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    For 90 mesh, that is pretty green, looks like the plant was worked to much.... I save everything from my 220, 120 and 73 mesh bags. The 220 has some green, both 120 and 73 are tan and yield the most. I keep the 220, figure why toss it, it may not be quality hash, but it’s definitely mostly trichomes, and I don’t complain about green in my bud...lol.. here are pics of my last wash, Rhino Blood from the OctoPot. close up 73, about a 1/3 of it is gone...the wife likes topping off a bowl with a chunk. close up 120 and last the 220, you can see the small plant particles in there, but overall, nothing wrong with adding this to a joint
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    Hi Thx for your report Web' More pics:
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    another small update with the ones that fell this week taste buds, pheno #2 ... 56 days "santa maria" x chocolate rain f1, pheno #3 ... 52 days afghan sunset, pheno #1 ... 54 days killer cookies pheno #4 ... 58 days taste buds pheno #3 ... 58 days afghan sunset pheno 3 ... 56 days had a toke of the larry lurex and this is the grinder after she went through there, lol *crazy*
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    Bloom 9 I'm very satisfied. They just go slowly into the Bloom Jelly Bananen Malsaña Cookies
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    which is sorta accurate cause i do have big testicals lol. I was a little surprised by our last conversation but no biggy. not sad she's done and i will not even consider any type of leo ever again as a keeper candidate. i promise smdh.
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    Thank you gardenartus, I appreciate that very much! Plant genetics and filial generations are confusing to many people, so I thought I'd jot something down that may be understood better for everyone here. I'm not a know-it-all, but I do know a whole lot about plants and I like to share the knowledge of plants that I have gained over the years with people where I can.
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    Hey now Toker. Cindy is looking good, you got some chunky buds in the making. I recently smoked a joint of the C99 grew in the solo cup challenge. Holy hell I forgot how strong she was.
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    im treating everything infectious with silver and garlic for quite a long time now. I barely get sick and when I do it's usually away within 3 days. I don't even know anymore how pills taste haha get well soon toker!
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    Just buy ya some Sannie's Jack, voila, problem solved.
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    I don't think i'll have to press this! Peace!
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    It's been bit, took a little break to regroup. Gotta a few pics. The group consists of Yeah Buddy, left rear and front right. Front left is Indican's Quintessential Kush. Hiding right rear are 2 Perkins Cut. Yeah Buddy, 46 days, 7 gallons vs 2 gallons. The 2 gallon gal has been eating her fans for a week. Buds are thicker on 7 gallon girl. Perkins Cut in 2 gallon bags. They probably won't yield much. I forced them to show sex, which took forever, and they wouldn't revert back to veg, so they are gonna be stubby chicks.
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    This is the first time I have seen such a well written description. TY sir, I can even understand this.
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    This is why i love shoeless gear so much C99 20 days into flower. She has much vigour I topped at 2nd node and you see i had to bend the main stalk because she keeps growing. This will be different a tad im sure from last run as its from seed but nevertheless im sure to be happy. And i have her clones now.
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    Those machines are not designed for ice hash first, they´re build as washing machines for camping etc.. For my experience with ice hash, 15 min. stirring is way to long, but I don´t know the machine. Maybe she is very gentle, but when I used a mixer or drilling machine I used them for 5Min. in the first round. On the next rounds I stirr the hell and green out of the leafs. I did it the other way around, in the beginniing 5Min. than ca.10Min. and so on...
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    This is how i go to work too, with the exception that i use a machine to stir sold by the same polinator company.
