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    I like your looks very much SPW, you are a sharp looking man and that smile! Psst I just turned 61 in Jan 5th, I am a fractionated 4/20 hehe Been doing a bit of Yoga, but need to get more serious about it. Update on me, lost my gardens, Both in flower to PM. Was processing oil for folks, and ended up with PM, went through my upstairs vents to the flower room, none in veg. So I go get 8 Massively big plants lol I mean big ole plants, in one week I had more PM lol not from me, from the NEW plants! Ugfhhhhhhhhh so I am treating all rooms with potassium bicarbonate and it is working. They are all gonna come out about the same time, I am gonna end up with pounds eeek lol. I was like For Real, For Real! I pick up plants cause I have PM and the damn new ones do too ha ha just my luck. So loads of cleaning, spraying going on, and this old lady don't like to travel, HOLY Crap who has Plants, not clones! lol I was lucky anyone had anything, really good breeds too. Then of course I am making medibles coming out my ears hehehe Picked up a new mold, thought it would be great for gummies, oh NO< it feels like little fingers in your mouth ha ha and I already got a cool mold for chocolate, guess I will have two now ha ha. Maybe use it for the copy cat starburst. Those are lemon bars, 100mg each, and those funny gummies that feel like fingers in your mouth lol. I had so many requests for the Grape Mehigh I make that I ordered supplies, gonna be 150mg in 12 oz long neck beer bottles Hope everyone is doing well.
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    Hello OG 'ers Here i am with my 3 th grow indoor(still a noobie). I started this round already 15/12/19 was there 1st day, now they are in there 11th day of bloom. I only turn in 12 hour system, so they growed already next to the blooming gorillas from my other grow which is finished. This way i only have to go 6 weeks with the pure ak and 7 weeks dr.kali to harvest The 12 dr.kali & chocolate factory from dr .krippling seeds are standing in square plastik pots 11ltr. The pure ak from female seeds, white widow from kera seeds en white widow vs bigger bud from wietzaadjes.nl are standing in 11ltr round rootpots. 12 dr.kali Pure ak and ww Greetings and hope you like my new grow report
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    A wonderfull good morning to the community. I recently came across some of the sannies freebies. 5 x Blueberry Indica x Heribei. It is one of the best strains i have ever grown. Info: - Grown in the cold at 16-19 degree celcius. - Canna nutrients - 10 weeks veg outdoor in the cold (14-20c) - Had several illnesses such as black flies / thripse and soil mold. Flavours: Fruit Tea Smell: Mix fruit and a bit of pine - Grown next to the window with 8-10 hours of light This strain had all the worse conditions and still came out very decent. She is so purple that it looks almost black. Thanks to sannie for the freebie. Cheers
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    Sugarpunch/Gelato Day 49 Bloom 85.1F 38% RH 180 PPM To my surprise this grow is basically done. All plants except one have had the pistils retract and under the scope everything is cloudy with a scattering of amber. The frost on these 2 strains is very impressive. You can see some of the trich heads with the naked eye. Now I’m considering harvesting maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. Ever since I started growing with LEDs all my plants seem to finish a week earlier that what the breeders say the should. I’ll take that any day.
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    Good Day All I had said i was receiving these beans (like a year ago) in the thread I made pertaining to sustaining Escos work.....and here it is! These girls went into flower on the 23rd of December and took about 10 days to show their sex... these photos are around 3 weeks in 1000 w HPS and soil grow utilizing General Organics Nutes (Vegan lol) All plants were fairly tall except one.... i used his pollen and then chopped him for space... I also have the Jallisco Jaze but wanted to start with these to see their traits b4 starting the JJ's Regards Doob
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    To work today or not..just wanna crawl back in bed. Maybe finish this joint and enjoy the show first See what happens later.
