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    Velvet Orca Haze from Swami Organics... This is the clone mama @Baqualin. It grew much better than the Blue Orca. I have clones of both though. I just finished bud washing the plant.
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    Chop day of first plant from first indoor grow! Wish me luck, i certainly borrowed a metric shit-tonne of info from Opengrow! Blueberry ice-cream by Redeye genetics. Last shot is Terpenado from Bodhi- definitely not chop day for that one but I find her pretty. Cheers Cheers
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    The gang at 6 weeks From left corner clockwise: 1x Silverfields, 1x Mother lode, and 2x kolossus (42 Days)
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    Let's play GUESS THE MOMMA n POPPA .... All but two are loaded with beans ....
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    @Misterdirt....I did the same thing on this run with the same results. I flushed my old medium with tap water and let it dry out. Mixed it 50/50 with new and had very bad results. Not worth saving $20.00 worth of promix just to repot in to new. Lesson learned
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    I'm done with reused soil for weed. It will feed my tomatoes in another couple of months. I was planning a raised bed and the amount of used canna soil I have should take care of a lot of the raising. For a "weed," reefer is amazingly finicky.
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    @Papalag.... My atf x nk5 was really good
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    I just may have to crack these green manalishi f3 like now from our friend @wisecalyx thanks bro
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    Last one for tonight is from my own selection. This was a very special girl, but like all my plants they were lost when ICMAG forum member foxy lady decided to turn police informer. The 92 Shiva KTF cut
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    Bodhi’s Fantasy Island
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    Just a few pics of the Octopot tent this is the middle of week 4 from flip
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    Interesting topic. Re used soil is seldom a problem in my garden, but bottle it up in a pot is a different matter. Seems my best reuse was just mixing old/new 50/50. My other issue is space and weather. Like I said, if I was running 10 Octopot s, cost is more a factor than two. When I was running coir, I’d literally put the spent pot in my bathtub under the faucet and rinse it for thirty minutes, then start over with additions. I started coir specifically because it’s reusable, but I found coir to be a real pain in the arse after awhile. Seems key is having an idea what you’re starting with. I learned long ago, when leaves start burning, or a deficiency, and you don’t know which, START OVER, ie, rinse the heck out of the medium first, THEN add back, then I’m not guessing. Organics are generally more forgiving, but I’ve messed those up, too, lol. Hey, if a little bit’s good, mores better, right? Lol.
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    So I thought I had spider mites last week. Turned out to be just spiders lol thank the gods. Of course I didn't figure that out until I'd purchased all manner of mite killing goodies haha.
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    That's a fucking beast brother!!! Great job. That smoke is devastating. I'm smoking F2 as I type n it put me to sleep bout 10 min just now lol. Damn dog barked n woke my ass up lol
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    thx. dude, also my question wasn't written as i needed. i saw the actual name but wanted to know it's background as you explained. hope your reversal goes well. Yet, my thoughts automatically starting thinking of who to marry her with . Pretty sure you'll decide on some daddy's. check your pm's
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    No disagreement here at all, but you guys are both master growers, of course you CAN reuse soil. My point was, based on my experience, and the posts of many others, problems arise using re-used soil, generally because it’s too hot, mostly with seedlings. Therefore, I choose to use new potting soil on seeds and clones, as my experience has been less twitchy. Larger plants are a different matter.
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    Hey Zanzibar, Congratulations for your 10 year seniority badge here at Sannies!! I was very happy when I made mine, I do not have a clue as why I felt like that, but I did. I've seen the wildlife change plumes many times here, some come, some go, it's the way of message boards, since I my time in cyberia. As I got to thinking about it, you did very well in your stretch of 10. I'll show you in a bit. I was bean dreaming a few weeks ago, and read something about a San seed drop at SH. An E$KOB@R tribute, of some SM x Choco Rain F2, since I'm running a bunch of SH gear now, and my first 18 week flowering girls the SFV78 in the 6th week or so now, and the Killer Grapes/Killer Lemon Haze seem to be part of my DNA now, so if possible, the E$KOB@R drop just needs to be here also. I do the dance, and out of the magic mailbox, comes a puffy, and once I get to my lair, I greedily open the puffy, as I know it holds treasure, 3 items, grab my eyeballs, and man did I get a big smile on my face, upon realizing, YOU, YOU Zanzibar have come full circle...I've not, in my garden. So man I'm thrilled to run your beans with E$KOB@R's tribute from San!! Good on you man!!
