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    Jilly Bean beginning week three flower. The two different pheno types are pretty apparent now. I just pulled most of the HUGE fan leaves, and will strip them down next weekend. Saved some pollen to make F2's next week. Easy peasy Octopots. Ocean Forest, 40 percent perlite, bunch of old sun leaves High P guano, azomite (magic fairy dust), and kelp I had laying around. Also have 8 Mother's Finest in veg, slower than heck, just like Sensi Jack, starts off like molasses in January, with those weird whorled leaves, then levels out. Just wanted something different for summertime, and it's kickass fun weed as I recall. My seeds are F2's, almost 9 years old, and still had 90% germ. I just keep them in a sealed qt Ball jar, in my bottom dresser drawer, and never open it unless I need a seed. Seems to work. Snowing like a mofo here, cold, good thing I have beer, pot, food, and music.
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    Hi @UgotFunk? I'll send col'jam and black afghani to sannie this week ... I was not at home last days ... I don't know if Ouzbékistan and triple Pakistan are out of stock i'll see that and send some too And our website will open soon Ciao
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    @Cristalin hey sorry to bother you when will the black afghani, triple pakistan and uzbek be restocked?
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    ........phew ! she´s a nicely shaped Lady
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    Hey saxo, I wondered too when I edited the pics so went to see and it is 2 hairs close together.
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    Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck F2
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    I chopped both Perkins Cut BX today at 56 days. Some reference pics. Fattest colas I have ever grown no branches on these ladies. My boy Jude says yum.
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    Awe hell how could i say no? Under construction: Tech Specs Taste Berry Room Indoor / Outdoor Gender Feminized Genes Mostly Indica Genetics Blackberry Kush Autoflowering Flowering 9 weeks Harvest XL Height US up to 45 inches Height EU 70-110cm THC Very High CBD Low Autoflowering Yes
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    Great thread! I purchased some Cheetos a while back and look to pop those here in a few. Any tips for growing out the Cheetos strain? Is it a very smelly plant? I've never tried UK Cheese so looking forward to seeing how that turns out crossed with the Sour Diesel. I will post up pics when I do pop these. Any advice/tips info on growing out Cheetos would be appreciated. Thanks and keep up the good work!
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    Well, we have some good news and some bad news. The pictures will show the bad news on one if the big girls. She was abused with excessive bending cutting down circulation but ultimately didn’t like the watering . If anyone has ever had plants look like this please tell me what the reason was if u figured it out. Obviously I know I fucked up somehow but seems more than poor/over watering Idk. So, instead of putting her down I cut all branches off basically and left her scarce with a long stalk. It won’t hurt if I can pull off another greet recovery and learn more too. It was either try or kill and check roots. I rather try as it’s my norm. Now, the good news is the 250 mh is hanging and the two bigger pigs left are on the outside perimeter of the light. No timer but Gotta read directions again to flip in 5-7 days . I rigged it but not satisfied. It will do though. If flowering goes well i’ll Use the 600 about week 4/5 going 10 weeks and chop. I’ll choose maybe 1 each of the small pigs to put in flower as well. 1 Warrior Tonic hoping to get a nice cbd pheno and one or 2 crunch berries. That will leave me with two donor moms of each strain. Based on results i’ll Decide how ma y cuts to run of each after noting particulars this go round.
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    Last two arevin cups. 1st one o watered twice smdh. Either she will choke or survive to look like her big sister. Lowered shop light finally. Showed the branches/leaves that have me stumped.
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    This is the kind of info I was talking about. Makes sense. I only recently found out that chlorophyll is very similar to haemoglobin, except for the Fe atom being substituted with Mg.
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    Last one for tonight is from my own selection. This was a very special girl, but like all my plants they were lost when ICMAG forum member foxy lady decided to turn police informer. The 92 Shiva KTF cut
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    Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend. Let’s keep the dank pics rolling. Here’s a banger from Hortilab, the Sour Power
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    Badly lmao well bad ish but going to run again under scrog less veg lol tbf it’s run over by over two weeks but are now starting to show few amber and now getting hit with grapefruit then other spots seems more mint so it’s disaster messy leaf curly looking for light but my yield is massive
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    Will keep you posted brother. The 1900 ppm is a bit scary for me, I've never crossed 750ppm (1.5 mS/cm EC). I read accounts of people growing with 3.0 EC and wonder if I'm doing something majorly wrong. The lower wattage should help, do keep me posted if you figure out anything as well. Thanks mate. I'm going to ensure it doesn't happen next time. Will also be seeing if the same occurs under a 250w quantum board and a 400w COB. It's a dream unfolding for me as well. I just never expected a nightmare of teething problems to be a part of it. But now I know what all goes into setting up a big grow room. I won't make these mistakes again, and I may just post a thread on things not to do when setting up a grow. Best vibes
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    Nice seeds. Got some Doc D’s. Buckeye Purple. I had one of his coming but it never made it. Bog is always good.
