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    The Lemon Haze seedlings on soil are doing fine. It's obvious that different phenotypes have different nutriment needs, but a bit of yellowing out it no biggy to me. I removed lots of leafs earlier today. This 18 liter pot is full to the top. Imagine how much light those leafs would have took!
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    Where Blonde naked Where? Lol Ya this ole site is just about ready for the fork Barring a miracle. But when the guy running it acts like a hermit In his tower of silence and all the feeling you get is someone hawking their wares and all this site was ever meant to be was a business show that well, kinda don't help. Add to that members with more talent and have shown more indicating more experience And dedication...well its the oprah of weed fourms Add in a billion other strains n Well .... Im not sure even that could help. I stay for the show Esko told me much How hated i was like 10 years ago So i stay to piss em all off And out lived most of them hehe And of course you guys i stay because i value those relationships But ya get that fork out MrG lol
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    Jarred a nice bowl of Goji Og this afternoon, 46.3 grams off first plant, and 63 seeds, two to go. I must say, I see what the buzz is about, it's some pretty wicked weed. Stupid sticky, almost like a silver fields, and the one still flowering at 11 weeks is even worse, or better, as in cannabis world, has that "greasy" feel and look, just touch and you can see the oil on your arm. Very interesting flavor, fruity, soft, musky, skunk, really tasty. First hit is like a sledge hammer, makes you go, whoa, might want to see where this is going before hitting too much. Pretty racy, but that's typical for a fresh sativa, then settles down into a pretty trippy, fun, paint your house, kind of buzz. Oh, also, a little shape shifting, kind of like mescaline, maybe? Sixty three nice seeds, should have a few hundred when the others are jarred. I went old school, hung it for about ten days, then in brown paper bags for a week, then jarred today. Anyone have any shitty pot I can borrow, to keep my friends out of my Goji? Nice stuff. I'm happy.
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    Ah crap, they took the photo down. Gardenartus was making a point that we could just run naked through the place and nobody would care. She offered up a wonderful visual aid to illustrate her point. I'm thinking it maybe should be the cover photo for the site, not a seed.
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    Cleaning up 'The Closet' This is week 4/3/1 for a nice assortment This kush plant here is particularly tasty, made from Killingfields Madonna Blue Hammer Green Manalishi and Chocolate Rain This is Jack Hammer and Silverfields, which were worked over by me before making this It's just to the left of that kush in the group shot Yea..., It's every bit as strong as it looks
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    Yo! I'm a long time weed smoker but I've never grown my own before. I helped a friend out a few times with his setup, but haven't really done much on my own. I'm planning on starting my own in the new year when I move into my new place. I'm here to learn as muchhhh as I can before I start growing, get ready for some really annoying stupid questions lol
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    to be fair the turbo cloner is made to do one thing only, make rooted clones for transfer and it does that like a champ as you have said . the octopot isn't a cloner but the advantage of cloning right in the pot is obvious. that's good on the octopod but the comparison wasn't practical. the results also don't take in to account what would happen if you took the turbo cloner clones and place them in the octopot and then see the difference. but comparing a cloner in that way just says the obvious. regardless of the extra step or not the octopot has the advantage that's obvious based on design. hell, take the clones from the turbo cloner and put them in a hempy bucket and judge the growth of the hempy vs. the octo pot. that would be a much better comparison imh. ijs . one less step for the OP ia cool no doubt. i like the octopots for using the self pruning bags though. i decided to stay away from them and the smart pots and stick to easy hand watering top to bottom with no thought. i saw same results on avg for normal grows with 2/3 gal pots using coco cause coc allows the roots to grow so profusely root pruning bags aren't needed. i wash and sterilize my containers and reuse. thrifty me lol just like i'm doing now with 10 yr old pots granted they haven't been through multiple grows. but free is free i didn't pay for those or the bigger ones i'll flower in either. freegan rules.
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    I was going through my seed stash the other day and discovered an old pack of e$ko's Vanilla Sky. I don't know when I'll ever get to these, and they've been in my fridge for a long time - I got them from the shop when they were released,,, like many years ago now. If some good person is interested in running these and making some beans to share around,,, than these are for you. If you have some space and want to do a grow show on OG,,, soon, then please announce yourself
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    couple more shots of grape gum building up the buds ,,mac,,
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    I gave them 24/0 light because i have't got a spare timer and the plants will be moved to the flowering room when they matured. But i don't see any advantages. That they grow when 'sleeping' sounds a bit awkward to me, since my plants have grown without rest. Thanks for your visit!