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    New Black Afghani seeds batches are incoming
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    Yes, it’s 15 minutes from my house. I’m there a couple times a week. I go early morning or around sunset during the week when there’s very little traffic, off season I have it to myself sometimes, that’s when it’s really cool, like being on another planet.
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    I should get some seeds.
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    Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend. Let’s keep the dank pics rolling. Here’s a banger from Hortilab, the Sour Power
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    Purple Hindu Kush @ 9 weeks
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    As a follow up to a post on another thread, I'd like to get some feedback on this. Very interested in what mods like @santero , who has his hands are tied unless a post breaks the forum rules, has to say but also the rest of the community: First I think its important that we all remember that although we are a community, we are all guests here. This place is provided as a service, free of charge, by Sannie's Shop. The content on this board reflects on its owners, and can easily have a positive or negative affect on their business. Aside from a place to support their customers and offer insight into the business, Sannie and his crew have given us all a place to learn, discuss, share, and become a community of like minded people all working to the same goal: Grow great plants. If the latter started to interfere or negatively impact the former, I can see them shutting down the community side of things and leaving this as a blog for sannie and support forum for customers only. I know I would. So, if you are going to do, or say, something that you wouldn't normally in a social setting while a guest at someone else's place, don't do it here. The same rules civility apply. At least they should. To that end, I suggest (and I'll be copying this over to the "This Website" forum to discuss there) a "Drama Zero Tolerance" policy. Anybody post that breaches the general and accepted rules of civil behavior while you are a guest at someone else's place should be flagged by the community and deleted by the mods. The poster should be warned, and if the offence is repeated he should be banned. Lets keep this about plants, growing, and community and drop the BS and drama DB.
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    For those Questions, Why Don't I feel High off medibles, Why Do I get So Blown out on medibles Here's a quick summary of the different variants: AA - Most efficient CYP2C9 enzyme. Breaks down THC most fully and rapidly. Likely to experience the least amount of drowsiness from pot. Gets less high from edibles, high from smoking or edibles shorter in duration. AC - Intermediate between AA and CC CC - Least efficient CYP2C9 enzyme. Does not break down THC as completely. Likely to experience the most amount of drowsiness from pot. Gets WAY more high from edibles, high from smoking or edibles longer in duration. How Your DNA Affects Your Response to Cannabis - The CYP2C9 Gene
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    Lemon Thai allways shows some variation and many phenotypes. From stretched Sativas to mostly Indica types. , But the high is allways there, only the taste varies. You´re right, the tall ones are often males. smile
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    [I just offered Z7 x Newberry seeds to Sannies, as freebies, and he answered yes! I will ship 600 seeds to him this week.] I just read this thread to get some back ground, as I just got a pack , and want to do well for them....and myself of course. Thank you for sharing them.
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    that looks REALLY nice. kudos to that gem, mr.g (and baqua!) swami's stuff totally rocks and impresses again and again.
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    Is the atf x nl5 still around Indy?
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    Agree... they're set to go into major bud mode now.
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    Nice picture from the future, and nice seed selection you got there, @webeblzr Those were the last of my Blue Dream x BBS seeds so treat them well. I"m looking forward to running Sans F2s as well, to get a comparison to the Amnes cross. Lots of Raspberry and cherry. Thanks for saying hi, as well.
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    Hey SPW, thanks for stopping in. I did tell you the answer to your question at the top of the post. Purple Hindu Kush (PHK) seeds were given to me by a friend. It seems they are selfed seeds as so far all the ones he and I have popped have been female. So, no pollen to make seeds with. But, I am trying silver water on one of them for about a week now and hope to get some male flowers to give me pollen eventually. We shall see. If I am lucky enough to make some seeds I will make plenty to share. Stay tuned.
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    I'm getting ready to take my ABCD down. The large one may go a little more. The smallest green one tuned all colors eventually. Pics coming and I'll post to the thread. peace
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    You're very welcome and thank you brother! I really hope you enjoy them.
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    About to flip purple punch and wedding cake.
