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    Orange Goji day 44 Straight up Fanta Orange Soda with the Fizz too. Goes 70 days
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    @gardenartus First sorry for the late reply fighting PTSD there did found out after 29 years still in battle but moving forward. With every tool you can take a pic with just make it bigger on the screen. I never did like those cheap microscope there only show so a small part of it. It was a hard battle now drying dutch`s outdoor 2019. Next UP silver fields back to the ........... style
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    Huck Kush F2. Chopping main buds then reveg.
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    Harvest incoming too ! Really beautiful girls. Colors are insane from green to deep purple. Buds are compact, smelling sweet and berry (made me think of wild strawberries). With a proper curing the smoke test should be a tasty moment.
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    Harvested Blue Moon Magoo and Chuck D. at 62 days flower. Trying out the new herbnow dryer. Gonna hang dry some vs herbnow machine.
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    We always enjoy some hashish.
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    First thing I can tell you is one don’t hold enough! Lol even with the max 8 racks
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    I am interested on your take on it when it finishes
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    It's a nice Xmas tree bush n each branches nugs look like this one lol
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    This is my second go-around with Killing Fields. I like it more now than i did the first time.
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    Thanks @jetdro for all your info on octopots! I’m in week 5 of flower and I’m dialed in with the GOE! I’m growing gelato OG ! Thanks again to everyone on here for the knowledge.
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    Just cut and trimmed the Killer Cookies, they were the last plants to flip outdoors. They have endured weeks of bitter wind and rain and are the frostiest of this year's outdoor crop. Amazing resistance to harsh weather and near-freezing nights. No sign of mold at all, I'm very impressed.
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    Harvest. Killing Fields is the last plant i had growing in a three-gallon container. This started out looking to me like the pink pheno. But what do I know? These are pink or purple. The plant was grown as one continuous manifold. I took a lot of pictures.
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    Heya Today ist week 2 of 12/12, so here's a little update Ya see a groupshot, a close up of a SilverFields branch, and some clones of every strain in the box (except the white siberian, not sure if I will grow it again) Keep it up and cya at the next update
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    Looks great Jet.. U always have nice plants..
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    Durban and Santa Maria taken at 58 days. Getting around to the others soon.
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    Brings back memories eh Mr Dirt?
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    [I'd love to get that one, too, @webeblzr. I don''t know what happened with my last order. I didn't get anything I asked for, but I have 3 crosses. One I'm excited about, sort of.] You are most welcome to whatever I have going on man. I'll do an inventory today, as it is cloning day for stuff I started a month or 2 ago. Mostly all San's. And, I've been a lazy (gardening) mofo for a while, while fixing up the in laws condo, he's 93 retired Navy, wheel chair bound, she is 89 and trying to care give to him. It makes me feel human helping them. So I paint, patch, replace doors and floors since the wheel chair is a new thing in their life. New shower stall, step in type, so that means dry wall work, mouldings, and more patch and paint. He wants handrail pulls installed so he can be as independent as humanly possible, and I let him struggle...somewhat, until it looks like he is going to go tits over a tea cup. I did get him to think and dwell on something different than WW2, when I got him to watch The Pyramid Code a 4 part series, about 10 years old now. It blew him away, he watched it like 4 times after I loaded it up for him. I also gave him my copy of Robert Bauval's book The Egypt Code that he devoured in a few nights. If he stays in the Pacific during the war to long, he gets very forlorn of his life/lost buddies behind him....I just want him to look forward a bit more...to excite his thinking part of the brain. Sorry I ramble.
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    welcome aboard, kevin
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    Hi Maria. This cross was created by @Justcozz. It's actually still growing. I was going to take it down last week but it got pollinated late by one of my crosses so I decided to let it go longer to develop the seeds. Might as well pick up another cross! It smells amazing. I've still never smoked the Sannies Jack or the Silverfields, so I have nothing to compare it too. I pulled a bud off a few days ago that I may try today. It's a beautiful smell. Very sharp, and hazy. Sweet, sour, lemony, fruity, and smells like dank dirty socks if you stand away from it, heh. Next time I might top it and strip more of the popcorn buds away. This was my first time growing it and I like to see the natural expression the first time. I'm hoping for good things and may pop more seeds soon to get a full sensimilla plant next time. Here are some pics from yesterday. Excuse the ugly closet, lol. I bought a 125 year old house to remodel. It'll take a while. JC Haze about 5 feet tall. It's about 10 weeks or so into flowering and it's been pollinated twice; early and late. And, I painted a few buds with some Silverfields pollen from the dad. peace
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    Happy digging madkevin : )
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    Little more Sugar. Harvest time!