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    Hey thanks Mr. G, would love to have you, especially around harvest time, can always use another snipper. Speaking of the PHK, they are 9 weeks in and got pulled today. I'll chop them in a day or two. That allowed me to rearrange the flower room and it made room for the clone from PHK #1 that has been patiently waiting her turn. The elder Truck is getting close, I'll let her go maybe another week, will see how it looks. The two Truck clones are looking good. I pollinated the older one last week so will have some new Truck seeds to play with. The younger one I topped and she has bud sites everywhere. I'm gonna hit her with some pollen also, just haven't decided which one yet. I'm leaning towards a Ms. U cross but still deciding. Here's a look at the flower room before and after pulling the PHK's. PHK #1 @ 9 weeks PHK #2 @ 9 weeks Truck 1 @ 9 weeks Truck #1.2 @ 32 days Truck 1.1 @ 16 days I tried a sample bud of the PHK yesterday. I really like the high it gives, almost all body influence, very relaxing. I'll post some PHK post harvest pics, the manicured buds should look wonderful. That's all for now. Have a great weekend everyone.
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    I’ve also raised the lights and cut power to 600 to try and attempt to eliminate them from yellowing , at least the whole room didn’t go yellow this time . Increasing cal mag and nitrogen right off the get go sure seemed to help there under 1000 watts now and greening up nicely , I’m thinking a combination of raising the lights , cutting power back and upping nutes definitely helped with there transition. If you come up with a better solution to the problem please let me know .
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    Thanks for the account, shiskaberry. I want to know if it's due to the change in light intensity, or light colour, or what. Because I faced the issue with the first row I put in the flower room, and the lights were set at 600w at that point. Yet I never faced this issue with the 600w hps I used despite the plants being much closer. Definitely needs input from a more knowledgeable individual Welcome, and thanks! I'll be updating it as regularly as possible. Follow the topic, I may not remember to tag during all of my posts. They're usually done pretty baked :p
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    Blueberries and Chocolate still 4 or 5 weeks left!
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    Durban Thai High Flyer F3 pollinated with '68 Afghani Kush Dec 28th.. few more weeds for beans to be fully ripe
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    today a before and after pic she was thirsty for water and recovered. cap'n shiva's crunchberries nest 3 pics show last water clone to root. tossed 5 others. placed in a cup. the last two pics show it's sister which was put in a cup a week ago. ans she looked ratty like the one shown today as well. what a difference a week makes huh. i didn't use the greenlight root stimulatpr cause i didn't want to mix for just one cut. cups are biobizz with a nute charge that will do it fine no doubt.
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    Garden you need to try black tea with natural cocoa shells! With two cups of this tea mix you'll be really high Greetings SiCKNeSs.
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    A couple more on this list I left off the above list....
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    I don't have a complete list yet but seeds are wrapping up.. most should be finished. Let me think as lights are off so can't go do a quick look... Big Sur Holy Weed seeds coming Blue Moon Magoo f2 Blue Moon Magoo x Black Afghani Petrolia Headstash f3 Gooey Grape x Black Lime Reserve F3 Black Lime Reserve f4 Tahoe x Swampgas f2 Snow Queen x Psychosis (Tahoe OG x Swampgas) x Woodhorse Herijuana There's a couple more I made but these are all off top of my head. A stoney first cup of coffee on Saturday morning head lol.
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    All this rain has limited my outdoor activities so I spent a little time in the kitchen the other day. I took the 4 gram ball of rosin I made and turned it into 120 soft candies that taste like pomegranate. One gives a nice buzz, two is pushing it and I haven't gotten to 3 yet. There was a good mix of sativa and indica in my trim bag this time so it is not a heavy high but it definitely impacts SOP. Now I have lemon candies made from Nepalma CBD oil and pomegranate ones from rosin. The lemon candies give a very good up high, very motivating. It was all my arthritic fingers could do to cut and wrap all those in wax paper. OK, on to grow room news. The elder girls in the flower room are approaching 8 weeks in. Looks like the Purple Hindu Kush will take another week and the Truck girl will take 2 or so. The 2 truck clones are 8 and 24 days in 12's. I upped their N intake compared to Mom and they seem happy so far. Their Mom has bulked up pretty well this last week and her buds are uber frosty. Still vegging the two PHK clones. I can get another few days before they get to tall for the space and then they will go to flower. Should time pretty well with the PHK harvest so space will be tight for only a few days. Here's a look at the flower room. Truck @ 54 days. Truck # 1.2 @ 24 days Truck # 1.1 @ 8 days PHK #1 @ 54 days PHK # 2 @ 54 days Here's a look at the veg space. PHK #2 clone on the left, PHK #1 clone in the middle and PHK sprout right. I like having the flexibility of the 3 light sets in the veg space now. My little buddy Jonesy wants to say hi to everyone. He just got a haircut so now you can actually see him. We will have had him for a year this next week. Throw the damn ball would ya.