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    Hi there in the mom tent they seem to be doing well 2 are hungry and in a but of shock so we’ll see how they come along I’m also following out In solo cups some plants im retiring In the mom tent is nl5 x atf sinister , lemon gas , greenrebel farms, ohag @Jethro , zoidfume San , Novacane f2 Motarebel also blissfulsunset greenrebel farms not sexed and papas punch my own cross not sexed tin foil hat greenrebelfarms not sexed and steelshack skunk x skunk 1 2 diff plants not sexed in the small tent all not sexed clones and all of the above females as well as shive dawg flowering this tent out in solo cups if I get a steelshack male l just might let it pollenate the group also the Octopot tent day 24 from flip
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    Absoulty beautiful. Was in Denver and stayed up in Evergreen for several days..loved the old mountain townships snd beautiful mountains.
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    Definitely another planet for interlopers like me. Absolutely amazing area to hike, chill, watch the climbers...
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    Little update on the closet grow left a bit more advanced sifixboudicaX hum kush and right honey badger haze went a bit heavy on defoliation last week but im sure all will be just fine! Take it easy guys!
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    This is my take on recycled soil. I dislike the term recycled soil. I prefer to see that old soil as an input and not a main ingredient in soil program. I dislike the term old soil as well. I like to call it harvested soils and it needs a refreshing dose of life as it would get in nature but we want to optimize it. I see it as building soils rather than recycle or even looking at the harvested soils as a negative. It is a in a state that we designed it to be in. Once we understand this, this has the capacity to be an important input. It is my general belief that one should not take on reusing soils unless they understand soil, plant nutrition, plant physiology and environment above and below ground factors. Otherwise, you are truly trying to navigate problematic waters and one change in those factors from one grow to another can throw the entire mix out of whack causing problems. This means, even when successfully used before when one of those factors change and this does not mean those changing factors are easy to spot, that crop risks problems to failure. It is not easily copied and pasted due to those aspects/factors. All that said, this is a base soil I recommend starting at if refreshing/starting a soil program. What I call a soil program and for me, I am as dedicated to that as I am to the plants and in so doing I have as much if not more pride in my soils than my plants and that is a bold statement. Now the following is merely a general guide. The real dialing in comes from good record keeping of your grow and adapting as best makes sense for your grow (pretty much never ends). This is in part why I say it is valuable to understand the growing aspects that I do when doing such a soil program. For me, once getting the nutrition down, getting a feel for the right texture is what enabled me to make highly effective soils. Do not get so caught up in the ingredients, you can use different inputs if they serve the same purpose. Soil temps should not be cold or too hot. If you mix together and the soil heats up, Soil life is kicking off and we need for this heat to stabilize at a normal temperature. Do not use until you are able to put your hand in the soil and it feel fresh and alive and not hot or warm. Too hot temperature wise will hurt your roots and root hairs and is one of the biggest issues newer people will encounter. General Guide. Last Soil/Harvested soil. Best practice is to have this soil tested as to see the breakdown of available nutrients and then basing your input ratios on that information. Generic 1/3 to 1/2 Volume. If it has biochar you do not need to add so much. If soil was a bit hot last time. Add some powdered un charged biochar. A like sprinkled over the top of the soil, mix re sprinkled again, mix resprinkle again and mix again. This uncharged biochar should now have an even distribution that will work to remove and then benefit from the extra nitrogen in the soil. Two to three types of compost. Mushroom/decomposer compost should be one type or similar. 1/4 by volume Filler Media. (no or very low nutrition.) 20-30% Drainage / anti compaction. 5 to 15% per volume Worm Castings 10-15 percent. Be careful going over 20+ percent. Bacteria/Fungus inputs. Myco, Bacto, IMO's. Compost teas. (more for maintaining, can be used to charge biochar.) Do not use if you have had to use uncharged biochar as to let the uncharged bio char work to remove excess nitrogen from previous grow if necessary unique situation. Good to use after 2 weeks of add uncharged biochar. I liked to spray the soil, mix, spray and mix, repeat 3 times minimum. This helps unsure a good coating with no filtration affect of the compost teas as it drains. Helps jump start the soil life. Stabilizer & Mineralization - Rock Dust/Azomite/Green sand. This is a long term aspect and only needed for a soil program. I liked them all. I used Azomite in conjunction with rock dust and green sand. Azomite has a wide spectrum of macro type of inputs but is long term and is not directly available to the plant and is truly food