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    Hey there Sacred Plant Warrior! Yeah, I'm also on AFN, but under a new nic there now. Old nic has been changed there too. Give those autos a try. Some of them now seriously kick ass. =============== Fall is here and winter coming. Which around here means daily temps of around 15 C - 22 C or so. In other words, not very cold at all. I've done winter grows here outside before, just a couple of little ones hidden in the long grass. So... thinking about doing something with my fairly good sized stash of LBH's auto reg beans. Have taken out 2 seeds each of three strains -- Auto Jack Herer, Auto Copacabana Haze, and ... something else! Am thinking of doing something super simple: Just prepare 6 of those little coco peat seed starter pellets, drop a single bean in each, and then plant them out. There are some urban gardens around here, which tend to be not much worked over winter. And let nature do the work. Maybe nothing happens, no germination or just can't survive without care in the wilds. Or maybe something does grow. Just for fun. Need to be careful though. I now around here that the Law will put up cameras around discovered gardens. And the Law now knows who I am. Maybe just grow them and watch from afar, but not tend or touch them, so they can't pin anything. In my dreams, maybe the auto regs will seed and start a wild landrace, haha!
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    I'm still hanging around here. It's gotten a little slow and a whole hell of a lot of people just disappeared all at once. But, there's been a handful of us that stayed in here and kept the lights on so some of the old timers can pop in on occasion and post up as usual. I'm not leaving this place until it's over. I've never had anything against the Opengrow! And like your very tasteful nude pic of the frolicking blonde running naked, well.... need I say more. I feel like stripping down now to do just that... but it's fecking cold so maybe I keep my fleece long johns on. Trying to not light the wood stove tonight. I'm already running low on wood.
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    Go ahead, tell 'em I authorized it. I hear you. The one thing in this life that is guaranteed is change. And, I feel you 100%.
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    This is the other, seeded, AHxCR. It's getting some purps. The buds look loose - in a while I'll post some of the indoors I've got going and you'll see that it's just environment and that this one's seeded. The aromas are dark and sharp ... Keep growing, amigos.
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    @gardenartus Bigs hugs , thinking of you , I feel the same sometimes since I retired and lost all my work buddies , but we soldier on , hopefully I get this part time job I applied for and meet some new friends along the way , chin up : )
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    I want to act like a 2 year old and stomp my feet lol, all my friends have passed or moved, the last friend I had in town is now moving. This place is becoming dead and I can't figure out the other place. I was suppose to process pounds of trim, and that did not turn out, BUT I had bought all the stuff to do it. The place I have been helping politically for years is falling apart and about to end. And some shit happened so my PTSD is kind of rearing it's ugly head. Life can be a real pisser at times. So I wanna cry like a 2 year old and stomp my feet lol
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    Hps Lamp for bloom.. German: Ndl = natriumdmapflampe. i forget ndl has a german name:)
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    I have been busy the last few days so I didnt post any updates. I have actually decided to chop them at 7 weeks since I have been noticing mold issues in many buds and there seemed to be 2-3 new affected buds every day. Currently the buds are trimmed and drying. I will update with pictures soon. It's a bummer I had to cut them early but I think its for the better. I learned a lot from this grow and look forward to the next. Pictures will follow
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    24/0 for eight days? Do you see any advantage instead of 18/6? For my understanding, they need a break, because they grow at night/ while "sleeping".
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    Hi Triple Paki pics:
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    Pic flipped on me, they are starting to ooze lol
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    I just want to re-iterate. This is a great strain. I love it.
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    Hey Santero, what's the SM in the cross you mention above? I recently remembered that I"ve grown a ChocoRain cross before.... Blu Chocolate from Fusion Seeds. They used the coveted Dabney Blu for a mother. It was a beautiful plant with outstanding blueberry aromas. I'd forgotten that it was a ChocoRain cross until I was reading the description the other day. Anyway... Here the AHxCR f2 outside.
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    The plants are naturally shooting towards the water source. Its the fastest root growth the plant goes in. It is the same with hempy buckets and other methods of watering from bottom up is often favored depending on system used. Cloning traditionally either hydroponics or media based is done as it is easier to control the environment and less space needed. But yea, if you can clone or seed in a container that is not too large for it, it is optimal.
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    Hey guys! long time no see, hope you are all fine! Chem#4 x Og (Iced Apple x Ortega) x Lady Cane Amnesia x Chocolate Rain peace
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    MotherLode at 9 weeks, all clear trichs... Easily the most aromatic in the garden, a velvet like aroma of fresh berries and roses!
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    My Goji OG smaller pheno today, ten weeks. Sticky weed.
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    Ola Maria, nice you joined us. Ur name does sound familiar as i’m Always hopping around online checking various cannabis topics/strains. I’m pretty sure i’m On afn but forget email and handle to easily go back. So, I lurk mainly. I have yet to grow an auto but I have some and will get there eventually. Yes, you made Sistah gardenartus very happy. Besides I like the input of women but it’s just not many of u ladies on the boards sadly. Take care and welcome
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    The last of the three plants. This is the one I pollinated. Turns out everything in the tent got pollinated. Oops. Afghan CBD produces some fantastic colors. This is day 64 of flowering, btw.
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    good germination rate on f3 even they are 10 years old but cant say the same thing for the f2...
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    Hi Triple Paki hash from trim ( ice o)
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