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    Mnjammie...stil 4 weeks and harvest the mineral scrog autoflowers...after all the rest is bio sannie way in 4ltr rootpot garden highpro. Enjoy Grtz
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    Very nice, Hill-Billy. Mine is 2 weeks into flower, just starting to throw pistils. Hey now Mr. G. Quintessential Kush is from Indican, 5 Kushes crossed. I got one female from 5 seeds this run, saving 5 for later.
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    AHA! Thanks @Hempyfan . I went back and re-read that article and I get it now. Cation is not a process, its a positively charged ion. "Unwashed"/"Unbuffered" coco has excess Na and K which is released on watering, leaving negatively charged coco-particles left over to suck the Ca and Mg from your fertilizer. The guy was probably just trying to tell me the coco was buffered, but who knows.. I doubt the bagged mix has a 60+ CEC , as I shouldn't have seen deficiencies. Unless watering with the ph 7 water did it? I don't care. I understand what I was stuck on, I learned something today, and the truth is it doesn't matter. The guy charges too much for his product for what it is. Switching to canna-coco . Washed, buffered, no cow manure or grass seed (had a couple of grass plants pop up initially). I am sure that plus my Blue Planet Nutrients A+B using 6ml/9ml will do just fine. Thanks @gardenartus, @Gardener, @Hempyfan DB
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    Silverfields [2019 Edit.] 82 Days (All Cloudy/amber Hues) Smells of Berries and Fumes This one has a more hazey bud formation in comparison with my current SF mother.. anyone recognize the pheno?
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    A little more red poison porno I think im going to run her pretty regular So fruity Day 52
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    @spacemanspiff Thank for the advice, she's coming down at the 12 week mark a few days from now. The last time I had a pheno that wouldn't turn was a Sugarpunch, but she was great all cloudy... still got the Motherlode going strong, giving out new clusters and really fattening up the last week, she also looks a bit too early for harvest so we'll see (I think she's advertised as 9-10weeks?) I wonder if any here on the forum got any ideas regarding the breeding pattern that went into producing the Skunk X Jack berry, the site didn't mention who contributed the seeds when I ordered them. The clones are very vigorous and healthy. anyways I'll know in a few weeks if it stays in the garden Edit: I sampled a small bud from the Skunk x Jack Berry last night. It smells amazing (rivaling the Mother lode even Is obviously harsh on the throat (3 days quick dried in low temps and low r/o) Full body experience that start in the head and settles in to a calm, cozy and content body stone without notifiable couch lock. Like I said, Very early sample, but she impresses in power and charm
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    24 gorilla glue feminised sannie way, Day 20 bloom,
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    Gorilla glue autoflower day 27 bloom and northern light autoflower day 27 on a scrog. Gg Nl Grtz
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    She´s 82 days now and all fan leaves have turned from autumn to yellow.. She´s still showing only clear trichs on all branches... wonder how far she´ll go..
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    MrGreenGene’s Cherry Bomb aka Maui Wowie
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    She really is much slower than the others... oh well so looks like I have to germinate more seeds sooner than expected... dropped 9 (silverfields x boudica) x humboltd kush in paper towel yesterday evening we shall see.
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    Harvest. Misty Kush. Eight weeks. This is a cross between Master Kush and Misty. I like Master Kush so I decided to give this a try.
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    I popped 10 GDP, only 5 took, and of those 5, only one a female At least we got one!
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    The QK doesn't stretch too badly. Easy to keep tight n stout imo.. I've got alotta afghanis n indicas. The qk is bout same size. It's in the pic with the led.. it's one towards the center. As far as the led, I think you have to really invest in a good one. This one has already made a big difference in 2 weeks or so of being fired up. A few days I'll get more pics. I'm trying for a high quality bud run. Of course a few will be breeders. I've already noticed a male n female blue moon magoo I'm gonna make Blue Moon Magoo Too. Lol. Also have a fat male n female psychosis. So definitely remaking these too. Other shit will come out of it. All my snow queens are looking female so psychosis make to snow queen female aka Baby Firefly are on the way
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    Well that is the worst luck on the 6 silverfields I started 5 of them are dudes and the little runt left looks to be a female....that sucks a little bit oh well such is life,sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.