for the soil life that will make it usable for the plant over time. I would sprinkle over the top soil, mix, repeat 3 times to ensure a good coating with the soil. We do not want pockets. Calcium and magnesium. Use as directed and I added as mineralization inputs, sprinkle on top and mix, repeat three times. In early stages of beginning soil program I recommend having a soil test done as to determine the optimum amount of calcium to add. This is a very important to understand and will be different for each grower but identifying this sweet spot has signficant rewards. Kelp, use a directed I added kelp via compost teas but if not an ingredient for you, this is good for the growth period and help the plant with hormone production and similar. More information Compost. Compost serves many purposes. Not all compost are needed for one time use gardens but I find a mix of the following favoring a decomposing compost such as mushroom compost is most effective at maintaining a long term soil program. Mushroom Compost. This is to help break down old roots and whatnot and making that into foods for soil life and the plant. Ocean Compost This is to help with maintaining a good soil life, micro minerals and supporting the plant. Forest and/or leaf composts. This is to add micro minerals, fungi and bacteria foods for soil life and to the plant. If you use lots of forest compost Add more bacteria. Cannabis prefers more bacteria than fungus so keep the ratio bacteria positive. Just wing it but add in bacteria if in powder form as you would recommend doses plus 1/4 to 1/3 depending on how rich and much the fungal based compost represents your compost total input of the soil. Say your total compost is 1/4 of your soil volume and this volume consist of several types of compost but mostly favors the fungal type then add recommend dose of bacteria and up to a half dose of more than recommendation. Using more bacteria than recommend will not harm but their is a point of no return. We are ensuring we saturate that point of no return on the bacteria to ensure a general optimum practice. Filler media & Drainage. Coco, Birds nest/stringy type will be good at wicking Regular brick coco is a good general filler, I like to use a mix of these types. Peat Can be acidic and affect PH, depending on other factors this can be a positive or negative aspect often unique to each grower. Peat will also compact overtime and thus I do not like peat as an only ingredient in filler media. Anti compaction Bio Char, will talk more on this later but this also serves as an anti compaction filler media. Rock/RiceHulls Perlite very good input for keeping the media from compacting. Do not get the smallest size but a medium grade, generally speaking. Biggest plant I ever grew was in nothing but perlite. I do not recommend doing that unless you want to test your plant nutrition knowledge and skills. Vermiculite is also a good input but often used in conjunction with Perlite. I generally did not use vermiculite but I have found its best noticeable benefit was in medias used for young plants as it works as a stabilizer than more of a drainage benefit. I stopped using Vermiculite when I started using biochar in different sizes. Rice Hulls, These are good but will break down over time and compact. Often those who choose rice hulls do it due to a belief aspect. If this is true for you, please see below for my suggested addition. If you have any additions to that list please post them or let me know and I will edit in. Those who use rice hulls will need to add more drainage/anti filler than others. Biochar (charged) in varied sizes is a good addition/replacement. This offers in addition to drainage it also offers homes for soil life which is even more important in a vegan style of grow. Biochar (charged). Biochar is a must have for reusing soils. I recommend using various sizes of biochar. Biochar needs to be charged which is to infuse it with a nitrogen. If not charged, the biochar will soak up nearby nutrients in the surrounding soil until it is saturated. This effectively takes away available nutrition to the plant and often at a stage that the plant cannot afford a deficiency and thus effects yield and potentially quality. To Charge - Soak in compost or nitrogen, or growth nutrient or an even nutrient more suited for mothers. Biochar offers shelter for microbes and soil life which if done correctly will help repopulate your new soils with good soil life. Worm Castings - This is in part the magic of the new soil. Full of soil life Works against pests Castings are seedling friendly and can be added by top feeding to better help maintain soil environment and soil life later in plants development and throughout its life time. I like 10 to 15% of the soil volume to be castings in the mix and an additional light top dressing with compost on top of the castings. I would top dress at end of growth period prior to flip. cover with compost. I would top dress again once the plants began to set and transition period has ended. Adding in, I also add Phosphorus leaning guano or other P and K inputs. cover with compost. For way to much information if you want more: http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forums/forum/32-soil-compost-vermicompost-biochar/ http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forums/forum/28-natural-farming/ http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forums/forum/15-indoor-gardening/ Hope that helps, Hempyfan, Jah Bless!
