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    I volunteered to test this strain because i have a form of muscular dystrophy that comes with muscle pain. There are good days and bad days. Yesterday I got up feeling bad. I used Harlequin and Aurora Indica to treat the pain. Last night i went to bed early and woke up late this morning, feeling achy again. The Afghan CBD buds have been drying on the branch for the past four days. Perfect conditions for trying this strain for the first time. Days like this is exactly why i volunteered to give this a try. In terms of pain relief, this is now at the top of my list. I also use Harlequin and love that strain. But this has a better high. Indicas are better than sativas for the type of pain i experience.. Harlequin is a sativa. I started using Afghan CBD morning, Already planning the next grow. I have at least six seeds left. Congratulations on all your hard work. This is a great strain for pain relief. Now 'proven'.
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    3, one gram pulls of Orange Goji on my little 1 ton mechanical press. Orange Goji is pretty damn nice, my little press still working fine.
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    hi Some news, 6 weeks of 12/12 Triple pakistan and the last one Black Afghani
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    Yep, getting ready to head into the interior. Next 3 days are going to be awesome then like you said starting Sunday the bottom falls out again, for a while this time, ready to get indoor stuff done. My Octopots are ready to be planted.
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    We are suppose to get below freezing Friday night and maybe snow next week. One nice thing out there, the sun so close, you can have snow in the morning, and none by afternoon.
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    That is awesome, glad it worked so well for you. Good job Cristalin, I have one called Toro Boro, pure indica, she is high in CBD with half as much THC, really nice one for back pain. I think the Canna is high indica, low sativa, and she works great for muscle spasms and tremors for me.
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    He hates the plant, wants nothing from it, tells me its STRONG but nothing unusual or nice about it's high. Tells me what I have running now is better than this plant, lol. We traded, lol. !!!
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    Made a friend in the "industry" in Colorado. Very cool of him, asked me if I wanted anything specific, told him been hunting REAL GG4 for years. He says, yeah, we have the "Josey Wales" cut of it, directly from the 2 breeders of it. EVERYONE here hates it, you can have all you want!!! Tells me everyone in the business hates her..............lol.............they grow it because customers ask for it. This i what he wrote to me..................... Personally, after working with Glue for years I hate the stuff. Floppy ass plants that just grow with no reason behind their direction. The smallest lower branch in veg will suddenly overtake the main top the 3 week of flower. Its sticky, and smell like cocoa and drag strip. The high is meh, when comparing it to some of the things I see you have growing. It will get you dumb high, nothing unique to it. I agree with you statement about Colorado weed, and have preached it for a long time. In the commercial market, everything gets chopped at 60 days. Doesn't matter if its 2 weeks from being finished or 10 days too long. Everything needs to flip 6 times a year to keep the investors happy. Also all flower must be either sold or processed (concentrates, edibles etc) within 60 days of harvest. Your best bet in find someone who will share their homegrown. Hell yeah..................come on with it......................he did! Landed today. Mom has the "curled leaf" expression, it is the real deal I think.
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    @gardenartus First sorry for the late reply fighting PTSD there did found out after 29 years still in battle but moving forward. With every tool you can take a pic with just make it bigger on the screen. I never did like those cheap microscope there only show so a small part of it. It was a hard battle now drying dutch`s outdoor 2019. Next UP silver fields back to the ........... style
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    Just cut and trimmed the Killer Cookies, they were the last plants to flip outdoors. They have endured weeks of bitter wind and rain and are the frostiest of this year's outdoor crop. Amazing resistance to harsh weather and near-freezing nights. No sign of mold at all, I'm very impressed.
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    I am popping the Nigerian from Derg Corra Collective and I’m looking for any info anyone has on this cultivar. I believe these are a repo by Bald Man Lala of afropips stock. Thanks, G
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    Hi guys! My parents have grown outdoor plants a few times over the years where I'm planning on growing next year and EVERY SINGLE YEAR they get caterpillars and end up having to dump half of the flowers. Are there any natural deterrents for them? I really don't like the idea of spraying shit on my plants, is there something else I could plant in the area to keep them away? thanks guys
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    hello all, just one topic for sharing different grow and pics by USC staff one space of grow acide (durbanXcitral) afghan seedeed (mother afghanchitral) jack herrer "candy" jack herrer "black herbouz" casey jones "peri cut" amnesia "core cut" panama red hair panama line cannabiogen reina madre line original delicatessen
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    Yeah, about 8 last night. This is crazy. It is sunny now and will melt some today and tomorrow. 33 today and 50s tomorrow. I didn't think we would really get much by looking at the radar. I still don't know where it came from, lol. Out of nowhere.. and the radar shows it sort of just disappeared and some into the panhandle of Texas. After the 50's tomorrow it comes back and snows and real cold for 3 days.
