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    Platinum Huckleberry Cookies x Blue Magoo created by @StankyDank30 Yep, I have some PM spots. I'm in the process of eliminating it as best I can. It's a race to the finish.
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    Purple Kush making panties wet....
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    Oh yeah, a fan leaf will root, but when I did it, they just stayed rooted fan leaves, for a month or so. A novelty for sure, but just another *charge* for 50 if found in my state.
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    I just have to share, we have so many newbs back here, this is suppose to turn into rooted clones lol
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    Very nice Toker. Hey Garden, you could do the bud wash on those if you wanted to take the time. It'll save them for consumption maybe. You can Google "bud washing", or "3 bucket bud wash".I all of the sudden have a problem with it downstairs, and I have 3 weeks to go. I have to take them all out and spray them maybe. Ill I have is Serenade so I may try a homemade concoction. I wish I had the potassium bicarbonate. I hear it works best late in the game. I have to figure something out. That's what I'll be doing today. I better eat one of those lemon bars!
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    If You can - get some GREENCURE. Works great and lets you finish.
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    Using phenol instead of pheno drives me bat shit, one is an acidic compound the other observable characteristics. it just perpetuates the stoner stereotype.
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    LOL I don't think those will turn into plants lol I think someone gently told him, you need a little stalk on there lol.
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    @Toker2 you remind me of mad moon man from planet ganja. i think he was on overgrow too pretty sure. but he was funny as hell when he used to post and often made you scratch your head a lot. so i just copied and pasted an old post from the infamous mad moon man. and away we go. no he didn't connect his posts to comments quite often and they seemed to be random quite a bit. but you sorta got used to them and even expected them too. quite often u just shook ur head and went wtf ... love that dude. by MadMoonMan » Mon May 14, 2012 8:43 pm ok who has the joint I'm serious now. deer? its early may everyone knows you don't put crops out before May 15 or the deer will eat it or frost not to mention toads like to try and climb b aby marijuana plants squash them flat by accident. Don't hold it against the toads they don't mean it. Toads don't have any "real" brains so how could they know trying to climb your marijuana plant and that tinkly feeling on their toad anus is actually, them SQUASHING a plant I put a lot of time and energy in even though is still small and its baby leaves just barely fallen off. Its not his fault he is a toad. Unless your Hindu or Your Navel is God! Kinda thinkin.
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    @skunkmonster Thnx bro ! Lemme show u some more of it ! These are the AK47 i got from @Hamme Hydro they are bursting out of the tiny DP90 so they are now in the process of being moved to the HPI tent for a welldeserved transplantation later on. Note: this strain has really good distuinguishable pre-flowering in veg , so sexing these is really easy once they are old enough. I got 8 females and 2 males out of all 10 seeds,one male has been executed due to freakyness. The male i got left smells nice and looks kinda badass,so i think im doin' ok. The cutting you cee are #3 and purple chemmie cut for preservation of the strain. Not doing optimal but will recover as soon as they touch my dirt mix. Almost time for transplant. The LED tent is doing quite well,so i have no complaints here exept the foto quality/camera settings. The colour of the leaf seems way lighter on my picture then they really are. Nice full net of fresh green,on 12/12 for five days now. UVB light from california lightings has been ordered so,almost party time for this tent! The new Silverthiosulfate i mixed myself working it's wonders as we speak. This is a cutting of #3 purple heart,turned to a she male. Too bad you cannot see the ''purple heart''colour shining through between it's balls on this picture.(that sounds kinda....nasty.) But believe me it's there. These are the pollen receivers if all goes well,2x the purple chemmie in the back en one #3 purple heart front right. The she male is situated on the front left. If all goes well i have the #3 and the purple chem combined. And another S1 seedrun between the #3 and the #3 since i used the last batch of #3 S1 to find the purple chem. You still with me? I know confusing,but there is a method to my madness.......just trust me So.... That will be all for a while,just stick around long enough for the next update.... Jah Bless !
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    Lemon Bubba from Santero
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    It's funny you posted this. I tried my first Blueberry Heribei today. It was cut 4 days ago. Very calming, relaxing high. And i am getting some accidental seeds -- (Blueberry X Heribei) X Critical, where Critical == skunk afghan.
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    Nice lookin "Bluebei"! (Hoping it catches on ) I was so impressed by the vigor of the two I got I had to get me some more, so I took advantage of Sannies black friday deal and have a pack waiting here for germination. The one I flowered was HUGE, like yours there, but i didn't get those colors. There is a pic of her over in the bud porn thread. The second of the two I had to discard, it was just too leggy for my setup and I was running out of room in veg. Plus#2, although also a bit leggy was less so and was thick with bud. With a pack on the way and 3 backups of #2, it was the least painful plant to discard. She lives on though (i hope, lol), i gave away 4 clones of her. DB
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    To work today or not..just wanna crawl back in bed. Maybe finish this joint and enjoy the show first See what happens later.