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    Woohuuw, finished this round, very pleased by turning nearly one on one. Gorilla glue, +200gr a jar These 6 plants i still need to trim and the grill bellow right contains 150gr ready cut for the jar, all gorilla. Greetings and hope you enjoyed the grow, see you at my round 3
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    Thank you all for the responses and observations I will gladly take whatever seeds you have of this girl... She is a very good plant to keep on hand Im wishing now i had crossed her to some Apollo 11s i had going....as it is i did cross a Sour Kush male (Sour Diesel x PCK) to some Apollo 11s i had on hand Regards all Doob
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    Airborne XL #2(BS XL x AJ F2) exactly what she needed to become interstellar in HIGH and perfect in structuring and placement of her buds....more info soon about AXL #2. longer flowering then the rest as this one will need around 70 days flowering....cant wait! Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    I've got a seemingly rare pheno of the critical jack, this one really looks like her sativa parent. Leaves are super slender, In the 40 seeds of critical jack I've popped over 2 grows, this is the only one I've seen like this. But my amnesia row is still the most vigorous: Everything is really loving these 1000w gavitas. I've noticed that taking plants from their tube lights and putting em straight under the 1000w gavitas has its impacts. I'm not sure if it's because of the sudden increase in lighting, or what. But the plants all suffer a magnesium deficiency for a week or so despite the EC being at 1.15 - 1.2. After 7-10 days, the plants start picking up and growing beautifully, under the same EC. This deficiency can be significantly offset by spraying with Epsom salts (8g/L). It could also be because I ended up letting these sit in the DWC in the veg room for a bit too long, and the roots got tangled. Some of them definitely lost some root mass while untangling and moving them to the flower room. This could have impacted their ability to absorb nutrients through roots. It did affect different plants to varying degrees. Next round I will be able to tell for sure, I will eliminate the root entanglement variable. I will also have the same phenotype in each set of pipes so the issue of different plants requiring different levels of nutes is also eliminated. As of now this is an ongoing issue. I also am aware that mag def (maybe others as well) become visible only after they are already an issue for a while. So maybe they were having issues under the low power t5 lights which went unchecked. Lots of variables to control, but it's important to not make any assumptions in the best interest of scientific accuracy. The only complete pictures I have are from the cctv. Not very good quality but something > nothing. The row on the left side is the Critical Jack row. Critical plus on the right. Overview. Amnesia on the left Will get some pics of the Kolossi shortly. Best vibes
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    Lowryder 2 was my first Grow, I still like it, great high, just not strong by today’s standards. Been thinking I should take another look, looks like they’ve come a long way.
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    Yep, that’s all it took for me. Second run just kicked into flower, still LOS / No till. Pots never moved, cut finished plants off at soil surface, top dressed let set 2 weeks and replanted, done.
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    I COULD STILL FILL YOUR FORCE. AND IT'S GOOD YOU can take a step back etc etc. I'm doing the same in my own way online. also limiting my genetics hunts and quickly eliminating strains and pollen chuckers i'll pass on. Now with that said since you are a strain hoarder lol i'll tell u what just arrived ; Mac 1 x The Cube along with G13 Haze x Pebble Pusher and Monster Cookies x Pebble Pusher. those are the first for 2020 but it will be a while before others join them . BB. AK47, NL, some bean hoarder gear is on the hit list . my hit list is at 41 with others not recorded yet. Only some are what i call must haves. I'm hoping you are doing yourself better for this new year . i have started my standing qigong practice as I said would and will be going to teach some at our small assoc class maybe 1 or twice a month as it warms up. Next i need to add the other stillness practice that will help me even more. Meditation the KISS way my follow up Cancer appt is coming up and as of now I'm officially 59 though no one seems to know the time i was born so serious horoscope readings are possible. a shame cause i know a young lady who's he bomb at that stuff. peace love and namaste Sistah all types, sizes, cultures, and races at our Taichi picnic . Dr. Chang sitting left and his wife Mrs. Chang next to him. my 1st teacher Abdul, next to her and Paulette my 2nd teacher next to Abdul. LIz Albert sect/ and can't recall the other dude.
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    Learn plant physiology if you want to breed. It has all your answers. A good start. http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forums/forum/33-plant-physiology-and-nutritional-transport/ This is in that post in advanced section but here is link. It is vital for those who desire knowledge in growing and breeding.