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    Awesome! That's what I like to hear. I have issues that I'm hoping for relief on, too. I should be flipping mine any day. Yours is nice and frosty looking. Does it have much of a flavor you can detect? It's almost impossible to do at that stage on most strains. Some will tell you right away and it only gets better. peace
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    ok, THESE WERE MADE BY Nigerian By Guest azoobidies, January 4, 2012 THERE IS A SHORT 4 PAGE THREAD ABOUT IT WITH DECENT PICTURES POSTED OF THE PARENTS FROM WHAT I GATHER. I CAN'T LINK U CAUSE U HAVE TO BE A MEMBER. However, some experienced cannabis farmers tested her indoors and got great result. They confirm a good performance of this variety in Northern Hemisphere where a harvest starts at the end of September. No particular difficulties have been noticed during the vegetative period, she show great performance under usual 12/12 light cycle. It' natural for sativas to have a longer period to grow and mature. However, this legendary marijuana takes only 8 weeks before showing the first flowers with well developed tops. There are loads of bud sites along the main cola that actually makes her yield as great as 350 gr. per m2. Buds seem to be less dense but who minds? THC content is still high - 20%. Cured buds have a lemon tea aroma. Smoking Nigerian is like going back to good old days because of her aromatic hash smell and taste. Because of its higher content over CBD, Nigerian's high is very powerful cerebral, taking you to the land of dreams and illusions. Make sure you have a day off to fully enjoy the pleasure from this dark African lady.
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    I have to get my Lemon Bubba pics up. I been having a few health issues and a little off of the game. The LB is nice smooth smoke from the early test. Pretty strong as well. I just love that black one. I should have taken it a while back but it was so fun to watch it morph every day. The dried buds are black with green insides. The small green pheno is curing. I haven't smoked it as much but it was potent. We'll give them a few weeks in the cure. I want to run that Killer cookies now. I'm smoking an early bud from a friend of Santeros, Baked Beanz. Purple Poison Cookies. I hope you got that one San. peace
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    yeah, beautiful. I wish I could afford to own another dog. Maybe soon.
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    Now we are talking, very very nice.
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    beautiful dark aromas. hints of purple, they'll be here soon enough. my yard smells amazing. still a ways to go
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    Yes sir 1 teaspoon every water I had a few issues in veg I had to correct. This one was first run on octopot and using R0 water. I had a cal-mag deficiency but I got it fixed. Here is my babies Week 5!
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    Sniff me and they're snuff!
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    Will it clone, yes it will clone but its age does not change. The autoflower life span is going forward at all times from the original seedling/plant. Just as we cannot stop time, it is the same with autoflowers. We have no control of that time as we do regular or feminized seeds as they take their cues from light and thus we can manipulate them. Autoflowers come from the arctic areas, ruderalis. The growing season is very small for plants in this region and is why they formed that way. Cloning autoflowers will not give you what you want as their is no way that I know of to make it like a regular plant outside of breeding with them and selecting regular off spring which would not be an autoflower.
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    Harvest incoming too ! Really beautiful girls. Colors are insane from green to deep purple. Buds are compact, smelling sweet and berry (made me think of wild strawberries). With a proper curing the smoke test should be a tasty moment.
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    Orange Goji day 44 Straight up Fanta Orange Soda with the Fizz too. Goes 70 days
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    Sorry to wear out Sugar Punch but this is to pretty not to share. Sugar Punch finished 9 weeks, Sweet candy with a diesel undertone and after a little cure it's pretty fire and if you smoke too much it will race you pretty good, I'm sure that will mellow with a little more cure, is it Silverfields, no, but it's pretty fuking close, won't hesitate to run again. Yield pretty happy with results for a first time run using a whole new system. I pulled a little over 10 oz's of trimmed bud each and not popcorn, nice size buds, also pulled the same off of Skywalker OG. Loving the Octopots I will grow in them from now on, they rock, Thanks for turning me on to them @gardenartus!!!