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    This is what they looked like just before I shaved them up good. It's the blackest plant I ever grew. The plants are a black/burgundy and redder in the sun. Those black leaves on a bud that broke off earlier turned a beautiful blue color when dried. We'll see. Lemon Bubba by Santero . (pre'98 Bubba Kush x Lemon Thai) ... these were all grown outdoors, at 6400ft./1950m elevation, and very, very, dry humidities... lately as low as 8-10%. I might have let this one go a little long, but I just loved to get up and look at it every morning. What a plant. Now, I'll dry it and smoke it up into white ash. peace
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    Lemon Bubba by Santero (flash on) Lights off...... Lights on... I defoliated most of my plants before these pics because I was bringing them inside to chop because of the freeze.
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    Goji x Blue Magoo .. by @StankyDank30.... very nice smell, like a blue Sweet Tart.
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    JC Haze by @Justcozz (sannies jack x silverfields)
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    Sugar Punch doing what Sugar Punch does, making Sugar! Straight up LOS grown no bottled nutes, water only!
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    ow yeah ... that's another thing, lol: i personally won't ever accept money for my creations in a private transaction IF you want to support the free shares = please use one of the shops (limited packs only). and if you want some gifts (of my choice, while trying to respect wishes) = write me
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    What do you use to check your trichs? that I can even see lol
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    Wow! Never had gg go black, only my GSC will do that. Oh wait, those are all different, must be your lighting lol
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    @trichohisme LTD i have a few similar lines waiting to get popped and can't wait to enjoy too *woot* :) "do-si-hoe" really sounds very nice, altho i am not sure what 'white fighter' is, haha. (something involving starfigher and the white, maybe?) T sure has some fire beans ! @douglasfurtrapper seed junky genetics are really nice too, imo. i like his taste in genetics (tk = so good). love the way he goes about trying to get some of the clone goodness into beans with- out skipping steps, that's really cool .. i'm in talks with jeffy over a GLG, about maybe contributing too ... *this winter, i think*
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    Velvet Orca #3 pheno finished:
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    #hashcore to the bone
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    Some Kush Berry From Bluebird Can`t wait to play with this toy
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    Lovely ice :) Here we on Vap vap Away.
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    The pit mix got back with her real home so we rescued this little baby now she is a sweetheart
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    Blackjack Day 1 Bloom 76.2F 42% RH pH 6.0 PPM 600 Res Temp 66F Defoliated on Sunday and gave them a few days to recover before flipping. Structure of the plants looking very good and they will stay relatively short because of the early topping. Decided to go with Connie Coco for my Bloom nute because I’ve had so much success with the brand in dozens of past grows. My temps are a bit low and I need to get it to that 80-85F range. I’ll let the humidity stay where it is for a few more weeks befor I drive it into the 30s.
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    Blackjack Veg 79.6F 48%RH pH 6.5 PPM 380 Res Temp 68F Plants are looking very healthy with some seriously thick branches already. Dumped the res and upped the nutes to 200ml of Sensi A&B with the same amount of Orca and RE. Will defoliate in the next couple days to get some more branching so that I can hopefully fill the space as much as possible. I had intended to keep doing a separate soil grow but I’m very tempted to switch all my mediums to coco due to the way these plants have responded to it. The roots are actually coming through the fiber pots already. Btw, love the new site and I makes loading pics much easier.
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    Blackjack Veg 77.8F 55% RH pH 6.3 Ppm 260 Res Temp 68F This is my first coco grow and some of the benefits over soil are already clear to me. Root development goes so much faster and so does the early stages of plant growth. In the 55 gals I’ve added 60ml of RE, 50ml of Orca and 75ml of Sensi A&B. The plants seem to really like this low dose mix so far. The pH has held stready and the plants seems to be drinking more this last week. The buckets are filling to about 50-65% on Mon, Wed and Fri right when the lights come on and it seems to be sufficient. Right now I’m trying to decide if I’ll be putting in a net or just using some 4’ Bamboo stakes. So far so good. URL=https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/208312-blackjack-veg1/][/url]
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    Well there’s a new lady in my life hope the wife don’t mind lol URL=https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/206679-f98792b0-61f7-4dba-a784-89675f589066/][/url] She’s a mix with boxer and a pit and god knows what But she’s a baby
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    sunglasses to protect our identity
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    Our pets are all family we treat them as they were our kids there all special I also have a parrot for the last 34 years and he’s still young I believe they can live up to 75 if taken care of looks like my daughter will get him someday
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    Been there, done that. Luckily, it was before video recording was cheap.
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    Ive got the best company for all you smokers, its called Indican Inc. We deal with growing killer strains, drying, curing, then smoking. If you guys want in on this WONDERFUL startup co., PM me and I'll give you an ADDY to send some funds. I will then invest in tons of products to keep productivity up and overhead down, the basis of all successful businesses! Oh, your not guaranteed a certain cash amount in return, but you will always be helping out my,er, our, environment! Yours Truely, CEO, Pres., Secretary, Custodial Technician, Indican! EDIT: This is my 666th post????!!!!!! I swear thats a coincidence... Im not Satan in a growers clothing! Im an honest business dude!
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