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    thx. @Zanzibar pretty sure i had all the stuff from BCGA BUT TONS OF REFERENCE PANT SUFF WAS LOST WITH A YAHOO EMAIL THAT they wouldn't help me access... ni way to trecover or even know how much shit i lost. flash drives/cd's are in order for future archives . while i was on planet ganja one of those dues approached me. wanting me to run their beans but i didn;t know who they were prior to the request. so it spooked me and i tried to find out who the Monkey dude was. had he done a sinple into i would have been cool with it but that didn't happen. dud said he had been watching me and thought i'd be down for the pan. not his words as i can't recall. So, yeah i have always been interested in breeding and it comes from the dog world to be exact. whcih made me realize i needed to looj into other animals and how they were bred. like horse, game cocks =chickens and others. So, once i started dealing with the sacred plant. breeding/ pollen chucking became a natural interest. plus i like creating things that are unique. i saved many articles on breeding and they too need to be archived properly in one place. DJ's stuff, mucho Chimera articles, and others as well. a non commercial breeder that's a broski on auto flower breeding etc. etc. I HAVE LOOKED AT PROFESSOR P = DYNASTY as my chosen template breeder because he was one of the first that listed all the phenos expressions with details in his strain descriptions. the fact that he was successful even though his lines weren't stable/consistent showing only 1 basic pheno like the old skunk no. 1 did made me say. wait a minute i can do that too. of course as the DYNASTY OFFERINGS ADVANCED THEIR LINES WERE WORKED MORE TO reflect more stability for certain chosen strains. at one time i was going to be doing old school 100 seed selections and that idea has been scraped based on the new wave of chuckers hitting up elites with a chosen male... nothing wrong with that imho though. just saying that's not breeding. it like the dog folks let a male hit a female and call themselves breeders when all they are doing is letting two ducks fuck. no selection and often the mom/dad isn't even worth breeding in the first place. they call a stud dog a dog who hasn't even been bred or proven he makes good offspring lol. so based on little time, resources and space i will just slowly work towards stuff i feel is worth growing and keeping around for awhile = at least 3 yrs or more as mothers. with all that said Bud production is my priority as i can't afford the lower prices still of weed lol. when i can slip in some pollen chucking headed towards breeding i'll post on that. @Zanzibar i didn't see the version with the diagrams can u link me please. i found the all text version and yeah most definitely had that stowed away before. dude because of you i ran across the bonzai moms articles again which are now booked marked and saved as well. thx. a tom for being the catalyst
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    ... the reason I posted this essay on Improved Closet Hacks - aside from the basic idea that everyone interested in making beans should read it - is because I'm wanting to know who are the breeders out there that are actually doing at least this basic hack breeding in their programs. Does it exist? If so, who's doing it?
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    RRS Improved Breeding for Closet Hacks Here is a simple model that can help explain how someone with as little as a 400watt garden and a flo clone bench could pull off an improved breeding project utilizing a derivitive of the RRS concept. This is not a strict blueprint, but just a general model that can be scaled up or down depending on the realities of the seed maker. In this case, I will assume that the clone bench is limited to 30 clones and the flower room limited to 20 flowering plants. Purists will find flaws in the model and and their insight is welcome as it can only add depth. However, I request that any that are not interested in the concept of improved breeding techniques to simple limit their participation to read only status. By all means questions about clarification are welcome, but ignorant attempts to discredit are not. As the starter of this thread, I ask the breeder mod to respect this wish and delete any extra "noise". If this isn't possible because of site policy, I will just remove this post and take it to a more selfish location FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=" Hope this enlightens some to the possibilities. ********************************************* Starting with two unrelated inbred lines, A and B. 1) Grow out the A line and select the top 5 males (Am1-5) and top 5 females (Af1-5) to use later: a) plant a little over twice the seeds your flower room can handle b) veg seedlings c) sex the seedlings d) select females for flower room and repot into final pots e) take 4 clones of each of these females f) flower males and females, may be cramped with the males to start, don't worry g) just before the males explode, remove, grade, select 5 best. h) prune these 5 males to remove all flowers and return to veg area i)harvest females, grade, and identify the top 5 j) keep the best two clones that represents each of the 5 selected females, discard the rest What you finish with is 15 clones and some sinse to enjoy personally or sell if that is your game. Whatever the route, this step has not cost the grower anything but a bit of space in the flo bench. 