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    Boy, my run of ice hash got all "pucked" up, nyuck, nyuck, nyuck. Don't try this at home without proper training, or at least a valid online degree from Bob's Barber College. Clockwise from bottom left, 12/73, 5/23, Chucky's Bride 3/73, 23, and 4/120. Nice yield, 21 grams, about 6-7 ox sugar trim and swag grade Chucky's Bride. The 73 is perfect, sticky, pulls apart like taffy. Really helps to freeze it for an hour or so before drying, just melts together. Let's see, there's Kali Mist, Sugar Punch, Chucky's Bride, Acapulco Gold, LSD, Red Diesel, and Goji Og in there. Much better results when I don't beat it too much, 5 mins as opposed to 15. I use a Dewalt drill and paint stirrer, works great. I"m so ready to see some sun, may have to drive south.
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    Was waiting until Sunday, but these are going to get away from me, so flowering them tonight. Two female Jilly Bean, both distinctively different phenos. They claim there's two main ones, one Indica, one sativa, looks like I got one of each. Roots take about 10 days to two weeks to reach the reservoir, then they really take off. They're doing an inch and half a day, now. I remember my other male was the indica side, HUGE leaves. The male I kept was more sativish, and furiously fast flowering. Happy Friday night.
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    Black amber and one absolutely beautiful plant.
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    Oaxacan Fem from Esko I burned her a bit with the nutes but she's still looking good!
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    Platinum Huckleberry Cookies x Blue Magoo created by @StankyDank30 Yep, I have some PM spots. I'm in the process of eliminating it as best I can. It's a race to the finish.
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    11 of 11 germed hehe Last to should poke thru tonight Here's the last of them popping 11 cindys ... And 5 MG clones ,this is going to be awesome Fun.
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    Purple Kush making panties wet....
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    Both Purple Kush. One green n one purped out. Size bout the same
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    Here's Indican's Quintessential Kush around 60 days. Buds are still swelling, hard, dense golf balls, scent is funky fuel.
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    Hey San, Cerise is a somatic cross between Riri’s Sour D and UK cheese. It was made « in vitro » with a cellular culture method by Exo, which is an high level scientist, specialized in research. He knows the plant much better than all of us, trust me. It wasn’t a cross made with pollen, to make seeds. So it is not surprising that she reminds of Cheese! I am very surprised to learn that it is called Santa Maria !!! Why Santa Maria??? I thought E$ko’s SM was the Planck cut ! greetz! PS: happy New Year 2020 to the community !!!
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    Only time I ever felt I could have a had a drug problem was when I was getting ounces of opium for $85 a pc that's $3 a gram. Was buying it a lb at a time. Once we started smoking bong loads a gram at a time it was time to move on. I will say I didn't have any issues walking away but I did enjoy it (oddly I hate other opiates). Every now and again I wish I had stashed a couple ounces to break out for a rainy day (this was 15 years ago mind you).
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    Everyone’s liking there new shoes so far if your sitting on some c99 seeds from shoeless drop a couple . Looking forward to these making roots to fill the new pots then see them explode.
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    Hey SPW, short note, I got laundry to do today. [hey @webeblzr glad that plant rocked your world. but how do u know what opium smells like ? ] TeeeHeee, well, back in the late 80's, I was building locomotives out in LaGrange Ill. for General Motors. As a kid from the Appalachian mountains I was well out of my element. I worked in the building where the base of where the loco was started at. At that time I was welding in the big ballasts to the floor plate that add weight to a loco. My fitter, was a young Mexican guy, that was supposedly linked to a well known cartel by way of an uncle. Over time, we would talk about stuff, and he was in fact related. However he wanted to be a regular working dude. Hence his job at GM. His wife and kids would come over for dinner or to hang out. He loved smoking weed as I did. One morning he came in rattled, he needed some money fast, he needed $500.00 ! I said that is a lot of money, he said, he has this ball of opium ( from said uncle) to sell for the money. We came to my house after work, and I put it on a scale, it was about the size of a baseball. Some quick calculations and I knew it was fantastic deal, and paid for it. In a month's time, I realized I needed that shit FAR FAR away my wife and I. Hell I sold the rest of that ball, for what I paid for it. so yeah man, I got a good insight to opium.
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    Trimming c99 I suck at it lol My other keeper, strange but as much as i love autos my keepers are photos lol Yall know shoeless's creation. Mine has a fruity aroma and a grapefruit meets Oranges? Taste as of now. This c99 is just fucking great Clones easy Is fast and it stretches good so that small clones can turn out to be 3 feet bushes. Absolutely love this plant. All the attributes i want and well you guys know how insanely strong it is. Mom was done in 54 days and i expect clones will be even quicker.
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    Here's the LSD chopped just now at 10 weeks exactly, 1 week flush with Flawless Finish, and 3 days darkness, just for fun. I've got to get a new camera, the iPhone just ain't getting it. She looks a lot blacker in person. I like to give the breeders kudos, and Barney's description is pretty spot on, kind of a chestnut, hashy, smell to her, not much fruit or skunk. You could take her at eight, but the extra two weeks really add up in weight, and I was going for a mellower high with this one.
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    The problem I have with Sugar Punch is that I don't let them go to full maturity! I pick a nug and it so good! And i know better. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done that. I'm going to see it to full term this time. Peace manicman57
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    Sometimes I give advice for no need lol Glad you like the sugar punch greetz sannie
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