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    Thank You! Those were taken 15 minutes from my house, I haven’t practiced my forms there yet, been kinda slacking since the move out here, but I just picked up a nice full length mirror to start reviewing my forms, then I’ll start hitting it there Sunrise and or Sunset. Come spring I’ll go there at night under the full moon, Lots of energy there and from Pikes Peak 14,000’ of solid granite laced with minerals. I’m pretty lucky at this point in time.
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    Dang, I got to run out to check my mail box!!
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    These molds always make me smile, sorry for the sideways pic. Strawberry creams, made with ground dry strawberries. , no coloring, no flavoring, made with dried ground strawberries Russel ain't got nothing on me
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    Blueberries and Chocolate still 4 or 5 weeks left!
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    I grabbed one of those myself, with a salmon river og as a chaser.
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    Yesterday I got quite a few PM's from concerned members about the new spam thread/posts made by Greyskull after his seven day "time out" was completed. I went to Greyskull's profile and saw a whole new slew of accusatory spam talking about "fake strains" and whatnot, same language he had been previously warned about and the same language that earned him a week long time out... that he obviously didn't learn from in any capacity. For these reasons, Greyskull has been banned from OpenGrow and his thread deleted. I felt that it was necessary to rid ourselves of a member who, not only, disregarded what was said to him by moderators regarding the forum rules, but has bullied some of our members for no apparent reason other than disagreeing with him. OpenGrow has seen it's fair share of drama and infighting over the years and we, as a community, strive to get past these embarrassing moments as quickly as possible. This type of behavior tends to make good, contributing members leave... some for good. It's sad when adults act like spoiled children on social media. It takes the fun out of participating in threads... and moderating too... I'd much rather participate in grow related conversations or help someone with their Q & A than be a babysitter on an adult grow site! Can we please get back to growing cannabis now?!
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    if we'd start banning people that are merely a bit rude (but comletely harmless otherwise) or restrict their posting abilities, then we would be hurting sannie's biz a bit more, i think (?) just think of NAW and their rude/competitive ways, this place would become a tomb, lol ... it's okay when it is "forgive, but not forget" ... otherwise people have no chance to change what they did wrong in the first place ... the only exception is, when members are not responsive to the staffs suggestions. then we can't help it, but put them in the corner or show them the door. deleting rude history on the boards for cosmetical reasons, helps the ones that were rude. imo, history gets made redundant by actions ... after one has changed and makes it seen ! (i mean: people need to have a chance to learn from their mistakes and SHOW IT... right?) as long as something does not further hurt the board-rules as in: security risk, spam ect. posts and threads should stay and speak out for themselves. it's sort of a history of the members too. ___________________________________ the only thing that actually needs to change is people not participating but letting mods know asap when drama breaks out. hopefully it's much easier to just send a short pm, than jump into the battle and only risk to get unnecessarily penaltied too as a result ... hurts a lot sometimes to penalty people you actually like, just cuz they felt like answering the calls of trolls/idiots. thank you for your thoughts, DB, shows how much you also love this place. but you can't get rid of drama, mate. it's just human nature and totally alright.
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    Thank for stopping by Beachbud and Saxo! I don't know yet if the #11 is the best phenotype. She is drying. She is on the blueberry side, and smell promising. We will see... I have a few seeds of her with #8 newberry male. The #2 is my first keeper, she is awesome, on the blue heaven / flo side. Awesome taste and awesome high, and it is better and better everyday with curing. I can't stop opening the jar and smell her. I have F2 seeds from her, from sativa #1 male and blueberry dominant #5 male. The #6 sativa pheno smells awesome, very fruity, berry, the #11 is more musky. I just offered Z7 x Newberry seeds to Sannies, as freebies, and he answered yes! I will ship 600 seeds to him this week. Z7 is a CBD dominant (9/4 CBD/THC) very very resinous, selected by JGL, from Z Project Shantibaba / CBD Crew. It is a 6 years clone and one of my favorite smoke and breeding genepool. I have crossed her with 4 different Newberry males. The idea was to create a sweet confortable high weed with good taste and a lot of resin. The newberry has a very very confortable high, as the Z7, and they both have uncommon terpenes, so it should give something great! greetz Silva
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