2) Grow out the B line and select the top 5 males (Bm) and top 5 females (Bf) to use later: Follow the procedure used in step 1 above. The net result should be another sinse crop and the flow bench contain 30 clones now. 5 Am clones labelled Am1 - Am5 2 sets of 5-Af clones labelled Af1-Af5 5 Bm clones labelled Bm1 - Bm5 2 sets of 5-Bf clones labelled Bf1-Bf5 3) Making the A and the BA seedlines Take the 5 Am and 1 copy of each of the Bf and Af clones and flower them out (15 total) allowing random pollination. You should end up with 10 seedlots divided into two groups of 5, the A group labelled A1-A5 and the BA group labelled BA1-BA5 4) Making the B and the AB seedlines Take the 5 Bm and 1 copy of each of the Bf and Af clones and flower them out (15 total) allowing random pollination. You should end up with 10 seedlots divided into two groups of 5, the B group labelled B1-B5 and the AB group labelled AB1-AB5. Be sure to make sure that the end numbers correspond to the same initial female clones. For instance, be sure that AB1 and A1 seedlines are from the same A1 mother. And that the BA1 and B1 seedlines came from the same B1 mother. The clone bench should be empty now and the breeder should have 5 packs of A seedline, 5 packs of the B seedline, 5 packs of AB seedline and 5 packs of the BA seedline making 20 packs of seed. 5) Grow out and rate the 5 packs of AB seedline. One could do them all at ounce, or divide it up over 6 sinse crops. Nothing wrong with a few sinse crops is there? For this model I will divide the task into the 6 sinse crops. 5a) Grow out as many of the AB1 seeds as your flower room can handle. This usually means planting a little over more than double the number of plants your room can handle and then just selecting the best females for flowering. Make backup clones of each female to be flowered and store them on the flo bench. Now take the number of plants your flowering room can hold (say 20 in this model) and divide this number by 5 and this is the number of keeper plants you want to identify from this crop (say 4). Use a standard score sheet system to score this crop and make notes for future reference if necessary. Identify and select the clones representing these 4 plants and toss the rest. Be sure to label them AB1. 5b-5e) repeat the 5a process for each of the seedlots labelled AB2 to AB5. You have now enjoyed 7 sinse crops and should end up with 20 clones on your clone bench if your flower room can hold 20 plants. There should be 4 of each group, be sure each group is properly labelled from AB1 - AB5. 5f) This is your eighth sinse crop and is where you grow the best of the best of the AB seedline. Randomly arrange these plants in your grow room and then flower them out. Score each plant and use the totals of each group of 4 to score each of the 5 groups. Rank the AB seedlines from best to worst. You can help your decision by referring to the data you also collected in the previous 5 grows. The point is to determine which of the 5 seedlots provided the best OVERALL results, not the best individuals Your clone bench should be empty again. 6a-6f) repeat the entire process from 5) above, but using the BA1 - BA5 seedlines instead. 7) with reference to steps 5a-5f, use the data data collected to determine your two top A seedlines, lets say that A5 ranked tops and A3 ranked second. This means that you can discard lots A1, A2 and lot A4 7a) Grow out as many plants of the A5 seedbatch as you can and select your top 3 males and top 3 females. Maintain clones of these 6 plants on your clone bench, cleartly labelled as Af1-Af3 and Am1-Am3. 7b) Grow out as many plants of the A3 seedline and select the best 2 males and best 2 females, clearly labelling them Af4-Af5 and Am4-Am5. Now be sure to have two copies of each Af clone for a total of 15 clones on the clone bench. Sound familiar? 8) Now repeat the processes in step 7 but with using the data collected in step6 to choose the top two B seedlines. Now you should have 30 clones on your clone bench representing: 5 Am clones labelled Am1 - Am5 2 sets of 5-Af clones labelled Af1-Af5 5 Bm clones labelled Bm1 - Bm5 2 sets of 5-Bf clones labelled Bf1-Bf5 Repeat the process in steps 3) and 4) so that you once again have seedlines labelled at A, B, AB, and BA. You have finished the first cycle of the breeding program and ready to start a second. It hasn't been quick but you have enjoyed alot of sinse along the way and the combined AB and BA seedlines represent a superior F1 seed product. Each step of RRS will just keep making it better. Now it's time to post, proof, and go back and edit the mistakes, haha. ************************************** BC Growers Association you say random pollination ,do you mean to tell me that you would let pollen from all choice five males pollinate the females .by doing this i would think that unless all your males all perfectly identical that you would still wind up with more inconsistancy with what seed you wound up producing ? Dont you think.I would much rather isolate 1 male for each catagorie of females then grow out the results taking clones from which produced best.Just my two cents if i misunderstood you the i appoligise Susy and rotty, thanks for bringing this up. Even though I've already answered this question a couple of times here and there, and get cranky when I keep getting asked to repeat myself, haha, adressing it again here with the model is a good idea. But I'll just start with a repost and then let you OR someone else base future questions on this instead of me starting over FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=" REPOSTS: &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Which male's pollen am I collecting? How much pollen is coming from each male? If you collect on 1 day or collect over 30 days, you still have no idea what you have collected. Therefore, you never know when it has mixed well, or even what it contains. You're just hoping, and that is bad science. No it isn't bad science, it's about respecting some of the merrits of natural selection when they don't get in the way. Look again to dogs, the lines where man does the selections are suffering from inbreeding depression. Man has demonstrated that he isn't capable of breeding for fitness over the long haul, especially when controlling the exact nature of each cross. But the mongrel dogs are, generally speaking, healthy and don't share the diseases following the purebreds. Man rarely controls a mongrel cross, nature does. Nature is effective in maintaining fitness. Now in a room of mixed pollen, you must remember all the males are already there because they have been selected by the breeder. Is it such a bad thing to allow nature to have a say in weighting the genepool from amonst these "selected" males? I think not, I feel this is an excellent oportunity to allow nature to do her thing without interferring with our selective process. Remember, she doesn't get to act on all the males, just those we selected as superior. Plus if you really follow the model, you will see that each pollen pool is being selected for it's combining ability in an indirect fashion. This is what the reciprocol nature of the model accomplished. The females are selected on their ability to produce superior offspring with the pollen pool as a WHOLE. This happens on both sides and therefore with each cycle of the breeding program, more and more indirect selection is imposed on the pollen source while allowing nature to somewhat protect what man is incapable of, fitness or adapatability. (ok, I edited and added to this repost, haha) AND ANOTHER REPOST, PLEASE IGNORE THE TONE FOR THIS THREAD: Another area you closet hacks keep clinging to with complete devotion to ignorance is the mixed pollen. You keep claiming that selection has not been ,ade on the pollen source, but if you study my closet hack model, you will see that it is done twice with each generation. First time when choosing your top males. Second time when doing the RRS. The male selection is indirect, but still effectively there with each and every test cross. The pollen is being tested for it's ability to combine with the females. The pollen's role isn't missing, just not as obvious as the female's. 2) If you ever actually decided to open a book and study genetics, you would learn that one does not breed for polygenic low heritable traits such as yield and potency by using the individual plant test cross method. The breeder must select for families of superior plants to ensure a chance of maintaining all the genes that went into making the superior yield, potency, adaptability, or basically overall fitness. This is a fact of life whether you like it or not and I make every advanced genetics book out there ever written as my reference. All you have to do is read one to find this reality. ------------------ ************************************** BC Growers Association &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Ok i here what you are saying but i dont agree with random pollen from different males Agree or don't agree, but I'm basing my position on advanced breeding concepts, not personal "feelings". I have mentioned that this (family selection) is how one breeds for traits like yield, potency, and fitness, are you saying that this academic statement is incorrect? Do you have an academic argument against or just an emotional one? I didn't start this thread to discuss feelings and the other quasi sciences that runs traditional breeding concepts. The concepts of full sib vs half sib breeding methods is well researched and documented. If you can show that full sib breeding WON'T direct a breeding project into the right direction, please by all means share. Rotty, much of the dog model applies to cannabis, but the improved breeding options available to both is one thing that isn't. You painted a pretty picture of your breeding program and I salute you for wanted to raise the bar in your profession. However, it's also naive. I have seen a stud male become a celebrity on a north american scale and basically own any conformation show it entered. That stud's marketvalue was tops and the owner was able to be extremely picky as to who was allowed access to the stud services. And then when the dog reached about 8 years, it's genetics crumbled and instead of disclosing the problem to the breeding community, the owner quietly had the dog put down. Almost a decade later, seeing that dog's name in a pedigree makes that pedigree more valuable. No matter how hard you THINK you can control you genetics, you can't, and thinking you can is what has gotten many dog breeds like your rottys into the trouble they are. The dog breeding books can't consider the mixed pollen method because such a technique isn't practical for the dog breeding paradigm. However, before discounting it, you may want to read up a bit on manipulating quantitative or biometric genetics, particularly those with low heritability. Compare the pros/cons of full sib vs half sib breeding programs. One is faster, one is more practical, but both work. Plus, adding this knowledge, even if it isn't directly applicable to the methods available to a dog breeder, will help you better understand your selection