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    Sugarpunch/Gelato Day 49 Bloom 85.1F 38% RH 180 PPM To my surprise this grow is basically done. All plants except one have had the pistils retract and under the scope everything is cloudy with a scattering of amber. The frost on these 2 strains is very impressive. You can see some of the trich heads with the naked eye. Now I’m considering harvesting maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. Ever since I started growing with LEDs all my plants seem to finish a week earlier that what the breeders say the should. I’ll take that any day.
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    I like your looks very much SPW, you are a sharp looking man and that smile! Psst I just turned 61 in Jan 5th, I am a fractionated 4/20 hehe Been doing a bit of Yoga, but need to get more serious about it. Update on me, lost my gardens, Both in flower to PM. Was processing oil for folks, and ended up with PM, went through my upstairs vents to the flower room, none in veg. So I go get 8 Massively big plants lol I mean big ole plants, in one week I had more PM lol not from me, from the NEW plants! Ugfhhhhhhhhh so I am treating all rooms with potassium bicarbonate and it is working. They are all gonna come out about the same time, I am gonna end up with pounds eeek lol. I was like For Real, For Real! I pick up plants cause I have PM and the damn new ones do too ha ha just my luck. So loads of cleaning, spraying going on, and this old lady don't like to travel, HOLY Crap who has Plants, not clones! lol I was lucky anyone had anything, really good breeds too. Then of course I am making medibles coming out my ears hehehe Picked up a new mold, thought it would be great for gummies, oh NO< it feels like little fingers in your mouth ha ha and I already got a cool mold for chocolate, guess I will have two now ha ha. Maybe use it for the copy cat starburst. Those are lemon bars, 100mg each, and those funny gummies that feel like fingers in your mouth lol. I had so many requests for the Grape Mehigh I make that I ordered supplies, gonna be 150mg in 12 oz long neck beer bottles Hope everyone is doing well.
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    I'm sprouting a few seeds today, as part of a multi-strain, jungle grow, seaching for keepers. It will be over in the Grow Reports section of this site.
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    Sugarpunch/Gelato Day 35 Bloom 85.5F 43% RH 620 PPM Both strains have shown very impressive bud development up to this point. The best part is that they haven’t begun bulking up yet. When I open the tent it smells like straight candy. They are also emptying their res every 3 days. Contacted the folks at Octopot and I will be upgrading to an 8 site auto fill system after this grow which will make this even easier. Can’t wait. Coming soon Rainmaker & Northern Lights.
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    Skywalker OG 3 month cure on a little slab of Kentucky Red Agate (rare).
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    New Here, Hope you like the Exodus Haze med Crop
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    Gorilla glue autoflower day 27 bloom and northern light autoflower day 27 on a scrog. Gg Nl Grtz
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    I used the chilled logic pucks, Made 1x "veg light" with 2 of the royal blue versions of the pucks ( 3000k/4000k & 450nm) 240w 2100A with a more Bleu spectrum And 2x "generative/bloom lights" with 3 deep red versions of the pucks (3000k/4000k & 660nm) 240w 1750A with a more red spectrum To dimm the old style meanwell drivers (1-10v) to off I added a relay that switches off at 1v Made a wiring harness in series with a protective sleeve and shrink tube.. Used some stand off spacers to mount the aluminum panel on the frame (makers beam) The Bleu tooth Controller aux is powered by a 12v 300ma driver Its a mesh network that allows for timers, schedule, dimming and light recipes Lights can be grouped into a network and Cotrolled all at once or multiple groups
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    Well, quick update. Looks like I have them doing better. Still have a ways to go for them to be growing proper, but they are finally going in the right direction. Left - SiFI Blaze, middle - Kmix, Right- AH 3 Goji 3 Silverfields 2 Goji 3 RPP x Chem Dog left - SiFi Blaze, right BG x SD back - HK x SD, front left - SFG x LF, front right RPP SOLO CUPS, left going clockwise, the 4 plants I had up in the woods...lol...2 SF, 2 NP...not sure what’s what. Then the other 4 are goji and an SF in the mini dwc No octopots yet this run.. With the weather, lighting problems and power going out, just figured I’d finish this run in regular pots. Maybe I will put one of the goji into an OctoPot into the tent for a scrog.
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    MotherLode at 9 weeks, all clear trichs... Easily the most aromatic in the garden, a velvet like aroma of fresh berries and roses!
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    My Goji OG smaller pheno today, ten weeks. Sticky weed.
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    Love it. I look forward to your grows. Karma Up
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    Skunk Afghan X Shack is just beginning to flower. This is a good example of the basic form I strive for. The main stem is grown in a coil. This particular plant was topped after 6 weeks. There were no branches for 5 weeks. They were already growing when i topped the plant. Had the plant been topped after 3 or 4 weeks, the branches would be longer. But there would be fewer of them. This thing didn't begin 12/12 until 7 weeks. But 7 weeks is too long to wait. I would rather put them in the oven sooner. Most of the time I top the plants. I don't know what is best. Five nodes? Six? Seven? This is the range of branches that have been playing with. +++ Skunk Afghan X Shack was a freebie from Sannie. I grew it once before. The high was very pleasant. Can't wait to try it again.
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