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    I used the chilled logic pucks, Made 1x "veg light" with 2 of the royal blue versions of the pucks ( 3000k/4000k & 450nm) 240w 2100A with a more Bleu spectrum And 2x "generative/bloom lights" with 3 deep red versions of the pucks (3000k/4000k & 660nm) 240w 1750A with a more red spectrum To dimm the old style meanwell drivers (1-10v) to off I added a relay that switches off at 1v Made a wiring harness in series with a protective sleeve and shrink tube.. Used some stand off spacers to mount the aluminum panel on the frame (makers beam) The Bleu tooth Controller aux is powered by a 12v 300ma driver Its a mesh network that allows for timers, schedule, dimming and light recipes Lights can be grouped into a network and Cotrolled all at once or multiple groups
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    [Skunk x Jack Berry] 80 Days From a feminized freebie, Smells of Berries and lemon, with a skunky undertone (not yet tested, about to be chopped soon)...still clear trichs at 11 1/2 weeks, Hmm...
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    New toy. 660 watt LED with a 1000 watt mh n a 1000 watt hid on either side. Maximizing spectrum n decreasing heat is the main objective. By the way, there's Woodhorse Herijuana and Snow Queen and Psychosis bx2 n all kindsa old goodies in this room. Wonder what 2020 will behold?
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    Been 1,5 year now since I've seen a living plant, Did got some spare time to hobby and diy with some leds Made a frame out of rails for the sinks, bought a Bleu tooth controller and a relais to dim to off Mounted it all on a panel with the driver underneath
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    Hi growers & blowers I already introduced myself so here i go I grow indoors in a secret jardin dr240w with 2 x led light inventronics, uniteck G-Led Target 650 Actualy a led armature prefixed with 8 led bars 2 x full spectrum 660nm, min printfoot 120-120, max 150-150, max watt 650w. One field off 120-120 or 4x4 I have 5 plants in 19ltr rootpots, a scrog 80- 120, 2 plants gorilla glue, 3 plants northern light, next to them on the space left there are 3 gorilla glue fem. Sannie way with kokos feed only(obrigado kokoswater). 1 power plant, 2 ak47 en 5 gelatos in sannie way. Other field is only gorilla glue fem. In 4ltr rootpot sannie way, tomorrow they go into there 1st day week 4 off bloom. Will post some pictures soon as the lights are out . Cheers and hope you enjoy my report, if i do something wrong or you spot some stuff in setup or plants, feedings and adds, just mention or kritisize....the only way i learn to grow better. Grtz
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    Not much to show atm, on 4 or 5 week veg. Trying to get them sexed so I can clone. Have some work to do to get the tent tip-top but things looking good. Constructing a new light for the second flower tent. Having fun! Pics soon! Thanks, G
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    So dude, these are your plants finishing in 1 gallon pots like you mentioned on the other thread? They are great! Do you have to water every day? DB
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    Yes thank you very much @douglasfurtrapper For those Can’t wait to see what comes of it
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    I have that one, too and heard it is a good one. I had two other crosses with that Humboldt dad and they were great. I haven't made it to this one yet. I'm pullin up a chair to watch this. Doug did a nice job with that dad.
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    Heh, that poor little lonely girl. She sure looks lost in that big space. But, I bet it would also fill that same space by herself if given the chance!
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    Exactly. Everything I read talks about the change in temp being death to pollen more than the actual temp, just like seeds and cigars. Cigars get ruined when they expand and contract breaking the outer wrappers, seeds do the same. Whenever I collect pollen in my film canisters over several days, I keep them in the fridge, but let them warm up for 15 minutes before I open them to add more. I was waiting to make a shit load of Sannie's Jack seeds, may run her this winter, if I don't fly south.