choices. Hibe, I built the model by placing my head into the closet grower's paradigm and trying to create an RRS model based upon the constraints of that paradigm. Obviously such things as lightmovers and more lights would severely influence and improve the model and make it better. I just wanted to create a model that addresses every closet hack's arguments against even trying to try an improved breeding method. Just creating a starting point based on the reality that closet growers ARE going to continue breeding seeds for the market because the market is going to continue buying them. So, which is better, my flawed RRS model, or the closet hack one on one method? Just opening doors with the prototype here. Like yourself, I will let the end users come up with ways to upgrade the model into a "higher performance" one. Definately feel I have done more than enough spoonfeeding so far. FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=" ********************************************** the delete pool: &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Well Vic I se holes all over your RRS therory. The biggest and most glaring is in not selecting individuals but selecting groups based on yeild. What have flower/grain producers been doing for centuries. Selecting the biggest and best to improve the quality of bloom and the heaviest seed heads. How do you think field crops and land races were developed? When picking the top seed heads in the field, did they know which males did the pollination? How often do they know when breeding modern field crops? Almost never. I'm not interested in your "beliefs", I'm interested in arguments based upon academic principles. Maybe I'm being overly harsh with you (you can thank toad, memy, joey, etc) but until you can offer some, your participation is not warranted. &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;First and I think most will agree that to grow 20 plants under a 400w, is impossible except in a SOG. If you don't know how, and I have demonstrated how in the past, this thread isn't for you. Your immature persepective is welcome, leave. &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Now you are going to grow and evaluate 4 plants from her, right. another reason you should be banned from this thread, your reading and comprehension skills are not suitable for the educational level of this thread. Stay out of it until you have finished high school. Mod please delete toads rubbish or give me the keys to do iut myself. ------------------ ************************************** BC Growers Association
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    Back and forth on this When i first did autos i lost my mind Love em and still do My strain experience level is low Approx 8 auto strains i have tried to date So keeping that in mind.... I think i like photos better again Sorta like blondes brunettes lol I will keep running red poison auto as its super Fruity taste strong excellent yields etc But i do see in my limited view photos are More sticky and as i actually look and see the ruderalis in the structure of autos i begin to wonder Should i beat myself severely for playing with this bastardized version lol It could be a plague Think if it became established in nature in environments not native and interbreeds With photos.... What have we done lol? Im wasted but it seems autos freek me out now and photos are like natural boobs lol Pretty Still the genies out now so....
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    Closet grow finally installed not finished but almost there put the silverfields x boudica x humboltd kush and honey badger haze in there! Turning the xlock to 12/12 today hope you guys are having a good day!
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    Very nice Toker. Hey Garden, you could do the bud wash on those if you wanted to take the time. It'll save them for consumption maybe. You can Google "bud washing", or "3 bucket bud wash".I all of the sudden have a problem with it downstairs, and I have 3 weeks to go. I have to take them all out and spray them maybe. Ill I have is Serenade so I may try a homemade concoction. I wish I had the potassium bicarbonate. I hear it works best late in the game. I have to figure something out. That's what I'll be doing today. I better eat one of those lemon bars!
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    I believe your right to. Now that i can control pests and have a mother Who is fast already i can match an autos performance and exceed many that need more than 35 to 42 days and that's with both my C99 And mighty grape. This conversation can open many rabbit holes lol. To be clear the autos i have run are excellent I will run red poison as i adore the fruit taste with no petrol flavors. Not downing autos at all I just think i dig the brunette more Dark haired women always killed me lol
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    I saw this and think it's appropriate for what I'm pointing at, This is by BeanHorder regarding his version of Blockhead. I found it on HempDepot:
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    Well i yanked the all rudi one The one with a stem as big around as my arm But with little bud The twisted nature of the leaves I do like how they naturally branch out But compared to my photos they look different And well not as much frost Now.....i did say my auto strain experience is limited to 8 previous strains i have ran Its possible there are many that are very frosty I can not say that from my own experiences But that means nothing.
