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    And the last one today, the San Fernando Lemon Kush Looks OK with great bud to leaf ratio but not much lemon smell The harvest amount seems to be quite good tho
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    Now it's time for the psycho killer Not much to say, it's frosty with an average bud to leaf ratio The dried buds smell a bit like green bananas and honey I would say lol
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    Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays.
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    I will never understand women Never Shes killing me What does she want I write any fucking check she wants lol Jump through any hoop Omg shes magnificent
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    Aurora Indica, day 10 of flowering.
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    Merry christmass all opengrowers and blowers. Thx for the tip @Hemp, All the rest i 'll wait at least 7 days, leaves are turning from color sligthly now as off today, wait until aal the plants leaves are well colored. Like a strong stone so wait long as possibble which is 1.5weeks , then i have to plant over my round 3 to 11ltr, they are 3 weeks the. Here She is trimmed and 48 hours dark, the white pistels are a bit gone but idd maybe to urly, altho amber trichomes and enough thc white on the buds, 1nd while trimming, very sticky ine the gloves. 2 ltr bottle, bud size 1.5ltr if you see well...
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    I wish you all a Merry Christmas here we go with some overdue updates @Weederstand Here are some pics of the white siberian at harvest time I'm not very happy with this one (once again) The top buds look OK, but it's like 5-6g at best.
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    I couldn’t resist this one hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
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    bottlenecking is not always good, btw. "selectoral dead-end" of a line is just one of many breeding-techniques and is not used as a standard to breed by people in the know, should only be used when necessary ... same as bx'ing ect. every method has its place and time. the less beans available, the more a preservation/open pollination makes sense (imho) to get all expressions into the next generation and safe those up before sorting them out ... with more beans in hands (f.e. after that ... in the f2 with many beans/lines) a selection makes more sense, imho. but with very little seed (like now ... 5 is not much in a line like CR with so many expressions in the f1 already) it's vital to make more and then start the discarding after that otherwise it could be that one ends up loosing valuable ex- pressions "on the way" before you even saw them. and (trust me), you want to see as much of the CR as possible, hehe.
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    Merry Christmas brother! peace
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    Merry Christmas with a little HO HO Sinisters Huck n Heri X USC's Ouzbekistan
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    Skunk x Jackberry (2019 freebie) Cured now for a couple of weeks, a smooth and calm stone with a strong scent of blueberries and skunk Muscle relaxant properties.
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    Hey Shiska I hope too can not wait summer 2020
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