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    @Maria sanchez : My friend grew them in Belgium, and fears the law. He did not take pictures of the ripe plants, but was happy with the result. The whole cycle takes about 100 days. I use MalawiGold that comes from Afropips. That's slighty different, I read. Good luck with them.
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    @Maria sanchez Thank you I didnt veg at all. The clones went straight to 12/12 after rooting.
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    Hi Maria. This cross was created by @Justcozz. It's actually still growing. I was going to take it down last week but it got pollinated late by one of my crosses so I decided to let it go longer to develop the seeds. Might as well pick up another cross! It smells amazing. I've still never smoked the Sannies Jack or the Silverfields, so I have nothing to compare it too. I pulled a bud off a few days ago that I may try today. It's a beautiful smell. Very sharp, and hazy. Sweet, sour, lemony, fruity, and smells like dank dirty socks if you stand away from it, heh. Next time I might top it and strip more of the popcorn buds away. This was my first time growing it and I like to see the natural expression the first time. I'm hoping for good things and may pop more seeds soon to get a full sensimilla plant next time. Here are some pics from yesterday. Excuse the ugly closet, lol. I bought a 125 year old house to remodel. It'll take a while. JC Haze about 5 feet tall. It's about 10 weeks or so into flowering and it's been pollinated twice; early and late. And, I painted a few buds with some Silverfields pollen from the dad. peace
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    Mother Firefly at 7weeks @Indican
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    Heya Once again, after a long break, I'm back Many grows later I decided its time to continue my grow report There's not much to see right now, but I guess I will flip them on 12/12 tomorrow so you can expect some buds in the near future hehe The Hardware is still the same but with some new strains The strains I've got are: S. A. D. S1 (2 phenos) Gorilla Glue S1 Gorilla Girl (2 phenos) Silverfields (2 phenos) White Star White Psycho (my own cross) Psycho Killer (own cross, white psychos dad) White Siberian Dansk Diesel Edit: Forgot to mention San Fernando Lemon Kush This grow will be a mess with so many different strains so lean back and enjoy The next update will be in 1 or 2 weeks as soon as some buds begin to form
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    Sugar Punch a little closer now!
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    She's looking great Baq! I need a new camera. Mine is FUBAR. Using the iPhone is making me crazy. Once I get these outdoor plants harvested, I'll get the downstairs plants moved into bigger pots and get them rocking. Sugar Punch is ready for a new pot. Not sure if I told you, but I got the plants moved downstairs. And, a friend is loaning me a 1000w MH/HPS to use and probably another one and an 8 inch fan. They're in a SunSystems XXXL 8" reflector with lens and ventilation ports on both sides.. not something I would buy, but free is nice! I have to hang the panda film and keep working it till I get it ready to flip. But, it looks very promising. This could be epic. Since this is a bud porn thread..... Lemon Bubba (or Onyx Fire, but the bud looks totally different than the other tow OF. If it is OF, Lemon Bubba is a parent) GG#4 x Sour Bubble. peace
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    Sugar Punch showing off in the cool night temps.
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    Next round will be satties from 10-14weeks. I have Nigerian, Cambodian, Hawaiian, Durban, some mexis and a plant called Destroyer. Gonna be fun!
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    Hi it’s been a long time since I shared a grow with you, so: Room: 120 Light: X8 cxb3590 2 x 240w (ArtiLed) Soil/pot: lightmix biobizz / 3.5l Nuts: Metrop Strains: black afghani / Triple Pakistan Germination in a bucket: 7 days Grow 3.5l : 10 days Bloom 3.5l : 3 days / light at 75% Thanks, I'll post later ... When it'll be more interesting If you have any question or suggestion, feel you free Ciao
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    Just posted on wrong thread lol. Got the blumats in and gonna flip the tent Monday!
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    No, it’s NOT just water. I wrote to the guys that make it, as they were briefly banned on Amazon for not disclosing an extremely small content of pyrethrums, which disqualified it as organic. They wrote back explaining the situation and It is now relabeled as “Mighty” instead of “Mighty Wash” and lists the contents. They do claim a proprietary treatment to their water. If you’re selling medical, there is a chance it will show up in testing, but for personal use, I’m not worried about it. Compared to the other pyrethrin products out there, it’s extremely minute. All I know is it works really well, just bought another gallon as had a few mites show up on my Goji OG. In a pinch, I just spray them with kerosine and light them for a minute. Works really well, but kills all but the hardiest of plants. Gives them a nice diesel flavor, though. :) Mites suck!
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