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    I feel with ya buddy, I recently got 3 females and 15 males out of 18 seeds, real good genetics as well... I just take a moment to relax, breath and move on
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    Yikes. I had that luck in the summer. This run was just the opposite. Only 3 males out of 15.
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    Yes i have but mine was cool Link to beans reg autos
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    I found some three year old Sannie's Jack pollen in a film canister inside an 8 0z ball jar filled with oven dried rice and vacuum packed in the bottom of a sub zero freezer for three years, do you think it will be any good? It has never been out, thawed, or handled in any way. Just a combo of things I read of folks doing to save pollen. LOL Seriously, I studied up on what others had done, most claim 3 months or so, but some claim over a year. It was the only Sannie's Jack male I've ever had, out of 20-25 seeds I've grown, so saved it, but never got back to growing SJ again, so it's just sat there. I've only got five SJ seeds left, so may run those out next. I need more space.
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    No I sure haven't Shoeless LOL funny, they don't know the difference between hemp and cannabis I am sure they don't know they difference between a dosing syringe and one with a needle lol
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    Hey Gardner, "a hydro approach using coir as the medium" Can you expand? I took a scan through your weekly harvest thread, and it seems like your setup is much the same as mine. You start in rapid rooters, and plant in coco/perlite in ... 3 gallon airpots? Are you saying this is essentially drain-to-waste hydro as far as you are concerned? Because I feel like our setups are essentially the same. Seeds germinated in RRs planted in 4in cowpots with some left over roots organic original (this was a mistake, filled with mold and gnats) Once the seeds germinated and seedlings established they are planted in 7 gallon airpots with the now 95% coco/5% compost bagged mix. (the 6 1 gallon plants were reserved for a future grow due to space. At first i was watering with just plain water, purified so we are talking like 1ppm at 7ph. Deficiency showed up within a week, which lead me to the h3ad formula. So I am feeding now with every watering 6ml/gallon 5-0-1, 9ml/gallon 1-5-6 for an estimated nutrient profile of 103N, 51P, 171K, 63Ca, and 55Mg. I am happy with the results so far at about 28 days 12/12. So, this method, to you, is essential DTW hydro ? DB
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    I would ignore the trich's. If it's 82 days, it's ready. I did an experiment with one strain and let it go till the trichs turned. I let it go to week 14 of what was supposed to be a 9 week strain and it never turned. I gave up and chopped it. I let another one go till week 20 which surprised me it could even go that long when it was supposed to be a 11-12 week plant. Needless to say, neither were as good as taken when they were supposed to come off.
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    Silverfields getting there
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    Veg closet. Perpetual cycle: engaged
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    @islayhearts YES, thank you!!! She is EXACTLY how I remember her, tasty n stout, thanks again mang!!!!!!
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    Hi, Fat buds inc. Quality is sheit, can't remove most of the plants from tent and never have time to take photos when lights are off. MadChem has suprised me by forming seriously fat buds, real surprise considering this was alot behind and experienced some mistreatment in veg and repotting. Think I finally but enough guano in soil 2-3 weeks left max for purple mb+ madchem, bigger madberry 3-4 propably..gotta cut em at same time, coz have to dry em in tent so gotta find some compromise. Madchem, very good structure this would be optimal for my setup. one of my best madberry phenos..amazing smell of the best green juicy phenos and trichomes of the best red ones...have had more frostier ones tho. coke bottle sized tops..mb
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    Huck Kush F2. Chopping main buds then reveg.
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    Silverfields coming along nicely smelling sweeeeet
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    Here's some purple Madberry incoming Green stretchy very funky smelling Madberry
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    I breed with auto's, there's not much to it. The auto-trait is a recessive one-allele trait that behaves strictly Mendellian. Just cross your favorite Autoflowering female to the Foto-male of your choise, and then make two more generations. Then select the Auto's from that, and Bob's your uncle. Good luck.
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