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    just to chime in to the above. If both Parents being bred are IBL's and stable You will get offspring that are more uniform in nature. instead of me trying to say it in my own words further i'll cut and paste from sensi seeds website. btw i realize this might be more than the OP asked for but feel it will give him and some others a more complete picture based on the posts by Santereo and DesertGrown clear info is the best info. thx guys Cannabis Genetics 101: Stabilising A Strain Stabilising cannabisProcedures to stabilise cannabis strains are poorly understood, even by breeders producing commercial strains. Stability refers to the variability and predictability found in the offspring of a parent generation: when a strain is unstable, variability will be high and predictability low; with a stable strain, the reverse is true. Variability & predictability Variability in this case refers to the range of different phenotypes that will express when hybridising two different strains; predictability refers to the expected distribution ratio of the different phenotypes. When crossing stable parents, Mendelian inheritance dictates that: 50% of the offspring will resemble both parents equally, 25% will express traits closer to the mother and 25% closer to the father. Usually, breeders will stabilise a strain over several generations. First, a healthy mother and father are selected, and bred to produce hybrid offspring that will be of varying predictability depending on parent stability. Hence, if the mother and father are both considered stable, their offspring would be expected to express three phenotypes as outlined above. Stable vs. true-breeding It is important to note that ‘stable’ does not equate to ‘true-breeding’. A true-breeding strain is one that will produce consistent offspring of one dominant phenotype (with few to no specimens unlike their siblings); in cannabis, these are usually found among the landraces and traditional cultivars. Further, breeders may use the term true-breeding to refer to single traits that will always recur (such as purpling or webbed leaves), rather than for overall phenotypic expression. Mendelian inheritance at its most simple – 25% of offspring have the type AA, 25% are aa and 50% are Aa Stable parents usually produce predictable, homozygous offspring, although with a greater degree of variation than found in true-breeding strains. However, if one or more parents is unstable, crossing them together results in a range of heterozygous offspring that can express any number of unpredictable traits, and which will not correspond to predictable Mendelian ratios. The traits that are dominant in each parent are recombined to provide the genetic basis for the next generation. The initial crossing of two unrelated parents is known as the filial-1 (f1) hybrid. Usually, the best examples of the f1 hybrids will be crossed to produce the f2 generation, which is usually even more unstable than the f1. Crossing & back-crossing With several generations of crossing together brothers and sisters from the same parents—selecting on the basis of desirable traits—a greater degree of consistency and therefore predictability can be achieved. Desired traits become dominant and will always appear, while undesirable traits are gradually eliminated from the gene pool and are no longer expressed. For some traits, back-crossing plants to previous generations allows traits to become stabilised more quickly. Many breeders erroneously believe that some degree of back-crossing is necessary to stabilise any strain, but in reality this technique is only required for certain characteristics.
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    i had to google that to know what ur talking about. i just hope you get through it. i also suggest u do that stuff in the video as it will help bolster your whole system. besides it free to stand still and be fit dude. ijs i would also start using 10 ppm colloidal silver + "source naturals" brand 8 oz bottle and get a sprayer to dose under your tongue 2/3 sprays twice a day. since bacteria can't adapt to silver and they will be mad that more than the doxy is on their case as well. https://www.prohealth.com/library/what-i-use-to-manage-herxheimer-reactions-47971
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    the above film about child soldiers made me recall a famous child soldier. EMMANUEL JAL WHO IS THE YOUNG MAN WHO'S FILM WAR CHILD left me as an emotional wreck as i watched this film and wiped tears from my eyes. I to suppress the urge to scream and cry like a baby with an ear infection as well. it was such an emotionally gripping film for me i can't and shouldn't try to forget it. I watched with a whole room for of folks from the community mainly activist types, those who cared for causes ... we got to choose the first film we wanted to watch from a few. we chose the short film about child soldiers. i guess it wasn't a big surprise since the feature film was about this topic as well. The song war child i share with you in film i played too many times to count. I ALSO SANG THIS SONG OUT LOUD IN PUBLIC SO FOLKS COULD MAYBE PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I WAS SAYING IF ONLY FOR A MOMENT. STRANGELY I FELT COMPELLED TO DO SO AND DID IT VERY OFTEN AS I WALKED THE STREETS OF MY JUNGLE. During this time i was living on the fringe of the fringe of society. The house I lived in and used to pay rent for was called a death trap/abandominum i was told. DIDN'T HAVE ANYWHERE ELSE TO GO to deal with and keep my dogs/cats so i risked my ass in that house to care for them. eventually i was being forced to leave and had already started scoping out abandoned houses to squat in as well as places outside to camp out. I TURNED DOWN VETERAN OFFERED HOUSING TWICE because i wouldn't be allowed my animals ... This song War Child made all sorts of things in my life and the world seem like a weight on my heart, spirit and mind in a weird way i can't truly describe. I'll buy the dvd and ge a friend to dupe it if others want to see it after i tell them i was watching it. dude will do them for 5$ and that's a bargain for such content imho. enuff said this is his website, this brother is conscious so if you want to access him and learn more about him check it out. https://www.emmanueljal.com/
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    That was my first thought, too. Maybe to long / hard stirring the plant.