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    @Poldergrower, do you have photo's off the power fookies, can't find them
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    I started with autos. I love them too. But i feel I can do more with photos. I like to create seeds. I'm not sure about crossing autos or crossing an auto with a photo-period. All in all, autos are awesome.
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    I bought one a few years ago and have been happy with it. You''ll need a laundry bag also, you put the weed into it and then in the washer so no issues with clogging a hose. Here's a link to the newer version of the one I have. There are many to choose from out there so look around a little. https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Washing-BaseCamp-Mr-Heater/dp/B00F57WGK0 And , here is a link to the type of bag you will need. https://www.amazon.com/RoomyRoc-Laundry-Delicates-Organize-Clothing/ Good luck.
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    your Ladies are Eyecatchers as well @Mr Goodfellow they almost reaching the ceiling,as it looks like
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    very nice will head candy be coming back that was one i always wanted but never had money enough when it was available?
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    great ladies there!!! ......the majority on here does no speak france
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    Hi Super retour @Vivix Concernant le stretch plus important sous cmh c'est pas étonnant. On retrouve bien les couleurs et la structure, c'est bien stable tout ça Bonne continuation et a bientôt Ciao
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    bonsoir quelque retour sur la sélecta je suis a la 8 semaine du 12/12, les plantes sur pris de jolis couleur, je suis toujours entrain engraisser des plantes, tout de mêmes gourmande en engrais alors, j ai eu un stretch x4, x6 du cotes de la cmh 315 la moyenne des plantes et de 1,20 à 1,40 mètres par contre coté les led j ai eu - 30¨% de stretch , avec une plus grosse consommation en engrais, une belle carence post stretch mais une belle demoiselle, qui demande pas trop de soins elle fait sa vie e cotes odeur, toujours un peut sur la fraise des bois, sucrées à bientôt merci a vous, pour votre retour sur ces plantes
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    WooHoo, I got a packet of Santa Maria x Chocolate Rain F2 & Amnesia Haze x Chocolate Rain F2 coming!! I was always a day late or a dollar short when these were listed here before. I can not crack anything open until I cycle some stuff through at the moment, as I have 10 + cuts2clone plants under a quickly hung LED on the outside of my tents right now. I even had to turn down a very nice offer, from an inmate that wanted to gift me some cuttings, as they are also overgrown, or under spaced, how ever you want to see it. Thank you San and SH. PS: my 9- SFV78's are LOVING the 12/12!! I was never in a 18 week flowering relationship before, so I'm loving the uncharted waters, but fearful of time bandits diminishing the nutrient profile, and decided to top the pots every month, with what I think is a half portion for the 3 gallon pots they are each in. I'm still reeling they were freebies! The first 9 weeks of flower, they are under 1k hps, then 9 weeks, under my big ass LED on the other side of the tent. The run of 9's. Anyway, I got to let a few hundred lady bugs into the wilds of my tents this AM. Stay safe happy and healthy folks!!
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    Yeah I was sort of feeling the same. I would wait for people like to post and then I would pop in. Selfish ass. I’m stuck using my phone atm and I hate it. peace
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    We love you too gardenartus i believe you need to empty your mail box when I don’t see my friends around I get worried peace
  38. 1 point
    Yaaaay! Life is being life over here atm and nothing seems normal anymore. Winter doldrums don’t help. I’ll pm you soon. peace
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    Merry christmass all opengrowers and blowers. Thx for the tip @Hemp, All the rest i 'll wait at least 7 days, leaves are turning from color sligthly now as off today, wait until aal the plants leaves are well colored. Like a strong stone so wait long as possibble which is 1.5weeks , then i have to plant over my round 3 to 11ltr, they are 3 weeks the. Here She is trimmed and 48 hours dark, the white pistels are a bit gone but idd maybe to urly, altho amber trichomes and enough thc white on the buds, 1nd while trimming, very sticky ine the gloves. 2 ltr bottle, bud size 1.5ltr if you see well...
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