrie to Silverfields (SiFiBlaze). I was able to smoke some of it and I loved it. The lemon Thai really came through for me. I'm growing a couple now. I hope to be home now to get things moving better. I just got back from 2 weeks gone.
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    Breeding stock getting bigger Kush mints x triangle kush bx3 citrus farmer gelato 33 mac 1 purple punch do si dos chemdog d twisted metal gg4 sour diesel (aj’s Cut) warermelon starburst
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    So plants took long time to recover the cuttings i got of someone wasn't the best and the thrips hit them hard to now finally starting bounce back i think il put into flower in couple days time as still a couple small plants in there. Temps max 30c min 18c Humidity max 50% min 35% Tap water 0.2ec Calmag 20ml per 100l Canna Aqua Vega A&B until 1.3ec Cannazyme 250ml per 100l Superthrive one lid full per 100l Ec 1.4 ph 5.6 100mm thick filter 3800m3 Ducting from filter to fan is only 50cm and from fan to chimney another 50cm.
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    Nice. I have grown out guerilla C-4-matic, G14 and Green Crack from Fast Buds. I thought the smoke on the Green Crack was the best, yield too. The C-4-matic had a nice color on her calyxes. The G14 was small, but I think just too wet in my location for her. Maybe Sannie can extend into some autos....? If I can get some of these SJ beans going over summer, and get a boy, will try to cross with some autos from Jack Herer lines... ;-)
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    GSC is completely flipped and starts to release fem pollen.... Powerplant is just at the exact point of recieving the pollen, at this stage the seeds will get the most even in size and ripe at the same time. Looks like the first NAW fem is a fact by the looks of it. Fingers crossed all goes well till the end. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
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    Something to help ease the mind, love these vibes Give me more room to grow! Love this girl! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
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    I found some 12 year old Sanniesjack buds that I kept cool and dark loaded with seeds. Good to see the change in color after twelve years of curing Pictures are made from around the 125 stacked photographs to create a bigger depth of field greetz sannie
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    I have been using Green Dragon Tincture (GDT) for chronic pain and insomnia on a daily basis for the past five years. The time and temperature for Decarboxylation of the flowers is what I have found works best for the electric oven I use, but it seems that many of us find different temps and time for Decarboxylation that works better for our individual situations. Green Dragon Tincture Recipe This is a simple and efficient 4 Step process. Requirements: 1/8oz high quality cannabis 3.5 grams 2 oz of Everclear or Bacardi Rum – 151 proof Process Summary: 1. Chop cannabis very fine (coffee grinder works great) 2. Place in a shallow pan (a sheet of aluminum foil works great) and bake at 250°F/121C for 30 minutes. 3. Remove from oven and place cannabis(make powder) in 2 oz of Everclear or 151 proof rum. Don't use anything under 151 proof. (use a small wide mouth mason jar) 4. Simmer in a water bath for 20 minutes. Maintain temperature of the rum/cannabis mixture 170°F/77C. Heating the alcohol mixture can be done very safely using a hot water bath. You will need an accurate candy or quick read thermometer. Place about 1 inch of water in a wide, vertical-edged pan (9” diameter x 3” high). Bring the water to a low simmer. The rum/cannabis mixture should be in a small (1 pint) mason jar. Do NOT cover the jar. Put the thermometer into the mason jar and place into the simmering water bath. Bring the temperature of the rum/cannabis mixture to about 170°F/77C. The alcohol should be just barely boiling. You should have the oven fan on high. You will notice that any alcohol fumes are mixed with water vapor from the water bath and vented out the fan. This combined with the fact that you are trying not to boil the ethanol makes the process quite safe. 5. Strain the mixture and store. When you are finished with the extraction you will be left with about 1oz of green dragon tincture after you have strained the extract. Notice that one ounce of the alcohol has evaporated. The liquid should be dark brownish-green and smell like cannabis. Dosage: One milliliiter (one full eyedropper) is very nice. You must self-titrate (test it on yourself) as each batch will be slightly different. Effects take up from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to begin (at least in myself) and lasted for 5 hours (1 dropper) to 7-8 hours (2 droppers). 1.5 hours of lingering aftereffects. Sub-Lingual (under the tongue) is much quicker. I place one eyedropper (1ml) of Green Dragon in a small glass. I then add a small amount of water (1-2 ml) and drink. Do this on an empty stomach for best results (about 20-30 minutes before eating a main meal is good). A standard eyedropper will transfer about 1ml (or 1 gram) of liquid. There are 29 milliliters in one ounce. So you should end up with about 30 or so full eyedroppers (30 milliliters) of Green Dragon. Titration. Everybody is different. It takes me between 30-90 minutes to feel the effects of Green Dragon (depending on how much food is in my stomach).
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