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    Thx. for the Vet love folks. just know that as a former Marine i'm ok with semper fi and will help anther marine in need. as for the federal government though. fuk them i have no uncle named Sam and when i enlisted i had no illusions about the seedy nature of the UNITED SNAKES MILITARY and how it's used for bullying the weaker countries around the globe to accomplish nefarious goals. I REALIZED LONG AGO THAT WAR IS WRONG and it occurs because certain people are straight fucking up on multiple levels and it;s disgusting so many are duped by their bullshit and willing to die for it unknowingly.
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    I’ll be dropping some C99 beans again after the first of the year. None of the ones I dropped last run grew. I got to grow this...thanks shoe
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    Mixing everything in a bucket with just your largest mesh bag works well. It makes it a little easier to agitate the ice, water and bud without beating up the bags. Let all the good stuff fall into the bottom of the bucket. Then stack your desired bags in a separate bucket, pour all the material from the bucket through your bags.
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    Has the mixing action straight in the 90 forced some green through the 90 mesh , maybe mixing in a kitchen sieve would be better , then the forced through plant particles would have been bigger , which the 90 would have then caught / sieved out just letting the smaller trichs fall through , to be caught in the 35 ?
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    It turned greener than expected after night, which confuses me, since i sieved it with 90 micron and collected it with a 35 micron bag!
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    What do you think about the Killer Cookies? I'm thinking of running that next. If Sam sent you some of that Purple Poison Cookies, enjoy! damn. It's something.
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    I have a large gallon zip of PC buds curing. They do grow a little different from regular photos. It's really good smoke, too.
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    Well, quick update. Looks like I have them doing better. Still have a ways to go for them to be growing proper, but they are finally going in the right direction. Left - SiFI Blaze, middle - Kmix, Right- AH 3 Goji 3 Silverfields 2 Goji 3 RPP x Chem Dog left - SiFi Blaze, right BG x SD back - HK x SD, front left - SFG x LF, front right RPP SOLO CUPS, left going clockwise, the 4 plants I had up in the woods...lol...2 SF, 2 NP...not sure what’s what. Then the other 4 are goji and an SF in the mini dwc No octopots yet this run.. With the weather, lighting problems and power going out, just figured I’d finish this run in regular pots. Maybe I will put one of the goji into an OctoPot into the tent for a scrog.
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    Hello,I make pictures off my booster light Emmerson effect and UV+IR. Emmerson effect is 2*18 watts and UV+ir 2*15 watts.Come from ledfury.be webshop.I must make fixtures for place them in right place. I hope this booster work well,all comments are welcome,thank's for watching. Big UP. Have good vibes,friendly.
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    Feels like 18 F Wtf 28 F Bollshit i tell ya That kinda weather freeze a guy
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    An another one to the vault!
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    @Maria sanchez Im planning to cure the buds for at least some months since I like how the smell and taste profiles change over time. Also I will make some ice hash from the frozen trim. Either gumby method or I will actually get some micron bags. Any suggestions? Original bubblebags or are there better ones? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally some pictures After chopping. You can see the algae buildup and white mold. Possibly the myco? A pile of freshly bucked buds and some leaves. After drying 6-7 days. I'm trying to keep the buds at RH 62% in food grade plastic boxes. I am still burping the boxes everyday since humidity climbs slightly over night. Most buds were trimmed using a spinning trimmer causing damage to the buds and responsible for the darker color of the buds. These are hand-trimmed head buds. They are visibly lighter in colour and its possible to see the trichomes. The harvest in plastic boxes while burping the buds. Xbox 360 for comparison. All boxed up almost ready for long term curing. I hope everybody enjoyed the grow report and see you all next time RTS
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    The "F" in F1 stands for "filial", put simply, that means that particular plant is the first generation offspring of the two parental (P) plants that were bred together. The parental plants may also be known as P0 or F0 in horticulture... denoting that they are the parental generation. F1 is the direct hybrid offspring from the parent plants. F1 is where you'll see the greatest diversity of phenotypic expressions. An F1 is neither a pure line nor stable, as they contain the genes (dominant & recessive ) of both parents. F2 is the result of crossing two F1 plants together. F2 is where you'll find the greatest diversity of smells/flavors and plants that exhibit more vigor. Subsequent F generations are made to refine the strain further. Each filial level gained refines the dominant phenotypic expressions that may be found in the cross. If stability is what your after, then look for plants that have been backcrossed (Bx) or plants that have been inbred (IBL) over a number of generations. Good luck to you in your search for plant stability.
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    Never ever answer the door Never ever let leo in Ever If they coming in they will Do not answer door If you must do not open Ask thru door who.is it If leo do not open if they ask you to Say u just got out of shower If they have any questions leave on a card by door and tell them your lawyer will call asap to be of assistance Be polite Do not open door Ever
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    I enjoyed his c 99 when I grew her very vigorous and great terpenoids,Perkins cut still amazes me on how well she works on pain . Thanks again @Shoeless
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    Hi Triple Paki pics:
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    Hey guys! long time no see, hope you are all fine! Chem#4 x Og (Iced Apple x Ortega) x Lady Cane Amnesia x Chocolate Rain peace
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    here is a tiny little update for the ladies growing in the HBxl going to just show the ones falling in this cab from here on out. this is sannie's way of growing: just mycos and tabs in soil, bactos in water evry 2 weeks and a tiny bit of biobizz bloom on weeks 5+6 ... the only real addition is topmax (half strenght of the bottle's recommendation) starting on week 4, used it up to week 7 and since then tapwater only until chop (= some are more yellow than others in result). afghan sunset (lavender x deep chunk ibl) pheno #2 day 47, she smells like lavi & looks like dc (mission acomplished) i'm fairly eager to know how she kicks, love how she looks for sure. holy lui (holy princess f1 x lui f1) pheno #3 49 days of 12/12, very sticky (stems & leafs too) she reeks strong of melon-pineapple-hash taste buds (larry lurex x sanfune) pheno #1 this one fell on day 50 smells like red cherry cough drops (em-eukal für kinder) taste buds (larry lurex x sanfune) pheno #4 sweet & danky tropi/choco-pinesol combo took only 43 days of 12/12 so far the fastest lady ever for me i left the spot open and just leave the light out on that spot because there is no perpetual growing in this specific cab. from here on out they stand under only 4x 60w COBs. i sure like these energy-saving LEDs very much *woot* same power as the 400w HPS, but much less cost anyhoo, enjoy your smokes best vibes, SAN
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    it's not that easy (anymore) ... we can't just look at the F-generation to be sure how stable something is and for what. if a line gets selected for the same thing for many generations then it is stable for the traits it was selected for, but if a variety gets open pollinated for a few generations it is much less stable in terms of phenotypic expression (f.e.) i have grown f12 lines that were all over the place and had f4's that were completely uniform like clones ... that means, that almost all lines need a grow as checkup first before evaluation. ... hope my 2 centavos help a bit
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    Just cut and trimmed the Killer Cookies, they were the last plants to flip outdoors. They have endured weeks of bitter wind and rain and are the frostiest of this year's outdoor crop. Amazing resistance to harsh weather and near-freezing nights. No sign of mold at all, I'm very impressed.
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    Harvest!!! I am taking down 2 of the 3 plants I have growing. The smell is sweet and skunky. The buds have some beautiful colors. Can't wait to give it a try!
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